The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida on November 6, 1968 · Page 7
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The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida · Page 7

West Palm Beach, Florida
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 6, 1968
Page 7
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iyiii'ri''r'rrrrr y r ww r' wm m w w m i Leo Kosten Palm Beach Post, Wed., November 6, 1968 7 War-Traffic Differences Honoring Our Heroes What s All TheComplaining A bout? LETTERS A Vote For Old Movies Editor: When a person laments the loss of life in this war, very ofien the response is. "Yes, but our traffic toll is much greater". True, however this toll is by accident not by intent and training. Another very important factor to take into account is that the traffic toll is of every age and both sexes, indiscriminately. The war toll for the U. S. is comprised solely of our youth from age 18 up. Also only those with the best mental and physical qualities! If we keep on following this policy, as we have been for many years now, your intelligence will tell the results. As to conscription of our youth, read the words of a great American, Daniel Webster, spoken to Congress in 1814: "Where is it written in our constitution, in what article or section is it contained that you may take children from their parents and parents from their children and compel them to fight the battles of any war in which the follv or the No CI owns wickedness of government may engage it"? MILDRED GEARHART West Palm Beach To Britain Sans Love Editor: Your article "British Launch Promotion Effort" of Oct. 30 determined our addressing the Hon. Harold Wilson, 10 Downing St., London S.W.I. England, thus: "Dear Mr. Wilson: Please be informed that my family and I refuse to buy any British products whatever, and that we will strongly urge our friends, relatives and associates to likewise boycott British products until Britain: STOPS its illegal and unforgivable economic and political war against the sovereign State of Rhodesia; REFUSES to supply arms to Zambia for use by Communist terrorists against Rhodesia; STOPS trading with Vietnamese Communists; and STOPS trading with the Communist butcher, Castro. Please be informed that we will, whenever possible, pur-hase the products of free, In- 'pendent Rhodesia." Copy of this letter was sent o the British Demonstration team in Baltimore Md. If you and yours would follow suit by writing similarly, it might shorten the Vietnam war and bring our boys back sooner and alive. Editor: Mrs. G. K. Smith of North Palm Beach expressed her views regarding "old movie reruns" versus live shows in your Oct. 18 edition. She may not like old movie reruns, but many others do and I am one. Old movie reruns are infinitely to be preferred to most "live shows" which have been inflicted on the public for years and these live shows seem to get worse instead of better as time goes on. I do not turn on my own TV during daytime hours as 1 detest soap operas and other programs which are an insult to intelligence and in the evening only when a good dramatic production is offered, and this usually is a good "old movie rerun" so deplored by Mrs. Smith. True, some good current evening programs are offered, such as "Ironside" and other police productions (or mysteries I during regular "prime time" hours including "I'er-'y Mason" late in the evening after most people here have retired for the night. Otherwise, to many of us over 2a. TV is still a "vast wasteland". So, please let's retain the "old movie reruns" little else is offered an adult mentality these days! As to color TV, I couldn't care less! A.G.WHITE West Palm Beach Editor's Note: Anyone who has been frustrated in trying to communicate with impassioned young idealists will want to clip and save this eloquent article by Leo Kosten, reprinted from the current issue of Look magazine. ByLtO KOSTKN 1 have been getting lusty cheers and jeers lor a rueful little paragraph I recently wrote about student riots. The most eloquent (and savage) letter ended: "Drop Dead!!!" Another diatribe was signed "Columbia Senior." I wish I knew where to send this reply to both : Dear? It will upset ou to lea i n that I agree with many things you said. Eor instance: "Don't question our sincerity!" I don't. You are about as sincere as anyone can be. You arc sincerely unhappy, sincerely frustrated and sincerely contused. You are also sincerely wrong about the few facts you cite, and sincerely illogical in the violent conclusions you reach. Besides, what does "sincereity" have to do with issues'.' An insane asylum is full ol sincere patients. Hitler was undoubtedly sincere. So are the followers ol Voliva, who think the world is sincerely flat. I sadly agree that your college courses have been "outrageously irrelevant to the times" because your letter reveals that you could nol pass a freshman exam in at least three fields in which you pass such sweeping judgments: economics, history, political theory. You say, "Destroy a system that has not abolished unemployment, exploitation and war!" By the same reasoning, you should blow up all hospitals (and perhaps execute all doctors, biologists and re-searchers!: they have not abolished disease. Before you destroy a system, propose another will solve i not hide, shilt or disguise) unemployment, "exploitation," war. Anyone can promise Utopia without specifying a program. Tom Hayden. Idol of the .New Lett, has said: "First we'll make the revolution then we'll find out what for." Would you employ a plumber who rips out all the pipes in your house before he learned how to repair a leak? You say, "The mass media JAI-ALAI OPENS NOV. 15th Reservations For Excitement CALL 844-5211 fascist forces" you fear: they, like you, prefer "action to talk." As for "security" at what price? The most "secure" of human institutions is a prison; would you choose to live in one? You want "a society in which the young speak their minds against the establishment." Where haw 'he young more freely, recklessly and intransigents attacked "the establishment"? (Even' political order has one.) Wherever "our heroes Marx, Mao, Che" have prevailed, students, writers, teachers, scientists have been punished with hard labor or death for what? For their opinions. Where but in "fake democracies" are mass demonstrations possible, or your bitter (and legitimate) dissent televised? You rail against "leaders crazed with power," who "deceive the people." Your leaders are self-dramatizers who demand that power, which would craze them, and they deceive you in not telling you how they plan your "confrontations" to force the police to use force, whose excesses I hate more than you do. I, unlike you, want no one put "up against the wall." No "cheap politician" more cynically deceived you than fanatical militants did and will. Your support feeds their neurotic 5( because oxtremist ) needs. Washington's " 'Non-Violent' Coordinating Committee" has engaged in gunfire for three days as 1 write this. You may Ma reuse "shows that capitalist freedom actually enslaves." (He doesn't "show" he only says.) He certainly does not sound enslaved. And does mouthing fragments or 19th-century ideology (Marx, Bakunin) really liberate? And is not Marcuse 40 years "older than ,'!0," your cutoff on credibility? Incidentally, would you trust your life to a surgeon under 30 who never finished medical school? Your irrationality makes me wonder how you were ever admitted into Columbia. You confuse rhetoric with reasoning. Assertions are not facts. Passion is no substitute for knowledge. Slogans are not solutions. Your idealism takes no brains. And when you dismiss our differences with contempt, you become contemptible. Very sincerely yours, Leo Rosten P.S. Please don't take any more courses in sociology, which seduces the Immature Into thinking they understand a problem if they discuss it in polysyllables. Jargon is not insight. Vocabulary is the opiate of radicals. arc not telling us the truth." Then how and from whom did you learn the "evils" you correctly deplore? Alter all, your information comes from one or another organ of the mass media. "This society is only interested in higher prices and profits!" You apparently do not understand this society, or a society, or the function of prices (and profits in any economy. Has it never occurred to you that the marketplace is a polling booth? That buying is voting? That no economic system is possible without some form of pricing, without some measure of elfi-cacy or worth? Has it never occurred to you that profits are a form of proof (that something gives satisfaction to those who pay for in? Perhaps you should examine the public uses that we make of private profits through taxation. The countries that follow your platitude, "production for use," without exception produce far less for their people to enjoy, ot much shoddier quality, at much higher prices i measured by the hours ol work needed to buy something i. Don't you know that "socialist" countries are smuggling "capitalist" incentives into their systems? Has it not dawned on you that wherever and whenever there is no tree market, there is no free thought, no free art, no free politics, no free lite? You rage against "a heartless country in which the poor get pooler." Alas, poor Yor-icks: the decline in poverty in the L'.S. is among tne more astonishing and hopeful facts of human history. (In 1W0, about W per cent of our population was poor; in VMM al) per cent; in l!tid U per cent; in l'.MiX la per cent i. You will cry that 1T per cent is outrageous. Agreed. The question is: how best abolish it? (A negative income tax makes more sense than anything your colleagues propose. I "The middle class exploits the unemployed." Please examine that cliche. Would the middle class be worse off or better oil: think of the enormous saving in taxes, the enormous improvement in public services, the enormous benefits from refocused energies now used to ameliorate poverty's abominable toll. You say your generation "wants to be understood." Well, so does mine. How much have you tried to understand others? You pillory us for injustices not of our making, frictions not of our choice, dilemmas that history (or our forebears or the sheer intractability of events i presented to us. You say we "failed" be cause you face so many awful problems. Will you then accept blame for all the problems that exist (and they wilD when you are 20 years older? And how do you know that all problems are soluble? Or soluble swiftly? Or soluble peacefully? Or soluble, given the never-infinite resources, I say that you are failing us in failing to learn and respect discomforting facts; in failing to learn how to think (it is easier to complaint; in using violence to shut down colleges; in shamefully denying the freedom of others to study and to teach; in barbarously slandering and abusing and shouting down those who disagree with you; in looting, stealing and defiling; in failing to see how much more complicated social problems are than you blindly assume; in acting out of an ignorance for which idealism is no excuse, and a hysteria for which youth is no defense. "Understanding"? You don't even understand that when you call me a "mother " You are projecting your unresolved incestuous wishes onto me. The technical name for such projection, in advanced form, is paranoia. Again and again, you say, "The American people want" or "demand" or "insist." How-do you know? Every poll I have seen puts your position in a minority. You just say, "The American people demand" then add whatever you prefer. This is intellectually sloppy at best, and corrupt at worst. You want to "wreck this slow, inefficient democratic system." It took the human race centuries of thought and pain' and suffering and hard experiment to devise it. Democracy is not a "state" but a process; it is a way of solving human problems, a way of hobbling power, a way of protecting every minority from the awful, fatal tyranny of either the few or the many. Whatever its imperfections, democracy is the only system man has discovered that makes possible change without violence. Do you really prefer bloodshed to debate? Quick dictates to slow law? This democracy made possible a great revolution In the past years (a profound transfer of power, a distribution of wealth, an improvement of living and health) without "liquidating" millions, without suppressing free speech, without the obscenities of dogmas enforced by terror. This "slow, inefficient" system protects people like me against people like you; and (though you don't realize it) protects Innocents like you against those "reactionary . . . Editor: This is the time of year when we pay homage to those men who fought and died to keep Old Glory flying high about our nation's capitol. Armistice Day, now known as Veterans Day is a day set aside for this purpose expressly-Symbolizing the touching holiday each year is the sale of Buddy Poppies by the Veterans of Foreign Wars of the L'nited States, its Auxiliaries and Junior Girls Unit. This sale Is being held by the Lake Worth Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 3588 Friday and Saturday, Nov. 89. The Buddy Poppies are made by disabled veterans in VA homes and hospitals, who receive a nominal wage for their labor. The wearing of a Buddy Poppy symbolizes one's patriotic spirit and emphasizes his appreciation to the men who fought and gave their lives so we could remain a free nation. Let's not forget, too, those who are alive and need the aid provided by funds derived from the Buddy Poppy sale. We urge everyone to buy a Buddy Poppy and wear it proudly, to honor those who fought and are presently fighting for our country. CHARLES WIRTH Lake Worth Voters Need Information EDITOR: Thank you for publishing the Drew Pearson column on Gur-ney. It Is only unfortunate that there are not more local equivalents to blow the whistle on those with their thumbs in the public treasury pie. Publication by municipalities, counties, and states of day-by-day disbursements specifying for what and to whom would be a big help. It is not enough to publish an annual budget. I believe that all of us would go for municipal, county, or state publication of these facts, and I don't think we'd mind at all footing the bill for printing It. M. BIX'KLINSR. North Palm Beach PRINTED POLY BAGS?!? 832-021 1 FREE! SHOP Editor: American Negroes are much better off than the natives here in Mexico, but the Mexicans, even in their poverty, know better than to clown when their flag is oresented. DR. ARNE L. SUOMINEN Mexico Citv G. GEI.LERMANN Lake Worth WAftiiOtSSi SALE AT 208 SUNSET AVE. PALM BEACH Contents from several Palm Beach model apartments, and miscellaneous items from local homes. Sofa's, lounge chairs, 4 breakfronts, 6 King Size painted headboards, painted dressers, mirrors and matching nite tables, end tables, lamp tables, coffee tables, etc. Thursday Friday Saturday November 7 November 8 November 9 A.M. 5 10 833-6211 Jcnn I'illinos Antiques 108 N. County ltd. P.O. (new location) PALM BEACH MALL PARK MONDAY THRU SATURDAY 10 TIL it-Mi liv shaped silhouette done it'ili perfection hi) hurl, sehafiiier V murx The look that reflects the times a total silhouette with long, lean lines . . . easily, flatteringly shaped to body contours. Note the new detailing of pockets, deeper side vents, broader lapels, longer coat length. Dacron polyester wool in navy, black, gray, copper, blue, sizes regular, short, long', SI 10 FIRST FLOOR, M MEN'S CLOTHING r v I THE MANS STORE

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