The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida on November 6, 1968 · Page 1
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The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida · Page 1

West Palm Beach, Florida
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Wednesday, November 6, 1968
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The Palm Beach Post Stock Market Closed Election Day SERVING THE HUD OF FLORIDA'S FABULOUS GROWTH AREA VOL. LX. NO. 192 WEST PALM BEACH, FLORIDA, WEDNESDAY., NOVEMBER 6, 1968 44 PAGES-: -PRICE TEN CENTS imphrey Leadie .m In 1X00 9 THUMBNAIL EDITORIAL Even If you don't like the election results, isn't it nice to have it over with? GnFuey Elected To Senate Democrats Control Collins Florida Delegation Demo, GOP Clifjhanger Rogers Elected To Eighth Term WASHINGTON (UPI) - Hubert H. Humphrey and Richard M. Nixon battled furiously for the presidency early Wednesday, with victory hanging on the outcome in a handful of closely fought states ranging from Maryland to California. In a classic cliffhanger reminiscent of Nixon's bitter and unsuccessful fight against John F. Kennedy eight years ago, the former vice president and his Democratic challenger once an underdog exchanged leads throughout the night in the all-important electoral vote. Humphrey forged Into the lead opponent to concede the election. The 47-year-old Rogers, from his headquarters at 210 Datura St., added: "This election Is evidence that the voters prefer a candidate to run on his own record rather than to run down his opponent." Rogers then expressed "my gratitude for the fine support I have received. I look forward to continuing to serve this district as I have in the past." The 40-year-old Rust, of Palm Beach, ran hard on "law and order" and, while he admitted Rogers' voting record in Congress was conservative, he charged "it isn't conservative enough." Rust, a state representative Continued on Page 2, Col. 3 MIAMI (UPI) Florida's Democrat-dominated congressional delegation fought off tough Republican opposition Tuesday to retain the same 9-3 control In the House of Representatives. In the tightest race of the day, incumbent Republican J. Herbert Burke of Hollywood apparently escaped an upset by State Rep. Elton J. Gissendanner of North Miami. The count was 65,491 to 62,345 with several thousand absentee ballots still to be counted. Republican Louis Frey Jr. of Winter Park, a former law partner of Senator-elect Edward Gumey, led Democrat James C. Robinson of Orlando 70,759 to 44,838 to keep Gurney's former Fifth District seat In the Republican camp. The third Republican congressman elected was William C. Cramer of St. Petersburg, who went in without opposition In the Eighth District, as did Democrat Don Fuqua of Altha In the Second District. Otherwise, the Democrats appeared in command as the count neared completion. Dante B. Fascell of Miami warded off a threat by Mike Thompson of Miami, a young former newsman and advertising executive who served as Gov. Claude Kirk's liaison man In Washington. The count was 42,276 to 36,127. Bill Chappell Jr. of Ocala, a self-styled conservative Democrat and former speaker of the Florida House, beat the nephew of retiring Democrat A. S. (Syd) Herlong 72,502 to 59,280 in the Fourth District. William F. Herlong Jr., a Lees-burg businessman was a supporter of Richard Nixon who campaigned on the theme that the nation needs a change. ' Veteran Democrat Claude Pepper of Miami crushed newcomer Ronald I. Strauss of Bay Village 60,762 to 21,168 In the eleventh district, and Paul G. Rogers of West Palm Beach won handily over Robert W. Rust of Palm Beach, a first-term Republican legislator 92,455 to 72,384. On the gulf coast, Democrat James A. Haley of Sarasota defeated Sarasota developer Joe Z. Lovingood for the second time In a row. This time the count was 62,960 to 47,991. Sam. M. Gibbons of Tampa ignored the campaign of Tampa Republican attorney Paul Saad and walked off with a 78,337 to 48,301 victory. In the Third District, Charles E. Bennett of Jacksonville, who has served 10 terms as a Democratic congressman and has not missed a roll call vote since 1951, had little trouble beating Jacksonville attorney Bill Parsons 80,286 to 23,093. Bennett Is senior member of the powerful House Armed Services Committee. In the Panhandle, Robert L. F. (Bob) Sikes of Crestview obliterated John Drzazga, a farmer from Westvllle and a political unknown. Slkes Is dean of the Florida delegation. i.,.i.rA MA i, Democrat Paul G. Rogers was re-elected Tuesday to his eighth term in the U.S. House of Representatives. Rogers, a West Palm Beach attorney, was leading with 58 per cent of the vote at Tuesday' midnight. Of 48 of 114 precincts in Palm Beach County, Rogers received 13,727 votes compared to 8,901 obtained by Republican Robert W. Rust. Of 136 of 236 precincts reporting In the 9th Congressional District, Rogers had 60,226 votes, Rust, 44,072. The 9th Congressional District consists of the counties of Palm Beach, Collier, Glades, Hendry, Highlands, Martin, Okeechobee, St. Lucie and the northern quarter of Broward. Late Tuesday Rogers said he was still awaiting for his Friday, Thomas In Big Leads With 48 of Palm Beach County's 114 precincts reporting, State Sen. Elmer O. Friday was running a surprisingly strong race for his fourth term against his Republican opponent, Joseph W. Humphrey. Friday (A TO UiL Thomas Republicans Leading In 4 House Races Election These are the unofficial returns from 70 of 114 precincts in Palm Beach County. President Nixon 32,258 Humphrey 17,132 Wallace 10,805 U.S. Senate Gurnev 33.436 Collins 22,359 I'.S. Rep. Rogers 34,517 Rust 22,664 Supreme Court Justice Leavengood 26,347 Bovd 22.164 McCain 27,136 Adkins 20,565 Hopping 25,833 Carlton 21,240 Pub. Service Comm. Osborne 27,701 Yarborough 21,363 State Attorney Davis Jr. 28,233 Johnson 22,742 Public Defender Colbath Jr. 30.059 Witt 18,619 State Senator Humphrev 25,114 Fridav Jr. 24,679 DeYoung 23.288 Thomas 28,999 State Kep. Poorbaugh 27,461 Lytal 23,610 Moudry 30,760 Cunningham 19,679 Jordan 26,851 Hicks 19,906 Clark 27,223 Miner Jr. 19,348 County Judge Group 1: Brophy, 21,596. Douglas, 28,280. Group 2: Stewart Jr., 30,699. Everard, 17,064 Judge, Criminal Court of Record White, 24,144 Mcintosh, 26,966 Judge, Juvenile Court and Domestic Relations Kapner, 27,153 Born, 30,302 Judge, Small Claims Magistrate Court Staab, 23,738 Currie, 24,544 Harrison Jr., 26,845 Parker, 19,117 Clerk Circuit Court Furtado Jr., 23,261 Dunkle, 26,464 Sheriff Heidtman, 35,309 Taylor, 17,878 Tax Assessor Reld. 29,997 Maxwell, 22,028 Swamped In County By ELVIS LANE Staff Writer Republican U.S. Rep. Edward J. Gurney continued to hold such a strong lead over Democrat LeRoy Collins that he appeared a certainty to become Florida's new U.S. senator. In 289 of the state's 2,649 precincts, Gurney received 103,466 votes compared to Collins' 87,333. The Winter Park congressman swamped Collins In Palm Beach County, getting 13,201 votes while his opponent collected only 8,594 In the first 48 precincts reporting. The tall, lanky native of Maine, running as "Mister Conservative," all during the grueling senatorial campaign, constantly pictured Collins, former Florida governor, as "Liberal LeRoy." The 54-year-old Gurney, who apparently will take over the senate seat In January which Is being vacated by George Smathers, predicted last week that he would win by a 125,000 majority. Gurney would be the first Republican U.S. senator from Florida since 1879. In Palm Beach County Gurney did even better than he expected. Earlier, he said he expected to get about 60 per cent of the vote here. Instead, he obtained more than 65 per cent. The silver-haired Collins, trying a political comeback, took an early lead when reports first poured In from huge Dade County. But the majorities Collins hoped to obtain in Hillsborough (Tampa) and Pinellas (St. Petersburg) Counties, failed to materialize. In Hillsborough, Collins maintained only a slight margin and In Pinellas County Gurney led by a substantial majority. In big Duval County (Jacksonville), Gurney was ahead almost 2 to 1. Gurney concentrated on getting a large vote In Palm Beach County, making about six visits here, and he made no secret why. "I need a large turnout here to offset the majority I know Collins Is going to get In Dade County," lie repeatedly said. Collins, governor from 1955 through early 1961, was trying a comeback after being absent from Florida for several years. Gumey continually charged that Collins was away from the state because he was "part and parcel" of the Johnson-Humphrey administration. Collins, while in Washington, served as the first director of the Community Relations Service and later as under secretary of the U.S. Department of Commerce. As director of the Community Relations Service, Collins' Continued on Page 2, Col. 2 Lead; Demo Culpepper LA Weaver R.Johnson MM GOP Governors Gain WASHINGTON (UPI) Republicans wrested the governorships of Vermont and Indiana from Democratic hands Tuesday as early returns Indicated a GOP trend In the 21 gubernatorial elections. Deane C. Davis, 67-year-old Insurance executive, defeated Democratic Lt. Gov. John J. Daley in the contest to replace Vermont Gov. Philip H. Hoff, who stepped down after three two year terms as the state's first Democratic governor In 100 years. In Indiana, Republican Secretary of State Edgar D. Whlt-comb defeated Democratic Lt. Gov. Robert L. Rock in a tight race which gave the Indiana governorship to the GOP for the first time since 1960. Observers said Richard M. Nixon's Indiana majorily helped Whitcomb. Other gubernatorial candidates fought close battles in at least five of the 21 state races. Republicans hoped to pick up anywhere from six to 11 governorships. The GOP went Into the election with 26 governorships to the Democrats' 24. Lt. Gov. Preston Smith won the Texas governorship as expected to give the Democrats their first statehouse victory of the night. Smith, replacing retiring Gov. John B. Connally, defeated Republican Paul Eggers, an attorney. Missouri also stayed In Democratic ranks with the victory of Gov. Warren E. Hearnes over St. Louis County Supervisor Lawrence K. Roos. The two parties divided the lead In 16 other races, with returns incomplete. With nearly half of Palm Beach County's precincts reporting, 48 out of 114, all four of the Republican candidates for the House of Representatives were leading their Democratic opponents by small, but In at least three of the races, fairly comfortable leads. The closest race was In the 77th District between Incumbent Jack Poorbaugh and Lake Lytal, former county commissioner. Poorbaugh led 10,565 to 9,549. In the 79th District Raymond J. Moudry led F. Malcolm Cunningham 11,816 to 7,833. John Jordan, battling C. Er-rol Hicks for the seat In the 80th District, was leading 10,209 to 8,014. And In the 81st District David C. Clark was leading his Democratic opponent, Charles E.Miner Jr., 10,334 to 7,887. Poorbaugh received a degree In architecture from Washington University in St. Louis and Is an associate of Engineered Products in West Palm Beach. He spent six years as an investigator for a committee of the U.S. Senate and Is a veteran of World War II In which he served In the U.S. Marine Corps. Poorbaugh who makes his home in Boynton Beach is married and the father of five children. He Is a Mason and a member of the Toastmasters. Moudry, 59, an attorney In Palm Beach, previously served In the House In 1963 and 1964. He Is a graduate of DePaul School of Law and was a major In the U.S. Air Force. Moudry Is a member of the Military Order of World Wars, Oriental Consistory and Shrine, state and county bar associations and the Izaac Walton League and Is currently president of the Westside KiwanisClub. Moudry Is married and has one daughter and lives on E. Inlet Drive In Palm Beach. with an Indicated 276 electoral votes six more than required for victory but many were from states which had been switching between the two candidates and could switch again. At that point Humphrey was leading In Nixon's home state of California, were Hebert G. Klein, the Republican nominee's press spokesman, said he was "particularly looking" for a Nixon victory. Although Nixon nailed down strong support In the crucial border states, Humphrey was leading him In Maryland, home of his vice presidential running mate, Gov. Splro T. Agnew. In a three-way race that possibly set a national voting record, George C. Wallace of Alabama proved himself the strongest third-party candidate In more than a half-century In terms of his share of the popular vote. But he failed to muster the strength he had expected among Northern blue collar workers. He also trailed In part of his own Southland. With 51 per cent of the nation's 167,855 precincts reporting, the vote was: Humphrey 16,647,184, Nixon 15,990,133, Wallace 6,508,757 At this point, Humphrey had captured 10 states Including vote-hevy Pennsylvania, Texas and Michigan. Nixon had won 16 states Including the border states of Tennessee, Kentucky, Oklahoma, Delaware and Kansas. Wallace had taken four states Alabama, Mississippi, Georgia and Louisiana and was leading In Arkansas for an Indicated total of 45 votes. Nixon took Florida and Virginia, cutting Into Wallace's Southern strength. As the presidential contest ground on, lt appeared that whoever was finally elected would have a Democrat-controlled House of Representatives to work with. In the Senate, Republicans appeared likely to pick up four Democratic seats 10 short of the 14 net gain required for GOP control. Heidtman Apparently Victorious Palm Beach County's Incumbent Sheriff William R. heidtman was apparently elected, according to Incomplete election results tabulated early Tuesday night. William R. Heidtman LifJ With 48 precincts reporting slightly less than half Heidtman, 52, a Republican, was leading his opponent, Clinton E. Taylor, by a margin of 13,723 to 7,436. In the 48th Precinct, Heidtman gathered 1,202 votes compared to Taylor's 334. Two other precincts voting heavily for Heidtman: the 90th, where 885 voted for the incumbent sheriff compared to 206 for Taylor, and the 209th precinct, where 1,205 voted for Heidtman compared to 232 for Taylor. PAUL G.ROGERS Jordan Is associated with an insurance company and is In business for himself with a chain of coin-operated laundries In West Palm Beach. A veteran of World War II, Jordan, 42, Is a Mason and a member of the First Baptist Church. He is a member of various Republican organizations and is unmarried. Davis Gets Lead Over Johnson In the election for state attorney for the 15th Judicial District, Zell Davis Jr., 42, a Republican, led Incumbent Thomas Johnson by 10,873 to 8,924 votes late Tuesday night, with 48 precincts slightly less than half reporting. Zell Davis, Jr. Davis was educated at Palm Beach High School and was graduated from the University of Florida in 1950 with a degree In Latin American trade and finance. He has been a partner In the law firm of Blank & Davis for the past seven years. Incumbent Johnson, a Riviera Beach Democrat, yas reelected to the office in 1966. A practicing attorney for 15 years, Johnson lives at 1272 Yacht Harbor Drive with his wife and 5 sons. People Speak Sports ....23-2 Theaters 33 Today's Activities 36 TV Clock 2 Weather Map, Table 33 Women's News 13-13 Collins To Retire TAMPA (UPI) Former Gov. LeRoy Collins, swamped by Republican Edward Gurncy by more than 150,000 votes in a bid for the U.S. Senate, said Tuesday night he would retire from politics. Collins did not make a formal concession statement immediately but told newsmen he was sending Gumey a telegram of congratulations which wished "a full measure of success in your service." Weaver, Johnson Van Kessel Trails With nearly half the precincts in, Friday had a slight lead over Humphrey, 9,893 against 9,827, for the seat in the 34th Senatorial District. The other area Democratic Incumbent In the Senate, Jerry Thomas, was leading Robert De Young 11,576 to 8,978 In the 35th District. Partial returns from Hendry, Glades and Lee counties ran the Friday lead over Humphrey to 16,270 to 12,028. The partial returns from these same counties boosted the Thomas lead over DeYoung to a total of 16,331 to 11,719. In the 1967 special election Friday lost the county to Raymond Moudry, now running for the House, by a vote of 19,725 to 27,494. However, Friday was a big winner in the other three counties of the 'district, winning with a total vote of 32,119 against Moudry's 31,533. In 1967 Friday won Lee County 10,527 to 3498; Hendry, 1245 to 234 and Glades 310 to 73. In the same election Thomas defeated Clem Guider 31,197 to 29,128. Friday, 44, Is a graduate of the University of Florida and Is now the fourth ranking Democrat In the Senate. In his second term he was cited as the most effective senator In committee work and In the 1967 session he 'was honored by his fellow legislators as one of the 10 best lawmakers of the session. Friday has sponsored, or co-sponsored, more than 200 bills In the Senate and has served on a score of committees Including the Senate Rules Committee, of which he was vice-chairman. A Navy veteran he Is a member of the American Legion, Veterans of Foreign Wars and the Masons. Thomas, 38, Is a native of Palm Beach County and a graduate of Florida State University. He Is chairman of the Continued on Page 2, Col. 3 h tAsfpBTHB d Continued on Page 2, Col. 8 Partly Cloudy Partly cloudy through Thursday, slight chance of showers Thursday. Variable winds 5 to 15 m.p.h. becoming southeasterly Thursday. Shower probability Thursday 20 per cent. Predicted low this morning at PBIA 63, high this afternoon 83, low tonight 63. Temperatures recorded for 24 hours ending at midnight Tuesday at Palm Beach International Airport, high 80, low 65. Humidity 81 Barometer 29.89 Wind: High 12 Low calm Prevailing Wind WSW Sunrise today 6:33 a.m.; Set 5:35 p.m. Moonrlse today 6:14 p.m.; Set 8:07 a.m. INLET TIDES TODAY High 9:53 a.m.; 9.:53 p.m. Low 3:42 a.m.; 4:12 p.m. OCEAN TIDES TODAY HIgh8:18 a.m.; 8:18 p.m. Low 2:00 a.m.; 2:30p.m. Proposed Constitution Before Voters Page 2 County Voters Swarm to Polls, Pictures Page 18 Results of Elections in Area Counties Page 27 Votes cast for Johnson totaled 10,633 to Jewell's 8,137. Culpepper, 36, is former mayor of Jupiter. He Is employed as a district plant sales supervisor for Southern Bell Telephone & Telegraph Co. Van Kessel, 59, Is the present county commission chairman. Weaver, 54, who appeared ahead at the polls at press time, Is a 22-year resident of Lake Harbor and is a former field superintendent of four Glades area drainage districts. His opponent Bailey, 36, Is a Belle Glade city commissioner and a real estate broker specializing in farmland and acreage. Johnson, 55, Is the manager of Brubaker Music Co. In West Palm Beach. His challenger Jewell, 39, recently retired as president of Lakewood Sheet Metal Inc. By MARY SEMPEPOS Staff Writer With unofficial returns In from 48 of Palm Beach County's 114 precincts here Is the way the three races for seats on the county commission looked at press time: Republican County Commissioner E. F. Van Kessel, trailed his Democratic challenger Robert F. Culpepper; Incumbent E. W. Weaver, a Democrat, led his Republican opponent Bill J. Bailey, and Lake Worth Mayor Robert C. Johnson, a Republican, was ahead of Democrat Leelan C. Jewell. Van Kessel, making his bid for a third consecutive term on the county board, was behind with 9,262 votes to Culpepper's 10,710. Weaver, the lone Democrat on the present county commission had 10,100 votes to Bailey's 9,283. - Bridge Column Classified Ads Comics Crossword Puzzle ....31 .37-43 ... 3 ...St Editorials, Columnists . . . . ( Horoscope 3 News Of Record 35 Obituaries 33

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