The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on August 30, 1944 · Page 5
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 5

Clinton, Indiana
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Wednesday, August 30, 1944
Page 5
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Tagc Five Wednesday, August 30, 1944. THE DAILY CLINTON1 AN By Jack Sords FINAL STAND , Standings J 1 1 Major League Scoreboard St. Be mice Soldier, Now Nazi Prisoner, Awarded Five Medals (Continued ri jv. wk 1) Cnd) (ninlil).' SI. 1.1'tiin S. flfvclalid 3 (nllil). VU'lONAIi I.IO.Uil'K Niw York 4. Hoslon 2. Ilrioklyn 2. I'liiladi lphia 1. Chiiiito l.'i, I'iilslnii'Kh 4 (Isl). I'lllhburith 5. t'hiriito 4 (Slid I. St. LoiiiH 3. Cincinnati 0 (ntlJit). CRlGHTON jfS jiff i r.n JV- MILLER sr2 VAvv- HALFBACK STAR FOK. W 1 -rSe- pASf-iaeee sbasoIs, w JS St MAiOnIS US USTAfPEAeAlC, TOMOIIUllWH jami: ikim. i.i:il : I No tittm-H wlu'dnlod . mi i;i an i,i:a i-: liilndl III SI. lliltliil. 'allil'l'ton Bt Ni w Yol k ). HZ CHICAGO e "si r ..xi l:SI IIM.I. Toi.y rrnh;tl)!t pilclHTs: AMI lilt AN I l-. M.I I) Uin-lon (P'NimII III N' York III"-row v I . Clilrm:n tl.i:H nl I . -1 1 . i t i;iir nica I. W'ustiili'lim 1 l.t'nli.'i ril I M I'liilli-rtclldiia 1 1 1.1 ill I ti 1 . Si. I.oiiih (jHcuckil at t li'vrliiliri 1 Harden. ATIiil, i.t.M. I: New York I ! ) HI Hunt on 1 1 1 hi - cllillL'M. l'hiliid'lplilii lKafi'-wri al Brooklyn 'li:iiiiaii or .Milton) ceAcAjs I . -' A ' Ik AMKI1K AX l,KAa V. Clubs Won Lost I'ct. St. Louis 71 54 .fills Detroit HO 67 '-l itosmn us & . r. : r. New York ; r,H . f. :i IMiilnihlphiii 2 7 .4M Cleveland llll 6 7 .472 Clilcato .'i7 7 .4fili WHshinaloii f2 7S .41 l ll W. I I 1: Clubs Won Lost Pel. St. Louis HI :i .7.12 Pltlsbillglt - 71 4S J.II7 Ciliclnuall " 61 .6IH New York S7 HO .4ii:i Chicago 62 (55 .444 Philadelphia 4s 71 .40". Boston 4!i 74 ,::ns Brooklyn 47 77 .37H AMKItlCAN ASSOCIATION' Clubs Won Lost Pet. Milwaukee SO 44 .072 Toledo H3 61 .Ills Louisville - SO 53 .02 Columhus 75 01 .551 St. Paul 71) CD .53k Indianapolis 51 2 Minneapolis 47 S7 .351 Kansas City 37 5 .2SH Home Naked Bread Back Again in Bedford Strike lli:iil-(iHI). ind. llotiif linked bread as appearini; in more homes than usual today as a strike at lite i;iirers' linking Company or Bedford ent into its fourth day. The ed l;y 'SlI. F.Mlman on all these occasions reflect the highest credit upon himself and m- Armed Koice of the I'niled Slates." Air Medal and Three Oak Leaf Clusters. "For evcepiloutilly meritorious ae hiei inenl. while pa rl ii Uniting In twenly separate bomber combat missions out enemy occuph"d continental Kuropo. The couraKe. coolness and skill displayed by thin enlisted man upon Ihese occasion" reflect preat credit upon hiniBelf and 1 he Armed Forces of the United States. "Since these awards cannot lie formally presented to your son at this time, I he decorations w ill be presented to you. The Distinguished Flving Cross, the Air Medal and Three Oak Leaf ClusterB. will be forwarded to the Commanding General. Ninth Service Command, Fort Douglas, t'tah. who will select an officer 10 make the presentation. The officer selected will communicate with you concerning your wishes in the matter. Sincerely yours, The Adjutant fleneral." I (niclil. 1 I'illshurch (Strlnrevioh and Cur- Great Teams To Collide In All-Star Game Champion Hears lo Mrrt Best College Team In Game's History Tonight; Luekman, Dobbs Contest KVANPTOX, 111. Two prvm tennis collide tonight in the annual All-Star football siMPfarlc at Dyilic Studiiim. tlie world champion Chicago Bears and perhaps the Ivm col-lepiate approbation in the 1 1-year history of the evnt. It appeared hiphly probable that the sell-out crowd of T.m.omO would be thrilled by a pitch inc duel expected to develop between Ensicn Sid Luekman of the Bears and Lt. Glenn Dobbs. one of the preatest collegiate forward passers In the last eight or 10 years. Irficknian in Last i.atite Luekman. the Bears quarterback, -who will be playine his last game with the Bears until after the war. has been largely resKnsiMe for the success of the Bears" T formation strategy which brought three pro league titles in five years. He pitched the Bears to the title last season with a series of record-breaking performances which won him the vote as the outstanding player in professional football. i Iolls Will Shine In spite of all this, there was thej chance that -Dobbs would outshine i hiikery serves an area of fill square rurullol al Chiraco ( Wysc and t'liip-nian I ( 2 I . Cincinnati (Ili'iisw or Walters) at St. Louis (Schmidt) iniKht). miles in the vicinity of Bedford. ( onferences between the company and members of the bakery and confectionery workers union (AFD yesterday failed to settle the controversy which revolves about the discharge of one man. The workers walked out when Dean Mulkins. a niiier. who also is a union steward, was discharged, allegedly for report-in? late to work. Throw Tour Scrap Into tin Flgnt! YESTKKIUVS liKSI'l.TS AMKJilCAN I.KAtil V. JJoston S. New Y'ork 1 (1st). New York 11. Boston (2nd). Detroit 7. Chicago u. Philadelphia 3, Washington ( lst-twilifilit 1. Philadelphia 11, Washington f kJA edrt ; 1 (Association standings do not in clude last night'B second games.) MihbWas.. , 4 iooanrApreeBy peOT-rflisyeA 6Uf AS. PKiPEP -6 cAU-rr A Every Sip Says... l "It's the Brew forYou!" Oscar Grimeh' three-run along by ii I . . . . . . .. ... & . &.m.fe-& s if-'. ' , - I : ; . -f.-i ft- :"fi L. T. Dom Sigillo (Xavier). L. G. Pete Cudauskas (Ky. Teachers). C. Clyde Turner (Hardin-Sim-inons). R. G. George Zorirh (Northwestern). Ft. T. Al Hoptowit (Washington State). Ft. E. George Wilson (Northwestern). Q. B. Johnny Long (Colgate). L. H. Kay Nolting (Cincinnati). Ft. H. Doug McEnulty (Wichita). F. Ii. Gary Famiglietti (Boston homer. Albletics Itelt Senators The Philadelphia Athletics twice belted the Washington Senators in a twilight-night double header, taking the first game 3 to 1, and the nightcap 11 to 4. The highlight of National League competition was furnished by the St. Louis Cardinals, who were hurled to a three-hit. 3 to 0 victory over the Cincinnati Reds by Ted Wilks, who thus scored his 14th triumph against one defeat. The victory increased the Cards' lead to 1 games over the Pittsbrugh the great Luekman, as in last year's game the former Tulsa I'niversity star completed nine passes in 13 attempts, one. of these, caught by Pat Harder, "Wisconsin fullback, going for a touchdown. Playing with Tulsa, Dobbs set national records. In the Sun Bowl in 1142 he completed 21 passes in 29 attempts. and the next year in New Orleans' Sugar Bowl he had eight consecutive completions against the University of Tennessee, one a touchdown. Collegians Have Edge Balancing the Bears' power and femous precision of play anainst the numerous stars and almost unlimited reserves of manpower assmbb-d for the All-Stars from schools all over the country, the betting fraternity was giving the coibgians a 3 to 2 edge. The Bears, because of the war. are extremely limited in reserve No use taking the word of anybody else. Just let All-Grain Sterling tell you in its own refreshing way how delicious beer can really taste. It won't fake more than a sip or two to convince you that, truly. Sterling is the brew (or you. It's the same tangy taste treat now as always the kind you expect when master brewers do theit best with choicest beer grains and grains alone. Try Sterling first chance you get. Remember, good things go first! StEftMNC BREWfRS INC., Evansville, Ind. ALL-GRAIN r- ... ! doubleheader . , , .,..'. mi,i si,i.i i Pirates, who split with the Chicago Cutis, the LUtis went on a rampage to win the opener, 15 to 4. then lost the nightcap. 5 to 4. Paul Derringer won the opener for the Cubs and Preacher Roe took the afterpiece for the Pirates. ;ints llefcat liraves Hill Voiselle hurled the New Y'ork Giants to a victory over the Boston Braves. 4 to 2. and Hal Gregg won for the Brooklyn Dodgers over the Philadelphia Phillies, 2 to 1. I 4 w v L. T. Bill Willis (Ohio Slate). L. G. Dick Itarwegan (Purdue). C. Jack Tavener (Indiana). It. G. Lin Houston (Ohio State). K. T. Hob Zimny (Indianal. R. E. John Yonakor (Notre Dame). Q. Ii. Lou Kahan (Indiana). L. H. Glen Dobbs (Tulsa I. It. H. Charles Trippi (Georgia). F. B. Creighton Miller (Notre Dame). Iteferee Konald Bibbs (St. Thomas). I'mpire E. C. Krieger (Ohio University). Head linesman Johnnr Kelly (Loyola). Field judge H. G. Hedges (Dartmouth). s JT' 111,1 'ntmmm ,i AMERICA'S CHOICE 5T PILSNER L ' - ... WfteMijfi " " S I E R Lighter-Weight Bottles There is a trend toward lighter-weight bottles in tlir Tilass industry. ' ' , , ... s i -j i yAssrt?!'' 7S ' SyWHM ARE tU. leA irTlC OU.CUATWHS. g MY FIGURES ARE ftW AND 'J'-: Jl X vl. k8TSS FIGURES BEUKM' M6MG1NS WO)? I I fl S-k I J 'T'ir bA DEAR RAS'-ALS FROM TUE OLD OAK ' 1 ? ( BS GlNG TwE 6C0UMDRcLS A "1 vtf-" ( - jZlK - ' -st vrr-V.i. ! ,NTHEo0',i 60 IM TEN A 43 RSTO1S CHAkffi TOR - 'JM Z. ,) &Tfr manpower. Back of Dobbs. the All-Ptars have a fine collation of brak-away runners in Billy Hillenbrand of Indiana. Charley Trippi of Georgia, Creighton Miller and Corwin Clatt of Notre Pames. and Petee Layden and Kay McKay of, Texas.. Indiana Wt ki Tap Also Head Coach Lynn Waldorf Is three deep in dependable blockers, with X.ou Paben on Indiana. Don Greenwood of Illinois and Ken Keuper of Georgia available for duty. Luekman, of course, has Gary Fa-miglietti, Ray Nolting. Douh Mc-Enulty. and Ray McLean, all veterans of the Bears, back to assist him in the backfield. but their replacements are hardly known to professional foorball followers. Services (i't PrweetK The net proceeds of the game, expected to be the largest in the history of the All Scar game, will go to the Army Air Force Society and to the Chicago Service Men's centers. Before the kick-off. Luekman will receive the Joe Carr memorial trophy as an award for his election as the outstanding pro player of 1&43. So jesse siy awo RUDOL3W RASSENIJAlE WERE HUSTLED 0F 6V THE SMEOIFF TO BE HANGED. AS THE RUSTLING VARMINTS BALLV WELL DESERVED ! AND THAT TA6 U5 TO A NEW EPISODE calleo 'VALOR VALLEY 'a tale OF INJUNS AND A heel that was taken in tow a well-aimed sock u HAIRBREADTH HARRY Tigers Hard On Heels of League Leading Brownies Dizzy Trout No. 1 Hero With Tiger Fans, Scores 22nd Win; Browns Win NEW Y'ORK. X. Y. In the e-vent the Detroit Tigers manage to overhall tire St. Louis Browns and nail the American League pennant & few MINUTES LATtR RUDOLF PUSHES BACK FROM l r'THERE.'.' FREE AT LAST- THt IADt.t kiOW I LL TIP THlb 5T0VE OVER AND SET THE PLACE OW FIRE Steadily dan has beew wormwg the rope back and f05th on the &jrface of the iron bed flnallv the rope part5 to the Briggs Stadium flagstaff, a ' gent named Dizzy Trout can take a sweeping bow. He today in the Xo. T7! VOU WILL NOT FAIL. ALL RIGHT LET'S GET WHEN THOSE SPVS RUSH IN LET'S SEE WHAT I HAVE AKHJtJO HERE I CAM U5 A5 A WSAPOW THOSE ISON RODS WOULD 0O-BUT THtV'RE RED HOT l0N RODS WOULD DO- THAT FREES ONE WBlST- ' -'-:;i I', TO V0UR PRiSOWEH-rU MAKE HIM TALK.'.' HERE TO PJT THE FIRE OUT IU. USE THE CLL CJ THEM THEVRE ARMED--BUT IT'S MY HERE TO PJT THE FIRE OUT IU RUDOLF VOU WERE A GENIUS AT THAT WITH THE GESTAPO tSMlU SMOXf DAN DUNN AH.' HtRto A CLUB ONLV CHANCE 1 1 hero of Tiger fandom. j The gent called Dizzy scored his ' eighth straight victory, his fifth ' shutout and his 22nd w in of the i season yesterday over the Chicago White Sox. 7 to 0. He also batted fMV FEET ILL HAvb A 7" jT jm V '' 1 Lr S0MTMMG$ i EVANSTON. 111. The starting line-ups for the football game tonight at Dyche Stadium between the Chicago Bears and the collegiate All-Stars Follow: ( hi. ago IJcars L. E. Jim Ileton (Arkansas. GUNS 31 1 T H All Kiwi "f (inns lieiairetl Arlie Pender Hill-dale. Ind. in five of the Tigr runs with a single, a double and a bonier, and at the finish of t he festivities the Tigers iiad advanced into second place in the standings, knocking the Boston lied Sox into third and the New York Yankees into fourth. Four (.antes Iteliind The Tigers mined up four games behind the pace-setting Drowns, who lost no ground themselves by defeating the Cleveland Indians. S to 3 in a night contest. Denny Galehouse hurled the victory. The Red Sox and Yanks cut each other's throats by splitting a double-header. The S"X took the opener S to 1 on the fiv-hil hurling of rook- I (e clem l:r. i- iierd and lost the. II to 2. against the eight-hit pitching of roe) o- F'lovd lt.-ens. Iloft. winning piteie-rs were making tte ir major b r-glle bows. IU ens was helM 1 LADY'S STOMACH WAS LIKE A GAS FACTORY; MEALS TURNED TO GAS tP JIFFY jj " ' 7" , TA: COiuI IpAPsTfil-rSCDLI ILUCK.V FOK THEM U I AIMCT Au ) J iM . 7 J'" --d BE THE AFTEI? ALL, tVEA INJA THE V BROUSHT A1E TvA A. Af-'f inimoie S ujto wiw the s 011 -77,; - irsvEPjEv) lumack 'J-'yjQ tzzw Theatre fry f"' I h fl Wr' i'I UCM, I IftSOSH l'SE eSOT T1LLIE I I IT CERTAIULY WAS DE 1 ViHO PLAYING THAT IW AW TIT I IF IM AM AVJFUL PICKLE WACHT AM RHBM-YOU AMERICAN! ARMy CAMP? 11LL1L ,u livWEIMT Al MOW J VJERE PLAYIM6- IT 6QES ' y - WAS, 1 ST t5'sJC5LE CALL, EH 7 J V ijfpTHISt .fA 1 I COLONElJU 11 , TOILER zr- - t&FA- M Onr lady sjilil rwii)Iy that lirr rtonmoh ol to be like a "ea "- I tor !" Thai is. when she ate a meal i It seemed to turn risht into cas. !She was always hloated. had awful jstonuirh eas iains. dally headai hes iand constant irreeular howcl artion. Vow. however, this lady says she is FREE of STOMACH JAS and she i says the rhanze is due to taking EIIB-HKI.P. Her nh-als asrree w ith 1 her. No pas or hloat aftr eatine. I Headaches and ronstination are 'eone. "(Mil what relief!" states this BATTERIES Ko more waitinr for days to pet your batterr back . . . do th job QUICKLY, carefully . . . frive just the ripht amount of charge . - . no more, no less. Come in for this fast, low-cost eerrice today; drive out on a battery that rami' to go. joe r;i Aroi.rrro NINTH & BOGART MOBILGAS STATION lady: "W hy don't irther eas and constipation suffentsi eet Lrl-Help?" Eltll-IIEl.P contains 12 fireat Herls: they cleanse bowids. clear iras frtmi stomach, ac-t on sluceish ; li-er and kidneys. VisraMe peofde i soon feel different all over. So don't 'en on oufferin"! Klill-MEI.I. W hile's (I'.evall) riiarmacy I'rus J Store,

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