The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on August 31, 1944 · Page 2
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 2

Clinton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 31, 1944
Page 2
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Thursday, August 31, 1914. THE DAILY CLIN TON IAN Page Two "Lone Kangert"UVd In r quests of Mrs. Emina Nale on Tuesday. Mr. and Mrs. ltus-j A(,Jon on Pacific Area SOVIET TROOPS POISED ON EAST PRUSSIAN FRONTIER Seizure Federal IXiNU liKACH. Calif. Sst. Lee Oi Pennsylvania Mines Imminent Bell Nale of Itussellv Ule w1-' "vt guests over the weekend. Hev. Isaac Cox attended the t. II conference at Indianapolis last week and n-eived his re-aj.pomt-meiit to the P.rrysvjlle charge a-gain this yar. He will serve (he IVrrysvilie. (Jessie and liileyshurg ChUltlieH. Powell. Btar of the " Lone Kaimer" serial on the screen, has been killed in action, fighting Hie Japs In the Pacific. Hi widow. Mrs. Norma Powell, disclosed that she has been officially informed of his de ath. It was not stated where he was killed. g:M. Powell, in the marine since took part in the assaults uu both Tarawa and Saipan. f V (Continued from tit IJ W.H kend guests of str. ana , KdKin Ilron re Mr. l-eon.,rd Scott. Spriiiitfic Id. .. Mr. tui -Mre. Joe Williams and m.n. llowai'J and j s ' i iy 7U 4t ' wVr-t Firilze voies are Hcheduled vviliiu ijc ne,i l" dua. Sivike to' Hot t w-Te taken y-sterOay in Hve uiniv !Vi'ii.) u niua pilr aiid wall.oulw riiiiy rtsult iunuedibWl Tr-e t:il:eF arc v. result oi pfiWLt by John t,. 1 wis to e.p:ind '!.- ai.u Mnlmlra of St. John. Alien., m. ui iil.ri trrin.i:. daughter. Mari- llyn,' and s"n. W. i.d-1 of I 111., and Sirs. Kta Woody of Tan Perrysville Nevs Events Mrs. William Crane Is Honor Guest at Shower; Minister at Parley Mrs. William Crane was honor truest ui a miKcellancouh sliowtr given at the home oi Ming liuth Fox Tuesday afternoon. About 25 persons were present bring-in K Mrs. Ci-ane many beautiful and uet-l'ul lri'S'jtits. The aiUjrnoon was j-arty spent in working con lest f. Xirs. Helen M 'ers and M rs. JW ury uglies both winning prizes. Mrs. Crane was formerly Miss Naomi Metzger and before her marriage was a teacher in tlie Perry a itle grade Kehou. she ill leave next week to join her husband, Ll. William Crane, a ferry pilot who is stationed at Dallas, Tex. Pvt. Kdward Ueorue and wife b pen t the w -'ek end with i'ri en d s in Terre iJaute. A- T. Carl I). Hicks of Hondo, Tex. is spending a siiort furlough with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Hiciis. Mr. and Mrs. Hurt Nale of ieorge- I Vehicle Milcatte Vehicle mileape in 1943 is estimat. ed at 13 per cent below 1942. and 33 per cent below 1941. In comparison with the drop in fatalities, there is an indicated reduction in the mileage death rate of 14 per cent from J941. and co change in the mileage death rate over 1942. . . trict in of in-, bin I'Liti'il wine I W'o'iur- I'-uon ii'vi win union tm"--I ;iiti(m ard bj.r;ainii..t; j lite for ap-! 3 s-u. gier. Edwiij lironn has hi Tangier on account of illness of his latin r, I). IJr. W. A. Johnson I ailed 10 serious Brown, j t. ijnding j iidin a J 1 1-,' proximately fif. and sr jk-'I'v teui flic nt ion. A worke. e re. -d'i'1 to tlic .U!'- 1. 1 tii 0 mine foremen v oK.i thromrbou! majority of die;. j ily already beion:. j 'u-imital and siipot 1 alt. this week in t'liieai' mi u.eal clinic. Gassified Ads Sell Most Anything but I v isory C i vjf i o u ui d i . t lie i it ti I? 19 n 'CaVe I;atinK Lady' In the Seventeenth centjry, the "cake eating lady" was a familiar figure of English fairs. One such performer ste 12 rounds of cake in less than 30 minutes cf each of six daily performances. coal operators 1uip refn.;ea 10 h:ir-fe?iu wiih i Jio mti'jii. I itt .if-t tt Lit j The W;ir huh or Board referred the Pen ui-iiiv uia .irike to (he nii j ioure i'l't'-' .loin Melpiue, p'ji- dent or trie super vise, "v worker, , ion had reW'iea a return-to-v rk j plea fium i Ik board, j The 'hii .iMV-rod to set termis of wages aed vt rkinpr conditonis lor j the hu''" i- ry cmjili yit, 1'Ut ack- I 'lowKci: ?1 t'a; it fould ii(t r'.Ptid! 1 ue ji.(B!H':i of u' 'on reoorniiioii and ,o.iei e hai jrjiininp which i-itis I wilhia tl.e juriBdierion tif Uie Ka'-' Throw Votir Scrap Into th ricbt! 2 N -v SOVIET TSOCS are 3Ji.n on the nva at the frontier of Boat Ptuseh here ttey are re-porteuly irainp far a vid?-scaie attack against Genauiy pooper. , ( Soundpboto) Ctisrles iKinaidBOtl was tile old Jj.Kr:.f"la:iors Boi.r4 !! i .inn miniOiiarn tt"- ; vert ft.'-v TV' tnlWi' has scl'.iiilaiedi btrilse. Ih'iHfvT? ' i'Tidr the 3iniTh-'(':uialjj',l .a . jii :'ji'vp i hu; 70 luint-a Penn-i Vo.' Alatioa. Ail oi jrli-wt ffo-'i '..r- knii &v;kI(: co: ! Thai t j iec est ptiason present, and Koyal Ko-riacK of Keoclier, 111. tbe youngest. fa Yanks Capture Mice in Drive To Join Fifth Continued mw ag II 1 1 f lSS ! "'.n' .ri.vcnjn.r-Mi Iv. lee t"'Rre lias I - :'Vt 'li-:1 r.:i,:ori'f coai i-rinfa be-iiBC of KM-ifci'S. In 11m previous m-tUiniN. iHiv.e.'er, Ihc slr!U were ly r.e'.vi;:' V'VIVv orr?ni7a"'ion of pio- ictubii v. 'vrl.i-rn. A walkout aow 'ier jiuhses 11ia,t tlie Germans are i.utiiug ui tlieir most avae opposition. i ij;!it for Time Bince Hie ap1nre of Crenoble. lioervis.'trv t'liijjloyoto Mould be i pro- V i' h. '3-'-; Yv-' i lul it. ein-ra'-iun of m:-1 j:Mtiea and J'ayuis 1'oreeB lia been Ijillerly fighting acl'ORB half a -doz- BUjierA i- oil' aM'.H.iale I Vj 5 nui art'.H.aate Sontwn am; Strike against time-wasting hop-scotch shopping from market to market in search of variety and values. Walk out on higher food prices. Shorten shopping hours . . . save . more monev by coming straight to C. ColuEsbus Co-Op. Stores for everything for your table. Five complete departments featuring a vast variety of fine quality foods at the lowest prices mean quicker, easier, more economical shopping . . . ftil! food selection in one conveniently located market Shop here today and take the "labor" out of buying for your Labor Day Weekend meals! i en alpine paKHes on the Allies -ex-jti'erae right flank, while the Ger-I mans are defending Lyon in an ef-' fori to hold open their retreat routes I ft miiy Miiri"yeB. PEIKUT BUTTER 2 K 48s o.vbr, to Hie north until Nazi remloroe-n.ents l'rom Italy could punch I I tiroujTh. IhfrWilBi ' fl ' llltl'7 DC? ' CKOfC, S; l''. JV5 p He, .,1 r, Ato:i.i.lra11l.n an- RnVr ULind mt.KJCA i'ag k i.a. tr, 1 l.uint v:.,-ins v.i!l p-jjliir.uo l'f"!i"necl ; Entire Congress Backs Allied Unconditional Surrender Demands ! WASHINGTON, p. . The Al-tli-i .fii'-nfami for unconditional sur , - . J lep-i "I 'll" h,.t.-r i-Ul.-i. in oongreBB today lot- Beef ! e;' i :fs t ' 1 UeT -as lic.e er ntimatione by Lieut. oiot" A lfa'"l) In iht -wa).: irdf- i: lamb ' ':en. Kirt RVkw. I'Ull Jl' ti A ( a avK A .f rlf'.PI,IlK! A. f1s ,f P f .(! I! (-llll..T.'i! llittmar. (ternian radio I' A A. A and Ti propagandist, mat me imizib wm and loins. J peace on less harsh basis. I pli B i S Q U i C K ure 43 z-pkg- 29 j le"iIIZ;,: CRACKERS 2Ch BREAKFAST f A f Q ft 2 1L Pkgs. 0 1 c ESSkinsiant Cocoa 19 WHEATIES 10eg w a. nmh. mZL jtBt, i jX. '1 uMi'ir.tif l.i-lil!. I t-nl.v i iKuee m '.'Ill'':' ni'-rs v.-1 i'l la:.ii. ' vt'liiii- the policy ol demanaing si.ireiider has been - q .estioin d at limes, many senators j of be ll poh'h sl predicted tl.iit. Hitler has but one choice, : ,.lii '-ender. 1 ui pusilion of .cojigress was ex-.rtBed hecretarv or State Hull ui T)it : inav's uiitln-ss indicated iru.lf. eWCi tv i ;,:r.;,!;::, : SPOTLIGHT I :ri:',::"urIt it;;t j J '- i5S Q ... v!mr fc ..l..o.(l.v had uocu Miller and his henchmen were . 9 v; i fn -u A-'l'i. lli'i..i'iJ t It,-:.!. (I . mil'W. 1. "!ll put .i;i out lea'.e feeiers ill 1he flic d.leal and eietiared there can iiH noiii'ug l.ut i.i.ctinditional sur- HeilKianJs seat mLfmmma 80z-Jar roc giumir..; 1 3'ul . i1. i' l giiso.. I li Mich., charac- ir'S SLiilenients as j .-.i-d lien. - jhnts Cleanser 14 beginning of the j ....tiei; "l.tie 1 f : ' .1.1"" i;m- ( -'1; u;v,a:af STT.-'lul." BW'Kl'."J' nP! 1,1m.-. MtAMCI-.-'i JS , J . !; pr... A : hi Ill,- "(l:r U'lil- k'i J l'.tllUW ril'IWMII' 4iSC VKl.llljf'i. ,-. - .f.. Ai M. "!) IvO -' i -1' HI lh.- f ould be grenter if that is pofifc-ibie. li d effort at honu-. vktory at an early ! E" l; f Peanut Butte? iur 2S ii -Att..t.iL' I.e. . M,m-" illllsl, -i ' V-!.l .'.i I-'-l" "- ' '""K I..nn i W i .,'. - t. ..... i..1 in:'.'." hi ...- nf any pence we ? ,':.(-. ,'-.f -i-'-e'i ,. '':,1...' 'J aiii l'itrlul utaKe. Uu r.:i?.H took juuh ii, slvuiig in bruiy and strong in 'id. ii .ul z ? t iem t lie Nazi pliil-ii-h; wliii'i is going to be hard eii.dic.Lle." A L A r.1 1 clock wii!'';:j ' j;rru-$$, o, i I - r8!',,,M!d ''"iry:'" I t -In: fUi-UiE' t M....:!.. '..! : j , -,.,.; ,m vv,,c..sp I'"- .(i.. , i . ... iS, i"--r vT ;:i i.e -h '' ' ....... .. .... f i .-, . ! 5 i- it i, I. r ..oui.u Iiorn si;: . Jl 0 iVil 1?. rlZreib in r1ITS COOKED HALF OR WHOLE I Sen . If e V tian d ( I ) Ariz., has h ! ni' lu d a daie for the end of the f I i I ,.wt: a- : "- 1 k r ('..,n, 111 e'U-'eK. Sll lb. nluirgev, . war. It is is'ov. 11. Armiauot? JJaj. liic: ease! S PLLL fc8lS? ' E r; ,,,,,,,.... ..J-.krani!. LrL.Lt LviL ti i" I !. 'tu- f!-'m eitui to in ni''nts. A5r Force ?iental Exams OH ii to County Eoys 1 "A" UEAL BREaSYsc Af If . K .. IP 'ill .Meni-il screen examinations! tor both 1 he Army Air Corps Enlist- i ed lU'seno Program and Eulisted; 20 28 V22I lb. snnii inp.r itossf Gr nerve voriis - Army pecuuiseu ; lining reserve program will be . . .M.-K j.., - ,,,.,(- It CtM'.llllg k ill : , -r . . T,.i.,;...- .. -. ,, iiMiii.1 !-.;:ni- ., , I. V, t .. r ...... nfi i Shops 1 luiven to thr Terre Haute area 37 , 'and 18 year-oid youths at 7 p. in.., Mondry. Aug. 1H. at the Laboratory, i School in '1 rre Haute. ' i j Newport youiiis may register with, V, V:irrant Utficer. liert Walters i at t he Terre Haute Engraving Co.. J ! who i? In charge of the tests at 7 i j p. in. Monday. To take tlie tests, np- ! t licai-is mtiHt hae obtuined their. Swifts Bland Lard Grand For Eery Sbtirtnening I'jie- 3 lb. Carton 55c :;i(ii iv.s iield l:mi "a ol fUihiing le Seveial Kaltl : hour 'or .lie iti it nun:li"r of olii heinooi: I'rog ran. oi:l a (ii:iiance wen (.'oliiiian ami Mrs Grade J; T-ut naii.r i 1.';. f - : :ni Ai'1:. 1 I . and iwt iiilUi"ii oi lleeeh-j C(,,.t ila:a.HS both jiarents' siu-' Mi', aiul A.ra. .itrfhi: Donald- j mit uieK on and application blanks, itpidicat ion blanks, t'flJI ff j e,,.-i 29 Grsde "A" Beef spu lb. I -., VO'I, J s. CHUCK ROAST n mwm m t 1 -ti c Huue. Mr. and .Mrw. j , ,,ve written references s;er uT 5ira::il. M'-. and Mrv-. i jr!,m sncii persons as Tar-tor, school Jester ol CiawiordHvi'h. Air. S'.;jerinteudeui. or employer. H V'K.J , : -.7. -."ay? '.-,,. nd iXirF. J. .'. Jones and E. E. i-el I Nftiiiner ktsst ii ., i .; .n : ----- V Newport. A short I rotrram ravllra f HiilJC: Company !i d.ii intr tlie r.l'u ru hui. .nioiigi m x sliced Grade "A" aoon 37, lb. -h. number, givt n were social I is i q(t je luanageineiii .iUU!' by Mr. and . Irn. Eph Oft'man ! The Ca ua Milling Company ' a piii'er prepared by Mrs. (irace chantred ownership last week. Jamep r i 'k'n' . f vt ..' t i i . , b ' Plate Grade A members - -ii . . also ' ' " ff rieeeast curing i ii past or missirg iV.h. Cardia .Morrun has ben the owners Bince i!Ml. The mM- ovnern are A. C. L.'yne and H. V. Tlionipwon. both ot -Nw Market. Indiana. The bnsineps name, oi the milling company will be Larue and Thompson Cirain :' - " x' '" fTtp- -; :i v'-re sir 'rou ,l 'l - - T " Cramer. S.l HiiMih, VH1,;-! ,sit C w. I :'.M.d and ll Air. aul Airy. C W. Thorn, tnr the eoiini: . Janie:- F. Siu.d- U' Me ':: Oe-CIeti i? v ere; ;(fe-:i !r N. Junes; F'-c- P C " vie p'esifien'L. J . I f - l -f .t.-.te.,. :. f Wonder tVhy It cost nickel to phone San Pe- C f A..-K. TlilVI ' 1 .ro. Calif., from Lone Beach, Cain. ".d Snodoy : ai d licks. The lrur. id ii tlie ham . ! a-M V VlVh .-nd Tjirrw-r !i! tw fl .lm Fhitres TTjs nnl Hi -z ... but it costs a dime to phone Long W in'-. L-i1, v til he II I ' " ' 'ill I - -iJ Beach xroxn ban Pedro, place uu the last Sunday in AugubL. - - " - '- - -f r

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