The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on August 31, 1944 · Page 4
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 4

Clinton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 31, 1944
Page 4
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Page Fonf TlTE DAILY CLINTON IAN Thursday, August 31, 1044. PARIS SEES HUMILIATED HUMS New Pastor I votes for the New Deal. Hrownell conferred In Chicago I with (iov. Dwlght II. Green of llll- nols and (Iov. II. If. Hlckenlooper of terson warned that vielory might be delayed unless the United States Increased production of heavy trucks, hig guns, heavy duty tires and oilier equipment. Allies Smash 46 Nazi Divisions Since Invasion 4sf5&i 5 ed In social studies, speech or education. "Tile Federal Government" will be taught by Dr. Oils Jamison, "Personal Speech Improvement" will be otfered by Dr. D. YV. .Munis, and The Exceptional Child and Ills School," by Miss Kay tirlftlth. StudentB who share cars may obtain gasoline to attend study centers. V. L. Tallocl! of Terre Haute is the director and Tiielma Tittle. Iowa. Ho spoke by telephone with (iov, Kdward J. Tliye of Minnesota, Mrs, Dudley O. Hay, national com-initteiwoman from Michigan, and national committeemen Lew Wentx of Oklahoma und Uoy Dunne of Minnesota. Soviets Pound 1 At Bucharest. 4 Take Oil Land (Continued from page 1) slans a year and a month after the down to the Iilack Sea. bombings and was estimated to have furnished at least one-third of Germany's supply of high-grade fuel and lubricant oil and gasoline, turn Itomatilan Towns The Nazis In their flight put the torch to dozens of Romanian towns and villages, so bitter are they at the net Ion or tlieir former ally turning against them. The Danube port of (lalatl was reported In rlames, with lakes or burning oil floating The Ploesti fields fell to the Rus-ing rrom bases in tiie Middle East, first bombing of the oil-well region by American Liberator bombers fly- Bees in Control Box ' A lineman in Newington, Conn., responding to complaints of interrupted service by telephone subscribers found a swarm of beei had started a honeycomb in a control box. Dewey Seeks Party Unity in Campaign For GOP Presidency (Oon'tlilleU t-TMOi rage 1 1 during his trip tolhe far west, he will tiilL wllh rnnnhlfcuii lu,li-n from 21 slates in the corn belt, the far west, the Pacific coast and one or two border states. CHIfAOO, III. A solid sweep of j the Midwest by the Dewey-Hricker ticket was environed by Hepuhli- ean national chairman Herbert! Hrownell Jr. as he conferred today i with young Republican leaders. I Brownell's prediction of victory i from "the Alleghenles to the Rock- les" was voiced following a series ot conferences with tiOP leaders In Chicago and by long-distance telephone. The prediction was tempered by a reservation thai the Republican sweep of the central stales appeared certain "providing our organization continues with the unity and en-j thiihiasm simtvn to dale." I President Roosevelt's announced ! plan for a political speech Sept. 23 ' was Interpreted by Hrownell as evl-! dence that "the Republican trend is stronger than the President believed." DfttciiKHing the claim of Democra tic national chairman Robert K. Ilaliliegau flint the New Deal will carry certain mldwestern states. Hrownell said, "He'll have to travel far and wide to find any electoral iJi&m&M&Suss . .... i mm w CAPTURED BY FRENCH PATRIOT forces In Paris, high-ranking German officers are marched through streets of capital. (International further six scverly mauled, including one Panzer grenadier division." Kiseiihower's statement continues. "The equivalent of 20 infanlry dl- vififmiM liiii- linon f,l imiii.jli.l ,! .. further 12 very badly cut up and nave suilereij severe foKHCg, p4ilatt Inrantry IlivMon "Included in this total or Infantry divisions are Ihree tt llw ,,.- my's crack parachute divisions. In "SUlllii. addition, one parachute division and two Infantry divisions have no hope of escape fro mthe fortress port of the Brittany peninsula In which lliey arc marooned. One Infantry division is Isolated In the channel islands." At Hie same lime, Kisenhower emphasized the tremendous consumption of Allied war materials in the French campaign. Earlier, Pat- ant to At Cayu Rev. D. Donahue Takes Pulpit at Nazarene Church Here; Other News Aviation Machinst Dwlglit Hud-Bon, son of Clayton Hudson, spent ten days with his wife, Mrs. Bertha Morgan Hudson and two children. He came home expecting to he here on a twenty-seven day furlough hnt lie had heen here only 10 days when he received word to report hack to Boston, Mass. Dwlght is with the weather patrol in t lie Atlantic and on his return to Itoston lie will be assigned to a different ship. Rev. and Mrs. I. Donahue, former pastor of an Hast Chicago Nazarene Church, have arrived In Cayuga and have taken over the pastorate of the Cayuga Nazarene Church. They have taken temporary quarters at the Ira Donald home until they can find a vacant house. Mr. and .Mrs. K. E. Hrasel of Colfax, Ind., Miss Doris ilrasel, St. Louis, Mo., Miss Matirine Johnson of Casey, III. were weekend guests of Mr. and Mrs. John Crick and family. Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Hann of Cissna Park. III. and Mr. and Mrs. Harry Lewis and Mrs. Dirk Lewis of Danville, III. were guests last weekend of Mr. and Mrs. YV. J. Wilhitee and family. Mr. and Mrs. Harry Pearson of Detroit. Mich, returned to their home last night after spending a week's vacation with Mr. and Mrs. Harold O'Donncll. Miss Coralee McCance returned to her home last week after spending a week with Miss Marhara Carter at Chicago. Mrs. Carter and daughter Barbara will return to their home here this week after spending the summer In Chicago with Mr. Carter, who is employed there. Arthur Tolley of the I!. 8. Navy and a shipmate, Manuel De Soiiza. are here spending a twenty-one day furlough with the former's aunt, Mrs. Ada Hollingsworth. Mrs. J. 8. Auble entertained Thursday afternoon in honor of her son, Joe's twelfth birthday. Cuests present were Kenny Harper, Hilly Anderson, Bobby Donald, Bobby Jones, Billy Hawkins, Connie porter. Jocena Benge of Kokomo, was also present. The afternoon was spent in playing games. liefresh-menls of cake, ice cream and pop were served by Mrs. Auble. Connie, two year old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Donald ( lark, caught her hand and arm in a wringer at her home Monday morning. She was taken to St. Elizabeth Hospital, Dan-j vllle, for an X-ray. No bones or fractures were revealed but her aim was badly bruised. New Courses To Open At Covington Soon Thr? new courses will open at the College Resident Krtension Center at the Cotingtou High School Building, Tuesday, Sept. 5. at p. m. and will continue each Tuesday evening until Nov. n hour term, hours of resid-nt credit In graduate or undergraduate work can he earn-1 Behind the w a - fe!.! m m m (Continued from page 1) vessels of all classes sunk or heav ily damaged. German Mncliinc losses 5. I'pward of 1,300 Nazi tanks have been destroyed or captured; 20,000 niolor transports destroyed or captured; and huge quantliies of large guns and weapons and munitions of all types knocked out of the war. Kisenhower reported, too, on Al lied and American losses In the but tles, and emphasized the tremendous consumption of war materials In the French campaign. He reported that the Allied air force has lost 3,000 planes since l-I)ay and has consumed the equivalent of 225 more In replacement parts. I.'. 8. Keplacemenls In the first 70 days of fighting. V. S. ground forces required !M)0 tanks to replace battle louses; 2,-400 automatic rifles; 1,750 quarter ton trucks: 1.500 motrars, and 83,-000 miles of field wire. Over 200.000 prisoners or war have been taken and Eisenhower explained that 135.000 of that total have been captured since July 25. indicating the mounting American snccessess, "The total continues to mount," the statement said. F.lcven Panzers MhiiIciI "The equivalent of five Panzer divisions have been destroyed and a At One You OWE- i II III iL Won't W Miss the Big Covington, is local cnrrid'naior. Persons not wishing to enroll for credit or audit are welcome to vitiit classes sometime during te term. Frantic Balkans Seek Allied Peace; Slovaks in Revolt (Continued rrum pag 1 I Moynp, HrfUfth Milliliter of State In th Mfddlp Kast, would head I hi? AIM'-d delegation negotiating the armful ice. 'hitif-lif II i 'omif lr Term I'rH inn nary work on tlte terms was reported com pleted a f I er con-fereneeH tmlh with Prime Minister Win si on Chii rf lull and reprenenla-liven of the Soviet government and a Unitarian reply in antiripated within a few dayf. Arrival of the Romanian Armistice rommifwton in KuHHta wan an nounced over the M oscow ra d i o Prince Stirbey, leading Romanian peace advocate, was reported with the delegation, as was Lucre! i a I'at-raneBru, MinfKter of Justice, and several other officials from Bucharest, They were rn''t by officials from the Soviet Commissariat for Foreign Affairs. Slmnk Forces llattle Reuters reported that the Czechoslovak forces of the interior have come into the open witn Slovak patriots fiuhtfng German troops. The British agency quoted the first Slovak war communique, which told of German occupation of Slovakia Tuesday, and said CKI forces have seized the town of Cadca, (Scacza) an important railway junction south of the Jablonfca pass leading into Moravia and Silesia. Kiglit For Junction j Heavy fighting also was reported, in the region of Zilina, cnief railway junction of ' central Slovakia, at ! I'ovszska Bystrica, south of Ziliua and at Trenchin. The German DXB agency admitted in a broadcast beard in Iondon that the Nazis bad occupied Slovak ia at the request of the government to fight the partisans and re store peace and order". LONDON", Kiigland. Competent Hungarian cireb-s in Turkey have received a report that Hungary hac approached the Allies for armistice terms, a Keuter dispatch from Istan bul said today. There is no Indication that such a step has been undertaken in Turk ey Itself, however, the dispatch added. Origin of 'Hack' Hack is an abbreviation of the word hackney, which was originally ridi from the FrenJh n8'. gm for j, to ride Seen sst .BtaT (reception with Ava Gardner. That about completes the cycle o Hollywood beauties. And In record too. Vivian Blaine out of the "Nob cat for a week with intestinal director Henry mtnaway will HALF CENTURY CLUB r' s V . ' LEBRATION onday, Sept 4 1V1 VHULLTUJUUU Century Club Park On Lake McDonald CLINTON, INDIANA T! PLENTY OF FUN around her. Not only Donald O'Connor nut bride, Owen Carter, will appear By HARRISON CARROLL Blag restart r adiesu Urttcr HOLLYWOOD Decision not yet Anal but Ward Bond, terribly in jured when struck by a car, probably will have to return to the hos pital later to have muscles replaced in his leg. He had lost so much blood and was on the table Vi Ion for I " repair of -broken bones that doctors dared do nothing- further at the time. Pencilltn aaved the leg. Harrison, Carroll It' already a separation for. mS- Patricia Johnson (ahe wrote the hit t -s "I'll Hemtn rr inn ' AnM ' Herbert Even, of the Broadway caat of Janie." They were married only but June. Even has gone into the Army, Eddie Norri and Patric Knowles i I i i A' P"" J .mm him m just time, Hili' flu. j shoot I !m war, from and way 2mt """ Jitn Clure, lion, i FO COON DOG FIELD TRIALS BRING YOUR DOG Entries Start At 1 1 :30 A. M. Liber al prizes for winners LABOR DAY ADDRESS - 2 P. M. FLOYD HENNER Supt. Indiana State Farms, Putnamville W AC how at Palm Spring From now on to the end of the the only fan mail to gt answer from Veronica Lake will be servicemen, sick people and children. She says ahe can't possibly answer all the letters herself can't find anybody to do it the ahe wants. Hence the ration- HOLLYWOOD HI JINKS: "The John L" wi" b Prrm'"ra unHKi,ut u,j. m,o itjniy irraung re mc- Linda Darnell. Barbara Brit' EVERYONE ADMISSICN FREc Half BOATING Wally Ford and other cast members to the trip. . . . Singer ill crom U "nert ir, motor:meni Frank 3(n (o HORSE PULLING CONTEST - 2:30 Two Classes - Weights up to 2800 and up to 3200 lbs. FOUR PRIZES IN EACH CLASS 1st.-$25 2nd.-$15 3rd.-$10 4th.-$5 All teams to weigh in at Riverside Mills, Clinton, Ind. Before Noon Contest Open World Wide T o "7 " Z.Z lthe Nfw york Paramount. But his play. -Rendezvous." PUn to leave ardfflt av as aoon as Noma linisheii Lniver- man ,0 do (t HMrTi aJ s -Accent on Khythm. w j , ht raKboy rtar ncm. in ,hI South Pacific with the Maurice Sonja Henie -igorously denies Evans dramatic unit. . . . Kamsay new rumors of a separation from Ames had the damdest experience Pan Topping. "I went to a restau- j singing at the Hollywood canteen. rant the other night with Producer ; Her shoulder strap broke Coin.t Arthur Woods and my family," j Basie says Los Angeles and Holly, ays Sonja. "And I may be going J wood are now the hep capital of tin out occasionally with Pon Loper. V. 8. A. . . . Max Factor outfit rebut there's absolutely no truth to veals that "Kitty" is the biggest the report." Maj. Gus Damon 'wig-job in Hollywood history. Kven arrived in (5an Francisco in time to j topping "Mane Antoinette."' . . . escort Jennifer Jones to the pre- Such tension v hen Jimmy K Hugh miere of "Since You Went Away." land Mary Veade got the next booth Understand hes just back from Po- jto Phyllia I' :Uof at the Hollywood land and that, somehow or other. (Tropics. Nubody more surprised he managed to capture a German j than Jimmy when Phyllis got mar-brigadier general single-handed ...iried. . . . Charles Foy off to New Uidn't Tommv Dorsev sell hi 1250.- j Vork on talent hunt and to speed 000 Bemardsville. N. J., estate for ! production of his play. "The Seven a fraction of its cost t ... Claudette ; Little Foys." . . . p.onemary Coltiert thrilled. The message to Planche and Miehael St. Angel at the French people she recorded for the Biltmore Bov.l . . . It s very the O. W. I. was broadcast to Paris cute to see Alice F3ye daughter, on the day that liberation was an- Alice, Jr.. doing a hula at the B-.--nounced. . . . Ma Lupino and Nick 'erly Tropics. Harry Sugarman Arden have collaborated on a new 'keeps a special grass skirt for her. aong, "When Our Fingers Meet." ; . . . Describing a disliked starlet, . , . Artie Shaw shov ed up at the i Virginia Weidler and: "Her man-Porothjr GUaior-ia) Ky v, t4ig InersjrillrietJjr Eirai Postponed,- 13 lf CONCERT BY ELKS CHANTERS Of Terre IlanK-, Al ii V. M KEFKESHMENTS SERVED ALL DAY AND EVENING FISHING

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