The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on September 13, 1944 · Page 4
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 4

Clinton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 13, 1944
Page 4
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fageFour THE DAILY CLINVONIAU 'Wednesday, September 13, 1911. "THE CURTAIN RISES" THE DAILY CLMONIAN Behind the Scenes till a a X t I an. 1MI UHI m MULLY wuuu m i ilHilied aa The Weekly OMatonlaa MM The CUaton Flaindealer absorbed 14 1IMM FoMlaaed Dallj Except Saturday .and Bus da feeorge L. Carey - - Editor and Publisher Patent at the Poatofflce at Clinton, Indiana aa Second Olaaa Matter f At th MocUm 'ALACK Tmsday ami Wcdjifwlny "The Chinese Cat" BtiirrliiK Sidney Toler, Benson Pong, Man-tan Moreland, and Joan Woodbury is the new murder feature opening at the 1'alace Theatre toulKht. Another cowboy thriller, "Itaiilers of the Horiler" featuring Johnny Mack Brown opens us the second feature tonight. By HARRISON CARROLL King Feature. Syndicate Writer HOLLYWOOD Spencer Tracy's Republican Editorial former secretary, Peggy Gough, who Joined the Red Cross, has been in the thick of Uie Invasion. Phona sa Phone 32 good!" exclaimed Durant. "My cousin took them for 15 years. When he died they had to beat his liver with a stick for three da"" to kill It." Though already in tne hospital to await the birth of her second child, Mrs. Ted Lawson, whose hero husband wrote "Thirty Seconds Over Tokyo," got permission to attend the preview of the picture in Glendale. In the last scene of the film, she saw Phyllis Thax-ter, portraying her on the screen. U'ABAKII MtMinlnum Weilnesilny nuil Thursday itfUBLICAH Dimm. For 27 days she and the other girls were four miles behind the front lines in Normandy. Washed in helmets and lived on C-rations. "Imagine my surprise," she writes, "when, 'Louisiana HajTidc, Colum AssocuariOK . bia Pictures' zany -streamlined comedy starriiiK Judy Canova. queen of the country's hey. hey l " 1 W 11 mmmtl M getting ready to have a baby. fields, will start at the Wabash Weird story of the war: A bomb Theatre tonight. This picture is said to be Judy's zauiest, madcap er named after the picture, "Heav one day, I looked up and role to date. en Can Wait," made 81 mission over Germany with the same crew Also included in the cast are saw Edward G. Robinson stand Ross Hunter, Kichard Lane, Harrison Carroll ing in line with Lloyd BridKes. llatt Willis and Hoburt Cavanaugh. tne boys watting for doughnuts. The divorce suit of Lucille Ball DIVISION REAL IN CHINA. was a shock to a lot of people, COUMIilA Tuesdav and Wednesday The sympathy of the world which went especially the photographers who and neither ship nor men suffered damage. The crew then shifted to another bomber and made 19 more lucky trips. But the crew which took the "Heaven Can Wait" on its 32nd mission has never been heard from since. HOLLYWOOD HI-JINKS: Producers Pine and Thomas promised Bob Lowery when his fan mail reached 3,000 letters a month, they would raise his salary to $3,000 a week for his next picture. It has 'Hey, Iiooliie" featuring Ann Miller. Joe Besser, Jimmy Little and Hal Melnlyre and Band plus made pictures of her and Desl Ar-naz with their arms around each other, only two days before, at the reception for the Mexican comedian, Cantinllas. Marines Fly Hish" with Rich- out to the Chinese under Japanese attack has obscured an intelligent appraisal of the situation in that country. While Generalissimo Chiang Kai-shek deserves considerable credit for military leadership of ird Dix, Lucille Hall and Chester Morris opens at the Columbia Theatre tonight. his people, this should not blind us to the hit the mark ana he'll get the raise in "High Man." . . . Grejr Mc- unfortunate division that exists among the Clure ("The Great John L") tak Synthetic Gas Germany before the war was pro ing his wife and baby to a class Birthday of Alan Ladd was the signal for a tremendous burst of loyalty (and presents) from his fans. He received 527 ties, over 100 pairs of socks and hundreds of other gifts, including a patchwork quilt from his fan lub in Mahoney, Pa. His mail has built even more since he was announced for "Salty O'Rourke." reunion at the Oakland high school. He and his wife met while students there. . . . Jeanette Dixon, former Leroy Prinz dancer, says she is PPOL TlCAL C AA9S 1 ducing synthetic gasoline from coal at the rate of 10 million barrels a year. This production has doubt-less been greatly increased. Esti-mates have gone as high as 60 million barrels a year. Many synthetic plants reportedly were set up in eastern Germany to avoid bombing. It takes about five tons of coal to make a ton of gasoline. To save gasoline wherever possible military and industrial trucks, and tens of millions of people who make up the popu- , Jation of that land. While most Americans have the idea that China is, in fact, a democratic coun- Jtry it should be obvious that democracy cannot function effectively in a country overrun by enemy soldiers. . Even with this observation, however, the entire truth is not revealed and there has been very little intelligent publicity designed to acquaint the public with what goes on in China. Recently, Brooks Atkinson, correspondent of The New York Times, reported thousands of lorries used producer gas, instead of liquid fuel, according to reports. I finally going to file that divorce suit against former child star David Durand, now in the Army at Camp Crowder, Mo. She says she could use a job or some help as she hasn't been able to work since the birth of her baby in May. . . . Mexico's top comic, Cant inn as, has lost no time in meeting the Hollywood beauties. He took the dancer, Dolores, to the Clover club and has ben dating Ramsay Ames. . . . Dana Andrews' two-year-old daughter, Cassie, seriously cut on the lips in a fall from a swing. . . . Ginny Simms and Pat Nerney tete-a-tete for a whole afternoon at the Savoy. . . . Johnny Mercer and Jo Stafford, with five radio shows a week, found time to do five more short-wave programs to the boys visited Mr. and Mrs. John Stewart at Harmony, Sunday. Taking a Backward Glance Ella Raines finished "Arsense Lupin" just in time. Undergoes a serious operation at the Good Samaritan. Clark Gable is selling his prized gun collection, likewise all the livestock on his ranch. . . . The Army filled 17 of Red Skelton's teeth and pulled one wisdom tooth, which the doctor asked Red to autograph. , . . Betty Jane Graham, close friend of Judy Garland (she appeared with her in "Girl Crazy"), has been notified of the death of her husband, Lt. William O. Kelly, in Burma. He was shot down while flying combat cargo. His first mission. . , , Now that her divorce has been granted, Lois Collier has asked leave from Universal to visit her family in , South Carolina. She was only 16 1 when she married. . . , Felice Gar TWKXTV VKA ville district will be going within the next few days.' The Tniversal and Fairview "Park schools are t lie largest in the township outside of the city, and they are MiO TOUAV Fire llestroyK (ravel Co. liarti Fire thought to have been due to spontaneous combustion but of uncertain origin destroyed a large barn opposite the Summit Grove Carrot Canning: For canning, young carrots should always be used, and most gardeners prefer to consume the crop while it is still young; but if some carrots chould be left growing all summer and reach maximum size they will still be found sweet and tender, and as rich in vitamins as the young ones, if not richer. A late crop should be grown for storing, since young carrots keep better in the cellar, or the continuation of negotiations between the Communists and the Chungking government, in an effort to reach some kind of agreement to permit full utilization of military forces against the Japanese. He says that the distance between the two factions "appears to be as wide as ever, with mutual distruct a deep barrier to a settlement". The Communists propose the imme THIKTV VKA1IS MiO TODAY JjuksoiiviHc Picnic "Wide Ojhwi" Affair There is much com men t regarding tlie Moose picnic at Jacksonville, last Sabbath, and it is asserted the affair from start to finish was a desecration of the Sabbath. Kegs of beer were stacked high and there was no limit overseas. . . . Leo Gorcey stagging and looking very lonesome at Char ley Foy's. . . . Republic will use Al Pearce's own house for Bcenps in his new picture. ... At Las Vegas, j in outdoor pits, than more mature church, yesterday afternoon. It belonged to the Summit Sand & Gravel company, having formerly been the property of Albert Southard. In the barn were several tons of hay and 1000 bushels of wheat, put in this summer. The ones. They continue to grow, we are told, even after they are harvested. cia, sister of Jacqueline Dalya, to wed Murphy McHenry, Hollywood publicist. ... A friend was asking Jack Durant If a certain brand of liver pills are any good. "Are they about even in attendance. The Fairview schools lead by one, the number enrolled being 3 Hi, a-gainst 31 5 at Tniversal. At. Universal tliis fs a larger attendance than when the term closed last spring. The total enrollment for the township was 1,028, with three districts to hear from. INtsiiiiuIk Mis.. Laura Curtis and son, (ieorge, left this morning for Dwight, III., to be present at the diate democratization of the government. 1 to "'' drinkim?. The saloons wen an Army corporal came up to CapL Gene Raymond for an autograph and nervously addressed him as "Lieutenant Eddy.' pi,j .,,1 . 1 y-ii 1 .-, . I 111 11 1! i UK wiilo open, anil i( would wheat belonged to John Earls, Members of the family who ans Textile Employment The textile industry and related lines employ in the aggregate about one-fourth of all the wage-earners in New England. wered the telephone at the Earls Classified Advertising Will Bring Results! Try it! have been difficult to malte a person believe that this wan once one of the most Sabbath respect -In K neighborhoods of the township, (tumbling was running wide open and it is said that a delegation of gamblers from Clinton were taken "down the line" for a good sunt of coin. Souk; claim the affair was not a Moose affair. Wi VlllUa fJKAX. lilt; UllgXVIIlg VJUVCI UIIlClll adheres, to its policy of establishing a constitutional democracy "after the war". Chungking says that there cannot be two governments, both collecting taxes, issuing currency and performing the functions of civil government and demands that all armies must be under the Central Government's command. wedding of her niece, which takes place tomorrow. Mrs. V. II. Homier is entertaining her auction bridge whist club, this afternoon. Mr. and Mrs. Carl Jtauuiunk re TftE Rest of My Life With You but the name of the order was Faith Baldwin -1 - used without official approval, and for the purpose of winning home today said they thought there was no insurance on it. Walker Ivxnbiins Organized Reserve Move In Address In u short address preceeding the main speaker of the Defense Day program here yesterday. Donald F. Walker. First Lieutenant of the 333d Infantry, Clinton, Ind., explained thoroughly the meaning and purpose of the Organized Reserves and also gave out some information as to Vermillion County's Own. Personals Mrs. Sarah Van Horn and son Fred Van Horn of South Fifth street and Mr. and Mrs. ltd gar Van Horn left today for Mont CHAPTER THIRTY-SEVEN "What's the matter?" she asked. You sound a little odd." Matthew went over and took her "Do I? What could be the mat turned Monday, after a visit with Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Stough at Brazil. Mrs. George Curtis of South Third street has returned from a visit with Mr. and Mrs. Win. Sweet, at Sumner. Illinois. Mr. and Mrs. Will Smith and children and Mrs. Coral Spooner ter?" public favor. Township Schools Show ISig Knroihncnt All of the schools in the township with the exception of three started Monday, and it is expected (hat all except the Jackson In his arms. "Darling. You re tired and upset. Why don't you go to bed for the rest of the day? I'll be home "Nothing. Only, we've Been very little of Lynn in the last six early." months." "I'm not tired," she denied in a Mary admitted ruefully, "It'& tight little voice, choked and husky, utterly absurd, but Matthew disap "I'm just afraid." proves." "Disapproves!" On their side, the Communists insist that the Government recognize and legalize local governments in the border region and behind the enemy line. They claim an army of 470,000 men and request the Central Government to equip eighteen divisions. In reply, the Central Government offers to equip ten divisions and insists on the right to order the Communist army to fight wherever needed. We are moderate in our admiration of General Chiang Kai-shek and his Chungking Government, but at this distance it is impossible to pass judgment upon the internal issues that divide the Chinese. Obviously, if the United Nations give assistance to the Chungking Government and "Of what?" he asked, smoothing her hair back from her face, kiss CROSSWORD - - By Eugene Sheffer latter said slowly, "The first time he spoke outright was .the night of Irene's accident, I thought then that perhaps ... It frightened me. It was, at that time, altogether hopeless." Judith went on, "You're just not letting yourself realize that you are in love with him. It isn't fair to him, Mary. You're keeping bin? from someone else." "I'm not a dog in the manger!" "Lynn's a very attractive man, Judith reminded her. "I remember Mrs. what was her name? En-nis the night of his party at the Plaza . . . the redheaded widow, she certainly made a play for hira . . . or didn't you notice?" "No," said Mary, but she did remember very well the sudden and ridiculous terror that had pierced "He said we were being talked gomery, Ind., where they will spend the week end visiting with ing her drenched eyelids. Judith said, holding- him close, about. Mary colored faintly, "You and Lynn? But that's "We've this and it's wonderful. But mad," protested Judith. "And it s all we have, Matthew, and it frightens me. Because if we can't be friends too, darling, I won't what s more," she added, "it s just an an excuse. Matthew's saying want to go on. No matter how much that, 1 mean." "Excuse?" I love ou. "Look," said Judith. "Matthew He picked her up, carried her Mr. and Mrs. William Hamilton. Mr. and Mrs. Steve Dlugos of North Ninth street are the parents of a baby boy born Saturday. It has been named Joe. G. A. Thompson left today for Tampa. Fla.. where he plans to visit with his parents for about two weeks. Albert Johnson of South Fifth street left, today for Illinois University at Champaign. 111., where he plans to enter school for this year. He graduated last year didn't in the least object to your association with Lynn before Mrs. Into their room, put her down on the bed and went out to consult Olga. When he came back he sat down beside her, as she lay there her. Mortimer died. And if ever you Perhaps you didn't want to no- . were going to be "talked about it was then, wasn t ltf When he was supine, not stirring, the tears run ning down her cheeks, and took her tice," continued Judith. "Look, Mary, you are the sort of person who needs to be needed. If anyone -ever needed you it is Lyjin Mor still married, even though his wife was hopelessly insane and in an wrist in his hand. ignore other political factions, it effectively places the Chungking Government in a position to coerce all opposition. This, in the long run, might not be a good thing for China or for the United Nations themselves. asylum " he said, half laughing, half timer." Mary observed defensively, crying, "Oh, no, Matthew; that's from Clinton high school. Miss "I haven't been needed," re "We've known Lynn for so long. too silly." 7" 7" T" T" p 7" a" T" kT- TT" 17 4. 19 iO 2.1 22 Zi j " """" 25 ifa Zl "W " W JO 7 31 mm n II.L Wm 45 4" " 45 47 49 "" 50 "" "" iiiiiiiziiiih 5b 57 W. 5ft 59 "1 1 1 11 KM 1 1 1 li Marv Hakas and Norman Silver marked Mary, "in a long time.' Matthew grew up, accepting him He said, frowning, "You might You mean Matthew.'" juditn in a way, as one oi the family. " man cxneet to leave soon-for Illinois, also. have picked up a " But no, Judith's pulse, although a little ac was silent a moment. Then she said. Tne family lawyer." said Judith, He doesn't really need either of "old dog '1 ray." celerated, was by no means alarm us." Judith!" beer an Mary, smihne "Judith, that isn't so ... at against her will. 'Please " ing. Her husband diagnosed her condition as, "Fatigue. Flying here, flying there, worrying about adores you." Oh, I know. I m Frank and lhat isn t needing. He wants Earnest, two nice boys rarely met with in polite society. But don't you us both," said Judith, "where he can always find us. But needing, deep down, that's different." see ... as long as Lynn wasn't free London Clement Attlee, Deputy Prime Minister of England: "This time we must see to it that an international order is established in the world with the power and the will, and not merely the desire, to prevent war breaking out again." Washington Rep. Clare Boothe Luce of Connecticut makes the shortest speech Impregnated Wood It has uetn found that when wood is impi.guated with a resin solution such aa a lacquer, the resin may fill ti e wood cells but the properties of ti:e'J are not fundamentally altered, it will still shrink and swell with changes of humidity, and the grain will raire when a sanded face imposed to moisture. to marry you, Matthew could per 1 hey turned oft the parkway and suade himself that your friendship was a pleasant thing and not in the a little later entered the driveway. The low Btone house was pleasant and unobtrusive. least unconventional. But now Mary asked sharply, "Have you I like this little house," said and Matthew been discussing me?" Mary, as they went in and found a on record in the House: "Clear everything borry, darling. Judith told her, fire blazing on the big stone hearth. "Yes, of course . . . over a long peri your mother, getting all sorts of fool notions." Matthew rose and then bent to kiss her. "What you need is a little fun. I'll get tickets for something for tomorrow night, and we'll celebrate by dining out Try to sleep little . . . and remember," he added, "I love you." When the door had closed, Judith lay there looking at it Matthew loved her and she loved him. That hruld be the paramount issue. Anything else was shadow, this was substance, was it not? She thought: It's been a troubled year, so many adjustments to make perhaps I'm oversensitive or something. I never used to be. There must be some way . . . And then Judith thought of a time long ago, when she had first od of time, very occasionally." It s perfect. "I thought it would be," mur I don t like it, declared Mat mured Judith. thew s mother. wun fciuncy." Atlantic City Harry L. Derby, J'res ident of the American Cyanamid & Chem You thought t But that's tha 8. befon 9. frees 10. Roman coir. Judith said gently, "It's your Htand Crew-ding Carrot do nut sutler from crowding as jr.uch as oilier rot crops; so the juun plants may be allowed to grow to fiiiKcr thickness and then pulled, leaving others spaced two or more inches apart to mature. They will pruw well in fertile soil when the mature roots are close enough together to touch. own business and I've no right to past tense." 61. small trees of oak family VERTICAL 1. servitor , 2. reluctant 3. French article say anything at all. It s just " she Judith explained, "it was to be 46. feminine name 48 .within ,50. pike-like fish 51. note in the scale 52. scalloped 55. perform ' 11. abounded 12. ancient ascetic adued with considerable bitterness an escape, a sort o hideaway for relaxation with when we weren't that Matthew doesn't like to share ical Corp., believes business and industry must be responsible for re-employment of veterans: "All we need to do is to apply the his womenfolk. alone just the people whom wa loved around as. But it's become a 4. those in offic Mary asserted slowly. "But I sort of roadhouse. Lots of week don't intend to remarry. same ingenuity to the problems of peace Judith asked, her eyes straight ends Matthew doesn't get here at all but the place is always full." 56. make secure 6. stop 58. rover 6. Icelandic 60. spirited literature horses . 7. hairlessness ahead, "Don't answer this, if you'd rather not, Mary, but has Lynn mat we usea to give us the titantic pro-duction of war." HORIZONTAL 1. spite 7. chide severely 13. smoothed 14. gets up 15. symbol for fi neon 16. loaded with a burden 18. plural suffix 19. irritate 21. spoke 22. similar 24. stage whisper 26. printer's measures 28. diminutive for Benjamin 29. unaspirate 30. on the ocean 31. cyprinoid fish 32. slight The caretakers wife, Mrs. Bar ber, came in with the tea service. ever asked you?" Adapt Eyes to Night Reports from Russia assert that the time needed for adaptation of eyes of night aviators to dim light has been reduced to five or sot minutes by new methods. Ordinarily it takes about half an hour to condition a fiier's eyes for night flying. realized that she loved Matthew; hopelessly, in those days, for Irene was his wife; when she had told herself, I don't even like hira yet I love him terribly. She loved him now, no less; but liked him, no more. The new house over the Connecti Answer to Saturday's puzzle. When she had gone and they sat drinking their tea, Mary asked. Yes, any number of times. "Then why don't you? You're nerfectlv suited. You love each troubled. "What's wrong between fcther, Ci don't you?" you and Matthew, Judith?" "1 can t explain it "But you have everything," said 17. expires 20. most kindly 23. living 25. river in Scotland 27. salt 30. work-shops 33. born 35. twilight 36. musical dramas 37. that which li retained 39. town in Ma sachusetts 41. packer 42. mistakes 45. sum 47. protracted pain 49. ancient Gaelic capital 63. unit of square measure 54. finish 57. symbol for cerium cut lire was no longer new. Judith her mother-in-law. and Matthew had owned it for a "Love," asked Mary, "at my age?" "Good heavens, you'd think you were eighty I You look younger and prettier than you did when I first came back to New York. And of "Because we're young and in love," queried Judith, "and because little more than a year when in the glowing autumn Mary drove up with Judith for the weekend. Matthew's a success and we hav Grease Spot When cleaning a mud spot that contains oil or grease, treat it like a hard grease spot. To loosen the grease, a little vaseline or lard is rubbed on and followed by sponging with cleaning fluid. RpiT E srifi A tTs1PA E L A if ET aIJt I L Pj I L O TLl T O nt j N E Rl 2 nJQ(p A EDO R T S NN NOT O I LjE Rf '7 IR A OP E N NCjA" rTe C A a tte ndQa s up e s sfat 5Qqw E DpNE r tlTlF H"PFT A al ok Da pbDA d Fa c o r1r!o d eTIa g o r a resUa1ntLJue Idols) money and all that? That isn't Paris Gen. Charles De Gaulle: "The settlement which must be made concerning Germany should not be discussed and approved without the participation of France because we are the ones who for the past 2,000 years have had the most trouble from our disagreeable neighbor." New York Secretary of the Navy James ForreBtal : "The armed power of the United States will be the basis of any international structure of peace . . . for a Matthew would join them w.nen course, Lynn's been in love with you for years and years." 34. snow vehicle everything ... or am I crazy?" ho could. A dozen people were ex 36. native metal Mary said, after a little while, 1 Most people would think yon 38. lampreys like Lynn Mortimer better than are," Mary replied cautiously. "Is it because you haven't a child, 40. contemptibl any man I have ever known. I trust 43. foot-like him completely. I m fond of him but" organ "That's part of it" said Judith; pected on Sunday. Judith said, as they drove along the parkway, "I'm so sorry Lynn couldn't make it." "He has to be away' Mary explained. Judith turned and looked at her. : She was driving Matthew's car, leaving her own and the chauffeur la Jowu for him, i 44. English "That's not enough exclaimed "it isn't all." Lras blows Speed IJf'it slows down to a speed ot only 122.000 miles per second in the glass lenpes of spectacles. Speed of light in air is 166,000 miles f er jecotd. cathedral- Judith, "even at your age!" She (To be continued) Coprrlfht, ItU. br Fnb Baldwin CuthreH ; town Airfare time of tolatloa: 25 mlniitri. 59. goddess of turned her small animated face toward her mother-in-law as the, long time to come." J 3. ainginf voice. ti& MJ&vf rsalMTs &mii!atvlac, f- rUi

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