The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on August 29, 1944 · Page 3
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 3

Clinton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Tuesday, August 29, 1944
Page 3
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Page 3 article text (OCR)

f THE DAILY CHNT0N1AN Page Three . Tues3ay, August 29, 1944. REPORT ALLIES LAND AT PORT OF BORDEAUX Budget 'Approval Assiires Drop In Clinton Tax Rate rupletB, is expected in Gainesville) Thursday. Mrs. Lee, mother of the babies, was resting comfortably today. . mj..,t',.i $ wmmmmm mmimmmmmm i Clinton Navigator Discovers B-29s CauTake Plenty (Oontlnned bum (Kg 1) iv: (Continued nRb eage 11 from the engineer said he couldn't transfer the gasoline from the bomb- lowlns taxes are .to be raised general, fund: 32,792."61; street , fund: M. 043. 49.; oemetery: $165.31 and reereattona $1,870 ($920 of which to 8 used' for youth center). . The Clinton budget, now approved by the common council, will go be- We Now Have On Display Two New Job-rated DODGE TQUCIIS Come In And See Them far the euunty board of review for approval-ior ohanges and will appear bator.-the; State Tax Board before final approval and adoption. One of ee Quads Dies In Hospital in Georgia ' GAINESVILLE, Ga. One of the Is Your Car On The Sick List? ' 1 Here Ik A Sure Cure? Lee quadruplets born In Gainesville Bay tanks up to the wing tanks, r "We flew along and pretty soon' number four engine coughed an died out of gas. Mann (Capt. Howard) Mann, pilot of the ship) asked ne how long it would he before we hit shore and I told him one hour we sure did sweat out the ole land as well aa the other sgines. ' "Fortunately by ETA (estimated lime of arrival) was inside of two 'minutes and we all sighed with relief as we saw the white capa bounding: off the shore. "We then found the nearest alternate airport and Just as we got In sight of it number three coughed and- died. That left us with two engines on the left (side) running and a dead right wing. i,i "Mann then swung around anO got tn the traffic pattern behind four Other ships. We were arraid that number one and two would quit so Be cut two other ships out and made a power off landing. Blown Off Runway . . rx "Everything would have been OK lut we had a 60-nlile per hour cross wind and that blew us left of the runway. v "Since number three and four (engines) were; dead wm couldn't pull over. Abolittjiat Ulli4 we. .hit plenty hard we boua'coj about! Sunday died last night after a valiant fight was made to save Its life by- memhers ot the Btaff of the Hall County Mamorlal Hospital, Dr. George-- Kanelas said' today. The other three babies apparently are In good healths the physician reported. ;. The No.-1- quadruplet had been weak from the time of his birth. It Was placed in an oxygen tent several times and adrenalin was used by Dr. R. Le Rogers, chief of the staff of the hospital where the quads were born, and- Dr. Karelas, resident physician at the. hospital. '' n-j i. I (l.(U ilf VvMIAh tvifl'. a fuion Amen i&Mniua in vrance nas oeeit muae at Dorueau. mm. AuamiL vvn. nary quarters report. Abov la a view along tha Alloa de Tourney, one of the more famous promenade of th city. Bordeaux waa bombed by the Nasi! early in the war when it was the temporary seat of he French government Alllea- did- not confirm landin , (IntftnUioMl ) . b. New hoijp fpr the .health , of the babits, was created yesterday t when the iState- -Health Department Bent fourlincubators of a: new, typep, the hespttaj -ill Gainesville! The- lnciv- a new bridgehead on the went bunk Of, the Vistula River some 30 miles below beslged Warsaw,' Redters re- It's Hard to Believe,: But We Mine Supervisor ; Squabble Threak Of New Crisis.-,1"',',"' zu reel in tne air ana tne wcoiiq Darted.) " 1:1 ' time we hit the ground the wheal baor first used were. too short Jqr , (Northeast of Warsaw Soviet for Hi' Actually, Have in Stock ces Bniashed enemy resistance and Ploesti Rattle Opened: Nazis; RedypushOn ; (Continued from page 1) Captured Ostrow-Mazowieckl, Im Private Charles E. Lee,., of CanD, Blending,' Fla., father of the quad: l !' gave- way. . We, skidded across the runway on 'tne nose -of "Old LI1." In Pool f Water i i,i ! I'). I "She took a pretty hard beating but stopped tit ,a bf g: pool, pf water lic'i hU. HUM .V 1)111'. Till .1 liMil W. '! t lrj-.H: "DtlAnBtIETV7 (Continued tram pace 1) I- portant road Junction south of the fortress city of Loniza which guards the gateways to the southern regions i" t, V&l 'if A"iT ... IS . .A.-, )V.)il h. today. It was considered doubtful Factory-Made and Tested so we didn't catch qd''flre,;!. .H ' however, that Ijack-to-work move of East Prussia. More than 50 towns and villages were overrun in the "Of conrseV'. we.i'fll got out In no time flat ajitl amlput the tifi day ment would result .ainca tne wuu canoot.act on. 'the chief issue . In the k CLINTON LADY SPIT ; UP ACID LIQUIDS! FOR i HOURS AFTER EATING For hours after every meal, a .Russian advance- in this region s3rns dispute the: demand for union Seize 40 Latvian Towns Gaiatl and occupied the . Danubian port of Braila, while an amphibious recognition and oollecttve bargain Lt. Pagllerdi with the traditional airman's love for his ship said that On the Latvian front the Third Baltic-Army seised more than 40 force of the Black Sea fleet took the ing rights by mine foremen and he must admit lt "was pretty excit seaport of Sullna and Danubian port supervisory workers. Approximately 4,300 miners in Clinton lady used- to spit up a I strong, acidulous liquid mixed with pieces of half-digested ' food. ' She I ing" but lt got a. heck out of the ship "they really can take a lot of of Tulcea. Bed Threat Grows the western Pennsylvania mines are towns, including Gulvena, 100 miles east-northeast of Riga, at the junction of the Rlga-Ostrov and Tartu-Dyinsk railways. As the Red armies made new ad idle as result of the beginning of These drives materially increased ays it was awfnl. At times she For" Dode aiid Plyiiioutli Cars and Dodge Trucks! li Not iwondKimwil ', .". not rebuilt . . '. Stut genuine brand new motors that will put "go' into that precious car of yours for the duration . , , and after. Come in and unk: ahont lliciii, We also are set up to serve you with genuine Dodge und Plymouth parts. John L. Lewis's campaign to expand the threat to the great Black Sea kicking around. CelHirate With Ice Cream Lt. Paul, the col-pilot of Old Li! wrote his .family about the adven ture with Old Lil and rated a write- would nearly strangle. Site had stomach bloat, daily headaches and-constant Irregular bowel action. To port of Constanta, the Ploesti oil fields and Bucharest, where the Ger District 50 and win bargaining rights for 65,000 mine supervisory mans said bloody battles were rag day, this lady eats her meals and enjoys them. And she says the up In his home-town paper, the lieu ing. The Soviet High Command reveal tenant continued. On the day the change is due to-taking KRB-HKLP. vances the German DNB agency reported the opening of a new Russian offensive on the Karelian front to knack Finland- out of the war. The Russian High Command was silent on this -report. r t.(, .-Finnish Parliament Meet i l (The Swedish Telegraph ; agency. In - a Helsinki dispatch deported to ed that 11,000 more German prison Her food agrees with her. No gas. paper arrived at their base, tha crew-members went out to celebrate employes. . Edward R. Burke, President of the Southern Appalachian Coal Producers; A88ocltUl()a, said the situation held "a serious threat of na' tlonal' coal proKiicfloh stoppages," unless a solution, Is found immediately. Strike ballots are scheduled Motor ers had been taken in Romania. Southwest of Chlnau (Klshenev), bloat or spitting up after eating. Hhe la also free of headaches now, and bowels are regular, thanks to BeBsarabian capital, where a Ger with four rupees (about $1.20) worth- of ice eream. , Just aa he was finishing the let company this Kemarkahle New Compound. man force was trapped In the swift Red Army advance, the Russians the OWI, revealed, that the Finnish Parliament was-to meet today in ter to hia, wifejajiother formation pt ERB-HELP contains 12 Oreat i ten soUtherp t)nea ht month. Strikes Filed in TO IMInea '' ft vtiltlnr - Dodge and Plymouth '(! ,'' completed the annihilation of the stead of tomorrow, as previously "' theJr cleanse 'bowelsi clear halia.vnwana- B from stomacli, act on sluggish All told, the clerical, technical scheduled,: Xw,1lcJilwii,-,newflpa- tattered remnants of 12 German divisions.. Mf'!Hij'",,lJ,,i New Warsaw Itrldgeheail " 1 ' ' ! ' ' ' ' " per -Tidntngeti Sla'lMuMailtlhK 'on'the and' kidneys. Miserable people ii i Hules und Service' 1 .. At Mike's Auto Body ShOp Hl ElmStU MH Phi4 0 J : 4n'4j ,Upft(pr' '4viona of Plstrict 50 which is a catch-all" adjunct of change In the Finnish government's OOB ,ee' different all over. Ho don't 1 7 (Gen. Rola Symerski told foreign Lewis' big United Mine Workers Un plans said "revolutionary events" BO aufferlng,. (let KltB-HKLP. in the wind.) I White's (Kexali) Pharmacy Drug correspondents at Lublin that Polish ion, has filed strike notices under and Russian trojshad established mmm -is , ,. f I ! fm iMasjm .-', -v - -I fm j BCeaw, ...,,.., ..y , the SuiitliiConnuJly Act In mora than 70 mines lit Pennsylvania, West Vir B-29s came back "'al back Bafe no losses.'' t With Fliet B4t Group. . Lt. Pagllero enlisted in the air forces in January, 1943 and entered training the following August. He trained at fields in San Angela, Tex. (navigation), Sani; Marcus, Tex. (bombardier), J'yoU, Tex., Dyers-burg, Tenn. before going to. Oreat Bend, Kans. where he was with the first group of B-29 trainees. . He left for overseas duty in March, arriving in the Burma-Indla-Chlna theater in the initial B-29 ginia, Kentucky and .Alabama. They produce i'hlgh ' ead coalirltal to steel production. A, ' . .' Sevea,' mine""in Mrestern Penn sylvania employing some 4,300 workers already are shut down with loss of more than 20,000 tons of coal daily. force. -.' . His wife and baby daughter Jo Anne, whom he has never seen, make their home at route one Rose-dale while his parents live at 819 North Eighth Street, Clinton, A walkout by the 65,000 supervisory employes would throw nearly half a million UMW production workers into idleness, since state laws provide that the mines cannot operate unless staffed by certain foremen and supervisors. Heize Mines Kingly To avert another closure of the . .spwssawma " I IT V sbmssb sbbbV M.A I II 1 1 IW I' HJ S 11 sar V W - AKlAlinaSnl . I ii 1 " r nation's coal pits, it might thus be f aSS lTTEt-BLULTl MAM 'w ffiiavSK m TTTITT!!! I fJWTIWE W(Xf Tlk PUC " I I Off IMTP THE WOODS' 1 . come necessary for the government to seize the mines one by one as the II AIM I WV II W JKWr-f BgJ T OW THt .ISLANO AND I TOQUtSTtOW HIM---. WHXtt m W0 STATION WAS HIDDEN--- ' " ' supervisory employes go out. Ironically, the strike ballots are unx r-r i V M SSt".5SS n l..... rd i know we aftm r . being taken under the act rushed ONEIaI DAY I VITAMIN SslWTABLITS THINK of it I Your mln- imum daily requirement r--j-yr yj of A and D Vitmmin or of -Jt Vg B Complex Vitamini, in on U pleaunt Ublet. Kmmber Jtr.f' A t) name ONE-A-DAI "w brnd) Vitamin Tablett. J. Us. NERVINE 'foef T O TEKflff nanref maka tsJA 11 ou Wakeful, Cranky, i7V. RmIUm? Dr. MILm Nerrlna I 'st); help lwaaa Nervoua I J J C Tnlafl. Get it at your dn Wj? 2 As Utt. Read dincUaoa as4 um only aa alraeutd. through -by CongreBS last summer DUNN r 1 dlB KFr- mSssasli m""'' ' A - over President Roosevelt's veto in direct retaliation against Lewis for earlier mine strikes. . The Bmltli- Connally law gives, unions the legal right to tile a notice of a strike and take a ballot 30 days later. .' WI,B ltrquests Return ' - Alka-Seltzer John McAlplne, President of the Supervisory Division of District 50, yesterday rejected- a War Labor PCriVC "TMy J g WHEN Hcaaacha, Haa. calar Paina ar SinpU Nwal-la, Difltraaa altar MvmU, Gai an HUmach, ar "Mornina A'tar" lnUrfara Witli your work or apoil jour fun, try Alka-Sakaar. Board request that he reconimead a retuct-to work, by the- Pennsylvania suckers, agreed to. present the WLB's "point of view" at a mass meeting today, but it was considered unlikely the strikers would re turn to work. . McAlplue explained that the supervisory workers were seeking collective bargaining rights guaranteed by the constitution. The Ford Collieries, Curtisville, Pa., and the Rochester and Pittsburgh Coal Com mWSm- EQte -TH1RP ICEgERS V RQHT OBLIQUE tSJ Theatre WTTwAj cSiyX fhf N C H , . I . pany, Indiana, Pa., have refused to bargain with the union. ; , f sattiit I ;"JIFFY Protestor Finds. Stay In WAC Murder Room Brings Sleepless Night (Continued from pags t) bers of the Women's Faculty Club." She is president of that organiza M 1 i i , ., i i, . .. , ," ' ' I i 1 -n . -n, , I 305H, I'VE SOT TO THINK MHAt. DO YOU MEAM ByM AN ENEMY ANTHEM ? f FtAYINS AN ENEMY ANTHEM I VAS TRVINO TO INVENT A I FAST ANQ I HEAM FASTfj ON AN AMERICAN POST? NEW BOSLE CALL, MA'AM f tion. She remembered reading last summer of the -Unsolved slaying on Aug. 28, but she said that she didn't even know it had happened in the Clay-pool until informed so last night. The hotel management quelled her doubts about the safety of the room by telling her that it had been occupied almost every night since the murder was discovered. Nevertheless, Miss Brock said that she was relieved when morning came. TILLIE . 1VLL F IMD OUT WHO'S 1(5 UNCERi PUAyiNii D1& VHTjjTHEBUD. LA AM RHEIM CAM.TAUC ' j JIlsiiyJOOR WW OUT 1' - i4rT ('"rw,s some- TOILER jMi BATTERIES! No more waiting far days to get your battery back ... we do tha Job QUICKLY,. carefully . . . give just th right amount of charge ... no more, no less Come in for this fast, low-cost service today; drive out on a battery that's farin' to go. JOE GIACOLETTO NINTH & BOGART HOBILGAS STATION Speed Drying To speed drying of automobile fla iahea, parts are moved through "tunnels of light" in which hiu deeds of electric lamps provide heat bom infri-red radiation,

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