The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on September 8, 1944 · Page 5
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 5

Clinton, Indiana
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Friday, September 8, 1944
Page 5
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Pagt Five Friday, September 8, 1914. IHE DAILY CLINT0N1AN Must Learn lu nee Infants must learn to see, just ai they must learn to walk. Some chil. dren experience considerable dim-eultv in coordinating T.h"ir ev .'or Major League Scoreboard High School Grid Season Gets Off To Fast Start INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. Indiana's 110-odd high school fool hull ! close focusing tasks. B-29s Batter Manchuria In Heavy Assault f Continued From Fage 1) Wildcat Gridders In Stiff Workouts For Season Opener American lllcli Command was keep-Ihk the Japanese (.'uessini; as to where the next invasion blow would fall. Kastertl (.life llolllhed CKX. DOI'dLAS MACAKTIini'S HQ., New llllinea Another de-vaslatiiiK raid aiiaiusl I'alall. Japanese Island base euimliiiK the eastern nppi'cachi'S to Hie Philippines, and the blasiini; or some 15 enemy planes in anolher heavy aerial us-sault at I he Liinuoiui airdrome In I ho Northern Celebes were an trams, like bo many grains of pop Probable pitchers: A.MKUMMN I.K.;rH New York (llniiliam or llorowy) at lloston ( liuwiiiiiii ). St. Louis (.Vluuciief) nl t'iirago (l)ielrirh). Philadelphia (lllnck) lit Wiihing- py Children (o Poor Parents It is estimated that more than 1,100,000 births occur each year in familips whose total annual income is less than $1,000, or who are on relief. FJ The Alps The Alps are said lo have risen from a seaway four to seven times their present width. lon ll.elebvie) lllifclltl. Gen. Arnold promised that details of the latest raid by the B-2U"a "will be released as soon as additional in formation is available". corn, were opening with scattered d'-hutH all over the while Mils week an I he hcukoh warmed up. KiiierHon of (inry defeated an Intra -city coin pet It or, Horace Mann, 'Mi to l!i in an opener In the Northern Indiana Conference yesterday. Washington of South Bend, the conference champion will meet Central Catholic of South Bend tomorrow. The North Central Conference Is scheduled to pop open with a Muu-de-New Castle grid game Monday. Among the outstanding tilts scheduled for the next lew days nounced today by lien. DoukIus Mac-Arlhu r. Palau was poumb'd Tuesday by 'a strong I'orce of Liberators, which dropped 90 tons of explosives In a thrust coordinated with a shattering currier tusk force atlack on the News of the Mauchurian attack (Only games Hrhedlileil). .NATIONAL i.i'l.MJt K Ilrooklyn (l,ee) at Philadelphia Hlregg) (night I. (Only game scheduled ). came us ot her American la nil and carrier based planes were blasting Jillery Browns In Tic Wilh Yankees For American Lead SI. Louis Squad Takes Up Half Game Slack; Detroit New Couch Guides Local GridironersThis Fall; Paris First Opponent On Tough 1911 Schedule "I'm not sure yet how we'll iiniki' out but we'll suro try to win," was the encouraging outlook lor tin-1941 -Clinton High School foolball nemy defenses throughout the Pa cific in what obviously were pre-in- union assaults in preparation for anticipated thrusts westward in the yksti:kiavs ni'.sri.TS AMICHICAX I.KAtil'K Detroit 3, Cleveland 0. GUNSMITH All Kinds of Cutis Jtcpnirci! Arlie Pender Hillsdale, Ind. Japanese slroiiKhold, announced yesterday by Pacific Kleet head'iunrters. n Pari-Mutuel Betting Pari-mutuel betting has been legalized in 22 states. direction of the 1'hilippinen and are: Today China. IVai'ii of Landings .V,V,V.W.W,ViVV.V.V.V.V,Vi-.V.ViV.V.'W.V John Adams of South Bend ul Mishawaka. Central of South Bend at Washington of East Chicago. Lew Wallace of Gary at Itiley of Tigers Pushing Hard NEW YORK. X. Y. The Browns have the jitters. Their pitching has become spotty. They have Mike Chart ah, an outfielder, playing first base while George McQuinn tries to regain some , weight and strength for the final drive. Their catching, is weak. Despite ull that, they can't be FOOTBALL (31 season given by the new Wildcul Mentor, B. L. "Gunny" McCool yesterday afternoon as his charges were completing their third week of practice for the coining grid season. Five lettermen are left over from last year's squad with Dick Clover. Don Reinero, Sam Curry, Bovie Pov-lin and Jack Oilman the veteraiiH of the team. No selections have been made yet as to the first eleven with nearly a full week of practise left before the first game next Friday. The Japanese radio recently has warned its listeners that American landings could be expected In the Philippines and eventually on the islands comprising the Nipponese homeland. Most significant was the fact that powerful carrier based planes struck at Palau gateway to the Philippines on Sept. f and that Gen. Douglas MacArthur'a airmen followed it up with a devastating blow from the southwest Pacific. St. Louis 6, Chicago 4 (night). (Other clubs not scheduled). .NATION A 1 l.HAtil K New York 9, Boston :( (night). Philadelphia 7, Brooklyn 5 (night). Cincinnati 2, P i 1 1 s b u r gh 1 (night). St. Louis 3, Chicago 2 (night). TOMOHKOW'H fiAMKS NATIONAL I.K.Uil'K Chicago at St. Louis (night). Boston at New York. Brooklyn at Philaedlphia. Pittsburgh at Cincinnati. AMKKU'AX LKAtJl'K St. Louis at Chicago (night). Cleveland at Detroit. Philadelphia at Washington (night). New York at Boston. considered out of the running by any means. On the contrary, they are Back a tie for first place with the With a tough schedule outlined ! Yanks today and they are a fair The carrier raid was considered I important in view of the fact that a I powerful sea-air task force on Sept. 1, 2 and 3 carried out. a smashing i bet to be there-or thereabouts right South Bend. Central of Fort Wayne ut North Side of Fort Wayne. Hobart at Froebel of Gary. Logansport at Monticello. Marion at Huntington. Huntinp,hurg at Bloom in gtou. Wabash at Kokoino. Frankfort at Crawford svi lie. Laporle at Michigan City. Warsaw at Goshen. Hammond Tech at Whiting. Columbia City at Auburn. Boonville at Bicknell. Dugger at Linton. Saturday Tolleston of Gary at Catholic Central of Hammond. Monday Jeffersonville ut Washington. Anderson at El wood. Alexandria at Rushville. for the year, Clinton's grid hopefuls are going through some stiff drills at Sportland Park each afternoon getting into shape for their third initial encounter with Paris (111.) here the-night of September 15. With practise well under way the following assignments have been temporarily set: Jack Oilman, fullback and guard, Sam Curry, halfback and fullback; down to the wire. We like the Browns because they're a game ball club. They proved that last night when they staged a three run rally in the ninth to beat the White Sox, 5-4. Beating the White Sox, especially at night, is no great feat any time. But we liked the way the Urowns did it. Four Brownie errors C. H. S. WILDCATS vs. PARIS Standings B blow against the Volcano and Bonin Islands within 700 miles of Tokyo. In the same announcement about the carrier raid on Palau, Pacific Fleet headquarters told of new assaults against Japanese positions in the Kuriles, which guard the back door to the enemy mainland. The pattern of these widespread attacks from the north Pacific to the Java Sea indicated that the AMKRR A.V ASSOCIATION Clubs Won Lost Milwaukee 98 4 8 Don Reinero, fullback and halfback ; j had figured in all the White Sox Mart Reinero, halfback and quarter-1 runs. The Browns went into the Toledo 9.'! 5G "Always A Battle" f back; Tony Enrietta, fullback and ninth trailing 4-2. They should have Pet. .671 .624 .5S0 .550 .547 .390 .352 .271 halfback been through but they weren't. Overcome Jitters They rose to the occasion, drove Blue Ration Tokens To Be Discontinued Oct. 1 WASHINGTON, D. C. OPA Louisville S3 tiu St. Paul 80 63 Columbus 81 67 Indianapolis 57 89 Minneapolis 51 94 Kansas City 39 105 COOKED A FINE DINNER; THEN THREW IT TO DOG At CLINTON HIGH SCHOOL STADIUM Orval Grove to cover and put over chief Chester Bowles appealed to the nation's housewives today to use the winning marker on Gordon Maltzberger. It takes a game ball club to overcome its own jitters. The Tigers kept step with the their blue ration tokens before they are taken out of operation Oct. 1. FRIDAY, SEPT. 15, 8 P.M. front runners by blanking the Indi Bowles announced that the blue tokens would be discontinued be Working out at single posts are Dick Glover, Bob Counsel!, Ralph Kerr and Paul Combs, centers; Don Graham. Brevie Povlin, Marion Pas-tore, Kenneth Rigoni, James Rowley, Ramon Donzero and Jim McLaren, tackles; Gilbert Barbee, John Secondino, Frank Petchkites, Tony Gedrick, Paul English. Albert Weor and Don Helms, guards; Bob Cirey, Jack Russell, Floyd Foster, Jim Ferrara, Bob McGaffney and Bob Verzina, ends. Backfields hopcsfuls include John Bumgardner, hattbaek, Dick Mc-Leish, quarterback, John Goodman, ans, 3,-0. Diz Trout turned in a three-hitter for his 24th victory. Those were the only games in cause of the removal of practically all canned and bottled vegetables AMEltlCAX I.EAGIK Clubs Won Lost New York 74 59 St. Louis 74 59 Detroit 73 60 lioston 71 62 Cleveland 64 70 Philadelphia 63 72 Chicago 60 73 Washington 55 79 Pet. .556 .556 .549 .534 .478 .467 .451 .410 tnd fruit spreads from rationing on the American League. In the Nat Sept. 17. SEASON TICKETS $2.10 Tax Included On Sale At Downtown Drug Stores Antonini's Restaurant GENERAL ADMISSION 50c Plus Tax M,.ii I nil,, nil Admitted Free On Pajinent of Federal Tax ional. Bill Vuiselle hung up his l!Hh victory for the Giants over the Braves, 9-3. Mel ptt contributed his 2tth homer to set Bill off on Future processed food point values will be set in such a way that most items will have point values in One lady recently stated tliat she used to throw her own dinner to the dog most of the time. It made her sick Just to look at anything to eat. She was swollen with gas full of bloat, had headaches, felt worn out and was badly constipated. Finally she got EKIi-HFJil and Kays she now cats everything in sight and digests it perfectly, llowek arc regular and normal. She is enjoying life once more and feels like "some other woman" since taking this New Coni- IHHJIld, KKIMIKM contains 12 Great Herbs; they cleanse bowels, clear gas from stomach, act on sluggish liver and kidneys. Miserable people soon feel different all over. So don't go on suriei-fiig! u-t KKIS-I1KM'. White's (Kexall) Pharmacy Strug Store. multiples of ten, enabling house Mort Jones, Dick Kennedy, John the right foot and the big fellow's Ihree hit pitching did the rest. SCHEDULED HOME GAMES Smith, quarterback; Jack Paslore, Lee Kennedy, Bob Brills and Joe Fenoglio. HQ NATIONAL I.K.UHK Clubs Won Lost Pet. SI. Louis 94 35 .729 I'lltsburKli 76 52 .594 Cincinnati 70 56 .556 Chicago 58 68 .460 New York 60 71 . .458 lloston 54 78 .409 lirooklyn 53 79 .402 Philadelphia 01 77 .398 wives to use their ten-point blue stamps for processed foods without point change being needed. After Sept. 1G, points will be required only for canned fruits, canned juices, canned tomatues catsup and chili sauce. The token system was instituted last February. i WESTVILLE WASHINGTON 5 Sent. 20 (Indianapolis, J Nov. 3 5 WILEY BRAZIL i r.f Ttfnv. 1( Dodgers Itlmv Game Tile DodKerB liud a lot of early Coot uKaiiiKt the 1'liiln hut finally reverted to form and blew the decision, 7-5. The Keds turned the 1'i-rales. 2-1. and the Cardinal.s, also a Maine club and. a elassy one also Btaed a ninth iniiinu rally to mine from behind and heat the Cubs, 3-2. Some Fertilizer Results A study by the department of agriculture of 16 state pasture experiments shows that one pound of plant-food produced an increase of 16 pounds of digestible nutrients, the equivalent of .4 bushei of corn, .35 bushel of wheat, .8 bushel of oats, or 22 pounds of oilmeal. Thus a ton of complete fertilizer would produce increased grazing equal to 11,500 pounds of mi'k or 1,400 pounds of beef. Dealers Must File Bill Of Transfer on Sales Tsed ear dealers will hi; required 10 fill out, certificates of transfer when they buy a car, even if it is for resale. lif'KinilinK Sept. 15, Vermillion County Rationing officials announced today. An inventory report as of Sept. 1 1 must also be filed by all used ear dealers with the local board not huer than Sept. 21, officials said. This inventory is to be made out on OPA Korm 6080-106:;, they added. MONUMENTS 0 A Complete Line 0 For Service lrop L's A Curd E. W. Walsh Monument Co. 2114 Watiasli Ave. Terrc Haute, Indiana i ?WELLCUlEP-YWMITE JABBER-MOUTH LIES VBUMF'.Si TO SAV IM MAN HAVE 1 (I rftfi'jWm HILYARD SMoGG, WHITE MAN TRY TO TRICK "LwAKl J ALL WHITE MAN LIES t MAKE I NOT HILYARD SMU6S.TU6 EYE LIKE HAWk! ( AWr A It HIMSELr! MY DECEP-, INDlAM BRAVE.60 INDIAN . A JliSlJlkVlNOIAN MAD LIKE TUUNDERU GCWERNMENT AGENT?! WHY 1 SEE pLENTYf 1 I ' W TlON IS ALL T00fAIN!iy WARRIOR GO OM WAR PATH 1 J I . hair. Wrritrm: ,,,' fcWfSSr' r DOCTOR, ty THE wlAV I . . fHEIL HITLER lh' I WlvEBVSOOy KNOWS WHERE W 1 IRWIN CALL THE OFFICE , . RUDOLFS ACTING-HE'S . VE5, DAN, 1 .. fj HOW ABOUT, IT 1 HESHA GREA WHERE IS YOUR ZAT I5H 755 WALNUT I OF THE SECRET OPERATIVES GREAT) . ABOUT READY TO TALK-- SCOPOLAN' ''. f RUDOLF--TELL ME, FELLOW BUT I HEADQUARTERS B STREET 'N WHEELERTON : IN WHEELERTON HAVE WORK. I 11 A N l HE'S TRIED TO WALK j HAS HIM ' ur W ABOUT HITLER CONFIDENSHILIV I OVER HERE I 2AT5 WHERE I KEEP ALLA I THEM RAID THIS ADDRESS DAN." I Lrii 1 THROUGH THAT TA6LE READY ' ; THE r i ' HE STINK5M.' I WHAT IS THE I SECRET PAPERSH 5HU0E- I AT 0N AND LOOK BEHIND SSBL TWICE I QUC' . .-.J1MG I V J I ADDRESS?? f EVERSHIMC5 THERE INA p. AN Oil PAINTING OM THE JrkS j ll ,i y ., ii , n ,y N- - i f Cr 'T T- SAFE BEHIN" TH' PAINTING : WALL THE RECORDS OF h rVfTMM '9 h-S ' ' ST 1 - ONNA WALL ) ; THESE SPIES ARE THERE sf? ' fT. j Enjoy Life! Brisk exercises and a spirit of friendly goodfellowship will clear up a lot of petty annoyances. You'll find that a session at the Lucky Strike Bowling Alley is JUST WHAT THE DOCTOR ORDERED. WELL, POPEVE AIN'T N 1 OPEN IT II THE RIVER STVX IS SO LOU) HIS OUT- SHOOJED ISP, BUT IT'S FANN'V j Tiiimlble OH, GEE! A LETTER PAST m BEPTIME BOARP MOTOR SNAPPEP CUE AIN'T ; - ) s FOR ME, UNCLE PAW- L ANOTHER COTTER-PIM LUCKY STRIKE BOWLING ALLEY 1S1 S. M.UX ST. C'LI.VTOX PIIOXF 1 1 HEARP1 FROM H IT'S FROM POPPA VGU HAN6 VU I THE LANTERN! CHAROM FOR MONTHS (CHAROM FOR HE NEEDSfCHARON Vr MONTHS I SOME W OUGHT I FAMNVr 3: A 7 4tJ light up - A , V-. . BATTEI?!E5 THAT DANCINGS j Starring P0PEYE Lvery Saturday Night 4 BUT SHE'LL BE HELPLESS COME OM. BUCK UP? VOU'VE cSOT TO TAKE ALON6 TIME. YOU GO HOME ON FURLOUGH AMD BEER-WINE-WHISKEY-MIXED DRINKS No Cabaret Tax Until After 9 p. m. M 1SS JONES, VviERFr THESE THINGS LIKE A INFORMED THAT VOUR r THAT'S I'LL 6ET you AN EMERGENCY A 30OD MOTHER IS NOT V V DISCHARGE ;e!T7 oh) j ' QAM SE ROUS LY ILL 7" TILLIE the TOILER By Ruts Westover vr Cat Ninth at Vine Street

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