The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on August 29, 1944 · Page 6
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 6

Clinton, Indiana
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Tuesday, August 29, 1944
Page 6
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J IDE DAILY CXjNVONIAN Tuesday, August 29, 1944. I'age Six f Attluiloci.. ' DOCTORS REVIVE BABY BO.",N 'DfAV f I ?-'x . .... ; I t t' ' SHE DAILY (XmTONIAIV 1MI I'ALAt'H "i f ' ' Tufsday iuil We(bies4lu' , 1-OaUsasd m The Weekly OHatontaB ISM 1m OUBton FUindemte absorbed In ISO ' PskBlhtd Dally Except Saturday iand Suadaj Lloyd Corri(fun, veteran actor-writer and oroduoer has a featur ed role In Republic's bright fiom-edy-drama. "Ooodnlght, Sweetheart." the story Of a city Journa fcjaVT! Carey Editor and Publisher at the Postottlce at Clin ton, Indiana ' as Second CUas Matter i .Indiana Republics Editorial Assortatloa list who takes over a aniall town naner. The olcture co-stars Buth Terry, and Robert Livingston and rbon32 Phone 83 open tonlsht at the Palace Theatre. ,: "Mvstery Broadcast" featuring Ruth Terry and Frank Albertson the. second feature. MmattBim '"BEACHHEAD OBJECTIVE" ' . ' i . ... r r j. ji .l i . .. m t fttPVSUUO) 0IT0RM AceriATinu WAJtAHH.,, Hunday, Monday ami Tuewlay . Musl.c-lpvlng movie patrons who ,ere, captivated by the voice ol young .Susanna , Foster In Univer- F ... - i sul's Xochiilcolpr hit, "I'liantoin of the Opera" the film that rocketed her to stardom, have yet another truat In itore. ' For the lovely lyric-coloratura sings a groip ol four populan classics In her latest Universal feature, "This IB the Life," op MRS. EDWIN APMAN, above, wife of a Navy man now overseas, smiles at Norwegian hospital, Brooklyn, N. Y., where her baby, shown at left, is now. alive, and well after being born "dead." Doctors' efforts to revive the baby wete rewarded three and one-half hours after birth when the Infant began to breathe followlnig injections of metia-zole, most powerful respirator stimulant known. (International) !PE TEMPEST IN WPB. The row which has shaken the war ening Sunday at the Wabash Theatre. She Is co-starred with Donald 0' and J'eggy, Ryan. production' board and brought about the resignation of its vice-chairman, Charles uier's gain in weight. Several Alex Foncannon. west ol the cuy. friends have enjoyed vlsils with Mrs. Osborn. of Brail 1. was the the family, up at the lake this , guest ot her mother, mis. james summer. I B.irr. or South Fifth street, last Personals ' I week. Her brother, James .Bnrr, COWMUIA, .... TuoMltty and Wudiu-wliiy "Swing Out the Blues," Columbia's tuneful,, new film-comedy opens tonight 'at the Columbia theatre. ThiB new picture, suid to be the hottest thing in swlngrand replete with , 6un., romance , and sonijs Bob, H,aj;nes,.,and Mrs. Taylor, of South Seventh accompanied her' home Cor a visit. Mrs. I'JameB Barr, of Sonth street, lias gone lo KnlghtsviHe Jovely. , .Lynn mVtK i;V-Vi tot aiielt with.- her- ,daugbterifth street, is spending the day Mfs. , , - .. ... I in Stems Haute. . ""! K""if rfJoe Jftitcf: win? has been at-1 Mni:Prlce B. Cross has return-tending at Jayc scliool up at Wi- ed front Terre Haute, where she nana Lak,'& heritor a visit with 1 has1 been visiting a few days with' hilt, uarejMfct iVr.4.and ,M rsy J,oe lr husband s parents, while Hev. Kutch, of orti Seventh street. '.Cross was -assisting' with some E. ' Wilson, Is untortunate' irom many aspects. In the main, it is damaging to national morale, coming as it does on the eve of the immense switch which will be necessary from iwar production to peace production1 ' ! Regardless f all the .economic points of view iv-ed.tfte. &ct js that, WPB has been staffed largely with businessmen. Mr. Wilson and Chairman' DonaM M. Nelson are t-4l--ttt3BJMbjBt;maWe business executives and they, among hundreds pf others, gave up their private responsibilities to go to Washington and struggle pith red tape and bureaucratic meddling Cjt all sorts and all in the interest of the nation's war effort. , The kind of job they have done is reflected in the amazing production record of the nation.' It was perhaps inevitable's u newest itUMF hearts. - .;; '-;- .5jv.r .'tJHoon Qver Burma" featuring Porotliy Laiuour.laud Preston Foster opens as the second fea He will return aB soon as the fall meetings.' ture.:' , ...... term opens. . Jack tubrgan, of Jasonville, spent Friday here with his wife. Mrs. Champion and her grand Radlunt Weight ' ' ' Although it la known that not quite three pounds of radium have been produced to this time, radium son, Haphael Heaton. who have has never been put on the scales. pers. They say the papers seem to print only rumors or stuff colored according to sympathies, and, besides, they must depend upon translations to get most they do get from the Italian been visiting for about a week, ln the country, are expected home and weighed. The element is refined not into pure metallic torn, but into a radium salt concentrate. The weight of the radium is accurately calculated by .measurement of its rays. Taking a Backward Glance ;lSak .Front Dowaglac talks,.,oue, .in-tlw. mocoing and the other in the afternoon sess'on., on . "The Finished Product" and "The. Teaclier." - . Miss Isabel Glover, . county health; nurse, finished a series of lectures on the work that has that they should have had disagreements, i Marshall V. Robb and tamuy have returned after spending the tomorrow. Bert Raynes returned from a business trip to Chicago, Friday. Thomas Currie, who has been In Clinton, the past two weeks visiting his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Currie, of South Sixth street, has returned to Onaway, Mich. . . Strong Adbcsives In all the talk about new postwar materials, is buried the tact that, many of them will result from yastly vent and say It will be a Sunday school talk, without any reference to politics or controversial issues. W ', '.. been Jlciie. in the county by the , "T.ltovatnra In summer at Magician lake, near, Dowagiac, Mich. Marshall V. has picked up five pounds avoirdupois, to say nothing of having captured several bass weighing a-1 bout that many ppunds-some of them smaller!' The friends of the angler sncEHst that, if he doesn't, L. B. Silverman transact- Imnrm.oH urihocivAB Uhifh bond .TWENTY YKARH AGO TODAY Malting Final Plans for the KvenU ami Jrlze Labor lay 1 Final I'Vlans for tlie events of tle big Xabor Day celebration here ' at Happyland Monday are being made by the committees in charge. A meeting of all these ing business in Terre Haute to- . . ,h w(Kd meUl Organize LaFolIette-AVbeelep .. ,i nearu ww" ; wv...-- the trades?, was the last , of an intetefitlftsJ series idf discussionB put disagreements 111 uunmcoo iuc Usually settled in quick order. The tragic part is that in Washington many of these differences are aggravated py political Weddlers. rxi ' .y (..:-, .In this phase it is extremely difficult to exonerate Mr. Roosevelt of some major culpability in the blowup. jMr. Roosevelt is not a good administrator, a fact vfery, widelv known. He is very prone, to delay I Club At Meeting In Man I ol d I The Vermillion county organi by Dr. e. Madison Curry. ,, day- ... 'to metal, wood or plastics. So strong Mrs. Charles Turner and babe are m(my of lheBe adnejives. that came up from Terre Haute today under slre5s me material joined for a visit with. her mother, Mrs. givn way before the glue-line doe. Fei-sonuls hang to his heavy coat of tan, he MxTnir. son of Thom will l"se considerable of the sum- as McN'air, o! South Fourth street who vha; "-'' ln Santa .uaruara, CaUf . sinoa tlve summer of 1922, of My Life IYith You retuTiied ttt lii,)iome Wednesday, natters, to procrastinate, tojeti agency ex-, Hie Rest evening for a visit. Miss Aenes McGinty of Monte committees has been called for 2: if. 0,'clock Sunday afternoon at the p. .U. hall. JjAQcprillng to plans now agreed upon the Labor Day celebration is to be started at 10 a. m., 'with a customary Labor Day parade, 'starting at- the, -Central School giounils and ending at Happy-lan'. ;Tlie parade is to be led by a Clinton band, iayuga Sunday . HHiol Men To Faith Baldwin Co, mi, ttkr zuma, who taught in Clinton ecutives sit on the "anxious seat wnne ne waits to see which way the wind is blowing,' ;f-r. - It is very difficult to Ainderstarfd wfiy. reiifhpri un to kiss his eheek. say to Eva with instructions"fot Mrs. Tjirine." he said, "and one wouldn't zation for "the advancement of the progressive political action" held a get-to-gether meeting last evening at planford with a lagre' crowd of men and .women' in attendance. '' ,' .L.;T. George Fisher spoke on the merits of LaFollette and Wheeler, independent candidates for president and vice-president. His talks brought much applause from hfs audience. Severino Polio criticized the past activities of the democratic and republican political parties In their action toward labor. Vermillion County Teachers' ' Institute Closes Here Today Today marked the closing of the Vermillion county Teachers' Institute held here all thiB week in the senior high school building. Dr. 1. W. Howerth gave two do you any harm." He took Ella's schools last year has moved to Clinton with her mother. They are making; their home at Fourth anI,5Nebeker streets now in the house forjjaerly occupied by Joe Bamberge and ifawily- Mr MiAfcAtra. L. A. Culber of ing, "Do get a good sleep. We all feel better because you are here." He watched the little light go down the path, flicker around a bush, turn a corner and disappear. hand and smiled at ner. Returning to Judith's room, Miss Meredith admitted him with a fin Matthew went upstairs and to ger on her lips. Judith was asleep. Hear Ed Jackson Ed Jackson, secretary of state, the room allotted him. Very supe- Veedursburg, Ind., drove to Clin He stood by tne bed ana looaea down at her. She looked not at all ton ilast evening and brought, and republican candidate for governor, is to speak at a Sunday school rally at Cayuga park, at like the girl in the white bathing Miss Frances Kessler home. Miss there should have been any . major s,aisr agreement within WPB if ;the president had done his job. The President can npt be expected to run WPB, but he is, as' the hief executive, required to lay down basic policies for an executive agency. The question then is, has the President iaid down any basic policy? Or has he played both ends against the middle? He has surely known of the difficulties within WPB on economic philosophy, for these difficulties have been widely talked about. CHAPTER TWENTY-SIX Matthew returned to Judith. He asked, "What's the big idea!" "I slipped. Gosh, my head hurts!" "It will, for a while. You must stay in bed, be quiet." "I don't want to." "There is such a thing as restraint, you know, and I shall issue i certain orders to Miss Meredith. Not that it won't he highly unethical." t -' She said, "It was good of you to come." "You wanted rne, didn't you?" There was a long silence. "Yes," said Judith, and turned her head aside. The ice bag slipped and he recovered it His hands were skillful and gentle. suit who had sat up at the edge oi the pool, whose blue eyes had blazed .at him. . . . 2 o'clock, Sunday afternoon. The men's classes of the Cayuga Sunday schools are arranging the e- Kessler has been visiting witn them for several days. Mrs. John Duncan and son, Bichard of Wingate, Ind., are the guestB of Mrs. Harry Jones, and family of Fairview Park. Lehman Swinehart ' and Harry Johnson have gone to the Lake district in Wisconsin (for a short camoine triD. CROSSWORD Py Eugene Sheffer It was no secret that Mr. Wilson was taking the "big business" point of view, Matthew said, "Try to sleep," aided and abetted by Lieutenant General and moved away to consult Miss Mrs. Charles C. Clinton of -who';has 4een visiting here Meredith to learn from her what grehon Somervell. The President surely with Mra.lJames Clark, and Mrs Charles Adams and other friends and relallves -has returned to her routine orders had been given. He was quietly leaving the room when Judith spoke. "You're going?" "Not really," he told her. "I'll be here for the rest of the night in case vou need me." home. .. ' i t ' TniilTV TKAKft " ' - He went out, shutting the door swiftly, and another door opened AGO TODAY Old l',l' Aims and Other Hellcs On Kmllibition . in the annili allow window of knew, also,, that the majority of America s business men were almost solidly behind Mr. Nelson's hope for a limited immediate reconversion, despite what "big business" .hought or wanted. t But knowing all this, as he did, what did the President do to unravel the knot ? If he wanted the Nelson, theory to prevail, jvhy, then, did he insist' upon MrV Wilson paying in WPB when , the .vice chairman wanted to go back to General Electric ? i There could be a great many "whys" He had her wrist, his finger on her pulse. He put her hand down on the counterpane and told Miss Meredith that he would be within call. His room, he had learned, was just next door. When he left, his mother was waiting for him. She said, "You must be tired." "Never felt better. Poor kid, she might have had a fracture out of this." - They went downstairs to the butler's pantry and Mary watched her son consume chicken, tongue sandwiches, and a bottle of beer. She said, "It was absurd to drag you up here, but she asked for you and Ella was frantic. Eva too, but she controlled herself. I don't suppose Ella ever realised how much Judith means to her, until now." Matthew rejoined, "I didn't mind. Looks as if I'd a new patient out of it too," he added calmly. "Not that there's anything too wrong with Mrs. Loring except glands and overindulgence." Mary rose. "I'll go back to the cottage." "I'll take you over." "Don't bother," said his mother, "it's just a step. Judith might need you , besides, Ella might take it into her head to call you," Going through the vast dining room beside her, he paused suddenly to ask, "What did happen, exactly?" "Jimmy Treadway came over after you left He had a gang with him and they went swimming." "Hasn't he a wool of his own?" along the corridor. Mary looked out 'and called him. She said, as he reached her, "I wish you'd have a look at ilia. She won't have any- I the;- JBwInehart omp.niy;s hard- 7" T 7 s" 6 T 8 9 10 " rrrr-M - 31 TH33 J53.. ., , ' 35 36 T TT 77? W T TT" WWM. HH w 4e m so 7Z? si r 1 1 mr thing to do with Ur. Morrow, torn me hp. looks like a codfish." Ella .was in bed, she had been crying. Matthew went in and took her hand. Her pulse was rapid. She said, with the hoarseness whicn follows weeping, "Sorry to be sueh a fool, but when they carried her up colossal: Many windows, a great wide swan bed, chaise lounge, deep chairs, fancy radio, and a huge, gleaming bathroom. Ella does herself well, said Dr. Norman to himself, almost dropping a shoe but remembering in time. On the bed lay a pair of rather small, very chaste pajamas, blue and white striped. Pajamas and a safety razor and ft tube of cream. Matthew viewed the pajamas with academic interest and threw them on a chair. He slept until a little past five when he woke withoijjt benefit of alarm clock. Matthew turned the alarm, switch off and lay there, blinking, trying-to orient himself: Villa Capri. His mother. Judith, next door. No ona had called him, all night. Judith .had slept .while, N urea, Meredith sat beside her. Twice she had awakened only to sleep again. On each occasion she had asked, drowsily, "Is Matthew here?" and Miss Meredith had replied, "Yes, Miss Lambert, .Dr. Norman is, just next door." And had saised the eyebrows of her mind,(,hut not . in disapproval. - Matthew got up and stretched; He went softly to his streamlined' bathroom and behind its glass doom the shower thundered. over him. He dressed rapidly and soon, knocked on Judith's door. Miss Meredith admitted him. The patient was asleep. She looks sixteen, be thought. He wished Treadway was there, , he would like to-knock him down. Nurse Meredith's report was brief and unalarming. Matthew went over to put his finger on Judith's wrist. "She'll do," he said, adding that he understood Dr. Morrow would be in, early. ' He went quietly from the room but Eva was there In the corridor, in a silk robe. "She's fine," announced Matthew quickly. "I am sure there is no cause for anxiety. Your difficulty will be to keep her quiet If Dr. Morrow hasn't suggested a day nurse, you might It would come a little better from you than from me as .1 haven't any .business on this case," he reminded her, smiling. A . ' . "Indeed you have," contradicted Eva; "she wanted you; we.all did. Thank you for coming, Matthew' He touched her shoulder,' said, "I'll come back, first chance 1 get. In a day or two anyway ... if the office slackens. And you can call me any time. Tell Judy to behaya herself and I'll be seeing her socially pretty soon. How is Mrs. Loring?" "She's sleeping and she thinks Iware store 16 an exninit wntcn is I attracting a good daj of att.en-tioifc and' alb day croMs, dtaye stopped to examine and discuss ithe collection, -which was gathered by one of the county's most I promlne it citizens, who died sev-,eral eirs ago. The exhibit con-siBts of guns and other weapons j used as fur back as a century . ago and is the property of Mor-Igan Puffer, of Holt township, and (came to hint through the estate r hia father It is the collection from the pool You see, I never had any children. I didn't realize what r" "Of course," cut In Matthew. "Look here. Judv's sot a slight con cussion. She'll stay in bed and be watched and all that, and soon he'll be well, after which she may at, this point, but the answer would seem o be to all of them that Mr. Roosevelt did fiothing. He played his -usual game of let-ing Mr. Nelson and Mr. Wilson fight it put. The result is that two fine and able men have parted as enemies. The President is seemingly uninjured. ( That the country might be the loser seems not to have entered the President's mind. ( ' Indianapolis News. Rome, Italy. British Prime Minister of u lifetime, and Mr. Puffer pri have a headache for a while. But I anticipate nothing further. lr, 9 "Two, but it appears that he- Morrow knows his job, he didn't need anything but his two eyes and his hands to tell him that she'll be right as rein in no time. But as for es It highly. There are few In either Helt ior ClinliiD township who do not remember the venerable Reuben .Puffer, the kind hearted old faimcr who for years lived in the j vlcini'.y of the "St. Bernlce church. . One of the old man's fads was you, my girl, he added theerluiiy, "you rate a sedative and a good sleep. By the way, can you provide me with a. bed and pair of pajamas?" Ella giggled. "I like you ... I VERTICAL 1. mythical Hindu deity 2. masculine name 3. chosen 4 animal fat 5. macaw 6. rest 7. Island In Bay of Naples 48. calumniates 51. nostril 52. game played on horseback 53. new : comb, form 54. English school 55. let it stand 56. S-shaped worm 57. the Occident the collection of war relics, anu It. Is estimated that he had perhaps a hundred different specimens when he died. thought I wouldn't." "Good," said Matthew. "And as long as I haven't s doc tor I really like, that is, not in the called Judith and asked her to join them in a swimming party and she refused, so the mountain came to Mohammed." "How.nicel" "There wasn't anything out of the way," Mary went on, "except that Jimmy and a couple of the others had been drinking and there was a sort of roughhouse and in the general confusion Judith slipped" "Or was pushed?" "I didn't see it" said Mary, "none of us did. Eva had gone to bed; Ella was in bed too, reading. As far as I could discover, she was thrown by accident, and so hit her head." "Who threw her?" "Jimmy Treadway, I think. He was frantic. Raved on about ambulances, hospitals, brain specialists. He was nearly out of his' mind. He Winston Churchill: "When a nation has allowed itself to fall into a tyrranical regime it cannot be absolved from the jfaultsdue to the guilt of that regime." Washington Sen. Wallace H. White, Jr., (R) Me.: "The facilities of the Army radio were intended for military purposes and should be so used. I should favor all Answer to yesterday's puzzle. East anyway Matthew interrupted with, "That's why I came out, to drum up trade," He winked at his mother. iplAlclAHElUrrWTsisl Miss Scott Writ! -Home Ife'fore Sailing; Mrs. Sue Scott . has two letters, i just at hand, from her daughter. Miss Helen, whose many friends. in and near Clinton have been ! interested in knowing how she fares in trouble-torn Europe. Miss ) Scott is now on her way across "Pajamas 1" said Ella. "Herbert HORIZONTAL 1. devastate S. curve 8. young sheep 12. citrus drinks 13. the turmeric 14. Charles Lamb's pen-name 15. artificially germinated grain 16. approximate 18. Mohammedan prince 20. native metal 21. thing. In law 22. wrinkling 25. aptitude 27. compete 28. hesitate 32. oozed 34. small (Fr.) 35. viper 36. title of address 37. observe 38. Insect's stings 41. inquire 44. geological age 8. the lion 9. wing-shaped 10. rodents It. exclamation of derision 17. translated , 19. reversed 23. assistance 24. obtain 25. masculine name 26 primary . color 29. state wrongly 30. Shoshonean Indian 31. female ruff 33. foot-like organ 34. swine 36. pitfalls ') 39. feminine name 40. invigorate 41. venomous serpent 42. groove 43. leafy green vegetable 46. Cupid 47. lease 49. In no manner 60. dmtiesajcallj to parties avoiding political broadcasts .soldiers." Eft E MEN Tr. T apE JE A Tf"".yjiZ A Tt J ElrlTt Hut RMTnE jRlElE D TA H A HE V J L MnIs i sff e n tH eel far a rgnc o p ALTO rfAL I Z H A T. E LION tWfiS TC L U E you're quite wonderful." might Eva knocked and came in, and Ella said fretfully, "Eva, where in the world have you been?" "Waiting." "Find Dr. Norman room, he's going to stay." "Till about five-thirty," supplemented Matthew. "I'm due at the hospital at eight." His mother said, "I'll have breakfast for you . . . then you won't disturb anyone. 1 know you'd rather stay tonight" Matthew opened his bag and produced soum neUsu. & gays tflsm kept saying, 'Judy, speak to me,' until someone shushed him and we finally got his gang to take him away. He's phoned at ten-minute intervals. Not. however, since you Npw York. N. Y. Armv Set. Walter 1 am, be agreed,, but lew apr preciate it" and laughing a little, ran down the stairs, his bag jn the Atlantic, and is expected to land In Boston or New York a-bout next Saturday. The two letters were written at Florence, Italy, one of them the 6th and one the 9th of August. The letters indicate that the American tourists over there feel that they are much less informed about the progess of the war than they would be If they were back here reading American newspa Katz, 24, furloughed first American sol-i came, so I hope we are rid of him hand, and over the bright lawns to until tomorrow. IHIE-IURI fi.MRiPUgl.ylEL ward the salt-bos. Matthew went out on the steps dier to kill a Jap in Jurma ana who was jljt in. the. nose by a Jap bullet: "Those Japs are lousy shots but don't kid yourself, they're tough soldiers." with her. Mary produced a little (To be continued, ' Covrrlttat. ll. br rIUi Culhnllt bauiiMM a aMfi imuu SjafeiM. Js j - 9-5 -r- lime ot Kolutiun: 23 mlnutel-l i-n.s t'luits SadKst, Inc. .flashlight and switched, it go. Sjie

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