The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on August 29, 1944 · Page 4
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 4

Clinton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Tuesday, August 29, 1944
Page 4
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Tuesday, August 29, 1941. THE DIfY ICIINTONIAN Page FourX RATION CALENDAR The Alps tess Accidents 1 The Alps are said to have risen The 1943 aU-acc(dent death toll from a seaway four to seven times was 1 per cent brfow 1942-a sav their present width.' jng of almoat 10 lives. it :- -a- j j . , vMmftlTmmfWt s5ppy Resistance Topples in Whole Toulon Sector (Continued Irom page 1) Pa (h, Toulon In an effort to make them available for heavy Allied shipping and thus facilitate the flow of troops and supplies into southern France. torlsts should write 1944 numbers on book and on coupons. Tires - -. Periodic passenger car tire Inspections are no longer required, but inspection records should be retained for obtaining supplemental rations and tire replacements. Tire Inspection records must be presented with appllcatlo nto get supplemental gas and tire certificates. Commercial vehicle inspection due every 6. months or every 5,000 miles. B card-holders eligible for Grade 1 tires providing they can show absolute need to carry on essential activities; however, the boards' quota will determine how many, If any, B card-holders will actually, receive certificates for tiros since each board Is obligated by regulations to Issue tires to the most essential users first. All A holders may obtain certificates for Grade 3 tires, but only after they have found tires which may be purchased. ) Processed Foods Blue stamps A8 through Z8 and A-i In Book 4 good 10 points Indefinitely. B-5 through F-B valid now aul are good indefinitely. Tokens mar be UBed tor change. Keats, Cheese and Dairy Products j . ' tl red stamps A8 through ZS and A-6, B-5, C-5 and D-5 In Book 4 valid indefinitely for rationed meats, cheese and dairy products. , Btfmps worth 10 points each, fjusjur Stamps 30, 81 and 32 In book 4 good for t pounds until further notice. No. 33 stamp good Sept. 1 for I pounds. Application for additional canning sugar must be sent to board by one spare stamp 37 for each applicant. Stamp 40 In book 4 w Auto in 1907 12,000 The motorist who is worrying about the rumors of advancing automobile prices should be glad this isn't 1907. Automobile prices today average about one-third what they were in 1907. In that year the average automobile cost $2,131, with top, windshield and horn extra. PUBLIC SALE OF HOUSEHOLD GOODS Owing To The Death Of My Husband, I Will Sell At My House At 1548 South Fourth Street, Clinton, On THURSDAY, AUGUST 31 u, . , i AT 12:30 P. M. H Five Rooms of Furniture Consisting Of : Davenport, consul.- radio, bedroom Milto, beds, bedding, day bed, two con. m ruga, one O x 12 Wilton rug, mall rugs, lino eum, Nubian hot blast lieaU-r, Home comfort coal range, enameled, library tables, book rase, lare curtains, kitchen cabinet, lco box, electric washing machine, electric hot plute, elertrlc fan, auto ramping tent, luwn mower, garden tools, about 10 tons good screened coal and many oilier artirleH. ' SAMU HOl'SB AND UYT TO HE ROM) PRIVATELY TERMS OF SALE: CASH ' No Property To Be Removed Until Settled For PAUL RAY, Auctioneer RAY SPAW, Clerk MRS. ELIZA A. COOK food for S pounds of canning sugar. Kuel Oil dhoe ' ' No. 1. "airplane" stamp and No, Period 4 and 6 coupons valid through Sept. 30 and have the fol , i "airplane" stamp in Book 3 food for 1 pair each until further Ears Act as Microphones The ears of the' short-eared, or marsh owl, act as supersensitive microphones. Flying high in the air, they Can hear the tiny squeak of a field mouse on the ground below. lowing values: 1 unit, 10 gallons; I units, 60 gallons; 25 units, 250 , notice. Always present Book Corn a crop with many uses In industry and war must bs made available immsdiatsly to foundries and other processors if battle equipment is to keep coming off production lines, according to the War Food Administration. Farmers in 12S Mid-West counties are being urged to market this vital grain in order that plants like this foundry in Chicago can continue to utilize cornstarch when making purchase as "-tamps gallons. All change-making coupons r Invalid If removed from the boOk. , , .C, Gasoline '. Stamp A-12 good for three gal and reserve coupons are now good. Fuel oil rations for 1944-45 heating season now being Issued. Period 1 good Immediately. Stoves All new heating, cooking and combination heating and cooking stoves, designed for domestic use, for installation on or above the floor and for the use of coal, wood, Washing Silk Underwear Wash silk underwear in lukewarm water but never hot. Do not rub hard or twist fabric. Remove the water by patting the silk between towels. In making "core-binders" for casting metal parts for planes, tanks, guns and explosives. This starch, mixed with sand, water and other ingredients, forms a firm binder around which hot metal is poured, and it is Indispensable in steel, bronze, aluminum and magnesium foun lons through Sept. 21. B-3 and C-3 - nd B-4 and C-4 good for 5 gallons until further notice. T (Third Qtr.) gopd for 5 gallons through Sept. 30. E, El and E2 good for 1 gallon. R, III and R2 good for 5 gallons. R - and Rl not valid at filling stations )mt consumer may exchange R for " E at his local Board If he wishes to purchase non-highway gasoline at nii4llng.8.taUB;a3J2nlttaad T cou Tall Thrasher The brown thrasher's dries. Retaining enough for feed, the farmer at the left sends his corn to market, the workmen utilize cornstarch from it to make core-binders just being removed from the "ovens," and sturdy metal wheels flailing, title ot oil, kerosene, gasoline and gas, are rationed. Certificates must be obtained from local Board, i. - twitching tail gave it the ( ) da; 1 rn. Frl lo "" aw soi JT Wl 'S dai t, I 5 chl H wit i 8w I 8w I Wl j Mr I Mr Sai I da) ret I Ell W tlv tail Ja. Fa'i Hal eh i an La nai no . lil n j;;; sp llll iiii; Te xw itii s -"' lie fm Mi tlv, ; i tei( ft BO 5 ;ArVwa,i;sre,cast,,witljl!t(ieir helpvui "thrasher.'"""," X . Rnrrnwed Munitions! Except , f or , four , 14-inoH navis ltiOTKIHHM'M'' li .nolfc eoH 'I Sljde-Troibons h The , sUde-toombowHdatei','itrora church .orchestras), about !1620 ox earlier! In ceijinj icjjure jpf the Renaissance ioeriod an, ahsel is the First nrmv of Out A.E.F. pons are not valla until iney nave been endorsed In Ink, pencil, stamp-lor?lttW,ArHl Ufte automobile registration number and s(ate. Mo- 'the first World war did (not fir if ; i.-uwSa.ilii.n h.lrt-wflt m '?' ' 77"S.L . ., ,' , ' .yjrj-vxn "u en'-jllt .-till a single cannon or she)! made ffl America,, l Ml. 'ill. '!.!' ;,.tl 1,- . I' ' shown playing a slide-trbmbdne, and in an early -repltctmf Veronese's famous painting, "a Negro : Is reti-; , Kemoving .iass stopper - resentod plsyitrffon the same ihstru- t It ii'li bit- A To remove a. tight glass stopper, wrap.MpuM.tbe, neck of,thie bottle a cloth, whjch has been wrung out of hot water;' or soak it in vinegar 'for a while; work it gently and it will soon loosen. -. . fillrhtlr Particular I I been .A truant officer in Kinstori, N. CI' offered a youngster a lift to his school. "Not in that thing," replied the girl She walked, n . Population ot Halifax The population of Halifax, Nova Scotia, has doubled since the war began. Pari-Mutuel Betting Pari-mutuel betting has, legalized in 22 states. Uwm dWIdws. TOU maU My Knot M 7 niwM. Mmh nk yeor groor lol LOnDOflDGRRU 115 Howard SirMI, San froncUco 3, Cotlf. Interesting Social News Everyday ! I Report of the Board of School Trustees of the Tuition I .11,456.1? '.Bond i'.it -)ii' )!-( Special . ; 21,528.31' 24,802.J(): yyVr'J?;,; ' ' ' " ' Miff 22,627.31 .4 t ! 716.21 . E,ooo.oo mVilntHDwO UViv'. t. Ti ,'716.2,1. ..... . . 0 , j ,.,.!... 4971.48 , :"'J0 ; 948.71' , ; ai(h.....'i.'. i,";.s. . '329.38 mm ;w,rnao3) ! J 632.67 PQR THE FISCAL YEAR ENDING JULY 31, 1944: Cash Balance at Beginning of School.Year, August 1, 1943 .REVENUE RECEIPTS: ' , a. :: Local Taxation i- rrV -rr b. Commbn School Funds e. Congressional Interest I. StateJIuiUonaupoort g. : cse Fund h. ' Intangibles Stamp Tax - I. ., , Insurance Adjustments - p. Transfer Tuition .i s. 1 Misc.' Non-Revenue Receipts -- ,rr .48 i 1 1 "' r y, - -7 ; xd.f 0 . - - - .'','" 19,492.61 ..! f" " .i.A-v.. ' .'; 9J.2 ' .,1 .,jijn..j 329.30 13.46 10,000.00 89.72 66,823.15 . 34,703,.51 9,402.61 t r. 90,844.12 77,997.34, a I . 9,536.28 : f R27B.00 TOTAL RECEIPTS AU BAliAIVtJsa . Expenditures during year S 39.227.71 "!: . 4,261.29 BALANCE' AT END OF YEAR, August 1,; iBS,iilf9,M 12-8-78 John Brewer, piano repairs. 11 3.26 I .ti. it- i !;.... :.. 137.47 37.40 1 16.25 J. L. Homey Battery Co., fan' repair Terre Haute Heavy Hardware; shop materials Walker Electric Company, motor rep. Staats Auto Supply Co., maint. supp. Marshall & Son, maint. supplies Stevenson Lumber Company, maint. supp. I United Electric Company, repairs 18.00 726.13 ' 24.00 2.00 2.16 ' 36.90 In the greater electrical era which we all anticipate in 194X, every home deserves the opportunity to obtain the BEST that electric service can offer. Your needs and uses for electricity in the future will be greater. Whether or not you will be able to fulfill your Roy Butts, iron repairs Devilbiss Company, maint. repairs Geographical Publishing Company, books and publications - 2.00 23.39 Society for VIbucsI Education, same Webster Publish. Co.. supp. readers 1.25 65.201 . I- i 0.1 1. , !' 6.85 1 . li MV " ! '' feJE . ElKTtUf&Lneedsand desires depends FIRST upon whether your 4Xi Wmadfrate wirinjisystem. If you re pjangew .359.117 j. .,.! 1.,.. 1 1 , , I Jf 3-g 1 ,1 '-In. 1 -n:t :S1B. l'. ! 1 i:l.:u ' ;n.'ll;-,',', I Georgia School Book Depositor, book F. E. Compton's, encyclopedia John Guerri, paper sub,i e. Book Supply Company, alhrary books Follett Book Company, library : books World Book Comuftny,. eupulem. reader John 0. Winston -Co... pitm. Waders Scott, Foresmah Cvmpaoy. eamei.Ji Edwin Allen Company. txtQk fepnlps Ginn & Company; bokS;---i.-f f !.&Voost-wU&mb-p plaiird to remodel yourjpKsent JuiCTyr ' 1 "in'Ttl-. LJ JUnr uAinit needs.. ml! i' f IiIimiO ;ii I ji 39.57 'u'"i ?! 12-13 -' - - ' Progress Press, .OOB mi. '. .!! aitw .(ttij I ' '"., ( T :t.n(f I . I'alne Publish Company, books I i! 3 ili s. ,n ni Rand McNally Company, globe , ii 1,2.65.1 .,, ,, . :! American Education Press, books H y '"iin$vr titifflal iio&ih of MX, Insist on 7 American Book Company,, books Row, Peterson Co., supp, readurs Geller Publishing Company, book Science Research, books, testa These 4 Things: ; 5.00 , il ' 8:93 ' ' Laldlaw Brothers, supp. readers Hanson Bennett News Agency, subscriptions for library Quarrle Corporation,, encyclopedia 23.01 144.05 . 77.68 3.13 10.03 16.80 10.50 7.36 23.18 Public Schools rub. (Jo.-, book ; High School Teachers' Salaries' .L.ailSfl.SJWr,. ; Elementary Teachers' Salaries -Ji-.2 27.419.69'' Total Tuition Fund $77,997.34 ' BOND FUND: Citizen's State Bank, principal 4,000.00 Citizen's State Bank, Interest 1,276.00 ' Total Bond Fund J-f 6,276.00 SPECIAL FUND: Modern School Supply, lnstr. supplies $ 296.54 penoyer-Ceppert Company, maps . 79.94 Jaco School Supply, instruct, supplies 425.02 A. J. Nystrom Company, maps and globes 61.90 D. H. Coble Print. Co., legal forms .29.33 Ronnle4ne., stencils-.,. .'( J t.7 Collins & Plttman (so., jsteucils, ink , I ' ; and file cabinets i 197.60 P Jttgga Co,, teacher record books 30.6.1 yerguson Drapery Co., bond roo i s sound inroofing C 58.38 ' Clinton 4 ft 10c Store, home ec dishes 4.32 . Srahana Laboratories, Janitorial supplies- 77.16 Cascade Paier Company, mlmeo. paper . 69.60 Miller Bryant Pierce,. Co., type, ribbons 48.90 KeeLox Mfg .Co., carbon paper , 5.&4 , Milton Bradley Company, primary supplies . 3.00 Fresscraft Corp.', office supplies f ,L, . 24.00 C. P. Lesh Paper Company, print, paper . 176.65 Gillis Pharmacy, comnisrce supplies 9.95 Powell's Pharmacy, first aid supplies - 15.19 Bonacorsl 'Brother, Home Ec. Lab. Supplies . 154.65 I Zaner-Bloser Company, primary supplies- 3.17 Pittsburgh Thermollne Co., gas 10.60 Gamble Hinged Music Co., music 13.06 ' A. Stokes Co., print shop supplies 2.32 ' James Aye Co., Jan. supplies . 2.00 Graydon Kendall, maintenance supplies 4.32 ' Utility Supply Co., file cabinet 17.20 . C.iB. Dolge Company, Jan. supplies '14.40 Beckley-Cardy Company, lnstr. supplies 14.87 . Acme Textile Mill Ends Co., wiping rags.- 66.70 West Disinfectant Co., machine refills , 14.40 ' Lewis Hardware Co., lnstr. supplies 3.70 ' The Onox Company, janitorial dlalnf. 32.80 J. C. Penney Company, shower curtain 2.98 Clarke Sanding Machine Co., mach. rep. 4.60 Ind. Institutional industries, equip, 579.74 O. C. Murphy Company, shop expense 4 2.99 , Riverside Mills, salt 2.00 " Palmer Products Co., machine repairs 24.64 ' Klrkman Buick Sales Co., machine oil 3.00 ' Mrs. Emily Piper, sewing machine attach. 6.00 ' Stlllfilm Corp. vis. education supplies 00.70 Jewelcraft Company, lnstr. equipment 23.75 Pete Voto, vocational equipment 138.75 Eugene Dletzen Co., shop materials - 33.28 : Lorens Company, chorus music 7,;n Willis Music Company, music 10.26 Educational Music Co., music supplies 24.93 ' Lee Haln. window shades 46.92 i Singer Sewing Machine Co., repairs 49.65 ' Hess Duplicator Company, stencils 8.39 'Burroughs Adding Machine Co., service 12.30 Johnson Service Company, repairs 4.70 Edward Delph, labor 3.90 Swift A Company, janitorial supplies 8.30 E. C. Atkins Co., shop repairs 14.20 Fred Ewiog. plastering 6.60 E. G. Reld, roof repair 100.00 Ohio Oil Company, maintenance supplies - 26.23 Industrial Supply Company, maint. supp 25.36 W. J. Glffel Company, repair parts . , 8.25 Warren Henderson, repairs to equipt. ' 30.85 Walker Turner Company, repairs 4.01 Hunington Laboratories, Inc.. Janitorial, Blackhurst Publish Co., books Gaylord Company, library supplies H. W. Wilson Pub. Co., library supp. Sllver-Burdett Book Company, books C. L. Barnhart Company, lib. supp. The Paebar Company, supplies, book 2.071 117 86 Daily Cllntonlan, publishing Clinton Water Utility, water "ZZ.-.2ZZ- 183.56 O Inslft en Enough Outlets Plugging too many appliances into a single outlet, or a single circuit, Cot only results in inefficient or ineffective opera-lion of electrical equipment, but frequently in interruption of service. This is due to overload. Remem-cer, there should be an INDIVIDUAL ELECTRICAL OUTLET for every portable appliance . , , and for every portable lamp. In all rooms kitchen, living room, dining room, bedrooms and bath see that you have plenty of wall and floor sockets. O Insist en Enough Circuits It is important that the, electrical load is distributed properly. When you overload an electric line, your lights may burn dim 'ani flicker when you turn on an electric appliance 2,070.00 12.72 i 230.4 7 ,r ( 326.06 ' ' ; 2,400.63 . f, 412.80 f 101.02 , , J 265.06 , M . $ 178.28 - . J I 170.87 ' " 1 199.49 ,' ; 160.91 VI 1 .' 1 : fuse box in your new home. A circuit breaker protects against the danger of "shorts" and sustained overloads. The breaker resembles a wall switch and is as easy to operate. A short circuit, or overload, throws the switch and cuts off the current automatically. To restore current, simply remove the cause of trouble; flick the breaker handle back to its original position, and your current flows again. There's nothing to "blow out" . . . nothing to re new . , , nothing to replace. ,0 I"1 on High Quality Don't pinch pennies , ' and buy on price appeal alone. You're making an ' investment which should last for years and years, and you want only the BEST materials in your1' ELECTRICAL HOME Consult your architect, ep-'. gineer, builder, or contractor ... insist that only V qualified wiremen do the job for you. Be guided by ' their experience in the kind of electrical equipment that will go into your future home, for they are - -qualified to judge the hidden value of equipment, ' ' for better service in the years to come. J Pub. Service Company, lights, power Terre Haute Gas Corp., gas . Indiana Bell Telephone, tel. Poatuge, Freight, Express Big Oak Coal Company, coal . Standard Materials Coal Co., coal Adam Dunsmore, hauler ......... . Agatlno Hiao, same . D. W. Lawson, same . I .mi I H Alwlne, same ... Charles Ferguson, same ..... Win. Hathoway, same ..... '92.65 .' . I Pearl Luce, same . j tl)at draws lot of current. An excessive electrical 4 J load reduces the operating efficiency, or effective- ''t oess, of all appliances on the circuit. Overloading 36.67 v i ' 44.13 ' f 92.16 . , Oscar Miller, same .. ......... James Lowe, same . . ..... O. A. Armstrong.same ..... . Joe Lindsay, same ...... ..... Herschel Anstead, same .. 36.78 1 ' ' " 32 00 William H. Reed, car use lso causes electrical losses due to heating of wiring within the walls, and can become a fire hazard. 1 i G Insist on Modarn Protection -The modern 3.00 William Wler. car use 959.87 K 12.80 Robb A Gilmour, Insurance premiums O. F. Houston, same - . . . 238.41 T. L. McDonald, same circuit breaker will replace the old-time fuses and H. S. Call, same Ora A. Doyle, same - Wilson & Wilson, Agts., same Severino Garino, same Floyd Guinn, same - Pete Voto, same . 688.87 h 18.16 76.24 18.16 . , 15.35 ' 64.87 -i fakGo to any PUBLIC SERVICE COMPANY office one c-ef your FREE copy of "ELECTRICAL GUIDE TO THE POST-WAR HOME," a booklet of practical information designed to help you plan for living in the electrical world of tomorrow. . V l't. "V--S . maintenance supplies 626.19 Total Special Fund 34,703.51 BOARD OF SCHOOL TRUSTEES D. O. BURGAN, President PlIJUIjC SERyiCECOMPAIJYqiF INPIA iJ A, J $9 K. W. Powell, Secretary f all Henais, Treasurer, Hi, i

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