The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on September 8, 1944 · Page 2
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 2

Clinton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, September 8, 1944
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) .! r! Friday, September 8, 1914. T II E DAltv CLINTON IAN Ihe Reich remained uncoiilirmea. , Su iff Allied Fusli Hie IMuhth Air Fore? In Knpltind iaud has been ovorseau one year. inc in the Tank Destroyers and Motorcycle dispatchers. He has been transferred to Camp Swill, Tex. He NEW PLAN NEWS OF MEN IN THE SERVICE To Balkans Traps Russia declared war 011 Bulgaria last Tuesday night and within six hours the liulgars asked for an armistice. Cairo did not say where Ihe al-n.L.i.H (iinciiiin of Russian and Yugo is the son of Klmer McCarty, a lor-nier Clinton resident. (Continued from piim1 1 ) 200,000 (ierinans (Continued from uage 1) Dewey Outlines Peace Plans In Louisville Talk (Continued from page 1) U.S.A. !vt lornesl XVavne Dyer, son of PAYS FAMILY slav forces look place hill the London Daily Mail reported that Red Claude Dyer of North Seventh street, I'iltill ol" upon his Bprouls will rrwlvi.' I lie Petty Oft'li-iT Third I'las imiihi'iiw said 3. mill more (jeriuaiis tanks, artillery and infantry hail has returned to Camp Livingston, i n after Kuending ten days visiting had been capltired In Homaiila and Warren is now stationed In t tie Armored Force in France and Sain is with the Navy Air Corps at Jacksonville, Fla. All three boys are cradualcs of Clinton 1 H ll School. I'.K.A. ( pi. Vernon XX'. Cox, boii of Mr. and Mrs. John Cox la now stationed overseas somewhere In India. U.S.A. - S 1c Alilllo l'osavento. husband ,,r .Mrs. Jennie I'esavento of Detroit, Mich. Is now nerving with the Navy Seabees somewhere III the Koutll-,..,.( i.nti'le M 1 e Pcsavento re relatives and friends in Torre Haute. engaged the Germans at Orsava. only 90 miles east of Belgrade, capital of Yugoslavia. reporlvd Ihree Naal generals were included. HOSPITAL BILL iiv victor Utinnlck has also been transferred from Camp llulen, Tex. Threaten Nn.i Auxiliaries rrou ds est limited as hiMi as HiU.IHiU to Camp Livingston, La. ill I'hiladelphiu, let! I hut city convinced that he has a Kood chance arrival at cum p. - U.S.A. Mrs. Oiirnli' XV. I.imlwi.v of Sotitli Fourth HI root lias mTiu-J word Mini tier husband, Cpl. tl. X Lindsay has Brrtvod In Franco, t'pl. Lindsay Ib in th Railroad Hattaliou and was Inducted In lii'iUro, Octulior. 1913. - -r.s.A.-- Mr. and .Mm. Andy Kuti'li have tines ons In service. Bill is with of wrestine Pennsylvania's 85 elec I loom Nm1 ill llalkniiK Altogether, the day's developments wore believed in Loudon to mean the doom of the Hermans in the Ualkuns and southeastern Europe. If ti II reports are accurate, the Itussiaus now stuud on Ihe frontiers nf ViieoKlavia. Czechoslovakia and U.S.A. NEWS OF NEWPORT MEN IN SERVICE r, iiial Joseuh E. VanSickle. son Gen. Sir Henry Multlund Wilson, supreme Allied commander In the Mcditcrracnn theatre, broadcast a warning that all persons or groups "assislln the Germans to escape" from the Balkans would be punished. The Balkans, he declared, soon will be free. Trowels Entire Family for Sickness, Accident and Childbirth ceived his basic training: at Camp toral votes from President Roosevelt. While Kentucky is claimed by the lleninrriits. the Keuublican nom Greece and have swept clear across inee evidenced by his planned of Mrs. M. H. Neal of Clinton, form l'eary, Va. and Port Huneme, Cam. He is the boii of Jennie Ptsavento of North Ninth street. U.S.A. Pvt. Elmer McCarty, Jr. left lor emm after snendine tell days at Htieeeh t Louisville tonight, second of seven to be delivered during liis Includes hospital room, surgeon fees, medicine, X-rays, etc. 6,7000 mile coast-to-coast tour, that er Newport resident, is now stationed at Great Falls, Mont. Before being stationed at his present base, Cpl. Van Sickle was at Fairbanks. Ala. U.S.A. ft sum n. Chiuus. son of Mrs. he reeards Kentucky, which has a Dr. G. R. McGUIRE CHIROPRACTOR X-Kay 235V4 Blackman home, delay enroute. He has been COP governor, as debatable ground stationed at North Camp Hood. Tex. and has completed his basic train- C.ov. IJewev told his Philadelphia Centenary Sailor, 19, With US Troops in 5 Major Allied Invasions (Continued from pag 1) and radio audience that they have liulgaria and Homania, while Hungary is menaced from so many directions hor capitulation is only a matter of time. News that the Reds had stormed across Bulgaria In a smashing two-day drive if 100 miles and had sliced soutb In Grecian Thrace was broadcast by the German DNG agency. The agency said that Russian tanks and motorized forces, advancing in the direction of the Aegean coast, were "reliably reported1' to have reached the Diinotika district. SnvietK Nearine Sofia Ueulah Chlpps of Newport, is spend seen the War Production Jioaru. must critical of all war agencies Information Free "fall apart before your eyes" in the WE LIKE final crisis of the war. ing a 15 day furlougn wun ins mum-er. Cpl. Chlpps Is stationed at George Field. Lawrenceville. 111. U.S.A. Marvin G. Former. 18. of New-,.i (o i-eceiviiiE his initial Naval With it. he warned, went the TO EMPHASIZE JV A chance of the American worker and Islands, in the Marshall Islands and took part in the invasion of Saipan. His ship carried the first wave of invasion troops to Saipan. key to chaiu of Jap homeland defenses. iiwUictrinntion at the lT. S. Training The Quality of Our DRY CLEANING! veteran for jobs after the war. Dole, Not Jobs "For the New Dealers have mov ed in," he added, "and their handi work, their promise for America, ii not lobs but the dole." , One of the coincidences ot war came when Turchi discovered Herb Peterann of Fairview aboard his Yes. e I. IKK to emphasize the ,.r mix flt-t- elfiiiiiiiir lie- Cetttir. Great Lakes, 111. His recruit training consists of instruction in seamanship, military drill and general Naval procedure. During this period a series of apti-i,to testa will he taken by the re A new low-cost plan that pays cash for your hospital expenses has now been provided in a new kind of family insurance policy created by the well-known Northern Mutual Casualty Co. As this policy provides, your entire family is covered for hospitalization due to fickness, accident and childbirth. ' " transport on the way to attack the cause o Knov timt you will find, yOA'V Only the war, Gov. Dewey assert ed, with its tragic toll of death, Gilbert Islands. , Turchi., is home until Sept. 22 when he will report to Seattle, Wash, for active duty again. cruit to determine whether he will Other Soviet columns. DNB stated, were approaching Sofia, capital of Bulgaria. Neither Moscow nor Sofia, up to a later hour, had -confirmed .the: Nazi account of the Rodudrlve iato Bulgaria, but the Germans declared, the Reds had forced the Bulgarian1 border from Romania -at three places. Earlier, Sofia and Berlin broadcasts said the tttrigarian government had broken off relations with a Bulgarian declaration of war on Germany, but an Ankara report of i.u aeeiimed to a Naval ber ice debt and destruction, saved the Roosevelt administration which, he added, is unable to find a postwar School or to Immediate duty at sea ,)y comparing in ,-n".- .. - - irtaliiw. Hint e really "back up" those statements. We know that von Hill Ik- tlioroimhly pleased with our results from the gentle rleaiiiiiK process through careful preRsln(r and fin-ishin". That is why we get the same garments again and again ' heYailv we emphasize ouallty-eontrolled cleaning processes. Have Your Cleaning Done The Model Way When his recruit training is couir substitute for the production of uietcd. the seaman will receive a planes and tanks and guns. He h.nseH his charge that the pre period of leave. Autos, Drivers Increase In the last 20 years automobiles have increased from nine to 30 million; drivers from 10 lo 45 million and traffic fatalities have more than doubled. . U.S.A. sent administration plans prolonged atiiiv service for millions when l!aymond Knox, son of John Knov MODEL CLEANERS neace comes upon a statement by of Perrysville, former residents oi Newport, is spending a furlough at the director of selective service that ii will he necessary to demollilizf his home alter being in Lngiaiid lor a long period of time. Young Knox who is in the air corps, completed his lifinihiiig missions over Germany the armed forces as cheaply as we could create an agency for them and German occupied countries, and PEACHES for CANNING NEW STORE HOURS 9:00 a. m. to 12 Noon 1:30 p. m. to 10 p. m. when they are out." "Afraid of Peace" "Now it is out in the open," Gov. I Dewey said. "They are afraid of j peace. They are afraid of a contin-, fw I ELBERTA O HALE was awarded the presidential citation. U.S.A. Sergeant Milton Crooko. husband of Mrs. Martha Harriet Crooke, arrived home Saturday morning to spend a furlough with his wife and litnall daughter. Sgt. Crooke is stationed at Camp Campbell, Ky. U.S.A. Private FIihI Class George Williamson, son of Mrs. Kttth Williamson of Newport, and William Hush, son of Mrs. Clara Hush of Newport. Libei's Liquor Store 45 Days In Hospital According to the liberal provisions of this new plan, you iet the following benefits: ( 1 ) Cash for room and board, up to forty-five days for each member of the family in the liven year; (2) Cash to pay for the various hospital extra harges, such as operating com fee, X-rays, anesthetic, icdicines, ambulance service, itc. (8) Cash to help pay the urgeon fees. There are many jther benefits which make this Northern Mutual policy the nost liberal hospital protec-ion ever devised. No Medical Examination No medical jexamication is re--HiirrrJ. And all the members f your immediate family (ages up lo 63) are protected ndcr a single policy, on which you pay one premium each -nonlh. In the case of the aver- 418 NORTH 1TH ST. "HOI KIO OF vl'AIJTV nance of their own failures to get this country going again. They are afraid of America. "That is why they say it is cheaper to keep men ill the army than to let tliem come home." People Are Victims The Kpublican nominee charged lliere is Jio one in authority at Washington to put an end to iiuar-reling among men and to untangle snarled agencies of government. As a result, he said. "The people's business goes to pot and the people are 3 iOi 'Iff i; are both stationed on the Island of r(j Better Can A Few Tiniall. The two boys have seen each other at various occasions. Hoth are a More Bushels We from Newport and attended New the victims. May Not Have A Good Crop Next WHISKEY RUM GINS BRANDIES CORDIALS COMPLETE WINE LINE Soil Stirred Weeds will ntVer grow In a gar- ! port schools together. U.S.A. Samuel K. Hayton, son of Mr. and Mrs. Lee Hayton of Newport was recently promoted .D'om-.tlie ,nuik..;if Private First Class to that of Corporal. Cpl. Hayton is stationed at X'ictoria, Kan. His address is: Cpl. .Samuel F. Hayton. AAII. Walker Field. 1158 Guard Stjuadron, Victoria, Kiln. den if the soil is kept stirred with a hoe or cultivator. In loose, sandy soil, a rake or toothed cultivator will do the stirring; in heavier soil, a i hoe may Mecessarv. BRING YOUR OWN BASKET family, this premium a few cents unounts lo only a day. eCRACKEN & SONS 302 South Main Mat loon Citizens On Walch For Insane Frowlcr (Coo tinned 110m page 1) Vermillion County's Most Complete Stock of SHI EAiO)(ffillHAMRnnEim AUTO if STOP. OVEN VALUES One Burner Heavy Lined U Shelves Glass Front Awn rwvcK THF.SE ITEMS SATURDAY SPECIAL Good Sized Split CLOTHES HAMPER With Lid 70 $1.19 Value ONLY fi A Value You Vili Appreciate Sc: Our New Line of HASTnN PISTON RINGS 37-Year-0ld Company This policy is backed by a 37-'ear-old Company which has iithfully served the Middle vVest for over two generations, s provided in this policy, you are paid cash for hospital ex-lenses whether the disability occurs at home or at work. r.d you are not limited to iny certain hospital. The mon--y is paid to you. So you pick he hospital, anywhere in the J. S. or Canada. You are pro-" vided with an identification ard which furnishes the hos-ital satisfactory evidence ol our financial responsibility. Includes Childbirth Many Extra Benefits Phis liberal policy provides nany other benefits impossible o list in this limited space. But iny one interested can secure u!l and complete information w mailing the coupon below. rhere is no cost or obligation. Tear out this coupon now. FREE! . . . Mail Coupon . . . ONLY Qfy lj their comment was that of William Robinson, who said: "Shoot to Kill" "I've got a 1(J gauge ahotgun and plenty of shells. I'm taking time oil' to watch for that maniac and I'm shooting to kill." Robinson's wife and five children spent a night of terror after being awakened to see the face of a man, shadowed by cupped hands about his eyes, peering into the front window of their home. Mrs. Robinson was unable, to spread the alarm at once as there is no telephone in their home and ahe was afraid to leave the children alone. ,- Three Clues Found The only clues to the mad anesthetist, a piece of cloth stained with pinkish spots, an unusually large metal lipstick container, and a skeleton key. were being studied today in Springfield, III., by John Sutton, chief chemist in the state police crime laboratory. The objects were found on the premises of the Carl ("ordes home after Mrs. 'ordes summoned police .ind reported she was hirkened when she picked UP the llioistolied cloth .in (I mi i (fed it in an endeat or to ifb'ntily ilif odor. Meanwhile, one of Ihe victims. hiry llemli'i'sholt, 11. who was Hissed Wednesday night, still was mo ill she was unable to attend A. mi '-. S S PERMITE Valves, PisloiiTTne,- Mufflcrs, Tail Pipes, Water Pumps King Bolt Spts REPLACEMENT PARTS Chevrolet Plymouth Ford SAFETY ORDER of the day HUGS Larj;e Sized Txxo Burner Txvo Shelves Two Handles and Plate Heavy Lined KilllllllllmlllUlllMIWI'lllllllllllMI IlllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllUIIra Green Blue fiilcd Tan A (';;:n(er Full THERMOID Brake Lining, Fan Belt, Radiator Hose P and D IGNITION PARTS ONI v S3.S8 Size 18x30 38c Size 27 x 35 69c Size 27 x 48 89c 27x7 Ft. Long . . . .$1.69 IMefal VKDItiNK CAI.INFTS Larpe Size l.jn Imil Your Win! i;n Miiiilt lioon l'i'. riellt - SI.S3 .shell 'I wo $2.65 - SHOP SERVICE - HYDRAULIC BRAKE CYLINDERS, SPINDLE BUSHINGS O SUNNEN HONING FOR PISTON PINS 1 BARRETT .BRAKE DRUM LATHE (HuikII)' Ail) Siu- Uriim) VALVE REFACING and RESEATING. Valve Scats Installed TIRE VULCANIZING TUBE REPAIRING BRAKE AND CLUTCH RELINING SERVICE BATTERY RECHARGING Shell , ' srhnnl. Another. Mrs. Leonard Hur-tvll, who awoke coughing and strangling Tuesday night, complained that her chest was still sore. Her lS-month-old son. Dennis Lee. also was affected. Another of the latest wctiius was Kred (Joble. (id. a foundry worker, who reported lie was awakened by a peculiar odor in his room early yesterday and was made ill. Robert laniels. a neighbor, told police Tie saw a tall man run from the yard of tin' Coble house about the time the ictitn said lie was ovenome. iieiivv I'ed-.U;!(-k LINOLEUM RUGS 33-59c 3x6-9Sc 4x6-$1.45 6x6-$1.98 MN'OLKI'M ST A IIC Rl ATS 1 XOKTIIKKX M1TIAL I '.St Al.TY '. Mi-ri'liiiiils Itank lllrig. I ')p(. OS-1MI lnliaiiAHillft 4, Ind. Yiikom any coat or obliKaUon to I nr. iili ase find full and complete iifnnnation about your hospital -roterilon. j I .mil iiifrrstcrt in ( i I iimil.v Hospital Insurance ' i Imimiluai Hospital Insurance OIL STOVK WtCRS erfection Korogas l,orr;ifie lUiu'l'ii'tl FA( II Nai IViiufifiil Nexv Line Of LAiP SHADES ri.iin XXIii'e. Itrovtn or Pink l l..ii.t. .l XXitli I'ainy HoiiIitn lil - !.."! 15 in. - $1.1!) in. -.';:.(;!) 8 ia. - 29c & -39c lie S. i:- to see TiifM- shall" Sexeral 5c and 10i SOPPLY STAATS AUTO IVieks by the Yard Synthetic Fred Urea can effectively replace part of the protein supplements fn the ration for ruminants or cud-chewing animals. Work in which urea was used as a substitute for protein concentrates in the ration for cattle has been reported from Hawaii, Kansas, Massachusetts, and Wisconsin Agricultural Experiment stations, and for sheep from Illinois and New York stations. In all cases, nitro ppn KunnlipH nt ura was Batisfao . 'ity ."THE PLACE TO BUY' V, MBAUGHS 25C TO $1.00 STORE I trjij' uUiued Lur Us ajuPisUa-S its

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