The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on August 29, 1944 · Page 7
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 7

Clinton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Tuesday, August 29, 1944
Page 7
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Jagc !3cvrp Tuesday,. August 29, 1944. Halle.v's Comet Halley'a comet was ,tat wisible during May. 1910. ?&,. JEty Jack SorcU UNBEATEN JBACK Chicago Bears In Ragged Foiw For All-Stars Match "7i0CJA. II Du&icki, Puce-KicVMe ibfT Ulfbac of itie BoiteRMAKgRS .... (jxl KVANSTON, 111. The Chicago Bears will come to Evanston for their iranie tomorrow night at l)y- che Stadium with the college All- Slurs with .little or the continence that has marked their participation in previous all-Blar games. This was the story brought today from their training camp in f.ollege-vllle, Ind.. wli.are Coach Luke John-sos was quotstl as declaring "they made at least 25 mistakes" in yes-: terday's drill. ' It was.jBKreed, in fact, that tills practice was the most ragged of them all. , with players mliming assignments, bumping Into each other, going tlie wrong way for pusses, and committing about .every niisdeinca-ner that wakes a coach ,rae.' They took their last 4'iH this morning before leaving Say Chicago. They will go through a,, dress rehearsal in Dyche 'stadium tonight. Sid Luckman, who will quarterback the BearB, said: It will be one of the toughest games we ever had. We figure this is one, of the best All-Star teams, ever assembled and our learn iBn't the best we've had." The selection of Dick Patterson of Chicago, guard on Purdue's undefeated 1943 team, as captain of the All-Stars was announced today. Keep .Cool J According to .recent government r'enozts. the W shelf of the kitchen is not the most idea,l place to keep precious jams, jeuies ana picsei vo, even -though it is convenient. - To prevent spoilage, these products ark i i ,1 HQf.V Arv tilnp. Deal JWviJl. vw. WHi, f' ALL SET for s good full day' work when a nagging headache sneaks up on you. .You utfr and so does your .work. Ready for an evening of Tela' ation and enjoyment a pesky headache interferes with your fun, rest, enjoyment or relaxation. , ( .PR. MILES Ar.ti-Pb PCs ; usually relieve not only JHead- ache, but Simple Neuralgia, Mas- M cular Pains and function Monthly (Pains. ' ' Do you use Pr. Miles Anti-Paia i Pills? If not why not? You ca 1J. get Dr. Miles Anti-Pain Pilia at your drug tore .in the regular . zn package ior only a penny apiece , ur t in tho Annm, tlRckaire eVAM " &us -tie oiscom W'3-Pi,kito oA-Mo success tMo&vtfeo coulee eweiis - siusftev A&ASl&A 6ACKSI0P cheaBer. Why iiot get paetatgr'J'jK IllvVX 'HI today? .Your druggist h,as,th' te only epi.. Read directions and use : dmected. Your moce iack Sf-.fHfi ii'i iftt are not .aaitsneo, s ; f ;r . I'ji'i !J ',U i ' i War Came We Had All of These mm? VL Pennant Sace Goes Iii hoto Finfeh i Browns, JRed Sox, Yanks, j Tigers Bunched at End : 01 Race; Browns Have ! Slight JSdge for frize jNEW YOKK. N. Y. It appears tely thai th American LeaKiie ,oo will result In a photo finish, as fy sny at the race tracks. The Uiowna, Ked Box, Y'unkB anil :erB are like a bunch selliiiK pla-ts. None has class and they heal e another with regularity. Just te the platers. Close finisheB used to be the spe-ility of the National League hut e Cardinals have ruined their ild. The CardB are like Man O' ar compared to a lot of cheap hor- They have nothing to beat, owns Falter at Wire For a while It appeared that the towns might pull away from the ild but they've been faltering as ey near the head of the stretch d If the Red Sox, Tigers and Yanks ive anything left, one of them Ight come and nip the Drowns at p wire. ;You will have to go back a long ly to find such a tight finish In e American. To i 1908, when the 'towns,, were in the running .then j they are aow.i .r ' i -xal J08 Race That . ,, ;th; race was .decided ly on itlie .final day when the Tig-j), under Hugliey. Jennings, beat p White. Sox ,ai)4 went 4nto the rld aeries against .peerless .Frank lance's Cubs. The Cubs then pro-jeded to take. lour ouUuf iive games pin the Tigers,, despite -the prow-f of Cobb and Wahoo Sani tawforil. Sani led the American iague in homers that year witli iven circuit clouts to his credit. That's right, a puny .seven homers. But the ball was deadin those days and the pitching was infinitely better than it is today. Had Mordecai Brown J The Cubs had Mordecai Brown, great rival of Christy Mathewson, and Big Ed .Ruelbach, who led the National League pitchers that year. The Cubs plastered whitewashes on 'the hard-hitting Tigers in the last .two games of the aeries, f Ipcidentalry, each winning player got only $1,817 in that world series and each losing player received $870. f Yes, the pitching and fielding was quite different In. those days comfiar-, td with what we ere looking at to--day. f j j .( i ' .! ' !. ,BI Hoi j(Wf . I i t 's 41 ,' The oldtffners-'iiad tlielf ifaytr off, of course, but they probably never had one worse than the Red Sox and YankB had yesterday when the Boston entry trimmed the New Yorkers. 7-4, despite the fact tliat the Red Sox pitoherB issued 13 bases on hafts. The Yanks filled the bases seven' times once with none out and four times with only one out, and i couldn't score.' Half the Yank runs-I were forced across the plate on pa-. I ses. That was the only game in the f American. There was only one in t the National and in that one, the Cardinals defeated the Reda 3 to 2. Sycamores Schedule Six Game Gridiron Season TERRE HAUTE. Ind. The Sycamore eleven of the Indiana State Teachers' College will play six games this season with the opener against Wabash at Terre Haute Sept. !. Ne-gotiatiuss ace imderway ; for a seventh .gam Oot. r 7 with Alma College. Alma. Mich.- In addition to Wabaotl,- the Sycamores will meet team 'of Cape Girardeau; Mo.. Ml. Pleasan, Mich., and Illinois Normal. ' Aii. i Vatican City ' ' The'Wnte of Vatican City is the territory in Rome of which the Pope became sovereign upon ratification of the.Lateran Treaty in 1929.'. The Vatican,", official' residence of the Pope since 1377, is situation within Vatican City. GUNSMIfJH All Kind of t.uns Jtepaired Arlie Pender Hillsdale, Ind. IS 1 fit" "-"".gaered Colors '1 -' ' preen' was a 'sacred -color to both the Mayans and Mexicans and some of their best -carvings are found in jade and greenstone, 'V. r 9 n rpnrers I - c Synthetic ' i When Syhetic msis I rphe Japanese Me Mmemj k '. .., r Major teasue Scoreboard HA8KBA1X .TOIUr, , Probable pitchers: .' '" . , . AMKItU'AN Jjalt'K' ". Boston (Cecil and Dreise.werdi at New York (Donald and Bevans) (S). St. Louis (Galehouse) at Cleveland (KUeman) (night). Chicago (Dietrich) at Detroit (Trout). Washington (Wynn and Niggel-ing) at Philadelphia (Flores) (2) (twilight-night). NATIONAL HIAOI'K New York (Voiselle or Pyle) at Boston (Andrews). Philadelphia (Raffensberger) at Brooklyn (Gregg or Chapman). , Pittsburgh (Butcher and Sewell) at Chicago (Pas&eau' and Chipman or Fleming) (2). Cincinnati (Konstanty) at St. Louis (Wilks or Jurisich) (night). VESTKKUArS KKS' LTS AMKIdCAN JjKAUUB " Boston 'Vr.New Yjrlc4. ' .(Other iCluBs nofi clifluled),' 1i 4rixAr uhAuvK- f VfesiVirh h ioigei. f old ) . . . St. Juij fa JipclnniH rilflit). fOtliep eluus not scheduled).. 'K TOMORROW'S AMB ' NATIONAL ,ijai k Philadelphia at Brooklyn (night). Pittsburgh at., Chicago (2). Cincinnati at St. ..Louis (night). New York at Huston. . A.MKRK'AX I.KAtil K Chicago 'at 'Detroit. St.' Louis at Cleveland. Washington at Philadelphia. Boston at New York. A.MKHK 'AN Clubs St. Louis Boston New York Detroit Cleveland Philadelphia . - Chicago Washington : i.ka; Won 70 7 (15 (iu.. till . II - 57 2 K Lost 54 OX 57 5,7 67' '71 ' P t .5 .5 tl 5 " '' .533 .476 .4 .41 .4 o , NA'l'ION.M Clubs . St. Louis Pittsburgh Cincinnati New York Chicago . LK.vqlC Won Lost f .7 ..B2S .673' .458 .448 .'41)7 .'4UB .f 7.4 SO, 70 7 5 51' 3-0 47, M 64 70 73 ' 77 Philadelphia 48 Boston 49 Brooklyn ,, AMKUICAN A.SSKiATIO Clubs Won Lost Pet. Milwaukee 89 44 .669 Toledo , 83 51 .619 Louisville 10 52 .606 Columbus 75 61 .551 Hi. Paul 60 -r5 Indianapolis 60 82 .379 Minneapolis 47 86 .353 Kansas City 8" . 94 -282 . "... tt-ss ;i.-:i 11 v .V(i: riberAjttierica's great ar piirade...quicldy: oyereapie fhh chiefly with the aid of alcohol produced by heyerage distillers conquest of the word's largest natural rubber producing war effort. prqble.ra . . . to produce it nroduced a erave crisis in America's rubber was the only solution. Jhe : . . 1 1 i ki rubber manufactured to the product of the bever i; '.)il CWSIS IN 1942 "Jf we .fail, to secure quickly a large new rubber supply our war effort and our domestic economy ,both wil collapse.!' Baruch Repurt, Sept. 11, I9i2 ACHIEVEMENT IN 1944 "A synthetic rubber industry ,has been established and , is in complete operation. Jt is providing the nation with ar ample supply of rubber." Bradley Deuey, Rubber Director, July 25, 19U TO3UTE Commenting on the beverage distilling industry's contribution, a ,high W.P.B. official said on April 43, ,1944... THERE ARE MANY REASONS WHY YOU SHOULD: I in time. America's rubber chemists knew ,how to make it. ut...tne most practical process at the time required ,huge amounts of alcohqI...,far ;beyond the already overtaxed productive capacity of mdustria,! alcohol plants. fortunately th- beverage distilling industry was in existence m this , country with ,125 distilleries and ? capacity of nearly 250,000,(XX) gallons annually. Beverage distillers stopped making whiskey overnignt . . . converted ' Jl00 to the manufacture pf industrial alcohol. Soon millions of gallons of this vital ingredient were flowing into synthetic rubber plants. The rest is history. Synthetic rubber production today is ample to meet our needs for essential civilian and war rubber goods . . . this emergency no longer exists. Proof! ... the request of Bradley .Dewey, Rubber Director, to terminate ,his wartime powers. Thank you for your patience America's beverage distillers are .fully aware of the inconveniences you encountered during the 22 months when not a drop of whiskey was made in this country, for your extreme patience and understanding during this period, they express their sincere thanks and appreciation. Conference of Alcoholic leverage industries, Inc. 11 j mm .it is fair to regard the date, as being almost solely age distilling industry. "...synthetic rubber, is from 6 to 9 months ahead of where it could ,have .been if alcohol ,had not ,been available for .butadiene production." " almost unparalleled example of the overnight conversion of an entire industry from peace to war. Dr. Waller C. Whitman HKT.pp YQTJ jRELAX KEEPS YOU LUCKY STRIKE BOWLING ALLEY

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