The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on September 12, 1944 · Page 4
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 4

Clinton, Indiana
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Tuesday, September 12, 1944
Page 4
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Tuesday, September 12, 1944. Page Four A T THE DAILY CLINVONIAN 'SIEGFRIED LINE' 'TOE DAILY CLEVIONIAN Mi Behind UieJcen v I in f I 1 I sT T" HOLLYUIOO f At th0 Movies PALACE Tuesday and Wedtiewlay "The Chinese Cat" starring Sidney Toler, Heuson Fung. Man-tau Moreland, and Joan Woodbury Is the new murder feature opening at the Palace Theatre tonight. Another cowboy thriller. Haiders of the Border" featuring Johnny Mack Drown opens as the second feature tonight. sssfMlshwl a The Worklj Osatonlaa IMS Tk OUmUm Plaindealer absorbed In 1MM ' FnbllriMd Dallr Except Saturday jmi 8 urn day fceorgc L. Carey - Editor and Publisher staMNi at the Postoffk at Clinton, Indiana I as Second CI111 Matter ' SJisi Indiana Republican Editorial Assodadoa By HARRISON CARROLL Kilt Feilirct 6BdiU tt rlttf HOLLYWOOD An elated letter from Jean Pierre Aumont tells Maria Montez he vva the first. Phon 33 Ebon S3 SS9 32, not 17, stitches. Youngster' brother, Norman, pinned purple heart on her. . . . Rosemary V Camp badly burned when a pot of boiling coffee overturned on her arm. . . . Ruth Warrick and Erik Rolf, faced with dispossession from their rented place, bought bouss in Holmby Hills and moved In without a stick of furniture. Previous Frenchman to enter hij old home town of Saint Tropez and that he planted the . y Free French iPUBUCAH iOITOOM. life V AIIASII HiiikUv Monday and Tuesday "Once Cpon s Time," Columbia's newest comedy starring r ASSOCIATIOK occupant was a famous musician and tht place la full of secret panels. j I flag there. He ' 1 and major W. I were In the 4i town for 36 Cary Grant and featuring Janet Jfciv--, f hours before the Don't OS surprised if Charles rest of the Al Ulair. opens Sunday at the Wabash Theatre. Said to be a delightful whimsy, it was adapted by Levis Meltzer and Oscar Saul from the I Boyer produces a series of two-reelers for children. If so, his first will be 'Tito's Hat," a story by Mel- original story of the famous ra lied forces arrived. "I'm very tired," he said. 'I don't know whether from the fighting or from the kisses i dio writers Norman Corwin and chor Ferrer, dialogue director on the Boyer-Irene Dunne picture; "Together Again" (new title for "A Woman's Privilege"). Lucille Fiedler Herrmann. Harrison Carroll of the population." 1 COLt'MIU.t TueMday Mid Wednesday Hedy Lamarr won the everlast- '"'g gratitude of 11 wounded Ma Police have been notified but 'Hey, Rookie" featuring Ann Miller. Joe Besser, Jimmy Little and Hal Mclntyre and Band plus John Garfield wants it printed that a man, posing as his brother, Max Oarfinkle, has been promising screen tests to girls around Holly- Marines Fly High" with Rich ard lix, Lucille Ball and Chester rines from Saipan. Entertained them on the set of "Experiment Perilous," bought lunch and showed them what is finished of the picture. When one of the boys started to thank her, she laid her hand on his arm and said: "Please don't. It is I who should thank you." Abbott and Costello have s won Columbia ! wood. John and gammy Shack, his Morris opens at the Theatre tonight. REPORTERS OFTEN EXAGGERATE. At the beginning of the sensational drive of the American Third Army to close the escape gap of the German Seventh Army, the American people were told, in the press and over the air, that 200,000 Nazis had been bagged in the Orne pocket. Naturally, they find it somewhat difficult to understand the escape of most of these soldiers, together with the armor of General Von Kluge. They are puzzled by the successive reductions in the estimates of Germans to be captured from 200,000 to 100,000 to 50,000 and then to an indefinite total. stanain on "iMoooay Lrfves orever, ' set a trap for the imposter in front of a Hollywood theater but the man spotted them and fled. Star's real brother is serving with the Army in Panama. i Buwliiur G. Green Clerk Harry Black suspected a prank one morning when he found the mail a letter addressed to derful Hitler gag for the Sheriff's Annual Relief Show, Oct 4, IF the Nazis have surrendered by that time. They've rotten Jack Pierce, "Bowling Green, Care Helm Hotel, 4 Bowling Green, y." A check of the hotel register showed a Mr. B. creator of Frankenstein, the Wort When Warner Producer uamey Glazer suffered a heart attack after a game of tennis, Jean Negulesco. Stephen Ames, Jack Warner and several other Hollywood middle-aged tennis enthusiasts decided to G. Green, a traveling salesman of Man, etc., to fashion a dummy of der Fuehrer. But they won't use the prop unless the war is over figuring Hitler still won't be a subiect Atlanta, Ga., stopping there. Gre-an's name was Bowling I give up the game. Talking tt over, for laughter. warner asked Negulesco: "Jean, how old are you?" HOLLYWOOD HI JINKS: "Mr. Warner," replied Negu Through a fan letter he wrote to lesco, "That is a civilian secret. The war has demonstrated that a well-led group of soldiers, fighting courageously under intelligent direction, can resolutely hold open the jaws of a trap, regardless of losses, until their main forces get away. This was demonstrated repeatedly in the Russian campaign, where the Germans, with one notable exception, repeatedly es Ice Facts Glass may be as smooth as ice, iit you can't skate on it becase it is not the smoothness of the ice that makes H slippery. It is the film of water that foams Iwtween your skate and the ice, slue lo but I'll tell you one thing. I'm at the age when a girl says no, I'm Starlet Tissa Brind, Warners learn that Lt. Jeffrey Lynn recently was in Corsica. , . , Actor Johnny Miles, who used to go with Jane Withers, now is rushing " irginia Weidler. . . . Xavier Cugat has rented the old Hedy Lamarr home on Roxbury drive. ... A few hours after she Taking a Backward Glance caped Russian efforts at encirclement of invent v ykaiw admitted her separation from Ivan Stauffer, Cora Sue Collins was dancing with him aj. the Clover club. . . . But the rift still stands. Ike New Folding Stretcher A new folding stretcher was recently demonstrated with a removable frame which enables hospital attendants to pick up seriously injured persons without having io lift them onto the stretcher. gTaieiui. Mrs. Jack Beutel (he played Billy the Kid in Howard Hughes' "The Outlaw") has gone to Las Vegas to get a divorce. . . . Anne Shirley denies immediate marriage plans but pals predict she'll be a bride by December. . - . Dennis O'Keefe wants to legalize his screen name. His real tag is Edward James Flanagan and. to add to the confusion. M-G-M once called him Robert Doyle. . . . Kay Williams' final decree from Macoco due on the 10th but she reiterates she is not oing to marry Clark Gable Lou Nor Carol Bruoe'e last date in Holly, wood was with Jack Diamond. She's off to the east for a radio large bodies of troops. ago toiiav It will continue to be probable in iur - aii i-m- jue iM. nic , , , ; , ,, Are AIko Thanked l,y (lie V.. lu X . France as long as the German armies fight Mainbere of the 01inton c L as a cohesive force, under the leadership r. labor day committee report of officers who understand the art of war- that the last two prizes held by - George Fisher, who obtained and 13-re. handled the donation;, had been It is no reflection upon Allied general " I given the winners todny. Ship Or SOldierS that the excessive and 1 A complete lint of the merehan- ;;f; nmhania nf von 1 mm tp- dise donations, with names oi' do- and one-half miles tsoutheafit of Dana, Wednewduy, October 7. This meeting comes io the community as a result of the work of several loral orchard owners who realize the necessity of applying modern methods to management of the farm orchard. The program of the meeting will be an especially practical one. It will be the effort of the demonstrator to eliminate every theoretical Idea, and to emphasize only such points and practices as every farmer can profitably apply in his own orchard. KpuhlicaiiK la IJvely Township Convention The Clinton township republican convention developed some spirited contest at city hall, Saturday afternoon, but there was no semblance of 111 feeltne. When show. . . . Tony Owen broke his lit tle finger in the baseball game that goes on every Sunday in a Beverly Hills park. Han the players are movie stars. . . . Jimmy Dorsey's gedans ill Lead Tne four-door sedan is the most popular type of American automobile, accounting for 40 per cent of all sales. The two-door sedan is second, the coupe third. including the tax. IVrKotlHlK Mr. and Mrs. Ernest K. Boetto and two children, of South Main street, left today to drive to Greenville, Ky., where they will visit for a few days with Ned Harper.-a relative of Mrs. Hoetto. Miss Florence Kularolio who has been visiting here with friends has left for liloomiUEton to attend Indiana Vniversity. Mrs. Helen Pickett of North Seventh street plans to leave tomorrow witli .iome Terre Haute friends to drive to Christopher. 111., for a few days' visit with her sister. Her son Jack, who has been visiting there has returned home to start to school. .Maurice Williams, of North Third street, who underwent an operation at the Vermillion coun ton, wealthy rancher, continues to shower flowers and giggle-water on Pcgfc-y Fears. Pair was introduced by Mary Healy. . . . The dog bites new song, "Two Again," a real click around the country. . .. . Mauris Sherman, the maestro at the Hollywood Tropics, once had the Andrews Bisters and Benny Goodman on the face of Joan Blondell's six- is vex 'UllUilOUt JJl WJJVM UVli.. - w porters are not carried out. In fact, these predictions of tremendous successes tend to under-estimate the job that faces our soldiers who are fighting a stubborn and intelligent foe, holding defensive positions of considerable strength. Comets One comet discovered In 1744 had six tails. year-old daugMu; Ellen, reouired I in hit orchestra at th uma tim. William- "Wautland was defeated in his race for trustee, against William Dunk ley be made a mo nore was published in The Clin-tunian, in connection with pub-liHhing the list of events. The committee" today furnished a list of Uiose who Kuve cash to help the C. L. U. finance the event and the thanks of the organization are voiced to these, as well as to the givers of the merchandise prizes. Gasoline lri,-p Ik 1iiver TtMlny By Three (Vntw f'linton oil stations were today selling gasoline at ftiree cents lower per gallon than yesterday following an order received late last niht by oil agencies about the city. The price at both local The Rest of My Life Mm You tion that the nomination be made unanimous and this seemed to set ty hospital last week, is reported i 4Faith Baldwin to be considerably improved. the pare for the spirit of the gathering. Mr. Dunliley said he would do everything he honorably could and he emphasized "honorably in a convincing manner to be THIHTY VK.UM Ai) lllll.1V OiTltHt-ri Day Set !-'.r KtaulM Farm War JaiiH elected, and promised if elected There will he an all day or to serve the people to the best of Standard and Sinclair Oil Stations chavd demonstration the or his ability. f'ei'MHUllK is now 17 110 cents per gallon cnard o j v KtaatSi located four Three men met the other day and discussed who was entitled to the major credit for our war showing. "The farmer," said one; "the worker," said another and "business," said the third. One of the men was a farmer, the other a laborer and the third an industrialist. Pair the speaker with the remark. Des Moines Thomas E. Dewey, Republican nominee for President: "The tragedy of the present situation is that we have an administration seeking re-election now . . . which did absolutely nothing to prepare the American people for war . . . and absolutely no military preparation for the events it now claims it foresaw." Mrs. W. J. Wasson, of the Bar gain store, lias gone to Uluffton CROSSWORD and Indianapolis, for a two 1 think she's all right. The doctor said that she simply wasn't strong, though organically sound. It seems to be loneliness," explained Judith, "despite Cousin Marion. I tried to persuade her to come live with us, but she wouldn't hear of it, though she and Cousin Marion may come east in the spring." "Matthew had a wonderful time in Boston' said his mother, "and his paper went over very wall. J was proud of him." "You went?" . "Didn't he tell you?" asked Mary, amazed. "1 intended to write but things caught up with me." She paused and added, "While I was away, Lynn's wife had a heart attack. She died, Judith." After a brief, solemn silence, : CHAPTER THIRTY-SIX Judith flew west within the next few days. She found Eva thin and pale but, according: to the doctor whom she secretly interviewed, organically sound. He said gravely, "I think it has been hard lor her to adjust herself. And she misses you very much, Mrs. Norman.' Before Judith returned, she had a long talk with her mother. She said, "Do give it up, darling, and come back east and live with us . . I'd love it." Eva shook her head. "No . . . it's out of the question. I couldn't change my plans now, there's Marion to consider." "But why won't you? We have plenty of room and then there's the new house, you'd love it; you could he there all summer every By Eugette Sheffer her about in-laws in the house? mean before Aunt Ella died?" "If I did, I don't remember. Why? Matthew didnt lie, Judith knew. But she thought: Yes, he did say something, threw out a feeler perhaps when it became apparent to him, if not to us, that Aunt Ella wasn't going to live very long. Just a -warning. Mother's utterly unsuspicious by nature. It wouldn't occur to her that he had a purpose, a motive. "Matthew - S "Well?" "You did say something to Mother. She didn't suspect your motive. Her main reason for not living with us was that you wouldn't like it. When I pinned her down, she aaid you had once expressed yourself on the subiect before Aunt weeks' visit. Clarence Campbell of Dana was in t lintou. loaay. Mrs. John O'Kourke spent Bat-urdav and Sunday with her sis Mary said, "I came back, although Matthew was a little annoyed, he ters, Mrs. Junius Heauchamp and Mrs. David Williams, at Rosedale. Mrs. John Gilniour lias returned from a vigil with relatives at Hillsboro. 111. W. S. Logan, of Paris. 111., is the guest of his daughter, Mrs. A. K. Ciluert. of Fifth street. Mr. and Mrs. V. L. Swinehart and family motored to Turkey Uun and spent Sunday. Mv dear," her mother said and smiled faintly, "much as I'd like to be with you, it's against my prin ciples. Young people should be alone. And Matthew wouldn't like it at all." "Did Matthew ever say V Her mother cut in hastily, "Not Get In the Bcrap! exactly. But once, before Ella died, m 1 L II in ..." " W IT- tzw "1 Wflim ; 39 4o 4i y, 42 yy. 45 m 44 45 4fe iizziiziiizzzz wr i53 t Mmwimmwmmmmmmmmmm mmm mmm mmm wmmmmmtiemmm mw he did mention something. Ella died." "Are you trying to pick a fight with me on the very day you come home? I told you 1 don't remember saying anything of the kind and that's true enough. But if I did 1'U stand by it. I don't believe in a third person in a man's house. I wouldn't want even my own mother. It' all right to visit but " "Very well, we'll forget it. As for your own mother, I'll bet you anything that she and Lynn will be married by the end of another year if they insist on waiting that long . . . which would be crazy." "You made me wait' he said in etantiy, before the complete mean ing of her remark came to him. "That was different. Matthew why ace you looking at me lik To dismiss the unpleasant detail, Judith declared, "Then we'll compromise, shall we? If you don't IcS Me Get You Some thought it well, I don t know . . . unnecessary? unconventional? but Lynn took it very much to heart. I'm sure that he kept thinking of her as she had been when they were first married and happy. He was with her when she died. And just before, she knew him. She didn't know Rita. But then he had never known Rita," remarked Mary gravely, "never known that she ever had a child, not since her illness." J ud t th asked , "I wonder why Matthew . , . ?" She shrugged and added, "I've talked to him, he called me from Boston and 1 called him in New York. I had one letter and several wires." His mother laughed. "Perhaps he didn't want to admit to you that he had to have an admiring and personal audience in order to feel that his paper was really good. He i want to faee an eastern winter, how about coming east in the j OR. MILES itHTS-PAIN PHISmT? Farm lands are going up in value, the experts warn, and these is an excellent prospect of a boom in agricultural lands. The lucky guys will sell out before the boom collapses, as it will. The experts who are working hard to figure out the 1944 election results will explain how it happened within five days of closing of the polls but they won't know any more about it then than they do now. You've probably heard the story about the woman who had three husbands. As each one died she had the remains cremated. Evidently she had husbands to burn. The French, it seems, have developed the custom of shaving the hair off the heads of women who kept company with the Nazis and, sometimes, a little tar and feathers are applied. Advertising is wonderful when it is properly used; it is necessary, however, that?" Her husband evaded a direct by remarking. "Women have funny minds. Just because Lynn's couldn't have you, so he took second j best. 1 ell me more about your trip." wife dies . . . Good Lord, do you realise bow old they are?" "You feel that way only because she's your mother," declared Judith steadily, "and you begrudge her a spring, you and Cousin Marion, and taking an apartment or a hotel suite? Then we could see each other every day. 1 do miss you so!" Eva's eyes were bright with tears. She said, " Well, perhaps that would work out. It was good of you to come. You're sure Cousin Marion hasn't been worrying you?" "Of course not. I wanted to be with you on your birthday." "Anyway, you can see I'm all right," her mother told her. "I suppose I was overtired. I think we'll go to Honolulu. And perhaps when we return . . . It's a temptation," she confessed. l love the spring in New York." Judith flew back after ten days. W atching the checkered landscape ieueath her, her mind preoccupied with her own situation. It wasn't dramatic, it wasn't at all the sort of quarrel or difference of opinion or misunderstanding that made headlines, that would seem impor Matthew came barging in after HORIZONTAL 42. annex 1. ciiargea 43. citrus drink 6. rodent H. rust Judith had been at home for an hour or so. He seized and hugged her until she cried for mercy. He inquired at once, "How much did you miss me? VERTICAL L corded f aoMc 2- estrange 3. claw 4. English school 6 unyielding 6. keep 7. coral island 8. light brown 8. agitate "loo much, why didn t you tell me Mary went to .boston with 6. Greek market-place twilight 49. foot-like organ 50. attracts 51. thing:. inlaw 52. insect 53. English citj you;" Never thought about it, re life outside of yourseli. "That's not so." Then be aaid slowly, "I don't begrudge her a life outside of me . . . and her normal interests, but why at her age? It'i absurd!" Judith asserted wearily, "How old is she- a httle over fifty? She has twenty, maybe twenty-five years aht ad of her. Do you have to be young to be happy," she demanded, "because if you do, what's ahead of us, Matthew ?" "Now what does that mean?" h asked, glad to be distracted -from unpleasant thoughts. "You have a plied Matthew honestly, "but I was glad she was there. She made a WITH YOUR responsibilities, can you afford to let a Headache, Muscular Pains, Functional Monthly fains or Simple Neuralgia clow you down? Dr. Miles Anti-Fain Pills have been bringing relief from these common discomforts for nearly sixty years. I. Countless American housewives consider Anti-Pain Pills almost as much of a necessity in the medicine cabinet, as is flour in the kitchen cupboard. They have lr. Miles Anti-Pain Pills in the house, many of them carry these little pain relievers in purse or handbag. They are prepared for these minor aches and pains that sometimes occur in almost every family AliE YOU? Ir. Miles Anti-Pain Pills are pleasant to take and do not upset the stomach. Get Dr. Miles Anti-Pain Pills at your drug store. Kefrular package 25 tablets 25, Economy package 123 tablets S1.00. Bead directions and use only as great hit, by the way, had half a 8. mineral spring 12. puff up 13. Greek letter 14. aesame 15. helmsman 16. form of life annuity 18. etenuty 19. close comrade to. worthless bits 21. cape in Massachusetts !2. laborer 24. sun god 25. founder of Pennsylvania 86. betel-nut palm Answer to yesterday's puzzle. that you invest your advertising money, not squander it in a haphazard fashion. Whenever you run across an editorial, with which you do not agree, remember that it is your privilege to think what you please, even about the editor. tant to other peopie. How could she explain it to anyone, to Matthew, to herself? Everything on dozen of the old boys hanging on her lightest words. Did she meet you? Good. And tel! you about Eynn? Poor fellow I'm glad it's !da A J-la 10. unit of liquid measure 11 malt drinks 17. extremely hot ID. inland bodv of water 21. macaws 22. taut 23. alleviator 25. fondler 27. diminutive for Edward 8. concentrated 29. on the ocean 31. symbol for tantalum 32. filled with reverential fear 34. most ancient 37. burdened 38. worship 39. the maples 40. extreme fondness 41. native metals 43. chills and lever 45. government agency (abbr.) 46. entire amount mind like a grasshopper-' Judith said, "As you grow olde I suppose you gradually lose oome-thing which keeps you together over for them both. How did you leave your mother?" Judith disengaged herself. She said, "How much time have you?" He looked at his watch. "Got to be back at the office in half an hour. What's on your mind? There C H A TrlMAT sriP L pi I sEpjillB eqC A siTlAIND5n ' iTjNIE T STEEIBIEIR5 CiO I it?3 p aipIrIsOp o&Cspa a)lE5IN aItIE S&fAlM p V Jrr BtJe'n p a lon e fcrwM 5 ffiP E IN T IS msisuPIsJeIe DprTfa O RAnEU-gAPr: Pis tIo yI 4a eioinRe r 1 IaI Big- business, in our opinion, is well able to take care of its interests, consequently. 30. be present ween you re young. And so there has to be something to take its place. Not better perhaps but as w e incline to the side of the little people , 32. stage which -they could not agree would aeem so trivial to most peopie. Her mother, for instance; this trip; his attitude toward his own mother; his atutnde toward Elisabeth and Peter. Oh. a hundred little things. You couldn't add them up, could you. and make a sensational sum? She thought: The whole thing is just that we are lovers and we aren't friends. Mary was at the airport to meet her. Matthew, she explained, was busy at the hospital, so she was his welcome by proxy. As they drove to the apartment, Mary asked: "How h Eva? Ttw letter didn't say aiUtfja," t who make up the nation. I i3 ' 34. w-as indebted We have now reached the middle of 35 nnbo1 fOT Ausnist and the Summer of 1944 will soon 36. bank official good. Children, and a community of interests. And friendship." She put her hands over her face and tc his horror burst into tears. He hadn't seen her cry, for grief, aince Aunt Ella died. (To be continued) GvttW i:' "' - sMmi UmMO; shouldn't be anything . . . but me. But you're wearing your schoolteacher expression again." "I asked mother to come east and live with us," aaid Judith. Her husband's eyebrows went up. "Well, and what happened?" She wouldn't, of course. Mat-yiew, did you evex aay aythixu; w E 5 SLJR'A M 5L he a ecaenn nf fVio nacr wif h manv Deoclc Luzon Nesrrito S-,5 1 mi MlotiMi:-:CI BuautM. , " - r- . j r 1 z$t medlcmai Axtrmte til 47. beast of Daving estaojisnea a past. i plant nt. by Kms ratur3 Radicate. Inc. burdea

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