The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on September 5, 1944 · Page 6
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 6

Clinton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 5, 1944
Page 6
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Page 6 article text (OCR)

Tuesday, September 5, 1944. THE DAILY CLINTONIAN l.'age Six PUBLIC NOTICE Allied Columns Near Rollerdani, Surrender Rumor Canadian Lines Near Dunkirk In Coast Drive (Continued from page 1) BUSINESS SERVICES Stauts Auto Supply 15.80 S. O. Harlan .1 3.80 Cheek & Son H-&5 Heltonville Limestone Co. 283.15 Ohio Oil Co. 190.63 Truck Loader Co. 350.00 United Electric Machine Co. 4.00 Walker Electric Supply -99 Material Service Corp. 9.42 James Tuttle 6.92 Neul Gravel Co. 12. HO MacAlllster Traclor 32.76 MarAlllster Tractor 7.34 Virgil Hartman 25.60 Fred Lowry H.00 Clinton Aulo Co. 9.21 M. G. Miller 61.34 Thompson Machine & Welding Co. 186 Joe Giacoletto 158.98 IRA J. CHURCH. Auditor, Vermillion Counfy. .ON-HKSIIKNT NOTICE STATIC OF INDIANA VER MILLION COUNTY. SS: IN THE VERMILLION CIRCUIT COURT. Vacation Term, 1944. Robert D. Shaffer vs. Ruby Mul-llns Shaffer. No. 17514. He It known that on the 1st day of September, 1944 said plaintiff filed affidavit In due form, showing that the defendant Ruby MullitiP Shaffer is a non-resident of the State of Indiana and a necessary par ty to the complaint herein; and that the object of said action is Divorce. Said non-resident defendant is now, therefore, nereoy noiinea or the pendency of said action against her and that the same will stand for trial on the 2nd day of October. 194 4 the same being the 19(h Judic ial dav of the said Term, 3944 said Court, and unless said defend- ant appear and answer or demur to said said date, the same will be heard and determined in her absence. Witness my hand and the Seal of said court, this 1st day of September, 1944. CARL R. BTGGS, Clerk. H. H. WIsehart, Atty. 95-12-1944. Dewey Opens National Campaign; Will Speak With 24 GOP Governors (Continued from page 1) broadcast from coast to coast. The 24 joint broadcasts, each of ...411 h In tlia state of the participating governor, are in addition to the major campaign talks by the Republican presidential nominee.- They also are in addition to the series of nation-wide radio broadcast which the Republican governors have been making. From the time of his nomination fiov. Dewey has believed he has a good chance of carrying any state which has a Republican governor. There are 26 such states, represent ing among them three-quarters of the nation's population and two-thirds of the electoral vote. New York and Ohio are being excluded from the Joint broadcasts because Gov. Dewey is chief executive of the former and his running-mate, Gov. John W. Bricker is chief executive of the latter. Those two states will be well covered during the campaign by both of the Republican nominees. The exact procedure to be followed with respect to the joint broadcasts had yet to be announced. It is understood, however, that each broadcast will last for about 15 minutes, with Gov. Dewey and the Republican governor of the state to be covered sharing the radio time. Read Our Up-to-Date Sport Newt WE PAY CASH FOR USED FURNITURE AND STOVES ONE PIECE OR A HOUSE FULL Taylor's Radio Service 469 N. 9th St. Phone 792 ETHYL. WK COT IT! Sl'KE our 5 ply th-re The Gas Market, 115 -North .Main Street, Clinton. tiiOf MOOffllM.K V O I It DM.MOM) wiiii Ix-hui irul iii-w platinum liiiiunttiiK from l''iirao' Jtwlry Nhiii. If UK HAVK A (IODIJ sriTI.Y OK Hi-d I'l ilar I'osis. Clinton Lumber Supply Co. I'hone 322. WHITI.OCK, Pi.lMIIKH. 2UU-H. l'llONK mix KOH 1'I.I MIIINO. JIKATINU. KI.EC-trlc wlrlUK. arid sheet melal see C. ft 1. Kuinuruln. 336 North Ninth St. I'hones 20 and 1GHW. 17tf FOUND A LARGE STOCK OF Coodyeer Car, Trunk and Tractor Tires and Tubes. Vulcanising and Recapping neatly done and Guaranteed. Vth and Bonart Mobllgas Station, Joe Giacoletto, Clinton. 32tf DEAD A N I MlA L 8 REMOVED, large or small, prompt service. Call Crawford 8201 or Crawford 63109 Trre Haute or Dana 1426. We par all phone charges. John Wachtel Co., Terre Haute. tl37 DEAD ANIMALS REMOVED FREE of charge by UHiggina and Hons, licensed dealers. Call us as soon as they die and reverse charges. liana Feed Service, Dana, I'hone CO. tSxf Guaranteed 24-Hr., Refrigeration Service. Commercial and Domestic. F. Lv Bonebrake, Phone 1034-4 Clinton or 165-J-2, Montezuma. PAID NOTICES $50.00 REWARD $26.00 FOR return of my 13 inch, black, white and tan beagle hound. $25.00 for information that will lead to the arrest of the thief. J. VV. Slattery at Coleman's Garage. t60 NOTICE! Attenlion Howlers: A meeting will be held at the Lucky Strike Bowling Alley, September 7th, between 7:30 and 8:00. Any bowlers interested or beginners will be invited to attend the meeting. ' 161 NOTICE! Stated convocation Vermillion Chapter 125 R. A. M. Thursday. Sept. 7 at 7:30 p. in. William Vast-binder, H. P.; Itay Shew, Secretary. Ui2 NOTICE! A Jerusalem Lodge No. 99 F. & Ajip? A. M., called meeting Tuesday, Sept. 6, 7 p. m. Work in E. A. degree. John Griffith, W. M. Charles Brown, Sec. tCO NOTICE! I am not responsible for debts incurred by my wife, Mrs. Josie Riley. Edward Riley. t61x JOIN Ol lt CHRISTMAS LAVAWAY Club and select a Keepsake Diamond rilljr ul I-'araro's Jewelry Shop. 179 FOR RENT FIVE ROOM MODERN HOME, good condition for man and wife who will board owner. 1058 North 8th. t60xj MODERN FURNISHED APART- J ment. Close in. 415 South Third' Street. t43f BUS STATION, BLACKMAN Street. Call 920 Anderson Street. tlW WANTED BATCHELOR BUDDY 1058 NORTH Eighth Street. tCUx 'IVE OK SIX ROOM MODERN home. Phone 492-R. Ui9x 5MALL USED DOLL BUGGY, CALL 388-W. t62x (Continued from page 1) about information hinted at some sensational announcement in the near future, most concrete news centered around developments to the nort h. The city of Antwerp has been occupied and some 1 no. 000 German troops aud uncounted numbers of robot bomb limtulalllons along the Pas De Calais coast of northern l-'ranee permanently cut off. These Nazis resumed their flying bomb attacks on England after a lull of more than 80 hours, but the fire was not Intense and the next few days probably will put an end to It entirely. Breda, a Dutch River town with a normal population of 48.000. lies seven miles inside the Netherlands frontier. It is on the roads that lead to Rotterdam, where since 1 940 a civilian population tortured, harried and exploited by the Nazis lias been anxiously awaiting the deliverance that is now on its way. Several factors are responsible for the new imposition of strict censor-shin. One is the fact that German communications are believed to have been virtually disorganized by rapidity of the Anglo-American gains and by ceaseless aerial assaults against the German field telegraph and telephone systems. There is reason to of.ueiteve mat i.erman iorces, cut up ana tnrown into nasty retreat, orten , do not know the location of the Al- lies ana i.en. i;isennower nas no in- tentlon of aiding them with valuable information. Second Is the likelihood that the near future will witness a junction between the American and French forces operating well north of Lyon and reducing by the hour the gap between their vanguards and the First and Third Armies in the north. Golden Wedding Bells For W.H. Johnsons, Well-Known Residents (Continued Krnni Par It i wffi ployed at the Clinton Ice plant which he operates with his son. Max. Mr. and Mrs. Johnson have one daughter, Mrs. Mary Aitken, Terre Haute; one son, Max Johnson, Clinton and one granddaughter. Miss Mary Maxine Aitken, Terre Haute. Open house Is being held Tuesday afternoon and evening with the Elk's Chanters presenting a program this evening. Mr. Johnson Is a member of the Elks Lodge of Terre Haute and the Half Century Club of Clinton. Mrs. Johnson is a member of the Eastern Star, American Legion Auxiliary and the One Half Century Ladies Auxiliary. The anniversary cake is in the cake stand which held their wedding cake, fifty years ago. Many friends and relatives called during the day and evening and many gifts were received by the cou-J pie commemorating their 60 years of marriage. HIGHEST CASH For Your Used Cars COLEMAN AUTO CO. 335 S. 3rd St. Phone 427 Not Jojr .rtomen Men's garments are not proportioned for women. They fit badly over a woman's bust and hips and are therefore less comfortable, less durable and less attractive than those especially designed for women. Guaranteed PARTS and SERVICE On A II Makes of RADIOS and WASHING MACHINES Taylor's Radio Service S N. 0th BU Phone 793 PCKO THE PCTUPES CJJXTO.Vtt COOLKST SPOT 9c FINAL TUE. 40c ANO HIS OBCHCSTM (UimTToi I KIM & Color Cartoon News LOANS . . . S50 $100 S200 $250 and $300 Yes, you can obtain a loan based on your earning ability and you pay Interest ONLY fortlie time you have the loan. The Public Loan Company will as sist you quickly and privately. If you are steadily employed in factory, office, store or elsewhere. Come in and talk over your money problems with us. We will range your payments to suit your income. Costs are reasonable. Interest rate of 3 per month on unpaid bal ance for amounts up to $160 amounts ?150 to J300, 1 per month on unpaid balance. A $50.00 loan repaid In five monthly installments of $10.92 each, costs $4.50 but if repaid In 10 days, costs only 50c. You may borrow to pay old bills, your Doctor or Dentist, taxes or insurance . . . or any worthy purpose. If a loan can help you, phone or come to the Public Loan Company. Find Here the Cash Loan You Need. 8 Pay 10 Pay 12 Pay menu. $ SO $ 7.12 IOO CI 4.25 200 K2H.H3 2T0 7 mentM. S.80 911.72 28.29 28.87 $4.89 ment. S.02 10.O3 19.98 24.I7 2UJ3 ;SOO $41.91 PUBLIC LOAN CO. 219 54 Main St. Pbone 252 HOPALONG CASSIDY Strikes Ageirtl fas i f 1 che river, last water barrier before the twin ports of Calais and Boulogne. S Milca From Boulogne Advanced Canadian elements are only three miles from Boulogne. The entire Pas de Calais area has been virtually Isolated by the British sweep into Belgium and the coastal drive by first Canadian army. For the past 24 hours Canadian and Polish armor has been speeding forward after its Somnie crossing. Evidence Is accumulating that German officers are desert lug their men and It is believed thai portions of three German divsions are trapped In the Pas do Calais. (Me lMXt llecisloil Hitler must now make one more decision. It will probably be his last. That decision is where to make the final and decisive stand. Unless they are prepared to surrender in the Immedile future the Germans must make a stand somewhere. It is impossible yet to perceive where, for they fled Troill the natural line of the Seine without resistance. They did the same at the Marne. It may be that no stand will be made. Hitter Fighting Over The war. so far as bitter fighting is concerned, may be over In western Europe. The atmosphere in France is electric and this possibility is discussed everywhere. UMWA Files 41 More Strike Notices in Mines fConttnimd from pair 1) properties of the companies which operate them. And this appeared fo be only the beginning. The War Labor Board told President Roosevelt the union has struck or threatened to strike in about sevinty mines producing 150,-000 tons a day. These mines employ l.fiOO supervisory employes and 30,- ,000 production employes. IIljiilie'lfMle Hlrike Keen Roth the WLB and lekes said that !f the union follows its present pattern, the supervisory employes I will strike in all seventy luinps im-i mediately after the strike vote is taken - regardless of whether a majority of the union members vote to strike. Tinstone l-'aHor t-4 'on t rollnd HECAPPIIVti With Grad A Comclbackl 6.00-16 7.00 Only the finest materials and the best workmanship go into Firestone recaps. POLAND'S Firestone-Texaco Service J 20 N. Main linlon, Iml. Throw Your Scrap Into the Fight! I Now: Grade A C'aiiiclbai'k t Jy M0M CLAIMS FILl'.l) IX AIGIHT AIj-I.OWKI) AT KtiPTKMIiKIt TKKM. 1044 GENERAL FUND: Citizens Telephone Co., service $ 40.85 Dally Clintonian, election expense 48.25 T. R. Woodburn, aud. off. exp. 121.20 Ira J. Church, aud. off. supp. 4.16 Burroughs Adding Machine Co., same 7.20 Oil E. Poller, Bheriff fees 171.93 Oil E. Poller, sheriff off. exp. Fred Huyes, supt. sell travel exp. 16.57 41.60 Howard Watson, coroners exp. 30.00 OIIb Elevator Co., C. H. repair Alfred Jones. C. H. supp... Roy Sturm. C. H. fuel Modern School Supply, C. H. supp. 31.00 18.00 35.15 39.90 125.92 8.60 65.00 72.68 16.82 2.50 36.20 Public Service Co. of lnd., power Carl Welch, jail supp. Dr. J. L. Saunders, P. A. med. Loren Griffin. P. A. siipp. Gillis Pharmacy, same Ohio Oil Co., same F. L. Bonebrake, P. A. rep. Bell Bakeries, P. A. supp Indiana Institutional lnd., same Wabash Oil Co., same John W. Reeder, same 39.40 35.74 28.54 50.00 Indiana Institutional lnd., same 1G.66 Clinton Tobacco & Candy Co., same H. F. Fortner, same Carl R. Biggs, election exp. R. H. Kersey, soldier burial Daily Clintonian, public prtg. 132.38 7.60 10.54 76.00 19.28 Herald Publishing Co., same 96.19 Edward Ruby, miners exam, board r 12.00 Ernest Johnson, same 12.00 Art Kennedy, same 12.00 J. E. Russell, sch. fund exp. 2.00 Fred Fable, same 2.00 DEPT. PUBLIC WELFARE: Armlnta Logan $ 45.74 Citizens Telephone Co. ,4.25 Nancy Lewis . 15.00 Bertha Wheeler 15.00 Zella Honalo 15.00 Helen Parke 15.00 Oey Collier 15.00 Daily Clintonian 9.25 GRAVEL ROAD REPAIR: H. L. Fillinger $ 18.64 Jess Jenkins 100.00 Ward Farrington 32.25 Citizens Telephone Co. 4.75 Emory Bonebrake 7.06 Fred Heidbrider 20.10 Lovell -Miller 18.00 Hoy Divan 38.10 O. C. Konger 8.75 Stevenson Lumber Co. 325.23 Divans Repair Shop 5.60 E. II. Gerard 9.40 With The OompUmeata Ot THE DAILY CLINTONIAN, There Are Two Free Tickets To The WABASH THEATRE Waiting At Our Office for JENNIE BUFFO North Tenth St. Just Come Is And Ask For Them! Watch This Space Every Day TOUR NAME MAX HE NEXT COLUMBIA Tuesday and Wednesday DOUBLE FEATURE Admission 9c and 20c SAILORS HOLIDAY With Arthur Lake Jane Lawrence PLUS KLONDIKE KATE With Ann Savage Tom Neal THURSDAY Rates for Classified Ads and Paid Notices Vtrmt ituf IfiBArtlnn: Ifl for Uiih iMding line (one column Una, like ne or mete;. Nevt two days Insertion: the ume le charge (you get tliree dare at double the coet ot the firet day). Next three dart Insertion: the Mine 8c charge (roll get a whole aek five days) at three timet the oat of one Insertion). Kact group of three daye thereafter, 8c a line. Blackface (like thle) 10c per line. All classified ada Including mem-orlama and notlcee of all kinds muat be paid In advance except those by regular customera whose account! are paid monthly or those from organizations whose bills must be allowed before being paid. In the latter case the person asking the publication of the notice will be held responsible tor its payment. FOB SALE THREE BURNER KEKOSENE stove. Bertha Wright, Crompton Hill. t2.v TWO ICE BOXES, ONE COMPLETE bed, springs and mattress, like new; two kitchen tables, chairs, six restaurant tables, nice counter. Sell very cheap. John Soiurak. Blanford. UiSx BROWN, PRE-WAR BTTGGY, GOOD condition. 534 Elm Street. tC3x FIVE ROOM MODERN EURNISH- ed or unfurnished house. Phone 1122-4. tlx FOR OVERSEAS CHRISTMAS Sifts sec Faruco's Jewelry Shop. t79 THIS IS PEACH WEEK. DON'T . wait too long. Bring your baskets. McCracken's Market, South Main Street. 55f 39" lil'ICK ROA DM ASTER SE-dan, radio and neuter, original black finish, tires first class pre-war, low mileage, one owner. A-l mechanical condition. "37" BUICK ROADM ASTER SE-dan, radio and heater, original black finish, 750 x 16 6 ply tires, puncture proof tubes, motor reconditioned. Several other real bargains at ceiling prices. Coleman Auto. Phone 427. MEN'S TWO PANTS SUIT, OVER-coat, sport suit, half price. Can be seen at Olmsteads Cleaners. tCOx FIFTH VEIN COAL. ALSO BKA-zll Block. Charlie R. Ferguson. Phone 136-W. t 7-17-44 f BHICE, any kind yon want. Clinton Auto Wrecking Farts Co. Ernie's, Phone S, Clinton. 86oT FIVE ROOM HOUSE, HARDWOOD floors, fireplace and Venetian blinds. Full basement. S. Dallas Lewis. 756 W or 57. Clinton Hotel. t60 1935 STD. . CHEVROLET, s"e E James Poff, one mile west, one half mile south of Universal. t60x DRESSER AND CHEST OF DiiAW-ers to match, chifforobe, kitchen cabinet, hydraulic dump bed. 739 Nebeker Street. t60. WANTED TO BUY LARGE SIZE GAS BURNER, SUIT-able for melting pot. Should be approximately 18 inches in diameter. Type formerly used under still will be satisfactory. Call 32, Daily Clintonian. ONE COPY OK THE 1944 OLD Gold and Black Annual for a Clinton soldier overseas. Bring annual to office of E. C. Boyd, Supt. of Schools. t6,0 HALE HELP WANTED A REAL OPPORTUNITY! MEN or women; married or single, age 22 to 40; we have openings which offer the following: 1. Salary minimum. $1820 per year, plus bonus and commission. 2. Pleasant outside work calling on established trade. 3. Five day work week. 4. Car and expenses furnished. 6. 1'ertuuueut, post war jobs, no layoffs. Vacancies In Terre Haute, Brazil and Washington, lnd. Write Jewel Tea Co. Inc. 325 N. 13th St. Terre Hnute, I nd. giving uge and qualifications, teox BOYS TO CARRY PAPER ROUTES. 10 years or over. Aplly , Bill Blackburn, Clintonian. Help Wanted Female WOMAN KOR LOCAL ADVERTIS-Ing. survey work, average earnings, $50.00 week and over, no age limit, free to travel. Florida in winter. Call at 3"6 Walnut. t62x SMALL RADIO. WILL PAY TOP price, see Mrs. Goshen, 306 Walnut. t60x LOST SMALL BLUE-GRAY AND WHITE kitten. Reward. 1217 So. 6th. Phone 128. t62x 2 9c 35cIPAMcE IITLER'S WOMEN. mm " A t driven like cattle into the pens of NAZI ' PASSION! In Memoriani In memory of Kenneth Jardlne, unetl five, who left us one year 8K0, September 5. No stain was on Ills little heart, Sin hud not entered there. And innocence slept sweetly on That pale white brow bo fair. He was loo pure for the cold earth. Too beautiful to stay. And so Cod's holy ane bore Our darling one auy. Mother and Daddy, ieore and I'auline, Sammy and Martha and Uncle Andrew. Claused Ads Sell Most Anything H- rBILL ; I ANDVaVDE A ELLEN HAU. INTRIGUE AND DANGER! INTRIGUE SANDERS IRUCf Admission 9c and 20c TRUE TO LIFE With Mary Martin Dick Powell Franchot Tone Vietor Moore "Show Business At War" Fox Short "MARDIGRAS" Musical Parade For Dashing Romance. ..Super-Exciting Melodrama. ..Timely Thrills.. .Don't Miss $300 or Less Is Often the Answer to a Lot of Troublesome Problems. Why Not Talk It Over With Us Without Obligation. SECURITY LOAN COMPANY 126 Blackman St, Phone 62 PALACE STARTING THURSDAY CLINTON. INDIANA

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