The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida on November 6, 1968 · Page 29
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The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida · Page 29

West Palm Beach, Florida
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 6, 1968
Page 29
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Palm Beach Post, Wed., November 6, 196827 ' mCj vyi;;' to' GOP Wins St. Lucie County Superintendent Of Schools Race FORT PIERCE - The Republican party apparently gained one major St. Lucie County office in Tuesday's general election when J. Walter Hebb appeared to have won over his Democratic opponent, Lawrence Terry. With all 18 precincts reporting, Hebb, who at present Is county tax assessor, polled an unofficial total of 7,216 votes to 6,696 for Terry, principal of Dan McCarty High School, in the Republican Charles Nergard turned back a determined by by Democrat Mrs. Marjorie Silver for the state House of Representatives seat No. 75 by a 8,295 to 5,686 margin. Another contest whose outcome conceivably could be affected by the absentee ballots Is that of the Dist. 2 school board race in which Democrat W. E. Raikes polled 6,600 votes to 6,012 for Dr. James O. Brtggs, the GOP entry. St. Lucie also went strong for Republican U.S. senatorial candidate Ed Gurney, giving him 8,600 votes to 6,027 for Democrat LeRoy Collins. On the other hand, Democrat U.S. Rep. Paul G. Rogers carried the county by a count of 8,366 to 5,834 over Robert W. Rust, the GOP candidate. In the four-county contest for state attorney of the 19th Judicial Circuit, Incumbent Republican Charles Carlton polled 7,362 votes to 6,322 for his Democratic opponent, Phillip Nourse, a Ft. Pierce attorney. The county also approved all three of the constitutional revision proposals by comfortable margins. lip x 1 v-; Vl kvl race for county school superintendent. With 1,020 absentee ballots to be counted today, Terry could still pull it out of the fire. The county, which boasts of better than 4-to-l registration favoring the Democrat party, also went for GOP candidates on the national, state and local levels. Republican Richard M. Nixon carried the county with 6,730 votes to 4,956 for Hubert H. Humphrey and 4,155 for third-party candidate George C. Wallace. Long-time sheriff J. R. Nor-vell, a Democrat, rolled up the biggest vote in winning his fifth term in office, defeating his Republican opponent, Paul Kin-grey, 10,735 to 4,478. In another lively local race, LOG CABIN POLLS at the Boy Scout cabin voters Tuesday evokes when citizens of a new Republicans The rustic surroundings horseback miles through the wilderness to cast of Fort Pierce Precinct 5 their vote. The men, that is. Changed since that memories of another era day is the right of women to vote, Republic walked or rode Incumbent Demos Lead Martin Returns Connie Thompson, Republican, 2,091. Sheriff: Roy C. Baker, Democrat, 2,635; James D. Holt, Republican, 2448. Martin County voters gave Richard M. Nixon 2,553 votes; Hubert H. Humphrey, 1,466; George C. Wallace, 1,319. U.S. Senator: Ed Gurney, 2,899; LeRoy Collins, 1,973. U.S. Congressman: Paul Rogers, 2,900; Robert Rust, 1,956. jjf "' WtfWjfc.. 'v..i . . yiiniiiMfHlffj - O . . x , ,, Ili.,j-it ,; --rt- ,J:l.: . Photo by Robert K. OglMby crowds increased at the Lake Park polling place as the day progressed, typical of the larger than usual turnout of voters all over the LAKE PARK Voters jammed Precinct 57 in Lake Park early Tuesday. Precinct workers, at right, check registration of voters before they cast their ballots. The Wallace Wins Lead In Hendry County Annexation Proposals Win In Lake Worth Sweep In Indian River VERO BEACH - Indian River County's record turnout showed a heavy Republican vote, although in the county there were some close races. Nixon out-polled Humphrey, 5,918 to 3,005, with Wallace trailing at 2,805, although in Precinct 4-A (Citrus School district) and 4-B Vero (Highlands district) there was a heavy Wallace vote. Republican Beth Johnson won her seat for Senate District 29, outpolling George King Jr., by a margin of 3 to 1. Final totals showed Johnson, 6,522; King, 2,981. Also, a 3-to-l victory went to Republican Charles T. Carlton for state attorney, 19th Judicial Circuit, with a total of 6,316, topping Democrat opponent Phillip G. Nourse's 2,724. Republican Edward J. Gur-ney, with a vote of 6,753, led Democrat LeRoy Collins, who polled 4,296 votes. GOP canidate Lou Frey won out over his Democrat opponent, James C. Robinson by a 3-1 margin for the seat in U.S. Congressional District 5. Th 1 vote for the constitutional n-vislons broke down as follows: Part 1 for, 3,527; against, 2,502. Part 2 for, 3,301; against, 2,318. Part 3 - for, 3,485; against, 2,457. Police Kecaplure Escaped Soldiers SAN FRANCISCO (AP) Hayward police have recaptured two soldiers who escaped from the U.S. Army Presidio in San Francisco after being charged with mutiny. Buddy J. Shaw, 18, of Hay-ward, and Richard Gentile, 19, whose parents live in Japan, were picked up Monday night on t he eve of pretrial hearings. Twenty-seven soldiers face mutiny charges following a sit-down last month in protest of a guard's fatal shooting of a prisoner, Pvt. Richard Bunch, who allegedly had been trying to escape. Shaw and Gentile escaped Saturday night. Boutwell Road, passed 3,177 in favor and 614 against. A paper ballot was held for possible annexation by referendum in March, 1969 municipal elections, of a 20-acre plot of land. The land belonged to former city manager Tom Smith, and has been purchased by developer of Lakeside Point Gardens, Kenneth Murry. The "straw vote" passed 3,756 in favor and 514 opposed, to annex the land. At this Thieu Hits North For City Raid SAIGON (UPD President Nguyen Van Thieu said Tuesday night the North Vietnamese have failed to demonstrate on the battlefield their willingness to negotiate honorably at the peace table. He said the shelling of the Mekong Delta city of My Tho Monday night was a "provocative act" that cast doubt on Hanoi's "promise to deesca-late In reciprocation for the bombing halt." Thieu went on nationwide radio and television to criticize the Communists and to call for his army and civilian population to deal "heavy blows" to the enemy. Monday's shelling killed no one although a similar incident Sunday left four South Vietnamese soldiers dead and 36 persons wounded. Thieu gave no indication he has changed his mind about not sending a representative to Paris for the peace talks with the North Vietnamese and the South Vietnamese guerrilla organization, the National Liberation Front, which Saigon does not recognize. Shortly before Thieu spoke, Vice President Nguyen Cao Ky told a group of Catholics that he would "have to be assassinated" before he would go along with the present American peace policy. At the same time a South Vietnamese general termed the total bombing halt "a temporary measure" by President Johnson to "help his own party win the elections." Gen. Pham Quoc Thuan said the move "has nothing to do with the military situation here" and said Communist Infiltration into the south hai; been "massive" in recent months. U.S. Ambassador Ellsworth Bunker, who has been trying to reconcile the South Vietnamese with the bombing halt and get them to the Paris conference, again urged Saigon to participate In the talks in order to "make their own decisions with respect to the future." 1 Board To Reprimand Fire Chief Wells In Early STUART With only partial returns from Martin County's 17 precincts, the unofficial returns showed incumbent Democrat office holders holding a lead in all but one race. Some of the late returns from large precincts and the absentee ballots 697 absentee ballots have been returned could change the outcome at today's official vote tally. With 12 of 17 precincts tallied, only Democrat Incumbents Alvln Andrews, tax collector, and Isabel Evans Smith, supervisor of elections, held substantial leads. Other races are close. Andrews received an unofficial 3,035 votes to his Republican opponent, Howard J. Bailey's 1,349. Mrs. Smith took an early lead over Mrs. Elizabeth R. Carey. Mrs. Smith polled 2,894 to Mrs. Carey's 1,571. Only Republican Dr. William G. Myers was holding a lead over Democrat incumbent John S. Saunderson. Myers and Sau derson are running for DV'ijct 3 seats on the county commission, which Saunderson has held for two terms. Myers had polled 2,638 votes; Saunderson, 1,963. In other county races, the partial results were: Clerk of circuit court: Dorothy Pearce, Democrat, 2,510c Vote SRD Exemption ATLANTIS - Voters approved overwhelmingly a proposal to legislate for an exception to State Raod Department street widths within the Palm Beach styled community, Tuesday. The straw ballot, which succeeded by a 123 favorable vote, and 48 against, indicated to the city council that residents did not favor having volume-traffic roads In the community. The council will now prepare to make a representation to Florida legislators to amend State Road Department requirements. Residents did not agree with losing part of their expensive front footage to roads which would encourage a greater volume of traffic. 3,505 to 3,334, for Group B Second Appellate District Judge. Ray C. Osborne was easily favored over Jess Yarbo-rough, 3,668 to 3,068, for member of the Florida Public Service Commission. Granville H. Crabtree Jr., incumbent, won the nod over Russell C. (Russ) Jordon Jr., 3,589 to 3,072. Skipper prevented an all-Republican sweep when he polled 3,933 to 3,658 for Harmon. The other two Republican candidates on the ballot were not opposed. They were: District 117, State Rep. Jim K. Tillman, 3,230, and District 118, State Rep. Donald E. Heath, 3,143. Highlands County voters rejected all three state constitutional amendment proposals: No. 1 (basic document), 2,713 against 1,474 for; No. 2 (suffrage and elections revision), 2,471 against to 1,284 for; No. 3 (local government), 2,511 against to 1,266 for. The unopposed Democratic candidates: Group C, Second Appellate District Judge T. Frank Hob-son Jr., Incumbent, 3,137. Tenth Judicial Circuit state attorney: Incumbent Glen Darty, 3,445. LAKE WORTH Annexation of four parcels of land west of the city was approved by a landslide vote, Tuesday, with 88 per cent voting for and 12 per cent voting against the measure. Out of a total 12,595 registered voters, 34 per cent cast ballots In the special municipal elections. Out of 145 registered voters at Lakeside Point Gardens, 114 favored annexation and 17 voted against it. The special elections will bring Increased tax revenue into the city, and increase development potential. There were two measures on the voting machines, and one on paper ballot. Lakeside Point Gardens, the biggest "plum" for the city, passed 3,307 In favor and 546 against. A measure to bring in undeveloped land, owned by Dr. Frank Dolly and Arvin Lin, between 7th Avenue N. and 10th Avenue N., and west from the city boundary to Kleisor Unopposed Polls 606 Votes JUPITER - Incumbent Robert Kleiser, running unopposed for re-election to the Jupiter Inlet District Board of Commissioners, received 606 votes in Tuesday's election. There were 16 write-in votes for various other persons. Kleiser, a Jupiter resident, has been on the commission for 12 years. n z ' ' 4 ' was an easy choice over Republican R. Ramon Houser, 1,607 to 617. Hendry County voters turned thumbs down on all three constitutional amendment proposals as follows: No. 1 (basic document), 676 to 529; No. 2 suffrage and elections), 654 to 488, and No. 3 (local government), 668 to 508. The unopposed candidates from more than one county were: Democrat incumbent Judge T. Frank Hobson Jr., Group C, 2nd Appellate District, 813; 12th Judicial Circuit public defender Walter R. Talley 826; 33rd Senatorial District incumbent Republican, L. A. Bafalis 877; 112th House District incumbent Democrat Ted Randell953. Unopposed county candidates: For county judge, Broward N. Parsons 1,296; circuit clerk, Mrs. Dorothy Moore Clark 1,291; sheriff, Earl S. Dyess Jr. 1,393; tax assessor, Mrs. Lucille Small 1,325; tax collector, T. E. Hedges 1,377; superintendent of public instruction, Clarence J. Chapman 1,064; supervisor of elections, Mrs. Elizabeth J. Foote 1,188; District 1 county commissioner, Sammy Langford 1,222; District 3 county commissioner, Donald E. Pratt 1,205; District 5 county commissioner, Gratton H. George 1,139; District 2 school board member, Beauford Davidson 1,024; District 4 school board member, Raymond Plttman 1,007; District 2 peace justice (Precincts 2, 3, 5 and 10 in eastern part of county), Oscar L. Langford Jr. 490; District 1 constable (Precincts 1, 6, 7, 8 nd 9 in western part of county), G. H. Small 725. r . " t ft. WW i I I n r LABELLE George C. Wallace for president, Republican Edward J. Gurney for U.S. senator and Democrat U.S. Rep. Paul G. Rogers to keep his seat in Congress set the trend for Hendry County Tuesday in the general election. In final unofficial returns from all nine precincts, but before the official canvass late Tuesday night to Include 121 absentee ballots, the results were mixed at the top of the ballot; definitely Democratic thereafter. Wallace was the choice for president with 1,579 votes to 843 for Nixon and 770 for Humphrey. Gurney led Democrat veteran LeRoy Collins, 1,731 to 1,115. And Rogers was favored over Robert W. Rust, 1,856 to 915. Democrats were the choice for three State Supreme Court seats. The results: Group 1 Joe Boyd 1,4978 C. Richard Leavengood 750; Grbup 2 James C. Adkins Jr. 1,315, David L. McCain 793; Group 3 Vassar B. Carlton 1,292, Wade Hopping 716. For Group B judge, Second Appellate District: Carl C. Durrance 1,372, Joseph P. Mc-Nulty 760. For Florida Public Service commissioner: Jess Yarbo-rough 1,391, Roy Osborne 800. 12th Judicial Circuit state attorney Frank Schaub was the choice over Republican Sidney G. Beaver, 1,457 to 582. Democratic 34th Senatorial District Incumbent Elmer O. Friday Jr. was high man on the ballot with 1,887 votes to 615 for Joseph W. Humphrey. And Senator Jerry Thomas easily led Republican Robert C.De Young, 1,599 to 607. 113th House District Rep. James Lorenzo Walker also Tenth Judicial Circuit public defender: Incumbent Lee R. Horton 3,129. Unopposed Democratic county candidates: county Judge, Mervin Rehrer 4,353; small claims court Judge, David F. Lanier, 3,880; circuit clerk, Earl Rich 4,173; sheriff, Joe D. Keene, 4,412 (second high man Tuesday); tax assessor, J. W. (Billy) Martin, 4,119; tax collector, W. H. Prescott, 4,264; superintendent of public instruction, George Douglass, 4,120; supervisor of elections, Roland X. Droit, 4,344; District 1 county commissioner, Cecil P. Skipper, 4,102; District 3 county commissioner, Ben H. McGee, 3,979; District 2 school board member, Ted R. Cason, 3,914; District 4 school board member, G. Franklyn Ward, 3,815, and county surveyor, Roger E. Miller, 3.926. Supervisor of Elections Roland X. Droit said the official canvass will start at 9 a.m. today. There are 660 absentee votes plus 99 "non-registered" absentee votes on the presidential race. The supervisor indicated It might be some time Thursday before the official canvass is completed. By JACK OWEN Bureau Chief LAKE WORTH - The Civil Service Board declined to suspend Fire Chief Chester Wells for "a flagrant act of Insubordination," but will administer a "severe reprimand" which will be included in Chief Wells' service record. Civil Service Board members met at a regular meeting Tuesday night to consider whether the chief had violated board rules and, If so, to decide on any penalty. Chief Wells came to the board's attention alter he wrote to the city commission last month asking members to Intercede In a "lose weight or be suspended" ultimatum issued to five of his men, Including himself. Three police offi- 1 '- f-t' 1 t stage the city commission has recorded feelings of voters in the community, and may go ahead with extending city utilities to the developer to make an early start on an adult community. Confirmation, and legal annexation of the 20 acres will have to wait until after the March elections. The city commission has been opposed in the past to extending city services outside city limits. cers were also given the ultimatum. It was reported Tuesday night that all the men had complied with the board's demand. By approaching the commission, Chief Wells contravened State Civil Service Board regulations, board members felt. Wells was not at the meeting. He told the board he would "wait out" any decision at home. Board member Dennis Dorsey submitted a letter, In his capacity as secretary, stating a violation had been committed. He was not able to vote on any action, but commented: "The board has tried to better both departments. We are not Just here to enforce regulations, but have attempted to get better wages and working hours for Civil Service employes. It's too bad we have trouble with something so minor, when there are so many other things we should be doing," said Dorsey. Edward Broz, board member, made a motion to suspend Chief Wells for one day. It was -not seconded, and did not. pass. Fire Inspector Charles Slattery, firemens' represen- . tatlve on the board, suggested a reprimand instead. "I knew of the letter being sent, and the reasons for It. The chief had the safety of the city In mind, and did not want to run the risk of the city of being five men short. His Intentions were In the best interests of the city," Slattery said. . Singer Stabbed While Performing NEW YORK (AP) Singer Billy Daniels was stabbed In the back and seriously wounded Tuesday night while performing on stage at the famed Latin Quarter, police said. Police said a man Jumped on stage while Daniels was singing, forced the entertainer to the right side of the stage; and stabbed him while 75 persons looked on. The man was caught by two policemen. Highlands Voters Give GOP Apparent Big Win SEBRING Highlands County voters gave Republican candidates virtually a landslide Tuesday, only Democratic District 5 county commission candidate Robert Skipper, Sebring welding contractor who was high man In the runoff last May, surviving the tide. The totals are final and unofficial pending the official canvass. Richard M. Nlxon polled 4,148 votes for president, George C. Wallace, 3,304, and Hubert Humphrey, the Democratic candidate, 2,430. Edward J. Gurney high man Tuesday, was easily the favorite over Democratic "war-horse" LeRoy Collins, 5,464 to 3,525. Robert W. Rust was favored over U.S. Rep. Paul G. Rogers, bidding for re-election, 4,080 to 3,688. County results of the State Supreme Court justice contests: Group 1 C. Richard Leavengood, 3,718, Joe Boyd, 3,247; Group 2 David L. McCain, 3,722, James C. Adkins Jr., 3,048; Group 3 Wade Hopping, 3,458, Vassar B. Carlton, 3,452. Joseph P. McNulty was favored over Carl C. Durrance, CROWDED ROOM Space was at a premium at this Vero Beach polling place Tuesday morn- big. The pace slackened off somewhat in the afternoon, but the Indian River County voting registrar's office predicted before the polls closed that the number of voters would set a record for the county,

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