The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on September 5, 1944 · Page 2
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 2

Clinton, Indiana
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Tuesday, September 5, 1944
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Tuesday, Si -ptciwbpr 5, 1941. THE DAILY CLINTON IAN ter spending 15 days with j Xifcki Sue have gone to Albany, (in. i... ...iii, Imltnnd Allen he wiiii her nusuaua. neu Tf v:ta Indiana Departments Need Typists and Stenographers INDIANAPOLIS. Ind. Dudley t Color Marks Bombs Bombs dropped from war plane are of various typos high explosive or armor piercing, fragmentation, smoke or demolition, tracer, incendiary, etc. Each type has a specific h'.s naven.s. -Mr. and Mis. Hurley A. Smith, Director of State Person NEWS OF MEN IN THE SERVICE (Continued F nn Pe ' ) Fred A. M iddlebrook, in Kaly. Pfc. HastliiK and children. Mi. and Mrs. lien Hasting and children returned to Chicago after nel uniH lodav the permanent po color to cnaDie prompt ,uttv.w. sitions for typists, clerk-typists and Reds. Bulgaria At War, Soviet Lines at Border (Continued trom page 1) stenograpliers now are open in the , jn handling them in the stress a Indiana r.iuinoyjuenr ntrtititi,! tuitiwttt. M.iddlebrook entered the service in Crane, who is stationed there. Mr. r.nd Mrs. James Slater and son of Anilerson spent the week end with relatives. Mre. Nora Huffman of Terre Haute spent Sunday afternoon with Mi. and Mrs. Jacob Bryant. C!en Hall of Indianapoli.i spent Sunday with relatives and friends. Willing Workers Class will meet at the home ol Mrs. Flora Andrews on Thursday, Sept. 7 for an all day m . it ini!- Doit Vouraelf. Ii'iitasy as putlinfl viiur ii:iir up hi curlers. You 11 luici cvtryUtiiig yuu liewl in die ion, the State Department of Public Welfare and the Indiana State llourd of Health. The Employment Security Division's need is due to its preparations for enlarging Its stenographic and typing staff in anticipation of increased work when the division takes over the Veterans' Unemployment Compensation Benefit pro permanent WAVS K" Requires no heat or electricity. Saff. tor every December, 1943 and received lntan-trv training at Camp Shelby, Miss. He waB employed at the Wabash Klver Ordnance Works before entering the armed forces. Clayton B. Whalen Jr., 17, of route one, Clinton is now receiving his boot training at the U. S. Naval Training Center, Great Lakes, 111. U.S.A. Second Lieutenant William L. Marietta, sou of Mr. and Mrs. John Mui-Uftn nf Blackman street, recent- ;pe. ding the past week with his par-em?. Mi. and Mrs. HarU-y Hasting. .V. and Mrs. Chains Smith of Danville, 111. ptnt Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. Calvin Smith. ;:'. a: d Mrs. harry Dowdy of I'm ret Bluff bnent Sunday aiteriinnn with : :'H O'ib Church. Mr. and Mrs Harry Wilson and ton of Pails, ill. bpeut Sunday with Mr. an.i Mrs. Kdwi.i Cl.trlc. Airs. Doioihy Clin, returned to S.-n'iesky. Ohio after suendine i!t,..e we its with -Mr. and Mrs. George Ctine. Sir. and V.rr. Sam Oswalt and t.luh.'re'i Freddie and Nancv of Lit-porte and Mi . and Mrs. Dali-s Foster ard children Eleanor Jo nnd Phillip of Vnlpairsn spent the weekend with their parents. Mr. and Mrs. ing Cluirm-Kurl lJermanenl Wave Kit txlay G.ilis I'hitmucy mid All lnm Wlrw. Mrs. Nellie Barnes spent Monday in Terre Haute. Mr. and Mrs. Neil Dunn, Sr. and daughter Betty and son Neil, Jr. spent Monday in Terre Haute. Miss Margaret McAdams of Terre Haute spent the week end with Miss WHY BE FA? Fairview News Of Past Week Mr. aut3 Mis. Metz Hosts To Family Hianer Sunday; Willing vi oi-kcrs Sleet Miss MiHe Louden of Indian.'. io-118 Bpem ilie weekend with h.-r patents, lr- nl Mrs. (.'limits Louden. I.ti'S. Cady? Cornish, after spending oa8 witii iriends, is i tilting frit ;,ds in Terre Haute. Mr. and Airs. Ceor.," C'iiu aid son George and (. Dorothy and Cha-'eri- Ciii: ,'pee' Friday after-npon in Tori" I.'n'ite. Mr .in ! Mrs. riorace Trotiii.:, and children Eel'., JI H in and Hieilaid of Cll'cao spent tne weekend with her iai'uts. Mr. j:nl Mis. A. V. Kennedy. Mis. Pearl T.inv of Torre Haute spent a d recently with Mrs. Lo-rence Cemhe and sons. Mr. and Mis. e,Lon short of Terre Haute epei.l Sunday wltn .Mr. sua Mrs. Bert short. Mra. Lorene Lamb'- spent. Friday with Mrs. l'erl Tapy of Trie Jl uite. liwetit Koun attended tilt Fonn the capture of Brasov, a supplement to the regular Soviet communique revealed. Capture of 9,500 more Germans and the death of 3,000 others was announced in two pockets far behind the Romanian front. In a push west above the Danube the Russians seized Clolanau and unofficial advices placed Red spearheads west of Craiova, on the railway leading through the iron gate. The fighting In Romania was described as fairly easy, but in Poland the Germans continued to re 4!a dimmer ly received his wings and coinmis- gram, for returning World War Two servicemen und women. Daily examinations for state merit i positions are given at the Personnel Division Office. 141 South Meridian j St., Indianapolis. I The division also is seeking to fill ! vacancies in the staffs of the Indiana ! Boys School at Plaint'leld. the Cler- j mont Indiana Girls1 School, the In- Betty Dunn " . .. ., on in ine Aiiuy run-to t Theodore Newport of lal;,,il)""" j Big Sprir,g Bombardier School at Big if spending the week with Mr. and ' Hn!r Tox u Mftrieua is a grad-Mrs. Neil Dunn, Sr. p ,.,,,,.. HiEl, school and at- without exercise You may lose pounds and have a more ulcuder, araceiul iijiure. No ejwruisirig.N't'ntaUves.NodrugB. With thin AYDS plan you don t cut out anv ineala. starclies, po-tatucs. meats or butter, you eira-ply cut them down. It a ea&ier wlien vou enjoy delicious (vitamin iortified, AYDS before meals. Absolutely harmless. Mrs. Luther Hiiiainbotham spent pKipehnle lnsliluK Rose Polytechnic Institute sist every yard of ground. l't,.,rlL. XI, -tv in Terre Haute witn Mr ot i Mr Harrv Lewis and! the weekend 1 lie new oirufic-iiuuiii', ( t... i. ... nr-tcitinp. ! diana Stale School foi the Blind at In clitiicnl tt 5lti conducted by medica, doctor n".r"t linn 10 ,ersons lost 14 to IS lbs. BTCf- aerial and artillery barrage. The Indianapolis and the Indiana Sol- , Russians broke through a strong de-.diors' and Sailors' home at hn.ghts-fense line of trenches, minefields : town. Need for teachers cooks, diu-and barbed wire to capture 100 I room assistants and institution- tended where he was a member of Alpha Tau Omega fraternity. U.S.A. Capt. Carl M. Frantz of route two. C linton recently passed through an Air Service Command Station "somewhere In Kngland," enroute to a well-earned rest after 31 missions InV 1'lan. Jtldtl. Airs Ivirgv lieu of I' were ! relatives. Sunday guests of Mr. and Mrs. Char- Mr. and Mrs. George C ine a nd i . MctZi son George and Mrs. Dorothy Cliue Mr.. Ma'- Donra nnd son Frank-1 visited recently in Lyford. !' vec of Park spent! Ora Vv'eaver. who has been con-Wednesday v.i'h her mother. Mrs. fined to his home, has returned to Velt.t: . T terson !' wps Mrs. Peter- work. larRc Biz.: box of AY DS. 30-day Bupply only .. or ,.,U bllllnu- Q UI WUriitilti UIK t'ui' " " smut.riHiua S2.25.Moncybackityoudon tgeLresulu 4 no Germans en route ing of winter terms of instruction at these schools. G1LL1.S i'MAK.UAe,I il 1 South Main St. Moving forward between the Bug nwi Nnrew rivers, the Red drive cul jsoi.'s t;4 birthday anniversary. Mr. anu mis. n-a. out"" " Ins a Bombardier on a a-ii. ueioie- Sir. and Mrs. Larry Sini'ii arm moved Horn jacsou oi. ti . .. .... I 1 ... nro'.l 1 Ctlfltltl- 1 i . iri 1 1.1 the railroad linking the major enemy ! reunion Sunday at Aslunore, til. Mr. and Kr.i. Chorion Clino and i drughter rharlone or Cllntci. spent; Sunday aft. i noun n his parents . Mr. and Mrs. Ocurije tline. j Pfc. Alfred Hailing return d to' I i.T the week near Clay lily. j Mr. and Mrs. John Thomas and N,.ii Dunn. Jr. of Indianapolis is j children spent the weekend in Dan-uiMtdinc ti'f weelt with his parents, , ville, ill. v r 1,1 tr, vvn Dunn far Mr. and Mis. Milford Mtores and V,,;.lm' 1; ... . J, a,,lBMe; daurmc or Ttr,e Haute spent Sun- fortifications of WyszKow, 2S nines northeast of Warsaw, and Ostroleka, CutM miles from the capital. Then the Russians drove a spearhead four miles beyond the railroad to 28 miles nnrtlicssi of W.-irsaw. and Ostroleka. his return to the States, capt. Krantz was awarded the Dfetinguish-eil Flying Ciosa, Air Medal with Four Oak Leal Cluster. He is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Joseph L. Frantz of route two, Clinton. U.S.A. Cpl. Richard L. Stultz, husband of Mrs. Rosemary Stultz of North Fourth street, recently completed or- (i;iy w,tli ins paieius, i 113 miles from the capital. The Rus BACK TO SCHOOL WITH ALWAYS BETTER CLEANING ereti Shores. Community Club me at the Town sians drove a spearhead four miles beyond the railroad to the town oi , Ha, I Kiidav evening, uunnu ou.- evening. course designed to unuge .n,tio, ot , N'owa Wins on the south bank NEW STORE' HOURS i,ess sestiion an election ot ". ,,,,, .,, hotwnen training In the of the Narew and 12 miles south ior tae next ..o ttcn. . AT rleni, itiso Madc Peterson; uc pie- sl.iout, Mrs. Melissa l'etersa.i; beer. tarv-lreuBUi'f r, Mrs. May uonna, Wyszkow. ' Announcing the offensive several hours before Moscow, Berlin linked : it with the threat to East Prussia and admitted that German lines had ; been pushed back. i swo a. m. to 12 Hooss 1:50 p. m. to 10 p. neo committee, Mrs. Suhi-sa Davit Bnsteads Bunco was plavod and prizes were awarded to Mrs. Goldia 0 roves, hifsil. Mrs. May Dorna bunco Mrs hmm Stoee "A LITTLE BETTER .leunts Rush, tow ana iwb. S'ates and combat soldiering against i!,e enemy in France. Before entering the Army Air Forces, he was employed as a construction helper by the K. L DuPont in Newport, Ind. U.S.A. Pfc. Russell K. Reynolds who has been visiting Betty Aim Clilmore of Hlackmun street, returned to camp Friday. U.S. A Mrs. Janet Shannon of North Seventh street and Mis. Josephine Dun-lop of South Sixth street have received word that their husbands. Pvt. Jesse R. E. Shannon and Pfc. John S. Duulop have arrived safely LlBEi'S i si: of ij' LirY' Seidlii'Bcr, travel. j.i.irrhn Jean and A tiJ NORTH MTli Si'. g.rl friend spent the weekend with Yanks Rip 12 Jap Ships in Attack Near Philippines (Continued uv vage II her parents. Mr. ami wr. e Ab inatlty lt.endore Ne'.vport ot intiian.ipom aneni Monday in Terre Maure. M. onrl Mr". Forest 1 OP OI 1 ei- RUM CORDIALS rc Haute leave for Jacksonville. Fla. WHISKEY GINS BRANDIES somewhere in Italy atter leaving ri. George Meade, Md. w.-ei: to inrke tueir iii home. Mr. Topy Has accepted a U.S.A. Mr. and Mrs. Calvin Smith of itlon as foreman lor uuvai rami Pearl Harbor. A three day series of raids and two days of ship bombardment of Japanese bases In the ' Benin and Volcano Islands, south of Japan, In which 13 enemy vessels were sunk were announced to- j and Class Co4 The, leave several Fail-view have received word that their 'son, S 2c Robert E. Smith .-.i vi Pierce. Fla. made second high ',-iendb in Clinton ann ."""-" p.iiK. Mr. Topy formerly lived I" and was ticket agent ior civ COMPLETE WINE LINE tracuon sintion here. He was recent- ....rtinvwi at Lamers ramt anu day by Adm. Chester W. Nimitz. , In addition, four ships probably j were sunk and three ships and a j sampan damaged. ( Eighty-five Japanese aircraft were , destroyed or damaged. The raids began Aug. 30 against I Gias- Co. as a glazer. Mr. and Mrs. Charles A. Metz en I PEACH E S foh OACTi est score in his class of the gunnel school. He entered the Navy May 30, 1944. V.S.A. Mrs. Lazo Kerkez has received word that her son, Pfc. Mike Lubo-vU', Isnow miioued in -Fronce. . - -- Earthquakes Rock US Early Today, Felt in Midwest NEW YORK, N. Y. Widespread areas of the northeastern United siip. mid eastern Canada were WANTED MEN Over 18 Years Of Age, Physically Qualified, To Produce Materials For Shipment To The ARMY AND NAVY LABORERS PAINTERS ASSEMBLERS MACHINE OPERATORS If Not In pssential Employment Apply To The Representative Of The WAR MANPOWER COMMISSION U. S. Employment Service At The MGGSE HALL Wednesday, Sept. 6 9 A. M. Mid West Body & Mfg. Division PARIS, ILLINOIS Chichi and Haha Islands in the Bon-ins, about 650 miles south of Tokyo, and Iwo in the Volcanos. Iwo is 750 miles south of Tokyo. The bombardment continued thru Aug. 31 and the aerial action thru Sept. 1. In addition, Nimitz reported, carriers, cruisers and destroyers bombed and shelled Wake yesterday. Other aircraft hit Rota and Maug ELBERTA m MALE tertained Sunday with a dinnei. Thoe..v.lio tto,dd were Mr. and Mis. fiflta' 'flner and clnloren Einnior and Phtlllp of Valparaiso. 'Mr and Mrs. Sam Oswalt and clnl-i 'dren Freddie and Nancy of Lapor'e, Mis Pegry ileiz of Universal. Miss jo Ann. Mr. and Mr?. William Metz end on Bobby, Mr. and Mrs. Iti'.lph 'swalis and children Lindu and (Ivde, M'S. Leonard Segraves and dienhter Ethel of Olenaii-s. Tl.Of.e who cail'd in the afternoon were ! Mr and Mrs. Ernest Weber and daulditeis Mary and Shirley, Mr. land Mrs. Harry Lewis of I n-vcrsa . Mr and Mrs. Leonard l'ru'ldere. All 'l Mr. and Mrs. Mel.' children at-! tended but Charles Jr.. who Is ser-.-ling in the C. S. Army Signal Corpi, i -omewhere In the South West J'ac-i fic. shaken by sharp earth tremors that In the Marianas. Paraniuslnru s lar away as feu on Mich., and Washington, D. C, short-j the northern Kuriles. Truk and Po- Island, i.. ,',. niiHniftit todaV There were no nnmeuiaie icwui-a of serious damage anywhere in the vast affected area and at 2 a. ru. today (EWTl seismograph experts at nape in the Carolines. Nauru west of the Gilberts, and Mill. Wot-je, and Maloelap atolls in the Marshall. Five American aircraft and four men were lost 111 the strikes against the Volcano and Bonin Islands, the bulletin reported. ,i,.j,,i tTniversitv were still try 3th and Ela St. Mm ktt Open P P. M. For Your Convenience P.etter (f) u A Few .Vioxf Bushels We May Not Have A G o o tt . .'rep iTtxt Year: ing to ascertain the source and ex tent of the shocks. Buildings were rocked by the ter mors, which began at 12:37 a. ni. I'vl.Lwm Honiano ! Tank Corn-man. in some areas lasten neany a minute. Frightened household-1 nnd hotel residents, most of. and mil ers Yvouim1 in Ac tion Helt Township Schoos Open 1944 Term Today Faculty Changes Noted Helt Township schools opened the new term with the three high ; vrhoM already had retired for the I irour-'d into the streets ill j night. I BRING YOUR OWN BASKET ,,ea siorti patse 11 (Con tli. I hundreds of communities and tele-1 hnne swii chlKulrds were jammed led Miei'itury v. wiih calls for Inquiring subscribers. I In Washington, among scores of schools. St. Bemice, Hillsdale and If I I ut -- on It Dana reporting a fair enrollment. Fred A. Hayes, superintendent of Vermillion County schools announc H-Miiln' in I telephone tans ieitotteu ... i n hysterical woman who asked tt. lilt i.titt xji,,Ji,.'o rnhttl 302 Sauth iIuln Sth & i u S' , he was to Know ir one u. y"''- --.' r e v 1:( ed today. ,h,,mij hlltl lailUea ,H oe c.t. A,,,r,. ihe severely shak 'Wdlksi He vecei h gl.'i .itrj vv.'Lt m i ji .: to l'i; it-, vouud '.l. .1:..-. t;oni:,i,o tv ft-.-n tiiiit t ,s uaim July '' 'p Mrs. mi- mam ,m IIOUSJ'II imhMUUB IW'tl l 1 t iimw piipi sit t , re. lived her la't jn August', Which 1 1911. Kon-at.T have .111-..... Bnuy Ktiniano. ten Navy now sta- en in the capital was the headquarters of International News Service. Early reports indicated the earth shocks Were most severe In the New Y,,r, New England area. Chandeliers swnved and windows rattled loudly as buildings were shaken violently to their foundations. rw nf the first reports came from e'i in set" i e 1'iiHeu Sir. in New York. S TO W ILL SKIX AT AlCJIOV ON i .., Dr. S. I. Green. Helt township trustee, announced the faculties for the three schools, listing several changes. In addition to a number of leacher changes Park Lewman has been named to succeed Edwin Wol-pert as Hillsdale High school principal. Dana school faculty includes W. M. Beanblossom. principal and mathematics; Mabel Edwards, home ec and girls' physical education; Chloe James, English and social studies; Jessie Kerns, social studies. Latin and mathematics; Dermott McDonald, commerce, coach; lven Connell. grades seven and eight; Mary Alice Russell; grades five and six; Louise Helt, grades four and five; Catherine Kernes, grades two and three and Esther Redman, grade one. St. Bernice: Hugh B. Hays, principal and science; Noble Mayes. A FIREPROOF Building Material RUBEROID ETERNIT r!t I'.i.r. oe ii ree. iveti hy Mr. Mr:. Clyde Jones, St. Bern ice, avtii',atiou v';ts 'lectsoaiy to il.e life of ti.eir yoU1,.;est son. ; r, who was senomly wounded . i recently. vere UM.o'ies to young Jones ,,rm ii" ei; ilated amputation of irir. the earte's were informed. :.i hut a; r.r. Am iiean Army ital in Ktu'land. I Springfield. Mass.. where two disjunct shocks were felt, a comparatively mild one at 12:37 and a much stronger one at 12:39. I In Boston, newspaper offices re-I reived scores of calls inquiring about I tne tremor, but no Ill-effects were reported. Greater Cleveland was shaken. SATURDAY, SEPT. 9 COmiVSClSG AT 1 O'CLOCK STOHEIVAU WMM All OT T'H! PersjotM. rif;f.ity tiir Lis. I -f ' t ' I. At the l.of.aeti ft' YVV&'i C1.IN'- ti.v i mil.. Kt.nih of St. V.eniKi ; ' uiMf .N't' f-t 'iic Ji!.ana Population Sim ier, Vernii I Hon Comih Is If art! Hit physical education and industrial arts; Norma Connell. home econo- j mlcs and science; Mary E. McCool. I mathematics and English; Juanita I hoc Houses Citizens feeling the shock were alarmed. The Weather Bureau reported the earthquake had rocked the city at 12:43 a. m.. but no damage was reported. Buildings were shaken in Washington. Telephone calls swamped police and newspaper offices, but no damage was reported. People were equally curious in Detroit where the tremor lasted for 45 seconds and, according to a newspaper eaitor, "must have waked up half the town ". j6 Koon. House, IneliKJiu;: Hunter, English and soeial studies; E. Grace Cripe, commerce and girls' ,i,vic:il education: Nellie Beau- SRntrs, hedUiaK, beds, iimei'sprin,: i;i:'llie.-- eue ;.ti''u ..'. .. .,.! 1,.,..,.!, ,, ileitlt' IvflSiir't. illil' Iil!il.i;.at', Increased farm production means you'll be needing new buildings and repairs to present structures. But don't let shortage or "freezing" of lumber items, plywood, compressed fiber boards or sheet metal get you down. Smile, neighbor, because Huberoid Stonewall Board is periect for innumerable farm purposes . . .with extra advantages that critical materials don't have. It's fireproof, strong, durable, weatherproof, rat-proof, and termite-proof. Here are big, smooth 4 ft. i 8 ft. boards of asbestc-cemeni that you can saw, score, nail and drill with ordinary tools. Comes in 3 thicknesses, inspect this fine building board. Buy all vou r.eed. Use it for exteriors and in'.ariors. It is surpjis-ingly low in cost. jiltiuti anu " 1 ' . . , . . . - . . Otsfeu wUlic e haiLel range, a ". "W, l'inl"o ru J.o, evfra vV!i-s end porch f limit ure, and many other hfl'tli s t'ji) unriai'r:tii io li.e tif ioii. blossom, grade principal and grade six; Blanche Stevens, grade live: Clara E. Stalil, grade four; Meila Wright, grades two and three, and Frances Myers, grade one. Hillsdale faculty: Parke Unman, mathematics and coach; Effie R. taoogLii Houses - TKIiMS: CAtXJ StAf WlU lfi, Ai.ctione.r M vi.ii.n.if l I Tom Page ) ptfs in population, dropping 7,7 50 to Vermillion county sho.ved the seeded heaviest popi lation lofs, drop-pine 3.770 to a total of 1S.7H3. A MiD.-tantial part of the i reviously re-notietl eain (in Books One and Two registrations) was due tu Influx of ..ur workers 10 liie Wabash River Oidnance Works, it wa3 believed. However, many workers have left e county with the end of construc-: !n w-.iK at the plant. The OPA figures indicate that Indiana as a whole has suffered a population loss of 1.797 persons during ihe period, with total population now set unofficially by the agency at 3,174,1,55. Many Roles for Tungsten For direct battle use, tungsten serves in armor-piercing projectiles, in armor plate itself, in erosion-resisting gun linings. It is used in telephone and radio communications; in X-ray equipment for medical treatment and pictures. Tungsten also plays its part in essential home use, in filaments for electric lluhte ami in ttlhtu:. in KaltS fOT ! Sullivan, commerce, Latin and liDra-Iry: Marjorie Noakes. home ec and j girls' physical education: Henry F. 1 Paloncy, commerce and physical ed-iueatioii; Derexa Wisehart, social studies. Rosalie Mitchell, English: i F. H. Thompson, science and social CUNTON LUMS.EM U SUPPLY CO. iniffl yZZIciitiiics Ml Pi oiifrty To Be Settled Foi 'lefoie Reruo- ul From Premises Not !te&po;iib!e For Accidents! studies; Louise Watts, grades live A.VSTKAI1, Mar. the chemical, painting, and tanning . inrlnwtrtcic In varinA articles from ' antt six: Tabitha Billiiifs. grade t'KCII. G03 N. 'Jill Ml rhonc - Fern Brown, three and four and grades sue acd to. watclies pianos. t m .1

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