The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on September 1, 1944 · Page 8
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 8

Clinton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, September 1, 1944
Page 8
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Page 8 article text (OCR)

Friday, September 1, 1941. J THE DAILY CLINTONI AN Page Eight Long-Range Robots Lash at England; Airmen Hit Reich (Continued from page 1) BUSINESS SERVICES ty's war factory area, already badly battered by the R. A. F. Squadrons of Allied fighters, beginning their operations at dawn, crossed the channel In a hour-long roar, In the direction of Boulogne, Calais and Abbeville areas. Makes Steel Brittle Tiny amounts of hydrogen In steel, even as small as one two-thousandth of a per cent by weight, can make steel brittle. y' """-J f4 - "I PALACE Ihe Gallant People Who Kept TheSecrets of an Empire! M. PALACE the Voire, with Ucor. in "Step Lively," new o Murili.v and Gloria deadly air mines which the Allied raiders have sown in numbers all over the city. No shelters except throe large 01103 in Berlin can stand the force of these explosions and in every assault hundreds of people are killed. Summarizing the anti-Nazi feeling. he said that among workers old officers and members of the nobility the opposition against Hitler and llimmler is especially widespread. Classified Ads Sell Most Anvtliipy With the Compliments of SWIMMING POOL CLINTON There are 2 Free SWIM TICKETS Waiting at the Clintonian Office for Mrs. Bertha Mjller Wuli h This Space Daily With The Compliments Of THE DAILY CLINTONIAN, There Are Two Free Tickets To The WABASH THEATRE Waiting At Our Office for ALDO CONTRI North Eighth St, Just Come In And Ask For Them! Watch This Space Every Day HIGHEST CASH For Your Used Cars COLEMAN AUTO CO. 335 S. 3rd St. Phone 427 TONIGHT 9c - 35c EXTRA NEWS - , - (l.'fHV " liLUKIA tf hr.UltUTM !)c 40c SUN., MON. & TUE. Popeye Cartoon In Technicolor "Her Honor The Mare" ft Rates for Classified Ads and Paid Notices Flrt day insertion: 80 for each reading line (one column line, like one of these). Next two days insertion: the same le charge (you get three days at double the cost of the first day). Next three days Insertion: the same 8c charge (you get a whole seek five days) at three times the cost of one Insertion). Eadi group 0 three days thereafter, 8c a line. Blackface (like this) 10c per line. All classified ads Including mem-orlama and notices of all kinds must be paid in advance except those by regular customers whose accounts are paid monthly or those from or gantsatlons whose bills must be allowed before being paid. In the latter case the person asking the publication of the notice will be held responsible for lta payment. FOR SALE CAPON CHICKENS, TWO MILES and a half north of Clinton on road 63, Phone llKIS-ring 1. t09x FIVE ROOM MODERN FIIHNI.SII-ed or unfurnished house. Phone 1122-4. tclx FOR OVIilWKAH PHR1STMAS liifts see Faruco's Jewelry Shop. . t79 1936 ST UDE BAKER. GOOD RUN-ning condition and good tires. 637 South Fifth Street. t59x THIS IS PEACH WEEK. DON'T wait too long. Bring your baskets. McCracken's Market, South Main Street. ttj6f "39" BUICK ROADM ASTER Sudan, radio and heater, original black finish, tires first class pre-war, low mileage, one owner, A-l mechanical condition. "37" IiUICK ROADM ASTER SE-dan, radio and healer, original black finish, 700 x 16 6 ply tires, puncture proof tubes, motor reconditioned. Several other real bargains at ceiling prices. Coleman Auto. Phone 427. HEATROLA STOVE, S. T. WHIT-lock. Fairview. t59x NO. B COAL. MINK KIN 2-HCItUF.NF.D COAL, ItEASOX-A11LK. ONE MILE SOI TH OF CLINTON. Hl'NLlTE COAL CO. t59x MEN'S TWO PANTS SUIT, OVER-coat, sport suit, half price. Can be seen at Olmsteads Cleaners. tGOx FIFTH VEIN COAL zil Block. Charlie Phone 136-W. ALSO BIIA-R. Ferguson, t 7-17-44 f BRICK, any kind yon want. Clinton Ante Wrecking Parts Co. Ernie's, Phone 8, Clinton. f FOUR ROOM HOUSE, ELECTRIC lights, well and cistern. One acre ground. Fairview Park. Vacant. H. S. Call. Phone 326. 227 Black-man Street. 159 FOUR HOOMHOUSE, KEMI-MOD-ern. 1249 South Third Street. Vacant. H. S. Call Phone 326. 227 Black man Street. t59 FIVE ROOM HOUSE WITH LIGHTS water, Indoor toilet, closed in rear porch, good cellar, good garage. Immediate possession. SIX ROOM MODERN HOUSE. Close in, excellent location, will give possession at once. O. F. Houston. I n 9 SATURDAY 11 P. A bevy of beauties nuible with musical starling Frank Kimiira, DeUuven. Complete Victory Near in Allied Fight for France (Continued jiom page I) Oen. George S. Patten, Jr's Amer lean Third Army plunged into the Lorraine Basin, which lies Inside of French territory annexed by Adolf Hitler in I 94U and made part of the the Oerman Reich. ( losing Wattle for France lien. UwlKht D. Eisenhower's eve- (ning summary of the cloning stages of the battle of France dealt mainly with developments in the channel area. British and Canadian troops operating in the northern Maritime provinces of France obviously are con centrating on knocking out what re mains of Hitler's robot bomb emplacements as speedily as possible. From Amiens, headquarters said. Allied troops have bolted 22 miles to the northeast, reaching Hebu-terne. one-third of the way to the Belgian frontier in a swift movement clearly designed to cut off Hie Pas De .Calais bomb coast. Willi the Canadians at Dieppe, isolation of Le Havre is imminent, but a German "suicide defense" of that great port Is anticipated. The drive lo Ilebiiterue took Allied forces to a point 12 miles south of Arras and between 10 and 12 miles southeast of Abbeville. St. Saen, southeast of Dieppe, was cap-lured, while armored columns entered Jiures. five miles northeast of Neufchatil and 'liberated Hrorourt, northeast, of. Aumauie. On the Somine front, Allied troops advanced northeast, to Long-Pre. Advances on the nritish-Cunadian front are so rapid, headquarters said, that in some cases there are no lateral communications. Moderate and scattered resistance is being eueountered 'along the Somine but (he enemy is not moving tanks In a:iy number. Returning reconnaissance pilots, on the other hand, reported that in all areas Allied mechanized forces are moving up into the front lines "bumper to bumper". In the Verdun and Sedan arras. American troops streaked out at breakneck pace in pursuit of Gorman forces racing lielter-skelter to the (luesllonable safety of the Sieg fried I A spokesman at Allied headquarters declared flatly that there still is no organized opposition to Ihe historic-making Allied drives. German Home Front Cracking; Feign of Terror Covers Reich I m mined Men, Hoys in Army In the last few weeks, hundreds of thousands of untrained men from ' factories, offices, shops and theatres! have been sent lo the eastern front,! while the official propaganda follows the line that even the Hitler Jugeiul (Youth) volunteered with the others for service. 'The actual fact, this source said, is that boys as young as 12 years of age are being forced into war service. Particularly damaging are the n.s r iif , j EDGAR KENNEDY COMEDY -"THIS IS AMERICA" SATURDAY MIDMTE SUN MON. 9 j.THE SINATRA YOU'VE BEEN WAITjNG 4 I tB HELP WANTED GRAPE YEAST CO., ST. LOUIS Park, Minneapolis, Minn, wants distribution for its Wine Grape Dry Yeast. t59 WANTED TO BUY LARGE SIZE GAS BURNER, SUIT-able for melting pot. Should be approximately 18 Inches In diameter. Type formerly used under still will be satisfactory. Call 32, Daily Cliutonian. ONE COPY OF THE 1944 OLD Gold and Black Annual for a Clinton soldier overseas. Bring annual to office of E. C. Boyd, Supt. of Schools. t60 PUBLIC NOTICE ItlliTII CKHTIFICATE Notice Is hereby given that Clifford James Henry has filed a petition in the Vermillion Circuit Court of Vermillion County, Indiana to have the time and place of his birth determined. Said petition Is set for hearing on the 8th day of September, 1944. CARL R. BIGGS, Clerk of the Vermillion Circuit Court. BIKTH CERTIFICATE Notice is hereby given that Barney Glacoletto has filed a petition in the Vermillion Circuit Court, of Vermillion County, Indiana, to have the time and place of his birth determined. Said petition is set. for hearing on the 11th day of September, 1944. CARL R. BIGGS, Clerk of the Vermillion Circuit .Court. ISIItTH CERTIFICATE Notice is hereby given that Catherine Vigua Airola lias filed a petition in the Vermillion Circuit Court of Vermillion County, Indiana, to have the time and place of her birth determined. Said petition is set for hearing on the 11th day of September, 1944. CARL R. BIGGS, Clerk of the Vermillion Circuit Court. COLUMBIA FRIDAY and SATURDAY Admission 9c and 20c FALSE COLORS With William Boyd Andy Clyde Jimmy Rogers "In Winter Quarters" Paramount Short "Inside Fascist Spain" March of Time SUNDAY and MONDAY Admission 9c and 25c THE SULLIVANS With Anne Baxter Thomas Mitchell Selena Royle "Yokel Duck Makes Good" Terrytoon RKO NEWS Tuesday and Wednesday DOUBLE FEATURE Admission 9c and 20c SAILORS HOLIDAY With Arthur Lake Jane Lawrence PLUS KLONDIKE KATE With Ann Savage Tom Neal THURSDAY Admission 9c and 20c TRUE TO LIFE With Mary Martin Dick Powell Franchot Tone Victor Moore "Show Business At War" Fox Short "MARDIGRAS" Musical Parade GEORGE o MODHllXIZE VOL B DIAMOND willi a beautiful new platinum mounting from Faraco H Jewelrj Shop. t7l NOTICE! We close at noon on Saturdays. Clinton Lumber and Supply Co. t49x W11ITLOCK, 20G-U. PLUMBER. PHONE t64x TOR PLUMBING, I1EATINC. J3LEC-trio wiring, and 3heet metal see C. & J. Kainarnta, 330 North Ninth St. Phones 20 and JG3W. 17tf FOUND A LARGE STOCK OF Coodyear Car, Truck and Tractor Tires and Tubes. Vulcanizing and Recapping neatly done and Guaranteed. 9th and Bogart Mobilgas Station, Joe Glacoletto, Clinton. 32tf DEAD A N I MA L S REMOVED, large or small, prompt service. Call Crawford 8201 or Crawford 63109 Trre Haute or Dana 1426. We pay all phone charges. John Wachtel Co., Terre Haute. tl37 DEAD ANIMALS REMOVED FItEE of charge by JDwlggins and Sons, licensed dealers. Call us as soon as they die and reverse charges. Dana Feed Service, Dana, Phone 50. t5xf Guaranteed 24-Hr., Refrigeration Service. Commercial and Domestic. F. L. JBonebrake, Phone 1034-4 Clin ton or 165-J-2, Montezuma. PAID NOTICES NOTICE! ; Jerusalem Lodge No. 99 F. & A. M., called meeting Tuesday, Sept. 5, 7 p. in. Work in E. A. degree. John Griffith, W. M. Charles Brown, Sec. tCO NOTICE! A Jerusalem Lodge No. 99 F. & jM A. M. called meeting, Saturday, Sept. 2, 7 p. m. funeral arrangements. John Griffith, W. M., Charles Brown, Sec. 159 NOTICE! I am not responsible for debts in curred by my wife, Mrs. Josie Riley Edward Riley. tClx NOTICE! Edith's Beauty Shop will he closed until further notice. Mrs. Keiley left today for California where she will visit her son. t5!l JOIN Ol lt CHRISTMAS I.AVAWAi Club and select a Keepsake Diamond liiiK "t Faiaco's Jewelry Shop. (79 NOTICE! Quull, will be released Monday, Sept. 4, 9 a. in. instead of the fifth a s previously arranged. Frank Pltclikiles. "" WANTED TO RENT 4 OR 5 KM. HOUSE, CLOSE IN. Clarence Sweazey, 1216 South Sixth Street. Gilx FOR RENT F I V E ROOM MODERN HOME, good condition for man and wife who will board owner. 1058 North 8th. l0 MODERN FURNISHED APART-nient. Close In. 415 South Third Street. t4 3f BUS STATION, BLACKMAN Street. Call 920 Anderson Street. t64 MALE HELP WANTED MAN WANTED IN EACH COUNTY as Direct Representative of well known oil company. Immediate steady income for man with car. Write P. T. Webster, 571 Standard Hidg., Cleveland 13, Ohio. t58x REAL OPPORTUNITY! MEN or women; married or single, age 22 to 40; we have openings which offer the following: 1. Salary minimum. $1820 per year, plus bonus and commission. 2. Pleasant outside work calling on established trade. 3. Five day work week. 4. Car and expenses furnished. 5. Permanent, pust war jobs, no layoffs. Vacancies in Terre Haute. Brazil and Washington. Ind. Write Jewel Tea Co. Inc. 325 N. 13th St. Terre Haute, Ind. giving age and qualifications. HiOx BUS Dill VEIL CALL 920 ANDEK-son Street. 169 UOYSTO CARRY PAPER ROUTES. 10 years or over. Aplly , Bill Blackburn, Cliutonian. WANTED WASIMNUS,- ANNA LI NGER, Tenth and Pike Sts. tr,9x liTrcilELOiriU'DOY 1958 NORTH Eighth Street. t59x BATCHELOll BUDDY 1058 NORTH Eighth Street. ttlux Phone 62 INDIANA FOUR NAME MAY BE NEXT , M o C GliORIFYING the All-American Pin Up Girl! In Technicolor. lllll L THE HCUKta DON I MISS IT! LATEST NEWS CMNTOVM COOMCST HI'OX , I '." (ZSl X fie lirfflllrrS SMALL FARM. A TWO ACRE place two miles southwest ol' Rosedale, good lands, fine location, four room house in good shape, electric lights, water in j house and complete out buildings. f Price $X60. C. E. Hawkins, Rose-dale, Phone 88. t59 1936 TERRA PLANE COUPE WITH and heater. Good mechanical condition. Write Ilox 288, Clinton, Ind. t59x i TV- & 1 ft ...and 100,000,000 55?S I 1 f. i m home front fans will . T I 1 1 'l - lj&kw, agree' Don,t miss""""-C3 MsJlnV Ik ' T ' America's No.,1 ... NEW CURTAINS, Seventh. 405 SOUTH I59x FIVE ROOM HOUSE, HARDWOOD floors, fireplace and Venetian blinds. Full basement. S. Dallas Lewis. 756 W or 57. Clinton Hotel. tlill 1935 STD. CHEVROLET, SEE James Poff, one mile west, one half mite soutli of Universal, ItJU.v DRESSER AND CHEST OF DRAW- ers to match, ehil'forobe. kitchen cabinet, hydraulic dump bed. 739 Nebeker Street. tGux LOST OR STOLEN LARGE SIZE AMERICAN POINTER bird dog, white witli iun spots. .Black leather collar with license attached. Answers to name of Snoop. Liberal reward. Phone Mecca 35 Ring 3. t59x FEMALE HELP WANTED GIRL. GILLI8 PHARMACY. (59 ILW n 7 t,) JOHN HARVEY MARTHA RAYE JOE E. BROWN J 0 1 tt Yi EUGENE PALLETTE SKATING VANITIES . CHARLIE SPIVAK 1 B DOROTHf A KFNT DAVE WILLOCK CONDOS 8R0THERS "tV' . I Directed tj BRUCE HUMBERST0NE Produced b WILLIAM LE BARON xV1 j Faclor.vlonf rolled R' VT"0---- ONiMieWji II , 6-00-16 7.00 (l ( I Only the nncst materials II I jL ' j' S ss - I . U and the best workmanship V I t.6 - jll I go Into Firestone recaps. 1 II POLAND'S Tonighf I Dig Double I "I NDKIiGKOl ND GI KIULLAS- j Only I Rrestone-TexacoServiceiud audSaf. I-eature ) "IIOPAIXiNO KNTKKS" J BetMcJ WE SERVE THOUSANDS PERSONAL LOANS TO $300 SECURITY LOAN CO. 225 Blackman St. CLINTON,

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