The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on September 11, 1944 · Page 3
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 3

Clinton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Monday, September 11, 1944
Page 3
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Page Three nillT f t ivTnvtAV . Monday, September 11, 1944. . ' I . , I .. . .1 J Kimmel's Son Lost State Police Patrol THEIR ENGAGEMENT IS RUMORED j Clinton Social Notes hi, h . . v Ry"Y, " ', 74,-. -:.'r . v. f 'm w & ' . ' ?A '-r kj -f ENGAGEMENT of Kay Williams, blond movie starlet, and Capt. Clark Ga" in" t ex-movie idol now serving in the U. S. Army A Korea. Is being rumored In Hollywood. Frequently seen with Gable, the young actress maintains they are "just friends." (International) Center Home Ec Club Entertained Thursday The CentPr Home Kconotulcs Club met Thursday afternoon lit the home of Mrs. Dunn If Sturm with Mrs. Delilah Ayres assisting. The meeting oiciid with the group singing "Flow (ieiitlv Sweet Afton." Devotions were given by Mm. Cllsta Lotiry. l'ledge to the FlaK nnd Club Creed were given by the group and a poem was read by Mrs. Margaret Sturm. The Lesson on "Dress Remodeling" waB presented by Mrs. Mae Hess Mrs. Lucille Janus had change of the business session In the absence of the president. Mf.- Ayres was in charge of the recreation with pr'zes going to Mrs. James. Mrs. Margaret Blurm, and Mrs. Opal Myers. Two guests, Mrs. Lura McCart and Miss Helen Porter attended the meeting. Members present were Mrs. Myers, Mis. Amy Sturm, Mrs. Dil-sie Murray, Miss Mary Heber, Mrs. Hess, Mrs. Helen Randolph, Mrs. Emma Reed and daughter, Mrs. Bot-ner, Mrs. Loury, Mrs. Lola Wright, Mrs. Margaret Sturm and son, Mrs. James, Mrs. Mildred Wright and son and the hostess. Delicious refreshments were served by the hostess and the next meeting' will be at the home of Mrs. Murray with Mrs. Reed assisting. WSCS Plan Luncheon And Birthday Party Thursday ... MemberB of the W. S. C. S. of the Methodist Church will have a one o'clock luncheon and birthday party Thursday. The regular business meeting will be held with Mrs. Vara Osmon in charge of the devotions. Mrs. E. A. Evans will be the progiam leader. Th committee for the meeting will be composed of, chairman, Mrs. W. ! M. Kelley, Mrs. Arthur TomnauAii, Mrs. W. I'., 'jfrrish, Mrs. Cecil An-stead, Mrs. M. S. Johnson, Mrs. EtU Frist, Mrs. Charles Griffin, Mrs. George Walthall and Mrs. Laura Sparks. Everyone is asked to bring a covered dish and their own table service. Rebekahs Plan District Meeting For September 14 During the business meeting of the Rebekah Lodge held Friday evening at the hall, plans were made for the district meeting of District 14 to be held al Rosedale September 14. The state officers will be present at the meeting which will be held in the afternoon aiid evening. A cov ered dish iunehcon will be served in the evening. Maryetta Foltz and Mollie Prath-er are the delegates to the meeting. All Rebekahs who can, are urged to attend and contribute a covered dish for the luncheon. All are asked to furnish their own table service. . Mrs. W. B. Westbrook of S. W. of Paris, 111. is HI at the home of her niece, Mrs. Bob O. liarbee of South Fourth street. ... Throw lur Scrap Into tba Fight! PERMANENTS At Prices To Fit All I'urseB ADAMSON'S IIEAITOHIIM 355 South Main St. Phone 502 Married Recently H 2c nml Mm. Ponulil W. Xniiah-gle were united in marriage August B5 in Meat tie. Wash. Mrs. Xuugliule is the former Miss Hetty June Karlywlne, daughter of Mrs. Christian Karlywlne of North Wuler Ktreet. Circle 1, WSCS Meets At Taylor Home Thursday Mrs. Ray Taylor of South Sixth street was hostess Thursday for the September meeting of Circle 1, W. S. C. S. of the Methodist Church. Assistant hostesses were Mrs. Eva Malone and Miss Zoe Sharp. A delicious luncheon waB served at 1 p. m. Eight members of the Circle attended the meeting. The next meeting will be held at the church, October 5 at 2 p. m. At this time Mrs. Manship will give an interesting demonstration. ... Mr. and Mrs. Alden Hedges had as their Labor Day guests their son. Mr. and Mrs. Richard Hedges and two friends of South Bend, another son. Roscoe Hedges and Mrs. Hedg es' brother, Sam Clearwaters and grandson, Robert both of Kalamazoo, Mich. ... Mrs. Charles Stewart is in Des Moines, la. attending the 62nd National Convention of the Woman's Relief Corps. . Dana Erects Sign To Honor Writer Ernie Pyle Dana, the birthplace of Internationally-famous Ernie Pyle, has recently constructed a sign of the main highway calling attention to its favorite son. Backed by the Lions Club of Dana the sign is at the Junction of highways 30 and 71, south or Dana with an arrow pointing to his home "one mile south and one and a hair miles east." Reading "Home of Ernie Pyle Hoosler Vagabond,' Author and War Correspondent," the sign displays Dana's pride in the writer. Pvle's father and his aunt, both made famous through his column, live in the homestead near the town. n Church Domes in Gold Many of the church domes in Kiev, Russian Ukraine, are sheathed in pure gold. Notice! The riintiiiiliiii Wants Your News. I'leuse Cull Miss I -ear To Deport Hoclal News. 1'lione 32 or 83. CTTeH" 220 Elm St. 1 Just In! Large Selection of Little Girls' and Ladies' STAR POINT Finest Rayon Panties For Little Girls ELASTIC ALL AROUND You'll Like the Quality and Fit Of These Panties SIZES 2-4-6 59c SIZES 8-10-12 69c Better Buy Several Pair While We Have All Sizes WOMEN'S LARGE SIZES FRENCH PANTIES X and XX SIZES Finest Quality Rayon $1.39 Plain Front Elastic Back LADIES' BLACK JERSEY PANTIES They Really Fit! ELASTIC ALL AROUND SIZES 5-6-7 $1.19 HOUSE DRESSES Just Received Large Shipment 1 Cood Morning Frocks Nice Styling Pretty Prints ( Sizes I 2 to 20 $2.39 $2.99 L Inc. PANTIES HNSl Mattoon, Six New Gas Attacks Made (Continued from page 1) ,.i, i,. mini mens where the mad man's depredations have centered. Police commissioner i nonius v. i(-,-i.,i,t i,, nviiiiiliiinir his reason for seeklng help from the Department of Public Safety, saiu: Altnekn An' Hysteria "Thero Is no doubt but that a gas IA ovluta nn,l linn made a IlUm- lllillim t.rttn." ...... h.. nf otincka But he apparently has been holed up for the last two days and the reported attacas are nothing more than hysteria. "Fear of the gas man Is entirely out of proportion to the menace of n,a ..alntluA harmless gas lie is spraying. The whole town is sick with hysteria and last nigiu ii spread out into the country." Auloniolillc-H Follow Calls Wright added that the Mattoon ..niro uroro nlmiial helllless to meet the situation because of the Bwarms of private automobiles whicn lonow-ed his men on every call. The residents were in bed again at sundown last night. Windows il,i rinnrs were barred and shades were pulled tautly to avoid the paralyzing chemical wnicn n been pumped Into bedroom windows from one end of town to the other. Kmill'l l p "Nuts" Carus S. Iccnogle, head of the Citizens Defense Committee of the OCD, suggested that "all the known nuts in Mattoon" be listed and sub jected to police questioning. Investigate High Kiliool Icenogle, meanwhile, continued an Investigation of a missing set of synthetic gases from the high-school chemistry laboratory. The set was turned over to the high school late In 1942 after the OCD had trained air raid wardens in the identification . cM'oriii nf the chemicals in the set gave off a "sweet, sickening" odor similar to the one described by the gas artist's victims. The possibiltity that someone with a knowledge of chemistry had tampered with such a set until he manufactured a gas which would pa ralyze its victims was cnaorseu iu-day by George R. Bennett, a leading pharmacist. Bennett said that it was "not at all unlikely" to produce a more or less genuine article from the syn thetic substance. Yanks Bag 130 Nazis; Patrols Reach Holland (Continued from page 1) rlneinfr t ll O duV. Nearly 10,000 American tons of bombs were dropped on wmesprHau objectives that Included synthetic oil plants near Leipzig and Hanover. They ran into terrific opposition. For the first time in weeks the German Air Force came out to give real h!.Mi Snmn enemv fighter forma tions encountered numbered as high as 100 planes. 1 Ttoviiv oBenrted bv Thunerbolt and Mustang fighters, the attacking bombers dealt strongly with the Germans and a preliminary estimate of the day's activity snowea ai leusi 130 enemy craft blasted out oi tne sky. Alliwt Ilejrlon Iteslstanre f'.en. Dwlght D. Ktsennowers headquarters reported "greatly In creased" resistance in tne Allien ca- i ai.pilnii of Heleiuni and no Im mediate new progress In this area was reported. nnl muriMiim bombing planes supported the Allied ground troops, attacking German aeiensive positions along the Moselle river and an enemy headquarters ai Metz. Admit Keep Moves i:rnun broadcasts admitted deep penetrations in the defenses of Belgium and Gen. Dwlght D. Eisenhow er's headquarters announced sieauj , in the Ardennes Forest a- gainst strong resistance. The Ameri can armor-paced troops wnicu irncu the ancient city or i.uxeiuuuuiK pushed forward an additional ten miles and then ran Into heavy opposition in the region of Marche. U-M Mile Line Patton's forces were engaged in cleaning out the last pockets of ene- my resistance In the city oi jvam-,. With full-scale Junction neiweeii his trnnr.c nnd tie Lniieu niui-- Seventh army pounding north from Dijon expected almost momentarily, the Allied battering-ram poised for lunges against Germany's remaining defenses now extends In an almost unbroken line for 320 miles. RATION CALENDAR Processed Foods Blue stamps A 8 through Z8 and A-B in Book 4 good 10 points indefinitely. B-5 through F-5 valid now and are good indefinitely. Tokens may be used for change. Meats, t'heese and Dairy I'rwliir-ts All red stamps A8 through ZS and A-5, B-5, C-S and D-5 in Book 4 valid indefinitely for rationed meats, cheese and dairy products. Stamps worth 10 points each. Sugar Stamps 30, 31 and 32 in book 4 good for 5 pounds until further notice. No. 33 Btanip good Sept. 1 for IT. COMDR. MANNING H. KIMMEL, hero son of Adm. Husband E. Klmmel, who was commander of the Pacific fleet at the time of the Pearl Harbor attack, is reported missing In action following loss of his submarine, the USS Robalo. Navy photo. (International) 5 pounds. Application for additional canning ugar must be sent to board by one span; stamp 37 for each applicant. Stamp 4 In book 4 good for 5 pounds of canning sugar. Mhoes " No. 1. "airplane" stamp and No. "airplane" elamp in Book 3 good for 1 pair each until further notice. Always present Book S oilim making nurchase as lamps are Invalid if removed from the book. Gaxolino fitnmn A-19 pnnd for three gal- i iiirnnili 91 B-3 and C-3 and B-4 and C-4 good lor 5 gallons until further notice. T (Third yir.j good for 5 gallons through Sept. 30. E, El and Ii2 good for 1 gallon. R, Rl and U2 good for 5 gallons. U and Rl not valid at filling stations but consumer may exchange H for E at his local Hoard if he wishes to nurchase non-highway gasoline at filling station. A, B, C, D and T cou pons are not valid until they have h.t.n nnllnnuul In ink tlPnCt). Stlllll li ed or printed with the automobile registration number and state. Motorists should write 1944 numbers on book and on coupons, 'fires Periodic passenger car tire inspections are no longer required, but inspection records should be retained for obtaining supplemental rations and tire replacements. Tire inspection records must be presented with applicatio nto get supplemental gas and tire certificates. Commercial vehicle inspection due every 6 months or every 5,000 miles. B card-holders eligible for Grade 1 tires providing they can show absolute need to carry on essential activities; however, the boards' quota will determine how many, If any, U card-holders will actually receive certificates for tiros since each board is obligated by regulations to issue tires to the most essential users first. All A holders may obtain certificates for Grade 3 tires, but only after they have found tires which may be purchased. Get In Ui Scrap! ROBERTA'S BEAUTY SHOP J:l7 North Till Kt. j-iionl; ix4-w ; crAKANTKEI) 1 I'KKMAXEXTS 1 NATURAL LOOKING CURLS PERMANENT WAVE V(.-it'n Lru;! You can no ivf HJi yourself a marvplous jrrmaiM-nl g M BV wave, cool-ly, comfortably, at home, easy a puitinit your hair Jm Jg VV in curler. The amazing contains everylhitiK you nerrl Accept do sub-Binuttt, hut maial on tliegenuiin'CViarm-Aur. ( jlnitrte. otilv S9 ctnta. uay no more. Over 6 million sold. Safe for every type of hair. At Hi iirii' mon'H. goodveah BATTERIES Ko more waiting for daya to get your battery back ... we do the job QUICKLY, carefully . . . five just the right amount of charge ... no more, no less. Come in for this fast, low-cost service today ; drive out on a battery that'i rarin' to jro. NINTH & BOGART MOBILGAS STATION jok ;iA'f)i.l-:TT til t-illiH i'li.intiiu y linn ,i I w J Tempers to Blame ANNOUNCING "we both have tempers and we're both difficult when battling," fiery-haired Lucille Ball, movie glamor queen, has filed suit for divorce from Cuban actor Deal Arnaz, now a sergeant in the Army Medical Corps. The couple was married in November, 1040. (International) Army Seizes Plant ft IT. COL. GEORGE D. LYNN, above, ' has been placed in charge of the Cleveland, O., Graphite Bronze company following Army seizure of the plant under authority of an executive order Issued by President Roosevelt The Army action ended a six-day strike led by Matthew Smith, secretary of the Mechanics Educational Society of America, ' 'international) v i 4 d : X : V. - mmm'm Monday Wakofc meeting, 7:30 p. m. at the hotel club rooms. Anyone not going call 291R by Monday noon. Jpnisalem Chanter zo4-u. c. n. meet at the hall, 7:30 p. m. Tuesday Women's Republican Club, 7:30 p. m. Basement of Clinton Hotel. Red Cross Surgical Dressing 1 p. m.-4 p. m. Golden Star Club meet at tne home of Mrs. John Ugo, 7:30 p. m. Pythian Sisters meeting, hall 8 p. m. After business meeting there will be a birthday and entertainment. Delphians, Mrs. J. F. Adams, 0:30 p. m. picnic supper. noiio Theln Tau- Meeting at 7:45 in- Half Century Club. Patronesses Mrs. W. M. Leeds and Mrs. Hj. -ft r.wln will be hostesses. Minnehaha, 7:30 p. m. at tne hall ruttinir rnmitiittee of the Ilea Cross will resume duties, Tuesday at 9 a. m. Wednesday Tim Vnimir Women's Croup of the fiot prnavhtprliin Church. Mrs. r-v A TlnviKann. snonsor Will meet at the home of May Gugliel- metti next Wednesday evening, oepi 13. fi-oas Surcical Dressing 9 a m.-ll a. m. 1 p. m.-4 p. m. 7-8:30 p. m. Red Cross Knitting 1 p. m. 4 in. Wednesday Embroidery Club has been poetponed until xeptcmper t. Tri Wum.ii Initiation services, 8 p. m. at the home of Rosemary iiFri,.i,i R97 Tlhickman street. u'uinmliv Hridae Club meet with Mrs. Effie Slater, Mulberry strict, 2 P- m. First meeting ot tne year, election of officers. m irrod Antonini of the Liberty Apartments No. 0, 258 Blackman street will entertain Willi a puny m honor of her sister, rpi. uavenit-Fisher. All members of the Tern- pus Fugit are invited to attend. Wednesday, 7:30 p. m. IiIIp Wile C ull. 2 P.m. sirs, uuy Southard, first fall meeting. Tues. Cal. White Heather Circle, 7:30 p. m. at the home of Mrs. Agues Henwick, 730 North Seventh street. Thursflav Christian Church Choir. 7:30 p. m. at the church. Band Boosters Club, Important meeting, 7:30 p. m. at the gym. Golden Rod Girl Scouts of Hill Crest Community Center. 4 p. m. Pocahontas Lodge, 7:30 p. in. Bunco and Euchre at 8 p. m. r'ulDrinnhin Kocietv. 2 P. m. Mrs. Walter Shorter, 645 South Fifth street. Assistant hostesses, Mrs. James Gilmore and Mrs. Alec Law-son. Friday Broullette Chapter, DAR, 7:30 p. m. at the home of Mrs. Dom Ri-cauda, Winnie Gilfoy, assistant hos tess. Mrs. Howard L. nanoccn, guest speaker. Bed Cross Funds The American Red Crou needs $200,000,000 to carry on its work for the year 1944-1945. Never Freezei Sicily never freeze. Southern Italy leldom knows frost, even in the mountains. X American Beauty Shop X Vera Mae Black J n. ..lam - i 1 Kik iiillwd Hair hlyllng 5 X rennanent Waves I'hoiie Kor An ApHintment "Freshen Up" for Fall HAVE THOSE FALL AND WINTER GARMENTS DRY CLEANED NOW! CTsteads "A LITTLE Phone 129 Cut This Out For Future Reference: TO ALL MY PATIENTS: I Am Leaving AH of My Records of Prescriptions For Glasses With The PARAMOUNT OPTICAL CO. RE A BUILDING 2nd FLOOR 8th And Wabash Terre Haute, Ind. DR. W. M. LEEDS

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