The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on August 31, 1944 · Page 10
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 10

Clinton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 31, 1944
Page 10
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Page 10 article text (OCR)

Thursday, August 31, IMI," CLINTONIAN w THE DAILY . I . ft alrnlnnn" rlaillD In BOOK S RATION CALENDAR FLAK TOWERS THAT FAILED TO HALT ALLIED FORCES Newport Societies, Clubs Meet in Past Week; Guests in Local Homes Processed Foods Bluo stamps A8 through Z8 and A-5 in Book 4 good 10 points indef initely. B-5 through F-5 valid now ami are good indefinitely. Tokens Mr. and Mrs. Clifford Gressmire and family recently moved to Newport from Eugene, lnd. They are former residents of this city before they were forced to move from their farm whicli was on the site of the Wabash River Ordnance Works. Mrs. Ada Wright and daughter, Mrs. Fred McDowell and children, n.virt and Joyce, of Marion, Ind., Mr. and Mrs. Charlea Pcnlmore and Mr. and Mrs. Jess Carver, all of Cayuga, visited with Mr. and Mrs. E, T. McMillan of Newport, Monday. They all attended the funeral services for Fred Wimsett. Air Cadet and Mrs. Roger Sut-llff of Independence, Kan., spent several days last week with Mrs. Sutliff's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Clifford Orescmlre of Newport. Miss Ruby Sutllff of I'lttsboro. lnd., spent Tuesday with her hrnther. Air Cadet Roger Sutllff, who are visiting here, spent Thurs may bo used for change. Meals, tliceso and Hairy Products All red stamps AS through Z8 and A-5, B-5, C-5 aud D-5 in Book 4 valid indefinitely for rationed meats, cheese and dairy products. Stamps worth 10 points each. Miucar Stamps 30, 31 and 32 in book 4 good for 5 pounds until further notice. No. 33 stamp good Sept. 1 for 5 pounds. Application for additional canning sugar must bo Bent to board by one uparo slump 37 for each applicant. Stamp 40 in book 4 good for 5 pounds of canning Bugar. Shoes No. 1. "airplane" stamp and No. day in Terre Haute. Mrs. McDowell and chldlren returned to their home In Marlon Sunday afternoon. Miss Gloria Asbury returned to ia unending a furlough here her home in Newport Friday after with his wife's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Clifford Gressmlre. visiting last week with Mr. ana Mrs. Alnm Hess of Georgetown, III., and Mr. and Mrs. Harlan Weatherman nf Cates. Ind., wero the Sunday William and Charles Cook of Craw- zuests of Mrs. Weatherman's sister, Mrs. Allen Rose and family of near SIMPLE TO CROCHET good for 1 pair each until further notice. Always present Book 3 when making purchase as 'tampa are invalid If removed from the book. ' t Gasoline Stamp A-12 good for three gallons through Sept. 21. B-3 and C- and B-4 and C-4 good Tor 6 gallons until further notice. T (Third Qtr.) good for D gallons through Sept. 30. E, El and E2 good for 1 gallon. R, Itl and R2 good for 5 gallons. R and Rl not valid at filling stations but consumer may exchange R for E at his local Hoard if he wishes to purchase non-hlghwny gasoline at filling Blntion. A. H, C. D and T coupons uro not valid until they hava been endorsed In Ink, pencil, stamped or printed with the automobile registration number anil stale. Motorists should write 1944 number! on book and on coupons. Tires ' Periodic passenger car tire Inspections arc no longer required, but inspection records should be retained for obtaining supplemental rations and tiro replacements. Tire inspection records must be presented with applicatlo nto get supplemental gas and tire certificates. Commercial vehicle Inspection due every C months or every 5,000 miles. B card-holders eligible for Grade 1 tires providing they can show absolute need to carry on essential activities; however, the boards' quota will determine how many, If any, B card-holders will actually receive certificates for tires since each board is obligated by regulations to issue tires to the most essential users first. All A holders may obtain certificates for Grade 3 tires, but only after they have found tires which may be purchased. Fuel Oil Period 4 and 5 coupons valid through Sept. 30 and have the following values: 1 unit, 10 gallons; 5 units, 50 gallons; 25 units, 250 gallons. All change-making coupons and reserve coupons are now good.. Fuel oil rations for 1944-45 heating season now being issued. Period 1 Newport. Bob Mooro, son of Mr. and Mrs. Walter Moore of Clinton, former residents of Newport, spent several days last week with Dob McMasters In Newport. Barton Thomas, son of Mrs. Nina F,-.f j', , 'Fti If 'si' w -- - A. Thomas of Chicago, returned to A YANK JEEP DRIVER stops his car to look at some shattered flak towers after their guns had been com-Bletely silenced by repeated Allied bombings. The structures, mounting heavy anti-aircraft guns, guarded Nazi marine barracks in Angers, France. This is an official U. S. Signal Corps photo. (Interactional) fordsvllle. Mr. and Mrs. Keith Youmans and family of Newport were the dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs. Homer Fox of Perrysville. The dinner was given inobservance of Mr. Fox's birth anniversary. Mr. and Mrs. Alam Hess and granddaughter, Norma Jean Wil-uiams, Mrs. Ralph Richards and Mr. and Mrs. Virgil Nickles were Sunday guests of Abel Asbury and daughter, Gloria Ann. Mr. and Mrs. R. T. Morton of Herbert Arrasmith spent Monday In Terre Haute visiting Frank Foos, a former resident of Newport. Mrs. Howard Erwin spent Saturday afternoon In Terre Haute shopping. Mrs. Sophie Rice of Dana is visiting this week with her granddaughter, Mrs. Oil Potter and husband. Electa Sunday School Class Holds Meeting Mrs. Dora Stewart entertained members of the Electa Sunday School Class at her home in Newport, Friday evening. Mrs. Ellen Johnson and Mrs. Henrietta Thomas YANK VEHICLES ROLLING INTO LIBERATED PARIS his home in that city after spending a week with relatives and friends in Newport. Mrs. Herbert A. Youmans returned to her home in Newport this week after spending several days with her husband. Ensign Youmans at Memphis, Tenn. Marvin Kersey, Bob McMasters and Miss Beverly Arrasmith spent Sunday evening at the home of Miss Darlene Profflt of north of Newport. " Mrs. Ruth Swingle returned to her home in Newport Saturday afternoon after visiting with her husband's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Le Roy Swingle of Perrysville. Mtb. Jesse DePlanty and Donnle Burke, of Newport, are visiting this week with Mrs. De Plunty's daughter, Mrs. George Nlckolson of ville, Tenn. Mr. and Mrs. Fred Poore of Indianapolis spent the weekend with Mr. Poore's mother, Mrs. Mary Poore of Newport. Virginia Reid, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Reid of Newport. acted as assisting hostesses. The meeting was opened by the good Immediately. president. Mrs. Otis Watson follow ed by devotionB by Mrs. Johnson. A quiz contest was enjoyed during the social hour. by Alice Brooks A covered dish supper was enjoy Stoves All new heating, cooking and -oinbination heating and cooking stoves, designed for domestic use, lor installation on or above the floor and for the use of coal, wood, oil. kerosene, gasoline and gafl, are rationed. Certificates must be obtained from local Board. ed at 6:30. Those present were: Mrs. J. -G Potts. Mrs. Grace Davis. Mrs. liuma Collins, Mrs. Ella P. Hall, Mrs. C. E Beebee. Mrs. Margaret Anderson, Mrs. Watson. Mrs. Fred Sanders, Miss D. Grace Rlieuby. and the host spent Monday night and 'iuesaay with her parents. Mrs. Grace Park returned to her home in Newport this week after visiting with her daughter in Rock-ville. ' Miss Helen Foos of Terre Haute, former resident of tills city, spent Sunday in Newport visiting relatives , - ... . 1- -i esses. Mrs. Stewart, Mrs. Johnson and Mrs. Thomas. Three guests attended the meet AS AMERICAN MILITARY CARS roll along a street In Paris, groups of citizens line the sidewalks TO cheei their arrival. At the time the photo was taken, French patriots were still skirmishing with Nazi forces in 0UB parts 0 the city. This is an official U. S. Signal Corps Radiophoto. (International Soundphoto) ing Including Mrs. Clair Van Sant No problem to these corde crocheted bugs. One Is in slipper stitch In one piece with all extra baud; the other is of 2-inch medallions. Smarten your appearance with a crocheted bag of cotton or corde. Pattern 7241 contains directions for two hags; stitclieB. list of materials. This pattern, together with a needlework pattern of useful and decorative motifs for and garments, FIFTEEN CENTS. Send FIFTEEN. CENTS In coins for these patterns to The Daily Clin-tnnlan. Household Arts Dept., 5C4 West Randolph Street, Chicago 80, 111. Write plainly NAME, ADHKEHS and PATTKKN NI MHEIt. Our new 32-page Needlework Book is yours for Fifteen CentB more . . . 130 illustrations of designs for embroidery, home decoration, toys, dall Underwood of Crawlordsvme snent the weekend v.ith Mr. and Mrs. SAVE GASOLINE AND TIRES Bring Your Hogs To The HOME PACKING CO. TEltltE HAVTE, IND. YARDS OPEN DAILY FRIDAY TILL NOON Omar McMasters and family of New port. Use for Cooking Both dried, whole and dried, separated milk can be used for cooking, either by reconstituting it first as fluid milk, or just by mixing it dry and then adding water. The milk dishes wash easily. The milk is freer of bacteria than most fluid milk is, and is practically at and friends. Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Brook and family of Veedersburg spent Saturday with Mrs. Mary Brooks of Newport. Mrs. Noel McGill and Jimmy Dul-ger, both of Newport, spent the weekend with Mr .and Mrs. Charles Naylor and family of Cayuga. C. H. Hale and Mr. Kerlln, both of Hamilton, 111., spent Tuesday night with Mr. and Mrs. Roy Stewart of Newport. Mr. and Mrs. Joe Allison spent Tipping Originates Here's how tipping and the word "tip" originated, it is claimed. In English taverns long ago, the tavern keeper put a receptacle with the sign, "To Insure Promptness," on it where all could see. The proceeds went to the servants. Eventually the words were contracted to "T.I.P." and then "tip." and small son, Frederick William and Mrs. George Robinson. Members of the Woman's Society of Christian Service held their regular business and social meeting at the Methodist Church in Newport Friday afternoon. Mrs. B. R. Nixon presided at the meeting. Mrs. John R. Walton had charge of the devotions and the Rev. and Mrs. Walton sang a vocal duet. Mrs. R. H. Nixon gave a talk on "The Sacredness of Money," the theme Tuesday in Terre Haute. Joe Allison spent Saturday in Danville, 111. Mrs. William Rein and son. Bill, spent Tuesday In Terre Haute. Miss Fay Ingram spent iuesaay Mr. and Mrs. Oil Potter of New- in Clinton. port were the Sunday dinner guests for this month. of Private and Mrs. Wesley Malone i Final plans were made for the Mr. and Mrs. John L. Pollard and VALUES dinner to be served Thursday for the family of Hammond, Ind. spent last i of Clinton. week with Mr. and Mrs. Guy Lee and . Vif . , - . Vitfii ' AT Betty Jean Potter returned to her home in Daua after spending last family of Newport. Miss Ruby Lee and Miss Lucille Hollingswortli re-j turned to Hammond with them where they plan to spend this week. UNITED HOME GROCERS Sam Wigley of Terre Haute spent ; Monday afternoon witn nis Bister, Mrs. Fred Sanders and husband. Mrs. Pearl Pollard of Indianapolis spent the weekend with her daughter, Mrs. Guy Lee and family. week with her uncle. Oil Potter and wife of Newport. According to word received by E. T. McMillan of Newport. Charles Wright Is seriously ill at his home in Roy. New Mexico. Mrs. Ada Wright of Newport returned home with her daughter. Mrs, Fred McDowell of Marion, Ind. where she plans to spend a few days. Mr. and Mrs. Sam Stewart and family of Newport spent Saturday with Mrs. Stewart's mother, Mrs. Anna Reed of Hymera, lnd. Mrs. Fred Sanders and Mrs. Douglas Reid, both of Newport, spent Friday in Clinton. Mrs. L. M. Mitchell is ill at her home in NL-wport this week. MINNIE GIOVANNI 558 N. Eighth St. TODAY'S PATTERN Labor Day valueH, every day values you'll find them both at (hese home owued and oer-ated, indefrendeiit nierchantt. (Shop where you know the finality you're getting can't !e leat where you receive friendly treatment at United Home Grocer's Stores. Russell Cox, former resident of Newport, left Sunday for a visit with his father in Chicago. Mr. and Mrs. John Brock of I.odi county teachers' institute. Refresh ments were served after the meeting. Mrs. V. B. Dwlggins was chairman of that committee. Mrs. Bertha Ellis and mother. Mrs. H. C. Sawyer of Newport, left Tuesday, morning for Kansas where they plan to spend two weeks with Mrs. Sawyer's other daughter, Mrs. George Carpenter and family. Mr. and Mrs. Everett Mack and Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Mack, all of Indianapolis and Mrs. Jess Woods of Hoopston. 111., were the weekend guests of Mr. and Mrs. Cortlen Mack of Newport. Hillsdale and Mrs. Charles Seelman of St. Petersburg, Fla. were guests of W. C. Myers and family Wednesday evening. Miss Peggy Foos and Shirley Ann McMasters were Monday dinner guests of Miss Marilyn Kersey. The occasion was Miss Kersey's birth anniversary. Miss Ruth Fox and her father, Mr. Homer Fox, both of Perrysville were the luncheon guests of Mr. and Mrs. Keith Youmans and family, Friday noon. Mr. and Mrs. Robert N. Pugh and family of Detroit. Mich., have been visiting his mother. Mrs. Laura Pugh and brother. Raymond Pugh. Mr. and Mrs. Millard Wimsett of Scottland, 111., spent Monday afternoon with Mr. and Mrs. Jack Wise of Newport. Miss Edith Mae and Janet Duni-val of Kingman. Ind., visited last week with Mr. and Mrs. Guy Lee and family of south of Newport. Mr. and Mrs. Benny Asbury of Indianapolis called on Abel Asbury Saturday. Miss Annbelle Wallace of Gary, Ind.. spent Friday night with Mrs. IVAN SVETKOFF 1201 North 7th Street spent Saturday evening with Mrs. Mary Brooks of Newport. Mrs. Mary Barkus returned to her home in Rossville after spending a week with Mary Brooks. REX pound CANNING SUPPLIES HEADACHE- 57, Farmers Pride 3 1 1 oz. pkgs. CORN FLAKES Dauntless 23 1 i oz. Jar PEANUT BUTTER iFASHEPSPBIDE OB A NO CORN IS u" UTTU THING 27c 38c 15 24c 68c FLAKES.-j Mason Jars 69' Dozen Quarts Mason JarCaps2d- 45' DAUNTLESS Jar Rings 5 f SPICES Dauntless, Whole Mixed, Box 1 9249 SIZES 4-10. PHY pound pounds 3 Charles E. Lewis. Mrs. Charles E. Lewis and Bon spent the weekend with Mr. and Mrs. Milton Lewis and son. Mr. and Mrs. Straud Ory of Newport spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. Chansey Pierson of Cayuga. VICTOR PALONCY Pike & Lincoln Street FARMER'S PRIDE 3 PKGS. PANCAKE FLOUR 25 Mrs. Marie Murdock of Rockvllle spent the weekend with Mr. and Mrs. straud Ory. Mrs. Lon Allison returned home KARO SYRUP Dark with Mr. and Mrs. Earl Allison of Your youiu; datiKhtcr will love this princess Juniin-r and jacket. Pattern 9249. Kasy-lo-scw, easy-to-slip-on. nice in plaid; contrast collar. l'atiern 9249 conus in cliildrcn's sizes: 4. ti, 8. 1". Size ti. jumper and jacket, requires 2 :k yards 3o-inch fabric; Uyard contrast. This pattern, together with a needlework pattern of useful and decorative motif for linens aud garments. TWENTY CENTS. Send TWENTY CENTS In coins Lafayette. Mrs. Margaret Armstrong and sis SECONDINO BROS. Universal, Ind. 15c 17c 29c SPINACH Farmer's Pride NO. 2 CAN ter. Barbara Hollingsworth spent Tuesday in Terre Haute shopping. ALL SET for a good full day's work when a nagging headache sneaks up on you. You suffer, and so does your work. Ready for an evening of relaxation and enjoyment a pesky headache interferes with your fun, pest, enjoyment or relaxation. DR. MILES Anti-Pain Pills nsnally relieve not only Headache, but Simple Neuralgia. Muscular Pains and Functional Monthly Pains. Do yon nse Dr. Miles Anti-Pain Pills? If not why not! You can get. Dr. Miles Anti-Pain Pills at your drug store in the regular xiackage for only a penny apiece and in the economy package even cheaper. Why not get a package today? Your druggist has them. Bead directions and use only as directed. Your money back if you are not satisfied. Farmers Pride Evaporated 3 tall cans for these .patterns to The Daily Clintonian. Pattern Dept., 155 N. Jefferson St., Chicago So. 111. Write plainly SI.E, SAME, Alil-Mlifcri, Mr. and Mrs. L. P. Myers of Hartford City. Ind.. spent the weekend with W. C. Myers and family. Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Conkle of Rockville. Ind.. 6pent Friday with Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Wilfong. l.e Roy Newl of Cayuga spent Sunday with his mether, Mrs. Joe Allison of Newport. Mrs. Mary Brooks attended a movie in Clinton Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Granvil Clifton and BEAL'S MARKET 328 N. Ninth St. FLY SPRAY D-fa. ACME-EVAHS CHICKEN FEED STYLE .M MHElt. NATURE'S MOST NEARLY PERFECT FOOD DRINK MORE CLINTON PURE MILK Send FIFTEEN CENTS more for the Marian Martin new and bieper Summer Pattern Book. 22-Paises. easy-to-make styles. Free pattern i son, Duane and Mr. and Mrs. Wen-jprinted in book, J

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