The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on September 7, 1944 · Page 6
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 6

Clinton, Indiana
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Thursday, September 7, 1944
Page 6
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THE DAILY CLINVONIAN Thursday, September 7, 1944. ?nge Six " ,A LITTLE MORE HELP FROM THE SIDELINES WOULD BE APPRECIATED THE DAILY (IM'ONIAN At the Movies J Behind the Scenes )fU iggrin HOLLYWOOD PA LA('K ' Thuitwlay, Friday ami Katunlny ssstabllshed aa The Weekly catatonia ISM The OUaton Ptalndealer absorbed' In 10Ofl Published Dally Except Saturday , and Sunday "Women In Bondage," the sto ry of Hitler's women graphically By HARRISON CARROLL King Feature! syndicate Writer leorre L. Carey - Editor and Publisher and tensely presented. Catching HOLLYWOOD. Never again at the Postofrlc M Clinton, Indiana attention in the opening scenes, it moves through episodes to point aa Second Claat Matter Indiana Republican Editorial Aaaodadoa up the destruction of morality an Army bomber here late this month to carry Xovier Cugat on a one-day trip to present a flag to President Camacho. . . . Helen Forrest telephones that San Francisco is so crowded she and her manager. Bill Burton, are having to live in theater dressing rooms. . . . Dane Clark into the Cedars of Lebanon next week for a minor operation. . . . Tough break for Brenda Mar will Dennis Morgan try to hurry a water buffalo. One of the huge beasts refused to face the camera recently on the "God Is My Co-Pilot" location and womanhood under the Niiisl Phone S3 Phone 32 A strong women's picture, it also so Morgan holds posalbtllt leB for extensive exploitation thnt can lift grosses 1 grabbed its to surprising levels. Mmdttmm 'lull Patrick, Nancy Kelly. Hill RiPUBUCAN EDIT0K1M. shall and Lt. Bill Iloldcn. He's hers on a brief furlough and she's down with ptomaine poisoning. Henry are starred In this film. ASSOCIATIOK 'I)eath Valley Hangers" with horns ana twisted. The buffalo came to life but fast. Dennis had to take off in a flying leap and sprint to a sound truck. Hoot Gibson, Ken Maynard and Hob Steele opens as the serond The unusual Insignia worn by Capt. John Carroll Is from the La feature. fayette Escadrllle. John flew with the French out of Corsica. He and Elliott Roosevelt are the only VjJ W A HASH Wednesday and Thumday Accent Is off accents in "The Swell human Interest story on the "Diamond Horseshoe" set. Director of the Seaton who is Harrison Carroll Impostor." rniversal's Inspiring drama of the Free French, starring Jean Gabln, which opens to Americans in this war tv ven the insignia. In case Twentieth Century-Fox doesn't know it, Harry James is planning to take Betty Grable and the band for a three-week tour of movie is George night at the Wabash Theatre. making his megaphone debut on VAVES SERVE THE NATION. 'The Imposter' relates the ex musical after writing the screen Dlav on "The Song of Bernadette Some 72,360 Waves recently celebrated and other Twentieth Century-Fox ploits of the sextette, who esfab-ish a camp and build an airfield in the Congo jungle, and later fight side by side in the Allied the second anniversary of the organiza biggies. Playing the minor role of wardrobe woman but getting tion, hearing the leaders of the nation's war effort praise their contribution to the Europe aa soon as conditions permit Lt. John Shelton headed for the Pacific instead of the Mediterranean as first reported. When Kath-ryn Grayson last heard from him, he had been assigned to help rid the ship of bedbugs. plenty of footage from Seaton is an Nations' desert campaigns In North Africa. actress named Ruth Rickaby. Here defense of the United States. is the drama behind their friend ship. Thirteen years ago Seaton wrote and played all the male roles President Roosevelt pointed out that the Waves took over the work of Navy men in 500 shore establishments of the on an unsponsored radio show. Miss Rickaby played all the female roles. Later, they hired a young man to The $2,000 Dorothy Lam our got for appearing with Sonny Tufts on do sound effects and play occasional a radio program was donated by Accidental Deaths Accidental deaths of children under five years in 1944 increased 13 per cent from 1942. the 5 to 14 age group rose 6 per cent. Young adult deaths 14 to 24 years dropped 17 per cent and for persons 25 to 44 years decreased 10 per cent; increases lor ages 45 to 64 years 4 per cent, and over 64 years up 6 per cent. the star to complete the furnishing of the obstetrical ward for the heavies; also a kid actor to do children. The young man was John Hodiak, the kid actor, Lon fleet and released enough men from non-combatant duty "to man all our landing craft in two operations: the Normandy landing on June 6th and the invasion of Saipan on June 16th". ! It is an expression of the patriotism of wives of servicemen at a San Bem-adino air corps hospital. 4t HOLLYWOOD HI-JINKS: Case of Jacques Press and Eddie Cber- Frances Rafferty's romance with , MaJ. John E. Harlan was Hollywood's best-kept secret After she More Traffic Officers It is estimated that at least 11,000 women that the Waves have been able to secure sufficient voluntary enlistments to reach their auota. Unfortunately, the more city traffic officers, twice the present number of state traffic officers, and 1.000 more expert traffic engineers are needed to bring traffic control measures up to a minimum requirement kose, who sued Universal for not giving them credit on the song. "Chlck-ee Chick," sung by Aurora Miranda in "Phantom Lady," has been settled out of court According to Attorney Seymour Chotiner, the boys got a lot more than they originally received for the song Donald S. Case, wealthy husband same cannot be said of all the service organizations depending upon American women for the full implementation of their broke her engagement witn Lt. Dewey G. Barnes, everybody thought that M-G-M Actor Steve Brody had the inside track. But Frances had been going with her major for several months and even had visited Arizona, where he was stationed. Frances' new husband comes from Kansas City and was a childhood friend of Craig Stevens. Frances and Craig's wife, Alexis Smith, likewise have known each other since they were kids. Frances' honeymoon will be brief. Her Taking a Backward Glance of Singer Marie "Butch" Austin, is seriously ill in their valley home. Has to have a special nurse. . ; . Organized Sports The first regularly organized athletic meeting of modern times was that promoted by the Royal Military academy at li'oolwich, England, in 1849. THIKTV YEARS Colorado may adopt Hal Mclntyre's number, "Call of the Columbine," as a state song. . . . Carol Bruce at the Biltmore Bowl with Harry ACiO TODAY The state mining examinations for mine boss, fire boss and hoisting engineer will be conducted Oct. 11, beginning at 9 a. in. at the Garfield high school in Terre Haute. Men, 21 years old or over, who are citizens of the United States are eligible to take the examination, according to information given out today by John Stevely, deputy state mine inspector. Reg'tater About j One-Third On I groom, who's an infantry major at 25. expects to go overseas very soon. Davis Wan Is ifty To Look After Own Ilix Personal s Claude Ewing went to Indiana-polls today for a few days' business trip. Anna, little daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Fred Murray, of South Third, is reported a little better. During the session of the coun Industrial Deaths Since Pearl Harbor wartime In dustrial accidents killed 7,000 more persons than were killed in battle up to January 1. 1044. cil Tuesday night, Councilman Davis took occasion to make some I r 1 . in tvari, cnain snoe store owner. . . . Marguerite Chapman with Capt Bernie Goodman at the Mocambo. . . . Tommye Adams, squired by A! Herd at Lymans, telling pals that her romance with Jose Iturbi is all over. . . . The Andrews Bisters are taking their protege, Freddie Stewart, to sing with them at the New York Paramount. Inquiries about the city police de- a"" V V T " """ Betty Hutton has been seeing New York with Mike Todd ... Instead of war headlines, the paper boy at Sunset and La Brea has been yelling: "Extra! Extra! Dick Tracy wounded!" . . . Understand the Mexican government will rend licit JUlll'S UilB ICLUlUrU IU LI JB part men t responding to calls out Septnilr I hue f side the limits. He urged that : home on North Eleventh street, I aft r f pending two weeks at Ridge Earthworms to Acre Charles Darwin, the British naturalist, one estimated that thers were 53,000 earthworms to the acre. Such records as have yet been the work of the department be Famt. 111. scanned indicate that between 30 confined to the city, and that the mining camps, which are under Mr. and Mrs. Mike Stark of anij 40 per cent of the voters reg- the surveillance of the constables, be made to take care of their own offenders. IhT Rest of My Life Hth You Old Sixttfn Ha Ilet Terre Haute, drove to Clinton Tuesday evening and called on relatives. Mr. and Mrs. R. M. Pentreath. Mr. and Mrs. V. C. Wright and Mr. and Mrs. F. L Swinehart motored 10 Paris, lil, last Thursday, to attend the fair. Mr. and Mrs. W. H. B.nfT. Reunion Ever Held I The beet reunion "Old Sixteen" I Faith Baldwin.. J tf Klaf Imm tpaa-av laft ever held was at the old Helt township BPhool, "Sunday. There ; was church and Sunday school.) CHAPTEB THIRTY-TWO istered In Vermillion county Saturday. Registrations will be made by affidavit between now and October Cth and then, finally, on that date. lVrwmalfi : Mrs. Sarah Van Horn. Fred and Austin Van Horn and Miss Verta N'agle attended the Small family reunion at Linton, Ind., jester-day. W. X. - York and family, of South Seventh street, spent the week-end visiting with relatives near Sullivan. Ind. Mrs. William Bath and daughters, Ruth. Helen and Mildred. nd Mrs. Bessie Balhs. of Dan with Mrs. Margaret Wright and followed by a big dinner and ai Matthew was standing; by the fireplace, his pipe in his mouth. He John R. I'aine drove to Coving it she's got to be good at it It took her weeks to steady .down after she and Peter were married. And I was very patient about it," he added. "You needn't be so smug." beean commented. You look very pretty program. Every woman, who serves in the Waves, just like the women members of other service units, renders a distinct service to the nation. Many of them replace men in noncombatant duties, enabling the services to utilize available manpower in operations directed against the enemy. While it is too much to ask American women to enter the ranks of our combat services, it is not too much to expect them to volunter in sufficient numbers to fill the quotas desired by the service organizations. RESEARCH. , Research and public education, in regard, to post-war problems, are now under-way'by 197 public and private agencies, according to the Twentieth Century Fund, which says that this includes 39 government and 158 private agencies. While there are undoubtedly a number of private agencies concerned with the general welfare most of them are solely interested in the welfare of a special group. This applies particularly to business-sponsored agencies, devoted strictly to the promotion of goodwill and profits for business represented. We are not opposed to research by business groups, especially if their information is openly sponsored and given out plainly as the product of the parties interested. To balance this partisam source, however, it is important that governmental agencies conduct similar studies and make public their reports. VANDALISM. , It is hard to understand the motives of miscreants of Portland, Oregon, who in-vaded a Japanese cemetery, to break grave , stones and toss them into heaps. Police officers say that the desecra telephoned that he would be tvery , late. Judith had her dinner on a tray and, when be came in about half past eight, his was waiting for him. She went to ait with him while he ate it He said accusingly, "You didn't wait for me." "Angel, I was starved. I walked ton. Sunday, where they visited for the day. general good time. Joe K. Smock ; and his son, of Sullivan, were ' present. Mr. Smock having been ' one of the old time teachers of I wis evening, Mrs. Gorman." "Thank you." ul like you in green.1 Judith. Then she laughed and went the school. However. Mr. Smock I "It's aquamarine," she said, ja upturn?. TWKXTY VKAKS A0 TOD.tV Mining KuuniruUionft To Hi- Held rn 4h t- II miles today ... I wouldn't take the "In whatever it is. In anything excused himsJf when he was apk- ! ed to talk, sa 'ng he was no speech maker. 1 over to him and leaned her head against his shoulder. "You can always get another office nurse, darling, but it isn't so easy to find friends. Elizabeth's a friend and a good one. You could depend on I car. Jack had been out with you last night So I let him go for the ville. 111., are the guests of Mr. day. Hell call soon to see if yon and Mrs. John L. Hayek, of Wal want mm to drive you tonight her and on Peter too, through anything. That's what counts." CROSSWORD - - - By Eugene Slxffer Her husband said, "My logics sounder. YouH see." "I won't As far as 1 know, I'm free. Let's go to a movie." "All right I'll have to dress." "What's the matter with what you have on? It looks all right to me." "I don't think so" objected Ju nut SI reet Mrs. Sam Robertson of Mulberry street has returned to work at Resneck-Berger's after snendine her vacation visiting with her sister. Mrs. Dwight Thompson in Dana. Ind. dith calmly. "Just because you're at mu. fine said, "You look terribly wide awake." "I am. Let's go out and dance." . "At this hour?" "Midnight? It's only the shank of the evening, my good girl.- She said, smiling, "You have to be at the hospital in the morning, early. Wait till I straighten things op and well go to bed- "Why can't Nils?" he asked. "I let him off early. He's been op quite a lot lately and I think he's coming down with a cold." "You spoil your servants. i "I don't think so," demurred ! a martinet, 1 don t intend to lose a friend. And by golly, she went warming to the subject, "if necessary I'll get her another job and a better one: Where, for instance?" he in quired. Psofneed Blooming Flower Most profused bloominj flower of the field in Biblical Paitstine, says a botanist, was probably the poppy anemone, scarlet, blue, gold, and while. W ell, there's Vr. Ellison. X bap- pen to know that he's been looking "It's called a hostess gown," she informed him, "and it's floor length, I'd look pretty funny in a neighborhood movie house, wouldn't I?" When Matthew was drinking his coffee she said, "Look, eome along while 1 change, will you? I want to tell you something." Judith was brushing her shimng hair and reddening her mouth when he came into their bedroom. She said, putting on the jacket of her tweed suit and picking up her sables from a chair. "I went to see Dr. Leming today." "What for?" asked Matthew. Judith; "after all, it's give-and-take in that relationship too." "Why? You pay them plenty. An4 it s all take on their side. ' 2 W, s 6 7 UlT""1' " riiiiiiiiii" : i 1" r I" " W' 16 27 26 . 29 30 2 r "JL I39 III 22 She said, "Well, let's not fight about it. It's very hard to get a 1 Gibbous Moos A mnrm that is between hah moon and full is known as "gibbous tncon. good couple nowadays, Matthew; I'd like to hang on to this one." "It's your affair' he commented startled. carelessly. Their finances were not at all in "Well," replied Judith, "I wanted to be sure that there was no reason why I couldn't have a Kale in Assault for a nurse. Ellison was one of the late Aunt Ella's many former physicians. "Where'd you see him?" Matthew asked. "Ran into him on the street. He's a dear old man and bears Aunt Ella no grudge." "Well, you needn't suggest Elizabeth to him," he said, and to her amazement he was genuinely angry. "She's trained just as I want her to be; Irene trained her." Judith was silent, and after a moment she said casually, "I'm going to bed now." When his wife had gone, Matthew stood chewing on the cold pipe, letting his anger cool as welL Now and then she infuriated him. She interfered. He thought: She's my wife, this is my house. In other words, his word was law. baby." "Who told you about him?" "Mary. I asked her." Matthew shook his head. He said. tion is tne second oriense within a yearj and blame it upon adults and express doubt that graves and monuments can ever be rematched. I Vandalism of this type does not ex- j press patriotism nor Americanism. Nor j does it express the judgment of the right- j thinking people of Portland, Oregon. The i fiendish acts express the unreasoning hat- j after a moment,-"but I dont want you to have a baby yet, Judy." to be nodded. "1 know, be I saw - - - ' f sue - f Dr. Leming " I U wring his neck, cut in Mat thew. He took her by the shoulders. 1 thought we talked about this be fore we were mimed." But it wasn't, apparently. , volved. Matthew paid the rent, and fcis office expenses and Judith ran the house. She had said, when the extent of Ella's legacy was revealed to her, Well, it's a partnership, isn't it? What does it matter how much each of us contributes?" She was emptying ash trays when M atthew spoke again. H e said, "See here, Judy, I wonder if it's very m-ise to see quite so much of Elisabeth and Peter?" "What do yon mean, quite so much' ? " she demanded, "This is only the second time they've bees here since we were married." He declared slowly, "I know. But after all you do sec her occasionally outside." I like her," aaid his wife, "and now and then when you let the poor girl off for a decent lunch hour, I take her out. And that Sunday when you were busy ail day I drove her and Peter up into the country. Just what don't you like about it?" i "Dont get worked up, darling.; "I know we did. But I fed dif Judith was in bed when her bus- i red of low mentalities which, fortunately, is not widespread in the United States. band came upstairs and turned to ferently." aaid Judith simply, "now that we are married. I'd like 7-U smile at him as he prowled around the room, flinging his clothes this way and that. She said, "And I'm not going to pick them up. They S passed awiftljr 9. movable 51 king of beasts S2. because 53 stake 54 sea bird SS. finale . state In Brazil 4. highly i seasoned ' stew fi. since Washington Price Administrator Chester Bowles, disclosing 42.000 cases of price, rationing and rent regulation violations in the first six months of 1944: can stay there, just that way. Nils 10. silkwora) 11. lair will gatner them together and send 16. circuit them to the tailor in the morning." it 6 heroic ttory 20. sole "I don't expect yen to pick tneoi 22. worth havtaf 1 baby as soon as possible. And then some more." Her husband demurred, "But yon know how 1 feel." She came close to him, looked op at his dark and frowning face. "Matthew, 1 love you o mach. Can't you see why, when we are young, 1 want your children, I don't want to wait?" "I told you, five yearn. That' plenty of time." "There's never enough time," she said slowly with a wisdom far beyond her years. "I can't understand yon. darting A child, chil VEBTICAL 7. that which is 1. chrysalis affirmed of 2. elliptical the subject up, be remarked, yet it casnea across his mind that, subconsciously, he did. Mary had always picked un after him: and Irene. Only it s a little unwise to Bz office and borne, isn't it?" Answer to yesterday's puzzle. Judith remarked. We see "When the majority of the people are faithfully cooperating, it is up to us toj assure them that their neighbors and com-! petitors will not profit from disregarding 1 these same rules." j Moscow Soviet Writer G. Ivanov, re- j cently returned from Japan: "The front is I approaching the shores of Japan. Jap-1 anese ships no longer feel safe even in their own territorial waters." enough of Sam and Bill and their wives." That's entirely different," he re HORIZONTAL 1. small report 4. coarse file 6 ran 12 pulpy fruit 13. gelatinous substance 14. had on 15. addition of a syllable to end of a word 17 Island of Saints 18. poplar 19. embrace 21 sprout 23 unimpaired 26. contrition 30 obstruct 31. compile 32 the ocean 33. singing voice 34. grow old 35 most acrid 37. bank official 39 prior to 40 lawful 42 of applet 46. largest continent 4 type of church ' bi) snow She avked, "You're still angry with me?" "No. of course I'm not, "Prove it." fie came over, stooped down, took her into his arms and kissed her with satisfactory violence. Releasing her, he said, "You're a maddening woman. 1 could spank you." dren, ours. Mattnew replied, "Jdy. I like torted. "This setup makes tmngs awkward. I mean, here we had din eur life aa it is. I don't want it interrupted. When I am heme I want ner tonight and played cards, all very friendly. Suppose something 21. zeune animals . 25. pace of borsf 26. fuel 27. rim is artist who decorates metal 29. mesh 33. of a plane surface SS. plead 36. stoat (in winter) 38. tenure 41. habitation 43. existence 44. sacred picture 45. disentangle -wool 46. exclamation 47. inquiry 49. native of a country j you there. 1 want you ready to ge out with me, er " He stopped and shook his head. "I'm net so articu m fcjoiBrpiE lTlEl"ncl!Al p A 3 lJa 1 3 ij Is EJ ApA slll R TlspsjAplPlEH SEI P5fcl IAH M Tl 3 p Ti7nrolLwn?iAic E lcto'.QT!ETa5TEJS'T'S a:A;LT'l iCDCjl irli5,5 OjN.EflN OiK EtNfl3!EjE GiAlRlJ 3QICS 1 Uri A.n goes wrong tomorrow, an appointment or whatever. It won't be easy to bswl her out." She a?ked curiously, "And do you "Try rt. enaiiengeo Junius, witn considerable spirit. Matthew yawned. He was sleepy, after all. The hospital, early. He said. "Not tonight," and went off IA WHENCE .L UOVO, New Tor advertising executive, is shown entering: a New York police station where he was charged with felonious assault on Mrs. Louise Stanley Munn. 29-year-old movie actress, who was seriously beaten about the face and head in a Park avenue hotel room. Charged on the actresses' complaint, Lioyd denied any connection with the crime. 4 lottzaatioua) to his bathroom laughing a little. late aa you. I don t want to saere you, not yet can't you onder-stand?" "Yes. darling, I understand that much. But you wouldn't share me. We'd be sttarinr. together. Cem't you nee that too?" To be continued) Judith, lying back against the Buenos Aires President Edelmiro. Farrell "explains" the program of his 1 regime in Argentina : "Is is our aim to es-1 tablish the rights of the individual so firmly that the state can never infringe I upon them." J piliows, thournt: He reaiiy meant that about Elizabeth. I won't do it. I wont hart her. I like her too "Sure. Why not? I bawl "era out. I can't viand it when things go wrong tnrocurh cheer stupidity or Inattention. They don't mind." "Tnat s what yon think." "It's her job," Matthew said defi-niuui, Ad if sac s gomg to itcec . O-H much. . . . met star f Its ; 1 contempt t One da in the snncc jlattaew VsaUJMlMC ViML L) Kins Features fiadisata, lac

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