The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on August 28, 1944 · Page 4
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 4

Clinton, Indiana
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Monday, August 28, 1944
Page 4
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Monday, August 28, 1914. THE DAILY CLINVONI AN Page Four At th Moviea behind Ifc Icon 'AMERICAN HAYRIDE" Stndtr and Mtmilay mm ; Presenting a gaily entertaining story of the American theatre THE DAILY (XIINTONIAN PmM swUI ass Tn-i i n.tniTT iiumtiiii ims rablhmsd Daily Except Saturday and Bin-lay bom I Carey - - Editor tjtd Pnbiihe i ii i "I-- HOLLYUOO and its people. "Show Business" is the romantic comeoy-arami that introduces many old song a. HMtfSON CARKOU outside the Universal barber shop, VAAim Wall mnA Jltek Durant tried to atop an argument outside- the Beverly i topics ana n'""L f 1 . v Bn ttwienenrient OrOdUcet. Kiag Feslares bvaatesle n rilf HOLLYWOOD Warners are rearranging the schedule of "The Corn la Green" to give Bette Davis a week of complete rest. She's had persistent head- l rtepWiliraa Kdttorlal j They've sworn off as peacemaker Phone S3 Phone 33 m S2 favorites, familiar tunes, acts and ensembles in s story covering two decades of theatre life. The brilliant cast Includes Eddie Cantor. George Murphy. Joan Davis. Nancy Kelley and Constance Moore, who share stellar honors in the RKO Radio picture. WABASH 4t aches since be-I ing struck by a . ? fillmr lirht. Jj sS Is)) . . . Jimmy ana onnuy ui ing the spots together but no reconciliation. She just came to see the baby. Returns Wednesday to Mexico City. Pat.Dane and Tommy Th hMM.ahrwiniii. which DUtS a damper on the separation rumors, ... . .4 . Assoaxrum Sunday. Monday . . . Aoa uooge nas rcuuiivu n 1 1.. niefiier tn renresent her and Tuesday MtiBi-lnvfiie movie natrons who lees fast her wealthy husband, Ray Dodge. . . . ii it win neip iiiwid-imiii'i fmntir hmute-huntera. Sis were captivated by the voice of voung Susanna Foster in Univer- J Mickey Boo-ncy, who said night clubs were out during his furlough, weakened and showed up at the Club Gala with the voluptuous Chili Williams, who is at least a head taller. i . Technicolor hit. "Phantom i sanna Foster still has Ave months to go on her telephoneleas hideout i l of the Opera" the film that rock-.a in Ktariiom. have yet an in xne noiiywooa jujib, h w mo- in .ii hl.n m . . . Luna Veietl other treat In store.j Harrisoa Carroll didn't go to New York. She ' dat For the lovely lyric-coloratura sings a group of four popular classics in her latest Universal Meanwhile, at another spot a few blocks away, Mickey's ex, Ava Garner, was squired by A trie Shaw. Understand Rooney will be in special service at that Alabama camp. ing Warner Actor Harold Kamona who figure in her previous spat with Arturo De Cordova. . . . Carol Bruce out of the hospital and going-places with Maj. Tom Baker, who was one of Jackie Origan's superi feature. "This is the Lite, op ening Sunday at the Wabash meat she is co-starred with Don ors in Burma. . . . Dale Foster, ex ald O'Conner and Peggy Ryan. The new -drinks off the tables at midnight" ruling spoiled the mg-VriHn nicrnt business In re cent niehtclub history. Moeambo was like New Year's Eve Producer Ben Bogeaus (just separated Ui( ITnnrvthel with SimODC Arthur Murray dancer and Pine-Thomas actress, weds Seaman First Class Frederick MeCanghaa Sept. 2. . . . Paula Stone is godmother of the Betty Grable-Haxry James youngster. Did you know that Turban Bey is a reserve lieutenant in the Turkish cavalry? Served In the ansj nine months. ; , Rimnri. Cant. John Carroll with Baa Traffia Passenger trafitt on Intercity buses reached a record-breaking high of S63 million in 143. This total represents a gain of 38.1 per cent over 1942 and is 24 times the riders of any peacetime year One-hundred and seventy-five of the nation's major us lines accounted for 783 million of last year's passengers, while smaller operations contributed another 180 million. Re IT REALLY ISN'T MI CH. Although the action of the city council in adding a small tax levy for the partial support of the Clinton Youth Center to the 1944 tax budget has met with general approval, one mistaken idea seems to have gained some circulation and that is regarding the size of the levy. For some reason the report has been : circulated that the levy for the Wildcat's " Den will amount to $3 per $100 valuation when actually it will be only 3 cents per $100 valuation. The idea has also spread that the amount to be raised will be more j than $3,000, when actually the levy will " yield a little more than $900. This win be ..insufficient to meet the entire cost and some additional money will have to be raised by donations. Myma Den, Helen Vinson with villi. Clmn Fjilelle Tavlor With her estranged groom, Paul Small (he's by-passing Los Angeles and taking his new revue directly from can PKanHfico to New Yorkl. Cara ports of the larger operators Tinow that while they carried 42.1 per cent more passengers, their operating mileage increased only 11 J per Marquis De La Falaiae, which Connie Bennett got in the property seV tlement but sold back ta her titled spouse, is right In the middle of the fiercest Normandy fieWIng-. Incidentally, Connie insists that, when she finds a house, her present groom, Gilbert Roland, wilt : into u with ner. i - Wmm ItniM In Cnttt Awm Actually, the effects or tne new project cannot be judged as yet. Naturally attendance has not been large during the summer infiii nnri it was not exnected to be. and Mrs. t. A. Culver and fam Spike Jones orchestra had to call off a show in France because the iMmw mmreff on hefnre fhe ellleii. Prelect (rem Odors Keep butter and margarine in their original wrappers inside the cartons to protect them from odors and flavors of other foods. Leftover meat fats belong in the refrigerator and not on top of the stove. The refrigerator protects fats from the light and beat, which turn them rancid. i ily of Veedersburg. Ind. Taking a Backward Glance Dr. Elisabeth Doner returned 1 tainment could be put on. . . . Mrs. However there has been an unexpectedly j Williams with Attorney Seymour Chotiner, Chester Morris helping the missus celebrate her birthday, Cornelius Vanderbilt. Jr. When Orchestra Leader Emit Coleman announced the last call for drinks at 11:20, there were a chorus of groans and. from one floor table, loud hissing. The hisser was Charlie Morrison., owner of the spot. Morrison, incidentally. Is opening a new restaurant next door to the Moeambo, with Felix Young in charge. It will seat 100 people and be super-swank. Wonderful Red Sketton story from Camp Roberts. When the company was lined up at attention, an officer stopped in front of the somedian. "Private Bkelton," he said, "You are supposed to he runding at attention." "I am sir." replied Skelton. "It's ny pants that are at ease." Red's lost 20 pounds. He gets one break. His sweetiepie, Georgia Davis, hi appearing at the camp in "Roberta." ,,-;(' last night from a four days visit jim isrown, wiie oi ine ransHssi actor, still ailing since the birth of her second child three weeks ago, ith her brother. D. H. alcimyre at Cwynnville. Ind. u,.. Mildred Bound, ol lin- large attendance ana miereai reuu x"s" among the boys and girls. 'twenty teaks Surely no public-spirited citizen can ago tuuak object to having 30 cents added to the tax ; . m. t. v. rtan - nC ' L'a U.n. I.m,U. Idren are not to go to school at all until Tuesday. Thai morning. they will receive their book lists and the classes will get under . . . ueQL rjeru Diem, lurmcr xnniy- wood news-scribe, due to enter Armv hosnital Moaa Maris and era tn Terre Haute. Thursday. Thev now have rooms 10 and 12 Kill AOfh VI f KMI noopEOpn Valuation OI - " einnati. O.. Is here Xor a short Tit-it with her cousins. Mr. and Mrs. Mark K. Nebeker In South Main street- , THIBTY YKARS Manas kCasleck an Item After two Columbia pictures, the Hal Mc-Intyre orchestra goes on an Army camp and p. a. tour that win oarry uiu vu frwv - his property for a project which can mean n mm.). n the fiitiirv nf ("Hinton and its On Ih-lrnw l way on Wednesday. Supl. I.. The CITf boys held their MeUeynolda says some people are The t. M. T. L. Dor nera ineir kj (f ,he children are to go first meeting at the Chamber al , " j u ,.i, m Kchool Monday. H previousl on the second floor at Clinton Hotel. Mrs. Frank Micheli and children, of Sycamore street, went to Brazil. Thursday, for a visit with her mother, Mrs. Doyle. iliss Emma Martin, of Danville. III., Is the guest of Mr. and Mrs. H. J. Turner. HIUHJ M. . children. It costs a lot less to prevent de- cri trine t V. VOUT1?sterS 2L f Commerce rooms last nit'm. ine; rciat , . i r announced the facts as ne restates meeting was well attended and AGO TOIIAT Bid CVowd Attends IIWIB Ul UHT WOr 1. xuswutw. ' 4 The 10 lecoids cut by Jimmy Dec sey for Decca last week ran his total up to 755 In 10 years. . . Brother, this does it An eastern fan cltth at fiineer Andy Russell -, " O , inch interest was shown in the Preslrterian Hopper- ' pleasant and n&rmiess piace 10 sijenu uieir f organization or a rou The chicken supper given by Leonard Prulhiere of Fairview leisure hours than it does to attempt to Uc. m. t. c. a platoon win be the women of the Presoytenan Park who underwent a serious , j-.:..- iMtAf. m. f formed so that boys of Verrail Maria Monte, hauled off and jean themselves "The Russell slapped the tar out of a fresh guy Sprouts." , operation at the Vermillion coun-i church in the Sunday school! Mrs. Leslie B. Lampton. of" cure UClillU uciit,j unci wu. ti ... , r . . linn will make e delinquency later on. , i i . It is only fair to give the youtn center hmrirt(. D lhe Itejr 1ar- " " ,o D"e ltejr "r- ty hospital several flays aeo is re-1 room, inimna; r.".i.e. . --1 . w.... inlnmvui i .w.AA hr everal hundred. The vr. Anna Larr Slater. " "Tr"! :::: r "L, h..dred. The who ponea IO ue iiu-. " i-r w . .. a year s trial oeiore juagmeut is ibci ade, September iz. Anv oy w T : 1.. f. .I,... lli. Mtcrr f tio i is ml.-red in the C. M. T. ur'a Trial hPtfirP TttOPTriPnr IS TiaSSea ote .neinlw.r 1? Inr bov " ' T. ; l f;.,ot rh- vt f thp is interested in the C. M. T. C. Mr. and Mrs. R- -M. Penlreath supper was an exceptionally line Zr- IT iVk. ri f aCXTrnv Z 'na information concerning it and daurtter Miss Berexa have one. a ..nera. neip ,s Mvni&ni fllA Konnf 1 a nf U hlf H TTtaV DC I , . , l- l.kiekmi as Inn as the fowls 1381- The Rest of My Life Mm You p-"' - - - " , ! from any members in vermimon returneu to tneir nome m 1 v 7 , . . i Bha red by everyone's children . . . Should ironntT. man street from Lake Wawasee ed. and with pit r jooa be Shared by everyone. The ociatio planned to at yracU5e. Ind., where th" , D4" , ice creanTno Ts finP fnrward-lookW stet, that form a Cub in Vermillion count t havebee 6,n tesu miner. wind-up course ice cream CsytW-a nT " . which aM member may join by 3lr. j-eniream si-ieu uu . - " - " . ,hi,k. Miss Lambert's condition: Just a i . Mnoiiaicinn niitliiiur alarm the city has taken in supporting the cen heart and the spirit and the mind. It had not been in her blood, run-nine; like wine through her veins. ing. He added that, naturally, Mrs. Lambert would ne reueveo " ne eeive the reassnranee of her awn physieian. ' r That wasnt Irene. ro in burned in her, such as he had sensed this afternoon in Judith. paving a .mail fee of fifty rents, cent electrical storm h.s . -pass-' J""",,' r,! Harold Walden has been appoint- eneer Buick sedan was burned in ra " T ed captain of this county unless the Millord garage with ten other score, an d t " T 7r otherwise notified by headuart- f ear, when lightning Mmek the - 211 werT era- i " , , , wk.! great that the latest comers could T-U, u ly r. and Mrs. John Jethy full menu. School!. Mt " daughter Buth Anne are v.- i The ninton city a hools star, HI with Mr. and M r, Cec,l Me- "LZ ter, it snouia ana wm pay oiviuciiu. WICKARD WARNS AGAINST DANGEROI S LAND BOOM. Secretary of Agriculture Claude R. Wickard calls attention to the rate at vhih farm land nrires are risin? and The young" physician toonem. Matthew grinned so nimseii; Since when? However, he smiled and proffered the information that k. . nlrl friend. Dr. Mor fortable to be married to that type of woman. What type? Pin it CHAPTER TWENTY-FIVE 1 Matthew drove down in Lynn's ear, as he had come up. They talked very little on the way back. Matthew was sleepy and relaxed sitting; beside the older man. Once Lynn remarked that the country was doinr Mary good, as she looked better than he had seen her in years, and a little later be commented that Judith Lambert grew prettier everv day. And Matthew grunted mildly, assentinr, to each opinion. When he reached the apartment, Nellie, who had not come up to the country with him, showed him half a dozen telephone messages. the fall term. Tuesdiy. Sept. 2. etny ot rairview m.. slrKt ,nd alley Improve- While there will be ome teach- Miss Frances Kessler of a,-' -n,s iB Clinton are getting along down, give it a name. Ardent, demanding, meeting lore halfway, not waiting for love to row's fishy glance reduced the adjective to a mere euphemism. And Matthew felt very like a first-year medical student under the severs ... . . i j i meeting!, Monda: , the ehii- nut street is visiting with Mr. ; M possible. The paving of come to her. the alleys between First and regard of an austere professor. CROSSWORD By Eugene Sbeffer Matthew shook bis head, reached for his pipe, and knocked out the inhacro. Bedtime, he must be up Air. morrow openec tne owe, muu rkm wn Jndith. A nurse rose Third riirlB Is pracliraHy eom-l.npd and a kood as they hare undergone the drying process, witi tks tnmixl Itark to traffic. from the chair beside ner. early in the morning. Dr. Morrow was remarking moat La kail UAH A II W.UII t V 1 HT hon- He wished that be Baa not naa that sudden illuminating glimpse Th wnrk no Vine street is 1 alias Hosier ... sne naa caiivu ai of Judy. . . - It made him uneasy. warns mat anotner aisasirous larm iauu ; boom is developing. "The rate at which farm land prices , are rising, coupled with the large number i of sales, are unmistakable signs that an in-1 flationary land boom is underway in many regkms." declares the Secretary. j Mr. Wickard points out that about a; third of the farm purchases are being made by city people who, in many cases,! are paying too muck By this, he means a price greater than the long-time earning i nnavr nf thulanrl nt farm rommoditv DrlC- pitalization. Rest, observation ... Miss Meredith, the nurse, was cart!! en t. moiriF alonR. but not so rapiaiy ; , ... w as was expected the time of ! fl beptmmr. The traction company. "f Q1Ile , e,rl the niece He thought: well, perhaps its Treadway after all, perhaps she's just been keeping him dangling. But Judy wouldn't keep a man dangling. She was too honest. of one of his pari en ts, was thirty has its work completed up to the mint of settinc the brick, but was fuliy oonseioua. She smiled at him. faintly. The ice bag lent her a rather rakish appearance. He said the remainder of the street is not Trie telephone rang. It was nts cheerfully, "Well, weli! Too wok as if you bad been on a binge." mother. She cried, "ilatthew, can you get back here as quickly ai possible? r so far aioae. Flra Aid Work Shows Pragma) and nau neen aivorcet. - redhead with a sweater figure. She hadn't become importunate until recently. ilatthew thought: Too were faithful to Irene because you loved ner and because since ner death yon had not been stirred by any woman. It was only last winter. - -Dr. Morrow was uinlsuiim ranx Ik. .... ...nt . nnrinA af nnMlTUrinm. 1 V h h rif r r r r I" l"3lpl IT" i" 33 i-l 35 WO' mr ir"ia sasnnnsna nsnwsksss assssnnmi ssssnsssss sssBssnss "T anannns- ssnssassi ssnkassn 4 A t2 3 3 The ftrwt aid teams of the Clin ness had been of brief duration. -What's happened?" "Judy," she said. "After you left they went in swimming again -1 ..-!. lu, haul m Iks . lAo ton district held another meeting - the old school house I nurs- Less than half an hour, to he exact. "She's always been nnconseaoaa.' murmured Matthew, to Judith's Atr for uractice and in of the pooL Vi e have a doctor but thought of her every day and often. struction and the attendance was es lower than those prevailing under wartime conditions. The Secretary recommends governmental measures to put a brake on rising land values in order 'to prevent inflation, which, in the long run, may prove disas- frmw Tf ttnctrpwra vwrrrirtirwi nf TirtPtf es drowsy -smusement snd Mnrrnws nAPsnM Th nnm cnnornnind . . . Cila and Z-va would I eel setter if And Judith has asked for yon." "Is the doctor there? Let me If as the weess wens or in wmwww nrnn temnered. that was not Fareer than it has bees prerious-!r. The district will be represent- - iL fih. wan a iiBitanmr eirL .... il lm leoa bat because was Miss Meredith, snd sha found r,A tlu MMlMl whlcll iS tO be speak to him." he was adjusting hiwelf to his herself reflecting tnat it was s pny that Dr. Norman's waoal routina did not brine him more often ta Matthew spoke hnrneory to xne physician on the other end of the wn Ho -aid h.riMn. un "111 be jhe'rl in Terre Haute on the lSlh I of Rest month by teams from l -ncos Tieiinr and ninton coal u i.- t,a nnwl? It wasnt much, but the way she said it, the there as soon as I can." Greenwich in a puifsssissnl espe- eity. companies, and the practice was j encouraainK to In. Knoefel and ! Ilatthew got bis ear, and eats- n..U I t -ir .hmnTh In, ,!t, anri way sue had ssoaen wnen sne mo it II - mmlA wit Iim nwrfliei "Thanks," said Judith. Mink.- ... itnnm LmU rbn kvl. into Connecticut. Tne entrance to that she was the type who loved ilia Capri was marked try two towering stone gateposts snd no gate. The wide driveway was blue- sne man only, married mm, ana no other. He had said to Judy that she wouldn't know about that. What bad she done then? She Dr. Morrow picked up his nag. He would return in the morning, Sl said tentatively, and Mas Meredith would call him if ... He looked at Matthew. Matthew said eheerfuliy that he would remain for una rest Ir. Henry Washburn, the local wtorer aB(( instructor of the forces. .Tranwan Mat ion Work tT jnih To llmiiil I I The workmen on the new ter-tnilnal station of the Terre Haute. 'Indianapolis Sr Eastern Traction Lwm.. ImM k, 9 mi ir a nneH stone, tree-noroereo, sna jsaiuew narked himself no it without CnB- nii taken off her elasses vw I iii nS sharnlv. and rooked at him. She had of the night. stopped with a complaining of tires 9-4 There was something very ss. III. 1.. .twin all , KmiVi l-n and brakes Del ore tne vast pins house. Another ear stood there. Evi older man. He had not been aakett to call a consultant. As if one was yT a failure to secure s concrete i mixer, and bare been roapelM ;to do the work by band, which" has made proerens mirhtr stow.; "Tne foundation work. now. bow-1 needed! No, indeed, ite had srssprs 47 estrange 4 long fce-aJts 4S tivett 5) bint 51 noiaieman 52 scrutinize 5i mhentor dently the local physician bad waited. Matthew got oat and went up the sups. The door stood open njtd En Lambert, her face Pair. 1. heap 2 seel co-reTir Z frwiC of nrs 4 a rem 5TMtilt . nne ravemxes 7. portly neen " ns v tun iin . nli nm il nam nf . everyone Knew snout Ms came running sown the stairs to -Wouldn't I?" That was all, bat be was renaem-bermg ner face: Her eyes, mazing, the enter af the Same that shoots np from a driftwood log. sultry, burning blue, her eiear bronst face noshing etermiiy. Matthew thought: Perhaps she wouid know. I never realized. He was s bttle nneasy, disturbed in hm long-time affection for Jodita Lambert- Nice kid, attractive as tne dickens. Incky man who married her. Tnat had been his tnonght, always. But he didn't know tast Jadtth. Wonder of whom she was aseet hiss. "How is sac?" he asked. ka. ke had seen called and than tablishment of ceiling prices on land and the issuance of permits to purchase, impo-: sition of a transfer tax and imposition of a ; capital gains resale tax. ' While it is perfectly natural for people with farm land to sell to aspire to as high a price as purchasers will consider, there is no occasion for the people of the country as a whole to shut their eyes to the dan-: gers pointed out by Secretary Wickard. j Everybody familiar with agricultural history in the United States knows what j happened to land values after the disas-1 trous deflation that followed the first j war. . Paris Gen. Dwight D. Eisenhower,' Supreme Allied Commander on the west- era front, visiting the liberated French' eiptal: "I have come here to pay tribute to the indomitable spirit of Paris." i - Washington War Manpower Com-1 missioner Paul V. McNutt warns thatj numerous key industries need more manpower to help war production keep pace? with front-line advances: "The manpower j needed will be obtained, even though this adversely affects other activities hitherto 'considered essential." 8. spear-shspen . irLferentjal lrt. katud food ILdry 16 average ii. hirh priest ot Urad 31. nrht 22. sukwornt Zl moor 24- maker at wHl 26- definite article 2T. eonte&l 2A. wm of fcocse "rf harciest of perns 34 Bnaernaad 35. rent ever, is well atone, and. with favorable weather, will be emnplet-1 ed within s few dars The work of top cowsrrnetion will begin at I once and tisrrted to completion. j 31 r. Boyd, home office man for the ITudential. from Indiana po- informed that a New York dnstsr was rushing up ns fast as a ens could bring him. And ne had nst been prepared for Matthew and his obvious youth- Mstthew went downstairs with him and aaid n nf nlena ml thrmra. HOsUZOVTAL I fearce ra&nLt ft. sorste S sharp, sibilant SOUXtai lZmetsiue efeRoent 13 by way of 14. tnechcjnsl plant 15 embrocation 17. disc raze lg. cocistituerft 19. barracks 20. corrode aw 22 newt 25 nutritjous 29 musical pine 31. exekamauon 32. sinful 33 persistent 3 kaKipcey 3T yarn . 2a. tune croci "AD right. That is. Dr. Morrow says so ... " Her voice trailed etT. sne added. "As noon as she was conscious she asked, 'Where'a atst-thew?'- Hatthew went up the stairs beside ner. putting his arm around her frail shoulders. She said, "It which emerged the solid fact tans Areswer to SatardaVs pwrzie PrSjl lE'STai -'P:Liii. g LiEainfcrj-is cbp E'AND c-aJS Never Treadway: jsoy nao sue ' w" Z7Z.. kadnt mar-! ' bad. He says, very posi- ' -' TL -t -t li in trveiy, there s no fmctwe. But rted. tne one to whom sne sad seen , . l .. . . . , . i i Ella s rone to pieces. I our soothers 39 he, young Gorman, naxuraiiy m garded Miss Lambert ss Morrow's ease. So Dr. Morrow departed feeling much better. Old friend nf ta family. Thai mmed a 1st. Per. haps, a romance? That lureind (surarea. v. sat was am r . - . - ,, . -t ... i. with ner. sunt fiirtg . r u j .. Ifs. was in the city, Wednesday and TiioriMiar. J. D Brent is spendinr the day in KorkTille. ITrs Frank Imnlap. of North Main srreet. entertained the follow in? at dinner. ThnmdaT; Mrs. WI! Anderson and daarhter. Viss Pearl Mrs. Albert Webster and Mrs. Harre Webster and son. Kobest. and daughter. Hiss liar-rareu. er. Cross and wife were cail- war a Bout Bias, ine orae nnjrsc- - - - a - amee have been ) door opened and an elderly man ap- wi i r i -iw Uorrow. Dr. Nor- He would hasten home sad look a finrera 40. droo 41. me-iley 42 mwrder 47. ralt-T 44 toilet ca "He foond himself thinking nf j man." They shook hands and Mat-lrnt who had, he knew, loved him f thew perceived a co eye. nod wriich silk is wound (To be eoiitinueil) !i,iiii.. J.l..l,ill nn n 40 trothy 45. ra wttn an ner oearx ana nwiu. n " - , ......... m of tn. Iir. alarrow reported factasii; on 17. ttf-r'.-0

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