The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on September 11, 1944 · Page 4
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 4

Clinton, Indiana
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Monday, September 11, 1944
Page 4
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t Monday, September tl, 1944. THE DAILY CLINVONIAN Page Pool" ONE MORE BATTLE TO FIGHT THE DAILY CLMONIAN ina pehind the Scenes HOLLYIUUUU " BMsMlshnd M The Weekly Otatonlan 18M i The OUaton PUlndealer absorbed' In 1BOS Published Dally Except Saturday , ana Sunday Saorge L. Carey - - Editor and Publisher latere at the Poatofflce at Clinton, Indiana aa Second Olau Matter pjajniar Indiana Republican Editorial Assodattoai pionships 3,000 miles apart, .but at By HARRISON CARROLL the same time: Jinx, tne Hollywood mixed doubles titles; her brother. Bob. the United States At the Movies PALACE Sal unlay .Midnight, 1 Sunday unil Monday There'B plenty of fun at the I'alace theatre, where "Red" Sk?lton finds himself the only male enrolled in a co-ed college in 'Bathing Beauty," the Techni-In "Bathing Beauty," the Technicolor musical which Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer has bfbught to the screen with a bang-up cast, lavish color and a lot of dance-able and singable music. Bed Is a song-writer this time, who's supposed to be working on the score of a new musical. Hut when he meets lovely Caroline Brooks, played by Esther Williams, he forgets all a-bout work and concentrates on Caroline. Kins Fmurei Syndicate Writer HOLLYWOOD Navy Lt. Fred Losee, husband of Eleanor Parker, arrived here- unexpectedly, months sooner than either had dared hope. It's the pair's doubles. phone I Phone 32 9 nrsi reunion R&UBUCAH DIWUA ASSOCIATE An eastern magazine has sent Joan Bennett's daughter, Diana Markey, a $50 check for an article about teen-agers called, "We Are the Soap's Water Set." She got $250 for another story on beauty hints. Still is determined to be a secretary. Paulette Goddards latest war souvenir is a piece of polished quartz from the cut-through of the highest mountain pass on the Lido road. She's having it set in a necklace. The sender, Incidentally, was a Negro top sergeant of a company of Army engineers. since meir non-e y m o o n. The lieutenant has been In the Pacific ever since. He and Eleanor spent the afternoon in the pro-j e c t i o n room looking at "Be-tween Two Worlds," "The Very Thought of You" and rushes on "Of Human 1 avL Harrison .Carroll Bondage." Losee had never seen his bride on the screen. WABASH Sunday, Monday ajid Tuesday "Once Upon a Time," Columbia's newest comedy starring Cary Grant and featuring Janet Blair, opens Sunday at the Wabash Theatre. Said to be a delightful whimsy, It was adapted by Lewis Meltzer and Oscar Saul from the original story of the famous radio writers Norman Corwin und Lucille Flecher Herrmann. Mickey Rooney another aurprise arrival. His first date was with Gloria De Haven, and maybe this is serious after all. Some of Mickey's pals are betting he and Gloria will marry no later than the finish of his new training course In OUR SCHOOLS SERVE DEMOCRACY. With the opening of the schools of Vermillion County near, it might be well for parents and teachers to do a little thinking about the pupils that present a problem to both of them. Children going to a school system should not be regarded as raw material to be subjected to certain definite processes in the expectation that the finished product can be certain or standardized. Factors of inheritance and environment com bine to make each child a special subject Horse Made Him Landlord Actor Victor Moore had this explanation for turning up in Jackson Heights, N. Y at the controls of a steam shnvi; "Some years ago a former actor turned real estate broker and tried to sell me a piece of land. 1 wasn't much interested, but he told me he had a real tip on a race horse. He said he'd let me in if I'd promise that if I won I'd use the money for a down payment on the lot. I did. He did. The horse did. So I did, and now we're building a bus terminal on it." Moore kept his gloves on just long enough to move one shovelful of dirt requiring, more or less, individual treatment. . I . . . Parents who expect a school and its i I a wi s y,cQ'' - r While Annabella is preparing to go on the road with her Broadway show, her daughter, Anne, Is visit-ing Tyrone Power at Cherry Point, N. C. She's staying with a Mrt" major and his wife. HOLLYWOOD HI JINKS: Hons, Massey and Director Jean Negu-lesco have lt bad. . . . Orchestra Leader Spade Cooley . thanking heaven for that date to play at the Hollywood Canteen. Otherwise he would have lost $65,000 worth of instruments in the fire at the Riverside Rancho. . . . Ella Mae Morse severely cut on the arm when fans broke the window glass of a Cincinnati record store where she was giving autographs. . . Jimmy McHugh and Harold Adam-son finishing up eight years as a song-writing team. And still turning out some of the top hits. . . Chili Williams and Murphy Mo Henry an odd twosome at Ly-mans. . . . Adelaide Norris was instructing a new maid that, while she was working in a picture, breakfast would be at 6. a. m. "That's okay," said the maid, "but if I's not down, don't wait for me.' . . . Ann Miller seeing the town with Eddie Cantor's new musical director, Leonard Sues. . Bonnie Baker visiting her old boss, Henry King, at the Biltmore Bowl. She was his first vocalist. . . Ginny Simms and Al Herd a Beverly Tropics twosome. . . . Jimmy Durante at Slapsy Maxie's with Lorraine Rognan, whose husband was killed in the Lisbon Clipper crash. ... . Noah Beery, Jr., has bought another acre adjoining his valley home, which gives him five in all. Says Martin Kosleckr "Some jlrls who wear off-the-face hats should wear them on the face.'' Clark Gable is back on the M-G-M payroll as of today. Clark looks swell and will be making a picture soon. Bad news for Harry James. At the Stockton Army Ordnace Depot over the weekend, he broke the cast on his foot. The Army doctor, who made the repairs, says the new cast will have to be on for at least eight weeks more. Originally Harry had hoped for the foot to heal In a month. The Archduchess Franz Josef startled stay-up-laters by lighting up a big- black cigar at a Hollywood late spot. . . . Laryngitis has plagued Betty Hutton on her tour. She had to mimic singing while they played her one record in Boston and Cleveland. . . . Things smooth as silk between the Jon Halls. . . . June Havoo and John Payne have resumed. . Gail Patrick's bridegroom, Navy Lt. Arnold Dean White, here on a leave. . . . Arline Judge and Sonja Henie, former and present wives of Dan Topping, chatting chtimily at the same Mocambo table. ... Jack Carson's quick trip to Cincinnati was to m. c. the testimonial banquet for his father, who Is retiring from the Insurance business after 50 years. . . . The Falken-bure family won two tennis cham Taking a Backward Glance Bird That Can't Fly The Kakapo, or wall-parrot, a wild bird of New Zealand, has walked around for so many generations and used Its wings so rarely that It has quite forgotten how to fly. Even If it wants to roost in a tree at night it has to climb like a cat or a bear and climb down again in the morning. TWK.NTV YKAIM AtH TOItAV : teachers to take a rough specimen of un- trained humanity and develop it into a polished human being are looking for a : good deal. They must not expect the school to take the place of the home and the church. The guidance that a teacher can give to a pupil is valuable and necessary but it should not replace entirely all function of parents. Teachers, on the other hand, facing a mass of little human beings in their classrooms, should not overlook the importance 'of identifying each pupil as a separate ; and distinct human entity. The god teacher is not a mass-worker. : There must be the recognition of the peculiar difficulties that confront each student, together with an intelligent tolerance for the child, if the greatest improvement in the individual is to be secured. Naturally, we are very proud of the .school system in this community. Along "with millions of other Americans we thoroughly endorse the common schools which offer educational opportunity to all children upon practically equal terms. The schoolhouse, in our opinion, is the bulwark of democratic processes, which should be understood, respected and observed by officials and teachers, as well as by students. Brakes for Planes An apparatus called "arresting device" is used on the decks of aircraft carriers to slow up and slop the landing craft. alter school is dismissed, according to an announcement today. Personal Donald and Wakefield Ccrrish. sons of Dr. and Mrs. W. D. Garrlsh of South Firth street, left yesterday for Crawfordsville and Filoom-tend rano, dtla cmfwyp cnifwyp ington, Ind., where they will attend school. Donald Gerrish Is a student at Wabasli college and Wakefield Ganill has enrolled for another term at Indiana university. The Caledonian society met this afternoon in Terre Haute with Mrs. Andrew Templeton, 040 Eight Ave., Mrs. Hohert Grant and Mrs. Frank Keese were assisting hostesses. Several Clinton members attended. The Speed of Light Light travels at a speed of 186,000 miles a second. llj' ttrlluol XlIM" Slailw Work Mmulay SHbb Catlinrlne Slimpert, of Metropolis, III., Is du to come to Clinton to begin work Mnnduy of tcaehlnK health and hygiene In the Clinton city schools. After dispens-lnfi with the services of such a teacher, or school nurse, hist year, the board employed Miss Sllrnpert for this yeivr. She was unable to come at the openlnB of the school term, fhe Is a graduate of a Chicago BChool term. Hlie Ib a graduate of a Chicago school of nurs-in-niMi..i)aa,Jiaii experience us a surgical uurBe in a Danville hospital and some additional experience. Ask Hoy Seoul, To He In Itereiiue Day Parade All Hoy Scouts of the city arc belnj; asked by Kcout Coinmiisision-er Rev. A. S. Warrlner to appear at the starting point of the parade in observ ance of Defense Test Kay tomorrow, as early as possible the line of position the local teams reglsleied as follows: Derlng, 2nd; HunsiMi. 4lli. and Crown Hill 24th. The demonstrations were completed at about 2: :10. Captain H. M. Ferguson, in talking to the Clint-tonian over the telephone, at 2 o'clock this afternoon, said: "The Clinton Held teams did remarkably well In their work and were within line of recognition even if they did not get Inside the prizes. There were several ties in the contest and they were worked off Immediately after the noon hour. Ilrli U Welling On Vine HvkIiih Neit Week The work on the improvement of Vine street is being rushed, now that the weal her has been favorable during the past few days. The stretch south of the In-terurban tracks is cemented, and ready for the brick past Fourth street. The workmen expect to touch the Third Rfreel curbing this evening by quitting time. They will turn back on the north side as soon as the soulh side of the track is completed, and expect to finish the cushion in about a week. Zenor KetK Off Hpecial Ieiurlnienl For 1illrcn C. Zenor, the shoe dealer, is emphasizing his children's shoe department by having a place fixed at the rear of tin1 store to devote especially to fitting children's feet. He has chairs for all sizes or children, arranged about the space near the shelves where M Rest of My Life With You &y Faith Baldwin CHAPTER THIRTY-FIVE you?" he demanded. "I was so upset when you were with Mother Matthew is selfish1, Judith thought, he has always been. His last summer. I simply can't get THIKTV VliAHS A; TODAY' Flint Aid .Meet Ik Oil The opening of the first aid meet at the baseball park in Terre Haute, began today at 1 0 : :!0. In mother s fault, I suppose. It doesn't pay, she argued with herself, to be so sacrificial. If I ever have children I won't martyr myself to them. I'll irive them their emo tional Independence, it's about the only thing you can give them of any value besides standards of decency CROSSWORD - - By Eugene Sheffer and education. Mary s done ail that for Matthew; she s given him hon esty and integrity, she's watched over his health, and she's worked for his education. But he isn t in dependent. He thinks he is. But he the small shoes are carried. isn t. Aloud she said, "I'D be glad to see Lynn too. He s such a darling. During the Autumn Eva Lambert wrote Judith cheerfully that she had canceled a projected sailing "I know you," contradicted he husband, "through and through. I have you by heart." That was sweet. Matthew could be very sweet, very disarming. Judith shook her head. "How about knowing me by mind?" she inquired. . "I'm not interested." "That's what worries me," she murmured. "Matthew, are we al ways going to bicker, and then kiss and make up?" "Who's bickering?" he inquired. "I never do! But you're always springing little surprises." "So it's mv fault?" "What is?" he asked blankly. "What is this all about anyway?" Judith answered, "I give up." "Good," said Matthew. "Then suppose you wire or write Cousin Marion for the name of the doctor, if you don't already know it, and let me write him myself. Well soon get to the bottom of this." Judith went over to the fireplace, and declared firmly, "I'm going; west, Matthew, as soon as possible." "Youll only scars your moths to death." "No, I won't It's her birthday, very soon. That's an excellent excuse, plus the fact that I do want to see her." "And I'm to go to Boston aloner "I'm afraid so." The bell rang and Nils went to the door to admit Bam, Bill, and several other men for poker. Matthew had such stag evenings now) and then. Any one of them was liable to be called away, returning; later if possible, but the friendly, wranglinsr frame went on intermin 1'erMHliilK Miss Hannah Diek. of Walnut street, bas gone to Vincennes. where she has resumed her position as the supervisor of music and drawing-. This Is Miss Dick's (bird term there. Hev. A. K. Hester, from Green-castle. Ind.. R. F. D. No.' 5. was In the city today making calls. He Is now sealed on his farm and do-Inir well. He formerly lived at to Honolulu although they might go after the first of the year. But along She broke fn, kissing him, ruffling his dark hair with her hands. "Of course you'll get along." "If it was necessary . , he began. "How do you know ft isn't?" she queried, sitting up straight. "If I have a week with her, that's all I want. It isn't much to, ask of you, Matthew." "You're not asking," he remarked; "you're telling me!" Judith slid off his knees and stood up, looking down at him as he leaned back against a corner of the big couch. "All right," she said, "then I'm telling you. Suppose it was Mary . . . three thousand miles away . . . and she was ill? Wouldn't you take the first plane out?" "Of course' he agreed, "if I was sure "How could you be sure unless . . .?" She broke off in exasperation. She said hotly, "You're the most selfish man I ever" "Selfish!" Matthew repeated, astonished, "Selfish because I don't want you to go away from me? Most women would be flattered. A lot of husbands would be enchanted with the prospect of a marital vacation." He grinned at her, his ill humor evaporating. "You're so pretty. Come here and kiss me," he ordered. Judith leaned over and touched her lips briefly to his. He complained, "That's no kind of kiss," and pulled her down beside him. Several moments later she emerged from his embrace and shook her Cousin Marion wrote also, in agita tion and underlining every few words, You muatn t" she wrote, "ever tell her that I told you, as 7" 7" T " W 5""F" " W, Ti W ll75 15 TWTi 3"-' " IIE 1I1U llliilu 51 s5 ' she would be furious. But your mother isn't well at all, Judith, that heavy cold she took last month just tiangg on. The doctor advised the Honolulu trip but she doesn't seem to have the strength to under Falrvic w and later at Summit I Grove. I M-s. Leslie Southard, of Mulberry Ftreet. went to Summit ' Grove toiiay to visit over Sunday I v.iih mother, MrB. Albert I Miller. t:ffB take it. . . ." Judith showed the letter to Mat thew and he shook his head over it. 'I can just see Cousin Marion' he remarked, "about five-three, thin THE FAMILY SURVIVES. Every now and then somebody arises to suggest that the family is disappearing . as an American institution, which copious explanation as to the causes that work the injury. It is interesting, therefore, to report that etatisticians of the Metropolitan Life Insurance Company say that figures show that "the family continues to remain the ' firm foundation of our social structure". The experts point out that in normal ' times three-quarters of our families consist of a husband and wife, living together, ; either with or without children. Families broken by the death of the husband or wife amount to one-eighth of the total and only one-twentieth of our families have been broken by divorce or separation. NO CRUSADE. The newspapers generally are united in the demand for world-wide freedom of expression and communication. The phrase is somewhat general. It probably means, to most newspaper men, the right to go anywhere, investigate anything and send any news or comment without interference. We presume that it does not include a demand that external pressure be applied to backward countries in order to create freedoms within other lands. While we are convinced that liberty-loving peoples should have freedom of expression everywhere, we are not inclined to institute a ; world-wide crusade, to be backed by force, if necessary, to establish this freedom in ' foreign countries. NEW YORK Dr. Ramon Grau Kan Martin, President-Elect of Cuba: "My friends, upon leaving thin glorious coun-1 try, it would be unthinkable for me not to express my deep gratitude for all the friendship and courtesies shown me." as a rail, and very garrulous. People who underline words always talk too much. She's an alarmist, darling. Why don't you flakes for Wintfbresk j T ; ure 'J it stoics are adequate. : T toJioit one wwi't do. In !:ad(Mtit.n to staking .wng trees, fol-j tow the examy' of itrus flrowen j and u;;e Uth u burlap protectora t to break the force of prevailing ' win -is asairst uie tender branches, j To mulce this type of individual I windln-nk. lay two stakes about two write your mother s doctor if you are really disturbed?" ably. Judith saw to drinks and sandwiches, and retired to her bad- "Cousin Marion, Judith re head. room for the duration. That solves nothinsr." she told him. She sighed a little, with relief. Matthew couldn't argue auv mora this evening. And it would be lata "It solves everything." She said, "We've been married a year" when be came to bed. It was late, but he woke her and while she lay there, drowsy, half slipping back They had had their first big ieet apart and connect the top one-third Willi rows of lafh or a piece f burlap. Then drive the slakes Into the ground, slanting slightly Inward the wind. When you set out smali things cover with cans or paper caps for a few days. into uneasy dreams, he stormed party a week or so before, to cele around the room, undressing, drop brate their weddinir anniversary. TERTICAI 1. variety of lettute 2. strike 3- masculine name 4. offers 5. between two extremes 6. three-toe sloth 7. prefix: rb-i 8. series And had quarreled very definitely 52. Anglo-Saxon money 53. street railway (abbr. 55. vipers 59. plaything 60. eternity 62. Assam silkworm 63. S-shaped worm 64. butts 65. moist ping snoes, wrenenmg at buttons and discoursed on the game. "I must be lucky in love." he deduced over the invitations. Matthew had given her his list and asked to see gloomily. hers, and had protested against the inclusion of Elizabeth and Peter, i torted, "is five feet ten and weighs at least two hundred. She could pick Mother up in one arm and me in the other. And she isn't in the least an alarmist. Matthew. I won't be easy until I see for myself. 1 think I'll fly out." He said, in blank dismay, "You don't mean now?" "As soon as I can get ready." They were together in the living room. Judith went over, sat down on his knees, and put her arms around him. She said, "1'U miss you dreadfully. But ig something 1 must do, dearest. lie said, after a moment, "But you wure going to Boston with me to the convention nyxt week." " T h ere wi U be other con ven-ti'ms." His Jaw was stubbornly set. "And there's the new bouse, he reminded her. They had found, at last, exactly X-at they wanted, just across the "Well, aren t you?" "Luckiest man on earth!" Ha "1 thought that was off, he said. Judith had argued that it was a Rotalicn of Bun Astronomers have proven that the sun spins, or rotates, upon its own axis at an angle of U2 degrees 40 minutes, the rotation period being variously estimated at from 25 to 28 days. HORIZONTAL 1. converse 6. small rugs 9. split pulse 12. river in France 13. Ireland 14. Peruvian plant 35. positions 17. neuter pronoun 18 snare 19. completed 21. germ 23. guides 27. correlativi of either 28. young salmon (pi.) 29. steal 31. mineral spring 34. diminutive' for Alfred 35. legislative bodies 38. exist 39. female ruff Answer to yesterday's puzzle. big party . . . "not just our closest friends," she said, "although strictly speaking they are in that category. There are dozens of people down here whom we barely iTlRll I 0. dofutord 10. the maples 11. recent 16. county In England 20. commissions 22. river in Italy 23. box 24. narrative 25. symbol for erbium 26. toper 30. shone 32. short breath 33. town in low 36. new: comb, form 37. coasted 40. treatises 43. upon 45. bone 47. college officials 48. infinitesimal speck 49. Cupid 50. division of time 54. meadow 56. geological age 57. edge 58. undermine 61. mystic ejaculation know." He'd said, "But we want to know them." Cool Feel' Aid Driving Does the monot-my of driving alone at night make you sleppy? Try taking off your shoes. This is the advice of Homer Garrison Jr., director of state police. Texas. So they had Quarreled, vet it came to sit on the edge of the bed "You look about six when you wake from sleep," he said admiringly, "with your little face washed clean. . . . and your eyes as big as nice blue chips." "I'll feel about sixty in the morning. Do come to bed, Matthew, and let me go back to sleep." He took her roughly in his arms. "If you think you're ever going away from me," he said, "you're crazy." Matthew . . . Judith sighed, turned away from his kiss. "I'm crazy then," she said finally, "let me go." "You're the stubbornest But she was asleep, or preten ing to be. v (To be continued) f CIvrT!rM. br Faith Hal4tn CatbNflf ' j wasn't really a quarrel. Matthew stated his opinion and his will and ajvIe !rt sQIeJa s z r Nofe"M!A T3pgEjN A Tip Washington Paul V. McKutt, chairman of the War Manpower Commission: "With the end of the war in Germany, this t onnetticut line, an hour from town by the parkways; a small house that needed very little re-nmdciitifr, and tw acres of ground with a tinkling 111 tie brook fringed by woods. Mary was undertaking-in redecorstion.for them. "Mary will see to it," said Judith; " ion't look so appalled, Mat th w. ! shan't be gone very long. Hunt aui l to without let it go at that. to matter how angry she became or how disturbed, he did not take it seriously. And somehow at the end she was in his arms again and that made everything upon which they differed seem suddenly totally unimportant. Now Judith said, "Married a year ... and we don't know each .other at ail aomcUmea." 1 41 decimal unit uirpnev will be in a position to meet the 80ltarv No Job, Money J? k An aviation school in Lcs Angeles is so certain of placing its graduates that students are permitted to put their S2u0 tuition fee in a bank. If they have not found a job within a month after completing the course Ifcey nuy withdraw their money 7 nItIeIrIk OlC'AT O N fe5 UHa l lLlStSElNTS D LCOA M L. manpower requirements of war industry, without the controls which have been in' 48;dlsorderiy effect in recent months." , 1 w,ser Averaec time of RIuli . ,2 miuutei.

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