The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida on November 6, 1968 · Page 24
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The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida · Page 24

West Palm Beach, Florida
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 6, 1968
Page 24
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Page 24 article text (OCR)

22 Palm Beach Post, Wed., November 6, 1968 ADvtKTi5E.vtK.NT AUVKRTISKMKNT CUSTOM MADE DRAPERY Seen As Crime Deterrent Spectacles Look Bad JFMjTEETH WEARERS! You Get I00 in Cash to Prove That No Powder, No Cream, No Plastic Holds Dentures So Snug, So Tight As NewAII-Day Denture Mesh AdhesiYes! am., rat Tout $tjt mpunm the whole apparatus is shot upward by a rocket. At a selected altitude, radio signals Ignite a series of small rockets in the edges of the fan to rotate it. Nonflying forms of the Co-pas rocket fan are designed to be set up along a highway or in an orchard, or to be mounted on a truck. r as tumr mm coupon mow to Vet, yt or trt tally tit thret Mill I hr wbboit ff puns with mnarluMc a Atl-Da? Drnltot Mh Adhnlml And roaU p $1 00 to try Oxtnl What t blnsinf for dmturt irrtmt whew loon 1L teeth tlip, slidr, or rock, often bruainc tinder itouo, Mpccitlty it meals, This fine mrsh It first) with in invisible arihnivf lotion that rtntrjr cltnfi to turn and plate. Fate teeth led right, ftl tifhttr IntiantiV. And voull get MXJO to prove ill NOW YOU CAN MT ANYTHINOt Ym an bite hard without bruisinr tender fums. Yon an chew, ipeak, ftn sneeu without fear of embarratMnent or di. comfort. Thousand! of denturt wearers like yew- (SUPER SOFT, tKhWI - Dantufa N AU.-OAT ummr tir m ftlmdv eicvrteiwiftf the Uw of comfort thejr never thought posNbte. Vou we, tsnlike powders and putes which ait dissolved so qukUr by tht motxure in ihe mouin, tkt witr ikk mnd mtsk frft. tht tii..Ut it kdds ycur Utlkt And every All-Dsv rtnturr Mwh Arihnive petto el tn easily as ic goes on. light mint Savor fights dmtim breath, too. H In a boi. Each Ias:i 1-5 days, Only penniet 1 d.iv for real false teeth comfort. Pick up a pack of 4' -Day Drnturt Mrth .Wharves at your WALORKKXS todavl Then Hnr! t coupon below plus the 51..".' sin hnitop to art yw SI.00 refund. Do it nowl This offer omy go-'J until December Ji, 19W. SUPER THIN) auw iwntai Oty Maah and plat. 3 HIS m INCLUDING LABOR FABRIC & LABOR INCLUDED. CUSTOM TAILORED IN OUR OWN DRAPERY WORK ROOM FABULOUS SELECTION OF SELF LINED FABRICS 30 COLORS LUXURY ANTIQUE SATIN LINEN TEXTURED FABRICS 25 SCREEN PRINTS REGULARLY TO $3.95 FOR FABRIC ALONE. 85" to 117" LONG DRAPERIES. ALSO, VINYL INSULATED FABRICS ON SALE INCLUDED IN OUR SI. 85 SALE. Extra special docron and An-tion sheen. With Labor Included. 1 WEEK DELIVERY UtotMla mi IrivHibiw lotion that lontly ciiftfk will be "like riding the crest of a wave on a surfboard." Frig is an associate senior research engineer In FHT Electromechanical Department of the G.M. Laboratories. The Peltier effect, named for Its discoverer, Jean C.A. Peltier, a French physicist, has been harnessed to keep hospital patients' meals at their proper temperature. Philip Golden, a New York architect, was granted a patent this week for special trays and a carrier, or hand-pulled truck with shelves Into which the trays fit. When a tray, with its insulating cover, is pushed into place on a shelf, it is plugged into connection with a -storage battery. The circuit, wired in accordance with the Peltier phenomenon, transfers heat from the tray compartment to be cooled to the compartment to be heated. The salad stays cold and the meat keeps warm. Golden is president of Consultants Collaborative, a company that specializes in the design of mass feeding systems for hospitals and other Institutions. A Texan proposes to dissipate fogs and other weather conditions with rocket-operated fans. In the preferred form described In a patent by Lee A. Copas of Port Arthur, Tex., but feels that the ordinary citizen needs them most. It Is pointed out that, unlike the earlier rearview spectacles with mirrors projecting on both sides, the Langworthy glasses will not attract attention. A mechanical englner, the Inventor is at present a consultant in machine desfgn for Ethicon, Inc., a division of Johnson & Johnson. He holds an earlier patent on ink control for high-speed newspaper presses. Rapid transit vehicles may some day ride the magnetic waves. An engineer at the General Motors Corporation research laboratories in Warren, Mich., was granted a patent this week for a system to apply such forces both for lift and propulsion. The design, for which the company has no present commercial plans, includes a magnetized roadway and adjustable magnetized panels under the car. According to the patent, awarded to Gerald F. Frig, the panels below the vehicle can be tipped downward at the front end by a hydraulic motor. The lower surface of the panels is permanently magnetized, and strips of the roadway were charged to create a magnetic field that repels them. A spokesman for G.M. said that, when the repellent forces are excited and the front ends of the panels are lowered, it THIS COUPON TO AU-DAV WITH A BOX TOP FROM ANY Alt' DAY OfcNTURE MESH ADHtSlVE . , . AND THEY'LL HEP'ND $1,001 W hen Shopping Use P-T Classified Scripps-Howard Broadcasting Company CINCINNATI, OHIO 45202 The Board of Directors on November i, 1968, declared a quarterly divi dend of 35 per share, payable December 10 to stockholders of record at the close of business November 25, 1968. L. A. LESER Secretary Draperies fry MAC PER YARD HAVE OUR DECORATOR-TRAINED REPRESENTATIVE BRING SAMPLES TO YOUR HOME. DRAW DRAPES ADD 50' FOR FINDING PER PANEL 215 CLEMATIS STREET DOWNTOWN. West Palm Beach Phone 833-3443 or 833-7000 - J EDDY ARNOLD Sap.. It fum WIRNER for I 1 CSS TGZS ( MX MAIL you'll be W Had ta All-Pav I Dive t't'tttt 1 boi tofl from It M flia bei of All-Pay Otniuri-MiiJi MntlitS. riiatl Mnd Id) fl refund. Vo'd prohib'tid. find or athtnriH iit"ttrt. trow 'our oitli far dtlxiry, limit oAf rifuM ! tt t. Or'r tipmi DictnM' 1, lltl. V VALUE! Smarter" Paint wit" - v. MARY CARTER see Eddy Arnold in Person Friday Night at FRIGIDJURE'S THE mm? LfXUUU EITHER FINE PAINT... (CI New York Times Nrwi Service WASHINGTON A New Jersey consulting engineer has Invented eyeglasses with a rear view. He believes they will serve as an early-warning device to (ight crime in the streets. One of the temple pieces is an inconspicuous tube pointed backward. Glass fibers fused to form a solid rod transmit the image of whatever is behind. The image passes around a 90 degree angle where the frame is jointed in front, and is reflected in a prism. James R. Langworthy of Clinton, N.J., will receive the patent for his optical assembly on Nov. 12. He believes that adding rear to forward vision may cost an extra $15 per pair. If necessary, the owner's prescription can be incorporated in the lenses that form part of the rod. To see behind, the wearer glances up at an angle of 35 degrees. Although the fiberoptic rods may be installed on both sides, Langworthy thinks one is enough, and the second may be a dummy. He has discussed the glasses with the United States Army SEMI-GLOSS CHINA-LUXE ENAMEL INTERIOR OR O EXTERIOR L PRIMERS d GALS. FOR Reg. $500 $6 98 X 12' PLASTIC DROP CLOTHS, Reg. 29c Only If I tq. It. for II a day. WITH NO DEFROSTING with This Family Size 14.6 cu. ft. FRIGIDAIRE REFRIGERATOR ALL FROST-PROOF! You'll never defrost again. 126-LB. SIZE FREEZER across the top. Roomy. TWIN HYDRATORS! Hold up to 23.4 qts. DEEP DOOR SHELF for half-gallon milk cartons, tall bottles. REMOVABLE REFRIGERATOR DOOR SHELF FRONTS for easy cleaning. (ALSO NOW ONLY M nil ROLLERS) FRIGIDAIRE "Gleanable" RANGE With slide-out oven liner for easy cleaning ijlilxxi a cxarjia j Democrats Vote With President By Congressional Quarterly WASHINGTON - Here's how area Congressmen supported President Johnson in 1968, according to a Congressional Ouarterly study of roll-call votes that tested support for the President's views; Sen. Spessard Holland voted "with" President Johnson 51 percent of the time in 1968 and "against" him 48 percent of the time. Failure to vote lowers both support and opposition scores. On foreign policy issues, Holland voted with the President 77 percent; on domestic issues he voted with the President 45 percent. Sen. George Smathers voted with President Johnson 22 percent of the time in 1968 and against him 17 percent. On foreign policy Issues, Smathers supported the President 27 percent; on domestic issues he voted with the President 21 percent. The average Democratic Senator voted with the President 48 percent of the time in 1968; 50 percent on foreign policy issues and 48 percent on domestic issues. The average Republican Senator voted with the President 47 percent of the time; 51 percent on foreign policy issues and 46 percent on domestic Issues. In the House, the average Democratic representative supported the President 64 percent of the time; 66 percent on foreign policy issues and 64 percent on domestic issues. The average Republican House member voted with the President 51 percent in 1968: 49 percent on foreign policy and 52 percent on domestic issues. For the Congressional delegation from Florida, Rep. Dante Fascall D-Mlami, voted with the President most often in 1968, or 82 percent of the time. Rep. James A. Haley, D-Sarasota, voted against the President most often, or 56 percent of the time. Rep. Paul Rogers, D-West Palm Beach voted with President Johnson 56 percent overall in 1968; 37 percent on foreign policy issues and 60 percent on domestic issues. 1,000 1. '50,000 Loans Available Immediately Anywhere in Florida Up to 100 Valuation i51,000 ...S20M Month" M,500 ...525MMonthl s2,0 0 0 ...530M Month s2,500 ...J35MMonfh s3,000 ...$40M Month PEOPLES MORTGAGE COMPANY 2207 North Dixie West Palm Beach 832-7565 the W.P.B. Auditorium ONE COAT NO-DRIP ROL-HIDE LATEX WALL PAINT TRIM & DECK -ENAMEL 1 14 COLORS QUARTS FOR Reg. $239 $3 89 PER QT. KING SIZE SPRAY PAINT i m Keg. I ,y m. I JUST TAR-COAT LATEX DRIVEWAY SEALER 5 GAL SIZE Reg. $4.95 QU mm l$A25 AHlA ON Picture Window Door lets you check your cake as it bakes. Cook-Master oven control starts, stops cooking automatically. Full-width storage drawer slides out for easy under-range cleaning. mm FRIGIDAIRE JET ACTION WASHER with "rapidry 1000" spin for a lighter and drier wash "Rapidry lOOO" Spin. Gets out more water. Makes wash lighter to handle, faster to dry. Deep Action Agitator. Creates currents that plunge clothes deep into sudsy water for thorough washing. 2 Jet-Away Rinses. Get rid of lint and scum so thoroughly there's no need for a lint trap. Jet-simple mechanism. No belts, No gears. No pulleys. That's why it's dependable. Cold Water Wash Setting. Saves hot water. Saves clothes from shrinking and fading. 98 GALS. FOR o . Good Housekeeping V cu'fss jff f4RNED 1HyS OIL BASE n HOUSE PAINT 2 GALS. FOR Reg. $580 $798 NYLON BRUSHESi 3"-312, & 4' VALUES TO $7.59 YOUR CHOICE LIMIT P80TKTS ASPHALT DRIVES FOR RIIIF Lustre CARPET YEARS SHAMPOO, A ' r ff hi! ' 9' MODEL RG35N-1 HOW! A FRIGIDAIRE 546 lb. Freezer at a Budget Price! REGULARLY $249.50 a Model WCDATN, Onytor Warronty (of rtpoir of any dtftct without charge, plus a four-ytar Protection Plan (parti only) for furnishing raplactmtnt for any dtftctiv part in tho complalt transmission, drivt motor, and water pump. Backed by General Motors. and it's only 1 OPEN MONDAY WEDNESDAY FRIDAY 'TIL ifPeM. Even This Lowest Priced FRIGIDAIRE Jet Action WASHER Has a 5 year warranty lots of storage room for the money! Five full-width shelves including three Fast-Freeze. New style door shelves hold more. Frozen juice can holder, built-in door lock. REGULARLY $269.50 'l Hfl $ 1 UFD16L J Z.T".!. Lake Worth 582-5311 V MODEL OIR "42nd" VLR Tht beil of ill lor wall-to-wall. Or spot, and paths. Fluffs up malted down nap! Brightens colore. Easyl Rent ahampooer f A mmm MODEl EASY TERMS AS LOW AS $5 00 A MONTH America's Best Paint Value! West Palm Beach Store Only 3601 SOUTH DIXIE HWY. 511 1013 Lucerne Ave. CORNER MONROE & SO. DIXIE 2 BLOCKS NORTH OF PHONE 832-5223 OPEN MONDAY THRU SATURDAY 8:30 to SOUTHERN BLVD. 5:30

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