The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida on November 4, 1968 · Page 47
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The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida · Page 47

West Palm Beach, Florida
Issue Date:
Monday, November 4, 1968
Page 47
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I i 11-07 Condominiums, Sal 1206 Mobile Homes-Salt 13-16 Marine Equip. Supplies 15-21 Automobiles Wanted 15-25 Bulck 15-27 Chevrolet 115-34 Mercury 4 Post-Times aassified, Monday, Nov. 4, 1968 BELMONT 12x50' Air. 114-years PALM Beoch Imperial fouu; 1 Bedroom, private beacn and dooI BOAT DAVITS pia. oown tronster paymenU. Monuol i eiec from 250 lbs. I 35O0 1965 CORVAIR Mania, automatic 1964 COMET ("vrln-. i . , ,M Completely furnished. $12,930. Coll 1964 BUICK USabre 4 door hardtop Full power, factory olr. Like new. II09S. 965-494. lui rorKway iraiier court. 15-36 Plymouth ra?1". neaier, iow mileage, owner -xu- hhi. 15-38 Rambler SELL OS YOUR CAR Top Dollar Far Clean Can Packwood Motors Military fr. t Okee. Ra. U3-72I6 ruwfl, naruiop. BUCKO? seatl 43- m. Lorwure line of dock access ries. DOCK WHIPS DOCK LADDERS IN STOCK Davit Deck Whin Vila. 12 07 Trailer Park Lot$ EXCEPTIONAL 1965 BUICK LE tncT Till iiiimr 7 AIR COND HT rnupc INSTANT CREDIT 15-28 Chrysler OUT $1795. $495 DN. CREDIT OR Burns Rd. t Riverside, p.B. Gardens SACRIFICE 1941 Rambler convertible, radio, heater, power iteerlng. Good condition. Inspected. 55-2151 otter 3:30PM TRAILER lot complete with utility 1943 mUFT D1U AT ail n. . WE NEED CARS TED LEE AUTOS B01 N. Dixie LW 5154061 nui. LiWKLtE AIKEN. 225 N. MILITARY TO AT UunDT ai StL"i4, PLYMOUTH BELVE- ?lr?r6r!LEAN WHITE WITH SPOTLESS BEIGE CUSTOM INTE RIOR. 11095. 1395 DN. CHARLEE il?5 N- MILITARY TR: AT AIRPORT. 43-943. SPECIAL NEEDS ARE FILLED 5400 Miles on this olr conditioned 1947 Chrvsler hardtnn tinra r,.,r- 1943. . rvi rasi service COII 1320 N Dixie. LW. 582-1451. Dealer wrwn in oavemse your automotive PARKWAY Trailer Park. Monthly services in Liassirtea Ads. chased new from Joe Rose Chrysler (2-14-67) by a lady resident of Palm 65 Bulck sports wagon RH PB PS CLEAN CARS WITH INSPECTION STICKER. Pavlna aba we mnrkM AIR COND. DOUBLE SHARP a'viuy M. uKeecnoneo a vd. 4834N49 Palm Beach Shores THE NEW BEACH HOUSE CONDOMINIUM Hai a few units kit! Across from the Ocean I the Colannodn Hottl at Bravado Lont It Ocean Drive. 1 Bedroom apartments featuring everything S'6.500 to Jl 7,500 MODEL OPEN DAILY 10 to 4:30 M-996J LIKE new, 194 Rambler, J-door. automatic, rodio. heater, $1475. owner. Boca 395-4775. Il3n UHttN MrIA F AE lOAl i-yci air uvj rig s. umo Kar $95 ON. CREDIT OR wriT itatc price tor above average, clean, one Mng 13-17 Marine Services uwii.1 tun. see rete eggieton at MERCURY 1895. $295 DN. CHAR. LEE AIKEN. 22$ N. MILITARY TR. AT AIRPORT. 43 943. It seems os tho our focal senior FOR TRAILERS LIVE ON 10 ACRES. 1990 DN. Morn. t, Eve. 512-4720, 52-4343 INSPECTED 1 940 PLYMOUTH BELVEDERE. EXTRA STRONG CHARLEE AIKEN, 225 N. MILI Mnw, tiu a. uixie, m Palm Beach. 1959 E L E C T R A, full power, olr-cordltloned, good condition. $295. 582-4983. Jens were the first to real lie the tremendous advantages offered by late model Rambler rinir. u,. lKT IR., AT AIRPORT. 63-3943. orw-n, muxes it a marvelous opportunity to own a nearly brand new car at a fraction of its original cost. Fatly equipped, of course. Air conditioning, automatic, deluxe radio, fresh air ventilating, heating sys-tern, power steering, power brakes, Goodyear 3-T whitewalls, deluxe wheel covers, tinted gloss, etc. The ROYAL Mobile Park. 50x100' on MURRELLE MARINE INC. DO IT YOURSELF BOATYARD Courteous 4 days a week service 582-3213 LAN TAN A 15-35 Oldsmobile 1964 BUICK Special, 4-door sedan. Straight transmission. Fvrsjun 15-37 Pontiac must odmlt we leorned from 'them, that they make a marvelous family car roomv. env to iiMriia Aun cond.Mon, $700. 965-736 45 OLDS letsfar il Pnmer tri 12 08 Camp'rs, Trlr$, Equip BUYING OR SELLING See lorn Becker oi Comet Martin TRAILSIDE MOTORS, INC. 111 N Military Tr. 613-4501 PURCHASE Clean Can and Trucks WESTWARD AUTO IAI Pre. brakes. Foctory air. Excellent rnn. 1318 Docks Storage me nu. yer to oe usea and mis car so carefullv driven thnt tr, dltion. 11200. 945-4551. 15-26 Cadillac REPURCHASE LOVELY lake front apartment, bedroom, 2-bath, refrigerator, combination washer, dryer, dishwasher, central air and heat. Mortgage $12,000, 4 Interest. Cash above mort. gage 15.000. 4104 N. Dixie, WPB 132 U5S tor appointment. 1944 21' AIRSTREAM double axle MOST ECONOMICAL) Here II tho J orlw tvef offered for a 1947 Closslc Deluxe 4 door with automat, ic, radio, heater, whitewails, etc. LW. 5,?-4452; 0i" ,9m N' Dl" u,,y,ui ures sun wok brand new. The Chrvsler dealer hn ir,AMrtrf '57 OLDSMOBILE, good condition, nm good with no rust. 1125. 42- new air conditioned. TE 2-4694, 427 Australian Ave.. P.B. this car, certified the miiAnn. nnet GUNDLACH'S In & Out Boat Storage LANTANA 512 4423 se-47 pontloc LeMans, fac. olr ond warranty. $13 dn. Stored at 2200 Okeechobee Rd. 43-4300. Westward REPURCHASE 2200 Okeechobee Rd. 63-4300 64 CADILLAC. Couoe DeVilla Inw 17' YELLOWSTONE self contained, large relrigerator, beds. Price right. 9671592. " , o fiuppy ro Transfer tne 5-year 50,000 mile warranty to you ot no cost. Don Gist, 1819 North Dixie, Loke Worth. 582-4452. $279. THE KEY TO HER HEART Is the key to a new home. Look tor one RICHEY FRANK mileage, excellent condition. Phone GOING to Europe, must sell 194 -aoor Ambossodor, power brakes ?I??rins!it. du'omatic. rodio, heater' J975. Days, JBs Uunoe, 5900 Broadway, Aelga Shulie 64-47 Cadillac Coupe de Vllle. Like new. $13 dn. Stored ot 2200 Okeechobee Rd. 683-4300. Westward Auta Sales. 150 Others. GENE WAITS. inmeuassiTiea Aas Toooy! 12-Mobile Homes 144-4111 14-Aviation 1944 VUTA Cruiser Olds .tatlonwo. 1964 TEMPEST LEMANS. This nice one from Pontlac has a 326 V PS PB. Air ronditinninn. piiA A ... 140 TRAILER 20'. Self contained. Clean. Luxurious. Extras. $1,500. Hobe Sound 546 5475. MAGNIFICENT 1944 Chrysler 300 hardtop. Factory olr conditioning, Bucket seats. Full Dower. Blark vl. 15-22 Autos Non-Classified gon. 72,000 miles. Excellent condition. $1150. 585-1314. 64 CADILLAC Fleetwood. Like new. 12 06 Mobile Homes-Sale sole mounted outo transmission. m.imv miies. sjz-ojm. 15-39 Studebaker Lark '40 OLDS. 88. aood rnnrJilinn. ruA 1412 Aviation Instruction Yk. oM-lsii m B,aen CAN YOU MAKE PAYMENTS? ikjuic, ooo merry Koaa. DANDY Cadillac hardtop, full power. Inspected. $2 95. 133-988 eve For 13 years the acknowledged leader in low cost financina tins KEYSTONE THUNDERBIRD All units at discount prices Green acres Trailer Sales 3033 N- Military Tr., L.W. Flo. 965-2021. 37 X I Richard's Trailer. 2 Bedroom. Awnings all the way around. $1000. 832-4453. nyl top. Silver mlr finish, etc. A truly Immaculate rustfree South Carolina car that has been In Florida lust 6 days. Army officer owner must leave Immediately. Will sacrifice equity for $375, balance of $1115. Financed Com. Cred. Corp Consider trade-in. Call Lt. Crala, JU 2-4453. YOU Can flv ollt U Air mr-. nings. GRAN TURISMA GOLDEN HAWK 1963. AUTOMATIC. ABSOLUTELY LIKE NEW. SS95. S?e nu rornir REPURCHASE Catalina Sport Coupe. Perfect condi-lion, ns de and nut eii a "inouiance service, hiortaa Air. 64 CADILLAC convertible. 40,000 miles. A beauty. Price quick sale. 683-9741. 65 Olds F 85 wagon. Fac. air, 113 dn. Stored al 9na Okurhnh a OR NOT. CHARLEE AIKEN, 225 N. MILITARY TR. AT AIRPORT. 4: motive inc. W P.B. 965-6400. PRIVATE, Commercial Instrument vtf a'r' Mony op"",, ,,99s- Amos Hudson, Inc. 12x60' ARTCRAFT. 3-months old. air-conditioned, wall-to-wall carpet. Furnished. Juno Beach Mobile Park, Lot 57. Oft US 1, north Howard Johnson. 683-4300. westward Auto Sales. 150 others. FRANK RICHEY. 1962 CADILLAC. NEW TIRES. AIR. 194 CHRYSLER Newport. All no. REPURCHASE ground i c h o o I. five days week i-AA VA approved. Student Loon available. Tllford Flying Service. 683-4121 COND. DOUBLE SHARP 1 79(1 oeen uon bisr. Examples: The following figures are exactly to the penny: 139S-S15 Dn-129 Mo. 43 Monro or a 62 Comet, or a 63 Renault, or a 62 Falcon. Fast service lor busy people. Call Mr. Shea or Mi. Richards 582-4452. 45 Minute credit OK by piron (Even If you are from the north or have had some credit problemsl.give us a call-"Let's Talk Facts! D. Gist 1819 N Dixie, LW 582-4452. 15-40 Thunderbird '6 4 DOOR luxury Sedan. 3,940 V -Ftl.c.t?X?lri J3 500 r ""I h"d down. 842-3394, 842-4554 CASH OR BANK. CHARLEE AIK 7 DAYS TIL 5 PM Seven leading lines of Travel trailers. Hypoluxo on U.S. 1, 3 Mi. South of Lake Worth 535-1963. miies. run power. Lomtortron, all extras. Will accept '4 or '69 VW EN, 225 N. MILITARY TRAIL AT AIRPORT. 4 Pontine Bonneville, oil extras lac. olr. 113 dn. Stored ot 2200 Okeechobee Rr mi., , m7..l."TL 1961 COROELE 12x56 furnished or unfurnished. 2-Bedroom, 2-bath, lav74' KrrMnMfl rMm nnrluirarf C7Cn 15-29 Dodge us parr paymenr. jizua off ne price Private $4400. Call 585 5117. down, assume payments of 189.03 ' PICK-UP CABS. $198. pick-up camp- AHES'' 150 Other. FRANK 15-Automotive MAGNIFICENT Air cond. 1947 Hardtop. 14,(65 verlfyable miles by locai Palm Beach owner. Matthews Ford will transfer balance of 5-year 50.000 mile facta wnrmnh. 60 CADILLAC Coupe DeVllle, fully equipped, low m 1 1 e a a e. 1395. wc 10 Vi', $1,495. Bellalre. 1203 s per month. 483-9319 1964 OLDS 9 4 door luxury sedan, 3074 Dixie, Lantana, 585 0638 194 CORONET R-T. This li th. hln Power steering, brakes, windowt DUNE buggy, Fiberglass body. Must sell this weekend. $1100. 848 508.1 mw,m wuuu w magnum 4 BUI 1967 TENT Camper. Stove, running 4 spd. You can easily finance thi, i?,!."' "'"' Tr'n0f 15 06 Motorcycles, Scooters cadillac lovers. spotless 1963 4-dr. ht. dove white, Black and white intfrihr wuier, icvdox, sleeps ioi. 5u. car with a very low down ,m.n ,c ' Local INSTANT CREDIT $20 Mo. For fast service coll 582-1451. 1320 N. Dixie, LW. Dealer. We urge your personal contact with previous owner. Because of the su- -perlatlve condition of this thorough, ly equipped car. O. Gist 1819 N. Dixie. LW. 582-4452 Doctqr. 947-1526. r Twr uary. raitn Beacn Dodge, LOW. LOW MILEAGE. ICE COLD 66 Sunbeam Imp real clean 4 on floor full price $895 910 S. Dixie Kar 64 RIVERSIDE, lost bike. Good AlK $1495, $495 DN. CREDIT OR running condition. $175. 585 8124 Mug 15-36 Plymouth 12-09 Mobile Home Rentals Mobile Homes Specials A.B.C. 1 Mile S. of Southern Blvd., S. Military Trail. RAY DETHY 1961 T-BIrd full iniur ... 11 rrui. LrwKLCI; AIKEN, 225 N. MILITARY TR. AT AIRPORT. 483- 63 BONNEVILLE Conv. $398 Exactlv tl riMi7 1955 CHEVY J-door hardtop, 1941 Ford 2-door hardtop. 483 1493. Showroom cond. Air cond. Inspect! ed. S48-0019 FOR sale, must be seen, 19S7 Yamaha, 180 cc. 312 actual miles. Must sell. Call Boynton 732-9973. SY4J. 1401 65 DODGE POLARA 4 dr, HT No money down, low paymenU. This is a beautiful, well equipped car, waiting for a new owner. "Babe" Klrch-man, P, B, Dodge, 483-1511 PALM BEACH MOBILE HOMES Trailers bv month. Lots sjsoo Mo nX(rN.Lt f.S,.BS"nevUle Conv- US' 1961 Falcon 2 dr. RH $450 Southslde Motor Sales 1132 S. Dixie LW 582-5V5! 1967 CADILLAC Eldorado. Alr-cond. P. steerlna. P. Windowt. it. uixie. lw. 2nd Ave t Boutwell Rd., L.W. NOTHING DOWN 1946 BENELLI 250CC. Adult owned. 3500 miles. Windshield. nrlrtl hnm AM-FM. Stereo, tilt wheel, P. An- 47 T-BIRD Landau, J-door HT, Fact, air, full power, Cruise control, AM-FM radio. Being transferred, must sell by Nov. 9th. Any otter considered. 42-1ll. ' A Free Theatre Pass For You Irene Rouse, Lake Worth 15-30 Ford $425. 585-9343. 62 FORD GAL 4DR AT ts 1944 VALIANT 2-door hardtop, bucket seats, radio, heater Very good condition. $650. 945-0446. lenna. wnne vinyl root, white Interl-ai light sent. Vac door-locks. Vac GOLD COAST Mobile Park, 3110 S Federal Spaces Rent 140; Also rent Efficiencies and Trailers. 174.91 11 683-7497 9670717 41 FALCON 4DR AT $395 43 FAIRLANE 500 2DR HT $795 6 Honda 450 CC reody to go. Full price $595. 910 S. Dixie Kar King MUST sacrifice. 44 GTO Very good condition. Best offer. 965-9634. trunk release with many other extras Low mileage. Very clean, Prl 278-3885. Delray. 1952 FALCON TOIIPF ia nnn att '6 PLYMOUTH CIIDV III 04 UUUbE 4DR HT A I R UQ MILES $475 CASH ' OR BANK! TRAH PB DPMTAI 1.m lMh 64 Honda In excellent condition 300 PALM BEACHEPt PALMCRAFT VISIT OUR FACTORY 3000 10th Ave. North L.W. USED MODELS JWjPONTIAC, Grand Prix, $750. '68 CHEVROLET 62 OLDS STARFIRE 2DR HT $795 43 CUTLASS 2DR CPE $795 62 BONNE 4DR HT AIR $795 tnHKLCC AIKEN, IZi N. MILI TARY TRAIL AT AIRPORT 4-DR. Fac, Olr, P-B, P-s. R&H, fat warranty $2,795 FULL PRICE Call Mr. Jones, 63-7105. Dealer. seasonal Across from Pu'bllx arid cc full price $395, 910 S. Dixie, Kar Morrisons. 282 5 Broadway, Riv King 1959 CADILLAC Fleetwood. Full power, air. Excellent condition. 8x25' SPARTAN 095 ""FALCON Futura. Excellent !S,nWHITE..Pl"""":' excellent con-dltion, new tires. 582-4114. 04 UUUS v LUNV LUADcD $895 62 FALCON SQUIRE S-W $495 60 HILLMAN SEDAN $295 '65 HARLEY 74. Electric start, fully dressed, new rubber. Must see to jw,,,un. uooa nres. 4 speed. 842 MUST sell, 1968, Plymouth Fury III, 5000 miles, fully equipped, 842-4430. appreciate, mz-4459 between 4-6pm. urcr eves 'ML of M MARVELOUS 1 owner DeVllle $49. D. Gist, 19th & N. Dixie, L.W. 3-Marine-Boats 43 Ford sport coupe 500 XL Auto 1963 PONTIAC BONNEVILLE HDTP. MAROON. $575 CASH OR BANK. CHARLEE AIKEN, 225 N MILITARY TRAIL AT AIRPORT 1968 ROAD Runner, 4-speed, 1250 1968 HONDA 175 Scrambler. 2 Ted Lee Autos wH.uie line new eiu.ou an, 910 S. monms old. sioo down, take over ut,m uum payments, inspected. 844-9477. uixie r-ar Mng 3tolien Weeee, 9-peuer.gtr, V-, woe trm-iim... I4.H. n, n, FCT A COND, ieyl IxMrior, lew nlt-ot. TOOAT ONITI '3188 DATURA 330 DATURA Street Phono 833-4434 rxjy KttRLbSS 11295 8x36' GENERAL $1450 1x31" SPARTAN $1995 10X44' RICHARDSON ...... 12750 10'X3B PACEMAKER 12950 10x50' PACEMAKER 13450 12x34 Great Lakes .... S3,?J0 USED TRAVEL TRAILERS ir YELLOWSTONE 17' LINCOLN MADRID PALM BEACH TRAILER SALES 1960 CADILLAC De Vllle full fact, power, air cond, 5 good tires Inspected. $450. 841-0019 Hurineiiii. pu-3,101 aner Orrtl. 2201 N. Dixie, L.W. 13-06 Boats For Sale '62 FAI rOM. S.Hnn r .1 l.-J -- 585-0016 10M VAI IAUT lnn Al. 15-38 Rambler .. a-t-vw, . Mil. nUIU- matlr. OnHin. h.nirr rw,ilul ... dio, good 2nd car. $195 or best offer. $no money nnwui 1947 YAMAHA 40. Excellent condition. 5,000 miles. $200, or offer. 842 5859 dltion. 1-Owner. $1200. Call 744-4324 WITH APPROVED CREDIT 23' CHRIS Craft Inboard on trailer. 1957 CADILLAC ambulance. Make excellent camper. Consider any reasonable offer. 833-4413. usiween v juam.ahm. --vrnf ,,n '64 BUICK $895 $41. MO. 195HP. ship-Shore radio. Needs 1942 RAMBLER American, exceptional condition. $350. 483-3717 day. ' 1945 HONDA 65CC, $150. 148-3320. worx. SBUU. 844-3003. 2nd Ave No ana Boutwell Rd L W 924 N. Fed Hwy.. Boynton Beach 65 COUPE De Vllle. Loaded. Clean HIGH Performance '47 Barracuda OVERDRIVE STATION WAGON t2W MILEAGE. 1963 FORD COUNTRY SEDAN. POWDER BLUE. SBl'-.l95 DN' CREDIT OR NOT CHARLEE AIKEN, 225 N. MILU TARY TR., AT AIRPORT. 683-8943. 8X27 PONTIAC CHIEF, aluminum, '63 OLDS $795 '44 FORD $695 '61 CADL. 1795 '62 CHRYSLER $595 '42 V.W. $495 '59 RAMBLER, wagon, good, cheap transportation, $100, 483-4392. 1 $44. MO. $38. MO. $44. MO. $32. MO. 138. MO. S27W. Mr. Gentile, 683-4510. 1966 TRIUMPH Bonneville T1MD 25' CABIN Cruiser, only 2-years old. 280HP Chrysler. Asking $3900. joj, aisc praxes, take over pay. ments. 6844)725. air conditioner. A-1 condition. 848- state Inspected. 1 000 miles on re- LOST SOMETHING SPECIAL? 8119. Hnd It with a resu t.aett Inn Clrjul. ouiit engine, customized. Excellent condition. 1800 or best offer. 585-7385. PLYMOUTH FURY. GREAT SECOND CAR. POWER utecb. ilea m, 1948 CAPRI boat. Magic tilt trailer, 55HP Chrysler engine, 965-4379. 1002 S, DIXIE, L.W. NO VACANCY signs go up when you use result-getting Classified Ads 582-0815 1945 FALCON 2-Door automatic, ra. dlo, heater. New tires. Good condition. 132-2493. Sll at llUU Clnrlrin ING, AUTOMATIC, RADIO. NEW 1968 CADILLAC convertible. Red TIRES. MUST SEE, 842-2777. 1967 TRIUMPH 450CC, lOQO miles, clean. $595. Call evenings Delray 278-4324 In Palm Beach County ana wnite outside, white eather a Ave. " 15' FIBERGLASS, 10HP Johnson Just overhauled, trailer, $275. 945-0592 alter 5PM. side. 6 Months old. $5,500. Boynton to rent rooms, CHAMPION NO. 1 FOR THE MONEY CREDIT OR NOT State Inspected Cars CHARLEE AIKEN J4-4070 REPURCHASE 55 Plvmnlith Snnrt CntAlllU n mm '43 IFAIRLANE Hardtop, like new; 44 Convertible, fartnru Air. tuoc 1967 TRIUMPH Bonneville. Rebuilt engine. 700 miles. Coll 967-2350. in 1954 CADILLAC full power, good 483-5658. CUSTOMERS CALL when you advertise your business service with wheels. $13 dn. Stored at 2200 Okee- 1963 VESPA, new enaine and mint. ur. excellent conamon. S4B-358? action-getting Classified Ads. 60x12 2or3BR, FX, 2DR, Ref. Carpet Lnuuee no. oaj-4Juu. westward Auto 848-2907 after 5PM. 225 NO. MILITARY TRAIL 683-8943 A UU U C C I C B -I , 3UI-9 ou timers, uilk LKISCO. 1967 FAIRLANE 500. Hardtop. Air. Must sell this weekend. Stored at Dave Rupp Auto Broker, 2202 N. Dixie. I.W. 15-27 Chevrolet - , i. t. k. t r, W , Itrvs En. nkn . . II NO MONEY DOWN II PLYMOUTH SALES coast guard equipped, aood hull, m: S "y7,5por' 00l condition. Any newly, reconditioned used cor '64 PLYMOUTH Fury II 2-door hardtop. Mag wheels, radio, heater, terlor needs finish. $2700 648-3677 or 54695 SUNSET RANCH 1637 So. Military Tr. Ph. 945-2424 On OUi of see Rnhe K rrhmnn 965 3943. 1968 HONDA 16 0CC. 4600 miles. TAKE OVER PAYMENTS 1962 FORD Falrlane 500. Automotlc, 6 cylinder 2-Door. lw Fyr.n.i mii uuwer. neusonaDie. MUST Sell, ONLY at Palm Beach Dodge, U 049-1 fa, 848-0532. un in service, yes-1492. BUY DIRECT - SAVB 11SM 14' 1962 CHEVY Nova 2-OR. HT. Buck condition. After 5:30PM 453 Fonfano "Mil. PlYMOUIH Glastec Boats. Alt. A1A. Jupiter 744. '65 HONDA .104 Hnwk l,iivp, ruim springs, yos-you. et seats. AT, R&H. The sharpest one In town. 16 dn. delivers, only 4MJ. condition, otter 5PM, 683-4594. HALF Track swamp buggy for sale or trade for alrboat. South Clewls-ton, Grady Gibson, phone 983-7978. CAN YOU MAKP PAvucuTci wk, OO3-04U0, ueoier '68 RAMBLER 1967 SUPER 90 Hnnrin S.10C CDC. Mr. Plymouth Can't Say AIR COND 45 Mustnno lino. . THUNDERBIRD 17' Inboard-Outboard. Accessories and Murray Tilt trailer. Stuart 287-4057 66 CHEV V8 AT PS $998 - $15 Dn. 58 Ma. D, Gist, 1819 N. Dixie, LW. 582-4452 0I" N' D'X" LW Hebe, 770 4 -Door, V-8, auto. Irani,, UH, PS, P FACT A COND, Hnt- 15-24 Sports, Foreign Cars LIKE New 1964 Vnmnhn. 19c u,llh CHATEAU Tho ultimate in mobile homes. Every home o custom home at prices you can afford. DELORO All new homes for '69 bv Jacobsen. See It and you will buy It. Green-acres Trailer Soles. 3033 N. Military BACKARUDA" '44 FALCON, V-8 Sedan, automatic electric start and automatic oil Injection. $295. Call nr tu n $14.95 TRAILER HITCHES INSTALLED GATEWAY MARINE M gtau, whrM woH firm, many m-trot. lohnct of Nw Cor Warranty s2488 Transmission, alr-condltloned, heat 417 49th Street, WPB. REPOSSESSION 45 CORVAIR CONVERTIBLE, 4 SPEED, ONLY $785. No down pdy-ments with qualified credit. General Finance Carp. 833-1411. er, raaio. s00. H33-6371. 1705 N. DIXIE WPB 132-3971 1964 HONDA Super 90. Good rnnrtl FAfTORV Air u,l n..l.. tn 1964 FASTBACK Corvette 365 4.11 4-Speed mags-7" Polyglas $'998. Doub'e sharpe candyappl red 45 Sprite Roadster $1098 1944 Spitfire Roadster 1798 But He'll Say "YES" To Any Of These Unbeatable Deals!! lion. Inspected. 135. Evenings. 585- 4520. ir., l.w r-io. yo i DATURA Galaxle conv. This Is an extremely nice car. Personal circumstances '"CP.. a'h Sacrifice $1475. Please call Mr. Shea at Justice 2-4453 MUST sacrifice 1968 Sea Breeie 19', Chrysler 75HP and troller. All excellent condition. 10029 Riverside Drive, Palm Beach Gardens. 65 Mallbu 2 dr. HT Air Auto RH full price $1395 910 S. Dixie Kar BELMONT 60x12 3-BR.. FRONT KITCHEN 15-10 Trucks, Tractors King 330 DATURA Street Phone 833-4434 Always several Mustang cpes, Conv, CORVAIR CONVERTIBLE-Monia 16' CARTER Craft, 4OHP Mercury electric, generator, troller. Excel EARLY AMERICAN OR MODERN u. oisr, ioiy n. 'Dixie, i.w. REFINANCE Alr-Cond. 1965 Mustang $1098.51 due. No cash required, Just make $64.73 pyts. D. Gist, 1819 lent, $395. 14' '67. Clean, good condition. Inspec-tlon sticker, sacrifice $295, 655-3580, aluminum Jon $80. mil i ir,: i tad DODGE Vj Ton panel. One owner. Gqod shape, rebuilt mot"r. Inspected. 848-2409 Good condition. 1944 CORVETTE. $1,495 Call 848-9731. 582-8348 n. uixie, l. worm, 582-4452. 19rU PfiDn HAI A V I C A kl ll -r . 3 1 nun wagon, impaia, y-passen- 62 CORVETTE 4 speed. $850. Call 61 ECONOLINE VAN AIRBOAT Looking for a good air-boot and trailer. 125-Hn Lwmmlnn J195 ir6', K",, M,IV UU, TJ. SPEED LIKE NEW. $850 CASH OR TEN TEN MOTORS MJ-J4JU. engine lust overhauled and new 2600 Okeechobee Blvd. '60 Chevy 4DR. HT, V-8. Like new. 3" SIDE WALL 16" CENTERS CARPETED LIVING ROOM $4895 BAKER Mobile Homes, Inc. 1301 N. Military Trail 683-8586 OPEN 9AM-8PM nu it, ta rttr-tii, ig ri 483-3388 1-yiiuiiHWT IKAIU A r AIRPORT. 1962 VOLKSWAGEN Kembl. 45,000 original miles. State Inspected. Ex- viw, umi num., neurit full pump, automatic starter, generator and a aood trailer. SI39C rVili 4V5. TEN TEN MOTORS 2600 Okeechobee Blvd. 483-3388 CAN YOU MAKE Plviirura 1960 FALCON pick up truck. Inspection sticker. $195. 746-7617 cenenT conamon. (M2-3U8. BLUE 61 Falcon $298. $15 Dn, $19 965-2953. PILOT SAYS "SELL" INTERNATIONAL CARRYALL .-v. l. mi, inn ei n. UIXIO, L.W, 1945 CORVAIR Corsa Convert. Tur. rftntL 960. LOW Mil FAKP MOCt MISCELLANEOUS MEANS assorted oblects. The different things you no lonaer want sell fnr mh u,ith $98 DN. CREDIT OR NOT. CHAR REPURCHASE '43 TR-4, new top, radio, paint ob, 4 semperlt PR6 radlalf, mint condition, must see to believe. Best TR-4 In W.P.B. Call 832-2148 or 483-6278 offer 5. bo charged 4rspd. R&H. Absolutely like new. $895. 683-3388. Bkr. LEE AIKEN, 225 NO. M L TARY TR. AT AIRPORT. 683-8943. U",KT a Classified Ad. 45-47-61 Mustang, $1 dn. Stored at 2200 Okeechobee Rd. Westward Auta 1962 CHEVROLET. 6. AUTO. $300 4 WHEEL drive International Scout LASH OR BANK. CHARLEE AIK. BRANDT speed 110HP. Like new. boat. Mercury $1500. Trailer i utnen, wayn Tucker EN, 225 N. M L TARY TRAIL AT INSTANT CREDIT free. 833-1520. AIIKr-UK I, irei. mecnamcany pertect. New tires. $450 firm. 909 5.W. 27th Terrace, Boynton, 732-3158. 46 i 38 ALL NEW '69 '68 DEMOS PLYMOUTHS lease caVs dlir up EXECUTIVE CARS SAVE to SAVE up 900 '1400 '67 COMET 4ttot: '66MUSTAHfi power iMring, FACTO- - Fmltort. 6 cyliedef, 3 el QE V Aid CONDI1IONINO, 7QC -4. I l-OWMT... f SJ '66 BUICK '66 COMET Stt $1 OQC , HH 6 died.,. $1 OflC noliiiorpco,. I 07tl itond. l-ewnw . .. I efaWV '68 ROAD RUNNER '67 FURY III On. onto, one 4 Ipnd. 2 dr ( 4 e Mop, V. j"0 whHtl, yei 2ynC fAC Al '99 MQ FASTBACK 1965 Mustang Factory Smith Mobile Home Sales , Are Happy To Announce That we Have Mobil Home Spaces In 2 of So. Florida's Most beautiful Modern Mobile Home Porks. SPACES FOR CHILDREN 8. ADULTS. STOP BY 2807 S. MILL TARY TRAIL OR CALL 965-5273 FOR INFORMATION We Handle This Lines ot Mobil 20' SHARK catamaran one design 1944 CHEVY Mallbu. V-8. automat. '65 KARMANN Ghla. $1195. For fast service call 582-1451, 1320 N. Dixie , 'vi, kvwoi, uuiomanc, safetv wheels. RAH wcw tr aiuvp, Willi nailer. V44-07JI. Ic, fully equipped, with air and ra dlo. Really nice car, phone 585-5505. lw. Dealer, 1959 FORD pick up truck. F-100. Good condition. $325, 913 Jamaican D'ive. etc. Sparkling maroon exquisite IS' FIBERGLASS, with 30HP Evln-rude, canopy, tilt trailer, $275. Also 40HP Mercury and factory trailer CREDIT OR NOT WE FINANCE REPURCHASE wnne learner DucKOT seats interior, Please. See It-1 1 1 IT'S a BEAUTY D. Gist, 1819 . Dixie, LW. Al 7 per. I960 CORVAIR, $98 DN, rui 14 uuui, 3H4-I00J, 1961 CORVAIR $198 DN. 1962 COR 45-64-67 Volkswagens and square CORVAIR PANEL, 1943. REBUILT ENGINE. $248 DN. CREDIT OR NOT. CHARLEE AIKEN, 225 N MILITARY TR, AT AIRPORT. 683- VAIR $198 DN. 1963 CORVAIR $198 T bird lAurtAii 12' ALUMINUM boat. S125. Phone outHs ij an. aiorea ar 2200 uxee-chobe Rd. 413-4300. Westward Auto Sales. 150 others. STANLEY 833-9554. 1944 Full power-empress blue with snowshoe white top and Interior. Homes: Skyline, Princess, Star Pacemaker and Zlmmer DN. 1964 CORVAIR $248 DN. 1965 CORVAIR $348 DN. CHARLEE AIKEN, 225 N. MILITARY TR,, AT viie owner musr see to appreciate. ECONOMY van truck 1966. 1-Owner. S New tires. Excellent condition 13-07 Yachts For Sale Al Kf UK 1 . 68J-lfy4J. n . C Bob Morgan Palm FOR sale or rent. Mobile home In Pine Grove Village, 51x10. Screened ovum uuuaa nc. i ai nkA n urf 1961 MGA, Top condition. New Top. See to appreciate. 947-2483, '68 MERCEDES-BENZ 280 SE Sedan, fully tquiDped irvtlu- Low mileage. $1,200. 965-8299, 216 TAKE OVER PAYMENTS 0OJ-I3I r h,, r.s. porch 10x45. Fully furnished. 732-6375 Boynton. 1963 NOVA Station Wagon. 4-DR, . G. Hobbs FULLY Equipped Ice Cream. 11295, D. Gist, 1819 N. Dixie, L. Worth AT, R&H. PS. A real beauty. $4 I'M FORD. This custom sedan has a V- engine, PS, PB, Auto Trans, mission and a heavy duty suspension. Thru Saturday only $1195. Ask 10x50 SET UP, 2-Bedroom. Good condition. Extras. Reasonable. After dino FACTORY AIR CONDITIONING, tjlecrne windows, automatic rranimitifon, power ifeering, power brakti, padded top, 5,000 milti. on delivers, only $4.80 Wk. 58S4406 Dealer INSTANT CREDIT '59 OPEL Economical transportation. '59 FIAT $13 Dn. $20 Mo. For fast service call 582-1451. 1320 N. Dixie, LW. 582-1451. nnn.ic u,,u.l,. u.i. YACHT SALES 5:30pm 965-2044. 500 bodv and hnnmi. 'Ad nnfv-.c ivr uurv. ra m Heacn nnrin. inr SINGLE ROOMS to spacious apart 483-1511 ton service truck with mounted ments ... A complete array Is 62J5 air compressor and tire changer. '64 Chevrolet O fan rnh nnri I. yours to cnoose from in today's 1944 FORD Sarin! V- 4-.noort -m WESTGATE MOBILE HOME SALES NEW 8. USED t Interest - Finance 10 years. ror neni eas. dio, heater, like new. $995. 744-4748. 96543623. " '66 RAMBLER '68 DODGE 1944 CHEVY super sport Impaia 408 BROADWAY, RIVIERA BEACH 1964 - 34' CONSTELLATION. Twin 210'S. Excellent equipment. Little Use $17,500 1967 . 28' SOVEREL, Universal auxiliary, Race equipment. As " $13,500 CALL FRANK B. CAMPBELL '67 JAGUAR CORVETTES New 1 Used - Sought i, Sol FLORIDA'S LARGEST OUTLET Over 1 evallobl ot oil times DAVE RUPP AUTO SKRS. INC. 1302 N. Dixie, L.W. 11-7517 1945 MODEL 4000 GMC long wheel-base cab & Chassis 15-32 Jeep-Willys 990, (Just Norm ot Boiaar Plaza) 142-6767 Polar. 4 door hardtop, V , out., IH, PS. Ft, Ik. bend nr, 4,000 409 cubic Inches. Hurst -speed, black top, red convertible. Bucket seats, toch., poll track rear end, 848-4155. -M295 1962 1H Travelall station wagon door, 4 cyl. HH, FACT AIR COND. XKE Roadittr, red finish, bioei Interior. $2935 WHEEL Drive Jeep truck. Iltllltv it3, jew aaa uriiiTy wagon 1940 Chevrolet Tractor radio & heater, white wall tirti, chrome wire wheels. Very dean.. IMPALAS - CONVERTS - COM dump body. Front end winch. Many extras. See Days, Corner 10th Ave. CAN YOU MAKE PAYMENTS? RICH MOTORS. INC. lT I . PACTS. TRY US. EXAMPLE. 46 68 PLYMOUTH 64 Spitfire or Sprite $798 - $15 Dn. mxie, lw, Hignts call 483-5925 C7 linnet Moplood-d. D, Gist, 1819 N. Dixie. L.W. 582 CHEV. Auto-Pow Strg. $998. 63 Mon- 205 4th STREET WPB Res. Ph. 967-1841 VI VVUUB, V4, avtwnatK, .o. 4452 M $398. D. Gist, 1819 N. Dixie, LW. 2829 SO. DIXIE HWY 833 4421 "YOUR INTERNATIONAL DEALER" DAY S, NIGHT SERVICE 53 JEEP Stotlon Wagon, 4-wheel drive, 900x14 tjres. 1475. 582-1801. Don 4 ooer Mdoe, ev- 4 1 ilUK CONDI1IONINO, etnic. lOQis 1957 JEEP waaon. j.whmI aviua Peugeot LOOKING FOR A LOT? MAS VERDE MOBILE HOMES Expanding 30 more acres 225 new lots now being constructed. Get your choice lakefront lots now. We also sell mobile homes. ots titiJ TAKE OVER PAYMENTS 1962 CORVAIR Monia. AT, R&H, a real sharpee. $4 On delivers, only $5.80 Wk. 585-4406. Dealer Si PORSCHE Warn Hubs, just tuned. 4-cyllnder, weekdays alter 4PM, all day Thursday ond Weekends, 683-7082. 64. An extra, extra clean car. Let 912 Cevpe. Hue ftnWl, tlark let-rior, '66 BARRACUDA mis car snow you why Peugeot Is '68 FURY III l, TAIIUKT AM LUNUfllUNIrAr a uon ot a car. "the best car to REPURCHASE 67 CHEVROLET M, TON '47 DODGE Vi-TON it CHEVROLET 2-TON, 2-SPEED '66 FORD Vl TON '40 JEEP 4-WHEEL DRIVE 41'65 SCOUT 4-WHEEL noivl? REPOSSESSION SCOUT 1962 4-Wheel drive, Mr. Dlx- AUTHORIZED CHRIS CRAFT HATTERAS DEALER SEE THE NEW YACHTS HERE SPENCER BOAT CO. 400 N, DIXIE WPB 844 3521 IMMACUIAtl . . hjsirtwci, ovto ramTtiv sooei, V-J s)n(jsfe, AH CONO., l-awe-iiwxor Jl CQIt on. rnone 144-1801 Home, 67 CHEVY IMPALA, SPT, CPE., V- 4 eV Mdan, V, euro, M.H. pi. FACTOer All $2795 I. LUMUtD, INCLUDING f-ALI. COND . . . ... lUetJ 3895 15-33 Lincoln-Continental oe in ir you are to nave an accident." Imported Car Buyers Guide. $50 down. Jan Bloser Imports, Inc. 501 S. Olive WPB 833-4392 Open Sun 1 to 4PM AIR. A real nice buy for only $2386.60 $13 Dn Stored at 2200 Okeechobee No down pavment with aualified NO. weSTWara AUtO Sa fll. 150 ntr,r '66 RAMBLER '65 CHRYSLER crean. L-eneral finance corp. 8J3 WAYNE TUCKER. 683-4300. 1958 CONTINENTAL. Power, Air-conditioning. Good condition. 1195. Coll 945-2539 104 1. Princess & Parkwood Pacemaker Buddy Biltmore Zlmmer 5656 Lake Worth Rd., L.W. 965-0448 Closed on Sun to Give You A Better Deal on Man. Newport 4 HlOr, tv pow.fACTAIH. l-miwr, COK 13-08 Sailboats For Sale SEE the 49 Volvos ot German Motors, Inc., J12 Bunker Rd., BRAND NEW 1967 JAGUAR pawn CONO J INSTANT CREDIT rokel, FACT AW 1595 ir trade-in. I VwtA CHEVY Vi TON, LIKE NEW. 39,000 ACTUAL MILES. 1 OWNER. 1964 MODEL, $095, $395 DN. CREDIT OR NOT. CHARLEE AIKEN. 225 N MILITARY TR, AT AIRPORT. 37,524 miles on a truly luxurious 1964 one owner hard top. Con make for a trulv I e a I m a t e hnrnnln ni 420 Seiei. AIR COND . outo iron. '63 CHEVY II. R&H. AT. Air cond. 1967 VOLKSWAGEN, 21,000 miles. $1375. 844-7271 evenings only. PS, PB, tinted glass, white wall tires. $13 Dn. For fast service call 582- '67 CHRYSLER rJT" 34' STAYSAIL Schooner. Gray auxiliary. Nova Scotia built to blue nose lines. A rare old salty vessel. Call 585-3528 alter 5PM nrome wire wheels. 11000 DlS- 'CO Dl VMfllITU i4)i. U2u n. uixie, LW. Dealer $1298, lor the ultra quality conscious buyer. We wholeheartedly invite vv i bimvv i ii UNTI . , . SEE the new fantastic '69 BMWs at German Motors, Inc., 512 Bunker FOR THE RIGHT REPAIR for Sport twbwrban 9 pom, van t drm, 1964 CHEVY II. Excellent rendition TROPICAIRE-RITZCRAF1 35x10 Rltzcroft In Stock Add on with Roli-A-Room Travel Trailer Storage POWELL MOBILE HOMES 5035 N Mltry. N. ot 45th. 14 J-1670 rvur proTtsiiunui mecnanics inspec-ion. It drives lust beautlfuiiv iamh V I, ovto, RtH, seK r-Q, power brake)), 283 V-8 with 4 speed transmission. H,Ci$3495 fACT Ait your oar cneck tne specialists In "Automotive Service" in today'! Classified Adsl Posltraction. Radio, heater. Sintered 37' MOTORSAILER. Documented. GM Diesel power. (2) Masts. Da-cron sails. Refrigeration, Stove, en- 14 3J TCHI LLEMNIUI 2295 1965 MG 1100 Snorts Sedan. Air run. rock, tiecuttvt meiainc brakes. Heavv Dutv su. uun our, 19th & N. Dixie, LW dltlonlng, AM-FM radio. Priced to sponsion. Many extras. All factory Hum neaa. sleeps (41. ueoenaab e ia,c BrwEt.,,,., .... REPAIRMEN NEED YOU TOOI sen, iuu firm. La I between 5 nnrl equipment si.isu. tan not aftoro &. L? V, " 5:nTan6:. you'll una each other In the "Busl 9pm. 148 3160. inree cars. 442-5444 NFW DELUXE 1969 12 X52 Located on nice lot. Ready to move Into. Adults. HOLIDAY PARK i SALES 600 Lake Osborne Dr. 582-0302 mmmvmm Willi ness Services" column ot today's Phone: 848-4702. FERGUSON tractor with disc. $495 v,u,icu nu., Lnetn nowi TR3 1962, Mr. Dixon. Phone 833-2535 Office; 844-1801 Home Phone. COLUMBIA 5AH nnATS "-on n,-v3r. wAvereKTel INSTANT CREDIT 64 CHEVROLET 4-DR Sedan. $995 64 CORVETTE convertible. Red CONTINENTAL convertible, 1966. Pltcalrn blue, white top, full power, air conditioned. $3,000. 844 6144. 1956 FORD Truck MMon. Good condition. $225 . 842-2049. TAYLOR IMPORTED MOTORS 1314 So. DIXIE e W.P. Bsack e 832-238 $13 Dn. For last service call 562- 327 Cubic Inches, 300HP, 4-speed m VlymoulU 21' 22' 24' 31' 40' & 50' Sailing Demonstrations CONTACT HAL JONES FLORIDA DIESEL & MARINE 2)st Street and I nk.frnnt 1451. 1320 N. Dixie, LW. 582-1451. IIU.I9l,llIUII, 1.-Jj. 15-11 Heavy Equipment 15-34 Mercury mcKLeues, Like diamonds, are forever, 1957 2205. Original owner. Riviera Beach 848-1451 2S22 N. DIXIE HWY. LAKE WORTH 585-0021 On Tlx & refer At The Palm Soach Canal Lejtner. walnut. No accidents. Real SACRIFICE. Vt yord link belt clam REPOSSESSION 64 CHEVY IMPALA, 4-DR H.T., V-8, A.T. P.S., R&H. A real nice buy lor low balance due of $1435.50, No down payment with qualified credit. General Finance Corp. 833-1611. oeauiv S5V). 44-432J. 13-10 Miscellaneous Boats TAKE OVER PAYMENTS 1963 COMET. ?.r)R. SIM. Vnu hnu. ana arag bucket. Good condition, 15500 Call 483 4464. 683.1661. or AM. BANK FINANCING 5 PCT. INTEREST 10 PCT. DOWN NEW MOON SUNHOME VINDALE These 3 set up reody to live In, one of the best porks. 1949 Sunhome 40x20, 2 beds. 1949 Sunhome 52x12, 1 bed. 1969 New Moan 58x12, 2 beds. 0191. 1964 CORVETTE convertible. Excellent condition. Priced to sell. Owner anxious. Call 148-0400. 10 see to believe now nice it Is. IR Boat, 135 Lvcomlna AC. .inn. er, alternator, trailer. i7W. Am.ouri so vti delivers, only $4.80 wk. 585 6404. Dealer. 1513 Auto Parts, Supplies .- ruo. 62 MG convertible, rough, lull price -"J nu e, wixie ear Mng REPURCHASE 67 CAMARO SS Rally Sport, 4-speed, red. $13 dn. Stored at 2200 Okeechobee Rd. 63-4300. Westward Auto Sales. 150 Others. 1 94 3 MERCURY Monterey. Like new. Full power. $765. Financing available. 585-1535. 13-13 Boat Trailers FORD and Chevy Standard transmission, $35 each, 42-5l3l. WML 66 VOLKSWAGEN 2 DR., Mod. 1300, light green, all vinyl black and white inlsrlnr -FRAME UP to 16' hant. Canri lir. TR 4, engine, with transmission. $50. 15" wire wheels, $25. 585-4021. ANDY'S 196 CHEVY, 4-door wagon. Deluxe M, 913. OBJ-IUH. R&H. Like nu. Was 11,4 9 5. now REPURCHASE 67 Cougar, lac. warranty. $13 dn. Stored at 2200 Okeechobee Rd. 683- 4300 Westward Auto Sales. 150 Others, STANLEY TUCKER. equipmeni. su v-, automatic, radio, heater. Only 14,000 miles. Must Sell. $2395. Cost 13600. 947.1964 nllrr 15-18 Autos For Hire, Lease 13-15 Outboard, Marine Eng. i,iy9. CARRINGTON CAR CO. A1A at Indlantown Rd Jupiter 744-4772 OPEN TIL PM E. of Southern Blvd. US 98, Just Sunshine Overpass. 683-6157 tml mmis r lyll mwM gl tfTZY2 - eO.f k ill A CAN YOU MAKE PAYMENTS? $398 $I5 On -126 Mo. 61 Htop AT PS D. Gist. 1119 N. Dixie. LW SI2- INSTANT CREDIT 62 CHEVY Sta. Wgn. 113 Dn. $34 '45 OPEL Sto. Wgn, 1495 TEN TEN MOTORS 2600 Okeechobee Blvd. 43-3388 PERKINS DIESEL GRAY MARINE EATON OUTDRIVES Sales i Service E&H BOATWORKS Prosperity Farmi Rd., Lake Pork NEW MOON. 10 x55'. Gas heat. Wall-wall carpeting. Awnings, extras. 483-8543. REDUCED, 70x43'. Central olr, heat. 483-793 after 5pm, or weekends. 4452 Mo. For fast service call 582-1451. 1320 N. Dixie, LW. Dealer 1944 MG 1100. $3 5 0 CASH OR BANK. CHARLEE AIKEN. 225 N. MILITARY TRAIL AT AIRPORT. '63 FAIRLANE REPURCHASE RENT A NEW CAR 1969 MERCURY - COMET $5 5c PER DAY - per mile Automotlc Transmission Pre Int., Pickup & Delivery S Minutes From Airport CLEM OUIDER I Iklr-ni u ucnniu 500 4 Dl. StOAN. (I Cieiieoeietk, poeet 80HP MERCURY and controls. 1195. 848-8907 after 5PM . '65 RAMBLEft fe iaieuaiet, H I, iileaiatk, power Heetiei, peeir Irikis, FACT .11 COND, rsin, heeler, 72,000 idul uilei, lei '67 VW Stotlon Wagon, deluxe model. 7 Passenger bus. Excellent condition. $1,950. 848-401. 65 CORVAIR Monia. coupe, foe. air. 113 dn. Stored at 2200 Okeecho- ileitini, leSii, heeler, FACIT sll 2,001 "'lei fertory llltri like stwl $2795 ALPHA HILLCRESTWHITFIELO LU ROY'S US 1 ond PSA Blvd. Juno 144-1410 1961 M H.P, Mercury. Electric DR. Long shalt, Recent powerhead. Tank. CnnirnU Rnflaru u, I I I . 1495 oee ko. 6u-4jog. westward Auto Sales. 150 Others. DICK CRISCO. 1959 VOLKSWAGEN. Very good condition. $350 cash. 25 Ohio St., WPB. I Block east, all S. Con- 67 PONTIAC monstrote. $175. Stuart 287-6270 41 x 10' MOBILE Home. Real clean. $2,900. 945-2977 gress. iMTStflill k. .... VI RAXBLEI AMHICAN 4 Dl. Ice- $? iiOeMscai trsviBsotvteSwl 2400 0H(u(lt tlJ SIBI 2301 Okeechobee Rd. WPB 43-1500 INSTANT CREDIT '41 CHEVY Impaia 4-DR, HT, R&H. Fac-Alr 113 Dn, $20 Mo, For lost service call 582 1451. 1320 N. Dixie, LW. Dealer. '65 DODGE CORONET 500 C0NVIITIIIE. VI, iileieilk, piwer ileen, kickit salts, ridie, kiilir, lee mileege, el 1 yQlf tritkeipt let WW tulolini 4 Oon Neritop, M, sslomilit ttesimiisios, power iteerinf . power liekes, redi I heeler, FACT0IY ill CONDITION ING....Eitrs clean... MERCURY OUTBOARDS Now On Sale At The OUTING CENTER Inc. 1101 S Dixie LANTANA 52-4477 VOLKSWAGEN BUS No down, small payments 1963 on owner like new. Call or see Bob Morgan, Palm Beach Dodae Inc. 2101 Okee mvd BEAUTIFULLY furnished 12 X 45 Villager by Sportscrott 1964. Occupied only six months. Alr-condltloned, awnings. 833-1892 $2595 15-21 Automobiles Wanted oej-011 NEED CASH??? LIKE NEW. VW. 1946. Low mile- 1 SURFERSI 1945 Chevy Van, Insulated, panelled, carpeted, new fires. Completely overhauled. 31,000 miles. $995. 585-1314. '67 T-BIRD 13-16 Marine Equip. Supplies oge. rasioack. Koaio, neater, 142-5000 or 833-4578. DATURA Povs top dollar lor late model cars. W will pay oft balance '65 CHEVROLET Cerveir Moms I Doet Heietep, 140, ensue, 4 tpeet! liesuiiisiee, reiit I loiter, filie ihsrp... 10'x20' MOBIL-room. $1795. 10 x 54' DETROITER with expands, awnings. A beaut. 2-beoYoom, 1 V4 bath, den. 13 9 9 5. 10'x55', 2-BEDROOM, clean. $1995. Bell Aire, 1202 S, Dixie Lantana, 585-063. Heritep Iiiiii, full poo si, fACTOtT 111 $ '995 CAN YOU MAKE PAYMENTS? CHECK OUR PRICES on manual & electric Boat Davits from $39,95. Engineered & fully auaranteed In CONDITIOHmC, litis (lee fcwwtl I Good 59 VW $391 - $15 Dn. . 124 Mo. VOLKS CAMPER TYPE BUS it any. Buyer a 1 w a y 1 on premises. DATURA AUTO SALES 330 Datura SI. W.P.B. 131-4434 we u. Gist, my N. Dixie, LW. X5 FCR0 stallation. Dock ladders from $39 50. Chrome troller hitches 110.95. Resin 13.95 gallon. 51 'Karmann Ghia sports coup good '65 PLYMOUTH fit, III lost itolwe e, l, tenet- r - k, poeer iieenni, iieie, ktelei, l weet,4J 401! itre shara I WWW cur run price sy yiv 0- uixie nor 74x32 2-BEDROOM, full carpeted, air-conditioning, utility room, call otter 3PM Owner, 842-7491, 10x57 FLEETWOOD 2 years old. good condition. May be left m park. $3,300. B2-9192, Lot 21 Clark, Blue Grass Trailer Pork. W.P.B. Wood s Marine Supplies, Inc. 1432 10th St. (A1AI LP 43-177 ring Calaiea HS 4 Jeer, efep., I I, rrerHM-etk, PS, 111, fAO 111 C0H. U,m Ktt-al ailes, utri iherp 15951 CASH FOR CARS BRINO CAR AND TITLE TO C. WARD MOTORS 1962 VOLKSWAGEN sedan, mechanically good. 42-SI22 (A4-9487 offer 4 PM. $595. PETIT Point Dealer In stock Apelco MR-201 Depth Recorders 65 CHEVROLET $275 complete Pewce Simpson 50 watt radios. 4 CHEVY powered Austin Healey, 3- SPRUCE UP YOUR HOME with BEAUTIFUL Buy 10x55 all electric) 3 bedroom, 1 V bath air and heat. 483-7372. I SACRIFICE. Beautiful 12x52' Medi speea with 411 rear end. Body and Interior need work. Mechanically excellent, 844-0133. bargalnsl Find them In the Classified Ads today! 111 til STATION WAGON, eulo Iimi- pent limit, rodi. heeler, one eeeet, Eitr )AC Shirpl I ef.59 FI!HUK5w1) lenee (T, I I, lateaMtti, pewer steene, pever aw hrekei, teats, beater, FACTOtT til CONDIIIONIM, II.SN actaal A0ftl asttai. fattanr (irteeh;... a0w9 '64 '68 VOLKSWAGEN VOLKSWAGEN SEDAN. Sodia, hMMt SIDAN. Radio. laMr. M095 5 1350 J.llL'JJl.H?ll1MIJ.Tr WE SPECIALIZE terranean mobile home on large lot. 683-4744. take over pay- 196 RENAULT 10, ments. 965-7430 In exceptionally cleai motor cars 65 FORD LTD 4 Soot hilltop, V I, efeaihc tiieiiS' channels $211.40 complete Ray Jefferson 400 Depth Recorders $117 Roy Jefferson Model 410 Deplh Recorders 1149 Ray Jefferson Model 300 Power Hoilers 1119 10 & 20AMP Constable Marine battery chargers, freeiers, plus etc. FLORIDA DIESEL 4 MARINE 21st Street & Loke Front Riviera Beach 841 1451 of oil makes and always need top quality ore-owned automobiles from 67 VOLKSWAGEN Excellent condition, radio, heater. $1,450. Colt alter 6. 142 2973. ! lien, power steering, power bnkn, riiie, private owners, we normally pay Don Lehman Sales (21 USED MOBILE HOMES ALL SET-UP READY TO MOVE INTO. J4th & Broadway Riviera Beach 142-1443 811-60(4 P to I 00 over other offers. P ease '64 FALCON 4 4w in. ii, I tyliRtJtf, I intr, iiln 'Hary wiornBtif ' 1595 give us on opportunity to purchase MERCEDFS hai. kmrk. mrk hm j heater, 1AH01T All C0NDITI0HIN6. I-I sweer, inn thoip 5T imUkeporE''4'o7bl,r 2U j Tj2ge""" tmmm- Bn' m

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