The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida on November 5, 1968 · Page 1
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The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida · Page 1

West Palm Beach, Florida
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 5, 1968
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Polls Open 7 to 7 Go Early To Avoid The Rush wzfrnhH ran I v v LJ i . I vJ The Palm Beach Post THUMBNAIL EDITORIAL Today comes the 'opinion poll' that counts and YOU are part of it. Complete Stock Market Pages 21.22-23 SERVING THE HUB OF FLORIDA'S FA6ULOUS GROWTH AREA VOL. LX. NO. 191 WEST TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 5, 1968 32 PAGES -:- PRICE TEN CENTS 120,000 Predicted Voting In County Today 1 Washington Expects lTi 1 S. Vietnam At Talks Head Of Hospital Fights Firing Plan J, A . V 1 .-f ..... - , V I I - . -. . 4- ) 3 . Jf "7 ; - a i i - )-- 1 nH - j W;l ' : (t PI Tele photo) a self-acclaimed "Black Nationalist" arrived back in Miami at 7 p.m. Monday. HIJACKED JET CREW - The crew of the hijacked National Airlines jet forced to fly to Havana by PALM BEACH, FLORIDA, off the plane on Cuban soil, he raised his arm in what appeared to be a Black Power salute and he "had an expression on his face that seemed to say 'I did this aren't you glad." The hijacking the third of a National Airlines plane this year was the 12th commercial flight ordered to Havana since last January. hijacked and had landed In Cuba approximately an hour earlier. Father Tonsmelre said no word had been received from Fr. Goodspeed, who Is about 67 years old, but seemed confident it would not be long before he returned here. Father Goodspeed came here approximately two years ago from New Orleans where he had been treasurer of Loyola University. He has been Incapacitated for approximately five months after his ankle was broken by two hoodlums on a walk near the church. Evidently disappointed when they found little or no cash on his person, they pulled at his shoes. Father Goodspeed 's ankle was in a cast for about four months His duties here were te. Tied partly administrative. Cuban Off icials Release Crew Of Hijacked Jet .'A vv ft ( 'Av'TN 'An KVV flip), microphone and told the passengers "that he was confiscating the airplane and taking it to Havana." On reaching the Cuban city, the hijacker ordered Hunter to circle several times so he could be certain it was Havana before he gave permission to the pilot to land. Miss O'Brien said when the sideburned hijacker stepped MAUKICEB. FRANK Presidential Contest Tops List By MARY SEMPEPOS Staff Writer Voters In Palm Beach County go to the polls today to have their say In an election which will determine the next president of the United States as well as the political fate of 72 aspirants to offices ranging from county tax collector to U.S. senator. Also of Importance to all Florida voters Is consideration of a new state constitution. If you are a senior citizen, a housewife or a college student with a light schedule, Supervisor of Elections Horace E. Beasley advises you can avoid standing in a long line and at the same time contribute toward efficiency and orderliness at the 114 county precincts by voting between the hours of 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. "That way the early morning hours and the late ones can be used by the working people." Beasley is predicting that approximately 120,000 voters will cast ballots here in today's election. Exactly 6,291 votes are already assured. They are the ones filed by absentee ballot. Beasley said absentee voting Monday was "heavy." . Another 1,842 absentee bal- POLUNG PLACES LISTED ON PAGE 6 lots sent out by the Office of Voter Registration were not returned by 5 p.m. Monday and so cannot be counted, even If received today. The large number of absentee ballots could delay determination of winners in state and local races. Secretary of State Tom Adams said about 100,000 absentee ballots were outstanding and that the outcome of some races might not be known until Thursday. State election officials predicted that 2.1 million of Florida's 2.8 million eligible voters would cast ballots. Heaviest periods of voting will probably be from "7 to 8:30 a.m. and from 5 to 7 p.m." Beasley said. If you should happen to be in Continued on Page 2, Col. 8 Where Is Thief River? $ Donald Bernhardson resides In Thief River Falls, Minn. Soon he will become a member of an elite world-wide reader "audience." Mr. Bernhardson is on the mailing lfet to receive a copy of the Seventh Animal Fun'n'-San Edition, which will be pnblished this coming Sunday (Nov. II). Shortly after that date Mr. Bernhardson and his neighbors In Thief River Falls will be reading aO about the Palm Beaches and our neighboring area. Chances are that K will be getting downright chilly In his area by that time. Thief River Falls Is located In northwest Minnesota about M miles from the Canadian border. The little city Is sitaated on VS. Rte. M and SR 1. It has a population of 7,151 and hi on the banks of the Thief River. Like Mr. Bernhardson, hundreds of other folk all over the nation and around the world win soou be reading copies of The Fnu'o'Snn. It's a fine colorful Informative and attractive package. Even the wrapper specially designed and in full-color. Local residents know that copies of the Fun'a'Sua are much appreciated by far-away relatives and friends. The Post-Times wfll mall the Fun'n'Sua anywhere in the world. And it's easy for you. Simply as4 the coupon ads which appear regularly. The cost per copy h) but K cents within the continental VS. (with reduced rates for multiple orders) and only M cento each anywhere else. For tun details, caO the Post-Times' circulation Red Gunners Blast Mekong Delta Town Local Clergyman Had Seat On Plane Officials Irritated By Thieu WASHINGTON (UPI) -Administration officials expect the Saigon government to agree to attend expanded Par-Is talks In 10 days or so after President Nguyen Van Thleu demonstrates his independence In an attempt to refute claims he is an American puppet. The United States had expected Thleu to make some show of reluctance about attending talks with the National Liberation Front (NLF), the political arm of the Viet Cong. But U.S. officials obviously are irritated that he has gone so far that his about-face, when it comes, will require considerable rationalization on his part. While President Johnson naturally Is anxious to move the talks as quickly as possible, there is no great rush. The agreement between Washington and Hanoi calls for all "four parties" to be present for the broadened discussions. North Vietnam has acknowledged that the NLF cannot come Into the talks unless the Saigon government is there. This was clearly understood in the secret negotiations between North Vietnam and the United States. Meanwhile, the other part of the "arrangement" which Hanoi and Washington reached still stands. This Is the "understanding" that Hanoi will not take military advantage of the bombing pause. It is based on Hanoi's silent acceptance of Johnson's stipulation that the total halt of aerial and naval attacks on the North Is dependent upon restoration of the Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) and an end of military attacks on south Vietnamese cities. Thus, the President already has accomplished the first step in a program of seeking to lower the level of military activity and begin a process of de-escalation which could lead to a large measure of disengagement of American forces. There was some unofficial speculation here that Thleu might be awaiting the outcome of the U.S. Presidential election in hopes the winner would agree with him that Saigon should not attend the talks under a formula which could be interpreted as giving the NLF equal status. If that speculation were Indeed correct, Thleu's hopes would appear to have been dashed. victim of apparent heart at- PH K People Speak .4 Sports 17-2 Stocks 2123 Theaters 13 Today's Activities 3 TV Clock 23 Weather Man, Table 24 Women's News Ml By TODD WRIGHT Stuff Writer An Injunction suit against the board of directors of the John F. Kennedy Hospital in Atlantis seeking to prevent It from removing him as president of the hospital was filed Monday afternoon by Maurice B. Frank in Palm Beach County Circuit Court, The local financier filed the suit after one-third of the hospital's 12-man board of directors Oct. 30 called a special meeting for Wednesday at 5 p.m. for the specific purpose oi me removal oi trann as president and the election of a new president. With the courts closed today for the national elections, the hearing on Frank's Injunction suit was scheduled for 9 a.m. Wednesday before Circuit Court Judge Culver Smith, Frank's attorney, Francis T. Ryan of North Palm Beach, said. In his suit Frank, who recently bought the George Washington Hotel, which he renamed The Marina Inn, said that he was "primarily instrumental. In raising a fund of almost $1 million in 1963 and '64 for the construction of the present facility since his association with the hospital starting Feb. 5, 1963." But more to the point in the apparent controversy over administration policy Frank charges in the suit that: A comptroller reported cash shortages of unexplained origin in the operation of the hospital's cafeteria and snack bar. The administrator of the hospital, with the apparent approval of some members of the board, failed to bill a board member for hospital and medical services totaling more than $7,000 furnished to the member's wife. That plaintiff has Information leading him to believe that the administrator has expended hospital funds In an improper manner. In the matter of the shortage of funds, Frank states that the comptroller was hired at his suggestion and with the consent of the board "with authority to make a detailed study of accounting and business procedures followed In the hospital." The suit adds that "plaintiff Continued on Page 2, Col. 1 Mild Partly cloudy and mild to-day and Wednesday. Northerly winds 5 to 15 m.p.h. Predicted low this morning at PBIA 62, high this afternoon 80, low tonight 63. Temperatures recorded for 24 hours ending at midnight Monday at Palm Beach International Airport, high 85, low 62 Humidity 79 Barometer 29.89 Wind: High 14; Low calm Prevailing Wind SSW Sunrise today 6:32 a.m.; Set 5:35 p.m. Moon rise today 5:38 p.m.; Set 7:09 a.m. INLET TIDES TODAY HIgh9:17 a.m.; 9:17 p.m. Low 3:06 a.m.; 3:36 p.m. OCEAN TIDES TODAY High 7:42 a.m.; 7:42 p.m. Low 1:24 a.m.; 1:54 p.m. MIAMI (UPD A black nationalist freedom fighter" stripped off his blue shirt on board a Houston-to-Mlaml Jetliner Monday to reveal an all-black outfit and ordered the plane flown to Havana while a frightened stewardess was forced to take money from 57 other passengers. The plane was later released with its crew of seven and the U. S. State Department chartered a propeller driven DC-7 which flew to Varadero to pick up the passengers. The passengers were not expected back in Miami before 11 p.m. 12 hours after the plane touched down in Havana. Capt. Antone Hunter, the pilot, said the Negro man, about 25, boarded the flight during a stopover in New Orleans. Stewardess Sandra O'Brien said she noticed the unidentified man was wearing a Navy blue blazer when he boarded, but In the first 10 minutes of the flight she said he disappeared Into a rest room, stripped off his coat and emerged In a black leather Jacket, a black shirt buttoned to the neck and a black beret tilted at a jaunty angle. The slender, blonde stewardess said when the man emerged from the rest room "he pointed a gun at my head and Just said 'Havana." He grabbed me by the arm and started pushing me toward the cockpit door. He banged on the door with his gun." Hunter said he heard the sharp rapping on the door and opened It to find the hijacker standing there, pointing a .38 caliber revolver at Miss O'Brien's head. Once Inside, Hunter said the man appeared "very nervous. Several times he said he wanted to go to Miami instead of Havana, but we realized he meant Havana. "The man was shaking the gun around and saying if we didn't do what he said, he was going to shoot one of the stewardesses." "I had absolutely no doubt that he would have used the gun," Miss O'Brien said. During the flight across the Gulf of Mexico toward Havana, the hijacker ordered the other stewardesses to go to each passenger and take his money $405 in all which he later took off the plane In Havana. Cuban officials, Informed of the mid-air robbery, later returned the money. During the flight, Hunter said he asked the hijacker for permission to announce to the passengers that the plane was being pirated to Havana, but was refused. Later, the h.,dcker took the Mlnh supply trail. The trail runs through mountain passes and along Jungle paths for hundreds of miles through Laos and Cambodia before reaching South Vietnam. Three rounds of 120 mm. mortar fire plunged Into My Tho about midnight Monday. The explosions caused no casualties In the province capital 35 miles southwest of Saigon. A similar shelling Sunday killed four Vietnamese and wounded 36 others. It was one of the few incidents reported Monday la South Vietnam as a luU la fighting continued. South Vietnamese authorities In Saigon announced they had protested to the International Control Commission about a Communist rocket attack In Saigon last Thursday which killed 22 civilians and wounded 81 others. A spokesman said the attack proved the Communists "still used force and violence to carry out Its aggressive policy" even as "the whole world Is expecting a de-escalatlon response from Hanoi to pave the way for peace solutions." In Saigon, wooden barricades were placed around the U.S. embassy and Amorlcan servicemen were ordered to stay out of the downtown area unless absolutely necessary as the hourneared for a planned government-sponsored demonstration. Spokesmen said the rally would launch a "determined to win" campaign In support of government policies which have led to a growing rift between the American and South Vietnamese governments. At the same time, a militant Catholic organization consisting mostly of refugees from North Viet nan scheduled a meeting of Its own at a theater near the American embassy. SAIGON (UPI) Communist gunners shelled the Mekong Delta city of My Tho for the second time In as many days Monday, military spokesmen said. Saigon braced for mass demonstrations Tuesday in support of the government's war policies. American spokesmen In Saigon said U.S. reconnaissance pilots ranging over North Vietnam had detected many military truck convoys moving toward South Vietnam since the bombing halt ordered by President Johnson went into effect last Friday. The Communist trucks were believed headed for the Ho Chi FBI Nabs Fugitive WASHINGTON (AP) - One of the FBI's "10 most wanted fugitives" was captured Monday at a suburban Los Angeles gas station, the agency announced. Director J. Edgar Hoover said Robert Lee Carr, 22, had been working at the gas station under the name of Robert Daniels. He was an escapee from a Pennsylvania Jail and had been charged with robbery, holding a hostage in prison, conspiracy and prison breach. Arrested with him was Michael Lynn Clark, 20, who the FBI said also escaped from the Northumberland County Jail In Sunbury, Pa., last Sept. 16 after assaulting a deputy U.S. marshal and locking guards In a cell. Carr is a native of Sunbury and had earlier escaped from the same Jail. Two other men who escaped with him were recaptured the same day after a brief gun battle with Pennsylvania state police. A Catholic clergyman of West Palm Beach was a passenger on a National Airlines plane hijacked Monday while en route from New Orleans, La., to Palm Beach International Airport here. The Rev. Aloyslus B. Good-speed, S.J., assistant pastor at St. Ann's Catholic Church, was returning here from Mobile, Ala., via New Orleans. The Rev. S. Tonsmelre, S.J., pastor of St. Ann's, said Monday afternoon, "I went down to meet the plane. He was supposed to arrive here at 12:45 p.m." Instead, the plane had been Officer Shot In Panama PANAMA (AP) The National University campus, focus of Independence Day disturbances Sunday In protest against the new military regime, was deserted Monday. It was learned that one national guardsmen was killed accidentally Saturday night. Although no official information was available from headquarters, knowledgeable sources reported a sergeant was killed by the accidental discharge of a shotgun in the headquarters building. These sources said a guardsman attempted to prod a new prisoner who resisted being searched, but the prisoner ducked and the butt hit the ball, discharging the weapon. The blast struck the unidentified sergeant, killing him instantly. Guardsmen Sunday dispersed a "liberation march" by about 750 students and 100 members of the university PQS7 r COLLINS PREDICTS victory over Gurney, but Gov. Kirk forecasts GOP candidates will sweep In state. Page S. AN ACCOUNTING FIRM claims that six state utilities could save millions and cut rates by Instituting a different accounting method Page i. WEST PALM BEACH woman dies as result of fire In her home; husband fatal tack. 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