The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on August 30, 1944 · Page 2
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 2

Clinton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 30, 1944
Page 2
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THE DAILY CLIMOMAJH Page Two Bulgarian Surrender Seen Hourly; ProNazi YANKS NEAR SITE OF WORLD WAR I BATTLES J Indiana Offiee I Headv for VeU T' Maxfiold family reunion ilwild Sunday at the Lome of Air. ,aud Mrs. Oscar Ma.xfield. Alice t'.uoke is spending several days with Iter brother. Warren Cooke and family near Mrs. JDolore J.ii'nnis and daugh nrsz i 1 t r" 'T " ' ' W lAlUtt ntlLE? C 1 KCoutinued droiu jiage II i weekly ito jieiu'W ii is work .api'lii'.a-i.iou anil ito si.mi ;ii vvom her ilur ihis neiUljtlaliUleltl .llil'lo HillCe il'le'Ck. lUaiidaer ipniiirt.til .out Mini el'Hill illlll'.v ((lisiliUnliitlV lililllisellf itoir llihe aHowaimie iby itiniiiUug iHuitui'b' '.! AcUtntarily wii.hotU good .cause .or by ilieliuiillg itu .attend .a if" iiii'aiu-ing .course which iluight ibe ,iinl luned by uM.ioiis. 'Ml' lllelil-iillg 'to M-ply itor tiuititble work ito which the might ibe .referred Iby itiie iPliblic tiutploynient ,ittioe. Jjentlh Al service will ,lel.niiue ireudjufituinni .aHowinhces ito ibe d paid ithe .ex-sen ice :uieii iinid w.ono'il- .f,;a I'dner .oiled itluiit tiuiiiiiunini serviiie.i ito iiuuilily, .excfjPt iin icwse .ol iiiiijuify .oouunetfid wilili service,, .or .disability .discharge, iis :1MI .days. Kor itdnis lUiiiiit-iiiuiiimi .a wntmiiiu iis ipoteniiiiailily .iiliiKi-ible if or ill '.Mks .of lilo.wn,uies. Kr each indditionai .uioalili .of awwitne., ilie may irectiive 'fou.r .more weeks ,of .all-llowances. :1Hi .fj! .weeks llitt itb' inaMiiimui. i''or a 'totally iiiueui ployed v.eterau the allowauce is J 0 a week. A iiutr-,j l.iidly nipioytid .v''iiaii would ctliv.e .the .difference ibelweeu this eail'llings ;and !i8- jMibent, il'lields. iiionite ,one. W.eHl ijlenre lUamte ;anl :Stisn.n iWobuon,. .('.iionitptoii Wdilll. vilii ifoar ipusseng-ers. .a.lil .eseiiiped injury v-heii itiheiir .car .collided ,a.t .Hie K'.rosstionds .one ,ini,le Mies! .of rnivtirstiil iiut ' ,a. in. tins iinorning. iit was irejioiited ilo-day. The ililobsou a.r. wiiich was great-ily .dinuiLged. was itaken tto Mike's Auto lilody ,-Slup itor irtpiiiirs. iState ipatrulmain lEllis iIJuKund iu-.v.edligated tube :aceident. t .. -. Aussie ("nionisin JSore ithun J.illlOjOliO Australians jar.e itrade lunionists. 'iritis is 107 jjor (thousand ipopulation .compared with ithe SIX iper ithousand Americans who ,are 'members .of AfX r (G1Q. This .unionism ihas inot ibeen isuddea growth. "t ; li Cabinet Crabs Hungary (eCaatftiined teum it ilium lhiiili'.aii'.iii .s iirenaiiied il.o ,dit.-aii'.w iCeiimaili il.nutil'S fltaliwued tiili Hul-igaiiiu. Vihail ,(lesiii'iibd m '"'ililiiw-KaiiiiiMi ''MaiHin"r'l"iiti' it;iiiliiui'" iliiw Hiuiiiuiitfod itihe no.vieuuiinvenit iwif il'lne-.piiiiir lUoeine Wwtoiia.v iiiiid is liteadnd iby (tlenenul lt,t iiiejsa ibaikaUm. kiuiu-mniKl'it' (Of iltl unstiiinnu itwiiues . ithe fcussiau Anoint, fcen i(lllitl Ciiiu-jKis .No ireasou iKi vnu lUy (the llflmi-gai'taii 'gove,nument itoir ithe dismissal! ,i.f .Si.i.e.iity -viiole .wbiiiuit, rtihe iio-w .eaUiuei is it ic.pitfltd IH Ibrliug ilimi-i;ary .iniiy closer ito it:he Jftjtlies- . C. Sn.ttaiiy .of State iCwiidiilll iWiUlll ,iiid itoday it.hc il 'iiiiiiid .JStmtes oA'e,!ininietnt iis !gSug Mtitf icouHideiiiaitivoii ito itihe mies-ition .of iiuiiikiiiiig jit j,mposslile ior itiUe Khw ileadeis it iflutmw .oaife innfinge in ineiiiiiiiail Kiounitiiiies. Questioned iconowuiing imtmom it.hat itiie JSitui ileaders iwighit iitititenlpt .to ifb.e ito. .paiiU W Attilnr inepiltrajl lOllilH I'les.. till UIII iTeCllilUid Itiltllt lUtst ii.'i;i..stdeat J'luose.vejt icaitlod u iieii ,of itiie iiieuit.iiall rtjounitir.ies ito (dt! .line jits u rtiie .oileatioii .of ,i:e!iiHi;ug ,a!".vlimi ito rtihe itmettiiy ilead- '" n "MtJg SoV tir Weds jv.ftl ine,vir row dn gf& ,den itf (the soil iis kvpl ,Unred with lhae iW (OUitivutar.. in 4oos, sandy oill,, iroke .or (oathed uitiyaitr o itiie -stirring;; m ibewcisr saji, thoe imay fre neoessarsK. MOKUMEKTS (M luimdeite iiu 0 Xttt nlwh v. ( enw Mttute,. fUidwu Dr,G, BJ.fcCU!RE CHUKOFJ8ACWB K1 (REACHING THE MARNE RIVER 15 Jmilos east of Paris, American (foroee ,re wear ithe scene whore ithe .Gorman tide ot World War i .was stopped. Arrows indicate totest Allied drives while iline A shows he jfartheat advance In ithe last war, and Une ft ithe ibattle toe at time ,of armistice, (i aternativJt!) Quaker News Of Interest Local Pwjile Sm Movies Of Alaskan Missionaries; Family lWuioii is H'ld iLida Kllioft of rf'nyugit visited ilmr daughter, Mrs. iKred iliugg nud ifiutt-41.v a ;1'XW days. Mr. und Mis. ,11. C .Cooke were in Ooorgetown. 111. Sunday. Mary and Helen Cuuaday of Henderson i'hupol spent Thursday and Friday with Sylvia Thompson. Several local residents attended .the County J'air at t'ayuKa. Harold t'ooko ol' l.iana visited li its parents. Air. and Mis. B. C. .Cooke Sunday. Virgil uiltu loft .Friday tor his home in iLouIhvHU'. !' niter a visit .here with his parents, Kev. and Mrs. Molviu Smith. .Krouui ('nnndiiy, Sylvia Thompson. Mda Jilliutt. JVrud -Huks and .l'ain-lly. JCverou and 'nnnio (.'.orard were umonp those who spent Wednesday .evening: at tin1 home of Mr. and Mrs. Joe Hucli to si the lantern slides Hhown by Rev. and Mrs. Ira Downs, missionaries in Alaska. Interesting jiietureB were shown by Jr. and Mrs. Alice of Kidnefann. 111. Sadie youmans of Ohio is visil-int her cousin Jl. .1'. youuians and lumtly. ITwonty .one attended tthe .Pollard- ;h)jcc ol three racliclk urns in RUBBER STAMPS For JSvery Purpose 48-Hour Service THE DAILY CLINTCNIAN SAVE GASOLINE AND TERES Bring Vour Hogs To The HOME PACKING CO. TEKliK HAI'TK. JM. YARDS OPEN DAILY FJRIDAV TIIX NOON FOR SALE J-'UANK J'liOXCO. STEAM HEATIfiG BOILER J-AUlMHliif J ' (Apuo.v. air0 Kl. Cap.) 14 Sections of Cast RADIATORS " High, 10 li. Long To Be Sold As Is JOE AEIWE 1. 1. I O.N, J Ml. iSrnthettc Fd 1 1tTrea (Oti fIoctively irep!ace jart xS ithe iprotein supplements jn ttlie t ation lor jniminanls -or ,cud-cheving ienimals. Work in w'Uich :rea was lUsed as M substitute (for iprotein .con icentrates in 'the trution for .cattle 'has ibeen iroportod tram ifclswaii, Kan as, JIassactius41s,, .and Wisconsin Agricultural Experiment stations, iand for sheep Ji-om illinois and Kew York stations, in ll teases, tnitro-en supplied as lUrea wss satisfao ttorily utilized iby (the mimais. Staple Food One iOf ithe staple ifouds ,of South Americans is rice, served in a ,multb-itude of farms, in Mexico and rGuate-.mala it .appears on -tlie itnble ifried ito a -rich ibrown. in Honduras, lit is served as ,que ndilln .de arroz r tcakos, and iin porn ,it is itlie itisunil accompaniment ,of iroost ,ducK. iEverywhere in fthe .other American irepublics it is ,a .concomitant .of ithe trieh, succulent, ,red ikidney "beans which .constitute another staple ikitchon item south of the border. ter Pallli.leiill were tiitoppiuf; ,111 JJanville. HI. Friday. Fred Uugg aiul family attended the .funeral of Jnmt JClliot.t ,at .(Jeorsetown. a 1,1 . .Sunday afternoon. r. .nd Mrs. V. W. Southard .of near iKidiiefarm. illl. and Mr. and Mrs. Jiussell Kysur and .children were .callers Friday .evening .at ithe home of iKlla Thompson and ifaiuily. Mrs. -Roger White lias returned home after visiting ,1'olaUvos in New York. Eleven Hundred Nazi Prisoner Uagged hy Yank ((Continued itroTo ,page J) roouest :for surrender 'terms. Hiding in a French .ear .carrying a white flag, il got through .okay to my battalion commander. Incut. .Col. il'ltllip Johnson of (Portland, Me." Accept iuri-elidei- H'ltf'ins Soon afterward, .('.oggius .continued, he went iback. acceptel ithc .(,;or-mans' surrender in Johnson's behalf, and ithe job ,of ihauling .out ithe :pris-oners ibegau. As iCoggius il'inishnd ibis story at ithe .regimental .conunaud iIiohi. Major 'Williams. Alio .executive .officer. mm in .and said : "Say. you ,can .write .down itUis1 .outfit's iiaul .of iPrisonerB itor itudny .more jl.itOO another .one ,uf our .officers. Jjieul. fitter .tldde of Saddle River, is', i)., just picked UP more than 2IUI by iliimself. "While lOddo was ut on .rocon-naiBBance ihe iinot iFroneh interior troops who itipped iluni off about an '.nmy artillery .outfit waiting ito give itself .up bo ilie went .over and piled 'em lip. i J "it Booms ithey wanted ito surreu-! dor io Americans tratlier itlum ito frenchmen itliey're jtrobably Bmant, at .that." The ,regimontal .commander .chuckled: "When one ;man ibringB in more than HO0 prisonerB and anoth-' er bags 200, .things .urenit igoing so badly." Weeks Rainfall Pro vets Benefit j For State Crops ; ((Continued from page J) ! Jonathan appleB in ithe southern third ,of Indiana, $.000 .to jlli.000 bushels will be available in Knojt uiity a the last of 4ho mrflek. The Vincennes area will have a considerable volume of utility grade next week, it was reported today by the market news services on fresh fruits and .vegetable conditions in I Indiana. The service ib provided by Purdue University in .co-operation with growers. Morgan county will have irom 8,-000 to 4,000 bushels of EHiorta peaches lor .export this week, with harvest continuing to Sept. C or 6. Laporte county has just begun harvesting Klhortas, with 8.000 to 4,-ooo bushels available about Sept. 1. The peak will come a week later. Approximately 1,000 bushels of J. H. Hale also will be ready for ox- port. i Five cars of yellow globe onions are available in Whitley county thii-week, with curlots and Irucklots to be had in Steuben county. Truck-loads of potatoes hac been I harvested in Whitley county and carlots and truckloads in Steuben county. Marion county's supply of tomatoes for lioine canning and table use is good, and red beets, sweet oeiiiiers. and hot peppers also inn) be purchased. Truckloisof tomatoes ( a ailablc on the Terre Haute J market. Market lor J For Your and Information Only Protection There !s E RECOGNIZED o AL DEPOSITORY OFFIC Soviets Sweep UpToPJoesti, Near Bucharest ((Continued irom jiage fl bombing und shelling, Soviet ialiUs and motorized infantry traced l!i miles down it.lie ibighway ;froni Tul- cea. south of ithe (Danube river, luto Constanta by land while Sox iet marines Bwarmed asiiore ifrom units of the Jtussian illack Sea iioot. .Occupation ,of .Constanta followed by 24 hours seizure .of the naval base ,of Sulina at ithe inouth of ithe Danube ii-ivitr tvirtunlly sealed ithe doom ,of any iGorman warships ,or mot'i'.hant tvossnls tthat ,may stiU'ibe in ithe waters of ithe tlncK Sun. JBol tled in iBIlli'.k iieu -With B.ulsa.r.Ui iteportedly .out of the war as an all.Vof cermariy, -Nazi"; tleet units are bottled up in 'the Black JSea with no place to land. Northeast of Uuchareiil Kussian columns swept beyond Buzau to Hal-: taplopului in their drive toward the ' eity of Ploeatl, which lies some 85 i miles north of the Romaiiian ,capi-; tal. In two days units of Marshal Ro-dion y. MalinovskyB third lUiiainian army advanced 19 miles io .cross the Buzual river and break into it lie town of Buzau. a rail junotion and oil-producing center on the northeastern fringes of the Floesti region. Slediie-Haintner I51oM; Predicted AjraiiiKt Japanese Continued trom page 1 "Task l''0l't'e OK. which scourged i the Jap BO .effectively ill Ihe lull ', eight months was just aoot, slllli-j titer zenhvr compared I" Hi'1 arr.n ' anil iirnillgeuieiils of ships. planeti ami oilier weapons old i.llll ll.'W - which are cady to lash out now. PKiUM, L-IAKHOH - I'urtli.r soUt'liiiifc-UI' llow: wiv in .n.!'i Urtiity lor irtliiuri lns'i; ol' Jiipiiifs inner l'tMifie pfitni(i( r iollowmn di:-eU.smv uy I'iuiiir FIm-i Hc;t(Jinar-lTti ol' liciny Hirik-s ;ifuhisi Iwo .luiw i in Hie Volcano.'; and I'iuaimi Hliirn in ilie Kuril'i. Heavirhl Air .Smash The Ciurtme eomiininiiii" gave out tutlv l he hatv iulonnat.ioii ilia'! Army Air l-'oirc I alifiai ors 1, o in b v d I'aiJiiini.shiru Salmday. si ail in i' n- end fires. Mil Ini'-rna- littnal News S-rvi Cinlf MrWilliiili) ad a iin (I Ah-nlian I I'., 1 1 (he atia'k M aerial .smash ol t lu KlllileS. :e correhuundeni u ni inr H orn an i liiiv r.-M-aled as Hi'1 lieav iesi ar aKainM t If i;i;n. Diitin.As .mai'Aktiii'ii's HQ.. New taiineti Aliieriiitli planes hae struck another heavy ueutraliziui; blow anainst the sliii-teKlc Dutch I'Jast Indies bases ol Amboimi and t:eram and launched new smashes against Patau, Japan's naval base at the eastern approaches to the Philippines. Ainbon Sea oi Humes .More than 7:". Liberators and fichler-bouihet's hammered barracks and harbor insinuations al Ambon. I limine the target area inlo a sea of flames wilh smoke billowin.K 111. one feet into the sky, tleti. Douglas Mac-Arthur's headquarters annoiiucd today. A record IS! tons of ep!osies Were dropped on the ohjeem es. A ll.l'ell-loll Japanese IfeiL'hter-trausport was leli ablaze onshore I and two coastal craft were destroyed or badly damaged in the vicinity of lioehl. where other htl'Ke fires were ; ignited. I FOR SCHOOL BOOKS In Clinton And Clinton Township O By Purchasing Your Books At We are in the (CLOVEN S Ojliiky VV Tlie government is trying to increase the production of clover seeds, this season, by a system of payments, generally based upon sales to commercial handlers, as Main fit Mulberry Sis. You Are Assured Of Receiving The Correct Books At Correct Prices DO NOT BE MISLED! By The State Law, The Lewis Hardware Is The Only Official Book Depository, Buying Elsewhere Involves Unnecessary Risk! follows : 1. We will pay you the ceiling price of 30e a pound, for Red Clover and Mammoth, for clean seed of good quality. We will clean, free, the seed we buy. For seed that you take home to sow, we charge the usual 15c a bu. cleaning. 2. You can take our serial numbered Purchase Memorandum, which we have in duplicate, showing the amount of seed sold to us, and turn it in to the A. A. A. office where you are eligible to receive 312c a pound government bonus. You are also eligible to receive the bonus on seed that you take home, provided that you send sample to Seed Inspection. Springfield, Illinois, and receive a satisfactory weed-free test, then tag it accordingly. 3. You are eligible to receive $3.50 per acre for harvesting the number of acres, you cut for clover seed production, and that will be handled at the A. A. A. office. We have cotton bags to sell at 40c each, or will loan them to you if you sell us the seed. I S. NISBET Trustee FRED HAYES County Superintendent ! Edgar County Seed Co. f X N. J. MoM:V, OwiMT J GAIL HENNiS Treasurer cf School Board . mm. i y mi. a ijigjiju.:ii iwi.jiMi! m mm Farts, 111. asliiniiloii -SI. IMioiic Classified Ads Sell Most Aovthicf t

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