The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida on November 6, 1968 · Page 22
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The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida · Page 22

West Palm Beach, Florida
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 6, 1968
Page 22
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20 Palm Beach Post, Wed., November 6, 1968 Kiesinger Probes West German Secret Services to have had access to the entire logistics planning of NATO, and even to have known the deployment of America's atomic weapons In Western Europe. A major question for the Security Committee's perusal will be: Why was Luedke not arrested Immediately if he was identified as the man who handed In the microfilm? Informed sources say Western concern at the Implications of the Luedke affair is so great that It is likely to be raised at the NATO Ministerial Council meeting in Brussels in mid-November. From Oct. 15 to Oct. 23 there were four more suicides of government officials. All were described as having had case histories of depression. an estimated 16 300 Communist agents are operating In this country, most of them from Communist East Germany. Speaking the same language, they find no difficulty ' in infiltrating important West German security centers. Observers here have offered three main theories to explain the situation: West Germany has been struck by an amazing succession of unreleated concidenc-es. Moscow and East Berlin have been caught In a major espionage plot. The Communis's have launched a carefully planned scheme to spread confusion In NATO and to attempt to portray West Germany as an untrustworthy ally. quaintances and a picture of his blue and white car, its registration number clearly visible. An incredibly stupid blunder by a Communist agent, or a too-perfect f rameup? So far, there has been no answer. Nor has It been established whether Luedke took his own life, died accidentally or was murdered. The weekly news magazine Der Spiegel argued against suicide or accident. It said Luedke could have been of little use to a foreign power as a NATO pensioner, while he might have posed a risk on account of what he knew about the "other side." If he was a spy, Luedke had it in his power to inflict serious harm on NATO. He Is believed The four were Lt. Col. Johannes Grim, 57, a security man In the Defense Ministry; Hans Heinrich Schenk, 40, senior Economics Ministry official; Gerhard Boem, 61, senior clerk in the Defense Ministry, and Edeltraud Grapentin, 52, federal press office librarian. Spokesman Conrad Ahlers disclosed Oct. 26 that six Communist East German agents had escaped from West Germany and confirmed that parts of Hawk antiaircraft missiles had been found on a public refuse heap. The Defense Ministry reported on Oct. 26 the arrest Sept. 7 of Gisela Mock, a. typist in the army command staff, as a suspected spy. Prosecutor Martin announced Oct. 26 three arrests in the year-old case of the theft of a Sidewinder air-to-air rocket from a German base, and disclosed it was air freighted to Moscow by commercial plane. Among those accused of stealing the rocket was Sgt. Maj. Dlethard Knoppe, a Starfighter pilot at the base. Security men in Bonn seized Czechoslovak journalist Ota-kar Svercina Oct. 29 and accused him of spying. The charge was based on statements made by a spy suspect arrested In Austria and by a Czechoslovak secret service major who fled to the West. West Germany has since World War II acquired a reputation as the "playground of spies." The Interior Ministry said tratlve official at SHAPE. He is now being interrogated in Ankara on charges of spying on NATO for Moscow. SHAPE stands for Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers, Europe. On Oct. 8, a shot rang out in the headquarters of federal intelligence at Pullach, South Germany. Staff officials found the acting deputy chief, Maj. Gen. Horst Wendland, 56, dying from a gunshot wound In the head. A Belgian pistol lay. nearby. Ahlers, acting on instructions from Kiesinger, told newsmen that Wendland had committed suicide In a fit of depression. Then the next shock came. Another shot rang out In a forest In the Eifel Hills west of Bonn, killing Luedke. "A hunting accident" was the official explanation, but this was colored by Bonn's official report that Luedke was suspected of being a spy 15 days before his death. On Sept. 23, seven days before Luedke's official retirement from NATO and from the German Navy, a photo store laboratory assistant told police that in processing microfilm handed in by Luedke the same day, he found nine shots of NATO documents marked "top secret" and "NATO secret". Also on the film were pictures of some of Luedke's ac- 09T connections between the various affairs. But these assurances failed to quell speculation that West Germany is the victim of a major espionage plot. Those who link the incidents say it started Oct. 6 in Brussels with the arrest of Nihat Imre, Turkish senior adminls- Landlord's Pay Taken By Board NEW YORK (AP) For the first time, the State Division of Human Rights has ordered a landlord's wages garnisheed because he refused to rent an apartment to a Negro family. A spokesman for the division said Monday that the landlord, Leo Zaccaro of Yon-kers, would have to pay Mrs. Juanita Miller $600 for expenses she and her family incurred after he refused to rent them a four-room apartment in April 1967 and later rented it to a white family. The amount of damages granted to Mrs. Miller and her husband, Cornelius, was based on the difference over a two-year period between the rent of the apartment owned by Zaccaro and that of another apartment which Mrs. Miller later rented, the department said. Speeders Stripped, Dunked In Fountain JAKARTA (AP) Indonesian police and troops stripped 50 young speeders to their underwear, marched them through the streets and threw them into a fountain. The youngsters, nicknamed "hell drivers" for their flagrant speeding along the city's boulevards, were caught at police roadblocks. They were released without being charged but their cars and motor bikes were impounded for a day. By GEORGE THOMSON BONN, Germany (AP) Rocked by security bombshells In four weeks, West Germany's secret services are being investigated by Chancellor Kurt Georg Kiesinger himself. The inquiry centers around six mysterious deaths, the arrest of two suspected spies, disclosures about the theft of a rocket last year, and the hasty departure of six East German Communist agents from West Germany at the height of the spy scare. Under the personal direction of Kiesinger and his vice chancellor and foreign minister, Willy Brandt, a Security Committee of state secretaries of the Foreign, Defense and Interior ministries this week began grilling the heads of the Federal Intelligence Service, the Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution, and military counterintelligence. One reason for the Investigation is to check claims that professional jealousies in the three organs are marring the coordination essential in an effective security system. Ludwig Martin, the federal prosecutor, has accused Bonn police and military counterintelligence of inefficiency in enabling a suspected spy to slip away. The suspect In this case, found dead Oct. 9, is the central figure in the espionage scare. He was Rear Adm. Hermann Luedke, 57, retired deputy head of the logistic wing of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization's European headquarters In Casteau, Belgium. The Bonn government may centralize state security organs. 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