The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on September 6, 1944 · Page 6
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 6

Clinton, Indiana
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Wednesday, September 6, 1944
Page 6
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THE DAILY CLINTON IAN v Wednesday, September 6, 1944. t'ageSIx MATCIIMATES FOR FALL gives credit for each dependent child under 18 years up to u limit of three children." It was pointed out, however, that the value of point credits will not Twenty-six" Youngsters In Keeder Kindergarten Twenty-six children between the ages of three to four and a half years are enrolled In kindergarten. Shift lo Pacific Area Outlined At Fall of Germany Allies Drive Up South France To Join Patton Force (Continued irofii pare 1) BUSINESS SERVICES 7228 be announced until hostilities cease in Kurope. German War Prisoners Aid Hoosier Tomato Crops INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. The serious labor shortage threatened in Indiana tomato areas has been ward ed off by hundreds of German pris-oners-of-war, who are aiding Hoosi er farmers and eanners as the sea son reaches its peak, according to Gayie S. Ends, In charge of cannery labor placement for the state war manpower commission. He attributed the prevention to migratory labor and to the use of prisoners of war, who have "helped us over many a hump". The men are located in four Indiana prison camps. Part time and full time civilian workers still are needed In almost 'very canning area, however, he said, although the over-all labor plc-i Hire "is the best In recent years." 3 Indiana, Illinois Paper Workers Join in Walkout CHICAGO. III. Twelve wall-taper factories in Illinois and Indiana were Idle today after approximately 2.500 workers joined in a :trike which paralyzed the Industry hroiif:hout (lie conn try. The strikers, members of the 'nited Wall Paper Craftsmen and Workers of North Amerb-a, AI'L. ire demanding renewal of a three-ear contract which cvplrf-d Aug. '1, union spokesman said. More than 7oo workers failed to eport at the I'nftfd Wallpaper I'ac-ories Inc., plant at fino Killmore 't. Chinago as union members :trtick simultaiK ou.sly throughout he nation yesterday. Other plants in the Illi nois-f mil- ! ma area affected included seven In 'oliet, and one earn in Coal City, fokena and Decatur, 111., and Ham-tond. Ind. ! PCKO'o THEPCTURES I'l.lXTO.VK IMI,;ST KI'OT y'f i ... A Man Ever (Continued from pagw 1) follow the same pattern as that for the fighting force, excepting that WACS whose huwhands have been discharged will be released upon application, i The War Department, in the dramatic report, warned of some delay In th return of troops from Europe to t he t'n i ted Slat's beca u se sh i ps will be nee ded to move "millions of fighting men" to the Pacific for the final ansa u It atrainst Japan. o Ktinuttc of Number The report also made no estimate of the number of soldiers to be dis charged when Germany collapses. "It Is emphasized that th rate of return of surplus men from overseas will depend upon the number of fillips available," the War Department said. "Thousands of ships will be re-rjttlred to supply the Pacific theater. The Pacific theater will have number one priority. All else must wail To ft will he transported millions ol fighting men. millionr. of tons of landing barges, tanks, planes, gun? . - - '""""'7 Ihtipply lines than those to Kurope. ' "This mennft most of tin ships and planes that were used t supply the European theater will b' nedrd to supply the Pacific theater The majority of ships proceeding U Europe will continue on to the Pa cific ladened with troops and sup plies for that distant campaign Very few will turn around and com' back to the I'nited States. The Army therefore, will not be able to returf all surplus men to the I'nited State immediately. It. may take man) months." The report came as Allied armie; closed in with lightning apeec Germany and indications j from the war zones foreshadower" the pnssiM1 collapse of Nazi resist ance within a short time. As part of the uemolHlizntion plat the Army said than an "ad juste-r-ri ire rating card" will be irfsne' to all enlisted personnel after th' defeat of Germany. On this earr will be scored the following four fac tor:t that will determine priority o separation: "1. Service cards based upon the total number of months of Armj service since Sept. It;, 1940. "2. Overseas credit based upon the number of months served overseas. "3. Combat credit based upon the first and each additional award to the individual of the Medal of Honor. Distinguished Service Cross. Legion of .Merit. Silver Star, Distinguished Flying Cross. Soldiers Medal, Hronze Star Medal, Air Medal. Purple lleart, and Pronze Service Stars (battle participation stars). 4. Parenthood credit which POLAND'S Firestone-Texaco Service iUI . Miiln Clinloa. Ind. I Xowt Crads A if I) lamelbac-k! I Ill -l H A ninth Jul I Tinstone l U aaIV ill'I'II, If I WiH Grwla A Coswlbockl I ft innii fbt A I n B-uu-io .t;r ii ii 11 Only the meat materials II I W and the beat worknuuubip l I J 10 into fireton. rsps. I I I being held at the home of Mrs.. J. W. Keeder, 440 Nebeker street, it was announced today. The second term for children from 4 lis to six years will begin Oct. 9. Mrs. Repder said. Children enrolled in kindergarten include Sandra Baldwin, Gary Pesa-veto. Penny Lanning, John Scott, Kenny Jared, Marjorie Martin, Lou Ella Woody, Kfta Ann Bonacorai, David Uerto. -Barbara Carruth. Wynn Staats, Marjorie Ann Craig, Maralyn Craig, Francle Ktucynski, Chuck Walker, Connie Joe Jacks, Nyla Jean Edler, Tout Ann Terrando, Judith Ann Epperson, David New-land. Nancy Ann Doughty. Diane Carey, Fabler Pollord, Nancy Wegner, Alice Rolene Turner and Alice Marie Fe-noglio. Pennsylvanians Predominate Pennsvlvanians traditionally represent 90 per cent of the undergraduate enrollment at the Pennsyl-vunia state college. WHJi The ConpHmeate Of THE DAILY CLINTONIAN, There Are Two Free Tickets To The WABASH THEATRE Waiting At Our Office for WILLIAM BALLOCK South Fifth St Just Come la And Ask For Them! Wafrh This Space Every Da; YOUR NAME HAT BE NEXT 9c WED. & TIIUIJ. 35c Musical Comedy "Fellow On A Furlough" Bargain Matinee Tliur. 9&25c 2:00-2:30 P. 51. Lived ' . AUTI JOSLTI viw rrnt N 7 HOPALONG' CASSIDY StriltM Agtinl 1 mar -b ' MA 1 Lieut. Gen. Alexander M. Patch's troops are believed to be less than 90 miles from a junction with their comrades in the U. S. Third Army, commanded by Lieut. Gen. Corge S. Patton Jr. Take Knad-Jtincl Ion The towns of Louhans, 20 miles southeast of C ha Ion, and Lons le Saunier, 32 miles east-southeast of Chalon, both Important road junc tions, have been occupied by the Americans. (The Nazi DXB agency said that German forces are encaging strong American tank formations at Pont Artier moving northward along the Swiss border. Pont Arlier Is some 25 miles beyond Chalon.) French i.ain French troops driving on Chalon have seized the towns of Cluny, fien-necey le Grande and Le VilfarR. The signal for all-out attack on Germany may be given a reasonable time after Gen. Patch's Seventh Army north of Chalon Sur Saone In southern France makes a junction with Patton In the Moselle river sector. Patch, with whom Gen. Douglas MacArthur credited with doing such a magnificent "tailoring" job in the final cleanup of Guadalcanal, was last reported only 90 miles away from Patton. Disorganized German forces raced away ahead of hfm in mad retreat, apparently hoping to reach the FJelfort gap before the Allies close in upon them and push into Germany to fight the losing end of a final battle that will end the war. Entire Valley Cleared The entire Haone river valley was being cleared rapidly of the enemy. As in the case of northern France, where from 50,444 to 100.000 Germans now are trapped along the channel coast without even a Tiavy on hand to try and emulate Dunker-fiie, these Nazis had only one objective to get back home as fast as possible. Indiana Plant Loses Army-Navy E Pennant As Strike Halts Work SOI'TH ItKND. Ind. The first Army-Navy Flag presented to an Indiana factory for outstanding war product iuu had (f-n hauled down today on order of Secretary of Navy James V. Korrestal. The four-star "K" flag, which had flown above the Itanium Hearing:' Division of the Tornngton Company ; at South llend. was ordered dvn until a work stoppage involving 90 workers was settled. Forrest a l's mes sage was sent to Presl'lent ft. II. Nichols of the Bantam plant and was' d i reefed to bot h t he iiianapem n t j and the I'nited Automobile Workers i 'CIO) I'nion representing the strik ing workers. j t said. In part, thai flying of the j honorary pennant "Is not consistent with your failure to continue to pro-1 duce and thus support the men at the front". According to Nichols, the idle workers were involved in a wage dispute. First C. r C. The firsi chamber of commerea was formed at M&rseilJes ti the Fifteenth century. COLUMBIA Tuesday and Wednesday DOUBLE FEATURE Admission 9c and 20c SAILORS HOLIDAY With Arthur Lake Jane Lawrence rLis KLONDIKE KATE With Ann Savage Tom N'eal TIIL'I'SDAV i ;of Alice Brooks You'll want everyone to know you've crocheted this set yourself it's so profewdonal-lookiug and be - , . , . , , ii,. io coming In worsted, yet costs little. Crochet that brings that smart touch to early Fall clothes. Pattern 7228 contains directions for hat and purse; stitches. This pattern, together with a needlework pattern of useful and decorative motifs for linens and garments. FIFTEEN CENTS. Send FIFTEEN CENTS in coins for these patterns to The Daily CHn-tonian. Household Arts Dept., 514 West Randolph Street, Chicago 80. III. Write plainly NAME, ADDKESS and PATTEK.N Nl'MISKIt. Our new 32-page Needlework Book Is yours for Fifteen Cents more . . . 1?0 illustrations of designs for embroidery, home decoration, toys, Soviets Lunge At Poland In New Offensive (Continued from page II es fell to Gen. Gergi M. Zakharov's secon d white It ussia n a rm y in Its new push northeast of the Polish capital, including the Important rail and road junction town of Wyszkow, 27 miles above Warsaw. North of the eastern limits of War.-aw, Zakharov's forces linked up with units of Marshal Konstantin K. Kokossovsky's first white ItuSKian army, poised for a frontal smash a- e;.in.t fh ef.jlv a. Kroner mo- nient. There were indications that the final battle for the liberation of the chy has already l'Bun. Driic tii Join 1 llo In Romania, Russian forcen driving toward a junction with Marnha! Tito's Yueoslav Partisan captured Craiova, only 70 miles from the iron pate of the Danube at Turnu Sever in on the Yugoslav border. Other Soviet coIumnK occupied the key com munications center of I'itesti. 62 miles northwest of Iiirharet. ItUKKian forces n)a-wd along the Da in i he for a break through into Bulgaria were beiievd to have ben stayed by the Bulgarian government 's reuet for an armiiice, whirh came less than 12 hours after Moscow declared war on the shaky former Nazi satellite. Demand Bulgarian & Foreign rommipsar Vyaeheidav Moltov. in a note to the Bulgarian minister to Moscow, repeated the j Kremlin's wtiitlon that neutrality was not enough. The note demanded that Bulgaria join the I'nited Nations coalition against Germany. Ktghiiug flared up on the Baltic front in the heart of Kftonia, north Taru. where the (iermans launch-ted a series of coiinter-at!a-ks .Tuej-iday afternoon. The Nazis were en back, leaving 40 dead on the battlefield. Get In Ibc Scrap! i Rates for Classified Ads and Paid Notices rirat day Insertion: Se (or each reading Una (one column Una, like na o( the). Next two days Insertion: tha mm tc charga (70a set tliree days at double the coat o( the tint day). Next three dart Insertion: the una te charge (70a get a whole seek Ore dan) at tbrea timei the eoat of one Insertion). Each group at three dan thereafter, le a line. Blackface (like this) 10c per llae. All classified ads tnelodlng roem-otiami and notices of all kinds must he paid In advance except those t7 regular customers whose accounts are paid monthl7 or those from organizations whose bills must be allowed before being paid. In the latter ease the person asking the publication of the notice will be held 1 responsible for Its payment. FOB SALE KOl'IC ItOOM HOl:.E. T'-'l NEliE ker Street. Apply Max Itownl.laii te; ONE HOYS lilC'VCI.E NEWLY nainted and overhauled, one pair girl's shoe skates while, size r, shoe. Call at 5 North Seventh air,. ei nr Phone 773-W. t'ilx BAKTLETT PEAIIS KOK EATIMi and canning. 250 North Ninth Street. tSSx 14 3 8 MODEL INDIAN KPOKT Seoul mo'oreyele, first class condition. 14S7 Ko. 4th St. t2x DICOWN. PliK-M'AH 111 OGY. OOU condition. f,"A Kim Street. IS. t.1x HARD MAI'I.K KI.OOHING . 2 and 2 Vie per lineal foot, some 2x12, 2x10, 2xS and 2x. IRON GOOD AS NEW 3xl' sheet. ONE, KOi n-HORSE HIGH I'RES- sure steam boiler and several water tanks. LARGE TABLES 32"xl2' AND small tables; also restaurant white marble table and counters. ONE. THREE HOLE HIRNEll gas stove. ONE so, m AND 45 GALLON' LAUD kettles. TWO SMALL IRON SAKKS. TWO MEAT HLOCKS. TWO WAI.K-IN MEAT ROXES. ONE, SEVEN HORSE-l'OWEIi KriKfdair unit. O X E , THREE York unit. ONE, MOTOR HORSE-POWER DRIVEN MEAT erfnder. ONE MEAT fiTKEEER. SEVERAL PORCELAIN TOI SEVERAL MEAT TRACKS switches and roller hooks. LETS. WITH ONE I) ALL-RE A RING STORM III'G- K7- NEW DELIVERY WAGOX. CAST SOIL PIPES. ONE MOTOR DRIVEX COKKEE grinder. ONE STEAM TAIil.E. TWO SLICING MOTOR DRIVEX maehine. ONE CAST 1ROX STEAM KETTLE. ONE HEAVY LACNDHY VAT. i. M. VIETTI Po. O. Ilox 2CS Phone 297 t;sx T H K E E UI'UNEIi KEROSENE stove. Ilertha Wright, Cromplon Hill. t2v TWO ICE HOXErf, ONK COMI'I.KTi: bed, springs snd martrM, like new; two kitchen tab)-, chairs, six restaurant tables, nice counter. Hell very cheap. John Sornrak. lilanford. t:Zx riVK KOOM SUlllKHS Kli;ISII- I -d or unf urntfthi'd houiwf. I'tione 1122-4. V.lx KOIt OVF.IIfcF.A 4' II It I H T M A K t79 THIH IS 1'F.ACH WF.F.K. DON'T wait too long. ItrhiK your haBltM1. McC'rarken's Market, Houtb Vain Htr-t. . ta.f FIFTH VK1N COAL. ALSO IIKA-zll Block. Charlie II. 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Kamarata. 336 North Ninth St. Phones 20 and 153W. 17tf FOTOD A LARGE STOCK OF Goodyear Car, Truck and Tractor Tires and Tubes. Vulcanizing and Recapping neatly done and Guaranteed. 9th and Bogart M obi leas Station, Joe Giacoletto, Clinton. 32tf DEAD A N I MA L 8 REMOVED, large or small, prompt service. Call Crawford 8201 or Crawford 63109 Tore Haute or Dana 1426. We pay all pbone charges. Jobn Wacbtel Co., Terre Haute. tl37 DEAD AN IMA IX KEMOVED FREE of charge hy Ilgg.iM and Hons, Ucenited dealers. Call us as soon as they die and reverse charge- Dana Feed Her-Ice, Dana, Phone CO. ttxf Guaranteed 24-Hr., Refrigeration Service. Commercial and Domestic, F. I Bonebrake, Pbone 1034-4 Clinton or 165-J-2, Montezuma. PAID NOTICES XOTHK! Attention Howlem: A mMnp wili bt b"ld at the Lucky Strike Bowling Alkv, Kpr-n.hfr 7lh. Iielween 7:30 and H'.Uit. Any bowlers interested or hegfnnerK will be invited to attend the nie-iing. Oil St IT WEI Stated convocation Vermillion Chapter 125 H. A. M. Thursday, Sept. 7 at 7:30 p. m. William Vast- binder, II. I; Hay Shew, Scretxir'. t62 StfXWY.l I am not responKible for debts In curred by my wife, Mrs. Josie HHey, Kdward Jtib-y. t'il JOIN Ot It rili:i-iTMS I IVAWU Club ami Heleet a Keefeake Dia mond ring at l-'araro' Jewelry ttliofi. I7 Help Wanted Female CIHU KOK OKKICK WOK KMI ST have experience. Write Ilox 270. ii;:; WOMAN KOit LOCAL ADVEUTIS-i u K, su r vey work, a ve ra (?e ea rn-liifrs. $f0.00 week and over, no age Ifiiiit. free to travel, Florida in winter. Call at Zm Walnut. tfi2t HALE HELP WANTED ISOY TO WOIIK IN store. Kroner's. ItOVH TO OAitltY PAI'Kft ROUTES. 10 years or over. Aplly, Kill itlackhurn, Clfntoufan, WANTED FIVK Olt SIX KOOM .MOOF.KN t9x liorw?. PlinlK 4'JZ-K. SMAU. IVKO UOl.l .".SS-W. !; v. CAM. ll,2x Poem Wailing for Free Show Tickets Touches Hearts at Clintonian (Continued from page 1) Junker and Jap h-nd the knee; Hut I haven't time to tl'mtut each report. And yet . . . are there tickets for me? Kom-lMHly's marrying ffoniebody else. Frying a uteak or wlenee-llut I'm reading all of the back-pae ads. Mayhap free tirketn for me! I-t Yankee or Hrowns go play the .'ardn! 'Ilo' foret.-ll a Fall ppree! The sport that engage my earnest seareh; Any free tirkelK fur me? often even blithely Ignore An editorial plea; past up a Dtrikfng 'Way Baek When' But never Two tickets for me? Say Where i this .aw of the Average? Help niy arithmetical spree! How many editions before they draw TWO FitF.K TICKETS FOI1 ME? F. Tuck. 7: I If THE MOST DANGEROUS MAN . A Woman Ever Loved! I i : A 14. JEniiDnnin it S I Ji: ) BICBABD WIOBF mm drfw prm I V , I h t K IUU BUJUII EDDIE gram IA1PI MORGAI n sW-"" j re J noi6 i I .rr i 2 9c 35sI?AMcrj; HITLER'S WOMENL drives like cattle INTRIGUE AND DANGER! m SAHDflS-IIUCI i i ANDY CLYDE 1 , I ELLEN HALL passion! ivjSpMinCy -X A - NANCY KELLY Tl A BUI HINRY SSssaiBIR L L Admission 9c and 20c TRUE TO LIFE With Mary Martin Dick Powell Franrhot Tone Victor Moore "Show Business At War" Fox Short "MARDIGKAS" Musical Parade NEED A LOAN FOR JOHNNY'S TONSILS, CAR REPAIRS, SCHOOL NEEDS, A WLNTER COAT, COAL? For Dashing Romance.. .Siiper-Exciting Melodrama.. .Timely Thrills.. .Don't Miss SECURITY LOAN CO. PALACE STARTING THURSDAY I'hone S2 22S Blackmail St. f CLINTO.V. INDIANA 1L

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