The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida on November 5, 1968 · Page 4
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The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida · Page 4

West Palm Beach, Florida
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Tuesday, November 5, 1968
Page 4
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ONE ISSUE THEY AGREE ON Drew Pearson Lessons In This Election Regardless Of Who Wins The Palm Beach Post A JOHN H. PERRY NEWSPAPER Joha H. Perry Jr. Pns. W. W. Atterburj Jr, Tress. Cecil B. K alley. Publiaaer. Gwnl Maaafer R. H. Kirkpetrick. Editor C. E. Neubeaer. Ene. Editor. R. Mirlt Ellis, Circulates Director Psblieried Eecb Day Eicept Saturday ud Sunday at S7S1 Soutk Dun, Palra Both. Fla. J34W By Ptrry Publkatioaa, Inc. Second elaat poauit paid at Watt Pain Baach, Florida Member ol tha Aatociatod Praaa THa Aaeoeieted Praaa ia eichiaieely eatitled to the SM lor republicatioe ol all aewe Meraber Audit Bureee ol Circulatioa SllM irTK)l ATES mt in the meantime presumably has been selected by the Senate "shall act as President, as in the case of the death or other constitutional disability of the President." limn Saaday 1 yaar 131.20 noatha ...115 60 S noatha ....17 80 twaak ISO PmJ eae I in Bad Seedey I yaar 40 I Booth. ...124.70 laoatae ...11131 1 week I 06 Slash tee. Paal A Saaday 1 yaar 131.20 (Booths ...116 60 I noatha ....17.80 1 waak I 0 Daily Oaly Paal or Tiawa 1 yaar $20.80 t noatha ...110 40 3 month! ....15.20 I week 1 .40 MtIL RATES Payabla ia advanea Poat or limn . . Sunday Poet-Tin ..10 Ti Saaday 146.00 123.00 112.00 PeM A Seadaj 1 yaar 4S 00 month. . . . 123 00 noatha ...112.00 Poat or Timaa siv.ll uirv ..20 G.n.t.l Ollic. National Advartiaini Rapraaantativaa John H. Parry Aaaociataa Suita SO!, 19 Wart 44th Straat, Nov York, N.Y. 1003 Tuesday, November 5, 1968 of the Constitution, when no President has been elected by Inauguration Day. Would he "act" as President for two years? Or four years? And would he have the power to nominate his own Vice President? Clearly, the selection of the President of the most powerful nation on earth should not be subject to so many questions and risks wherein presidential electors or members of Congress could totally disregard the will of the people. Several attempts have been made to rewrite the Constitution, by amendments, to cover potential crises. Unfortunately, none of them has gone far enough to take care of all the. questions raised in this year's election. The Twelfth Amendment, ratified in 1804, changed the constitutional provision that the two top candidates in electoral voting should be President and Vice President, respectively. Under that system, this year we might have had Richard Nixon as President and Hubert Humphrey as his Vice President. The 20th amendment, ratified in 1933, changed the date for starting the terms of office of the President and Vice President from March 4 to Jan. 20 in the years following Presidential election days. It also tried to solve the problem of what happens if a Presidentelect dies before he takes office or if there has been an election deadlock. It declared that in the event of the death of the President-elect, "the Vice President-elect shall become President." It then goes on to say that if a President has not been chosen by the time he should take office, or has failed to qualify for other reasons, "The Vice President-elect shall act as President until a President shall have qualified." But again the amendment does not spell out how long the Vice President shall "act" as President, whether he actually becomes President if no Presidential candidate does qualify, or how such a candidate can qualify for the office if he has not done so bv Inauguration Dav. Clayton Fritchey WASHINGTON Whoever wins this election, two things should stand out as lessons to the American people. One is that they need a drastic revision of the present extravagant system of raising money whereby a candidate must either be very wealthy or must go into political hock to big business or big labor to finance his campaign. Second, we need a complete revision of our complicated and almost unworkable electoral college system. This system, Inherited from the days of George Washington, lets the American people select electors who are not bound to vote for the candidates for whom the American people vote and to whom the electors are pledged except in a few states, and in those states the penalties for not doing so are minor. This makes it possible, in theory at least, for the electors to vote for any candidate they choose, regardless of the wishes of the people. If the electors fail to cast a majority vote for any candidate, power to elect the President then passes to the House of Representatives, where the Congressmen from each state are free to vote for any one of the three top candidates selected by the electoral college. Yet the Constitution provides that in the House each state delegation has just one vote. That vote would be determined by a poll of the delegation. But If a state delegation should be evenly divided and unable to agree on a candidate by majority vote, it would not have a vote. Further, the Constitution requires only that a quorum of two-thirds of the states be represented In the House selection of a President. The Constitution p -ovides In Article II that if the electors report they Wave failed to elect a President, then the House shall "Immediately" vote on the President. There is no definition of what "Immediately" means, beyond the provision that If the House shall have failed to select a President by Inauguration Day, then the Vice President who C. L. Sulzberger George Wallace At Peak; No Great Threat In 1972 Your Duty To Vote YOU are going to decide an election today even if you don't vote. Because if you fail to vote, the value of somebody else's vote is doubled, and that "double-strength" vote could easily be the margin of victory for the candidate you like least. History is replete with examples of the power of a few votes or even just one vote to swing an election. This year, with three "major" presidential candidates, the possibility of your vote being the decisive one is multiplied. Maybe you're not wildly enthusiastic about any of the candidates. That still is no reason to be a political dropout. Sometimes it's just as important to vote "against" as it is to vote "for." Who can conscientiously "sit this one out?" Think of the millions of foreigners who would gladly take the place of non-. voting Americans at the polls this year: the Czechoslovakians, for instance, who have just seen their last vestiges of freedom seized by Communist imperialism. Floridians have an additional solemn duty to vote. In addition to a president, they will select a United States senator, congressmen, state supreme court justices, a complete legislature, and numerous county officials who will profoundly influence their daily lives for the next four years. And they will accept or reject a new state constitution which may guide their political destinies for a century. For the sake of your country, for the sake of Florida, for your own sake VOTE today! made much more political progress than Hitler, but that doesn't mean he Is going to continue to. Hitler had poor luck between 1920 and 1925: his Munich Putsch failed; he was jailed and forbidden to speak. In the next five years, however, he thrived as democratic government collapsed under the worst Inflation and depression in German history, and people grasped at Naziism and neo-mllitarism. Wallace, on the other hand, has had phenomenal early luck. The 1968 candidates of the major parties are the National Suicide? ,0.1, 1 yaar 110.40 montha ....16 20 I montha ....12.60 1 week 1..20 Daily Only Poat or Timaa Saaday Oaly 116.00 18 00 6.00 30.00 116 00 BOO By Mail Q Sunday Poat-Timee . . . 1 .3' Want Ada 833 4033 Youth weakest In many years. The incumbent Administration Is discredited. The people are dismayed by Vietnam, crime and urban riots, war Inflation, and racial inflammation. It Is hard to Imagine a more fortuitous set of circumstances for a Wallace type of demagogue to exploit, and yet he Is not likely to carry a single northern state today. By 1972 the Vietnam war will doubtless be settled, the exacerbated law-and-order scare will probably have subsided, and, with peace, new money should be available to clean up the ghettos. In any case, the urban riots already appear to be on the wane. There will still be racism. It is Wallace's ace in the hole. If all else failed, he might turn to it as ruthlessly as Hitler did to anti-Semitism, but history shows the Nazi leader could not have attained power on that alone. In the U.S. there appears to be a large and irre-duceable majority immune to raw racism. It Is obvious that Wallace himself has no coherent view of his future. Hitler was a genius at party organization, quickly building the Nazis Into the largest party In the Reichstag and winning the Chancellorship, but Wallace has campaigned only for himself. He calls himself the head of the American Independent party, but it is a party in .name only. He talks vaguely about organizing on a state-by-state basis or else taking over one of the major parties. Just how has not been revealed. Every third party leader in the U.S. has ultimately foundered against the deeply entrenched machines of the established parties, which are organized down to the smallest Rumania No Longer Fears Invasion By Soviet Union The Constitution does not say that the Vice President shall become President. And it does not state how long this situation would continue. The Senate, like the House, is not bound to vote for the Vice Presidential candidate with the highest popular vote, but can select either of the two top candidates In the electoral college vote. And again, since the electoral college is not bound by law to vote for the most popular candidates, it theoretically could give enough votes to a minority candidate such as George Wallace to make him one of the two top candidates. The 25th Amendment to the Constitution, adopted after the assassination of President Kennedy, provides that If the President Is removed from office, resigns, or dies, the Vice President shall become President. It makes no reference to a situation in which no President has been elected either by the electors or the House of Representatives. The same amendment provides that whenever a vacancy exists in the office of Vice President, the then President shall nominate a Vice President, who shall take office upon confirmation by a majority vote of both houses of Congress. But this amendment does not state what shall be the case when the Vice President is "acting" as President. This raises the question of what would happen if the Vice President were acting as President, as provided in Article II here unofficial meaning the controlled press in Moscow and certain other Communist capitals. It is denied that there have been stern demands for acquiescence to Warsaw Pact military maneuvers In Rumania. The last such maneuvers were six years ago and it Is most improbable there will be any repetition for some time to come. Nevertheless, It is not excluded that at some later date, when the alliance's training program requires some kind of exercises In Rumania, they may be held. Nor Is there any thought of negotiating a private bilateral pact with Yugoslavia, another Communist maverick, not even belonging to the Warsaw Alliance. Finally, at a time still not agreed upon, It has definitely been decided to sign a renewal of the bilateral treaty with the U.S.S.R., that expired early this year. Rumania Is not taking back any of its views on Czechoslovakia of the perversion of the Warsaw Pact. But It will re-Billy Graham Man Has Chooses Christians supposedly believe in predestination, which means that God knows the end from the beginning. Why then did God create man when He knew he would sin and bring sin Into the bloodstream of the human race? My children have asked me this, and It would help to know your answer. A.P. Man had a choice then, even as he does today. A Just God would not have told Adam "not to eat of the tree" If his foreknowledge decreed that he would eat of It. There is a difference between predestination and foreknowledge. A mother, for example, who loves her son, could reasonably predict that if her son continued to drink and drive he would most surely have an accident. But, that doesn't mean that she wished her fears to come true, or that she was happy that her prediction was right. The Bible teaches unmista A Road To Peace? Two new highways, already under construction, will one day link Ankara, Turkey and Baghdad with Pakistan, India, Burma, Thailand, Singapore and Saigon. That's of course if the Asians can ever give up warring against each other and permit the final links to be constructed. Branch roads are planned to connect the Soviet Union with the highway at Kabul, Afghanistan and China through three roads; one meeting the Trans-Asia Highway at Lahore, India, a second at Katmandu, Nepal, and the third via the old Burma Road of World War II at Mandalay, Burma. Hopefully, the new road system will serve to bring the many peoples of South Asia closer, bring them to increased trade and decreased fighting. The two main highways roughly paralleling each other will run over 6,500 miles from near the Mediterranean Sea to the South China Sea. They will serve areas holding about 60 per cent of the world's population and will help to prevent widespread starvation by providing transportation routes for food. The highways will not be U.S.-type four-lane thoroughfares flanked by service stations and restaurants. For many years to come, the trip from end to end on either will be rugged. Bandits still infest some of the wild country and parts of the road already completed are not recommended for night travel. But it will beat Marco Polo's trip, and will tend to bring the twentieth century to many of the world's most backward areas. WASHINGTON It has come to be accepted that 1968 Is Just a rehearsal, a trial run, for Gov. George Wallace, and that he will hit his real stride In 1972. It ain't necessarily so. Regardless of how he does today, the chances are he will never again do as well. Wallace himself has carefully cultivated the popular notion that the present campaign is merely a preliminary stage in his drive for power, paving the way for his take-over four years from now. This impression has been fortified by other political leaders. "A significant vote," Sen. Edward Kennedy says, "would turn this movement into permanent party of division and hate, seeking to elect mayors and congressmen as well as Presidents." If Wallace gets a big vote, Senatorial candidate Paul O'Dwyer adds, he would be "off and running with a party completely opposed to the American system ... It would be a rallying point for a racist appeal and for a Hitler-type approach." In his first five years on the national scene, Wallace (as this column recently noted) LETTERS to the EDITORS 'Pretext' Exposed Editor: Palm Beach County Democrats know full well what the Republicans have done the past eight years in our state and county. They walked in on the pretext that we should have a two-party system of government, but it now appears that they are trying to make It a one-party system. I ask all Democrats to be loyal to (heir party, state and countywlse. As you well know, not any Republicans will switch their vote to a Democratic candidate. We have a good slate of candidates. Let's stand behind them. W. SCOTT STEELE West Palm Beach Learn And Vote! Editor: Our county voters must not forget our county officials that have served us well in their particular office, regardless of party affiliation. They are not to be blamed for the unrest, confused and unlawful condition we live with, created by maladministration of our central government for which we are to blame, for they are our elected officials. Our only salvation is to be well-informed and elect future national officials that love Amer,ca and work for America, not for their party or special Interest. Remember, the quality of your president and vice president depends on your Intelligent vote. Be well informed and vote! FRANK A. MATRUNO-LA West Palm Beach main a loyal member of that pact If and when It is employed to protect members against non-members. It insists on equality and a desire to be friendly with all kinds of societies from Chinese communism to American capitalism, Even before the bombing halt one hadn't heard nearly so much about Vietnam these days although Bucharest always sympathized with Hanoi, Rumanian diplomacy quietly and efficiently helped in preparing the Paris peace negotiations. There Is no Ideological split with Russia: merely resentment that Moscow misinterpreted the proper role of socialism in International relations. There is willingness to play down the broader Implications of the crisis within the Communist world but not to forget them. All this having been said, Bucharest denies there Is any unusual situation here or that It has been placed Inside a Moscow pressure cooker. It wants to remain a member of the Communist club not to get squeezed out and strike forth on its own like Yugoslavia. But It also wants club rules to be obeyed. If by any chance they aren't, the Rumanians indicate they will stand up physically for their rights. The proof of that pudding Is In the eating but Bucharest doesn't think the test will Choice; To Sin kably that man has the choice of good and evil. If this is a true choice then God's foreknowledge has nothing to do with It otherwise it would not be a free choice. The thing that God really foreknows Is that "the soul that slnneth shall die," but that doesn't mean that a particular person Is decreed to sin, for If he were, then he would abdicate his freedom of choice. It Is really a bit like the "which-comes-flrst-the-chlcken-or-the-egg?" argument. The truth Is: two things are clearly taught In Scripture, "The free will of man," and, "the foreknowledge of God," and the two are mutally compatible. Bible Verse I have learned, In whatever state I am, therein to be content. Philipplans 4:11 (C) New York Times News Service BUCHAREST The first thing about Rumania is to get the rumors straight. Today this country no longer shows signs of feeling menaced by Soviet pressures or threats of intervention at least for the nonce. Its leaders state this plainly, and certainly travel to the capital and in the Danubl-an South seems to confirm their observations. I had a long, uninhibited talk with Nlcolae Ceausescu, secretary general of the Communist Party and chief of state. While not at liberty to quote him, I am free to report my impressions and it is apparent that Ceausescu Is not alarmed by prospects of Imminent crisis. Despite Rumania's ardent and persisting opposition to the Warsaw Pact's misuse against Czechoslovakia, Bucharest Insists there has been no consequent "official" pressure from Moscow. This is important because Rumania continues to speak out against the Czechoslovaklan rape and In some ways feels even more strongly now than ever before. From the first glimmerings of trouble, Rumania took its line that all states, big and small, have equal rights under International law. Ceausescu even journeyed to Prague and signed a renewal of the Czech-Rumanian bilateral alliance when the heat was on shortly before the Russians moved in. Bucharest was never even requested by Moscow to contribute troops to the Invasion. The decision to Intervene was not a Warsaw Pact decision and was not officially communicated to Bucharest. Having at no time participated in bloc discussions of the intervention, the Rumanian leadership doesn't pretend to know what In the end inspired It. All it knows is that It vigorously objects. Nevertheless, Rumania continues as an active member of the Warsaw Pact and will remain so while the pact endures although It hopes that some day both it and NATO will dissolve. Yet Rumania will never consider that its alliance gives any partner the right to Interfere In the internal affairs of another. Its obligations are automatic only with respect to external aggression. This stubbornly Independent line is underscored by public statements and by such moves as re-establishment of a national militia, betokening willingness to oppose any Intruder with force. But now the urgency seems to be seeping out of what appeared to be a potential crisis. The only Indications of prcs sure have been what Is termed Muscles Of Editor: Congratulations for the editorial "Planners on Limb", which appeared in your paper last week. It is time that the amateurish estimates of the future population growth be recognized for what they are; the product of complete ignorance. Anyone can receive, free, from the Health, Education and Welfare Department the Vital Statistics report a monthly compilation of the statistics of birth and death In the United States. Anyone can see that In three years ( 1965-68 ) the "excess" of birth over death fell from 11.4 per 1,000 population to 8.2; and that if this trend were to continue In eight years (1976) there would be more deaths than births in our United States. Then, slowly at first, then more and more rapidly, our population will decrease! No business would be exempt from the effects of this; the tax burden carried by fewer and fewer people of working and taxpaylng ages! This catastrophe surpasses any other of our problems In the United States. The government Is taking no steps to prevent this national suicide. It even encourages it! HENRI deMARCELLUS Palm Beach Crucial Vote Editor: If our nation hopes to preserve and protect the essence of human values, we must and we will extend our thoughts to the Importance of exercising the most valuable franchise that any American citizen holds sacred: the privilege of voting on Nov. 5, 1968, perhaps the most crucial election In our nation's history! The apathy that many have voiced simply because the communications media are biased or unbiased is no excuse: we are still American citizens! Exercise that prerogative to the fullest extend. WALTER L. HURT Delray Beach Ike's Shadow Editor: I have voted since 1921. During that time Harding, Coo-lidge and Hoover held office, much to the despair of the public and business. Gen. Elsenhower did the best he could with a poor vice president who now attempts to walk In his shadow. Let this not happen. JOHN T. McGRATH West Palm Beach Who Needs A Leader? Editor: Since this country was founded, the people have elected people to offices In the government as servants of the people (to do the people's will). Every candidate for the higher offices that I have heard has said, "I will make a good leader." So, I say to everyone who needs a leader, "Get out and put your leader in office (over you) or stay at home and get your country back where It belongs (in your hands)." As Patrick Henry said, "The House of Representatives is a strong enough central government." TOM REAMSNYDER West Palm Beach Absentee Reflects Editor: As I marked my absentee ballot, I thought of what I might be doing Nov. 5 If the effects of polio were not still with me. Would I be playing football or baseball Instead of voting? Perhaps I would be in Vietnam dodging bullets or wondering how to keep my. feet dry, like the 18-year-old lieutenant I haven't heard from lately. I wondered how many adults would sit this one out and how many of the student protesters would forget to register when their time comes. It was over too soon. It was too easy. There were no lines for me to stand In and tire of. I wished I had shed blood for the chance, but others had done It for me. J. DAVID HOUSER Nor'h Palm Beach Today may mark the merciful end of the tumult and the shouting but not of campaign 1968 as a subject for analysis and argument. In the post-mortems, one point which should not be overlooked, and which could emerge as among the most significant of all, is the participation of youth. We are not thinking of the hecklers or those who took to the streets to add emphasis cr violence to an already feverish campaign. While their antics, sincerely intended or otherwise, may have captured the headlines, their influence has been almost entirely negative and more importantly, their numbers have been very few in comparison with the many young Americans who have labored diligently and to much greater effect at the basic, often grubby, tasks of the political process. Students and young professionals have devoted endless hours, enthusiasm and energy to manning telephones, stuffing envelopes and ringing doorbells. Many contributed what time could be spared from studies and jobs. Many others took time out from school to devote themselves full time to a candidate's cause. Most publicized has been Sen. Eugene McCarthy's "children's crusade," but all the major candidates benefited from the effort and dedication of the under-30 generation. i

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