The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on September 7, 1944 · Page 4
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 4

Clinton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 7, 1944
Page 4
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Thursclay, Soptcrabej- 7, 1944., THE. DAItY, CLIJfTQNIANX lis and Miss Emma Lou Auble of EDITORS PLAN FRENCH LICK MEET Fort Wayne. At noon Sunday a bas ket dinner was held In the park. Mrs. William Hoyer and children Eighth Army Push Nears Riccione, Gothic Line Base of Frankfort and Mrs. M. E. Blue Small Stoves Soldiers nlone or in small group may carry and cook over stoves which weigh less than Vh pounds. Stopping by a jungle trail they may heat up their canned meat and vegetable hash within a few minutes, add a little hot water to theit dehydrated gravy, prepare a warm drink and serve a hot meal with no danger that the Japs will be able to spot them because of the fire or smoke. They may stop in zero weather atop some barren Arctic island, throw a few handfuls of snow in a kettle, add some coffee powder and soon njoy a steaming cup. (Continued trom page 1) of Charleston, 111. spent last week with Mr. and Mrs. Adran Elliott and son. Mr. and Mrs. Robert Grubbs and family of South Bend spent the weekend with their parents, Mr. and Mrs. Harrison (Irubbs and Mrs. Margaret Malone. Mrs. Wesley Malone and son John accompanied them to South Bend Monday for a week's ed from the Nazis north of Florence. The immediate objective of the Eighth Army is the town of Ric Cayuga School Show Planned Second Annual Flower, Vegetable Exhibit Soon; ' Auble Family Reunion The second annual Cayuga ftohool vegetable and flower show will be held, In the school gymnasium, Saturday September 9th. Prizes and ribbon will be awarded for first, second and third places in the following divisions: Floral: Bouquets; Mixed, flat; cut flowers. 1. Asters. I. Snapdragons, 3. Marigolds, dwarf, 4. Marigolds, lage. 5. Mutton Zinnias. . Dahlia Zinnias and 7. Gladiolus. Vegetables: 1, Irish potatoes; I, gweet potatoes; 3, Cabbage; 4. Cucumbers: 6, Beets; 6, Turnips; I cione, a bastion of the Nazis' Gothic Line stretching across northern Italy. Fbinents of the Fighih al visit. ready have crossed the Melo River Horn to Mr. and Mrs. fieorge Ernst, August 31st, a daughter, at despite stout resistance by Nazi in ;;: J i ccs 1 ( "'a 'j I ' -' I I i V fantry and tanks units. St. Elizabeth Hospital, Danville. 111. She has been named Stella. The The drhe speared into Itesanigo. on strategic Mount Coriano Ridge. mother Is the former Miss Pauline Shelato. daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Farther inland, other outfits of the Eighth had moved within a mile Frank Shelato. Prior to her marriage she operated a beauty shop In Helps You Overcome FALSE TEETH Looseness anrj Worry So longer Tie nmioycd or feel ill at pftno beciuine of lfoH wiihbly fulne teeth. FASTKI'TIT. an improved nlknline (nmi-ici(t) powVr. sjn'mlilcd en yur phile hrjltls tliul firmer so ttn-y feel more. I'omfurtit! St. ISiioiIiiiitj jiml cti'ilincr to KiiiuR mum' Fore hy excessive hchI mmith. Avid crnliiiiniPsiiiriit caused hy loose Hiif.n. Ot FAb'i'KHTU today at any drug store. of the town of Oemmnno. known to be strongly held hy the Cormans. Nazis in Itetreat The Nazis, in contrast lo their re 7, Carrots; 8, onions, while; 9, onions, yellow: 10, tomatoes; 11, Man Newport. Max, son of Mr. and Mrs. Harold Clark had his tonsils removed at St. Elizabeth Hospital Monday. He was removed to his home and is getting along satisfactorily. John D. Todd returned Saturday from a week's visit with his son and family, Mr. and Mrs. Wallace goes; 12, pumpkin. - Mr. and Mrs. J. S. Auble entertained at a family reunion during the weekend the following relatives: Mr. and Mrs. Robert Auble; Mr. and Mrs. Frank Auble and children; Mr. and Mrs. Fred Auble; Mr. and Mrs. Damon Auble; Mr. and Mrs. fieorge K. Todd and daughter at Beaver, Pa. Miss Kathryn Dale of Indianapolis spent the weekend and holiday with D. Auble, Sr.; Mr. and Mrs. fieorge Auble, Jr. and son all of Indianapo- THOUSANDS ARE CHOOSING IT for better hearing and smarter style at sistance elsewhere, carried out loenl wit hdrawals east and west of i he Tiber, abandoning Mount Faggiolo which was seized by Allied troops without opposition. Indications now are that the enemy may try to withdraw over thp entire center and western end of the Italian front. Patrols llange Wide American Fifth Army patrols ranged into the town of Traio. 15 miles northwest of Florence. Fifth Army troops also chalked up favorable progress in the direct ion of l'ist ioa and presently cont rol t he north-south highway leading into the town. Other Fifth Army elements mopped up the town of Lucca, but advance patrols encountered stiffening opposition. The Nazis employed mortar and machine-gun fire, small arms and extensive minefields to blunt the Fifth's spearheads which already are within six miles of the Gothic Line. IOVELY ALLURING LOW-COST FirJIAKENTVAVE Num1 -looking emit and wave now f Officers of the Indiana Republican Editorial Association have completed plans for the 65th "annual fall outing of the organization to be held Sept. 8 and 9 at French Lick Springs. Feature of the gathering will be the opening of his campaign by the GOP Vice-Presidential nominee, Governor John W. Bricker of Ohio, who will speak over a three-network radio chain at the annual dinner Saturday night. Brief addresses will be made by Governor Bricker, also, at Orleans, Mitchell and Paoli, enroute to the spa. Participating in the arrangements were those pictured above. They are, seated, left to right: Floyd Oursltr of Cynthiana, first vice-president of the IRE A; Harry Fitzgerald, secretary of the Ohio public service commission; Leo M. Kinman of Shelbyville, president of the editorial association, and Claude H. Billings of Akron, secretary of the association and the Republican State Committee. Standing, left to right: George Huish of East Chicago, association 2nd vice-president; Stanley B. Campbell, convention manager for French Lick Springs hotel; John Seller of Franklin, and Malcolm MacPherson of the radio division of the epublican national committee. ; - i, easily, cooi-iy, ex Dome- uo n sell. The amuing taW 7 40 PIKMANENT CUM !d, permanent wave olutkm. curlere. ahampoo and wave-aet. aia READY TO WEA-complal with radi-onictubst, crystal tnlcrophoM, Neu for em type of hair. Praned by HoUywooq ' moyie atari. Over 5 million aold. let Charm-Hurl Kit today. At any department, smiar 5 1 10c aura. Gillla Pharmacy anil All lriiB Stores Cayugan Is Killed tral-Color Earphone and Cord, batteries. One model, no "decoyt" . . . One priat ... One quality Zenith's finest. her mother, Mrs. Myrtle Dale. Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Carver moved to their new home on Second Street. Mr. and Mrs. Morris Kir-choff moved to the Carver property. Mr. and Mrs. George Roan who have occupied the Iva Adams property moved to Newport last week. The Adams property was recently sold to Mr. and Mrs. V. K. Dye and they will occuy the house in a few days. Miss Blanche Watson has accepted the position in the Boyd Variety Store, vacated by Mrs. Mary Fultz. Mrs. Howard Bond and son ami. daughter of Bethesda, Mdi, arrival here for a wo weeks visit W4tn Iter parents. Dr. and Mrs. R. E.'.Browij.. Miss Hilda Palmer of Homer. 111. is also a guest In the Brown honte. MIsb Luella Hopkins, who hate had employment at Washington, D. C, for the summer, returned here Thursday and resumed her teaching Friday in the high school. Mr. and Mrs. Roy Newnum of Sll-verwood moved here today in one of the Lyensapp properties in the smith nart of town. Mrs. Newnum Dewey Begins Campaign For Overwhelming Swing to the New I Red, Partisans JinSealUp Balkan Nazis (Continued from page 1 ) GOP Presidency (Continued iron page 1) Improper Use One cannot emphasize too strongly that sulfa drugs are also dangerous if improperly used. Among the chief toxic reactions resulting from these drugs are the following : Minor : nausea, vomiting, dizziness, abdominal pains; moderate: Painful joints, mental disturbances, skin rashes; moderate and severe: destruction of the blood-forming elements and jaundice. Unless there is careful supervision when these drugs are administered they may actually prove fatal. of Belgrade, which reportedly is be Although the Republican nominee Drive In For CURB SERVICE Friday thru Sunday TBY OUR SANDWICHES FRENCH FRIES ICECREAM i COFFEE SOFT DRINKS SPEED-GRILL - Drive-in ing approached by Marshal Tito's is not scheduled to make a major Partisans, aiming at a junction with speech at Owosso. special ceremonies have been arranged at the City Hall in that community, and it is ex Malinovsky's forces, llottlc 10 Xazi Divisions pected the governor will discuss some of the issues of the campaign RADI0NEC HEARING AID u-itb NeutrmLColor Earphone and Cord proves conclusively that no one need pay more than $40 for a quality instrument. Come in for a demonstration. Let your own ears be the judge. No elaborate test- ing. No frequent "adjustments." Accepted by American Medicsl Association Council on Physical Therapy there. His wife and mother will be will be employed at the local Grab-It-Here store. Russell Fable of Indianapolis spent theholiday with his mother, Mrs. Rose Fable. His son, Larry, accompanied him to Indianapolis after spending several weeks with his grandmother. introduced to the crowd. Seattle Third Speech There will be a lapse of 10 days Domination of northern Yugoslavia by the Russians and the Yugoslavs would bottle up some ten Nazi divisions garrisoning the remainder of Yugoslavia, Greece, Bulgaria and the Aegean Islands. Bulgaria has announced the internment of all German troops still remaining in Bulgaria, but this has not been confirmed in Moscow. In Poland, Russian forces seized the town of Ostroleka after cracking strong German defense and I t. 'Zm 1 between Gov. Dewey's Sept. 8 speech at Louisville and his next major speech at Seattle on Sept. IS. Slide-Trombone The slide-trombone dates from church orchestras of about 1020 or earlier. In a ceiling picture of the Renaissance period an angel is shown playing a slide-trombone, and in an early replica of Veronese's famous painting, 'a J'Jegro is represented playing on the same During those 10 days, the nominee will be busy conferring with party leadersand others in Michigan. Iowa, Nebraska, Idaho and Washing I PEACHES for CANNING ton. I thrust a deepening salient between I the Polish capital of Warsaw and He will spend nearly three days f . Chief Cook William Francis Itt-owii, son of Clyde Ilrmvn of Cayuga, was killed in action .iime 15 on the Jwftmd of Sinjian accord-iiiK to word received by the father from the Wlnv Department. One of the first rdimly youths to enlist after Peari Harlmr. lYietf Cook Iirovji Wats Lent out to wta in January of th&i year. He was horn and raised hi Cayuga and attended both the elementary and liih wiiool in tliat city. in Nebraska at the Valentine Ranch of fornierv Govi.. Saia, R. ; McKelvie. conferring there witii rancbers and O ELBE Republican leaders from Nebraska East Prussia. Ostroleka, on the Na-rew river, 1b an important ..road, junction town some 26 mites southeast of the East Prussia' bonier. It' is B8 miles north northeast of Warsaw. Fear Prussian Drive and South Dakota. He will attend a rodeo and a barbecue. O HALE GRADE-1 TIRES for B and C drivers with certificate From Valentine, Gov. Dewey will proceed to Coeur d'Alene, Idaho, thence to Spokane. Seattle. Portland. ures taken against the robots and San Francsco, Los Angeles and as many as 2,000 were used at one , home by way of Oklahoma City. He (German radio commentators displayed greater apprehension over the threat to East Prussia than over the imminent juncture of Malinovsky's forces with those of Marshal Tito.) time is due back in Albany on Sept. 28. Better Can A Few He disclosed that some of the fly-1 Vjb Newnort Lions Plan Smoker ing bombs had been launched by South of Ostroleka, described by Marshal Stalin as "an important Dianes ana oiners rurrieu ir- xt nn ,..,,. lWr np- More Bushels We May Not Have A Good Crop Next Year! bv planes across the North Sea. J , ? . f 1 Plans for a smoker to be h held in stronghold of the German defenses' on the Narew line, Gen. Matvei Zuk- The record bag ot rooots, set one dav in August, was 07 bombs. On harov's forces captured more than 40 localities and cleared the enemy the near future and for the proposed Fall Festival were discussed last night at the regular meeting of the Newport Linns Club. The meetine marked the anniversary of the club's organization and attracted the from the east bank of the Narew. Northeast of Warsaw's industrial suburb of Pniga, Marshal Konslan- tin K. Rokossovsky's first white largest attendance in recent months. Russian army took Wolomin, less Named on the committee in charge ' I j m!Ker'"m j BRING YOUR OWN BASKET than ten miles from the capital on the rail route running to llialystok. that day the Germans sent over 101 of the pilotless missiles and only four of them reached London. From now on, he said, any robot bomb attacks will not be on a heavy scale, for hundreds of launching sites were captured during the past week. British and American bombers, it was disclosed, dropped more than 100.000 tons of bombs on the launching sites, storage depots and communications in France as well as on factories and other plants in Mccracken & sons of arrangements for the 'smoker were: Jack Slattery, Ray Russell, C. M. Foos. J. N. Jones and Dr. Harry Hawkins. No date"lias heen Bet at yet. The club lias aui omaticaUy been entered in a nation-wide attendance contest to bp held for 10 weeks beginning Sept. 13 it was announced. "Battle of London " at End as Robots Cease; Bombs Claim 10,000 302 South Main Germany. All told. 430 British and Ameri (Continued una page 1) can planes were lost, including many heavy and medium bombers, involving a loss of approximately 2.900 pilots and crew members. ra robot bomb counter-measurers, disclosed, that more than 8.000 flying bombs had been launched against Kngland. but that only 2. SOU of them reached the london region. Twenty-five per cent of the bombs launched by the enemy were inaccurate and many of them div Add Nutrition Soybeai flours are considered an especiclly valuable supplement to wheat flour, since they can enhance the nutritive value of baked products from the standpoint of protein, essential amino acids, minerals and certain members of the vitamin B complex. The soybean flours contain lit le or no starch and gluten, and hence special recipes are necessary for their use. r.a Vegetable Seed Vegetable seed producsd east of the Rocky Mountains is more likely Kites Held Sunday For Pioneer Perrysville Woman Funeral services were liekJ Sunday afiernooa at tlie Methodist Church at IVrrynvillo for Mips Sarah Jane Clu-noweth, "K. who was found ed into the sea. During the nrst dfad at hor home soulh o-r I'errvR- week of the attacks, 33 per cent of them were brought down and a-bout the same proportion reached London. Toward the end of the heavy attacks. IT, per cent were brought For more than 20 years Goodyear has Been working with synthetic rubber . . . first in the laboratories and later on the road. Today the great Goodyear Tire is miles ahead of other synthetic rubber tires. Hundreds of letters from taxi operators and other essential, big -mileage drivers prove that Goodyear is producing the beet tire made ville Friday inorniiiK ty a noiplhor. Mrs. Helty Lanib. ltev. J. C. Whit- PUBLIC SALE WE WILL SELL AT AUCTION' OS SATURDAY, SEPT. 9 COMMENCING AT 1 O'CLOCK All Of The Personal Property of the LATE LOUIE LIEN'TZ. At the Residence Located In WEST CLINTON', 1 mile South of St. Berniee; Vi mile North of the Milwaukee Roundhouse, All of the I I KMTl KE from a 6 Room House, Including: Rugs, bedding, beds, innerspring mattresses, one good piano and bench, one Maytag washer, one Indianapolis Queen white enamel coal range, a good one, Philco radio, extra chairs and porch furniture, and many other articles too numerous to mention. on and He v. i. ihh-ui-u and burial waB in the Methodist Cemetery located south of Perrysville. down and only ii per cent readied I to be diseased than is seed produced in the arid regions of the Pacific slope. This is particularly true of bean and cabbage seed. the British capital. . HEW WW P g V 1 Slze 6.00-16 I liurraire balloons played an im portant part in me aeiciisive meair MAN HAD BRICK IN HIS STOMACH FOR 10 YEARS After an inquest ootid tieted by County Coroner Howard Watson of Cayumi, it was found that Mis Che-noweih had died following a heart attack. Coroner Watson claimed she had been dead approximately 24 hours before lifr body was found. She was born Nov. 24. 1hn;. the daughter of Hiram and Hrah Jane' ONElA DAY VITAMIN LTABLITS I 'A One man recently staird that for Imum daily rwuirwnentB of A and D Vitamin or of j vitamin or tw B Coroplei Vttani Vitamin, T 7- . in on Ml If ibl. Bemember I Tff-J ONE-A-OAV f tT. plwaant toi the name O (brand) Vitamin Tablets. Finnimore Chenoweth, pioneer residents of IVrrysville. Mis? Chenoweth was the younrrest of nine children and was born in the same house in which she died. She attend i NERVINE Another BEST-BUY Famous GOODYEAR ALL-WEATHER BATTEHY! Starts last lasts longer Built lor full saver, priced lor full value. GUARANTEED 15.000 miles or 15 months. tod WakrfoL Cranky, ed Perrynville school and led a NED WILLIS, Auctioneer TERMS: CASH 10 year he felt like lie had a brick in his rtoniacti. TbU feeling was due to the lump of umlitreMed food he always had Inside of him. He was weak, worn out. headachy, swollen with (ras and tciriMy const iited. liecently he started taking KltB-Hi;iJ and says the feeling like a brick in his stomach disappeared the second day. I towels are regular now, gas and headaches are gone and he feels like a new man. EIUt-HEM' contains 12 Oreat Herbs; they cleanse iKmels, clear gas from stomach, act on sluggish liver nad kidneys. Miserable people quiet and reserved life in that town. HIGH VALUE LOW COST RMtkM? Or. Mite NtrrtM heip to lessen Nerrou Tension. Get it at roar drar tore. Read directions &d an only as directed. She was a member of the Methodist Chureh of I'errysville. Ater the death of her brother. Hiram, seven years aco. Miss Chenoweth lived alone on the Chenoweth Alka-Seltzer FRED CARLIN, Agtv All Property To Be Settled For Before Removal From Premises N'ot Responsible For Accidents! homestead until her death. AN OFFICIAL TIRE INSPECTION STATION NINTH & BOGART M0BILGAS STATION JOE GIACOLETTO She is survived by a number of soon feel different all over. Ko don't cousin;; including Mrs. C.raee C. Dav W-HEN Headache, Mae-" ealar Fains r Simple Keeralrta, Distress after Meals, Gas mm htenosrh. er "Msraiar A'ter" interfere with your work or spoil your fun, try Alka-Seltaer. Funeral go on suffering! iet KlIIt-HKU. is of Newport. Watson's Horn of Cayuca had charge of the J White's (Itc&all) Pharmacy Jrug funeral arran gem cuts.

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