The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on August 31, 1944 · Page 7
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 7

Clinton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 31, 1944
Page 7
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THE DAIEY CEINTONIAN Page Seven Thursday, August ST, 1941 FRISKING PRISONERS AFTER FLORIDA JAIL SEIZURE family of Chicago and Roy Jenks, Bono, were supper guests of Mr. and Mrs. M. G. Miller Monday. m 1 iAZ-r JLJ Summit Grove News and Notes New Mexico Visitor Home After Slay Here; Local Koy Euters Navy School Mrs. Homer Smock was in Terrc Haute Saturday to see her son, Harvey Kdwards. who has been accepted In the nay. He left Saturday for training. Mr. and Mrs. Nelson Marris. Montezuma visited Sunday afternoon with the former h mother. Mix V io Newport Makes Final i Plans for Milkweed Drive Final plans for the milkweed drive to be held in (Ills county wero made at the principals' meeting In .Newport Wednesday. The drive, which will be conducted by the hcIiooI chiidren and any other Inter-ehtr'l persous, will be s;ioiiHor d by ti!e county agricultural apent and the county superintendent of irl:oois. More details will he given out at daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Norval By-n li in of Clinton. Mrs. John Crimes, Mrs. William Wheeler, Mrs. John Forehand, Mrs. Charles Draper, Sift. Amanda Bush, Mrs. David Thurman and Mrs. Clio King attended tho 104th session of the Freedom Baptist Association held In Dana last week. Several from hero attended the funeral of Mrs. Ida Davis In West Terrc Haute Sunday afternoon. Mrs. Davis was a sister of the late Vina llartsook and the late Fred Burgess, Sr. Mrs. drover Porter of 8iencer. Ind. is enjoying a few days vacation with Mrs. Homer Mcllrlde. Norma Mcllrlde spent several days hiKl wc-ck with her friend, .Myrtle Frist near Summit Grove. St. Bernice Current News Soldier's Family Makes Home Here; Loral Women At Baptist Church Parley Mrs. Indiana Kimball atlnmlrd the Cousins Club mectfiiK held at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Ui-orne Smith In Kalrvlvw I'ark last week. Knsien .Inltn NYIkihi. Jr. who Is Blatlonpd In New York siH-nt Hip weekend with his family and Willi his parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. II. Nil-son. Mr. and Mrs. Cash Afliley and children of Crete. III. enjoyed a brief vacation Willi Mrs. Aehhys brother-in-law and sister. Mr. and Mrs. Kendle Kndicott and family. Mrs. Alice Clawson of IVrre Haute and Mrs. Ksther Davis-Williamson of Chleaeo were Saturday dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs. John Grimes. Mrs. Ilene Pacel of Chicago visited her cousin, Mr. una Mrs. John Beard. She was accompanied by Chief Warrant Officer Milton O'Dta formerly of Chicago, who Is home on a thirty-day leave from overseas du la IVrpiiwin. Mrts. Flora Hell spent Sunday with a later date when the milkweed .pod ore ripe enough to pick. Mr. i Peter:."!. F. Hd. The pods should be-! mi in ripen this ueeti or next, ho j adib d. i r Real Estate Transfers " Ants Predominate There are more ants in the world than any other insect iPs" Flofsie Emerson to John Vande- i f Mr. and Mrs. Frank Sl.idmnre, route one, Clinton. Mr. and Mrs. Heauford Shevvmalt-er visited (heir daughter. Mm. Iira Potior nnd daughters. Ihina, Sunday evening. Shiiley Ann Potter returned home (o Fpcnd a few days with her grandparent;;. Mr. and Mm. Louht Pildillf and daughters of Terre Haute cailed on Mr. nd Mrs. Collett Ifarrfcon and daughter. Sunday evening. Jack Uonebrake returned home Vednesday evening after visit iir; the pat ten dsys with his cousin. Hilly S-mion. Indianapdis. Mrs. Lucille IHggins left Monday for her home in Albr-qnerque. N. M. She has be-n visiting her fattier. Ks- MONUMENTS 0 A Complete I-lne 0 Fr Sett fee Drop Ls A Card L W.Walsh Monument Co. 2114 Wabash Ave. Terra Haute, Ind bins viver pt. 21-17-10. $.1000. Hose A. Fable to Hazel A. Fable pt. lots 9 and 10 original plat of Cayuga. $10. Maurice Ilegarty et ux to Walter II. Hick et ux V lot 2 block 4 W. A. Whiicomb's add. to Clinton. $1. Apolcne Kuhalik to Nicholas Hor-nackv lot 135 Matthews Park 2nd at.. At POLICEMAN searches them for weapons, five prisoners who seized Duval County Jail In Florida stand sullenly against a waU. For six hours the group held off s force of 150 civilian and military policemen with rifles they bad taken from the Jail arsenal. Tear gas bombs tossed into the building Anally caused the ouintet to surrender and they marched out with upraised hands. rtfernatioiwJ Soundpholo) ty. add. to Clinton. $1. Mr. and Mrs. C. I. Tindall enter-; ux to Neal Gra- " .lames .iioiKaii 'i Dr. G. R. McGUIRE lained at dinner Friday Arnold j Vl.t company pt. 4-17-9. $100. County 4-II Members To Enter State Fair Contest a. m.; and vegetable contest, 10 a. in. f Wednesday. Sept. 6. the sow and Vernon K. Foltl et ux to James K. Murray et ux pt. lots 29 and 30 in Fain-lew Park. $1. Jimmie Trosi-T to Albert Russell cliel Mack, for the past few months. Mable Uimb n; in Indianapolis Friday of last week. Mr. and Mrs. Mack Jenks and ; jj X-K&j 235t BUckmaa nam ot tvansviiie. Mr. nam is the brother of Mrs. Tindall. Mrs. Clyde Blake attended Hie County Institute at Paris last -Monday. Cpl. Fern Wooten who has been training fn Camp Bowie, Tex. is vis- Recent Events In Hillsdale e. ux lots 24. 25 and 26 John H Crondvkes add. to Cayuga. $1. Robert Barnes ct ux to Hazel Ev- Vermillion County 4-11 hoys anti!,,ter judrint; will be conducted at clrls planning to exhibit at the Indi-js a, ra.; bf catde auction, 1 p. m. ana State Fair to be held at theJand hoc sale at 3 . m. slate fairgrounds at Indianapolis i All canning and baking exhibits from Sept. 4 till the fih, are cau-jare due at the eolheum at 4 . m. thm'-d lo pet their exhibits in on Thursday, Aar. 31. and all home ec- Come m for a demoottratioo. Let your lting his mother, Mrs.- Iva Wooten erson pt. lot 18 Commercial Club I yon why Too need not pgr more and family. He is to leave soon lorl-a,, , (Union. $1 f THOUSANDS ) PROVE the Success of 1 Louisiana for maneuvers. His wifej i-,,,.,.. VI., nan et ux to N. T. Chl- than MO for s fine quality bean ox aid. All concrob on tbe ounnle. Many ex-duww f earn ret! 'oa will not be urged to d-acide we -rre only chose who cut time, M- J- Peterson, county anricul- j noinics exhibits arc to be received tural atrent. announced Monday. j m a. ni-. .Monday. Spl. 4. Mr- Soldier, Wife Guests At Cox Home; Local I B Pastor is Ke-Assigned Mrs. Grace Sykes, Corporal and Mrs. Charles Cox of California are and son who have been with him!raKO t st. Louis R- R- Pt- 4-17-9. for the past eight months will re- main in this vicinity. She is the ' aj , Mr. Peterson released a time ta- j pterron said. T'ic dress revue will hie for the various exhibits for thei f.rescnted at the colisr-iJni arena , tf AOT TO WEJUL z Tppcf foal Branch benefit of thoe wihinn to eioibit at 2:45 . m.. Saturday, Sept. . spending a few days with bis par 40 their 4 -II work. I with fctdi-mit uOm, tryA tc-rphzmi ond Cord, bottar- ents, Mr. and Mrs. Sam Cox. BCDIOMIC 'I ' l' l Op Monday. SepC 4. the meichinc u On wk!, no "tocori". . .on Harold Uraham of U. S. Navy of Vr. and Mrs. Brin Toby were Sun-, a:iy dinner guests or Onille Hines and family. ' Mrs. Ix)is NickUs and danphter. K EARING AID and taptine of steers will be h Id at S a. m.: showing beef and dairy heifers at S a. m.; showing alt gilts. Chicago is at home with his parents. Mr. and Mrs. Claud Graham. One . . - cww ol'7, Zmtk inL Accepted H Arjeri&m Mtdiul thl Eliminate Ticking T VTaCch To elimirjate the monotonous ticking of a walch in a sick room and still enable the patient to see "the time," place the watch on a folded napkin on the bedside table and cover it with an inverted glass. Judy and William Kleiner ana wr.jon Kve. 2nd Mrs. C'lil Kleiner were Sunday Mrs. Jessi. Jessie Richard of Danville 14 a. to.; poultry judging at S a. m.; garden judging. I P- m. and entoino-lory. 1 p. in. The colt judging will be conducted spent lat week vfoitine Mr. and Mrs. Preston Smith and Mr. and Mrs. Edear Brock. Several from this vicinity attx-Bd- . at I a. m. on Tuday; ftoiato judg ,ed the Cxiynca fair last week. j !r. and Mrs. Arnold Webb and Mrs. Barrus attended the White More Than 1.0H The U. S. had 1,077 ctUes of more than 1M00 persons at the time of ing S a. m ; arlc judging. II a. ni.; Iamb judging, a. va.: barrow River Conference of the I'niled children and Orville Hines and fam- ONEIaI DAY I .il VITAMIN atLTAllTt Ll inua daily reQirirmkmna rmr f A end D Vitamin or of i B Complex Vitamini, in one if pleMCt ttbH Remember J?."- the name ONE-A-DAT 'rPT" (brand) Vitamin Tablet. t Sss NERVINE F&cf T O TEVPE Mtrn make P'SfX rou Wakeful, Cranky. V BmOmb? Dr. Milts Srrrmm t SSwAi help to leasm Nerotrj um TVi Tension. Cet H at roar Jrujj RJLyV More Bead dire4-tioai sod . ts miw m directed. Alka-SeltzertZ WHEN BodKke. I Wji , tar Pain, m Slaiple liTv KamJrte. tmtnm after I v oh. Urn mm 8uKk. m "Untaw Afur" iaverfen VfA -ta aour woHt or apod Vovr fun, try AHav4ahar. I Bert J Brethren Church laM w-ek held at ilv railed on Mr. and Mrs. juasin?!, 9 a- Di ikxx steers, li a ant aaaai aa HIT! 1 1 r trie 1940 census- I University HrtsTrts Church, Indiana- Ei lieJiiian Sunday evening. Several from bere attended tle j poli. I III .' , 1 ' Ma a aaaainaf ' ' - - araa. a fuatral f Hrtrt H-thsm-ay. J RoV. Goes who tias sc-rved at ; Hillifdale the last two jvars., m-4i r- Speaker System Schools Using a two-way speaker system, Iowa school districts are bringing ( school to more than 100 crippled chiidren at home, so that they not only hear a teacher but can recite and be heard by the class. turned lifre as pzxtor of the V. B. Church for the nest year. Mr. and Mrs. Norman ftoehmk and chiJdren of Attica ixii4 his rar;nts, Mr. and Mrs. George lioe-hack Sunday. Guests at the horne of Mr. and Mrs, Preston Smith Sunday were Mr. and Mrs. Carlos Lanier and Mr. and Mrs. Klire Lamer, Mr. and Mrs. EtizHT .Brock and Mr. and Mrs Frank "Vottruian and Mrs. Jessie Bk-hard. Mr. and Mrs. 'M. A- Cro8 and Ue to! -IT mnd -C irian -H ym wm- ml l longw recoppabi. yoa rt'p .. sunr Gmcto-1 Goodvean. with a sfti&oata. Sat . aw tolp dl attoag tfaa lis JOE GIACX)LETTO aalpdlaOoo9 halja- daubter Billie Jean visited relatives at Robinson , 111. last m-eek. Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert Barnes of Knox. Ind. visited relatives and friends here for a week recently. B.W. and Mrs. Vernon Giis and family spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. Ira Richard. i i I nm m m m TOUR NEW CRADE-1 CIVES YOU r.:0HE MILES F0.1 YOUR TI.1E COLLAR Glenn Sykes of Cliicao spent Saturday nirnt with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Pearl Sykes. His son, Iar-reli who had sjent the limit five weeks here with relatives, returned home with him Suuday. Miss Dorothy Stopjs of Smith' Bend sjeiit tiie last wek viujtinr with Mr. and Mrs. Claud Graham and fauiilv. j Mrs. DHla B. White has returned j to her home hre alter visit ine two weeks in northern Indiana and in Michigan. Mr. and UTrs. Harold Eurl-s and PIOVEO KtFOCMAHCE! Millions oi Goodyear aD-synthetic rubber tires are now in service. And reports from cor owners show this tire con For Your Protection and Information There Is Only ONE RECOGNIZED OFFICIAL DEPOSITORY FOR SCHOOL BOOKS In Clinton And Clinton Township By Purchasing Your Books At take zil Moat users report surprising mileage and com, plete sCTngfnrtion. Come in today see this sew leader got the tactsinvest your good moner m today's bt tirm moo's Mrs. Lillie Jumes sin-nt Sunday at Indianatili!.- wfth Earl'--s who was r-'wuily inducted in tlie army. He is 1he son of Mr. and Mrs. Earles. Mrt. HjntV' futhard lias njnvd to Clinton lirown'e projw-rty just north of Mr. liix'ha.ct s pre-irty. Mrs. Ernnt La wson from Wliit-ine. Ind. is Ki-endine a fj' dayi here. They have inu:tji ttie l-!it:ti-land projrty of Mrs. Ella Kaufman and will move thnre son. Mr. and Mrs. Sam Malone of Indianapolis visited relatives er ihe week end. They intend moving here I i 1 f CKiH - 7 I m ' l til r, Si LEWIS HAOWA soon in the M Jit on pro j ten y t iiai they purchased lately. Ionald Hay Fortn-r who ha em ployment at lndianapii received an injury to hit loot and was home last week. Mr;, iiotwrt Lohrman and Wist. Norma H-rrick of Indiauapolit. tjw-iit the week end at home here with their parents. Mr. Myrtle Jiaysin: of Tanir I'I-nt last week with her tiice and lamii, Mr. and Mrs. ituluf fifitty. Miss Lavern Miller of iauvilt Main 6t Mulberry Sfs. You Are Assured Of Receiving The Correct Books At Correct Prices DO NOT BE MISLED! By The State Law, The Lewis Hardware Is The Only Official Book Depository. Buying Elsewhere Involves Unnecessary Risk! (Wi Cereloped Thrtuja Goedyev Reteircfe I M C vi"A ''" 8 pndaet f Gawdvoar's mmimm II'AV "w sootaiials to bmM alajWte.ld 1 i i lifL ' rVj do"lT sawoaasBa ap to s ai Casdyaar MN ij- " ''iiS'j trtu, that Bion paopla kam riddas B GaaV- ; g-Jj yaw Tina tlias an my ataat asas 111. iint luet week with her mut Iter , Mrs. Ada It whack . Mrs. lM-lla li. White hae purrhas-ed an apartment huildiuj; at Terre Haute. Ind. and will niovt there near the lath of September. Mr. and Wre. Carl Morton and children of Indianapolis visited over the weekend with his brother and lamiJy, Mr. and JHrs. II. J. Morton. WW COST...- it AM OFFICIAL TIRE INSPECTION STATION tV S. NISBET Trustee FRED HAYES County Superintendent Valuable Drags Among the diseases against whirf) sulfa drus have proved valuable are pneumonia, meningitis, serious Wood infections, bacillary dysea-tary and gonorrhea. Tney are also very widely used in minor aad major wound treatments so as to prevent the development of serious or fatal complications. ASany thousands of lives, especially among our fighting men on the battle fronts, have been saved by the use cf these tings. GAIL HENNIS Treasurer of School Eoard fJIfJTH 8l BOGART OBILGAS STATION JOE il A COLETTO

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