The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida on November 6, 1968 · Page 23
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The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida · Page 23

West Palm Beach, Florida
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 6, 1968
Page 23
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Palm Beach Post, Wed., November 6, 1968 21 Sen. Russell Says Navy Missile Failures Cost Nation $1 Billion Hanoi Orders War Stepup On South Vietnam Fronts The deaths are the lowest in 14 months. Saigon was quiet after two small demonstrations Tuesday supporting President Nguyen Van Thieu's decision to boy. cott enlarged peace talks in Paris. Thieu has said his government will never agree to sit with representatives of the Viet Cong's National Liberation Front enjoying equal status at the peace table. because they have had to rebuild those missiles three times." Russell told fellow senators that in the future he would make sure research and development were far enough along to assure that a weapon worked before he would recommend the Congress appropriate money for building and deploying it. His comments came in defending the Sentinel Anti Ballistic Missile System, designed to shoot down enemy ballistic missiles fired at the United States. He said the Sentinel has been in research and development for 12 years at a taxpayer cost of $3 billion. Deploying the Sentinel was Terrier and we had to rebuild them three times...We think this year we have at least developed them to where they may carry out the mission it was hoped they would perform in 1961 or 1962, whenever we started these antimissile ships." In the remarks published this week in the Congressional Record and generally passed over by newsmen because of the furor over the national elections and Vietnam negoti- ations, Russell also said: "I made a mistake in the Tartar-Talos-Terrier. It was an honest mistake. It was on the testimony of everyone in the Department of Defense and in the Navy. It probably cost the tax payers $1 billion mm fe ) Muskie Sees Agnew As He Drives Ball By DALE Pl'LLEN Washington Bureau WASHINGTON Those sophisticated Navy missile bearing destroyers and escort ships you have been reading about since 11 apparently are not capable of doing the job they were designed for. And, according to Senate Armed Services Committee Chairman Richard Russell, D-Georgia, this Is because the ships' missiles have never functioned properly. Russell, generally acknowledged as the legislative expert on the nation's military capacity, said in just published remarks from a closed Oct. 2 Senate Floor debate: "Those missiles were called the Tartar, the Talos and the LOOKING FORI) THE UNUSUAL LESSONS FOR CHRISTMAS! $37.50 UP PER MONTH See is For A Gift Certificate For This Amount. OPEN 7 T FLYING SERVICE AIM UACH INT. AHtfOtT, ROHM "Gateway to the Bahamas" SOUTHERN BLVD. HOME OWNED PHONE 683-4121 GIVE FLYING SAIGON (AP) A captured enemy document contained orders from Hanoi to step up the fighting, terrorism and sabotage in South Vietnam despite the U.S. halt of all attacks on North Vietnam, the government reported Tuesday. A U.S. military spokesman said American Intelligence still had the document under study to determine its meaning, origin and authenticity. Both the Viet Cong and North Vietnam have sworn to continue the fighting while enlarged peace talks go on in Paris. The document was seized a few days ago and disclosed that Hanoi had decided to hew to its course of violence even before the U.S. halt was announced, the South Vietnamese political warfare department reported. Regional and provincial political commissars were told to increase the guerrilla movement and 'military, political and enemy troop action activities throughout the territory of South Vietnam after the United States stops the bombing of North Vietnam," the government quoted the document assaying. "In the political field," the document continued, "the provincial commissars have to push into action several armed propaganda teams into the towns and cities In order to carry out on a large scale their program of terrorism, assassination and sabotage." In the "enemy troop action" field, political commissars were told to Increase propaganda to sow confusion in the South Vietnamese army "to lull them with L' usory peace solutions." The daily communique from U.S. Command headquarters reported 80 "scattered small unit contacts with light casualties" throughout South Vietnam. The U.S. Command reported Patient 'Critical' VALPARAISO, Chil, (AP) Hospital officials reported Maria Elena Penaloza, 25, Chile's first heart transplant patient, was In critical condition Tuesday after surgery for meningitis. She received her new heart June 28. Nelson Orellana, 21, Chile's other heart transplant patient, was reported In good condition after receiving his new heart Oct. 1. that preliminary figures indicated American combat casualties since last Friday, when President Johnson ordered a halt to all attacks on North Vietnam, had continued at about the same level of the past two weeks. In the week ending Oct. 26, the command said, 109 Americans died In battle, compared to 100 the week before that. Letts Is New Head Of County Bar At Palm Beach County Bar Association's Monday night meeting, Gavin G. K. Letts of Palm Beach was elected president of the association. Charles S. Robinson is president-elect, Charles H. Damsel of West Palm Beach, secretary, and Edward D. Lewis of Palm Beach was elected treasurer. Chosen as new members of the board of directors by the lawyers were Ward Wagner Jr. of West Palm Beach, and Raymond Royce and Peter VanAndel, both of Palm Beach. Installation of new officers has been scheduled for Nov. 22 at Palm Beach Towers. AUVKKTIhKMENT The Other Day We were told this one appeared in the Wall Street Journal: The young man approached the girl's father, to ask for her hand in marriage. "Sir," he blurted out, "I have an attachment for your daughter and .. ." "See here, young man," interru pted the parent, "when my daughter needs accessories I'll buy them myself." And D. O. Flynn offers this definition of a dope: "The fellow who picks up a cute blonde's kerchief and turns it in to the lost and found department." Definition of a wise shopper: . One who gets our quality, service, and terrific buys. Stewart Pontiac Co., 1928 South Dixie, I West Palm Beach, Florida. fit A RSding panels Makt vour icrooit nanh u. obi ytar 'round No moro cold, wot, dirty porchoi Just comfortablo living with Pro-tt k-O-Woalhor panolt. Sturdy and light Weight lift out for easy Cleaning low Installation Cost FREE ESTIMATES -965-8911-4352 10th Ave. No. LAKE WORTH Your Choice of a colorful 45-PIECE SET of MELAMINE DINNERWARE reg. $1 9.95 val. CHOOSE FROM Exquisite PATTERNS vL GAS RANGE Model ZA9638-W-41R or Model ZA4638-W-41R Payments as low as $o?s 7 ptr. M. 18995 With Trado BANK FINANCING ALL NEW APPLIANCES! WORTH 582-4481 VOLKSWAGEN OF MBIC. INC. ' WITH YOUR PURCHASE of the Beautiful HARDWIGK approved by the Senate as part of a $71.8 billion defense department appropriation for fiscal 1969. the largest single appropriation bill ever passed by the Senate. Russell guided floor debate as chairman of the defense appropriations subcommittee. In debating the appropriation and the controversial anti-ballistic missile system, the Senate on Oct. 2 held an unusual 2-hour closed session so that classified material might be discussed, but not made public. The published debate includes many notations that remarks have been "deleted." Among the published statements regarding the missile race between the Soviet Union and the United States, nearly all of them from Russell, additional information seldom discussed publicly was mentioned. 1. "The Soviet Union already has some 900 missiles, space missiles." 2. "We have insufficient intelligence as to all that is going on In either China or Russia in this field." 3. "There is no system ever devised that will afford complete protection against any multiple firing of ballistic missiles.. .but the question is how many we can knock down... how many lives we can save..." 4. "The Soviets have reduced the content of their antimissile complex around Moscow.. .that could mean they have encountered a great many difficulties.. .and have slowed down for further research and development." During an exchange with Sen. William Fulbright, D-Ark., Russell agreed that It would have been better if the United States had not gone into production of the F-lll fighter plane, subject of great controversy since its proposal by former secretary of defense Robert McNamara. Russell's opinion of the F-111 puts the future of the swing wing plane in serious doubt because of the Georgian's reputation and influence in the Senate. Only a month ago, after another crash of an F-lll, U.S. Sen. Stuart Symington, D-Mo., said serious consideration should be given to canceling the F-lll series. Symington, a former Air Force secretary, also has great influence among fellow senators on the subject of air power. Before these two heavyweights in the area of defense moved to the position of public criticism of the F-lll, opposition was led by U.S. Sen. John McClellan, D-Ark., who, since work began six years ago on the plane, has expressed great doubt and concern about it. The F-lll cost to the taxpayers has not run into the billions of dollars, although the defense will not, or cannot, say how much. 1 -r- Taylor and two long-time friends John Levinson, a Chicago lawyer; and Dick Du-bord, a Waterville lawyer and key campaign aide. "Watch me fluff this one," Muskie said as he stepped up to tee off in front of cameramen. After one practice swing, he drove the ball over the crest of the hump-backed, 347-yard first hole. Estimates on how far it traveled ranged from 175 to 200 yards. The press was allowed to watch the foursome tee off. The rest of the round was played in privacy with only Secret servicemen along. The sky clouded over before Muskie started playing. Temperatures were in the high 40s. Pahokee Student Hurt In Wreck PAHOKEE An 11-year-old Pahokee elementary school student, Osana Nodal, of 320 S. Barfield Highway, suffered multiple cuts and abrasions Tuesday when the bicycle she was riding was struck by a slow-moving motorist. Patrolmen J.C. Norwood and Thomas Perry said the accident occurred at the intersection of Third St. and Bar-field Highway when the Southbound vehicle being driven by Mrs. Laurie Rogers Justice, 38, of 467 S. Barfield Highway, hit the bicycle crossing Third St. The Injured girl was treated and released at Everglades Memorial Hospital. There were no charges made against the motorist. Unique Program ROME (AP) The government-owned Italian television set up an unprecedented Tuesday midnight-to-Wednesday dawn program including live broadcasts from the United States to report the American presidential election. It never before transmitted any, pro gram later than 2 a.m. 1-Year FREE SERVICE ON GREEN'S FUEL OF FLORIDA CORP. 2302 N. DIXIE LAKE WATERVILLE, Maine (AP) Sen. Edmund S. Muskie drove his golf ball straight down the middle of the fairway, turned to newsmen watching his election day exercise, and laughed, "all I did when I swung was think of Agnew." As Muskie stepped off the first tee at the Waterville Country Club, voters across the country were choosing between the Democratic ticket of Hubert H. Humphrey and Muskie, and the Republican slate of Richard M. Nixon and Maryland Gov. Splro T. Agnew. Relaxed and bantering with newsmen, Muskie passed off a query about his golf handicap with the reply, "Hasn't Agnew classified that information?" After another question about his handicap, a reply was shouted from one of about 20 onlookers, "Hubert Humphrey." This allusion to Muskie's generally favorable reception on the campaign trail drew a look of mock sternness from the senator. Muskie, freshly shaved after an all-night flight from Los Angeles, wore light yellow slacks and a pale blue wind-breaker. He played with club pro Bob ROYAL PORTABLE TYPEWRITER $0795 J f $49.50 Standard Keyboard Full Featured 32" ELECTRIC ADDER jtm WITH W TRADE Regular 89. SO sale EIGHT STORES SERVING FLORIDA AND GEORGIA 3609 SO. DIXIE HWY. ACROSS FROM FOOD FAIR WEST PALM BEACH, FLA. 833-3651 OPEN MONDAY THRU FRIDAY 8:30 TO 5:00 SAT 9:00 TO 1:00 PRE-H0L,DAY1CSALE A $30.45 VALUE TYPEWRITER STAND 112-11 mufti ImmcKm, ifrilmwl tri Mrletlia, Tric ",' t tff mi iniii but. Oh part unly if tyn ilinw MtM! Nrtk iwchllt if ly tytrH,r S4I if. ! UNDERWOOD OLIVETTI LETTERA PORTABLE TYPEWRITER CAHINCIUDID WilhTrod. VmkU until tilt, twck ripMir, Mpm W. wIihiKi Ii-ilitir, iiM iMi. Mttmlii itrfli wMitiii, bwimltl K !;cic mi J-mIw riMM. ntroducing the NEW 1968 SMITH-CORONA FICUREMATIC PALM BEACH LAKES IMS' SChooL Favor Returned NEW DELHI (AP) - India, one of the world's major recipients of foreign aid, will itself give 56 million rupees $7.3 million of foreign aid to the neighboring Himalayan states of Bhutan and Sikkim this year. 9:00 11:30 A.M. 9:00 11:30 A.M. Total !,. Adds-Subtrlftl Mullillill 1969 Volkswagens They're harder to take than ever. SAVE s70.50 SPECIAL PURCHASE Brand New Fully Electric Smith Corona Office Typewriter BOYS and GIRLS Ages 3&4 Classes Begin November 25 - May 1969 PROGRAM SWIMMING CLASSES Heated Pool MUSIC Air Conditioned Classroom ARTS and CRAFTS Picnic Area SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS Playground School Director Mrs. Pat Newhart Dave Hall, Asst. Athletic Director, Palm Beach Atlantic College will be teaching the Swimming and Physical Education Program for the Day School. Choice of 3 Schedules Monday, Wednesday, Friday 9:00 1 1:30 A.M. $20.00 per month Once upon a time, you couldn't give away a Volkswagen. But with all the improvements we've made over the years, things have changed. Now people actually stea Fastbackand Squareback. (The bug and Ghia have our optional automatic stick shift. Which we introduced earlier thisyear.) Whichever VW suits you best, the best way to see all its changes is with a test drive. Because, as usual, most of our improvements aren't on the outside where you can look at them. They're deep down inside. Where they make new V Ws run better. And where they don't make old VWs look obsolete. them. To help stop this, we're putting a new ignitionsteering wheel lock in every 1969 VW. When you shut off the ignition and remove the key, it locks the front wheels in position. So if someone ever breaks in and jumps the wires, he'll probably wind up just going in circles. He may even end up going straight. 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