The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on August 31, 1944 · Page 8
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 8

Clinton, Indiana
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Thursday, August 31, 1944
Page 8
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Thursday, August 31, 1944. THE DAILY CLINVONIAN FaRc Eight El Behind the Seen j At th Movies ANOTHER FELLOW WHO PICKED THE WRONG BOOKMAKER THE DAILY CLINTONIAJN ins WABASH HOLLYWOOD i Is.lliihi il aa The Weekly CWatonlan MM ( The Clinton Plalndealer absorbed In 1IKM 1 Published Dally Except Saturday .and Sunday forge L. Cftrey - - Editor and Publisher stored at the Poetofflce at Clinton, Indiana mm flMti rTlua Matter R UADPllON CARROll Dorsey received $6,000 while tha management took in 123,000 not counting concessions, ntun ma "Diamond Horse-Shoe" aet two show eirla were discussing tha fall Wednesday and Tlmrsdny Gloria Jean, the unspoiled, sweet-faced little girl who scored a sudden screen success five years ago in a picture called "The Under Pun" has grown up. She Is now a glamour girl in every sense of the word. In "Ghost Catchers," which stars Olsen and Johnson and which is opening at Hie Wabash Theater tonight, Gloria plays her first fully "grownup" role. For the first time she wears her hair in an upswept coiffure. Klni Features Syndicate Wrltef HOLLYWOOD The plans of Betty Grable and Harry Jamea to synchronize their careers have been shot to pieces by M-G-M's failure : to have a pic . Indiana Republican Editorial Aandatloa of Paris. "You know," said one, "1 don't think th war will last for Uw duraUon now, do youf Tlnh TTnna'a tan mall haj trebled Phone 32 t?p PhoM 33 KKy ftifUBUUM fDITDKJA fe VCf ASSOCIATIOMj 5 4 tn hi PnriAn tunket. Most of the letters from servicemen he's ture ready for James. Now he must return east for playing dates while Betty stays here to do "Diamond Horse - S h o e." Cameras probably won't turn nn James' pic R jffi J) entertained, or from their reiauvea in the states. t'Ol.rMBIA Thursday Ann Ravtpi flvlne e&st tO Visit No matter how heartily you have ever laughed, prepare to laugh louder and harder when hAi famitv nnd rest. Later, her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Bax ture until No you see Paramount s hilarious UU vember. ter, are coming to tne coast, iney ntan in hniM a house near San comedy with music, "True to Life." which opens at the Colum Mateo after the war. Anne'j grand For three .Harrison Carroll bia Theatre tonight. micrhta A nmwl- father, f rame uoyo. .wngm, wiu design it. o I er was frightened away from the house of Bob Walker. The fourth Hinhl Knh 1,1a manatmr unit ttVO iiriinrs ALT.! News about Paris practically hrnfrn nn work rm two sets at Co MQriv pvorvhodv is familiar with the policemen set an all-night trap for The picture stars Mary Martin. Franchot Tone, Dick Powell and Victor Moore with Mabel Paige and William Demarcst in two riotous supporting roles. The film has three hit tunes, a load of laughs, and a fine supporting cast. lumbia. Rudy Mate Is photograph- . . . . , T.TI Y. m aerial bombs and the naval bombardment lum out no never Biiuncu, Atfniiav rcBnornl ITrflncts Riddle that nrppode a beachhead invasion, we mg "uonignt ana r.very msni. and Charles Boyer Is co-starring in A n'nman'l PrlvtlpCA TTlPV fcTOl li,nhtnor uHth Parflmniint'fl Frank Freeman, confided he'd like to meet together and ordered champagns have read much about the paratroopers and their glider associates who drop behind enemy lines to wreck communications prevent reinforcements from reaching the Paulette Goddard; said his ramuy was creat fan of hers. Minutes lor everyDoay. HOLLYWOOD HI JINKS: In Atlantic City, Abbott and Costello taffa Atwv rnnm fn the. h1ICA Had later, he was on the "Kitty" set Long Lasting Radium's remarkable and useful radio-activity, caused by constant explosion of atoms, lasts for cen-turies and is about halt dissipated after 2.000 years. A decade being photogTaphu with Paulette. T.Bt lnm mot nther ilnni and every don Hall hotel which has been Every beachhead invasion also in body was petrified at the Joke Eddie Braciien told mm, but tsiacue nearly turned into an Army hospital. . itTofoitA ahofi P.nh Renchlev. cludes commando-type lignung men who in nrpnare the wav for the land- spilt nis siaes. Charles Butterworth and various ing, breaking up obstacles and attacking other celebs were routed out or oeo at 6 a. m. by men who had come to spray a swank Hollywood apart ago the radon seea waa invent. This consists of a tiny capsule of platinum containing captive particles of an active gas given off by radium. The gas enables the benefits of radium rays to be obtained independently of radium itself. The invention virtually ended the radium famine by making a little radium go a long, long way. coastal batteries. They are iohowcu uy waves of soldiers who come to the shore regardless of enemy fire, mines and under wafer Irana. ' - ! M U: L i9 fa" " - mXJP - It is easy and comfortable to read nhnnt tVif Kiifcpss of an invasion without ment hotel for termites. ... in rn Francisco Helen Forrest saw her brother, Sam, for the first time In four years. He's a motor machinist's mate. . . . Ava Gardner with Helmut Dantlne at the Beverly Tropics. . . . Jinx Falkenburg with Ted Howard at the Clover Club. . . . Texans and Oklahomans sent Bob Wills hundreds of letters on the thirteenth anniversary of the for-maHnn nf hi hand. . . . Loretta ed home. June Home, who said she'd marry Jackie Cooper no matter what they said about him. Is now at Monogram making a picture called "They Shall Have Faith." . . . Cary Grant hasn't consulted an attorney on the separation and Isn't making a move. . , . George Raft has resumed with Virginia Maples. . . . Rene Hubert, who Just finished Tallulah Bankhead's wardrobe for "The Czarina," predicts that the Paris designers will be back in competition In New York within a month. . . Sabu's a corporal now and hopes to be riding airplanes over his native India soon. . . . The presidents of 11 chambers of commerce have wired Jimmy Dorsey offering sites for dance halls. Dorsey and other band leaders still plan to build 20 Jazz palaces. For a two-night engagement recently, I Mr. and Mrs. Alex Lunger, of Taking a Backward Glance Fairview Park, have returned home from Chicago, where they Leaf Lettuce Leaf lettuce is preferred by most chefs over head lettuce for salads. It is also far richer in vitamins. It comes in two types the butter leaves, and the crisp leaves. The butter leaves are thicker, and darker green, with finer flavor, the experts say. Crisp leaves are lighter green in color, thin and somewhat brittle. Young grateful but wondering what spent the weekend with their son. ol;ih and wife. TWKXTV VKAKS Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Hardman A;) TODAY nf Rural Route 2 are the par In-nlls Buying to do With ZOU gltts seni lo ner oaiijr by movie fans. . . . While R-K-G Starlet Jean Brooks was in a projection room seeing the juvenils delinquency film, "Youth Runs Wild," three teen age boys tried to steal her car outside the studio. ents of a baby boy born Satur day. It has not yet been named is as yet available regarding the number enrolling but at the high school It looks as if the place is packed almost to overflowing. The only grade building to report up to near noon was Columbia, where it seemed the number or grade pupils in was less than the first day a year ago. The book lists were given out and the children soon were turned loose to buy books. In the lower grades they go back tomorrow ready for class work. In the THIRTY YEARS New Warehousing The new wrinkle is the warehousing of goods on the owner's premises, to save handling and storage charges. Even coal may be "warehoused" by a fuel dealer in his open ..h. h mittine it in the custody AM TfIAY llrrwrr Jmui Utile Surprise The sale of the stock nf the American Public Utilities compa-nv. headed by J. H. Brewer, of Grand Rapids, to a syndicate headed by Samuel J. Insull. of Chicago, came as no big surprise in Wabash valley electric company circles. Itcpublicans To Attend Organization Meet ins; Man's Legs Long A man's legs would be 90 feet long if they were proportionately as long as those of a daddy long legs. Sweet Potatoes Treat sweet potato seed stock with a disinfectant before bedding to help control seed-borne diseases. There are Indications that tlie organization meeting to be held of a bonded representative of the field warehouse concern. realizing the risks taken by our soldiers, sailors and airmen. Some of our patriots, at ease thousands of miles from the fighting fronts, express impatience with the tempo of the attack, but they have never been in an invasion. BOMBER CREWS FACE PERILS. It is undoubtedly true that the German Air Force is unable to successfully oppose our aerial operations, including the bombing of Germany. While this a correct picture of the over-all situation, one should not conclude that our aviators meet no opposition. Recently, Lieutenant Edward Witty, of Ohio, who participated in a vicious battle over Leipzig, told of the worst forty seconds I ever spent in my whole life" in which his B-17 squadron was ripped to bits by a suicidal attack of German fighter planes, which shot down six of eleven American bombers. While comparison of German resistance to air attacks today with that of a year ago reveals the dwindling power of the Luftwaffe, the bomber crews go on no pleasure jaunts when they head over the Reich. While some of the squadrons get through with little opposition, others en r t Pnor. of Clinton, manae . , I nn ..iwivatinn waR in- at the G. A. R. hall, repunncan headquarters, at 2 o'clock. Thursday afternoon, will be an exceptionally good one. In conformity with the policy of the state committee. It is particularly desired that the mpeting Is understood to THE Rest of My Life Mm You er. states however, be no . . stud,,s weTe rect informal! on as to the afprnoon. The i,pendH.g deal, nor can he state i atmoB!, ibis morning .nyth.n. hor.t..e uh r day ,.r.-nce to an chanM s It may alUconctrned feel Uke mean in manairinent and imtsoit- T ., - 3i oy Faun Baiuwin he nnen to any and all repunn- Mary came in and found her son cans. There is no tendency what Thn Ella said, not too sharply. asleep but both were awakened 'That boy's blind as a bat." 17... ..morknt o ftfr m Tl.-lll nP. "I ever for a few to want to lam over anything that all can not hear. All precinct committeemen don't think so under the circum stances. are especially urged by tne party ir,niinr to come, but any at all nel He has no reason to think ! "" " "'"''Le Carlson returned to in ,he organization or ' ";"u- : ,., today here she is ig of the local organization. Mn enliinf, tlie r..l W'-a'l-r Ucekend visiting here witlt rela- H.-I, Knliven tjveg S.I..K.1 ,-ner j " Whyte. who has Clinton c,,y schools star d he , Mich fall term this morning, with pu-1;" we(.kB ,.jth fri,.ndlj, ,rf. assembimg m all -. ' , return. the different buildings. No report au""B "Fiddlesticks," snapped Ella, tilt l,a la i-itrht fnr her" stressed some hours later oy " x.o.uw pounding at the door. It was Judith. When Matthew reached tha door she was gasping. The distraught Judith cried, "Is the cottage 'phone out of order? I couldn't reach you. Aunt Ellas dreadfully ill!" She wore a thin nightgown, a robe flung over it and heelless slip who have the good of the cause Eva, "he will know it too, in time." Ella looked across the terrace to .1 n..v.u wliaro .Tiirtv and at heart are as welcome as me AnmmiltMmpn. fln d others offici ally identified with the organiza Matthew were playing a set before afternoon tea, and remarked, "I wish he hadn't been married before, Eva." tion. Itay Manimendcy And uiue t lnrL Marriert CHAPTER TWENTY-EIGHT In July, over the Fourth, Matthew was with his mother. He was desperately tired. Mary said, "You look half dead." "I'm fine." "Swim? Judith said something about swimming." . "Anyone there?" "She has a crowd over for .ne afternoon." "Include tree out," he quoted. I feel too battered and aged to cope with a bunch of kids. I'll just sit here in a partial coma and look at you. Where's Lynn? I was amazed that he didn't come up, thought I could come with him." "He went to Rita's." His mother added, after a moment, "They had to go to the sanitarium. She Mrs. Mortimer, hasn't been so well She's failing, they said she had pneumonia this winter." Mary was conscious of a sharp, hurting sensation as she said it. Wall eK had never known Nan pers on ner Dare ieei. xuhiwibw oa.u, "Come into the house. I won't be a minute." Soon Dr. Matthew Norman waa ; alnno. th Tirjth beside 'I know," agreed Judith's moth CROSSWORD - - - By Eugene Sbeffet er. Miss Pauline Clark became the bride of Hay Hammersley. Hills-ri!,if. livervman. and son of George There was a silence. f ...... ..rA nfctthow .mpTnr din Judith and into the house to find Hammersley. a well-known farm ner that night. There were no other an alrlorlv married Ella, obviously prostrate, witn and a maid beside her. H antrail Eva stcmlv. "What er, at the home nf the bride's par couple, old friends of Ella Loring ents. Principal and Mrs. Owen T Clark, at 2 o'clock, this after noon. and her sister. Alter oinner vnej went out on the terrace and serv- . n.ntn.hni. chnwar nf BIlLs Bel. "i: stars and naming rockets over the ! PfTMinaK I Ivan Foltz. North Seventl has she been eating?" Eva described Ella's bedtime snack: Cold lobster, a glass of sherry, a piece of upside-down cake. Matthew shooed out everyone but the maid. Some time later when ha was about to take his leave, a chastened Ella grinned at him. "You could beat me, couldn't you?" swimming pool m ceiehration ox tne street, motored to Terrc Haute. rourth. Mary stirred restlessly. She said, 1 .CMn.knW it' nn tiretrV j Tuesday evi-tiilig. Mrs. Andrew flilniour. of Plack- utimor and never would. She anymore. You keep thinking of the couldn't even imagine her. She told l.OVBSlf astnniKhpH find ft little iir. jNorman scowieo. "What's wrone with Judy?" she real thing: ano all tne norror tnat is happening in the world. Think afraid;' I have thought of Lynn all these years as belonging tome... tl tn hi. Haiichter. Rita of asked. "I heard her crying next door, half the night." ing of noise and Bursts 01 lignt. T...l;,U mmrnrl .lrMl in hpr and nian :lreet. and Mrs. William i.n-nifiiir and daughter. Miss Ilillh. I. fl Tuesday for a visit with Mrs. A. cilinmirs daughter. 'rn. .1's-ie Huberts, at Cenrgelown. III. Mr. and Mrs. Itay Pickle. Miss Harriett Maver and Ualph Anderson relumed Monday evening, af- Vim, ftr Pita to me. My 'How should 1 snow. IV tiawdn'r tha mianlMf Ma laid her hand on the older woman's, . . . .., , :j T I l VA Is lb 7 6 VA Y " 2z m-t W p77"'8 mw 1 UmU Umm -TTT 14 Ii l: jlli pi iiiii:ii-ili - i I 1 1 WrW yet you're supposed to be a diagnos great friend . . . like a brother, like No, not like a brother, that's ailly, perhaps at first but not after - a -rt . I've been so selfish. ana matcnew, nesiue -,uuiv, stretched out in a long chair, his square white teeth clenched over tician : queried r.iia. -Ana ana has all the classic symptoms." several days' vb-it with rela she thought, taking him for A f.olv h had looked old his pipestem, said, "I Know . . . out. . . . don't think of it now, mother. Relax." ui wnat: - 'Get out." snapped Ella, "and let tives and friends at Union. Mrs. Arch Crossley. of Ithoades. me sleep." and very fatigued, and her heart Later, there was contract but n n .1 I ii .1 it h mtnnA tntrpther is visiting her mother. Mrs. John had ached to see mm. ne nun i ........ imnnrtant eases. He had She thought as tne aoor eiosea behind him; that may do it, Judith Murdork, of North Main. is pretty upset, over me, at tna on the terrace and talked idly of a dozen things. He said abruptly, "It's curious, Judith, but time goes moment. ... lost one and bad won two. After each victory he had come to her and said, "Let's celebrate." After the UA kail simnlv rnme and Sat Matthew stonned to sneak to Eva so fast this summer, ior .msu-uras Cabbage Ktta There are 8.000 to 10.000 cabbage seeds in an I ... . j -,... IT and yet, it seems ten years ucira, iic " r-J , beside her in the apartment and Judith on the terrace. She had put since " "Since whatT" she as tea mm. Ct. .a. atanrlTno n flnP to him on lounging pajamas, wow auiiik over the balustrade. smoked quietly ana trieu io c some conclusion. Why had he lost . . i 1. .. L.J Iwum r attire? He NYC President 'Go to bed " he said, -you'U eaten that she was completely aware of counter plenty ot pern. REPORT OX INDIA. Lord Wavell. Viceroy of India, recently rejected a request for an interview by Mohandas K. Gandhi, saying that, because of their sharp differences, nothing could be gained by a meeting but that he would consider any definite and constructive policy. Lord Wavell told the Indians that preliminary work could be done on the framing of a constitution but that they must first reach a "genuine agreement" among themselves for a transitional government. He added that the position of the British Government remains as it was when Sir Stafford Cripps tried to reach and agreement with the Indianas in 1942. The lack of unity between the peoples who live in India is not cured by the political demands of a group of intellectual leaders. In fact, the suspicion exists that the unrest in India reflects the ambition of these rival groups rather than any indigenous demand from the jieople of that land. r'j FOR FORTI "X K-II I 'XTERS. The news comes from Buffalo. New York, that Antonia Zupa, who shined shoes for forty vears at railroad stations, left an estate of S134.W9. This is an interesting sidelight on the possibility of shoe-shining as a path to fortune. However, we do not look for any sudden surge on the part of individuals to get into the business. Washington Elder Statesman Bernard Baruch. while avoiding comment on effect of WPB strife on nroduction and reconversion programs, approves appointment of J. A. Krug as Acting WPB Chief: "Krug is very capable and ought to do a good job." Chicago, III. GOP National Chairman ErowneU's interpretation of President Roos-ve!t'3 decision to make a "political speech" Sept. 23: "Evidently the Republican f end is a little stronger than Mr. JX, WIIC11 --- had thought aloud and she had lis cold." him with every nerve in ner ooay. Yet not even their nanas xoucnea. c;-", ln. nifA" he reolied. "A night like this? I eonldnt go to bed. I'm too worried. How is "So much has happened ... I have she?" tened. , .. . Judith came down the path and saw Matthew sitting there, nut dark head back against the chair. She loved him so much that she .uir inwrlv All that had be ' g negotiated ' ' 9. bury " 10. female ruff VERTICAL 1. dance step 2. suffer 'ATI rip-lit hot (die wont be if sha been so Dusy . . . ana so niuuo. Thus time went by like a snap of your fingers and yet, looking back. keeps on over-eating." Matthew moved closer. "Judy, you've been crying again." gun, she thought, the night of her accident when she bad opened ber it seems so long ana so iar wij. Her eyes were filled with tears. ti ...iptmia lift) Bnund broke f : L i 39 lengthy 40. variety of red pigment 42 listens 45. ugly crone 41. choicest part 4H the turmeric 4 . god'tess of malicious mischief 00. heavy volumes 51. plant seed "Well, why not?" she retorted. 'Can't one cry? I'm worried, I tell from her, half sigh, half sob. Mat 3. champion of the people 4 Turkish "lonetary unit 5. change direction 6. finish 7. international language eyes and seen nun stanuioB uwiw her, competent, smiling. All winter, all spring, they had thi at freuuent inter you. fV . - nA Wim, A ... Vila thew turned and toucnea ner. 'Judv." he asked, "waat'a tne had her acute indigestion," he said. vals and he had grown into a habit L'l,. t., A A rirflW BWaV DDI He tie took ner Dy tne arms ana tumea her toward him. He asked, with extraordinary ff-entleness. "llv dear. of telling her imngs, Hi""' work. Perhaps Aunt Ella knew i luu,lr Jnriith had held her. "Nothing," she said faint 11. city in Scotland ': 16 pastries 1H- snow vehicle 20. more cunning 21. bored 22. foot pedal 23. altar-ends of churches 24. growing out 25. loves inordinately 27. gluts 30 tress of hair 31. warblers 33. Italian coin 34. depository 36. absorb into something else 37. hearts aooub me uiwi,.. bought and hidden, pondered over who has hurt you?" Answer to yesterday's puzzle. ly, "nothing at alL" But he bent close, so close he could smell the faint scent of ber perfume. And and Etuaiea. it. . villa Cnnri that summer There was light from the living room streaming out on the terrace and he could see her face then, tha HORIZONTAL 1. caress with open hand 4. ward off ; o. masculine name : . 12 ventilate 13 Spanu-h title of a ldress 14. Napoleonic marshal 15 slid 17. animal fat 19 coffin 20 auction 21 more azure 23. changed 26- camera part 27. caught sight of 2? negative 29. salutation SO. devastated 31 perched ;,2. symbol for selenium 33 unit of liquid measure 34 cut with teih 35. stoat 27. v- aik.r.g- . there were tears on ner cneens. .U'W vnn'r, ervintf " Judith had seemed very happy. Aunt Ella watcbea ner wun nre u her mother anx soft, stirred moutn ana tne eyes. And he knew . . . His heart hammered against his side and he took her blindly into his iously, and Mary Norman with .-.,..., Rhf went out a Judith broke from him and ran into the house. Matthew did not follow, for as he reached the French windows he heard her heels on the stairs. He 1 1. . .. In. TPTT uuic v. i good deal, there were throngs of -aUini, fnr Rwim. B 74vrTJlPlPR;OjA'CH f1S Tit IMG Eil'bLJ S il'.A N D E'R oflN A.a.j JUUUg i L weekend, a cocktail, but young Went n. vu .. " " , . thoughtful. What had come over M'tzman, t-si'Jent to her? She wasn l tne cr"g u- hurt h.r? Was 40. Oriental tea MOMOT.- , above. ::' arms ana kisseo ner moutn. ner instant response was something ha had never before experienced. He said, "My darling . . ." Judith caught her breath. "It'a been so long, I've loved you so long." "Ill make up for that.".' (To be continued) Treadway was missing, ana voa Ella and Eva observed that when anvone came along who showed signs of a serious interest he was r?ntlv but deliberately dropped. there something about her that he ; . York Cen 4l.cereu Era i(J,n! 42 personal I r,r tral didn t know? He went to bed, without waiting for his mother to return, and lay in the darkness, very much disturbed. II- .Un..V.. Tf it's a man And m -L1E.S Sl3. :SjT n'lro-.d has been announeea in Clucagc. The 5S-Jxar-old ex-ecuUve began his career with B., v O. line in 1903. He succeeds Frederick E. Williamson who is llii "It looks," said Ella to Eva, "as If Judy knew her own mind." Eva sighed. "I want her to be pronoun 43. new: comb, form 44. adage ii7 lit'-1 - 9 -to ' I tSTTTI.-l. H". . . "-. AtmR lte ! Mlatiea: 15 ailaMee I .:awr hot vjrf r rfiafi in tim t , , sticks Sf wzt . P"t- ty Z-cs rtsMjry Sftfj'-S Its.

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