The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on September 8, 1944 · Page 4
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 4

Clinton, Indiana
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Friday, September 8, 1944
Page 4
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Friday, September 8, 1944. THE DAILY CLIN'rONIAN Pa Re Poor MELANCHOLY DAYS ARE COME! Behind tys icen THE DAILY CLFYTONIAN 1. I . -.:k MA r At tht Movie WABASH Friday and Saturday Seldom seen on the screen are pictures dealing with hail bond brokers, who conduct that my HOLLYWOOD Hull" ' M The Weekly CHatonlan MM f Tfca OUaloo Plalnetealer absorbed In IMS Published Dally Except Saturday .and Sunday songs in Spain currently are the sterious link between llie law a mamison CARROLL ' fceorge L. Carey - - Editor and Publisher 1830 nit, "KOCKing nir- ana "Georgia on My Mind." and the suspected criminal which enables the latter to gain free I nc ue mwnice m vuuwu dom, at least temporarily tor Ktnv FeKturrt Syndicate Writer HOLLYWOOD Though Vivian Blaine now la starring in her third picture, none had been released until "Greenwich Village," and nobody had even asked WArilino- nlnns will be announced r Indiana KepnbUcan Editorial Aurtatlna a price. The background of Put s Shake Hands With Murder." op any day by Larry Parks, Columbia leading man (he gets his biggest Phone S3 Phone 32 ening at the Wabash Theatre. Mmalffum role in voumer siiiacn j au Betty Garrett, eastern singer. On account of car trouble, Character Actor Mikhail Rasumny arrived lata and anolagetic at Para Vivian for an autograph until the other night at the Grau-man' Chinese. The first four fans to hand her n nfinpr and ft&UBUCAN EOITORJM. ASSOCUIIOH mount on a call to ppear in a gov concerns itself with a ball bona brokers o'tfice whose owner become involved in a murder when a theft suspect whom they bailed out mysteriously disappears. Featured in this picture are Iris Adrian and Frank Jens The popular song "San Fernando Valley" is definitely Al St. John's theme song. The popular western comedian appearing in PRC's "Fuzzy Settles Down." starring Buster Orabbe and opening at the Wabash Theatre. pencil w ere Paul 7 m s (y) (sv!v If: J Leo King anu Jack Knox of Loi Angeles; Edward Z u b-bruck of Chicago and Marine But. Edward M. Horriton .Carroll PALACE Thursday, Friday and Satwdny "Women In Bondage." the story of Hitler's women graphically and tensely presented. Catching attention in the opening scenes, it moves through episodes to point up the destruction of morality and womanhood under the Nazi. A strong women's picture, it also holds possibilities for extensive exploitation that can lift grosses to surprising levels. (Sail Patrick, Nancy Kelly, Bill Henry are starred in this film. "Death Valley Rangers'' with Hoot Gibson. Ken Maynard and Bob Steele opens as the second RUSSIA, 1914, 1941 AND 1944. A little less than three years ago Adolf Hitler proclaimed that he was about to destroy the last Russian army before Moscow- . i r The trend of the campaign against Russia seemed to support Der Fuehrer and his estimate of the situation was generally accepted by military experts throughout the world. Today the Russian armies have outgeneraled and outfought the best that the M.ia .nnM nffpr and' are within reach of ernment snort, "inais an ngm, we got somebody else," he was told, "We only wanted you to play the profile of a dead Jap." Rasumny exploded: "A profile, okay; a profile of someone dead, okay but a profile of a dead Jap. No!" Donald Cook celebrating on the "Bowery to Broadway" set. His wife, the former Italian princess Gioia Tasca di Cute, had just received her final American citizenship papers. HOLLYWOOD HI JINKS: Year's most unusual tribute went to Hungarian Actor George Korvin. On the finish of "Arsene Lupin," he received a scroll signed by 276 people and saying: "In the role of a right guy, you aren't acting." . . . Whea their midget car broke down on the way home from Big Bear lake, June Vincent and her husband, Ensign William Sterling, finished up his furlough by hitch-hiking 40 miles to Los Angeles on a hay truck. . . . They were talking about Director Leo McCarey's phenomena) hit, "Going My Way," and what a screwy guy McCarey is. "Screwy!" exclaimed Mrs. Charlie Morrison, "Can you imagine if he was all right?" . . . Producer Joe Pasternak's gift to Margaret O'Brien Is a pony. He'll keep it on his ranch until she has a stable of her own. . . . Phil Raflln and Trudy Marshall showing the town to Mr. and Mrs. Ben Rosenthal of Dallas. . . . Louis Hayward and Barbara Powers, flame-haired cigaret girl at the Mo-cambo, discovering that they wear identical tiny gold hearts on chains around thiet necks Maria Shel- ton and Harvey Priester at the Clover club. . . . Marjorie Stewart and Marc Cramer a Hollywood Tropics twosome Martha Kemp with B. B. Robinson at the Savoy. . . . The Bush Conservatory of Music In Chicago, overlooking Harry James and the other bigwigs, has feature. " " M ,;i ' -, Kow-elcyk of Cherry Point, N. C. Vivian was so thrilled she asked them all to visit her at the studio this week. Thirty minutes before she took a plane for Washington, Myrna Loy denied to me that she and Capt. Gene Markey have any marriage plans. "He's a wonderful person and I adore him," said Myrna. "But really we've never even discussed it." She admitted though that she may see Gene in the capital. Stephen Richards, up-and-coming young Warner actor (he was Craig Stevens' pal in "Doughgirls"), marries Anelie Hays on the 20th. She's a former University of Texas student and is up for a Howard Hawks contract. Before the movies signed him, Richards was on the Canadian junior CJympic diving team. "Rocking Horse," Betty Hutton's Srst record for Capital, sold 200,-000 copies in six weeks, which is capacity for thia outfit. They can't get 'em out fast enough. ... La Garbo pulled another of those silly flights from photographers at La Rue's. Put her hands up in front of her face and sprinted for her car. . . . Look for the wedding of Director Norman Taurog and Sue Ream in about two weeks. . . . Somebody broke into Dennis O'Keefe's dressing room and stole two suits he had been wearing in "Brewster's Millions." Unless they can be recovered or duplicated, it means four days of re-takes. . . . Former Child Star Bobby Breen Test tern Pillowa Try the "dusMest" on your pillows: Pound the pillow vigorously and note it dust flies. Or do you feel still jagged quills under the ticking? If so, then discard this pillow or treat it to a thorough renovation before you move. ' rWgptfM Vermillion county, many in the Bicycles Still Popular ' In 1940 no less than 1,250,000 bi-cycles were sold more than one-third the total of new cars sold that year. vicinity of Clinton, but so tar as -vfocara Tieeiler. Hamilton and Taking a Backward Glance Bales can recall, there are but , five survivors. Besides tie; three named, there is Marion Lee, and Ann. Strongest Eyes Dark eves generally are stronger TWKXTV YEARS Jr.'. and Mrs. Tliomas Rayce. man living west of the city. AiO TODAY of South Ninth street, are tne one of the greatest military victories in the annals of mankind. In the First World War the Russian nation was unable to accept the reverses that afflicted the Czar's armies and revolution resulted. In this struggle the Soviet not only gave up vast areas in retreat but reorganized its armies to score decisive victories. . The difference? It's easy; the people of Russia are behind the Soviet government. They were not behind the Czar. The Kaiser fought a rotten government in 1914-17 but when Hitler invaded Russia in 1941 he moved against a people determined to save their country and support their government. U. S. CAN'T RUN THE WORLD. For some strange reason, there exists a belief in this country that we are qualified to teli the British, and other nations, what they should do in regard to vexatious problems. While we have displayed no unerring accuracy in the solution of our own domestic problems, we seem to believe that, as a nation, we have rare ability to solve problems for other people without reserve. For example, there are people in the United States today who think, when the war ends, we should attempt to solve the that involve India. China, Korea, Says Weed Slowing; Goes Along All Night Fall Kossion Of Circuit Court than blue eyes, reports the Better Vision Institute. Light-colored eyes tire more quickly and are more susceptible to glare than are dark how time does ny) leaving soon parents of a baby girl b-irn Sat-irdn. It lias been named Betty Kiaine. overseas. . . . Accoraing iu for In talking of the weed mowing Has (M Cases voted Sonny uunnam ine top iruiu- Thp Sentember term in er- rtaipn o. reera iimiiuf;cl " 1J"11-'- .7 . lona, the most popular American I pet player of the country. proposition, this morning, Dr. A. A. Washburn, secretary of the eyes. million cirucit court opened today city health board, said that lie Sirs. Maude Hayes oi Terre Haute was the guest of Mrs. Lawrence I.ue and Mrs. Floyd Uohannon, Friday and' Saturday. at Newport following the regular summer vacation since June. Great Plague Tn tii ureetc nf ScDtember 19. 1665. 4,000 in County Government The staff of the London county council numbers more than 4,000 did not believe he would rue any complaints against those tardy in when the April term ended. Most The first passenger elevator was patented at Washington, D. C, in 1853. over 10,000 people died in the great plague in London. n,o weed mow ng business, as all the lawyers of the county- believed that all the property were present at the opening of the new term. It was reponea THIKTY YKARS A(iO TODAY Veterans Attending frtih Cjtvnlrv ICellllion owners intended to obey the or-j r nav ihe city for doing the that nearly 300 cases, criminal work. He stated that more weeds and civil, are on the docket. Ac i' Veterans Wesley 'Reeder, Rich- uaA honn mowed this year man cording to a recent rule adopted hv the court the cases are not set oM Hamilton and Robert Bales on the subject of a child, Judith had never mentioned it again. She could Bot talk about it, even to Mary, but once when they were lunching together Elizabeth said: "Peter's in line for a better job. When he gets it, if he does, I'll stop working and hax-a a w,v " Khe looked e-ravely iini'inir the past decade asked, with spirit, "What have you been saying to Elizabeth about me, that is?" "Nothing," said Matthew, and remarked that the steak was overdone. Judith refrained from replying that he had been later than he expected for dinner and had not tele are iii Terre Haute today attend and he believes that all will have down for trial until the fifth day with the next lew com eii days. following the opening, which will be Friday. Personals at Judith. Elizabeth added, "Wom Iin,,uiak phoned. "There must oe somemuig. ing the forty-second reunion of the Sixteen Indiana Cavalr..'. o'. which they were members The boys were volunteers in tile 7 lut regiment, which merged into tiso sixteentli cavalry. Most of tile company was reared in and near 'Morris is socnding the en are so loonsn not to . . . u uiey can. It's so so unfulfilling, Mr. and Mrs. Cleorge Baird, of Soutli Seventh street, are the par saw her today, she persiscea. ua hlr hia Hnrk head. "It's day in Brazil. nt snrah Bentley and chil ents of a baby girl born Satur- your imagination. Aren't Sam and Judith asserted, "1 know," so CHAPTER THIRTY-THREE Matthew said irritably, "We've been quiet enough ever since we were married because of your mourning. I thought, in a few months, we'd have a little more fun." "Hasn't it been fun?" she asked, bcr eyes intent. "Yes, naturally. But confound it!" he said, "you're young, you're lovely, I want to take you places, show you off I " Judith interrupted, "As if I were a new car or a new toy?" "Don't be idiotic," he frowned, "that isn't like you. Sounds like a bad play." She said, "You spoke about plenty of time. Well, there's always time for that sort of thing, Matthew." "If you have a baby, that means more months of staying home, be-off and she visiting Mrs. oay. It has been named Elizabeth Hilda coming in ior contract,, imr- i;ne Tk.c. rvnA T hnnp I'm not berly. . irii-at.ati. tia.1 n mnmpnt nf clair Waiter Lane, near Klondyke, this called out, I've had a pretty tough voyance: It's Matthew, she thought. week. day, ana i m aog urea. CROSSWORD - - - By Eugene Sbeffer She saia, "1 ii can wie party ua : ..A,. 11L.A a .1 A vn ran vn tn hed ftunavav Girl exasperated, ana no one in me wunu would have the temerity to point out to him what a mistake he is making. Poland, France and other areas. Regardless of the location of the problem, it is blithely assumed that the Americans have the correct solution and that any nation which does not accept our proffered advice is evil-minded and attempting to tyrannize eirl who always early. You'know you never do when wanted to run away. One day her Aloud, she said, "juann, you f-,)hor caiH T am saina to break they are nere. xou sit up ana vun until all hours after the last rubber." . . won't like hearing this and 1 don t her of the habit of running way."j jnv ,v,cn h(.r father and like saying it but, it seems to me, Matthew's attitude toward me has "For Pete's sake!" he declared, 'don't do that! It relaxes me." T..Ji,l. il.n,,-lit. Wall thnfft that. definitely changed." over others. When the war ends, the world will re miiv mon nf firmness, couraere and intel "liow ; asitea juaun cautiously. "T .on't nut mv fincrcr on it." tfUUllll WUHfi'- .- I can't select my own friends or mother were going away, she was angry and said: "I am going to run away." Her father said that he would be back in a minute. He took her with him and rode about a mile Tr will not need weaklines. afraid even my own time in wmcn to navw a baby. And he won't talk about it. That's the most maddening thing Elizabeth said slowly, "but there's something ... I don't think he likes our out-of -office-house association." saw the shadow in his eyes. She thought: He hates my being ill, even the thought of it. I suppose that's natural, not only because he loves me but because he's with people who are ill all day long and sometimes half the night. But he's .u:nl.;nn nf lr.Ha tnn and how she of responsibility and fearful of the destiny of all. "Nonsense! protestea duun.ii vigorously, "why shouldn't he?" ! A1 Irnniv hilt t.hflt's the WSV Matthew wouldn't. Yet later in il,n BiiMvn Via en iA faawaMv "I of their own people. "NO NATIONALITY" IN NORMANDY knew it would work out better if and a half. Then he said: "Xou wanted to run away, well, you can start right here." Then he drove off. She tried to run after him but it was no use. In about 35 minutes he went back after her. Since then she never said she would run away. - he is," Matthew's office nurse an died, before she could have her you didn't see so mucn or tnzaoeui socially." "Hnw rtn vnu mean, 'work ouf V baby ... Judith was not disturbed, because .i.:- filing ivith nitv for swered. She sighed. "1 ve liked De-ing with you so much. But I wouldn't for worlds help create a situation. And also, on the frank and brutal A high-ranking officer in General Eisenhower's command recently spoke out no-oinsfr. the tendency of military writers, ,, a 3 5 y I ' r. Isl 13 H'4 MW 75 W H J n - I" zn miip tr W 45 73 E m wa asked Judith. "And by the way, it Ol HUB. OllC w-o r - him, with pity for the unfulfilled side, I must not jeopardize my jod was her doing, not mine. tll4- .,., 9" Ilia ViMivl ArBIM a ghost, gentle ana enacmg, nu , once been a living woman and his both British and American, to compare . . 1 can t auora 10. Judith said, after a moment, gether for a moment, then his face 'Corned Beef Certain beef is called "corned." n.:, VPrh "Ifl You're trying to tell me iv. bnnv " F.liaaheth inter nare h. cleared. "Well, she naa more sense than you. It doesn't mix, I tell you. T'vo nrnvprl it. too. I think. YOU haV6 Aiua tunics uuiii JMaiinew sum, a wwii i. mn.nma "in fiHaSAll Of tO I T lnA .,n VinW T felt ahOUt it Snd Matthew said, "I won't . I 41...:. limit n.v tnllinD, von ' gains made by tne tiritisn ana American armies in the Normandy campaign. Declaring that "there is no nationality over there," the General pointed out that TUPIVU, vtlLllv. 1J - "But that's absurd," Judith told a hundred friends," he said care mai s umu 011111. - lessly, and added smiling, "wmcn has been very good for business." T .. A : U U n ftn nlAmOIlt " T her, flushed. "Yet you haven't really denied it," :a viinhath ahrewHlv. "vou're far "Very well." She turned to ad t.. I,..- i:tti hut hefore the mir the success of an operation is not necessar iiv franked bv the size of the advance made f UU1 111 MliU aa """v haven't recommended you Dr. ror. "Let's go, shall we? We're ' cure by rprinkling with grains of 1 suit." The verb in turn came from the noun "corn" which referred to j any su.jII hard particle 6uch as a grain or a seed. Peppercorn is a sur-I vival of this noun and corned beef I was eo named because originally it was prepared with coarse grains of salt. too honest. You can't sit there over your skimpy salad and say witn any ::n that Matthew likes to late as it is . . . out we can see uire of the features." a. .1 A M.Hhiiv allfrht her W or man u inai s wnat you bicbii. "Very reprehensible," her husband told her, unruffled. "It's part have his office nurse and his wife I L. ...nnlKaw nnla WHPIf AT RO. 1U111-U WK' w.,v- ' or spend a Sunday together, or of your oo. She said, after a moment, "And iiaii wan iVieaa frioniiR nf mint nro- hard against him. He declared, II anything ever happened to you "Nothing could," Judith said .nni.. "rirtn't wnrrv so. And the "There is no nationality to a tank," he says, and adds that the supply system is so arranged that British armor can fight with American infantrymen, or vice versa. The spokesman points out that General Vfnnteromprv is conducting the campaign 9 lit f essionally . . . Some of them socially, make a foursome lor dinner at eacu other's houses." "Matthew." asserted Judith, "has best thing that could happen to nru nHrl iteA T don't BUb me," she added, "wouia do w .,,ir fhiM " The Dragon Fly The drafon fly. born in water, .i,ised on earth and now spending irnst of its time in the air, has 40.000 eyes and is said to be the best equipped with eyes than any other "You get your own way too scribe to them. And I don't intend to have him dictate to me about my friends." . , T'ii mice vaii." said Elizabeth much. But not this time . . . inr k. nl.l hnr under the direction of General Eisenhower and that the two leaders are in complete accord. The General Staff noticed the trend of UORI7.0VTAL 37. concise X. eccentric 28. chantiei wheel-part un,t ' . 4 city in apothecaries ' France wf'Kht 9 soft hat - city in Mas- 32. native metal achusett 13. weird 42. sowers 14. macaw 45. employ 15. raw 4b-sins 48. ocean n. (ha int.. nnrincr. Marv took a small house at Easthampton and 61. make an edging VERTICAL 1. variety of lettuce 2. aptitude 3. ramble ' 4. contradict 5. sw-ay 6. bitter vetch 7. note in the scale 8. bank officials serenely, "but that's that There's no use making matters worse. We're fr,..,u and that remains. But if "mmnarin? advances not only in the Brit u.Mk.w holiove it wise to run his ish but in the American press" and the suggested that juanu anu .ii.iii consider it their own . . . "until you have one," she added. She and Judith had been looking for a little place near New York, n within commuting distance office quite separately from his home, and never the twain shall meet and all that sort of thing, it Beneficial Extractions Lactose comes from milk. Sucrose comes from cane and beets. Maltose comes from cereals. Dextrose comes from corn and Man-nose comes from berries. 17. country roads' 9- Shaped worr Matthew was free. SO. dells is best, 1 believe, 10 give in giwc J-..1I.. T n't uniuwA hp'H realiv spokesman says tnat u -we Keep on aoing this, we are just giving aid and comfort to the enemy." Phiiadoinhia Gov. Thomas E. Dew now mat were ru-hr u. muic, accepting more invitations. That doesn't seem to hamper you." He looked at her with the utmost astonishment. "It's quite different," he protested. "How?" "Elizabeth," he explained shortly, "is an employee." He looked at her, puzzled. His wife asked, "Matthew, must you always have your way?" "It's my way if it doesn't happer. to be yours ? How like a woman he told her. "That's logical enough," Judith retorted. She added, "I alwayt thought you were spoiled." "Who spoiled me?" "Your mother, first of all." She paused a moment, added briefly, "And, of course, Irene." He said, "You're crazy. I've always stood on my own feet. No woman has had any innuence except you," he added, smiling at her, "and you have altogether too much." Judith thought: Yes, of course. I could fight this Elizabeth thing to wneic, ik" - they could spend weekends, but as yet they had found nothing suitable. MwAm hflv ti build." decided Answer to yesterday's puzzle. make an issue of it, yet he could make me very uncomfortable," she said thoughtfully. "I don't like being uncomfortable." Judith protested, "You're wrong lpllp?1RlAlslpnslplgPI u.tthoar "althoueh where, I 9. division of an extendcJ poem 10. land-measure 11. dance step 16. portion 1 8. river-islands rugged mountain ridge 1. measured steps 12. dwelling 23. fetters 24. nostrils 25. shadow 27. caudal appendages 30. stuffed 31. most solid 33. bodily secretion 34. head 36. additional respiratory sounds 37. lock of hair 39. delete 40. petition 41. beast of burden 42. depravity 43. the turmeric 44. perched 47. Odin's brother wouldn't know. But with things as xi . i isn't, a hud idea, finan Old Game Mah Jong, the Chinese game which enjoyed a great American vogue several years ago, is estimated to be 3,000 years old. I ..." hadn't vniir usual convic cially speaking, to own the roof ey: "The question before the people is whether to elect an administration which will be largely, if not wholly, a peacetime . .. . : u :.. . .... tion when vou said that," Elizabeth over your neaa ana mc biu under your feet. I talked to Lynn it .kniit it nnrl he agreed .j v. urinn't nnc En distressed P A R A GTS GTE JZ" R I NJ IATl A M OHgjD QP TtTj KTUPM1 NfTAC T P E N I TIE NIC EB9 A R e o i TSfs gfA BaiTio A G !l3 I Ttf E RfE'blT tIfJlIl e hEFe R EfccLSa tan! gwDS m MkuJy Judith. One of these days I'll retire ltf. metai fastener 20. aglow j 21. Spanish priest 23. natives of Biittany 26. Incite 27. rows 28. exclamation of triumpr 29. the heart 30. hypocritica. religious talks 31. religious brother i 32. diminutive for Edward 33. new ly mar- f ried wortan 34. prevaricated 35. continued ; stories with me. Of course, I couldn't be into my little nal ana oecome a guuu housekeeper and a martinet of .1 nr.A than thinc.4 will he dif. t t ' I rannnt." she went On Rapid Growth Ostrich chicks are said to grow for the first six months of their existence at the amazing rate of a foot a month. These birds frequently live to an age of 70 years. A Practical Innovation A practical innovation displayed recently was a holder for French nhnnes which leave a secretary's there much, except possibly summers, when work is slacker. But it would be fun." "How about a tent or a trailer? Judith wanted to know. "It wouldn't matter what or where as long as we were together, would it?" He said, "That's the gypsy in you. I - f i;t,a mn wrnifnrt.11 government tnai oeiievea in imo tuuuuj, or one which for eight straight years of its own depression proved that it could not solve the problems of this country and did not believe in it." Washington Secretary of War Stim-son: "We have yet to strike the final blow. The war with Germany will not be won until Allied troops are in Berlin." A 5 J Af 13 A S MUMC A A n r eUe r'nIcMeT d trying to smile, "bite the hand which, at present, feeds me. You may think I put a job above friendship. I do, in one sense. Yet I put your happiness above that." ine Iinibll whu juu, nnu the other, the more important, too. I'd use my one sure weapon ... To be continued. Cottyrlfttt. hj Faltd Hal fitthrrtl: 0-17 lin "J . Matthew gelling nis way fcii" Avenie time of eolation: 27 ausatee. Cist by King Features Syndk&te. inc. mbu Uld him so" that night She hands free to take dictation.

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