The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on September 13, 1944 · Page 5
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 5

Clinton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 13, 1944
Page 5
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THE DAILY CLINT0N1SN Pag Flv Wednesday, Sepd-mber 13, 1911. ON THE RISE By Jack Sords Local Sailor Combines Writing, Fighting on LST in South Pacific t incize any manager who dared to call off an Jmortant game to benefit his own clubs. Still, the possibility and the legal loophole is there If anyone wanted to take advantage of it. s There were no games in the American League yesterday and the weather man postponed the Dodger-Braves and Keds-Clubs games. The Giants and Phils tried to play despite the rain but hud to quit at the eud of three Innings with the Phils leading, 2-0. In the National League names the Pittsburgh Pirates took both ends of a double-header with St. Louis, 5-3 , und li-6. Weather is Vital Factor in A, L Pennant Contest One Game Called by Rain May Make Difference In Victor in Close Chase lt IMP KOItlNSON NKW YOltK, N. Y. There 1b one very J in port utit fndlviduul who aet'iiiB In huve been overlooked in NKiirtriK Hie. pennant I'hanceH of the YitnliH, TJtfera, lirowna und Ited Sox. He is tlio weather man. No. I'm not klrldlnif. The weather could make all the difference In the world to one or alt of (lie teams involved. Let me explain. The Yanks, Browns und Red Sox each have 17 games to play; t lie Tigers have 18. Smson KikIh Oct. 1 (Contlnuea og 1) porter" was one of the ship's institutions and became well known throughout the LST Heel. Having no mimeograph or ot her labor - saving print equipment uhouid, Die live-page t wice-weekly paper was typed live copies at a time. One of ills poems praising the LSTs wus quoted In a combat correspondent's Htory recently published In the Cllntonlan. The "Having Report-ter" had a "blank space that needed filling up" when that was writ Matloon Scare Is Laid to Hysteria, War Plant Fumes MATTOON, 111. The question of whether Mattoon's "Mad Anesthetist" was a flesh and blood night prowler who sprayed sickening gas fumes into bedroom windows or merely was the figment of the hyn-terlcat imagination of the suppoued victims provoked a heated controversy toduy. Stale's Attorney William K. Kid-well took the lead in ridiculing the statement that there wus no an prowler and that the fumes came from the Atlas Imperial Diesel Engine Co. Works. Police Chief C. Eugene Cole and Capt. Harry Curtis of the stute police issued that statement yesterday after their joint investigation failed to produce any results. Prosecutor Kidwell said: "That is simply ridiculous. People working In the plant haven't been affected. Neither have people living in houses within 75 feet of it. "I still think there were some authentic gas cases which were the work of a prankster or someone with a more sinister motive." W. J. Webster, manager of the Diesel works, demanded that the policemen retract their statement in CHS Wildcats Open Season Friday Night Clinton GridJcr to Meet Paris in First Match Of Season; Keinerio, Oilman Head List of Starters Tickot inli nrn koIiik wi'll for tlio 1944 Clliitiin HIkIi .School fnnibull season which opens Frlilny nlcht nt Rportland 1'ark iiKulnst Hie 1'uris, Illinois eleven, school officials said today. Much Interest Is centered In Clinton's football team every year and this year's edition promises to add more laurels to Clinton's gridiron records. With a strong backfield and a fair line Indicated from early drills. Coach B. L. "Gunny" McC'ool's Wildcats are getting set for a tough season. In addition to Paris here, other home Kanies will see the Wildcats meet Westville, Sept. 20, Wiley Oct. 6, Washington (Indianapolis) Nov. 3, and Brazil Nov. 10. Probable first team players will include Jack Oilman, flashy full Weather Krings Good Week's Work To State Farmers INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. Good progress was made In Indiana farm work lust week, the weekly weather and crop bulletin of the Indianapolis weather bureau said today. The bulletin follows: ten, the electricians-ma I e-turned-po-et explained. Home now on 30-day leave, Mao kie arrived in time to celebrate the lirst birthday of his daughter, Judith Elaine, whom he had never seen until he returned home last week. At the end of his leave, he will report to Norfolk, Va. for further assignment to duty. The season must end October 1. If any team hasn't played its full schedule on that date, that's just too bad. No game can be played after that date unless two or more teams should finish in a dead heat for first place. iti -rAe AMgRicAM t,eA6oe "Most of the week was rather cool, with minimum temperatures from 40 to 45 degrees on two days; near normal temperatures prevailed during the latter part of the week. Rainfall was confined to one or two days; none was reported in a few Let's suppose that on the night of Sept. 30, the standings are like thin: Won Lost localities, while amounts were light to moderate elsewhere. which they said the fumes probably were those from carbon tetrachloride, which they said was used "Considerable plowing was done OSCAR grimes, pMyWe -foe &s-f SAMe of Mis cAeees Af TMl(?D 6AS6 fOR Tfte FLAtV-OtASifJa ASvi 1qr back, Dick Glover, center; Sam Curry, halfback; Don Graham, tackle; Don Relnerio, fullback; Martin Rei- where soil moisture was sufficient but large areas were reported too MOOSE MEMBERS The Club Room IS NOW OPEN FROM 4 p.m. to 12 p. m. DAILY nerio, halfback; Bevie Povlin, tac dry, mostly in the northern coun ties. Good progress was made in farm work, which included picking to a large extent in the plant. Web- ster said: j "The only carbon tetrachloride we j have is in the fire extinguishers in the plant. We do use another gas, J trichlorethylene, to clean shell cas- Ings, but we never have had one single case of even employes working with it being made ill." j tomatoes, apples, and peaches, gatn Yanks 84 69 Tigers 84 69 That would leave each with one final game to piay Oct. 1 the Yanks and St. Louis and the Senators at Detroit. Automatic Win Let's suppose further that the Yanks play and win and that a heavy rainstorm prevents the Tigers from playing the Senators. The standings then would be: Won Lost Yanks 85 69 Tigers 84 69 And the Yanks would have won the pennant I Of course, it might work the other way. The Yanks might play and erlng sweet corn, cutting tobacco, saving alfalfa, soy bean and other hay crops, filling silos, sowing fall kle; Gilbert Barbee, guard; Bob Cl-rey, end; Jack Russell, end; John Bumgardner, halfback; Floyd 'Joker' . Foster, end and Dick McLeish, Quarterback, Johnny Goodman, Wort Jones, backs. Season tickets are on sale at downtown drug stores, at Antonini's or may be purchased from a high school student. Cate admissions will seeds and plowing for winter wheat "Corn ranges in condition from fair to very good, the bulk of it be' Tito's Forces Close In On Nazis in Greece; Seize Kavadar in Drive ing fanily good; amounts reported Major League Scoreboard be sold. ma mm mum safe from frost vary from 10 per cent to 75 per cent. A considerable amount is being cut for silos. Soy Standings beans are generally a good crop; (Continued from page I), much Is being cut for hay, while fiurdsal's Barn Paints defy tht loll ot scorching sun and winter sleet. Waterproof and cononu cal to use. these quality Burdsal Paints war4 off outdoor depreciation and increase yow the bean crop is still developing AMKR1CA.V I.KAGl'R lose while the Tigers were idle, in which case the Tigers would automatically win the pennant. Play Postponed Panics There are some open dates be combining has started in the extreme south. Pastures, sweet potatoes and late gardens have improv ed." property values. There is a Burdtal paint especially form la led tor farm buildings, rools, fences and all your farm equipment. Gel our attractive prices on these low-cost outdoor preserve-lives thai pay lor themselves many lisv Clubs Won Lost Pet. New York 76 61 .555 Detroit 75 61 .551 St. Louis 75 62 .547 Boston 73 64 .533 Cleveland 65 72 .474 Philadelphia 64 75 .460 Chicago 63 74 .460 Washington 58 80 .420 HA.SKHAI.L TODAY Probable pitchers: AMKRICIX I.lvMil K New York (Borowy or Donald) at Philadelphia (Newsom) (night). (Only game scheduled). NATIONAL LliAGl'K Philadelphia (Schanz and Raf-fensberger) at New York (Allen and Feldman or Melton) (2). Boston (Barrett and Javery) at Brooklyn (Herring and Davis or Melton) (2). Cincinnati (Gumbert and Heus-ser) at Chicago (Passeau and Lynn) (2). Pittsburgh (Sewel and Rnclgno) at St. Louis (Brecheen and Lanier) (2) (twilight). over in properly protection. Earlier Marshal Tito said his forces had liberated "the greater part" of Macedonia and are engaging Nazi troops driven from Bulgaria across the frontier. The German strongholds of Prilep and Krusevo Bron in Southern Macedonia and Orahovo in the eastern section of the province were reported captured. Tito's communique stated the Partisan forces have been "strengthened by thousands of new fighters," and have liberated 692 British prisoners of war on the Maribor-Celovao line in Slovenia. tween now and the end of the season and every effort will be made to play off postponed games. If the weather man is kind all games will be played; if .not, some teams will fail to play their full schedule. Good sportsmanship demands that all games be played if possible. But a situation might arise where it might profit a team not to play a game it thought it might lose. For instance, a home team might de "Lights Go On Again" For Manchester, England MANCHESTER, England. The blackout is lifted today in Manchester, and the lights are on again for the first time since the dark days of early 1939. At 9 p. m., just as crowds were emerging into the streets from theaters, the bright lights went on NATIONAL ,KA;i'E cide that wet grounds or a slight Clubs Won Lost Pet. St. Louis 95 39 .709 Pittsburgh 79 54 .581 Cincinnati 73 57 .564 Chicago 60 70 .462 New York 61 72 .459 Boston 55 72 .410 Brooklyn 55 80 .407 Philadelphia 52 79 .397 drizzle were enough cause to call and the people gasped, then broke into cheers CLINTON LUMBER. & SUPPLY COMPANY Control Eye Three nerves control the move" ments of the six muscles that move the human eye. Each of two of the muscles has its own nerve, and the other four muscles are all controlled by a single nerve. off the game. The rule sayB that the manager or captain of the home team has the final say in whether a game shall be played, and not the umpire, as many suppose. Of course, public opinion would os- yHSTUKDAY'H RIOSI LTS A.MKKK AX LUAGTK (No games scheduled). NATIONAL LKAGIE Philadelphia at New York An American military policeman looked at his white helmet and white gaiters and remarked: "We don't need this fancy dress any more." Get lu thv scrap! (2) CECIL ANSTEAD, Mgr 609 N. 9th St. I i Phone 322 (rain). Boston at Brooklyn (rain). Cincinnati at Chicago (2) (rain). Pittsburgh 5, St. Louis 3 (1st). Pittsburgh 6, St. Louis 5 (2nd) (night). Dr. G. R. McGUIRE CHIROPRACTOR X-Ray 235 Blackman TOMfumow's ;ami:s XATIOXAIj I.KACil k Cincinnati at Pittsburgh. (Only game scheduled). A.MKItH'A.V I.K.;iK (Xo games scheduled). GUNSMITH All Kinds of Guns Keimireil " Arlie Pender Hillsdale, lull. ' -tj. XGRACIOUS! THESE ,'S3r TELLIBLE W'weu. ANVWAY.H f 1 MU6T WARN UNCLE ''AlTMISSEE"Pii-tT IS WRITTEA1-A "Sl ggf E iSggl f$y 1 ri MA6SACRE-- f A WHOLESALE 1 J ROSCOE , HARRY AND ( Jf (40 PARE GIO MAKE CARE CAT HAVE NINE t r 1 WHAT??? VOU VSJt Tjleffj IfRED CLAV LAKJD , J WH REMEMBER. 1 , J If AH .THERE'S THE BIVEg-AW, , T 1 . mT KVEAM TO TELL B THAt-. I6HT U IS NOT COMMON IF WILD MUSTARD IRWIN WE'LL ASK OK, --DAN BUT SEE RED CLAY L MID THE ( WELl.I'LL tl I MAN ME VOU AWtf e " fME MAN I AROUND HERE, DAN- PLANTS GROW QUESTIONS AT EACH THIS LOOKS v FIRST WE'VE SEEN SINCE OOMONtD.' Lnll L.LIHT?,(iUT ' 3 NOT A BUT! ABOUT THIRTV THERE IT WOULD OF THE FARMS LIKE A WILO LEAVING TOWN -AND ON VOij'RE SURE I THE MURDERED ! -ARM HAND-HE . MILES OUT OF TOWN BE A GOOD PLACE WE'RE FROM THE GUESS TO ME- THE HILLS-WILD MUSTARD RIGHT.'.' 1 MAN?? l i WAS A CLERK- IS A STREAK OF IT TO L0OK-IRWIN AGRICULTURE -r 1 ' PIAHTS-SEE THAT W rVfTfcTH V r 1 I OR DID MUCH ALONG THE PAMUCO AND t WILL VISIT BUREAU VELL0W COLOR." ( VKjif1 Secret IM CT$ jj (55? S&S1,, Good Fertilizer Manure annually produced in the United States contains more than 10 times as much nitrogen and potassium and at least twice as much phosphorus as all the commercial fertilizer used. Manure spread on the so3 returns 75 per cent or more of the plant food removed by crops that have been fed. In the case of potassium, the possible return is B0 per cent or more. MONUMENTS 0 A Complete Line Q For Service Drop Us A Card E. W. Walsh Monument Co. 8114 Wal.asli Ave. Terre Haute, Indiana i FOOTBALL! ( rmx& -vti C. H. S. WILDCATS PARIS "Always A Battle" At clixton n:on SCHOOL STADIUM r. j " , "X'tT TRIFLES, My FRIEND ALL 'A FOOD GOTUJ f AHOV, POPZHE. T fl i iimllle slLOwVEAnjf VEPE TRIFLES OVEXBOARO, QpS VA UKE BEAR J r 'I i ON'A BLINK, COMFftSSy ;T4"L f TEPCIBLP) "S wC -7Ts' ": BUSTEL? FUEL TANKS C vfe1?118 JtKKBLtJ J." P0PEYE ' " ' " - 4 1-1rri I in ''""i. ' Tftpt iM. Kint Ttifum SynAnw. In ttwld fight, rtrvrj TOM StMS A 'frZSOL'f ,, . J I ! ' ' ' ' "' " """ GOOD GRIEF-THERE GOES S Til I II? THE DOOR -BELL-My EyES ARE IT MUST BE THAT) ISNIF -ONION SOUP H'MM J NEW fiPFnAiisTjr SO THATS yOUR WAY OF J FOR MOTHER . f SNARING DOCTORS, EH ?f I LOOK FIT pfT -tti"H.5 Z A WRECK. ...OH, DEAR SNIFfl FRIDAY, SEPT. T 5, 8 P.M. SEASON TICKETS $2.10 Tax Included On Sale At Downtown Drug Stores Antonini's Restaurant GENERAL ADMISSION 50c Plus Tax Service Men In I nifunn Admitted Kret' On Payment of Federal Ta AVAV.WAV.WAV.VAV.V.V.VW.WW.V.'.W.V SB 11LL1j MUMSy LOVES ONION SOUP L AAND r WOULDN'T the ,r.WJ7j-) DISAPPOINT C M r 4 J HER, EVEN IF TOILER 'SSffSST; SCHEDULED HOME GAMES WESTVILLE WASHINGTON ( lnliuiiitM,i) Nov. 3 BRAZIL Nov. 10 Sept. 20 By WILEY Oct. 6 Ruts Westover ' it

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