The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on September 1, 1944 · Page 6
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 6

Clinton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, September 1, 1944
Page 6
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i'age Six THE DAILY CLINVONIAN Friday, September 1, 1941. THE DAILY CLINTONIAN I....'.: .3 T!-!2 sword IMS 151 ehindthelcen in at if mm: - - i WHiHUhed m The Weekly CMatontan imm f Xfc OHBton Plalndealar absorbed in IMS Fsbllahed Daily Except Saturday jai Suadv HOLLYWOOD teorge L. Carey Editor and Publisher I at the Foatomce at nun ton, Indiana Bv HARRISON CARROLL Klui Featum Syndicate Writer M Second Olaai Matter Indiana Republican Editorial aortartoa At th Movies WA1SASH Friday and Saturday "Underground Guerillas," the British-made picture about the valiant resistance of the underground Jugoslav movement to resist Nazi domination currently playing at the Wabash Theatre under Columbia release,' was made with the support of the Jugoslav Government exiled In London. The Wabash Theatre's current alt raetion is one of Clarence E. Mulford's best stories, "Hnpa-long Cassfdy Enters." William Boyd plays the title role and is HOLLYWOOD The government has Informed Eva Gabor that her Phone 38 Phone 32 police dog, Miska, has been killed ir action overseas. The dog was j given to the -? service soon Mamhmm cla, who did a bit part In "Queen of the Nile." Bey has Introduced Valencia to his own agent Final figures will reveal the lata Leslie Howard as one of the richest actors. His English estate la said to have reached $400,000, not counting an Interest In motion picture-that may bring In almost $2,000,-000. Over here, he had property and large insurance policies with American companies. And they still haven't opened a New York bank box. Looks as if John Conte may stay after Pearl Har bor. RlfUlUCAHDinUM. 1ST ASSOCIATIOH A serviceman approached a prominent producer at the ably supported by Jimmy Ellison, George (Gabby) Hayes and Pau la Stone. Hollywood teen with dis Sunday, Monday and Tuesday turbing news Betty Grable, the All-American east indefinitely on radio shows. If it turns out that way, Marilyn Maxwell says she will visit New York after the finish of her M-G-M picture, "Dr. Red Adams." They may about Lew Ayres. He say3 Ayres Is regard- IMn-Up Queen, is starred in 20th Century-Kox's all-sinking, a 1 1-dancing, all-laughing Technicolor HBrrium Carroll ed by fellow 801 get married then, she declares. diers almost as hit. "Pin X T Girl," opening at the Wabash Theatre Sunday. a Christlike character but that his hair Is turning snow-white. HOLLYWOOD HI JINKS: Pres Dedicated to laughs, loves and the pursuit of happineKS. the gay ton Sturges called to say that his much-criticized picture, "The Great Moment," was not cut by Paramount after he quit the atudlo. He WHAT IS BASIC INCOME? The basic income necessary to keep "civilization safe and steady," according to George Bernard Shaw, British author, is between $3,200 and $4,800 a year. Mr. Shaw says that in "a scientifically organ extravaganza features John Harvey. Martha Raye. Joe E. Brown, According to Eleanor Powell, the tomach condition that will keep Glenn Ford in the San Diego naval hospital for three more weeks (he's Eugene Pallette. the Skating Van agreed on the form, he declares. . . . Mary Lane, former starlet, has been married to Ensign K. L. Henry, ities and Charlie Spivak and His Orchestra. ized society" this amount would go fur Navy flyer, since June 24. They ther than the $16,000 recently set by ti. met in Hollywood on a blind date. He's now in the Pacific. . . . Now already been there a similar length of time) may be due to mustard gas. She says Glenn didn't get his mask on fast enough and swallowed some of the gas during training. Eleanor, incidentally, expects her baby around Jan. 28, Lupe Velez's dates with Harold P.M.M'K G. Wells, British historian, as the neces Saturday Midnlglit, Sunday and Monday sary basic income. that his divorce from Trudy Mar-son is final, Craig Woods soon will marry Gwen Donovan. Woods has been discharged from the service Bringlng to the screen a spar- Many individuals will disagree with these British authors as to the size of the and will resume his acting career. Raymond don't and won't mean a klinR musical version of a famous Broadway comedy success. "Step income necessary for the proper develop' thing. But she is raging mad at Arturo de Cordova. . . . Universale .ively" stars a sextette of top film favorites In a gay melange attorneys, Loeb and Loeb, are now of songs, laughter and romance. ment of mankind, but we are sure that millions of Americans and people elsewhere will like the idea. It will appeal to '4 i' Frank Sinatra, George Murphy. in the Jon Hall matter. . . . The Mickey Rooney-Gloria De Haven thing can't have gone so far. He and Adolphe Menjou lead off the mpresslve list of picture celebri all whose incomes are below the figure and . . . Cobina Wright, Sr., led stay-up-laters at the Mocambo in singing the "Marseillaise" and "The Star Spangled Banner." What's more, she knew all the words to both. . . . Steve Crane with Sheila Ryan again. . . . Marianne O'Brien twoing it with Al Goezt who used to go with Ethel Merman. . . , Marie Blanchard with Jimmy Ritz. . . . Van Johnson didn't have a date on his birthday. Celebrated it with Keenan Wynns at the Somerset House. . . . Faye Emerson (she certainly gets around) at the Clover send tremors down the backbone of those ties, which includes Gloria de Haven, Walter Slezak and Eugene Pallette. all sharing stellar hon ors in the fast-paced story of a Broadway producer's hectic car had only two dates with her during his furlough. Of course, they have known each other since they were kids. , . . Jacqueline De Witt (she's one of the girls in Universale "Accent on Rhythm") is going about with Stanley Pennell, author of "History of Rome Hanks." . . . Connie Bennett heading east Tuesday. . . . Charles Laughton is playing a murderer in "Suspect" while, on the side, he Is recording a series of Biblical quotations for Decca. tlie interest in first aid work will not subside tit, the finish of the eer. Taking a Backward Glance bij? meet which is to be held at club with George Driscoll, manu Torre Haute on the 12th of this month. The local coal operators facturer. . . . Virginia Belmont TWKNTV YKAKS A0 TOIMV plays "Miss Columbia in R-K-O's 'Pan Americana. . . . Both the Contracts Not to put the day over in proper style. IVrsonals Sir. and Mrs. W. V. Talbot and Mr. and Mrs. Dan Laking have re are allowing an encouraging interest in the training for the relief of humanity, and many citizens, since they have become ac Ia At Meeting Dorseys, Joe Relchman and Phil Harris pow-wowing in a booth at the Hollywood Tropics. . . . Ha! Mc-tyre's orchestra will telefilm a 30- Of 'il.V Council Turhan Bey, long mentioned as a possibility to play the lead in the Valentino biography, is trying to who are above the level. It might be a good idea, in the midst of this discussion, to call attention to the fact that the standard of living is a people depends, not on their monetary income, but on the barter of goods and services. Whatever increases the exchange of necessary goods and services lifts the standard of living, regardless of the monetary scale. , In this connection, while the subject is somewhat scary to some Americans, the Russians seem to be inclined to expand their production for use theory. We know very little about its actual operation but the basic idea seems to envision complete utilization of productive facilities to create sufficient goods for the consumptive capacity of the people. quainted with the importance of The contracts for the Third promote the part for Reggie Valen-1 minute program for overseas, street paving and the John Street the efforts, are enlisting in the efforts to prepare for relief in the tYiriay and Saturday The latest In the thrilling series of Hopalong Oassidy adventure films. "False Colors." opens at the Columbia theatre today. Bill Boyd, who has won his spurs literally as well as figuratively in the popular role of Hoppy, has a new, romantic side-kick In this film. He is none other than ,11m-my Rogers, son of the famous Will. Judging from Jimmy's initial appearance in tliis series. sewer were not iet last night at emergencies or accidents not the meeting of the city council ('((lil'MltlA ly of the mines, but accidents due to the fact that William Par- turned from the south where they have been visiting in Wyandotte, Mammoth, Merengo and Onyx caves. Miss Florence Saiaroglio. who is attending Indiana university at FSloomingCon, Ind., is the guest of Mrs. Frank T. Kell, of Blackmail street tliis week. Mr. and Mrs. O. C. Holland, of rett, county engineer, needed more time to figure up the bids. screen of the Columbia Theatre I Sunday witli Anne Baxter and 1 Thomas Mitchell heading the fea- tured cast which also includes Selena Royie, Kdward Ryan, Trudy Alarshull, John Campbell, James Cardwell, John Alvin and George Offerman, Jr. generally, where victims are likely to suffer from delay in relief. In n large of S K 'o.'s Jewelry Dcjiartnu'iit M. O. Cockrum, of Oakland Oi- the amounts of which were not Sunday and Monday "The Sullivans." 20th Contury-Fox's rich, robust story of the American family, that became in one shining hour a family of great Americans, comes to the he'll be riding trail with Hoppy for quite a while to come. j totalled by all bidders. Ferguson ;mnd Marshall of Day for Defense I'arade H. M. Ferguson lias accepted the post of Grand Marshal of the i ty, has taken charge of the jew-!nlrv deinirlniont for the SttiHtH- San Bernardino, Cat., are the guests of Mrs. Hazel I'resser, superintendent of the Vermillion County Hospital, and her daughter. Dr. 0. A. Jackson and family have returned home from a month's trip to Niagara Falls and M Rest of My Life With You . Whether the Russian theory works out in practice, or not, remains to be seen. There is little use for Americans to be frightened. As a matter of fact, they should appreciate the Russian experiment. If it works, we will want it ; if it fails, we will be the wiser without being harmed. Faith Baldwin Ctr. ini, fcruthr MrVU W KN VMM tWka, to camping at Bluff Mills, Ind. National Defense Day parade, it was announced last night by Major 1. M. Casebeer. M(! OKI'. Vermillion county chairman. The fact that tile events of the day are of sufficient importance to interest a citizen of Mr. Ferguson's caliber who is not connected in any way with t he military service brings much encouragement to Major Casebeer and other local reservists who are working hard and the wedding in the spring. Matthew had demanded, "Why not TIIIHTV YKAIM AJ TODAY now?" CHAPTER TWENTY-NINE Soon they went over to the salt-box to tell Mary, hand in hand as lovers do and not speaking, "because' said Judith, "she must Kaynos company. Mr. Cockrum lias for over 20 years successfully conducted his own store in his native town, Oakland City, Ind., and is an experienced watchmaker and jeweler. He recently sole' his business and comes to Clinton very highly recommended. Personals Mrs. Will Hays and son. Mont, returned today from Danville, in., where they have been visiting for two weeks. Mrs. J. L. Sanders and her guent, Mrs. O. I). Miller, who is here from Tallin, III., spent Sunday wilh Mis. Oliiigerman at Brazil. Mr. and M rs. Frederick Hogue He said it again "Why not now tomorrow next week, as soon as Clinton To Kee First Aid Teams possible " know, first of all. If she doesn't It is now pretty certain that door and, when she answered, went in. She had just fallen asleep and he had wakened her. It wasn't the first time. Mary said, "So, you're happy." "I never knew what love was like before," he confessed. "Of course." He said ruefully, "You hava Judith on your side." "What do you mean?" "She agrees with you that we should wait until spring. I don't see why," he added : "of course. I Judith, her arms about him, plied, "This is the better way . think I am right for you . . Matthew stopped her on the salt- and, after a moment, added, "If I box steps, turned her around, took CROSSWORD - - - By Eugene Shcffer speak of Irene, you won t mind? I loved you so much, I couldn't dislike her, because she loved you too, and made you happy . . . there are certain conventions ... so I think that we should wait . . . your know it's conventional, but " and rum . Leslie, of Terre Haute, are moving to Clinton to make PEANUTS. News that a nine-story peanut-shelling plant, of concrete and steel construction, electrically powered and equipped with dust-eliminating machinery, is ready for Bervice in Florida indicates the rapid development of the peanut as a major food crop. The new plant is said to be the world's largest and most modern peanut-shelling plant, with six large storage bins reaching to a height of one hundred feet and with a capacity of 600,000 pounds of shelled peanuts a day. Homer G. Ray, Sr., President of the Georgia Peanut Company, which owns the t heir Im line. i understand, Matthew, but Judith's a member of a conventional family and yours is a con Mrs. Lacey Smith has returned ventional profession. People expect their physicians to " her face in his hands and kissed her closed eyes and temples. He asked urgently, "Darling, will you marry me? Soon?" Matthew's mother had heard them come in, and was out of bed reaching for robe end slippers when Matthew burst into her room. He had switched on all the living-room lights and was outlined against them. He did not need to speak, for Mary saw his face, and then Judith's. Later Matthew and Judith sat on the little terrace of the salt-box and talked; or tried to talk. Mary had left the if! and gone back indoors. She had put a white coat around Judith's shoulders and said, "Matthew, take her back to the house . . . it's terribly late." Her voice had broken. Then Bhe said, "I am so happy for you both." from a visit with her grandmother, M is. Jlrown, at Newport. Harry Wrightsman of Moore-land. Ind.. is in the city visiting his hroiher, W. W. Wrightsman. "What difference does it make?" "None, I suppose. But. for Irene's mother does, dear, I know that." He said, "Listen, Judy. I loved Irene, very much. Vet I do not think that I was deeply enough in love with her ... I can't exactly explain. But I'm not discounting any of-it. It wouldn't be fair to her, or to the way I felt about her. You understand that, don't you? This is different. I can't say how or why." Possibly because I am more mature, possibly " He stopped, helpless. "I can't put it into words," he sake " Matthew was silent a moment. then said, "Look , . . We were happy. Irene and I. We loved each other. She wouldn't object . . . she would be the first to " ended. Of course, Marv said, a littla I understand. I said I wasn't wearily, "and it is maybe a hollow convention, if you want to look at I 5 4 7 8 9 ' " iiiiii"if iii ,77 777, n 22 23 24 25 24 p27 PPx 26 29 3o IT" 32 33 2lMwZlWIE. 4o" 4-1 42 3 44 45 2 4fe 47 43" 49 " S&51 52 53 WdL IV p55 54. 57 58 59 60 "I I irl 1 I irl 1 jealous. I'm not. There isn't room carpamian mages Beginning near Vienna, on the Danube, the ridges of the Carpathians curve northeastward, then southeastward and south westward in a broad, sweeping arc back to the Danube at tiic Iron Gate, 350 air miles down stream from Vienna. From tip to tip the rocky curve traced by the mountains north of the Daiuibp is nearly 900 miles long. it that way. But vou're vounsr. for anything but love and happi ness. I just feel that this is right, Matthew, and you can wait." When she had lett them, Mary went back to her room, lying flat He looked down at her. "Okav. I across the bed, not trying to sleep, She thought: this is what I wanted plant, says that it is "a symbol of our faith in the future of the peanut industry and of our determination to be powerful partners with the peanut growers in not only holding the gains that have been made but adding to them." Chicago Herbert Brownell, Jr., GOP National Chairman in a telegram to Gov. Ellis Arnall: "The refusal of John B. Wil She thought, without jealousy; but suppose so. But it's silly, if you ask me. You and Judith between you " he laughed unwillingly "m pair of managing women. Good night." "It's much nearer arood morn now he will not need me any more, Why had she come to that conclusion? Why had she not thought it when Matthew married Irene? ner heart was very tender toward Irene who had had so brief a time of that we belong to each other. Judith did think with the beautiful arrogance, the tragic certainty, the divine folly of her youth and her ardor: She could not give you all that I can, my darling, no other woman could. They walked back to the dim pink house together, over the dewy lawns . . . and nearby, because the dawn wai not far away, a bird stirred in the branched and spoke iileepily, a melodic scolding, a lyrical disturbance. Matthew said, "Darling, good night." His arm was about her as they went up the steps and into the great square hall, dimly lit. He son, Democratic Secretary of State of Georgia, to recognize presidential electors certified to him by Republicians acting ing," she reminded him. At the door her son naid casually, "I'll have breakfast with Judith." "Fine," murmured Mary, "I can sleep." Then she thought, resign-i-dly: Well, it begins. Once mora the pattern of her life would be altered. In the spring she would readjust herself to living alone. Judith and Matthew would make their own home . . . Lynn will laugh. Matthew sat In an enormous chair on the terrace with Judith in his arum, saying softly, "You're so mall and light." "That's what you think," she retorted. "I grow larger and heavier as the moments pass." "I could hold you, like this, forever." "Half an hour, and you'd get up i fir iim. 4V ! r j i ' . X ' 1 . i ' f. '-r kissed her again and again, stand 53. masculine 54. southern constellation 55. exclamation of triumph 57. sharp reply HORIZONTAL 1. short visit 5. type of fuel 9. mischievous spirit 12. toward the ing at the foot of thj stairs, bhe said breathlessly, breaking away from him at last, "Will you ever 61. decimal unit VERTICAL 1. vehicle 2. malt drink 3. allow 4. heads 5. military student 6. upon 7. goddess of malicious mischief 8. narrow -streak 9. spoil 10. ditch and spill me off." She yawned like a drowsy child. Judith was sleepy . . . excitement, tears, emotion, and then this transcendent happiness. "Very complimentary," commented Matthew. ' sheltered side 62. piece of 13. Prefix: . baked clay with the authority bestowed by the National Republican convention is a dictatorial flaunting of the rights of negroes." Lamar, Mo. Sen. Harry S. Truman, Democratic Vice Presidential Nominee: "Make no mistake about the fact that once again we also have among us a group of isolationists as determined, as bitter, and as dangerous as the band who set themselves up against the League of Nations and gave to Wilson's peace in 1920 a stab in the back." Washington Sen. McKellar. D., Tenn. : get tired of kissing me, Matthew?" "Come here." "No." Judith went up the stairs, a little way, and then turned to look back at him. Matthew was standing there, his eyes intent upon her. 64. Assam ne b uounu to say i planned this . . , Well, in the spring she would help Judith go house-hunting. They were married, however, not in the far spring but in the near autumn, in October, with the trees flaming wine and gold, scarlet and mauve, brown and burgundy. They were married quietly in Ella's hotel suite, with no one present except Ella, propped up in bed on three pillows, Eva, Mary, and Lynn Mortimer. For Ella's sins had found her against "I can't help it, I'm sleepy. Yet silkworm 65. mournful 66. slender finials 67. moist I'm wide-awake too. She turned a little in his arms, and put her cheek against his, xou need a shave, she said. 14. extinct bird 15. hold back 17. printer's measure 18. equality of value 19. expired 21. puff up 23. copyrighted "You are marrying a man," he She raised her hand and dropped it again. She was conscious that her ankles were wet with dew and that her hair was disheveled. She said, smiling, "There's lipstick on your cheek." "Who cares?" "I'll see you at breaKiast." "Not too late. 1 have to get back Answer to yesterday's puzzle. out, and she was very much worse. She had returned to town in Sep nAIVlElRITniTRjAl 11. peel ' lti. washed lightly 20. lair '22. note in the scale 23. sport ' 24. military assistant 25. symbol for tantalum . 26 speck 30. weave together 32. serf 33. row 36. present time 38. welcomed 41. beach 43. butt 45. correlative of either 47. bone 49. nostrils 50. small rugs 51. space 52. dislike extremely 56. fruit of a rose 58. Anglo-Saxon money of account 50.' edge 60. knock gently 63. symbol for Wum tember and had proceeded to have two very acute attacks . . . and had said, when she was able to AI rUenMrumey1 s'l i p1pIe dQes1t e'r warned, "whose beard grows in the twinkling of an eye." "Let me go, darling, and take me home. Mother may be awake. I want to tell her . . . and Aunt Ella." "Let them sleep," he suggested, "you can tell them in the morning. May I come over for breakfast?" She said wonderingly, "1 can't believe it ... I mean . . ." "I know." He rose with Judith in Myrna Loy to town. "Darling, must you?" "Remember, you're marrying a doctor ... in the spring." Judith smiled, then the bend of talk, following the second, "Matthew, I want you and Judith to be married ... as soon as possible. I want to see you married." Dr. Norman had said, nonsense, that she was an alarmist, but ElUr had smiled at him. You can't foo me," she'd scotf. "I'm worse and going to be no better fast. I didn't think you called in that battery of "I have read the broadcast of Lieut. Gen. Dittmar of the German Army and it is a very earnest plea for peace, but we cannot afford to make peace with Germany until she has completely surrendered and we have occupied her country." Washington Gen. Dwigiht D. Eisenhower: "I must urge you to keep flowing the stairs hid her from him. He went out of the hall, and closed the TWO of the screen's most prominent actresses, "Glamor Gal" Lana Turner and Myrna Loy, have won divorces in courts in Los Angeles and Mexico. Miss Turner won a default divorce decree from Stephen Crane, former broker who 6iu eIrIq l T EElP L ENfepSP I ETDnN"0 A vePRAS E bn S A T S;EhU I fr E rPbIT te erm,i Ine snciA n gjs C0RLpHA Rk'ElPS HA GftEllll TjEffRlEjA A TTEUTIolMIElsfclSIOM" 27. three-toed -sloth 28. prevaricators 2f. correlative of neither 31. steep, as flax 34. paid notice 25. Japanese coin 37. label 39, note in the scale 40. affirmative 42. June bug; 44. type of bee 46. toward his arms, set her on her feet, and took her close to him again. He said, after a moment, "It's a long time until spring." "Terribly long," she admitted. "But we can wait." It had been so arranged, talking , with Mary: The engagement to be, aauvuiiced t tUe ud vf. the year ' great front door. The air, before dawn, was fresh and sweet. He could have walked endlessly, watching the darkness pa!e and the gray sky lighten until the golden spears of sunlight come thrusting through. Matthew wanted to sing and shout. He wanted to talk to some-i one, ile knocked on his mother's j specialists for nothing. Look in my checkbook if you think it was tot nothing!" across the Atlantic at a maximum rate all was her . second husband. Miss j Loy was awarded a decree at J Cuernavaca, near Mexico City, from John Hertz, Jr., advertising ' man, (InternatioaaJ) t (To be continued) those things including spare parts that a I ?-7 Avrr.ii.'e time of solution: ?8 minutt's. (St. by Kin F$auirc S ndimte, Inc.. 4S. rover podem army and air force heed in battle." i fiiuuamp

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