The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida on November 4, 1968 · Page 23
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The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida · Page 23

West Palm Beach, Florida
Issue Date:
Monday, November 4, 1968
Page 23
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Page 23 article text (OCR)

Palm Beach Post, Monday, Nov. 4, 196823 r, (ai&sgsiiSooogcag? rr Unusual Genetic Patterns Studied REPUBLICAN elect; Z. RICHARD 0 Plus Unite PLUS LEMKGOOB S XT' TOOTHPASTE AND JUSTICE of th. SUPRtME COURT of FLORIDA GROUP 1 MOUTHWASH IN ONE oloct a proven judge For a Supreme Court 89 Size, 3'4-oz. tube WASHINGTON A discovery In the far-out science of genetics may have interesting repercussions soon in the down-to-Earth field of American criminal law. It is conceivable that a new type of custodial Institution neither prison nor insane asylum may have to be created at taxpayers' expense to cope with the problem posed by this discovery. Earlier this year scientists reported in the British magazine "Nature" that a survey of Inmates in a Scottish prison showed a disproportionate number carrying an abnormal genetic pattern. It was suggested that this condition called "X-Y-Y" might predispose Its carriers to lives of crime and violence. By way of explanation, chromosomes are the microscopic bodies Inside cells of all living things that carry the genes which determine a person's hereditary make-up. The chromosomes that determine sex are of two classes, X and Y. Each individual obtains his genetic Identity from his parents half from the father, half from the mother. The father carries one X and one Y sex chromosome, and thus may pass on to the offspring at the moment of conception either an X or a Y. The mother carries two X'x, and hence contributes an X chromosome to the child. Since the mother's contribution is Invariably an X, It is the father who may furnish a chromosome of either type who determines the child's sex. If the father passes on an X, the child is X X: a girl. If he contributes a Y, the child Is X-Y:aboy. Occasionally, a freakish pattern is created, in which two Y chromosomes come from the father and the child is X-Y-Y; "super-boy," one might think, what with this added dose of masculinity. Determination of the detailed genetic makeup of an individual is not easy. It requires a highly specialized mi- that backs LAW & ORDER Oral 16th veer a Trial Judgt 14rii yaar-Cireuit Judgt SG0PE Mouthwash Hygienic m Paid lor by me Lcavengood campunn fund A I Germ una Killing UHUULt; croscopic cell examination called a chromosome count, and this is not often done. Hence, the statistics on incidence of X-Y-Y are rather spongy, and scientists do not know with any real degree of precision how many X-Y-Ys exist in the general population. Some statisticians set the number at 1 In 300 males these people are invariable male, owing to the Y component and others say it is as low as 1 in 2000. The Scottish prison studies produced a composite picture of a typical X-Y-Y that hardly resembles Superman: tall, skinny, of rather less than normal Intelligence, introverted in personality (a "loner") and given to sudden, uncontrollable outbursts of violence. Other studies made In the United States and elsewhere confirmed this picture. Shortly after the report in "Nature," it was suggested that Richard Speck, convicted in the Chicago slaying of eight student nurses on July 14, 1966, might be an X-Y-Y. Certainly, he had all the physical hallmards and was a loner to boot. From legal point of view can an individual be con-genitally disposed to crime? it was an Interesting Idea to kick around. That Is about where the matter rested until October in Melbourne, Australia, when a laborer charged with murder was acquitted after his lawyer proved with a chromosome count that the defendant was X-Y-Y. The court, in effect, held that a defendant cannot be held culpable for acts that are clearly beyond his control. It did not take long for this message to be received in other jurisdictions where the Anglo-Saxon writ runs. 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The non-partisan National organization, headquartered here, said it was endorsing Congressman Rogers because of his consistent voting record for constitutional principles . Charles A. McManus, Executive Director of ACA, stated, "Congressman Paul Rogers is best judged by his performance during the 14 years which Congressman Rogers has served in the House. His legislative record gives factual evidence of his valuable service to our Nation. He stands firm against the liberal pressures in Washington, the wild spending schemes, and the permissive society offered by the proponents of the Great Society." "Congressman Paul Rogers has repeatedly stood for fiscal responsibility; firm responsible opposition to the Ccrtmunists; and for law and order for our Nation." Americans for Constitutional Action (ACA) periodically rates all members of Congress on issues which are of major National importance and adherence to constitutional principles. ACA's Executive Director stated, "If every member of Congress voted like Congressman Paul Rogers, there would be no Federal debt, inflation would not be a problem, our National military strength would not be in question, Americans would be paying lower taxes, and our wives and children would not be in constant fear for their safety." Mr. McManus cited Congressman Roger's voting record as outstanding and asserted that he is the kind of Congressman of which we need more. "He puts the interest of the United States first and works continually for the preservation of constitutional government . " The endorsement by ACA brings to the Congressman the support of highly distinguished citizens, Democrats, Republicans and Independents, who are members of ACA's Board of Trustees, headed by Admiral Ben Moreell, USN (Ret.); Major General Thomas A. Lane, USA (Ret.); Brigadier General Bonner Fellers, USA (Ret.); and the Honorable Charles Edison. Congressman Paul Rogers is new serving his seventh term in Congress and is a member of the important Interstate 6 Foreign Commerce Committee. He is married to the former Rebecca Bell and has one child. He resides at 2800 N. Flagler Drive, West Palm Beach, Florida. Protects Your Gums, too! oral TOOTHBRUSH TOOTHBRUSH Tufted styles, hard or medium teture. Assorted color handles. Helps keep gums firm, healthy; cleans hard-to-reach crevices. Oral B 30 youth size. No at savings! 69e seller!.... st; m NEW PALM BEACH MALL STORE 1801 12th St. PALM COAST PLAZA 7719 S. Dixie Hwy. DOWNTOWN CLEMATIS at OLIVE RIVIERA BEACH 20 E. 30th St, QUANTITY RIGHTS RESERVED MONDAY, TUESDAY, WEDNESDAY SALE DEM. Pd. Pol. Adv., Paul G. Rogers Campaign Fund, Cecil R. Blake, Treas. Mb Mfaini - i -ii - ii

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