The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on August 31, 1944 · Page 9
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 9

Clinton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 31, 1944
Page 9
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Page 9 article text (OCR)

Page Nin IHE DAILY CLINTONIAN Thursday, August 31, 1944. AS YANKS STORM TOWARD FRENCH ROCKET COAST The couple was married Dec. 7, 1932 and separated Aug. 21, 1944. ENGLAND PHOTOGRAPHS SPECIAL - Three 5x7's, and one 8x10 Q4 CA tinted u4iUU Enlargements Tinting Mrs. Raymond Turner 10.18 South 31 ll Street BELGIUM i COURT NEWS J Robert Stash, 17, of Clinton was fined $25 and costs and sentenced to the Indiana State Farm fur a period of six months by Judge K. A. Davlsson, upon his plea of guilty to burglary. Stash entered a lli of guilty to entering the silver Front Restaurant In Clinton on August 15th and taking $4.50 from the cash register. James D. Craig or Clinton has filed suit in Vermillion Circuit Court seeking a divorce from Lucy Craig, formerly Lucy Thomas on grounds of cruel and inhunia ntreatment. The couple was married Jan. 27. 1944 and separated July (J, 1944. Mr. Craig is a minor and is represented In court by Mary E. Craig, as his next friend. NEWS OF MEN IN THE SERVICE (Continued from page 1) Winter Rye Best Cover Crop for Spring Pasture Winter rye, seeded as soon as soil moisture conditions permit, up to late October, will furnish the surest winter covetcrop and, earliest spring pasture crop for Indiana farmers. Rye pastures will be ready to graze at least two weeks ahead of blue-grass and will be shortest of feed. Kye Is a good soil conserving crop, Purdue University Extension Agronomists, saving valuatile plant food subject to loss by leaching and erosion. - Bye may be seeded easily by drilling directly following soybeans cut for hay or by discing and drilling on corn stubble where corn has been cut for silage. It may be put in where other crops have failed due to drought, agronomists explain. The sooner rye is seeded, the greater will be the amount of late fall pasture and the earlier and stronger the growth for spring pasture. The rate of seeding is one and a half bushels per acre. When soil conditions permit early spring grazing and where other pasture crops are available, rye may be grazed in early spring and then allowed to go for grain without much reduction in yield. Used in this way, it serves as an excellent nurse crop for grasses and legumes. Using commercial fertilizer will speed up and increase the amount of fall and early spring growth. It will also help the grass-legume seedlngs. George Foster of Kokonio, formerly of Clinton, was found guilty of contempt of court by Judge K. A. Davisson of Vermillion Circuit Court and was sentenced to the Vermillion County Jail until he complied with the court order. Foster was ordered to pay the $10 per week and $50 attorney fees on September 14, 1943 and has failed to comply with the court order. Mrs. Foster Is seeking a divorce on grounds of cruel and inhuman treatment. MANY NEVER SUSPECT CAUSE OF BACKACHES This Old Treatment Often Brings Happy Relief Mtny auffercri relieve nagging backache quickly, once they discover that the real maw of their trouble may be tired kidneys. The kidneys are Nature's chief way of talc-InR the excess acids and waste out of tnebkwd. they help most people pass about3 pint a day. When disorder of kidney function permits poisonous matter to remain in your blood, it may cause nagging backache, rheumatra pains, leg pains, loss of pep and energy, get ling up nights, swelling, puffines under the eyes, headaches and dtzsiness. Frequent er canty paeagce with smarting and burning eometimna jhows there is so me thing wrong with your kidneys or bladder. Don't waitl Auk your druggist for Doan's Pills, usfd Bueceaflfully by millions for over 40 years. They give happy relief and will help the 15 miles of kidney tubes flush out poisonous waatf om your blood. Get Doass Fills. VJja ROUEN COMPIEGNE i 4 .7 PARIS Circuit Clerk Carl It. Rlggs has Issued the following marriage licenses: Clarence Payne 21. and Gloria Mathais IS, both of Clinton. Helen M. Prink of Dana has filed suit In Vermillion Circuit Court seeking a divorce from Hubert K. Frink on grounds of cruel and inhuman treatment. Mrs. Frink asks for the custody of their children, Ivan 10, Carl 8, and Carolyn aged 7, together with reasonable support. geant. He was also promoted to payroll clerk of his suuadron. Sgt. Raker has been overseas for 27 months and was a student at Indiana State before entering the Army. U.S.A. Mrs. Helena Birch of South Kighlh street has received word that her husband, Charles F. Birch, lias been promoted to Seaman First Class. S 1c Hirch is receiving his training as a coxswain at the Amphibious Training at Ft. 1'ierce, Fla. U.S.A. Mrs. Angelina Ferro of North Twelfth street has received word that her husband, F 1c Joseph It. Ferro, has been transferred from Great Lakes, 111. to Richmond, Va. where he will receive training in diescl schooling. U.S.A T-5 Fred Bazzani, son of Mr. and Mrs. Tony Bazzani of Universal, is now stationed in Italy. T-5 Ilazzaui has been in service over two years. U.S.A. Among those graduating from an intensive course of Torpedomans training at recent Service Schools exercises at the Great Lakes Naval itSAIUS YcMAKNtON . dmuxO ms I V " IL H (comeii y I om where I sit ... Ay Joe Marsh VtlNCON O FRANCE - TTT sum . I Recipe for a Perfect Marriage STATUTE MILES . I I 2r POISON IVY HOW TO KILL. IT Kill the outer skin. It peels off ami with it goes (he ivy infection. (ct a little Te-ol solution at any drug store. Cleanse with soap and water. Apply full Mln-nglh. It's I'OH Klt-Vl'li. Often one application is enough. Today at tiillis I'luinnaey, Inc. gj Lc MAN5 0 0 - 50 LE MANS C Training Station was Elmer H. Ha- SMASHING Nr.V ALLIED assaults In northern France have been launched along the south banks of the Seine river in an all-out drive to trap the battered remnants of the German Seventh Army while other American troops stormed toward the rocket coast of France. The latest communique from GHQ stressed the British and Canadian advance 75 miles northwest of Paris where one Allied column was reported within a mile of the important communication center of Lisieux in an apparent drive toward German robot bomb launching sites on the French coast (International) bieht, IS, of route one, Clinton. Pvt. Nick D. Latinovich, son of Mr. and Mrs. Dan Latinovich or route two, Clinton, has been transferred to the INF RTC, Camp Croft, S. C. for his basic training. U.S.A. happy marriage. Two folks with different tastes-no doubt an honest fault or two-who through the years have learned to live in tolerance and understanding. From where I sit, Dee and Jane are a mighty good example to young married people of today an example of how moderation, tolerance and understanding can build lasting happiness and solid homes. Nazi-Marked Tiles Now Many Wear FALSE TEETH With More Comfort FASTKETH, a uloimiint nlkjiliiie (11011-Bcid) powdtT, holds fcil&u twili wore firm It. To eat and talk in iimrt comfort, jnfit prink le a litth FASTKKTH on your jiltttes. No summy, gooey, pasty taste or fcHiwr. ChtTk '-piutf odor" Oienture breath). Uet FAS IKE XII at any drug ttore. Dee and Jane Cuppers celebrated their Golden Wedding Anniversary last Saturday. Having so many friends, it seemed like half the town stopped in that evening to pay their respects. Little Ida Moffat brought a home-made poem fo read, called Iove Enduring. Bert Cliilders fiddled "Silver Threads Among the Gold." Will Dudley made a speech and proposed a toast. And as I watched that toast-Dee with his glass of beer, Jane with her buttermilk-I thought to myself: There's a recipe for Pvt. William E. Grimm has re of Mrs. Imogene Bishop of Newport, was recentjy promoted to his present rank from that of Corporal according to a letter received by Mrs. Bishop. Sgt. Bishop is stationed at Galveston, Texas. He is in the Army Air Corp. ported to Camp Chaffee, Ark. for advanced training after spending a 14 day leave with his wife and fam Calif., to Camp Mead, Md. While enroute to Camp Mead, he spent a short furlough with his wife and small son in St. Louis, Mo. U.S.A. Corporal Noel D. McGill. husband of Mrs. Cleola McGill of Newport, has arrived Hafely across seas and is now stationed at a camp somewhere in England. Before going across he was stationed at Ft. Bragg, N. C. lS..V Sergeant William Bishop, husband ily 1304 North 7th. He was former ly stationed at Ft. Knox, Ky. HiR new address: Pvt. William E. Grimm. 35249949. Co. ft. 1269th. Persons in Hospitals In 1938, 9,421.075 patients were admitted to hospitals, and one in every 14 personi became a hospital bed patient. ! Eng. Combat Bn., Camp Chaffee, kY SECRET Copyright, 1944, Brewing Industry Foundation Ao. 92 of a Series ."V - Our Ark. U.S.A. Mrs. Ruth Adams of 129 North Tenth street has received word that her husband, William Howard Ad ams, S 2c is now stationed at Shoe Elks say they can always spot" maker, Calif. FRENCH FRIES Are fiood! SERVICE NOW FROM 0 A. M. TO 12 P. SI. Sandwiches Soft Drinks Delicious Coffee Breakfasts SPEED GRILL DRIVE-IN 117 North Main U.S.A. Sgt. Claude C. Phillips, son of Mrs. Edna Phillips of South Fifth street was among recent guests at the United Nations Service Center I on Union Station Plaza. Washington. ! D. C. Sgt. Phillips commented, "Ev-I ery possible accommodation is made for the service men and the hospitality is excellent." When we make maple-nut ice cream the maple is the real stuff boiled down sap of maple trees. U.S.A. Private First Class Harold Myers, son of Mrs. Clara A; Myers of New- GEORGE WIEDEL, highway superintendent of Sandusky county,. Ohio, is shown with some of the-12,000 drainage tiles the county bought from a Bagcom, O., firmj which enmfrrs German prisoners tot war. County officials found ftiat about one in every 25 is marked with the Nazi swastika, 'scratched with a finger in wet 'clay and baked. (International) Here is proof again that Rexall offers you the "Best Values Always." So take time now to check these values . . . then buy ONLY WHAT YOU NEED. Your savings can go far in buying War Stamps and your War Stamps can help you buy that extra War Bond that is so urgently needed now! ft port, was recently transferred from an air base at Lincoln. Nebr.. to another Army Air Base at Alamogordo. New Mexico. Young Myers is takint: an adanred B-29 gunnery course at this base. His new addrtss is: l'fc. Harold Myers ::51 4955. C. C. A. C. We.;t Area. Box 157. Army Air Base. Alamogoldo, New Mexico. "CRANKY CLEAN" HOUSEKEEPING has a lot to do with the quality of Sealtest. Ted, who has charge of our ice cream making, insists that every utensil be kept sparkling clean. Sealtest Ice Cream and Sherbet must pass a double inspection for purity our own and the Sealtest Laboratory inspections, too. SEALTEST STANDARDS are sky-high. That's why guests can always tell whether the ice cream or sherbet you're serving is Sealtest or some other kind. When it cornea in, tlicy fte it's Sealtest. Of course Sealtest Ice Cream is even smoother. Kut lots of cople who never liked sherbet come back again and again for Sealtest, our dealers say. YES, YOU CAN TELL SEALTEST with yotireyes shut! There's that velvety s-m-o-o-t-h-ness of texture. Richness from fine milk and cream plays a big part in this. And the "know how" we've got from making ice cream for 27 yearjs. I .nil" aa rlfj ptusiciut I , AT -roel- .jUO""- QeDICINE CABINET NEEDS MEDICINE CABINET TRY SEALTEST It Cream, Sherbets, Ires. You'll be plenty pleased. Of course, the supply is somewhat limited now. But here's what we're doing. We're supplying Sealtest dealers so they can serve you swell sodas and sundaes, and we're packaging onlv pint cartons so as many of you as possible can have some of what there is. Ask for Sealtest It Cream or Sherbet today. KKAFT CHEESE COMPANY Huntington, Indiana (Formerly CJknxrleaJ Creamtriet, Inc.) HONEST-TO-GOOONESS fruit flavor is another sign you're eating Sealtest. We line fine fresh-squeezi-d lemons (no lemon extract), big juicy berries and lots of 'era. NEWS OF NEWPORT MEN IN SERVICE David Smith, brother of Clair Smith, was recently promoted from the rank of Tin-man First Claps to that of Klectriiian's Mate according to word received by hi brother. K. M. .Smith is stationed somewhere in the South 1'acific. U.S.A. Hubert W. Lewis. Seaman Second Class, returned to Boston. Mass. Monday, after spending the weekend with his parents, II r. and Mrs. Milton Lewis. U.S.A. ltichard M. Nixon, son of Mr. and Mrs. !(. II. .Nixon of Newport, wes promoted to Seaman I'irst C!a'-:i from Seaman Second ClaSK according to a letter reeeive-l ly his parents. Nixon, who e'-.ter d Navy fier-vice several nioitt;.? uen and received his boot training at the naval base at lreat Lakes 111., is now stationed at Ft. Pierce. i"la. r.s.A. Hubert K. 1'laee. son of Mrs. Ilrace I'lace of Newtiort. has been P r o m o t e d to Staff Sereeant. Stuff Set. I'lace, wuu is a tail dinner on a B-24 Flyine Fortress, is now stationed somewhere in England. r.s.A. Corporal Sam D. Chipps. son of Mrs. Beuiah Chipps of Newport, was transferred from Alliance. Nebr.. to George Field. I.awrence-i!le. III., just across the river from Vincennes, Ind. His new address is: Cpl. Sam D. Chipps. "7f,('7"14. (ir, A A FBI. Sect. B Box 2"'1.. t;e()rge Field. Lawrences ille. 111. Another son. I'ri'. ate J. J. Chipps. was transferred from Camp liobertSj EVEN OUR SHERBETS ARE SMOOTH. Folk say they're almost as smooth as ice cream. t : r ABSORBENT COTTON 31 c 4 oz. size "Double Sterilized" absorbent cotton for W medicine cabinet and nursery. I )ss ADHESIVE PLASTER 17 V 1 x 5 yd. spools. Also other sizes and prices. i c . th,a. FIRQT AID KITS" no. SEALTEST PLUM SHERBET ROY ALE Vanilla Ice Cream at iusniuotU,rirfa Scaliest best. And meandering through it, tangy. scarlet Plum Sberliet (from thune bi purple plums that are just chm-k-full of juice). It" sure swell combination for hot weather. - Other flavor you may find: Peach Sherbet, made from tree-rieed peaches and with a mighty smooth texture. Vanilla Marehmallow made our sjerial way. And Chocolate MarnhmallrH Ice Oeam too . . . with the flavor mixrd so yon get lolh in every spoonful. It ay to for Scaliri. f i ' - L- - - Also other kits 59c ind S1.59. Each with up-to-date " f 24-pagc "ilRST AID" ManuaL A MEOICINI CABINET "MUtT BUY WAR BONDS D0N7 MISS JOAN DAVIS IN THE SEALTEST VILLAGE STORE PROGRAM, THURSDAYS, 8.30 r. M, WIW 23V QUIK-BANDS V for kitchen and workshop, too. With sulfj V. mrnrnrtirfmr or olain. Tvtr At m8 sulfathtazole.

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