The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on September 1, 1944 · Page 4
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 4

Clinton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, September 1, 1944
Page 4
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FrldayVRfyteinbcr 1, 1944. fae Four " " TITE DAILY CLINTONIAN Sliike RallolH Con li line Despite Seizure of Mines Mobile Post Office Second experimental highway post ofTice route has been placed in op-, eration between Indianapolis and South Bend, Ind. The route is 151.8 miles, and a round trip will be made daily, cx-.-ept Sundays and holiday. Truman Launches Demo Campaign In Acceptance Speech (Continued nfr saga I) Traffic Offenders Fined Albert Fetera, Elvln, ill., was given a $2 traffic ticket in city court, Aug. 31, following arrest by city police for Improper parking, It was reported today. Charles Southard, Morris, 111., was given a 2 traffic ticket In city court, Aug. 31, following arrest by city police for running u red light, It was reported today. (Oonr timed trom rage 1) flST METHODIST (HIIUH entrusting "tho negotiation of the Clil'foirl Jordaui, Minltr John: W. Ileealer, 8llK'rilitndent, Clumh Krhiml Mr. W. Ileeder, Minister of Music .Mis. Irc Churi lN Organist 11: Sir a. m. Morning Worship. Sermon1 subject: "This Is the Victory." 10:45-' a. m. Church School. You are cordially welcome to all of iiinxn elapses of study, as well as peace of tho world to those who are not familiar with world affairs." 10,000 Jnni Small Town A crowd of 10,000 gathered under the glare of the lights to wltnesB Dead Indiana Marine Is Awarded Top Navy Cross WASHINGTON, I). C. Demolishing HMiglehtuiiledly u Jap pillbox and killing Hb 111 Nipponese occupants cost Marine Private Harold E. Polk, 22, of Boonville, Ind. his life during tho murine cinnueBt of Eu-gehl island in the Mnrsluills. Recently, recognition of his heroism won for him a posthumouB a-ward of one of the nation's lop battle honors, the Navy Cross. Member of an assault rlflo platoon that wns pinned down by heavy machine gun and rifle fire coming from tho pillbox. Polk worked hlB way forward through tho hall of bullets and successfully fused and ignited a bangalore torpedo which he then thrust into one of the ports. During this action Private Polk suffered wounds that caused his denth, but his bravery enabled his platoon to achieve its objective with many fewer casualties than was at first believed possible. bvmi ituto- I matte, maga- F $E zinc .'cud. &i Burni nv kind f ' .' j( roitlacoke t & j britjuclt. (:r- Auiomacic draft ''! $ control. , -f-'fe- ffjaj Amrttint!. r ,4, " . tented, inifnor JJ"jUi f I conatruftiua "J,--2JL"'-'- ' SEE ifmZZ the colorful ceremonies at which Truman formally was notified of his nomination by Sen. Tom Connally of Tex., last night and to hear the acc to work Monday as diecti'd by Acting Secretary of the Interior Abe Forlas. The secretary of Interior was directed to take possession of the mines of the two companies. "These mines will be opened for work on Monday morning and every man is expected to be hack on the Job," Fortas said. "Tho mines cannot produce coal while the supervisory employes nro on strike. The government Is determined to act vigorously and promptly to insure the continued production of coal essential to war production." The President's executive order hinted that sanctions, such as revocation of draft deferments and blacklisting of strikers from further employment, might be used if the walkout persists. at the service of worship. eptance address from the courthouse steps in Lamar, the town where the nominee was born. 1:30 p. m. The scoui a meeting with Mr. Tlnunerman. 6:30 p. in. Methodist Youth Fellowship, .lack Ileeder, president. 7..)0 nl, Monday. Scout's ilallan Hinds In Italy, spectacular winds play prominent part. Among them is the fierce bora, coming from across the northern Adriatic, and causing heavy snow in the northern Apennines, The cold and violent mistral sweeps from France's Rhone-valley funnel along the northwest coasts of Italy. The hot, dust-thickened sirocco, from over the deserts of Africa, brings Italy the "blood rains," so-called because of the reddish brown stains they leave. 4 Replaces Copper New roles for steel in tanks have replaced a total of 3,000,000 pounds of copper. Accepting the nomination with humility and a prayer for guidance" gym session. . In his opening words, Truman devoted much of his 18-minute speech to praise of President Roosevelt. FA1RVIEW CHTRCH t. 8. Godwin, Minister Falrriew 9:45 a. m. Sunday School. Andrew Simpson, Supt. 7:30 p. m. Worship. Sermon: "Rich and Radiant Living." '- 12 noon: Picnic dinner In 1'nul Flots grove. Afternoon program participated In by Centenary, Center, Salem and Falrview churches. Address by Rev. Crawl, pastor of First Baptist Church, Clinton. Former pastors expected to be present. Balem , , 10:00 a. m Sunday School, b. & Randolph, supt. 11:00 a. m. Worship. Sermon: The rower of a Common Interest. . Note: Picnic dinner in Kollz Grove. Afternoon program. Address by Rev. Crawl. Center '-10:00 a. m. Sunday School. Ernest Myers, supt. ,vNote: Picnic dinner in Follz Grove.. Afternoon program. Address by' Rev. Crawl, i .' " THE FIRST BAPTIST t'Hl'RtH OK riJNTO.N' Corner of Walnut and Flflli Rjiy Crawl, Minister Oebrge clirohall, Miiiltcr of Music Mr. Ted Morgan, Pianist Mn. .'John Swlekard, Hlhle School . Superintendent " :40 a. m. Bible School. ' 10:45 a. m. Morning Worship. Bermon aubject, "Fishers of Men." '6i30 p. m. Baptist Youth Fellowship. 7-30 p. m. Evening Worship. 'Bermon subject, "I Refuge in 'raise lighting Men . He gave his running mate "much A. J. DOUCHTY Furniture Artificial Light Scientists are now able to reproduce the light of a firefly artificially. Read Oar Up-to-Date Sport New. 7:00 p. ni. ' .Weunesuuy. raum night program. The Modern MVirthas have a social evening tonliiiit at 7:30 o'clock at the church. The .hostesses are Mrs. Wm. Tlinmerimin, chairman; Mrs. Bessie Long, Mrs. Flossie Vincent, Mrs. Edith Winkler, Mrs. Hazel Bur-gan. Mrs. Edna Burgess. The Church School picnic Sunday afternoon, the 10th, at the Rockvllle Park. Entertainment Committee: Mrs. Geo. Kamm, Mns. C. C. Jordan, John Ueeder. Transportation Committee: Wm. Wood, Uuy Briggs, Ira Church, Hoy Shultz, Rev. C. C. Jordan. Refreshment Committee: Henry Pullen, Mrs. C. C. Ma nshlp, J. Reed- Of the credit" for the "greatest succession of victories in the annals of warfare" and voiced high praise of America's fighting men around the world. "Their unequaled valor under the greatest leadership ever given a fighting force guarantees the victory," Truman said. Declaring that "victory is now in sight" and that the Roosevelt administration was preparing for the peaceful structure of the world" from the period that began with lend-lease through the series of conferences among Allied leaders, Truman warned that peace may demand sudden decisions, adding: "Knows Ijcarltrn" "We cannot expect any man wholly inexperienced in national and international affairs to readily learn the views, the objectives and the in II ' 1 1 1 v pi ifil yy u Wednesday, rray- ..7:30 p. m. Thursday. Orchcs- r meeting. ' 7:30 p. m. tra- practice. ner thoughts of such divergent personalities as those dominant leaders who have guided the destinies of our courageous Allies. - "There will be no time to learn, and mistakes once made cannot be unmade." Lashing at isolationism, Truman said: "Make no mistake about the fact that once again we also have among CALVARY BAITIST HI IM'H a:7 Blaekman Street r lr. Frank H. Kerner, .Minister 0:30 a. m. lilfolo School. John Carnell, Supt. 10:45 a. m. Morning Worship. Sermon theme, "The Voice of Cod to the Church." 6:30 p. m. Younp People's service. Several of our Young People will attend Youth Rally in Chicago over the week end. 7:30 p. m. Evening service. Sermon subject, "Arise and Shine in God's Glorious Firmament." 7:30 p. m. Tuesday evening. Cottage prayer meeting' at the home of Mr. and Mrs. John Carnell, 144 North Fourth St. 7:30 p. m. Wednesday. Midweek prayer service. Monthly business meeting following prayer service. 3:15 to 4:15 p. m. Friday, Children's Hour sponsored by our Missionary group. All children are invited to attend. Our Missionary group will be at the church each Tuesday afternoon from 2 to 4 o'clock for the purpose of dialiibuUHg-alething to the needy ni nnr rnnimunttv. It has been re FOUNTAIN PENS AH) $2'" 3.50 $4.G0 HOT WATER BOTTLES 93c 1.49 1.79 2.49 Pencils 75c PKXCIL KITS With Kxtra Leads And Krusers 1.10 ELECTRIC LAMPS 25 40 GO (JO Walt I0o 0 CpRISTIAN C HI IM'H 7tJi and Blackmail Streets Bev. L. F. Be Polster, Pastor 9:30 a. m. Sunday School hour. Classes for both children and adults. 10:45 a. m. Communion Ber-Jes. - ill a. m. Rev. L. F. De Polster, tn,inew, pastor, will deliver the njlorning address. J Attend some church. SHEPARDHVIIXE NEW TfcSTAME.NT CHllM'H Bier. ; Joseph K. Huuieriekhouse, tPwtor I lB.i'OO a. m. Sunday School. Mrjj;VL. Ellis, Supt. J llvOO a. m. Morning Worship. j:je -j)i-in.' Hen4nServiocv -7:-30 p". to. Wednesday. Prayer meeting and annual church meet-lag'. '". us a group of Isolationists as determined, as bitter and as dangerous as the band who set themselves up a-gainst the league of nations and gave to Wilson's peace In 1920 a stab In the back." "War has taught us," he declared, "that, whether we like It or not we cannot build a wall of isolationism around the United States." Referring to postwar plans, Truman said the administration Intends to sell or lease war plants on "fair terms" and to "create 'employment for our fighting men ahd our men and women war workers." Help lVt'vciil Serious Illness chi:ck youk supply of household drug psllds now! quested that either the parents or some adult accompany cnuaren inai come for the clothing. A cordial welcome awaits you at Calvary Church. ALKA SELTZER Tablets 30c Size 21c; 60c Size 49c I MILES ANTI-PAIN PILLS 21c and 83c HIIJj CUKST PRESBYTERIAN f ; WHAT CAUSES ' EPILEPSY? . A boekktt containing tha opinion of "!' eta doctors on this Inttrxtinf (ubloct will bt wnt FREE, wnila tnty lt, to any ntdtr wntinf to tha Educational Division, S3! IW Aw.. Now York. N. Y, Dtpt. J-454 CIIIIM'H .-Mil X. Hill St. - - Punctured Tire It Is surprising fact, unknown to most people even those in tire and automotive industries that a punctured tire seldom will go flat immediately. When a nail penetrates the casing and tube, the combination of air pressure and resiliency of the rubber result in the tube's clinging to the nail causing the puncture. In so many cases, noticeable loss of air does not result until a considerable amount of time has passed sometimes it is a matter of months. Roy 4'liarles Elnberg, Minister 9:30 a. m.. Sunday School. 6:15 p. m. Intermediate Tuxis. 7:15 p. in. Evening Worship. Subject, "The Maker of Men." B.I.PAVEY ABSTRACTS ' NOTARY PUBIJO NEWPORT, IND. ' lies. 784 Walnut St. Clinton, Ind. Tel. 419-J ANACIN TABLETS Bottle of 100 for 98c A YDS: Vitamin and Mineral Diet Candy $1.25 and $2.25 A MMONI ATED MERCURY OINTMENT, Lge. Tube 40c ANALGESIC BALM, for a chest rub, 35c - 50c - 60c - 75c ASPIRIN TABLETS, Nurse Brand, 1 Doz. 10c; 100, 39c ASPIRIN TABLETS, Bayers 1 Doz., 15c; 2 Doz., 25c Bottle of 100 Tablets For 59c BEEF, IRON and WINE Pint Bottle 98c B. P. ELIXIR, for the blood Pint Bottle 98c BRONCHIAL SYRUP, Nurse Brand 98c GROVES COLD TABLETS 27c - 43c CAROID & BILE SALTS TABS Bottle of 100, 98c CREOMULSION 57c and $1.08 CREOSOTED COUGH EXPECTORANT -j- 89c CALDWELLS LAXATIVE with Syrup Pepsin, 47c - 94c DE WITT'S COLD TABLETS 25c INSULIN, 10CC: U20, 49c; 1740, 85c; Protamine, 99c IRON AND YEAST TABLETS, Alcott's 125 for 69c LIMBO, for muscular aches and pains 89c LYSOL -cr. 25c,, 47c and 89c MOUTH WASH, Nurse Brand il'-jPjnt lJottle 39c MILK MAGNESIA, U. S. I 1 Full Plnd Bottle 39c MILES NERVINE A-V-Ic and 83c OLD MOHAWK MEDICINE 59c PARANAL, Laxative, Mineral Oil Emulsion Qt. 98c PERUNA $1.25 Size for $1.09 PEPTO-BISMOL, for upset stomach 47c and 89c PINEX, makes 1 Pt. Cough Syrup 65c Size for 59c DR. PIERCES MEDICINES $1 Size 89c; $1.35 Size $1.07 RECTAL OINTMENT, Nurse Brand Tube 59c RECTAL SUPPOSITORIES Nurse Brand Box of 12, 79c RETONGA MEDICINE $1.25 Size for $1.09 SAL HEPATICA $1.20 Size for 98c SEDATIVE COMPOUND, Nurse Brand 98c SACCHARIN TABLETS, Grain 100 for 25c Bottle of 1,000 For 98c S. S. S. MEDICINE, 99c Double Size $1.67 T. S. 28 ELIXIR for sore throat 39c and 69c TOROLAX, Bile Salts Comp. Tablets 100 for 98c UNGUENTINE 30c, 47c and 89c VERACOLATE TABLETS Bottle of 100 for 98c V1CKS SALVE 29c, 59c and $1.19 VICKS NOSE DROPS r 27c and 39c WILLARDS TABLETS, for the stomach $1.00 and $5.00 ZINC OXIDE OINTMENT Tubes 19c and 29c Much Printed Money Four thousand pieces o printed money all denominations are distributed every minute Dy the United Stales treasury department. FIRST I'RKSRYTKKIAN CHllM'H Third and Mulberry Itoy 'Initio J.illberg, Minister 9:45 a. ni. Sunday School. 10:45 a. in. Morning Worship. Subject, "The Kternal guest." (i p. in. Christian Kndeavor. CHRISTIAN SCIENCE SOCIETI 2S8 1-2 Ulaekuian St. (Pythian Hall) t:30 a. m. Sunday School. 11 a. m. Church. Testimonial meetings every 1st and 3rd Wednesday of each month. JUNIOR MISS PATTERN ) A fragrant and dainty bath luxury. Artraciivcly boxed with large puff. . . SI.Mn.kaa GO TO CHURCH SUNDAY is WW Ask NOW-' THOSE EXTRA PRINTS About 9107 VyT 9l7a XyT y licffl i lit A U: 'i I mi x w (?) Our Mm m VITAMIN rj HALOES -:Wmi SPECIAL FILM SERVICE Our Photo Service For De Use s veloping, Printing and Enlarging. Get Well - Keep Well LEAVE YOUR CAMERA WITH US FOR FILM jjc Salvaged newpapersrgaiinesrboxe"are"vital to jthe war effort. YOUR contribution can be made not only into badly needed shipping containers, but in actual war, 'weapons as well. The armed forces alone require more .than 700,000 items made of paper. ' . y Yes, the need is urgent, for there IS a paper shortage, Start today by saving this paper and subsequent issues, I . , .. if r s ana lOllow r.nc9c auiijjic oucslious; ; t - w - - a . : y aJCUfCDADEDC &A Ikam flnf nnJ .'- I II -. -I . 1 X5 llkllrfl fcn. iwim win , i V ,i I lavtfuica OBW1 I, jr. y inches high. , MAGAZINES Tie them in bundles obout 18 inches high. I'atlern 91(17. your dirndl favorite, arrives for Kali. It has an intriguing, new neckline you'll find easy-sewing, and a pushover to iron. Pattern 9107 comes in Jr. MIhs sizes: 9. 10, 11. 12. 13. 14, 15. Hi. 17 and 18. Size 13 requires 27K yards 35-inth fabric. NURSE BRAND VITAMINS A-B-D-G CAPSULES 25 for 69c; 50 for $1.2") 100 for $2.25; 250 For $1.79 HALIBUT LIVER OIL CAPSULES, Plain 50 for 9c HALIBUT LIVER OIL LIQUID - 10 C C Bottle 49c HALIBUT LIVER OIL CAPSULES, Fortified (Extra strong in Vitamin D) 25 for 75c A and D "Ten to One" Liquid - 50 CC $ 2.98 WHEATAMIN TABLETS, 100 for $1.19 200 for $2.29 PARKE, DAVIS CO. VITAMINS ABDOL CAPSULES 50 for $1.59; 100 for $2.69 ABDOL, Improved Capsules 50 for $1.79; 100 for $2.98 MILES "ONE-A-DAY" Brand VITAMINS A and D 30 for 49c; 90 for $1.17; 180 for $2.11 B COMPLEX 12 for 45c; 30 for 87c; 90 for $2.21 MULTIPLE VITAMINS 24 for 98c; 60 for .32.00 OTHER WELL KNOWN VITAMINS VITA-KAPS, Improved 25 for $1.25 50 for $2.29; 100 For $1.22 M ULT1CEBRIN 30 for $1.62; 100 for $1.86 GROVES DEFENDER VITAMINS 48 for $1.25 GROVES B COMPLEX 12 for 29c; 61 for $1.09 GROVES ABD VITAMINS 12 for 25c; 72 for $1.00 VIMMS 24 for 50c; 96 for $1.69; 288 for $!.!!) BOXES Flatten them and tie in bundles obout 12 inches high,' SCRAP PAPER Pack in box, or that it may bo Then contact your home town Salvage Chairman, and This pattern, together with a I needlework pattern of useful and decorative motif for linens and gar-i ments. TWENTY" CENTS. Send TWENTY CENTS in coins ft v lie will e that it is sent on its way to the fighting fronts.', i. i This poc donated by: t THE INDIANA BREWERS ASSOCIATION for these patterns to The Daily Clintonian, Pattern Dept., 155 N. Jefferson St.. Chicago hi". 111. rue plainly SIZK. NAME, AWK., STVI.E NI MBKIt. 'ru dumber Coaaawe. Mdint, WioraopoB. 4, Miorw Send FIFTEEN CENTS n-.ore for fflL the Marian Martin new and bigger i Summer Pattern Book. 32-Page. easy-to-make styles. Free pattern printed la book. r 1 ft..i.. Miu.wiua. it .aayf;

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