The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on August 29, 1944 · Page 2
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 2

Clinton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Tuesday, August 29, 1944
Page 2
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Tuesday, August 29, 1044. THE DAILY CLINTONIAN fage Two Miss Flora Whitlow of Moores- PALACE TONIGHT River; Munstor and Highland, on the Little Calumet Stream; l'endle. ton, on Fall Creek, and the McCori mick Bros. Company, of New . bany, on the MiBsissinewa River. villa la spending several dnya with her aunt, Mra. James Hull and fam cenlly comllCcd six months service Sgt. John It. RobertBon, U. S. Army Air Forces, son of Mrs. Vera Robertson of Ulackmnn Street, is now on active duty overseas. Sergeant Robertson is a riose gunner on an army bomber. ily torney Maynard Wiggins, President, John White, J. N. Jones, Ralph Adams, Wilmn Dwlggins, John 1'lckel , Omar McMasters. M. J. Peterson, V. N. Asbury and H. V. Nixon. Included in the Terre Haute group were: C. L. Shldeler, executive secretary of the Chamber of Commerce, Benny Whalen, and Herbert Mace, members of the Good Will committee of the group. Miss Jenn Abernalhy of spent the weekend with her par Fairview News Of Past Week , Community Club Meets ; At Town Hall; Smith Honor Son on Furlough ents, Mr. and Mrs. Claude Nell Dunn, Jr. of Indianapolis MONUMENTS 0 A Complete Line 0 For Service Drop Us A Card E. W. Walsh Monument Co. 2114 Wabash Ave. Terre Haute, Indiana apent tho weekend with his parents, Mr. and Mra. Nell Dunn, Sr. Rlrlinrd Pickering of Hartford Postwar Planning Takes Spotlight At Commerce Meet 1 Mr B. T. Whltlock spent Wednes CMy apent the weekend with IiIb day-Ill Terra Haute. grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Harry :. Mr, end Mm. Cncll MrWothy ( ' , lV mmmmmmmtmi i r' Ttl i , CiJv"! Hmlth. ' spent the weekend In Turkey nun. Mrs. Mabsl Connor and sons Jac Community Club met at town hell kie and (lary Dean of Danville spent the weekend with her parents. Mr. Friday evening, after business aea. (Continued from page 1) Ion kunco waa played, prlsca were Dr. G. R. McGUIRE CHIROPRACTOR X-Ray 2351 Blackmail awarded to Mra. Molina Peterson and Mra. Harry Smith and family. Mra. William Pickering and eon Change in Death Benefit For Service Dependents WASHINGTON, D. C. The house today passed and sent to the White House a bill authorizing payment of death beneHts and compensations to servicemen's dependents from the date of death as determined by the War or Navy Departments. Present law requires that a period of one year must elapse before payments may be made to soldiers or sailors listed as missing in action. Brig. Gen. Frank T. Hlnes, veter high, Mra. Minnie Davla bunco, Mra, Jimmy J. of Hartford City apent Sophia Davla low and Mra. Kuby from Friday until Tueaday with her Wlllla travel. parenla, Mr. and Mra. Harry Smith Mr. and Mra. Jeaale Mahurln and daughter Patty apent Thuraday with and family. 1 their daughter In Terre Haute Frank Alhertson, Ruth Terry In a romantic scene from "Mystery IlriMuli ast," new fast-moving murder thriller, with Wary Treen and Wynne (lihson. Mr. and Mra, Okea of Terre Haute pent Sunday with Mlaa Louise of orders to secure Its operation for several years and otherB now being negotiated, Dr. H. A. R. Zehrlaut, president, told those present. He warned, however, that if labor cooperation cannot be assured, the company Is prepared to move elsewhere on short notice and urged that Clinton give serious thought to improving Its labor situation. Plan for V-Day Complete plans have been prepared for Clinton's observance of V-Day, when Germany surrenders, Paul Fletcher, chairman of the mer Mr. and Mra. Mnrtln Kills and children of Ohio apent aevernl duya Heed. John Kitchen and sons Bobby and with relatives. ans administrator called for pass-. Jack of Anderson spent the weekend with relatives. Sunday guests at Mra. Alice Swlckard were Mr. and Mrs. Everett Mrs, Martha Landes of Terre Huule apent the weekend here ton, Mr. and Mrs. Ben Hasting and overseas with the' 13th AAF which family of Chicago, 111., Mrs. Mary battled Jap airpower from Guadal-Ball and Mrs. Elmina Wade of Clin- canal to Truk and Yap. ton. Following the dinner, a social After attending Clinton High time was enjoyed. school and working for the Chicago Mrs. Mary Wolf of St. Bernlce and Eastern Illinois railroad at Dan-spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. jvllle, Ind., Cpl. Coleman entered the Charles Louden. AAF In September, ' 1942. He is a with her mother, Mra. Loretta Akers. age or tne legisiaiiuu m heavy casualties In World War Two and the large number In the mlssing-in-aetion category. Claims must be filed within one year after the report or findings of death is made, the bill stipulates. Mra. Theltna Bherrell of Terre chants' committee, reported. The Haute spent aevernl days here re cently. , i news will be officially confirmed by calling The. Dally Clintonian, after which all stores will close. Under certain conditions they will remain 1 mm Mrs. Mary Wailley and son;' Per- graduate of AAF schools at Madl- Mr. and Mra. Harry Smith, Jr. son, Wis. and Boca Raton Field, Fla. upending a month with relatives. and children Curtis, and Wllma of (llenalrea apent a few dnya with hlaj parents, Mr. and Mra. Harry Smith, closed the following day. The conditions will be given In detail In the Mrs. Ida Eller returned home af Hr. and family, near future. Much thought is now being given Mr, and Mrs. Lea Blythe, Mr. Six Indiana Towns, Firm Order to Clean Streams INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. Six towns and a business firm in northern and central Indiana have until July 1. 34i to clean ', up t neighboring; Streams, according tb "an ' order 'W eftmlnate pollution (issued ;yestf rday ' U.S.A Pfc. James Nlsbet, son of Mr. and Mrs. James Nlsbet, whq is now stationed in Italy, has been promoted to- a; Sergeant. j;; ',f-u.s.A. ; " Mrs,. Richard 'i,' Stu'ltz has 're and Mra, Wayne Church of Ham to flood control along the Wabash Swlckard and sons, Mr. and Mra. William Louden of Chicago, Mr. and Mrs.. Henry Drake of Clinton and Mrs. - Jewel Carty and children of Sandytown. Miss Betty Sunn spent from Tuesday until Friday with Miss Margaret McAdams of Terre Haute. Mra. Eda Eller end Mrs. Calvin Eller and daughter Susan apent WedaeBday and Thursday with relatives In Indianapolis. Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Medley and family moved from Hillsdale to . Fairview Park. . , , Mrs. .Myrtle Snortfnnd Mrs. Helen Fauldo spent Wednesday In . Terre Haute .with Mr. and Wf' Leon Short; :' ' " Mrs. Mary Emery and son Billy and fin. Alma Uselraan and sons Larrji, Dale and Roger spent Wednesday in Teire H;ulel ') - ' Mrs. , Esther Crane, Mrs. Dora Newoome and Mrs. : Jack Ke'wcome ter spending several days with her daughters of Indianapolis. j Mr. and Mrs. ' Herschel Robertson o! Terre Haute spent. Sunday with relatives'.' 1,1 !'' ' '' ' " j Mrs. ' John i Kitchen of 'Anderson spent from Wednesday until Sunday mond apent the weekend with Mra. river, and these, Ideas) Hre'assumlngB entirely dlffureijti' Ctuis fdiiwf-a of the past, irof. K. Ej.'HutchfhH, dfl Otis Church and daughter Velda Lee.. . . ,., t f by the Indfctna ' Stream Pollution, Rose ' Polytachnical Institute, v Mrs. Marie Thomas apent Monday In Terra Haute. . . i . .' KCantro1 Board. Those arfecteo are, ht Miioa nt lt-tiin 4nuth Fiend. plained in pjoi!l,'intiUrjtoJk. The ! Wabash' RiVef AssotlWiW waij Mr. and Mrs. Clyoe Shew spent '1 Oz. 1 , . .50,Plus. ' ; Bottle U Fed. Tax ! and Mishawaka, on the St. Joseph Thursday In Terra Haute. with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Bert short. . ., ' , Mrs. Hefen 'Faulds of Anderson is spending1 the week with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. pert Short. ,,,,,, , i Mr. and Mrsi ' John. Thonras.i and fbrmed about a year ago and offi rem I wafa Biirnn ii e ft Mrs. Marian I'eUk and son, Larry ceived word from her husband, Cpl,( Richard, L..tutlz that he haB,rr,(v- ed'Bife,iy lp.,England. .Rpl. .Stujtz (s a taljl. gunner,; xn' a bomber crew. , :!.m !.. ! 7n-u,s.A ,,;,; , .,, ,,. tlkipromoionoe John B. 'Wiley frm the. ranki of SUff Sgtv to Tech.: Sgt. was; announced recently ''somewhere In England" by United States Strategic lA'ir- ForceBil In ' Europe. TSgt. LUley's wife; Mrs. Virginia Joe, spent Sunday with her mother, Mrs. Iva Wonten' of. St. Bernlce. Mr. and Mrs. Harry Smith enter som'Mr. and. Mrs. Harry Bay. and daughter, libarbara spent the weekend In Danville, 111. .with relatives tained Sunday. for thalr sofll Melvln control program approved at the recent Rivers and Harbors Congress in New Orleans. This strongly indicates that it will later receive congressional approval. Flood Control Measures K. Smith, who Is at homo in leave. spent Tuesday with relatives In Cov Those present were Mrs. Mabel O' Kuth Goshorn LIUey resides at South Fifth street, Clinton. He has served and friends. Mrs. Vera Murray and. daughter, Janice Kay, Mrs. Helen Faulds, Mrs. Mary Turbeville and children, Don Connor and sona, Jack and Clary-dean Mra. William Pickering and thirteen months overseas as an en aona. Richard and Jimmy, Mra. Ma gine mechanic and prior to his en try In the service was employed as a tree surgeon at the Davey Tree ald and Mildred, Mrs. Myrtle Short spent Monday with Mrs. Bertha Illnes of Lyford. Mrs. Calvin Eller and daughter, SuBan returned here after spending ington. Neil Dunn spent Wednesday in Terre- Haute. Cpl. Thomas Whetnlght of Camp Shelby and Mrs. Whetnlght of Hal-lleburg, Miss., are spending ten day furlough with her parents, Mr. and Mra. .Jesse Mahurin and other relatives. Paul Baldwin returned home after spending six weeks in Wisconsin. Theodore Newport of Indianapolis spent, the weekend with friends, i Expert Co., Kent, O. TSgt. George T. Lyons of 518 ry Emery and anna. Hilly and Bobby, Mr. and Mra. Harry Smith and children, Curtla and Wllma, Mra. Dale and aona, Billy Dale, and Ilex. Mrs. Charles llselman and sons. Larry Dale, Roger and Charles, Duane and Darrell Smith, Mrs, William Ingram, Mrs. Roaena Cunningham of Blsmark. The afternoon waa spent North Main street, recently passed i Of the 53,000 square miles drained by the Wabash, 24,000 are in Indiana, he pointed out. The old methods of levee building are now being replaced with detention basins, carefully planned and providing a number of intangible benefits, such as raising the ground level, preventing soil erosion and providing recreational sites. ,1'ictures presented by Mr. Scott were devoted to postwar planning in industry and! urged that firms not wait until the. last shot is fired to plait the, steps they will take to meet the week with her husband at Fort Meade, Md. ... Mrs. Dora Newcome, Mrs. Jack mill, -m Employs Ncwcome and Mrs. ; Esther- Crane MM42 are spending the week with 1 rela- Amazing, Patented, socially. through an Air Service Command Station "Somewhere in England" en route to .a weilrearned rest after 30 missions as a Radio Operator, Gunner on a B-24. Before his return' to' the States. ,Tf5gt,: lon wasi awarded the, Air, ,Medal,l Three. Clusters, and-(he D(,F.. G. He la the son of Mr. and MraLouia Lyons. U.S.Pt.NM.22GS6?7 and 117471, and Can. Pat. No. tSlV. Nama geg. lo U.S. and Can. Pat. Off. Interior Construction Principles Mrs. GlayMs Cornish of St. Loula, I ""' ' ; " un.,.ii nnfwflitiff the week with Mr. THE ONLY HEATER OF ITS KINO IN THC WOMB I and IMrs. Charles Lo(idan. Miss Wllmacno 01 Indianapolis the problems of the coming peace.. A. J. DOUCHTY S FURNITURE STORE Newort Lions present were: At- spent the weekend 'here. t. ! i . mi . nnu in i b. mimL aii i.uigicjii had aa weekend guest, Mrs. Laura Clark of Tampa,- Fla. ' . 1 Mr. and Mrs. Dwlght- Hudson and family of Cayuga spent Thursday with Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Harring- fra. Luura Clark of Tampa, Fla.:' Kenneth Peck ol (ndlanapolls spent the weekend with his parents, Mr.' and Mrs. Ed Peck. ' Mri and Mre. Charles Louden and Jpet.3:Louaa. jad.JDl. llaas SAVE GASOLINE AND TIRES Bring Your Hogs To Thfr HO' IE PACKING Cfl. TERRE HAXTE, I.M). YARDS OPEN DAILY FRIDAY TILL NOON , ' , I, ,:lll ;a .'Irllinr I I. . ''. ...... .... .. ,, , " , lttl--iv - , UKjijIlo'.-tr J'. .... , , . Mr. and Mra Jt C- Hallen and t diuihter were Sunday' guests of Mr.' Cornish spent from W'edujadjufcr";"1 James Voto and family. Lea Foster of Anderson spent the weekend hero. - NEWS OF MEN IN THE SERVICE (Continued from page 1) Lii r i iuaj ni.u .na. ...w. ..v. v. St: Bernlce. . Mr. and Mra. Charles Louden and Loretta Jo Louden spent Monday In Paris, 111. Mr. and Mrs. Fred Scott, Mr. and Mrs. Wilford Shores and dsuiihters, of Terre Haute apent Sunday with Mr. and Mra. Everett Shorea. Miss Violet Mae Powera returned home months In San Diego, Calif., working In Consolidated Vultee Aircraft. Mrs. Mae Carty spent tha weekend in South Bend. t. and Mrs. A. V. Kennedy spent Sunday in Fontanet with Mr and Mrs. Roy Kennedy. FOR Offic and KhI t'onaervatlon course established at Nccitt Kleld, III. Sgt. KIUT-lin la nuw stationed at Cliatlrtn rield, Ua. U.H.A. . ITc. Kdward Terkoaky, aon of Mr. and Mia. John Terkoaky of 830 North K I h Hi street, hua been pro- MrB. Floyd Pennington and daugh FOR SALE ',' FRANK FROX CO. ' STEAM HEATING BOILER Economic 112 (Appro. 8150 Ft. Cap.) 14 Sections of Cast RADIATORS 28? High, 10 Ft. Long To Be Sold Ai Is JOE AIMOiiE ters spent Friday with Mra. Albert Gilmore and family of Clinton moled lo the rank of Corporal. He la now aialluiied at Puvla-Monthan Clfld, Tiiaenn, Arts. U.N. A H 'Hat Waller J. Ifardealy, son of A family dinner waa held Hunduy at the home of Mr. and Mra. Harley USED NEW AND Hasting in honor of their son, lvt Alfred Hasting, who la home un I furloogh. Those present" wre Mr and Mrs. Darrell Sollara uud lunilli Mra. Marian llardeaty of Hillsdale. ' I ml, la na serving aa a Mem Her-! ani h. tha Hi Hon Complement I ctlna' nf ran liiraeal Air Hervlre Mr. and Mrs. William. Trosper slid (pniniand dkil In llrltaln IMfore 1 n .5) son, Mr. and Mrs. James Harper ant nti-rma Hie Air Koreea In 14(1, hy sa eui iiluyed As a family, Mr. and Mra. Lester tlinari and family, Mr. and. Mra. Waller 'ol.f I'stiief kv l he Itldera lladio J it- Benskln and family. Ml1, and Mrs. Clinton Christie and family of i:llu- I'lsM Ua -Ind., - - r .' . .. 0 H A Nirt, llliinldo; IVaktfmtn. .in nf ; i't- Jv - -. j svifsifjqU I.-',:':"" ', .... 'V .... ' r1. r,w - h.: Mrs.-Madilalitna 1'ei.nrnjlii of t North Klaiith lint. haa arrived 20 Yiars In The Same .H: We are in the Market for safely aumewliMi' In Ihe I'ai irir. Sgt. I'eaareulo la In Ihe medical detueh-nieiil and aaa aelit overneas from GIL SEEBD Camp ltlandlna. I' f A, Having rounded out his aUlli month of duly on forelan aiill, Hal. Hughle 1. Curry, son of Mr. and Save Mra. Claude Curry of Houth Main atreet, la entitled to wear one nf the newly designated gold foreign-service at rl ilea. LOCATION Money On Your Books And Supplies BRING YOUR LIST TO US AND BE ASSURED OF THE The Clinton soldier la serving as engineer gunner Willi a tetttran 1 Stti A AP H-25 Mllrhell Mi.nili tirolip In the Mediterranean Theaire of Oper-allona. His group has flown more than d UU buuiblng allurks aualiisi the enemy throughout the Tunisian. The government is trying to increase the jJroduction of clover seeds, this season, by a system of payments, generally based upon sales to commercial handlers, aa follows: ; 1. We will pay you the ceiling price of 30c a pound, for Red Clover and Mammoth, for clean seed of good quality. We will clean, free, the seed we buy. For seed that you take home to sow, we charge the usual 15c a bu. cleaning. 2. ' You can take our serial numbered Purchase Memorandum, which we have in duplicate, showing ' the amount of seed sold to us, and turn it in to the A. A. A. office where you are eligible to receive 3c a pound government bonus. You are also eligible to receive the bonus on seed that you take home, provided that you send sample to Seed Inspection, Springfield, Illinois, and receive a satisfactory weed-free test, then tag it accordingly. 3. You are eligible to receive $3.50 per acre for harvesting the number of acres, you cut for clover seed production, and that will be handled at the A. A. A. office. Sicilian and Italian coiupmIhi. USA ' Amerlco T. Ave, huabaud of Mra. Mary Hagun Ave. of 1 rS 1 1Mb Ave.. Seattle, Wash, waa promoted to the grade of corporal in ordera issued this' week. He ia in the parta and supply section of an Ordnance unit at the Panama Canal Department. Cpl. Ave is a graduate of the Clinton High School and entered tin-Army In July 1941. He arrived In C KS. BOOK STORE Panama in February of this year CLMTOM His parents. Mr. and Mrs. Chris Aw live at 605 North Seventh Bireel, Clinton. We have cotton bags to sell at 40c each, or will loan them to you if you sell us the seed. Edgar County Seed Co. I U.S.A Pvt. C. M. Walker of Ft. Knox. Ky qualified aa an expert gunner on most weapons at recent teata held at Ft. Knox. D.8.A Corporal Richard R. Coleman, aon of Mr. and Mra. Fyr" Cpleiuau, 840 South Seventh atreefeata now a 242 Mulberry St. CLINTON, IND. M. J. MOXE1", Owner Paris, m. Z i SaO W. Washington HI. Phone 151 specialized radio technicianaad re

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