The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida on November 5, 1968 · Page 26
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The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida · Page 26

West Palm Beach, Florida
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 5, 1968
Page 26
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Page 26 article text (OCR)

illitf mii,,l I iilium NOW HFOF S 26 Palm Beach Post, Tuesday, Nov. 5, 1968 THE LITTLE WOMAN IT LMTVeAK WJ f A MAM SAILED V. A FELLOW WHO OO IT T lji? VOJ JOSTSE6--I U. BGT ' W- I'M KOT EVEN 1 i r SOMEONE WILL OO IT ( GOIM6 TO ASK WfA J V, BEFOQE LONKS - , HOW r- 1 WITWOUT A BOAT.' N y ' N A SIXTEEN-FOOT aos ftjrt tub uw-iot n H t Answer to Printout Puiilt BOAT QJATCNTY- 6 IGHT- FOOT Medley HI I I iMA;G El IJiQiBI I 3;OiR;ERI lALjFl QlNlEl 25 ECISiJQpE cfe a n ZJ I NI5jTATEP AiRNlg (P E R RA GfTU ME gE , , 1 . . 'S A350J"E' ?i55j5TN AWRlfjHT.' VvJCEvER r WA6 VhC SCT IME TWICE TO CTs s UE 5ACK CME pe "-CSE CAQ5.' 39 Portal 41 Bov's name 42 Marsh bird 45 Rightful 46 Fiber knots 47 Candlenut tree 49 Unused .11 Dismounted M Make lace 5(1 Maple genus fit) lie borne 61 Musical syllable 62 Girl's name 63 Shakespearean river 64 Cuckoo blackbird 65 Goddess of discord 66 Dissolve 67 Masculine nickname 68 Ooze DOWN 1 Preposition 2 Crucifix ACROSS Rainbow Hivi-r barrier Hotly if water Proboscis Mall bri-w UiH'tiiwd lilbllcal naitii' lniimr KuHinan river Greek letter Sea eaeles Observe Sesame. WinKlIko part Pismire Innsbrurk is its capital Swindle (slang) Duration of office Grow old Youngster POd OJ CE... out chs. gA.jrs 32 Monster 33 Jump 36 Great mass 40 Ankara 43 Manifest 44 Type measure 48 Perfume 50 Walks in water 51 Ancient Syria 52 Subsist 53 False god 55 Italian river 57 Apple center 58 Great Lake 59 Grate 3 Small island 4 Parches 5 Moistened 6 Exclamation of sorrow 7 Deserve 8 Lonesome 9 Mimicker 10 Sharp 11 Termini 22 Consume food 24 That thing 25 Deeds 26 Diving bird 27 Against 29 Path (dial.) 31 Shower "gl King FwIotm SrHl pAltoTs! REDEYE -v.-r ( "If it's not on a calendar, HE wouldn't like it!" 5 6 7 HOROSCOPE FOR TODAY ZIn" INDIVIDUAL WHO "EVIDENCE IN A CASE. 13 SOON TO BE CLOSED AND WISHED HED BEEN BORN UJlS LlrtS CONTRIBUTION TO HUMANITY, A PATHETICALLY SHODDY HAT. BEARING ARTIFICIAL FLOWERS. O ENDS THE CASE OF SOMEBODY ELSE AND SET 16 POSIE.THE MAN WHO Tuesday, November 5 By SYDNEY OMARR FORGOTTEN, EXCEPT IN THE DUSTY ARCHIVES OF THE POLICE! OUT TO TAKE VENGEANCE ON THE WORLD. DIDN'T WANT TO LIVE HONESTLY. 19 "The wise man controls his destiny . . . Astrology points the way." 24 ARIES (March 21-April 19): Judgment concerning money 29 malters Is apt to be correct. Key is to have courage of con 36 1 12 13 14 12 18 I2T22 34 W 38 42 43 44 17 5M5253 60 63 66 victions. State needs. Go after requirements. Changes are necessary make them. Be ARSENAL IN A GREENHOUSE FURNAf E 8 19 110 11 17 20 31 32 33 37 " 41 46 50 '5657 58 59" 62 65 68 1 I I i 35 39 40 rid H.lMiRr-rrt 'VJUL.L positive, definite. TAURUS (April 20-May 20): You've been given a second chance. Don'f fumble. Obtain hint from ARIES message, Cycle remains high. Family FINALLY THE TOP' THAT'S 55 WHY MAMA member deserves credit give It. Continue making new A THOUSAND-FOOT CLIMB WOULP EXHAUST ANYONE - -EVEN THE PHANTOM ! HAWK WASi 61 contacts. Be independent, TRYING TO PRIVE ME original. GEMINI (May 21-June 20): 1MB 64 OFF ' WW Decisions are taken out of your hands. Some work very 67 hard in your behalf. Don't make premature decisions (Newspaper Enterprise A$tn ) Study pulse of public. You're close to victory, but there Is a JACOBY ON BRIDGE hidden factor. CANCER (June 21-July 22): Your friends come through in l meaningful manner. Some put V Sacrifice Peril Is Illustrated i PHANTOM reputations on line. You learn who cares, who is merely of fair-weather variety. Express his ace and king and when West showed out South had to lose two hearts and two more WELL, A LITTLE MOW EC0O,vY AOl II nivl'T Ul IC?T CARMICHAEL appreciation by handling added assignment. LEO (July 23-Aug. 22): You could come upon apparency immovable object. Key is to know when to stop. Don't throw good money after bad. Draw line at waste, hopeless cause. Prestige rises if judgment is calm, cool. VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sept. 22): Get down to business about plans regarding travel, advertising. New approach may be necessary. Not wise to count on individual whose health Is a problem. Key Is to be self-reliant. LIBRA (Sept. 23-Oct. 22): Welcome truth. Don't reject facts. Money gain shown if you are bold. Strike while the iron is hot. Your contacts want to aid. But you must ask. Throw off false pride. SCORPIO (Oct. 23-Nov. 21): Let others make the first move. Be a counterpuncher today. Sharpen sense of timing. Improve public relations. Be sure others know where you stand. Be flexible, versatile. SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22-Dec. 21): Work quietly. Accent efficiency. Forego the flashy. Stick to facts. Co-operate with associates. Be awareof details. Be there in person. Not wise to delegate duties today. CAPRICORN (Dec. 22-jan. 19): Accent on reactions of young persons. You're In for a surprise. You gain access to information which was a secret. A report received at home is subject to change. AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Feh. 18): Steer clear of family dispute. If you insist on having your way, the price could be dear. Maintain steady pace. Avoid excess speed. One close to you disagrees with a principle. PISCES (Feb. 29-March20): You tend to be busy with more than one task, assignment. Key Is to manage your time. Take one aspect of a question at a time. Don't overextend yourself. Take care with what you put in writing. IF TODAY IS YOUR BIRTHDAY, you are attractive to the opposite sex. You can claim an overabundance of personal magnetism. Breakthrough indicated in a project which could lead to greater freedom. GENERAL TENDENCIES: People are concerned with what they own, might have to give up. Tendency Is for friends to argue over basic 2 V I WI5H YOU'D OU FEEu. BRATIONSW 77ZY TO KEEP a5 WiTHIN TH WiTHIN TH 3uD3T 7 WELLX1 I LIKE- 1 THAT ) rvlON1 KEALLV MA'S THE KlTcHENl OF tomorrow Moth img eVer mm trumps. We don't think much of South's three club bid. It is mighty dangerous to get into the bidding at the three level with a broken five card suit. He paid well for his bid but if East had opened one club there is no chance that South would have gone into action and the best East and West could do would be to take the easy game and rubber. (Newspaper enterprise Msn ) GETS DOME TopAY f NORTH 5 A J932 V876 K854 72 WEST EAST (D) A7G AAKQ4 VA 1092 VK53 AQJ 109 473 Q8 A.I10G5 SOUTH A 1085 V QJ4 62 AK943 Both vulnerable East-West 60 on score West North East South 1 A Pass 2 Pass Pass 3 Pass Pass Dble Pass Pass Pass Opening lead A IIEFLINTSTONES HAS YO' "Y-BUTTHAKS EVER SEEM 1 NO SHORTAGE v" J SUCH A n O OTHER ASSORTMENT? TINVIS --xATlKJE UPSTANDIN' Q The bidding has West North East c,CT)KP POO- BACHELORS.'. I i , y (1 - L. . 1 i I V 1 . . V When you have a part score Pass of either 60 or 90, all suits be- Pass come equal. With 90 one of p!,ss 1 Pass 2 A 4 A Pass 4 N.T. 5 V Pass ? You, South, hold: AAK76 VKQ94 4A 4K Q 10 7 What do you do now? A Bid five no-trump. You are interested in seven. TODAY'S QUESTION Your partner bids six diamonds to show one king. What do you do now? Answer Tomorrow A I ASK FOR A GOO GOO- s- A h sr. A A - U ( COOKIE, AND GET J 7 A PAT ON THE DAA DOOJ DAA DOOJ J J Hatlo's They'll Do It Every Time TWvAMYAN' PAPPY ( MOMMY AN1 PAPPY ( THEY DO? OH, V I LET US WATCH THE M MAKE US ONLY TAKE ) tvALL RfgHT'--- Vlate shoW''vti(a bath once a Corr When the kips stay at grandma, and grandpa's house they SAY' anything makes game, with 60 two of either a major or minor suit makes game. With this in mind the winning player will avoid opening three card club and diamond suits and even if he is a devout follower of the five card major suit prophets, he will open four card majors in preference to preparing for a rebid with a weaker minor suit opening. He also will not rebid over his partner's two over one response unless he holds either a very good suit or is interested in a slam. With this in mind, responder won't go to the two-level in a suit unless he is prepared to play it right there. One of these four card major openings paid unexpected dividends when South decided to fly the flag after his opponents had stopped at two diamonds. West would have had no trouble making three or four diamonds. With 100 honors he would have collected almost 700 points. After South stuck in his three club bid, East and West collected nine tricks and 1.400 points. In addition they still had their part score. ' West opened a spade and East proceeded to cash three spade tricks and lead his low one. South discarded a diamond and West trumped. Then West cashed his ace of diamonds and shifted to the queen of trumps. South took HI AND LOIS MUST 8E A 680UNP T BUT THEYLL COME R. : TMEY ;-T NEAR EAW 0 YW '$ VeuRV AN? ONE 0 V0U vE.fS SS'ER'S CcE'ER.'.. 3 ponTstall, Blonpie! leap me to ATTACH ACROSS TOWN BACK HERE SOONER I LL SHOOT THE O I-I'M NOT -FOLLOWING UP THE fo-, OR LATER.. THAT HEAP ' SAL I ?OMB RUN ! -. rTlpMB RUN ! -dSP - CERTAIN WHEIZ Ws .... ... Jm fc KM K K fc 17 IHfc J 17 A K. ' i Turn . if i eiwm ulujuk.'" yt &osh: &kanima r 7 , TIME FOR YOUR. ) I AND GRANDPA LET ) M0 fJ V BATHS- I US STAY UP FOR ( MAKE US TAKE A XI A-Ji a ) tub 1 Ltf cm... J V BATH NEITHER And then they so home and what do THEY SAY? ffrTTT 9 fJ siiPl! S 4 III J A r.1 f 11.1 -PiT wife 7 r, STEVE CANY PtWMi, ,1 : -ft K yd..,.. I. By Neg Cochran OUT OUR WAY OUR BOARDING HOUSE with Major Hoople V - I NEVER DWBR-J YOU'RE TALKlMci TOODWHY TV AMCIEMT W4TORX 00 YOU THlMK MRS I6HE BLAMED THE gOV5 .' POP JUST H00PL6 15 GETTING POP l ( PULLED UP fM Ml5 U5ED TO THE IDEA M HARDEN TO HOlv) DUNE 6U66Y-"y OF F0P ELOPEMEWT ? lOOWM TMAN A AND j he didn't Burn The- Aho$Pital PH-L.y I all alome J majors toast this v in rrTMTnTTTTIrrTTtt FERDNAND 4 ...I WOULDNTCARH IF GET OUTA HERE, VOU fl PONT CARE HOW VOU EXPLAIN IT, AM ) VOU WOULDN'T EXPECT HELEN OF TROY TO fT WAS NOAH IN THE, f BUT MY FAKERS: fa WAN, BEAT HELEM OF TROY ARK, I WOULDN'T IT, THE LOT OF YOU: I UUOn, rlK, I BUT I DO l KNOW... AND WE COULD USE A Y COOL IT--UONKED ) NEED A NEW REFRIGFRATOR--AWP MY J TO PUSH THE FWlC WEWCOAT,! VACUUM CLEAKIER IS ON ITS M. BUTTON.' JUST i MOTHER. . LAST LEi35"AWD MY WASHER )l LOOKIWS, IS ALL" K . rT- HAS BEEN REPAIRED WUST BROWSiwa.y f . SO MANY TIMES SZZcJS PtVERSIONARV TACTICS . , t ., . J I MY EYE.' I SPEAK ENGLISH,' GIVE YOU A DIME UNDERSTAND IS KVVCWHLESS V VMJUUJ YUUr FOR, IT.' 'i A 771 r" I :.KRAKifs(5 ; fn nun I z I . . ih-7 HR JIM Jill I m JXr- (n-5 ,hw. ALLEY OOP Ml W M(. hM TM 1 ui Pt Wf.

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