The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida on November 5, 1968 · Page 11
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The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida · Page 11

West Palm Beach, Florida
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 5, 1968
Page 11
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Palm Beach Post, Tuesday, Nov. 5, 196811 Dating And Going Steady XII Going Steady Really Best For You? things and may have feelings of inferiority when such talk begins. 3. Girls and boys most likely to pair off this way often feel somewhat closer to engagement and marriage. A girl who expects to marry after graduating from high school or soon afterward, and does not expect to attend college, Is likely to settle for a steady companion at an earlier age than the girl who looks ahead to more years of education. That makes sense. Since going steady Is a step toward marriage, girls who see marriage only a few years away are much more interested in taking the step. Those least likely to go steady (apart from girls who would like to, but have not found the right boy) are generally those who are looking farther into the future. Such girls may see themselves as college graduates, or as being older before they become serious with a man. They are less likely to worry about what friends think of them. If you go steady, you have to face the possibility that your relationship will break up sooner or later. Sometimes this can be a painful and disturbing experience. The earlier you go steady, the less likely It Is that you will marry your boy friend, and the more likely that you will have to break up your relationship later. Also, the longer you go steady, and the closer your relationship, the more painful the break may be. Probably the main reason couples break up is that they grow apart from each other. Most people, looking back at their school years, are surprised at how their interests changed and developed during their teen years. In the first year of high school, for example, the big men on the campus are generally good athletes or excellent dancers or farther advanced socially than their friends. Gradually, "the brains" may begin to come Into their own. In schools where most students are Interested In going to college, the boys with high marks may be as popular with girls as the stars of the football or basketball teams. Girls and boys who have the most mature understanding of what it takes for a male and female to get along well together are best abot to make the break without hurting either one. They recognize that people with different Interests and values are not wrong or have to consider in deciding when and whether you yourself should go steady if the opportunity presents itself. Obviously, one cannot say that the practice is all good or bad. Its value depends on you, mostly. Research has found, however, that certain types of ' persons tend to go steady, while certain other types are less likely to do it. 1. Going steady is more common among girls who seek security above excitement. Sometimes her early experiences in life convince a girl that It Is worth a great deal to have a boy she can rely on to escort her to various social affairs. One girl who first attended dances at age 14 recalled her frequent embarrassment at finding herself sitting alone while every other girl had been asked to dance. She had no boy friend to take her to parties. These memories are still so painful that she does not want to experience others like them again. Going steady gives her the feeling that she will not be left "out in the cold" in the future. 2. Going steady appeals to girls who are more anxious about what their friends think of them. It confers "status." Some girls feel unhappy If their girl frienJs are going out and they are not. When girls are together, they often talk about the things they do with their steadies. A girl without a steady beau may feel out of .Where. . right up to the moment that you say "I do." Your boy friend has a similar right, and he should be able to exercise It without feeling that he is betraying you or giving you a dirty deal. It would be less than natural; If the one who feels rejected did not feel bad about It. Gen-' erally, however, a relationship does not break off suddenly. Nor Is It generally completely one-sided. What usually happens Is that the girl and boy begin to feel that they do not have the best possible relationship after all. Once either partner is dissatisfied, It is usually best to break off, at least for a while. LADIES! DO YOU KNOW WE CAN REPAIR YOUR VENETIAN BLINDS TO LOOK LIKE NEW Pkk Up and Delivery JOHN TURNIY, Owner QUALITY CRAFT Venetian Blind Mgf. Co. 519 25th Si. TEM274 ffltm? g 2D IMUM SALON $50 vO 1 ITiVti UULUCjUUUO bad. They are just different. Yoo are not wrong, for example, if you are the stay-at-home type who likes to curl up with a book and listen to soft music, just as a boy Is not evil If he wants to dance or visit friends. Yet, you must admit that you are not made for each other. When a long-standing attachment breaks up, many girls feel It Is a great loss. I take a longer-range viewpoint and regard it as a gain. After all, a main purpose of going steady is to try to discover whether you are suitable for each other, whether your Interests and personalities match so well that you feel you could spend your lifetime together. If you discover at some point that your Interests and personalities do not match, you have learned something Important. You have saved yourself from possible greater disillusionment later. Also, In the process you have thought about what you want - or at least do not want from life. This experience should help you make a better choice of a boy friend one better suited to your needs the next time. The best way to break it off is to do It honestly by discussing frankly your feeling that you are not suited for each other at this time. By doing this aboveboard, you are really saying that going steady has had its worthwhile features and that a dignified end to it is what you both deserve. For you must have seen some admirable characteristics in each other or you would not have gone steady at all. What are common reasons why a boy and girl decide not to go steady any longer? 1. They are getting too serious. 2. They discover that they have less In common than they th jught. 3. They become restricted by the lack of freedom and long to be free again. 4. Someone else looks more attractive. If you want to break off for any reason, you should not feel ashamed or guilty for doing so. You should feel free, In fact, to call off any friendship even an engagement ALICE BEAUTY RICHARD'S LANOLIN WAVE Honorary Head Named For Fete -Tr -""" What. . WEDNESDAY NOVEMBERS JUNO WOMAN'S CLUB CANCER CLINIC AT THE Juno Clubhouse Juno Road, ,10 a.m. WOMEN OF THE MOOSE CHAPTER 938 Moose Hall 835 Belvedere Road, 8 p.m. I'M WORKING TO ELECT HICKS STin REPRESENTATIVE BIST N MR. JACK WEBB DUCATOR NOW OPEN 10:30-4:00 Closed Saturday EXCLUSIVE DRKSMAKING FABIIIfS 833-5171 326 Peruvian Ave. Palm Beach You'll Love BIG MAO Now in Town! Riviera Beach Lake Worth Okeechobee Blvd. McDonald's HOLIDAY Fabrics ( Internationalt y HM York which this year was renamed Le Bal di L'Amitie. Mrs. Sanford and her husband, Stephen "Laddie" Sanford, were members of the ball's honorary committee. This year's ball was an event of Friday night at the Waldorf Astoria and annually benefits French and American charities. So successful were these benefits under Mrs. Sanford's leadership, that three years ago the April in Paris Ball was given in her honor. She also is a member of the board of directors of Soldiers, Sailors, and Airmen's Club which operates a clubhouse in New York. The club provides lodgings for enlisted men for $1 per night. . She has been a co-chairman of local hospital balls and honorary chairman of numerous benefits in Palm Beach. Currently In New York, Mrs. Sanford plans to return to the resort with Mr. Sanford shortly before Thanksgiving. ft Anthony NORTHSIDE COUNTY COURTHOUSE 337 3RD STREET, W. PALM BEACH 832-7684 By DR. THOMAS M MC GIN NIS The practice of going steady has developed only fairly recently among teen-agers. In your parents' time It was more common among young men and women who were considered old enough to marry. Going steady Is an American invention. The fact that It is so popular with teen-agers indicates that they believe it does something for them that other relationships fail to do. It tends to have definite built-in advantages for certain people and certain types. The pros and cons of going steady are things you will .When CEDARETTES at the Masonic Temple 311 Clematis Street, 8 p.m. PALM SPRINGS HOME DEMONSTRATION CLUB work meeting and sandwich luncheon at Village Hall, 10 a.m. EPISCOPAL CHURCHWO-MEN Of Bethesda-by-the-Sea Church, In the Guild Room, 10:45 a.m. ROYAL POINCIANA COURT 21 Order of the Amaranth, at Northwood Masonic Temple, 8 p.m. TEMPLE BETH SHOLOM SISTERHOOD At the Temple 315 No. 'A' Street Lake Worth, 8p.m. MILITARY TRAIL EXTENSION HOMEMAKERS workshop and luncheon at First Federal Savings and Loan Association Okeechobee Road and Spencer Drive. FLORIDA PHI WIVES at Phi Delta Kappa Clubhouse 10th Avenue No. Lake Worth, 8 p.m. SOROPTIMIST CLUB of the Palm Beaches luncheon meeting at . Marina Inn, noon. YOUNG HOMEMAKERS CLUB meeting and covered dish at 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. at the Mounts Bldg. ST. CLARE'S WOMEN'S GUILD at Lake Park Fidelity Savings and Loan, 8 p.m. CITY COUNCIL Beta Sigma Phi, 810 Datura Street, 8 p.m. LAKE PARK GARDEN CLUB program on liquid embroidery. Friendship Hall, Community Church 501 Park Avenue, Lake Park, 10 a.m. CASUARINA WOMAN'S CLUB card party at the Lanta-na Recreation Center, 8 p.m. LANTANA WOMAN'S CLUB at the Clubhouse E. Ocean Avenue, Lantana board meeting at 1 p.m. business meeting and social hour, 2 p.m. WOMEN'S SOCIETY OF JUNO BEACH METHODIST CHURCH, charter meeting, 380 Ocean Drive, Juno Beach, 9:30 a.m. i V: A I l ARRIVING EVERY DAY Like Something Different with that Expensive Look? TRY US We Fit Your Pocketbook MUM oris & TOPS CLUB CHAPTERS Pound Pushers Chapter 22 at Major League Lanes, Lake Worth, 10:30 a.m.; Ounce Bouncers Chapter 10 at the CDA Hall 537 Pine Terrace, 8 p.m.; Wise Size at Kinder Kol-lege Lake Park, 7:30 p.m.; Riviera Tops, Riviera Recreation Hall, 8 p.m. CIVIL AIR PATROL Group 5 at PBIA Bldg. 1064 8 p.m.; Forest Hill Cadet Squad PBIA Bidg. 10627 p.m. SOUTHERN AIR'S SQUARE DANCE CLUB dance at Haverhill Town Hall 4585 Charlotte Street, 8 p.m. LOYAL ORDER OF MOOSE LODGE 1257 at Moose Lodge 208 S. E. 9th Avenue, Boynton Beach, 8 p.m. SIDEWINDERS SQUARE DANCE Remuda Hall Military Trail, 8 to 10: 30 p.m. WEIGHT WATCHERS Of Palm Beach County, Inc. Fidelity Federal Bank 45th and Broadway 9:30 p.m.; office 3733 So. Dixie 9:30 a.m. and 7:30 p.m.; First Federal Savings and Loan of Delray Beach 7:30 p.m.; Lake Worth Women's Club 20 S. Federal Hwy, 7:30 p.m.; 502 E. Ocean Avenue 9:30 a.m. BRAILLE CLUB clubhouse 4801 Dixie Hwy, noon to 3 p.m. ROYAL NEIGHBORS OF AMERCIA cover dish luncheon and meeting at the IOOFHall, noon. DRESSES Bows, 7990 7573 7574 3589 Tl I I I Inc. CHILDREN'S SH0PPE TEEN SHOP 220 SUNRISE AVE. PALM BEACH MRS. SANFORD The name Anthony is one which exists both as a first and a last name. It originated as a personal name and eventually came into use as a surname meaning "son or descended of Anthony." The name stems from the Latin name Antonlus, the son of Hercules, and a popular name among the Romans. As a modern day surname, the identification was first entered as "filius Antonii" or "son of Anthony." Clerks usually employed the Latin forms when recording names, since Latin was the lunguage of the literate person in the Middle Ages. It is safe to assume that the Anthony to whom the person was related was relatively well known in his country, otherwise the Identification would fail in its purpose. ELECT DR. 832 - ATTENTION VOTER Mrs. Stephen Sanford has accepted the honorary chairmanship of the tenth annual Fete du Soleil, according to Mrs. Lawrence Connelly, general chairman. The February 4 event, to be held in the Celebrity Room and Royal Poinciana Playhouse, is sponsored by the Guild of the Science Museum and Planetarium to benefit the museum. The fashion production, always a highlight of the social season, is under the direction of Burdine's. Mrs. Sanford, a well-known Palm Beach social leader, has been associated with many New York and Palm Beach benefits. Under her leadership the Polo Ball, held for 11 consecutive years in the resort, raised over $1 million for the Damon Runyon Cancer Fund. (The ball has been discontinued here in recent years.) For a number of years Mrs. Sanford headed the annual April in Paris Ball in New There are records of the name in England which date as early as 1149. This was less than a century after William of Normandy and his Invading army conquered King Harold and the Saxons at Hastings. The Normans Introduced the custom of surnames In England after the Conquest. In Normandy, hereditary surnames had become quite fashionable even before they were introduced into England. There were few, if any, rules regarding spelling In the early Middle Ages and so the same name was often entered under several different spellings. Even as late as Shakespeare's time, names often took a number of different forms and the bard, himself, spelled his own name In various ways. BERNARD T A jamais:: of AD OEM. V k mil 03311011513 Brought to You by !n ri r" A i ram NEED A FREE RIDE TO THE POLLS TODAY? FOR FREE TRANSPORTATION, GALL: 655-3126 BOARD OF PUBLIC INSTRUCTION DISTRICT 3 Exercise Your American Right of Free Choice Vote (or the Candidate of Your Choice Then Join Us for Complete Coverage 0F ELECTION '68 0N CHANNEL 5 Dr. and Mrs. Kimmel and children (I. to r.) Lorl, Maurice, and Kathy. 832 - 832 - 582 - THIS ADVERTISEMENT PAID FOR BY ROBERT SCOn, TREASURER. ' iff. V V 5 federal ri i s MWNNW V THE DEMOCRATIC EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE BETTY ALLEN, PRESIDENT. 200 LAKE AVENUE, LAKE WORTH BOYNTON BEACH OFFICE, 901 SOUTH FEDERAL HWY. LANTANA OFFICE, 1300 LANTANA ROAD PD POL

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