The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on September 7, 1944 · Page 2
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 2

Clinton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 7, 1944
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Thursday, September 7, 19 44. .1 T n E DAILY CLINTON IAN ship schools according to the trustee ToMiiship Schools BOMBERS RAID JAPS AT HENGYANG of that township. A list of teacher Tor Ihe school includes: Virgil Adams. fxr-r each and S". ial studies; rs. r.n- Leaned Early High in world fame is a certain beli tower in northern Italy which would be little known if it were not lor its very noticeable tilt. Galileo studied gravitation by dropping weights from the 179-foot top of the Leaning Tower of Pisa. Now M feet from the perpendicular, it start, ed to lean even before its completion Allen. I'nglisli and Latin: r.arie Crowd, r. commerce; Mi? Carolyn Keith. Knglish: .Mrs. Lillian Kahler. vocal ional and home economic: Miss Lucille Adams, music and art: U.rOQrrl lldcrsOn. FCWWll in the mid-14tii century. Open in IIii!iUiihI, Vermillion Areas Two hundred flfiy-si stcidents are enrolled in the NewiHirt sehoids this year which is a small increase over last year. John t riekell. principal of the hich school, aniiouncd Wedmnday. This year, for the first time, the rrade schmd cl.-isse w.-re divided. Mrs. Uirraine Knekeli is leaching ilie first grade and pan of the second and has 32 pupils in her classes: Mrs. Thelma llurge. teacher of the ihird grade and oilier part of Ihe s4-t;ond. has an enrollment of 5; Rithliib Design and eighth grade arithmetie end I social studies. The grade school j i. :., h, rs include. Miss Itulll Fo. . Tie trend in postwar bathtub design is toward the low model eo'uipped with a scat. The low tub. will be easier and safer to get in and to gel out. safer to stand in, roomier inside and easier to clean. sSlh grade and acting princi'al; Marion lliorce. fourth and fifth; Mrs. I.e.-ih Itoe f:off. third; Mrs. t:race Strutters, s -cond and Mrs Itavmond .-'noddy, lirst. Summit Grove News and Notes Guests Call at Harrison Home Friday; Miss Hpsket Returns to Teaching Post Mr. nd Mm. Jim MoWlion-r. Rorktille arrived Kri'iav to H at lh home or the lail'-r mollM-r. III. Man ha Ii-ky. Mr. and Mm. Honir .mio-li rW(-d rlaive in Wt-n Tf-rre llauie Saturday. Margaret llknt 1-Ii Thurday for Homer. III. wher rhe ill leach fain thia year. Mr. and !".r. Iwier Davi. Roe-dale. irere Sunday eu-!s of II :e lor-mtr's mother. Mnt. Luella Davi. Mr. and Mr. t'ollril Harrion entertained (" Vf-ral quests Friday evening. Those i,r-nl were Mr. and Mr. LouU Ulldilli and dauphler. Mr. and Mr. Loren Wallace and children. Mr. and Mr. Leonard Wheat and children. Mr. and Mr. Herald Wallace and dauehter all of Shphardville and Mr. and Mr. Emory Bonebrake and dauehter. Mr. and Mr. Harrison have recently purchased and moved to their The first vacation for the I'errys-1 ville schocd will be the State Teach-: ers A.-ociaolion which is to he held Mr. Esther Moore is teaching the liniiBe formerly owned ly N'"iil Cr.-iv-el Co. -Mrs. Harrison received rpvvral nice gills fur her new home. Mrs. Lillian Laverty and son. Aquilla. .Mecca, and Fred Mann of Indlanaliolis called on Mr. Laverty nephew. Frank Heskelt and family Sunday aliernoon. Krnest Hall and on. Michel, spent several days last week with Mr. and Mrs. Collet i Harrison and 'kiuchter. Mr. and Mr John Slmms and son. liavtd. Soulhporl. were dinner cm-sis Friday of Mr. Simms" sister. Mrs. Kmory ISonehrake and family-Mr. and Mr. Claude McDowell. Iltl!dnle were dinner niiesi Monday ol Mr. and Mr. Frank Hefkelt. Mrs. Nutcamper. Mr. Kthel Rrtll. Mrs. Maude Southard and eranddaudhter. Xancy Sue and Mr. Minnie Southard all of Terre Haute were euest of Mr. Flora- Hell Thursday. Mr. and Mrs. Harold Hokis and children of Williamsport called Monday on Mrs. Flora Helt. Mr. and Mr. Charles Owens. Terre Haute called on the latter sister. Mr. Frank Heskelt and family Sunday afternoon. Mr. Martha Dickey of route one. Clinton, called on Mr. Beauford them maker Thursday evenine. Mrs. Shewmaker sister. Mrs. Mary Allen. Kineman wa a Thursday eve-nine caller. Josiah Davi returned Tuesday after pendine the last week in Indi-anapolic and Lafayette. fourth grade and part of the fifth with an enrollment of 34 students; Soothe your irritated eyes with Murine in Indianapolis on Oct. 2' and the iruslee said. i .Mrs. Emma Nale asste"l ly Mrs. Charl-a Mnrlin and Mrs. Onil'e and Dewitt Corn, principal is teaching the sivth grade and the other part of the fifth. Thirty-siv students are enrolled in .Mr. Corn's classes. One hundred and nineteen students are in the high school this year with ?0 in the seventh grade: 2" in the eighth: 2S freshmen: 23 sophomores. 19 juniors and nine Rrannon will serve lunc;i at ine school hnilding throughout the year. Charles IVa'her is jan'tor and Charles Ke'.ler Ihe assistant. The Gsfe schfiol has been temporarily rtosed. The studen's in that district have been divid d between Originated n an eye rAyo'dM, seniors. Not quite as small as the senior Kileyshnrs and IVrrysUlle. Mrs. eyathaareurcd.bariungcnHut- :.c.flr?Sd r.rra if once CO class last year which started out with nine and ended with only eight, the senior class is made up of eight refresh. Murine dienrs ... aJ Helen Hughes and Miss C:to rrain-'-r are the instructors ?t liileysburj. Mrs. Mildred Dare v ill serve ihe lunches at that school during the lunch hour. The first semester w:ii close TV-e 22 w hich will be follow d by the Chrislmps vacation. V mdiiKncs ana nr -V eeoUe.oothiag.Ltuyoru- j girl and one boy. i Even though the increase is small. jit Is hoped ihal it will keep on the mm ml again. Dr. G. R.I'sGUIRE CHIROPRACTOR X-Kaj 235Vi Blackmail m " ' ' William Myers of lerrysille will be principal of ihe Highland town- ClauV :ed Ads Sell Most Anytfiinf, Classified Ads Sell Most AnrthiBf U . BOMBERS flying over Hengyang. China, blast Jap force in the rLegS city, to the left of the river. On the right is i the airfleld which the 14th Air Force was forced to evacuate and which Uie Jap. now are using. The Jap advance had already pushed south of Hengyang when this photo was mode, but a Chinese force was cut off arid still fighting in the center of the city, so bombing had to be extremely nrctise in order to avo d JiitUng Chinese, (International) Buy Now For Canning FANCY ITALIAN MM Wm Prune Plums now r-frr&m and family have moved back here from Cayua. They moved to the Roe-bark properly, which wa recently vacated by Mrs. Oarlingbouse. Mrs. f;arlinghoue and daughter, Mr. Hlair, moved to the Seventeen school house dwelling. IS Lb. Lug CI 00 (2 Lbs. 25c) WlavVI Ik ll' iirti. for Ttie Kruil Bml Too! M IJ. nn . I . J. . MMen IHuh i - JUS . . ...tin, J Reecnl E ents In Hillsdale Sf hool Reunion Planned Sept. 10; Cincinnati Guests at Bennett Home Mr. .and Mr. Jim McFall and I'amily have moved to their properly tlaey bought recently. Mrs. Kern Wilfong was taken to the Iiobert lng Hospital in ladi-anaimlis lor treatment Haturrl y. Mrs. Julia I'earman has eorre to f:arj Ind. for a few w '-k "ay with her children. The annual Hillsdale School Reunion will be held at the sehool house on Sunday iVpt. loth with a basket dinner at noon, business Ifc-lKiou I'andird: Reunion Held At Quaker 15 Annual Canady Meet Held at Thomson Home; Holiday Visitors Here mr . I rmwr i- - , mm- j.vidv Ih mm. . H.KS C -- 55s Evprj dprrartmeiit features KKAL VALl'ES in FINE FOODS suiMT-savinKs that inite you to shop here for ALL jour fooj needs ... for nationally famous groceries . . . for the finest of the freshest fruits and vegetables . . . for quality meats . . . for dairy products and delicious halted goods. They're all here in grand variety so come in this week and load up with our low priees. CC li. h. Hert Stalk " Solid llr 10 43 l. S. No. 1 Quality WHITE'S POTATOES 20 oz. At the 15lh Annual Canaday reunion held Labor Day at tle home of Ella Thompson, those attending were: lietty Gaylen. Mr. and Mrs. John Kilter of Georgetown: Grace! Canaday of Danville. 111.; Mr. and Mrs. Carl Thonison and sons Mark. ' Lee and Earl Neil of Brookston; , Miles Canaday and family of Hen- 5t!lpT Pancake Flour 10 pis- Pure Wheat meeting and program in Ihe afternoon. The missionary society, of the I. , B. Church will have their meesing -KE IT IV TMK r.KA SPOTLIGHT . . 359c HOT-DATED COFFEE .. V - Z Lb. Bags 41c 13c BUCKWHEAT . - -'-. r on of In'isanaMSi. and Mrs. Old Fashioned 20 oz. pkg. Bottles CRYSTAL WHITE !!, 14c Mr. and Mrs. f',re Daurh-rly of. SYRUP 1V Ponnd KARO 0mt? R.ii-r of Carnca; Ir- IlokVr rt IJadjT, Mr, and Mr. Paul Killer and rn Max and daue!:i!-r i'on-1 tdiamiili i-nil th- -?"k ecd and llmr Day wiih th lasn-rs nio?.i-r. $ ni? of St. B-rnir-; Herman Canaday, -f Klinina Canaday, KHa and Sylvia 5!r KUa Kaufman. Chocolate Flavored riavoreu ' ii i-.,Arwu.n r in if !- litr i r.f mm inr : ran iaar- v" -- EATMORE OLEO .i - 7 PEAXFT BUTTER v. 9 w.- aje Pli. fc Jr KARO SYRUP Bi-i r. !!. 37 at fb Radd' narb Tulay ff-apu yar ar? prwridnt. Paul Katr; vice orid'ni. pa! Thoimoii: "tia-1 CAMPBELL'S CREAM OF MUSHROOM SOUP 17c 1C1 2 oance can SARDINES EATWELL 8 ounces 8c PEANUT SPREAD ' . , a rr-ilrwffurr. Sylvia Thcmnfrson: pro- 14 i Ounce Jar r.iniina i anaaa?. r Mr. and Mr. B- C. Coritf awm-l pained hy Mrs. Charley Hadl' of E a-,. u i-wAt-Ti-itAl. hrtw ' LAW. mh-r Mrs. K&iLa tivt-r. Mr. Holn Mwrsuiis naovd hr honabSd (moKPiwr to bT father ' 19 oz. Can 1 2c LITTLE SPORT CUT GREEN BEANS Rinso Washing Powder II!. who I i''t 'a ' . , , , Ize. 22c NORTHERN BEANS F, ' flOp Poiax. W Kmc. w-t TOIATO JUICE jfitaiSojS'Hfl thr- vc'vM tfaf X cg,Lux Toilet Soap OaiTw-isoo of Ianviip. Hl- , vis srd tzom F'riday until ttdji-iay :w:?h Mr. Jo- You wan aod lansily. a tf-v lay vb hs par"rte. Mr. ael Mr. Stra-id-r hort. BAR 6c 3:: .:29c 22IOZ. 4( Loaves I w V Bar GRAPEFRUIT JUICE Lifebuoy Toilet Soap 6 9 1 lb. GRADE PLATE oiling Beef j1 Hisfl- T ondy with h Mi- Iwrjia tjt'Lrzsizit j-r-'f u'-,- a -"jsd an l!f.iaf-iaMi" . 3us'. b'r . r-iffe-Jav. 3r- Uolj-rt I-oS-rmar,- F-a'- P" nr ard Mr., i i.d '"19 J::JJ IVi'f 4iilj JrTIJ'Jy fel- dwt im. MaiJ'-r l:-J':r'n y!".' Mr, t fJV l4?SL. Iim l:r r and 1 ii' d ' I-i!r Iftay milh ifj- 3st--r jfir-'B, Mr. awd Mr.. f?s.MM.t a 4 hi? moH'-r, 5Tr. Iw-r- Fancy Grat "A- Lb. Shoulder - No Points VEAL ROAST 26c 27c ri i:M"4T i f r--i .. .! t3li . . . . . ;ii?iZ as th' bomi? o b'-r crand-Iarnt. Mr- arid Mr. F. (. Cwir-stj ia-r sti-'f.ii-T U a ia:J rji in lb'-"i:ri'n S i-";'!)al. K::rj i. a "a::,.'Jy r'.U-d on Mrs. liov n a-. IJMh- I. 111. V d-- day. Mr. ard Mrs. William A. Wahall vi?-. Ij-trtsr Iy aK hamj.a!rn. l!l. wuh Mr- and Mr. IJ-'?d Wimt. i'-r "ai;aday of IaniiSr. 111. v , j(3 m d h r -a r'-i.t . M r. and M r, H. T- CaKaday iur.Oiy and Mr. I- J- M-rr- i aw-3.5fc a-paso l I.j 'ir in tt? trad- ai v Hjr Mr. and 5!i. Harold N-'al of P-oiia. 1 3 I-t ai-'i Mr, t, K . "a0 awd dajji-tor of Tia and i-r" 3- a bd of tt'-ar iSiclarm. lit- Mr. and Mr Vi;. WiJiusiH amur-idiv -'.-j?inj ISc ROAST ILB i'T I n i'n' t lf CHUCK iM. ! Ilee . I'i . T. - SIRLOIN STEAK iXZnl? 37e SALAMI Swift's Cooked Half or Wbcle lb. 29c prl Hfjww'Il of i !i-or Iay m-jKla !!-wjr Ki a3,d BEEF au'd Vli-j-id d T-r- I. '. UWIIV. I l-ll 14. I5c GRADE A 5 Points 25 s ",4, lb. ea Ibl.'V. and Mr. Jzrk Jmi! ir a ti M? Kn Is-i. ). l !)..-. I i-l. . o Points Lit. Aft BONELESS PERCH r da'-r--a, Mr. Cttarl-w .g V- Ji-j-i-r liu-raw ! ut.r1;,. tJf f."ic!i' j;!'-. Ifnd VJ: 29c GROUND BEEF ib. 28c U a-e WW ard Mm Ma" r-i3 -r- "-fc'-nd sv-'t -r. Mr-. 1- J r t; -t':2 jr. Iifl i i'i' . 151 Kif-r Mid Jaiwr i'd dii sstd 1jt!M" i'-&r H'-n-ij-i Frsda? 'I'-niDi'. wrrd K-an aod V J- and Swift's Ycal BOLOGNA lb. 28c ppli: iTEi: ti--d i i W-'TJ' I ai '.:r--.i:' : dfTiHfj " yr. if' mm a v . (fj ai 11 Si.fW.i-- "f Mr f-::. Loin End PORK CHOPS lb. 30c VEAL .r aud fafiiiy v uv r;i;s M Km.-i Canaday of Ii'-sd-r- j -! ; atriay and Sun- j C Mr '"'yd- Ki: ad ' i k:: Calif i y !l.'MIl.t. BREAST V-. ET Fortner ind : Mr H';ifr !-oCitd of n-ar Dana 3 o:j Vr. iEd Mr. L- J- Moore tnt a hrhzu. Ind jiydir. -? A'Sa Iiii: and dayfe-? iv is.- r e r-V ii Kii'j--:' ai.tS family at.i ralj LARD SWIFTS BLAliD 1 ib. pkg. ISc CRACKERS , P-UI.Ci?' -T k t i - a d f a u . !y of Po!- j vsi-d Vj'-r rrarid-i.rd Vr. Jotn few dar 'est wees. ; Grade A lb. 13c Li; jk 111 vji-d Mr. fcid Mr. H DCZ. TOMATO Ol P :d Vr Ja"t r-y of V- ii'i:i I D 1 1 1 1 a 1 1 J Cruwto! L-;hi and Ttndi r ! rconosn Priced! 3" 55s H. T 13' CORN FLAKIX Sosared lie Powerfnl Com bmi turn P-fci2: tr: r cr-ef cse in -j. caes t - ere the -e cr- caia-.t be rrrj'.c--e5 e:t-er for iue res'-.r. st t e p2"irr-j are secf.rr e to tr." dn-js or t-a! ?-e ps :r.:r i.a:-!er.a rt r ?-ar.t tj t- cr-.-. Tr.e rr- or hrsrevfT. cf tr fS.iT--e-.t3 s-.i per..-.:::x Mi-jcn m-;:i- 1-e of f p -rsrn a somcu- j,r.-er!X weaso- J- C-.T--S- 4 a r .-..:e r ti c r:.--s 1; ptiMiM : j I " !- J f t m X. Ninth anr! ( -n-r Wr; ' Vi :e ' Itum an-J 73? i l'-e I"! . s - .rf pi--' : Vr V; .t XT. tCri;.. v - ; i V

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