The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on September 11, 1944 · Page 2
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 2

Clinton, Indiana
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Monday, September 11, 1944
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Monday, Srplcinbcr J1, 1011. THE DAILY CLINTONIAN 1H )e Two THESE WERE NAZI EXEqTIOfrPOSTS IN PARIS lo he laid down by Iho President and Prime Minister. CjlEllEC. Presidential Sccre-larv Stephen T. Early disclosed lo- .1..,: lie, I President llooseM'll WHS accompanied l 'i'"''""' ''' "Victory Ours" Allied Leaders Say al Parley i Continued Ironi page I ) Decatur, Ind. Sergeant Is Awarded Silver Star WITH THE FIFTH A.IIMY, ay (delayed) Sergeant W'llhert .;, Stoppaneliager, of Decatur, Imliatm' has been awarded Ihe Silver sir fur gallantry in lution on (i, Army front in Iluly. Sloppenhagen's helmet was pierced by a (lermau bullet when lio rah.ed his head through the lurrct of Ihe tank he was cnniniaiuhiK hill he locaied anil destroyed a tun. elillicgllll which had been hlfa Mug sight. t on Ihe tank. (in several occasions in full eW or Na.l troops he emerged limn n,,, lank to ili'-lodge rounds Jammed in tin- gun. Sloppenhagen's "courageous ihh inspiring actions exemplify the higi,. est traditions of the mllllary kit-lce," the citation road. His mother, Mrs. Hannah Sloppeii. hagen, lives on route 1, Decatur. Irain to greet Churchill and walked ovei ' to the President's car with him. The Earl of Alhlone, ginerlior-genei'al or Canada anil his wife. Princess Alice, greeted President and Mrs. liooaev i ll . The Piesiiteul and I'll Minister tallied bliellv about Ihe war. "Victim- Is here vlcloiy Is ev t ' " is i lis . ,4l&Vv ih-"' - J L.v.v I, A , t?' ! r ,J V :-!.! ; y';T ' ,M ' Mi " ' 1 l.f "'f I sit , . r I i . . - i. - I -s of Ihe I'lllled Mines ,,....., ami natal high ciiinniand nml that ,. meeting will "lat r.el.v. iMmt entirely, a military conler.-nce. Piirllic Trip Prelliiiiiiiii v Earlv disclosed al a le ws ronlrr-ence I'le-iilent lloo-ieM-ll s repent Pacllic Insperlion tour 1" Hawaii, where he confeiinl with Admiral Niinllz and (nil. Douiiau Mac-Arlhiir. wan a "prcliininniy" lo Ihe prcsclll ItrctmtiiMiR. lhviou-.IV, Hie Chiel evculivc want'.l il known that h- had Irav- eled to the pearl Harbor col, lerunc. to gain rirsl baud inloi mat ion ol il. si lion in Hi" Pacllic and the iu.lg il ol his rrmy ui'' eoiuniandeis ol' I deps to be taken to intensify the war against Japan, before and alter the deleat ol ' normally. j ! Finnic Irno:I One of the staple foods of South tmnrnc ia riee served in a multi Slan MvAi'A Out Of Uniform After Seven Injuries ST. I.Ol'ltf. M'V Sinn M nnliil . most vuluahlo 1 H I .'. N:illun:il League player, may mil oven ho In uniform when llln team lli Ihe 1 ! 4 4 pennant. Mlintal tiiid llotm (iiirnm. two Car-(linul outfielders, holh KlllTolod lace and Ihk ltiurio In n colll-ion cslor-ilny while rucltiK fur n fly lo riltlit riTitcrfield. Dr. Hohorl P. llyland, Ciirilliiiil phyRlcian. said Hull .Musial would lirolialily ! out action I'm' nl lonst h week. Tin1 Card.-, nml only Blx mole xirlorios In cinch II"' l"'U- mint nml could n;i k tin- Kind!' in even l"'H lime liy wliinim; Hurt' games of llji' loui-tamo wiles with econd - place i'litshurc.h. which alarm tonight. Harms wnw not bo seriously liurt nil to keep lilm out of action, but Dr. Hyland reported Ibis morning after a re-examination Unit Musial will have to rest for n week or ten days. He had no fractures but is suffering from severe shook. He also had several stlcthes taken in hip chin. Musial had been honored as the league's most valuable pl.oor before the opener game of yesiorday's double header1, won by Chicago 9-0. In the l.iglitcsp. which the Cardinals took by a 4-2 mr .in. part of the victory credit goes to Musial for hanging on to Hie By ball even though doubled up in pain alter his collision wilh Garms. ; Mi ,i . NEWS OF MEN IN THE SERVICE AT FIRST SIGN OFA . a tea r 7"l MEN AND PARIS POIICE inspect execution posts found at the rear of the French Ministry of Ln Lniidhw in Paris The Na!!is converted this former rifle range into a fireproof, .oundproof en-wpttiSS were tied t. the post, and eilher burned?live or shot. Thi, is a Un ted States Army Signal Corp, radiophoto. , ( Soundphoto) Cold PreparationsjasLdueatfiljj erywhere." Churchill declared. The President nodded firm agreement . Same Mcdiriue for .lap""" The object of this conference can bo summed up in one sentence: "The same medicine lor Japan as has been given Germany and in the shortest possible time.' The slage for this conference pitched on a purely military plane was laid when President Roosevelt went to Hawaii in late July lor his three-day conference with Hen. Douglas MacArthur, Adm. Chesier W. Nimltz and other members of the Pacific high command. The President and Prime Minister may talk of many things while here of the problems of peace, of occupation of conquered countries, or relief for those delivered from the Nazi yoke but Hie principal object is quick victor ypver Japan. High Military Stuffs' ? M;'?i' ject is quick victory over Japan, military stalls with them. .': To them will fall tho work or detailing the broad outline of victory tude of forms. In Mexico and Guatemala it appears on the table frieS to a rich brown. In Honduras, it is served as que adilla do arroz or cake.-,, and in Pent it is the usual accompaniment of roast duck. Everywhere in the'othrr American republics it is a concomitant of the rich, succulent, red kidney beans which constitute another staple kitchen item south of the border. Clinton Man Ends Foreman's Course At I. II. School Andrew A. Kutch of Clinton has Sniffles Dangerous Sniffles are dangerous if ignored. For while colds properly treated can be nipped in the bud, neglect can lead to more serious infections. Moroever, the cold victim who persists in neglecting his cold can Inject any number of his fellow workers. "At the first sign of a cold," the booklet warns, "get plenty of rest, drink lots of fluids, and stay indoors until the cold is licked." Preventive measures suggested include proper diet, adequate outdoor exercise and warm dress. WANTED RAILROAD WORKERS Of All Types SKK: ItKI'HKSEXTATIVE ;II.KOl HKTIKEMEST IIOAltD Hat ion Hoard Office Kvery Tuesday U:IM to Jl:80 A. M. , ! Hoosier AAF Enlistments Top 5th Service Command INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. Hoosier enlistments in the air corps enlisted reserve headed the August list of all AAF examining boards in the rtlt Service Command, Lieut. S. S. Donenfeld, presidpnt or the Indiana AAF Examining Board, announced today1. He gave' eredit for the record to the 2S Indiana units of the Civil ir Patrol, designated as official recruiting "and examining agents -for received a certificate from the Indiana I-niversity School of Business r,.i. ciiceeKut'iil coinnletion of two war training classes conducted during the past 15 weeks in Terre Haute. The Income Source ' The cash income from beef animals last year was more than from all of our cotton and wheat combined, and it is usually more than the cash ir.come from hogs, statis-. ticians repc-'t. lasses were conducted by tne i. v. School of Business in cooperation the air corps by the war uepan- Throw Your Scrap Into the Fight! with Indiana State Teachers College, under auspices of the Engineering, ii.nfo nni Management War Train ment. (Continued n. "age 1 1 ing Program of the United Slates Of fice of Education. Mr. Kutch was enrolled in the lass in Elements of Effective Foro- i r manship which was taught by Jack liader of the Owens-Illinois Glass and in the one ill Elements TODAY S RUBBER! of Cost Accounting taught by Prof. rice for two and a lial.r years. He received his - basic training at the Curtis-Wright Technical Institute at Cilendale. Calif. Alter graduation he was sent to a Douglas Aircraft plant at Sanata Monica, Calif, for factory training in medium bombers. From there lie was sent to Kelley Field, Tex. before his last assignment with the H-L'!i superfortress group. He Is a ground crew-chief. Pvt. Miller was graduated from Cayuga High School with the class of 1936 and before entering service, he was employed at a Cayuga grocery. U.S.A. George J- F.berhart of the commerce Dppartment of Indiana Slate Teachers College. .Under the same program six new classes are beginning tills week In Terre Haute, with Prof. Eberhart In -liargp of local arrangements. The CENTER OF THE; WORLD classes, which are open to the public will all meet on the second floor of Edward K. (Gene I Conard. son of Mr. and Mrs. Hurley Conard of Da na Is nrenaring for duty with the navy's amphibious forces aboard an l.ST (' Ship. Tanks), one of the biggest ships in the navy's Inva slnn fleet. Conard has been assign ed to the crew of an l.ST at the Am phlbious Training Hasp, Camp Brad ford, Va. where he is going through the strenuous training required loi the tank carrier crews. Camp Itrad-ford is one of a group of b.; es op-prated by the Amphibious Trai'ii'u Command of the I'.S. Aila::ti-Fleet on the eas'ern si ahu.i; d. the Fine Arts Building of Indiana State Teachers College and will meet at 7 o'clock one night a week for 15 weeks. The classes are offered witli-m any charge with the exception of the cost of hooks. During the past l hive years, approximately 4oh per-inns have completed war training ourses conducted in Terre Haute. The schedule for Terre Haute iaises will lie as follows; Monday Foreniunship, Thomas "!'da, superi isor of personnel, Can Company, instructor. Tuesday Itasie Personnel Mau- ;emei!t. Don Simmons, personal dire, tor, Owens Illinois Glass Company, instructor, and Traffic Manage-ni nt. Charles Harps. Iraffic nianag-r. Terre Haute Brewing Company, nsi ructor. Wcdn-vday Advanced I'ersnu-i"l Management. lr. Simmons, in-a r-iictor. Thursday I'lirflaiuenlais of 111-1".:-ih: I Accounting. V E. Brieilen-bau'.'b. Indiana Slate Teac'ters Cnl-'f-ie. ln.-'iMieior. and Slandard and !'rnce:-s Co.-Is. Curtis Willey. local eibl'c accountant, instructor. National Yciunp GOP 5Is':;i To Speak at Indbmi y.?:'i INDIANAPOLIS. Ind. -- Mrs. G.'" ale YVebh Cnrhili. of Lawrciiroliur:-Ky., national chairman of Yoi'.u Republican clubs, will I---' the cliie uneakcr al a ineeiing of ludialia Young Republican club district and county chairmen and vice-chairmen at the Claypoo Hotel in Indianapolis tomorrow noon. Campaign plans will be discussed and honored guests will include tin est M. Morris, of South Bend. Re publican national committeeman; Mrs. Cecil M. Harden, of Coving Indiana Statesman Presses GOP Demands For Pearl Harbor Probe ton. National column leewmuan alio (Continued fiom page 1) G. O. P. slate candidates. 'J cull K Potter, of Terre Haute. Y m.:t lie puhllcan Club state chairman. il preside. Hoosier Boiul-Baj'tTs To Exceed 'I Billion !ark INDIANAPOLIS. I ml. -- 1 : o -1 -1 " i i-t i C Pulliain. chairiiKin i War Finance Comu ill ludial aid I."'. I j-i.i;:i; I'e:' war h : I hat Hoosiers lia ve in , i 889.P!'?. In war i-eit-i-.-Harbor and in l lie si h li drive will i-m'-h! t dollar mark. This represents . s -l.r.i r.u s Built illness than two years by America's synthetic rubber experts largely) with the aid of alcohol supplied by the beverage distillers in l-rtrii and child. will (tliuw lhat (lie immt;i1 "tm m 'iH'i'tms ueeusioiis" rfMi:1t'"t a rt I i - iiinal iDcii hih ctiuipiiM'Dt wf (Iimhi s'lrpf'ss itnd llial VaRhincm faiUU :n nlny to dim an Australian warn-"ti tiiat a Jai" tank I'uroi- wan had-;m:; toward INarl IlarlMr. Tin- coti(;nssniaii (if-cian-tl 1h' "v- M' Imt tnrtJuT n'voalij that a tncjs- j,c lo Siinrt fruni I ho chn-f of staff. vaniiim thai tiiis Kovcrninoiit ox -P-tHiI ji .J;jt nliiinatuni at l::i( -m. VfC. 7. was nut dHiwn-'il to tin--Aciii'ral is tn oil "apiroxiniatoly scvon lnnTrn aftor tiio attarl; orcurrod. The wire was st'iit hy roinnii'irial radio ad of the usual muro rapid di-t i -t miliiury HH-ans," lio addod. The ronrcKsnian said Ito is ad-:s"d thai tho rh:-f ol staffft win-l-i Si-oM w.if :m al a. nt. Doc. c. I'MI. i" iMirtiim lhat this (.v rn t'M at had h ann-d -wry o 1 1 1 id-'i't ial-y" thai 11'" Jap ovi-rnim-nl had Ml- for exery man. v mi There's NKWS in (hp Ads. Dr. G. R. HcGUiRE CIIIKOI'KACTOR I CRISIS IN 1942 "If we fail to secure quickly a large new rubber supply our? war effort and our domestic economy both will collapse."! -Baruch Report, Sept. 11, 19i2i ACHIEVEMENT In'i944JJ !1 IIS I-1M! Ihei: in llii:' cod'1. ;lld ge had . lie !. l-. -l le r.- In di'K'i" ;. ii.-i;. I ;;i.ort 1 i;i : -. 'Thai i; till ' - t h l-!"ini-l linn "A synthetic rubber industry has been established and is' I : in complete operation, it is jio"b A. ample sunplv of rubber." - .."""Tri Bradley Dezcey, Rubber Director, July ii, 1VH TTJinTTTW WHEN the Japanese captured the chief natural rubber producing centers of the world, they thought they had dealt a death blow lo America's war effort. But in two short years the United States became the new rubber producing center of the world. i This great war miracle was achieved by America's brilliant synthetic lubber experts largely with the aid of alcohol supplied by our country s beverage distillers. ' The rubber experts had the technical production knowledge that made synthetic rubber possible. The beverage distillers furnished the huge volume of alcohol required by the alcohol-butadiene process . . . the most practical at that time. ' Today we are producing enough synthetic rubber to meet our needs for lessential civilian and war rubber goods. Proof !... the request of Bradley Dewey, Rubber Director, to terminate his wartime powers. Current production is at rate of 200,000 Ions more annually than Hie entire country consumed for all purposes in 19-10. r Thank you for your patience! " To aid in the achievement of this wartime miracle, America's beverage distillers stopped making whiskey nearly two years ago and pioducid nothing but industrial alcohol. They are fully aware of the inconveniences you faced during the 22 months when not a drop of whiskey was made in this country. For your extreme patience and understanding during that : time, they are sincerely grateful and appreciative. I Conference of Alcoholic Beverage Industries, Inc. 3t"V.Ht.". . '- 1. would have he n sarrici.Mitly a-l, t.d hy that Information and would have hoi n much better pre-lai'ti whin the aitack occurn d " The ,. idence also Bl-llflH In coii-I'? i -d. that 12 H--4 homle-rs dis-;:' li-d ITi.-m San Krati'-isco lor lln- .1-1.1 al : p. in.. Dec. il. l-' l I. " a' ilh t ! .. 1 1- d- li nsi - l il i ( in .- h-i.-h iirii'i -ali'.e ami aiTiwd ' v.ay in ll poliilu." Commenting on the beverage distilling industry eOTtri-J loi.inn. a hiirh W.P.B. official said on April 13, 1944f 1. " is fair to regard the rubber manufactured to i i .1 J .. ..C L. tA.. f A CLINTON LADY SPI.' UP ACID LIQUIDS TO?. HOURS AFTER EATIXG Fw lloiirs liHer i'im meal, n (Union Inily "'il " P " Ktrone. cidiiloiis liiiiid n r. -d eith pieceH if liHll'-dige-'le'l l""'l- S'l ' II al"l. At H-w- ''' would nearly Mraiigii-. -he h i-l MoiiihcIi l.loat. daily lii-ad.-i, he- a id ion-lain irn-milnr l"iel ad on. Today. (Ills l.tdy eals In r ne aK and enjoys ..theiu. Anil sl' a the ilmnge i lne " mhing I i:ii-i IT r. Her food agiii'" "ilh her. So ga-.. Iiloal or spilling; up after eatin-j. Kile Is also fill- of lleiehH h'-s ii''. anil Ixmi-ls are than: to this Itemal'kalile eiy ..nipollnd. ITilt-lllir nnlains 1-2 (invt Herlis; Ihey clemisc liowels. l -ar Caw from stoiiiii' li. mi on s!iig-ili liyer ami kidneys. Vi-eralde jN-nple WHin feel tlill.c-til :.M ow-r s,,, ,,.,,-: io on si.t,-.v-. i.t i r't :ii';.r. White's (llevall) I'hnrmai y I'm;. W'jre, Ail II .MIOI1 date, as tietng almost solely tne pnH.ii ui.-. ape distilling industry." , . .. U. t...J .(7 la. liiio- gun.- and MuaM in lin-ir original u iap-eo.-lnolilie. were loll and noii.. of the airi- and Hi-hl-ll 2 svnthetic rubber is trom oro? niuum m M where it could have been tt alcohol naa noi oeeu available for butadiene production." 3. " almost unparalleled example of the overnight i:iM;ii!hiTi vas in p-'sition to he us-d. he ch: v-'-d. s.-v. ral .of Ihe plane v. i -;(.: ilovwi l. l!e Jaji.i as they arrind during lh' at'ai-k. HamesB -. ,d tVa-hinetun Visage on Flasks A rprlrait ouM of George Wa'h-i' -t n appears on n;ore hi-torical li ;.s tiian tuat of a:: t-tiicr na-jt 1'tis, conversion of an entire industry Horn peace to war. ; Dr. Halter G. Whitman

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