The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on September 13, 1944 · Page 2
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 2

Clinton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 13, 1944
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THE DAILY CLINTON IAN Wednesday, Kepteiii&er 13, 19. ftriteTwo Crockett. Mr. I'rockett by agreement of the parties is to pay the sum of $25 on the 10th and $25 the 30th of October. ertal state of the automotive system of transportation. ODT maintained that the rate of vehicle scrappage will increase with a boost in gasoline rations. Currently between 4,500 and 5,000 automobiles are going off the flaming battlefront brought to six the known number of separate Allied components now In action a-gaiiiBt Germany. While twin assault columns of the United States First Army slashed deeper into Germany under cov Pro-FDR Texans Seize Reigns At Demo Convention LADDAS, Texas. Pro-Koogovelt Democrats wore firmly in the saddle and threatened to ride rough-nnod Philippines Hit In Thundering Sea, Air Attacks group means that all ot the state's 23 electors will vote for President Roosevelt and Sen.. Harry S. Truman, his running mate, in the electoral college unless the courts intervene, or plans go awry otherwise. Had the anti-Roosevelt delegates won out, their slate of 23 electors woufd have cast at least 15 rotes for some other Democrat for president, probably Ken. Harry F. Byrd ot Hearing was had on the applica' lion for suit money In the divorce road daily. The number of vehicles case of .Mahel Halter vs. Charles D Tin Will f Niiili.-in ('. Frazier, late of C;iuj u h-.i.j I ti admitted to probate .mil r r.l i Newport. Tco will bciiueulln ci all property to a brothor, Thomas ('. Frazlor, and a sister. Flora D. Stewart, of in use by the end of 194 4 is expect Halter. l!y agreement of the parties ed to be 23,750,000, against a pre Mr. Halter is to pty $50 attorney J fees on or before October 25th, Newport, jointly. The will was writ er of shattering aerial attacks, Gen. Dwight D. Eisenhower announced for the first time that the American Ninth Army is now operationg on the battlefront. New Army in Action This huge and powerfully equipped unit is commanded by Lieut. Gen. William H. Simpson. I (Continued from page 1) war figure of twenty-eight million and a "minimum" of twenty million needed to keep the civilian economy running. today over the antl-lioosevelt faction In the second day of the boisterous Texas Democratic convention. Their victory, obtained during the first day's Bession which was marked by fist fights, cheers, boos and Circuit Clerk Carl R. Riggs lias ten Jan. 22, 19. '10 and witnessed by Milton W. Coffin and Maynard C. Wiggins. issued the following marriage licen ses: Jimmie Trosper, 21 and Barba Carry Division Approximately 67 passenger and mixed trains are required to move a division when all impedimenta go along. ra Sayre, ltj both of Cayuga: John Allen, 40 and Virginia Chubb, 23 With American vanguards ten both of Clinton. miles Inside Germany and various Allied columns wheeling into posi made before Hatty's carrier-bused pianos carried out their Biuaslilng assault UKalnst enemy nliiping in the Mindanao area last Friday. Kf--stnlilish Asiatic Fleet HalHey'a current operations were puviiiK the way for re-establishment of an American Asiatic Fleet which could dominate the Java Sea and Far FiiRlern walers while other units pushed on toward Tokyo. Harold 0. Wimsett and Lttla Mae Earles have been appointed administrator and administratrix of the estate of Fred D. Wimsett, deceased. Madollne Arrasmith of Cayuga was granted n divorce in Vermillion (llenn Kelley of Clinton has filed AT FIRST suit in Vermillion Circuit Court Armored Force Blasts Deep In Siegfried Line (Contlmed liom page 1) SIGN OF A general confusion, was assured when they were able to unseat anti-New Deal delegations from Dallas, Kl Paso and Harrison counties by roll call votes. Although beaten, and apparently due for another whipping today, the anti-fourth terniB were still fighting mad and declared they would carry their efforts to get their electors on the Nov. 7 ballot to the Texas Supreme Court. The success of the pro-Iloosevelt I seeking a divorce from Betty Kelley on grounds of cruel and inhuman Q Circuit Court from John Arrasmith on grounds of cr.iel and Inhuman tion for flanking or frontal attack against the Siegfried Line, Gen. Simpson's army joined this imposing array of American, British, Canadian and French military might lined up for the destruction of Germany: Throe l.S. Annies The United States Third Army, . J treatment. The couple was married treatment, and her maiden name of Sept. 14, 1943 and separated Feb. 1, Little was r.siored The couple 11144 GEN. DOUGLAS MACARTHUR'S HEADQUARTERS, In New Guinea Continuing their far-reaching Cold PreparatioBSsJliiBCt&Jl The second armored column of sweeps throughout the southwest commanded by Lieut. Gen. George .c 'acifie, the American Far Eastern S. Button, Jr. The United First Ar Air Forces Hinged a record raid against the Celebes, Gen. Douglas married vec -s, ivj'j aim sepeiuieu, May 30, 19 10. Artnur Saln ot Clinton 'has filed . , , ,, , , 'suit In Vermillion Circuit Court Mildred Plunke of Clinton has filed affidavit In Verm ilion Circuit Qn ndg ()f cnel and lnllumaa Court against Dee Plunkelt for con-, treatmcnt Mr s,uln ask9 f()r , tempt of court for failure to pay al-,cu of thoil. , Carollll torney fees as ordered by court on, 2 The couple was married April 29. 1944. Hearing is set r ' separated Sept. 7, Sept. 15th. for defendant as Admin- 4 lstratrlx of the estate of Daniel 1 ' ' .MitcArthur announced today, revealing simultaneously that (jii4 more (he first U. S. Army of Lieut. Gen. Courtney H. Hodges was known to have crashed across the Belgian-German frontier from Eupen, lessc than 24 hours after the first penetration was scored in the Trier region. Capt. Ludwlg Sertorious, military commentator for the German Trans- Japanese hae been killed by ground forces mopping up in New Guinea. Iletieu Halinaheirt Attack my, commanded by Lieut. Gen. Courtney 11, Hodges. The United States Seventh army, commanded by Lieut. Gen. Alexander M. Patch. The British Second Army, commanded by Gen. Sir Miles Christopher Dempsey. Canadian Army Force The Canadian First Army, commanded by Gen. H. D. G. Crerar. Interspersed with these groups are battle-hardened French troops led by Gens. Jacques L,eClerc and Jean de Lattre de Tassigny, plus Polish; Czech and other forces espe The Fur Eastern Air Forces, un FALL NEEDS O ALADDIN LAMPS AND SUPPLIES O STOVE PIPE AND ELBOWS O GALVANIZED FURNACE PIPE O NUDECK ROOF COATING Houston, deceased, has been Eet for trial for September 20th. dor command of Lieut. Gen. George t,C(,'dn Agency, said that powerful C. Kenney, renewed utlacks against forces of the United States Third Coram. Halmahera and other scat- Army have opened up a major on- Hearing was had on the for suit monc..' in the divorce tered Lslands: The planes sank or Bought designed to force the whole Moselle river line on a broad front' Vernard j'tase of Alice Crockett' badly damaged Ht least five enemy ships. Circuit Clerk Carl R. Biggs stated that approximately 300 ballots had been mailed to men and women In service to date, and that GO vote ballots had been returned. About six voted ballots a day are being received at the Clerk's office at the present time. The ballots are being mailed by Ktection Clerks, Mrs. Dora M. Harger and Mrs. Margaret Vincent, both of Newport. t J bora tor ho tubers, unleashing cially trained an dorganized for liberal ion of their homelands. 1 202 tons of explosives, staged the record-making run over the Celebes, concentrating In the Menado area. LADY NEARLY CHOKED i WHILE LYING IN BED- DUE TO STOMACH GAS from the region north of Met to the youth of Nancy. Advance on lEliinn Road Sertorlus reported "heavy fluctuating fighting" which was particularly violent south of Nancy. The Americans, the German broadcaster Huid, are advancing on Luneville, which is on the road to Strasbourg O FRUIT JARS - QUARTS - PINTS O ENAMELED POTS AND PANS O KEM- TONE PAINTS O AXES AND TOOLS Real Estate Transfers German-Belgian Border Town Greets Yanks Developed Artistry Although completely isolated from the cultures of Europe and Asia, the ancient Mayans and Mexicans attained a unique degree of artistic ability in the fine arts. Their stone sculptures, especially, ere unsur' passed even by the Egyptians and Babylonians. In jade, crystal and other lapidary carvings they approach the sk'll of the Chinese. and the Rhine. j Gen. Eisenhower gave no details whatever of the operations inside of ; Germany or on the fronts in France, i Belgium, Luxembourg and Holland, j Sixth Allied Army in Action Announcement that another Unit-j ed States army is in action on the i (Continued from page 1) One lady wild a few days ago that 'she used to bo afraid to go to lied 1 at night. She was swollen with stomach gas, which always got worse when she went to bed, anil the gas would rise up In her thiont after she lay down and would nearly choke her. She couldn't lie flat. Nail to prop herself up on pillows, lie. rently this lady got KltH-HKI.1 and now says gas is gone, stomach feels fine, how-els are regular and she can go to lied and sleep soundly. EKH-HEIjI' contains 12 Ureal Store Voto Hardware 233 North Ninth Street Throw Your Scrap Inio the Fight! Ralph ll. Adams et ux to Pearl M. Pollard et al Ka lots Gl and 52 original plat of Newport. $1. Charles K. Fox et ux to Leonard Martin et ux pt. lot 1, lots 5, S and 7 in 1). H. Miller's 4th add. to St. Berniee. $1. Vernie K. Kutch et al to Mark L. Kelsheimer et ux lot 112 Knowles Heights add. to Clinton. $1. Wayne Gaylor et ux to Hubert W. Laws et ux lots 328 and 329 Grondyke & McKee's 4th add. to Cayuga. $425. Joshua Wilkerson et ux to John R. Basquette S 13 of lot 7 in block 5 original plat of Clinton. $1. B. F. Harrison et ux to Klmer ous receptions and to the wild demonstration by the friendly citizens of Vervlers only a few miles back. They gave pleasant smiles to local Belgians and those Germans you can't tell which are which who waved or smiled. Yes, this is a strange mixture of two peoples and a strange mixture of resentment and welcome. But we are practically on the border and hereafter it will be no mixture. Everyone from here on is enemy. Herbs; they cleanse bowels, clear. gas from stomach, act on sluggish liver and kidneys. Miserable people Boon feel different all over. So don't go on Buffering; Get Eltlt-IIKM. White's (Hevall) Pharmacy Drug Store. Nolan lot 54 Higgins add. to Clinton. $25. Frank Kanizer et ux to Harold II Wisehart lot 43 Higgins add. to Clinton. $1. Alexander Dunn et ux to Mary n II Tyler et al lot 53 and pt. 54 Commercial Club add. to Clinton. . .$1.; George Glass to. George E. Guinn et ux lot 15 Hose Hill sub. $1. CLINTON AUTO CO. STANDARD OIL PRODUCTS KXriOUT I,lltltl(TIO. HEARS OPERATOR SAY -V DON'S Standard Service Standard Products Of All Kinds Atlas Tires and Accessories THJKI) and EMf ST8. Road 1fi: E. A. Evans et ux to Raymond C. Graves et ux lot 7 block 35 original plat of Clinton. $1. Elma Naselroad et al to Frederick Chevrolet Seles & Service K. Russell et al lot 64 Amis & Mar tin's add. to Clinton. $1. Anton Pepsetti to Rosella Trover et al lot 80 Jacksonville 1st add. $225. Mary Martha Gunn et al to Blos Mom and Pop and the Car.... som B. Norman lot CG Heed b 1st add. to St. Berniee. $1. Fern Bush et ux to Gertrude Aik-man lot 4 block 15 original plat of Dana. $1. PLEASE LIMIT YOUR CALL TO 5 MINUTES" PICTURE OF A LADY ABOUT TO CALL LONG DISTANCE American Junction Snaps Last Escape In Southern France (Continued from pa'' t) Army. French troops made additional gains but are encountering stubborn opposition at Point Dc ltoide. 7.",000 azis Prisoners At headquarters the German fork's remaining west of the Allied line were said to consist of "shatter-d but substantial groups of enemy ler.onnel". The toll of prisoners taken in the nvasion of southern France was put it 75. ("hi. The Army which smashed north from the Riviera closed in steadily on Belfort, key town in the center of the classic gateway to Germany. Ra SAYS CHEERFULLY -"I'LL BE GLAD TO" REALIZES SHE MAY BE ON WAR-BUSY LINE 'B' Motorists To Get First Chance At Cas Increases Ths word 'charge' always affects four lather that way' Just said we'd have the Standard Oil Man charge the car battery!" Mom's right! Batteries, under light summer loads, can appear to be srrong but really be weak. It's wise right now to see that the battery has and can hold the proper charge for the heavier loads soon coming up. In the car care matter, Mom exhibits real "know-how," these days. And why not? Any motorist man or woman-can keep a car running right, running longer, and running farther on every gallon of gasoline. Just take it to a Standard Oil Dealer. He's trained in wartime car-saving service. Remember, it's going to be a long time before you can replace your car. Don't neglect it. Follow your Standard Oil Dealer's 3rd-War-Year Service Guide and keep your car at its br alwav in Ft am PR II The OVY1 report said the amount of the inert-ase possible on V-K Day 1 minis 1 t ' laaausisioHGDiSTBncEWy l l 24 Hours a Day ;s now being figured by military authorities. The agency warned against expectation of any basis ration changes before v-E Day. The fourth-quarter allocations for civilian consumption I vere announced as 1,173. nno bar-! iris a day. a decrease of 77,00(1 bar-i re Is from the current figure, i Seasonal line However, the cut represents a sea-( sonal decline in farm needs and j other non-highway uses and OPA j officials said the allocation will per-I mil maintenance of present rations, j An estimated 13. not) barrels of gasoline daily is needed to equalize the "B" ceiHng in the east with that ! in the mid-west. Such motorists now are limited to business driving f "?S miles a month in the east; : Vi. mid-west, and 4i0. west coast. The Office of Defense Transporta-i tion injected another factor into the ! EHsoline situation. Any increase In I "A" rations after V-E Day may de-1 peud, it wui explained, on the gea- OPERATOR SAYS- "PEOPLE ARE MIGHTY HELPFUL THESE JMiy' Standard Oil Dealers are trained for letter car care Casein Pouen the Attack . . Don t Waste a Drop! Buy more War Bond . MM, aiAMMUtO ON. C9MV INDIANA BELL TELEPHONE COMPANY fA

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