The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida on November 4, 1968 · Page 21
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The Palm Beach Post from West Palm Beach, Florida · Page 21

West Palm Beach, Florida
Issue Date:
Monday, November 4, 1968
Page 21
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Page 21 article text (OCR)

ADVERTISEMENT ADVERTISEMENT POST TV CLOCK Johnson Appeals For Humphrey Vote Science Shrinks Painful Hemorrhoids Stops Itch-Relieves Pain Finds Way That Both Relieves Pain and Shrinks Piles In Most Cases Palm Beach Post Monday, Nov. 4, 196821 Dietary Trouble NEW YORK (AP) Herbert Kastle. author of the new book on Hollywood, "The Movie Makers," is a health-food enthusiast. He is Invited to all kinds of dinners and luncheons and finds that the food he prefers wheat germ, yogurt and soy beans are not on the menu. Consequently, he's forced to eat what he likes before or after luncheon or dinner. 57 Tonight Show 10-12 Joey Bishop Show 1:00- 4 News In Spanish 10M "Bwana Devil" 2:30-10 News In Spanish 2:40-10 Give Us This Day RADIO LISTINGS WEAT-Weat Paha Beach (MBS) H MIRK Wert Palm Brack ISM UMNO Went Palm Beach ItN WPBr-Weal Palm Beach (FMI MM WQXT-Palm Beach (NBC) IJM WWOS-PaJnl Beach ( FMS I Sterea tTI WUZ Laa. Wank ISM WKEW-Rlvtera Beach (ABC) ItN WDBF-Drlrajr Beach Mil WSBR Boca Rata 1 WSH-N-Belle Giaate IMBS) M WSWN BeUe Glade (FM) M l WJTS Juptter lMi HTHS-Miaml Chanel t WTV'J Miami CamH 4 WPTV-Wrat Palm Beach ChaaaH I WCKT-Mlaml Chanel 1 WLBW-Mlaml ChaaaH I HEAT WeM Paha kearh Chaaad It M-lasUcatea Movie MONDAY 5:3S 7 Inspirational Message 5 40 7 Educational Hour U. of Fla. 6: 15 4 Sunrise Semester 8:35-10 Give Us This Day a: 40 7 Sunshine Almanac 10 Public Service Film $45- 4 News In Spanish 6:M 5 Religious Signon 7 Community Report 10 Spanish News 7:00 4 popeve Plavhouse V7 Today Show and News 10 Love That Bob i Spanish I : 12 Sunshine Almanac 7: IS 12 Three Stooges 7:i 5-7 News Break 7:10-10 Rick Shaw 8:UU 4 Captain Kangaroo 10 Casper Cartoons 12 Klmba The While Lion 8:25- 5-7 News Break 8:. 10 10 Banjo Billy 12 Mike Douglas Show 9:004 Merv Griffin Show -WRITE III- McCARTIIY NEWMAH NOV. 5th THE RESPONSIBLE ALTERNATIVE TO HUMPHREY NIXON WALLACE NEW PARTY 308 S. DIXIE W.P.B. New York City, in Washington. D.C. and at a Midwest Medical Center proved this so. And it was all done without narcotics or stingingastringentsof any kind. The secret is Preparation W -an exclusive formula for the treatment of hemorrhoids There is no other formula like it! Preparation H also lubricates to make bowel movements less painful, it soothes irritated tissues and helps prevent further infection. Preparation H comes in both ointment or suppository form. No prescription is needed. New York, N.Y. (Special): Science discovered a medication w ith the ability, in most cases -to actually shrink hemorrhoids and promptly stop the burning itch and relieve pain. In one hemorrhoid case after another, very striking improvement was reported and verified by doctors' observations. Pain and itching were promptly relieved. Then this medication starts right in to gently reduce the swelling of inflamed, irritated piles. Tests conducted on hundreds of patients by leading doctors in WASHINGTON (UPI) President Johnson, in a final appeal on behalf of Hubert H. Humphrey, urged the American people Sunday not to sit out the election in protest nor waste their votes on a "spoiler" candidate. Johnson did not mention by name either Humphrey's Republican rival, Richard M. Nixon or third party candidate George C. Wallace. But he strongly endorsed both Humphrey and his running mate, Sen. Edward S. Muskie, as men of "the experience, the intelligence, the compassion and the broad understanding to command American's confidence in this White House." The paid political broadcast carried on television by NBC was taped at the White House In advance before Johnson left Washington forTexas Friday. Johnson cited the words of previous presidents Republi- II can and Democrat on the fact that a chief executive must represent all of the American people. He summarized this way: "He cannot be President of part of the people, he cannot be a spokesman for one race, or one faction, or the servant of one group of states, or for that matter, one set of interests. "He cannot be president of a coalition of frustration, or a combine of the fearful. The devious routes of a Southern strategy or a Northern strategy the clever campaign tactics of concealment and evasionthese run to their dead and dangerous end here in the office of the presidency." At another point, Johnson commented: "No man can come to the presidency compromised in honor and lacking In public trust. He will fail and the people with him." In urging that all qualified voters go to the polls on Tuesday, the President said: "I hope that every American will use his vote in November, not squander it by sitting this one out, not waste it by giving it to a spoiler." In advocating the election of Humphrey and Muskie, he gave this endorsement: "I am prepared, soberly and in full consciousness of all of my responsibilities as President to entrust and pass on the American presidency to them. PD. POLITICAL ADV. BY ANN SHORSTEIN TREASURER RONALD WICK NICK PRESIDENT Taxpayers, Elect Alfred It's a long time between elections... MM Ln 0r SAVE up to $8,000 on fees in BETTER be RIGHT the first time! the Circuit Court X . JACK GRANT says U.S". Rrp. Paul Rogers has asked me iu puunsn ms louowing pre-election Mdiemems in mv column VOTE FOR JOHN E. BORN JUVENILE JUDGE "As the election nears. I would like to set out a tew points on questions I'm DEM musi asitea as i iravei me congressional District." 'There seems to be some confusion as to whom I would support If the Presidential race were thrown Into the House of Representatives. I have said that I will vote for the man who carries my District, regardless of who he may be. This Is too Important an Issue to play party politics. To do otherwise would be to pervert the democratic process. I would like to add that my position on this issue has been the same for the entire campaign. It does not change when I go to the west coast or Into the Qadesarea." 5 Hazel 7 Donald O'Connor Show 10 Dream House 9:30 5 Real McCoys 10 Dark Shadows 10:00 5 SnapJudgment 10M "Damsel In Distress" 12 Jack LaLanne 10:25- 5 News 10:30- 4 Beverly Hillbillies 5-7 Corenlration 12 DickCavett 11:00 4 Andy of Mavberry 5-7 Personality 11:30 4 Dick Van Dyke Daytime Show 5-7 Hollvwood Squares 12:004 News 5-7 Jeopardy 1012 Bewitched 12:30 4 Search for Tomorrow 5 Eve Guess 7 News 10 Treasure Isle 12 Divorce Courl 12:55- 5 News 1:00-4 Love of Life 5 Ripcord 7 Match Game 10 News 12 Dream House 1:25 4-7 News 1:304 As the World Turns 5 Lei 's Make a Deal 7 Girl Talk 10-12 Funny You Should Ask 1:5510 MlkeThompson (Political) 12 Children's Doctor 2:00 4 Love Is a Many Splendored Thing 5-7 Days of Our Lives 10-12 New vwed Game 2:30- 4 The Guiding Light 5-7 The Doctors 10-12 Dating Game 3:00 4 The Secret Storm 5-7 Another World 10-12 General Hospital 3:30 4 Edge of Night 5-7 You Don'l Sav 1012 One Life to Live 4:00 4 House Partv 5-10 Dialing for Dollars 7 Batman 12 Dark Shadows 4:25 4 Steve Allen Show 4:30 7 Mike Douglas Show 12 Merv Griffin Show 5:00 2 Time for School 5:2510 Gurney 5:30 2 Mister Rogers Neighborhood 10 News, Weather, Sports 5:45 5 Dateline Financial 5:55 4 Weather: News: Sports 5 Dateline Fishing 6:00 2 Friendly Giant 5-7-12 News: Weather; Sports 10 Frank Reynolds 6:15 2 Industry On Parade 6:30 2 Marketing Management 4 Walter Cronklte 5 Huntley - Brlnkley 10 TruthorConsequences 12 Frank Reynolds 7:00 2 Election Eve Special 4 Doris Dav 5M-"KonTlkl" 7 Huntley - Brlnkley 10 TheHoneymooners 12 Treasure Isle 7:30 4 Humphrey-Muskle 7 IDreamofJeannle 10-12 The Avengers 8:30 4 MavberrvRFD 5-7 Wallace 10-12 Humphrey Muskie 9:00 4 Wallace 5-7 Nlxon-Agnew 9:30 4 Family Affair 10:00 4 Carol Burnett Show 10:301012 Wallace 11:00- 4-5-710-12 News: Weather; Sports 11:30 4 Perry Mason Explosion Kills 3 SEOUL, South Korea (UPI) Three persons were killed Sunday when a bus carrying 17 workers was set afire by an engine explosion, police reported. Fourteen others were Injured. A iSI a. -Jtj Furtado believes: "No public official should get rich on fees paid for legal stamps. In 1967 the clerk was paid $10,000 in salary and received $8,000 more in income from documentary stamp fees, for a total personal income of $18,000. If elected, I will do everything in my power to abolish the present fee system, along the lines recommended by the Governmental Study Commission, and until such time as it is abolished, I pledge to return to the county all documentary stamp fees In excess of $6,000 per year. This could easily mean an $8,000 saving for you, the taxpayer, during this term of office. "The Clerk of the Circuit Court presently operates on an antiquated system established In 1909. Besides administering to the courts, the clerk functions as county auditor, recorder, and accountant. Auditing expenditures In this county, one of the most populous In the state, is a 'taxing' responsibility. The task of auditing county expenditures should be transferred to the County Administrator, who is presently responsible to the County Commission as budget consultant. The clerk could then concentrate on administering the courts. The state's audit of county budgets would function as a system of checks and balances." "I think the people of this District know my record and that II reflects the vi.-ws ui my uisinci, ana mat it always STETSON 0. SPROUL (Retiring Tax Collector) CndoMel . . . C.E.Emie HcGEHEE For TAX COLLECTOR "All seven of the dally newspapers In the D stHrt hav nl.r.l TL... have followed my voting and are quail- .iru iu juue my record. "The Americans For Constitutional Action have PnHnruH ma A. tk Aft I am retiring this year after having been privileged to serve na llir m,H IS the nation mist niui.ti ...i. conservative philosophy, I think this Eolnts out that my views have Indeed een conservative." "1 was pleased at Ihe recognition glv en me by the Chicago Tribune for mv Dart In Bettino tho Iminh anil .4... kih the citizens of Palm Beach County for 32 years as Tax Collector. Ernie Mc Gehee has served as my assistant for 9 years and knows every phase of this office. In this important job I know there is no substitute for experience, and this experience combined with Mr. Mc Gehee's character and supervisory ability make him passed this session. This bill changed imrr supreme court decisions, and I feel this was a major and Important piece of legislation." "I have always run on my record and will continue to do so. I have never tried to win an election by riding anoth er's coat tails and will nol now. I feel I should represent the people of the Dls trlct free from intluence from the While House or from party politics." eminently qualified to serve you. I urge all my friends and supporters to . . . Alfred raBTAM CLERK CIRCUIT COURT REPUBLICAN , "".T r"" " 1 1 ll 2 k VOTE FOR C.E.-McGEHEE PALM BEACH COUNTY TAX COLLECTOR REPUIIICAN A A AUTO DRIVING SCHOOL 8?o so. Dixit, tmm ... Cm. to FMI ftHl sm TflTIT! si eons iivj Americans for Constitutional Action is a non-partisan, non-profit, nationwide, political action organization. It was organized in 1958 by a group of citizens who believe that the United States now faces a crisis of such proportions as to jeopardize its survival as a Federal Republic and that of its citizens as a free people. ACA believes that the Constitution of the United States, as originally conceived, provides the solid foundation upon which the structure of our free social order has been erected and from which workable solutions to the organization of the modern industrial state must be projected. THE MEMBERS OF THE BOARD OF THE PALM BEACH COUNTY CHAPTER OF AMERICANS FOR CONSTITUTIONAL ACTION ENDORSE ALL OF THE FOLLOWING CANDIDATES. PLEASE NOTE SOME RACES ARE OMITTED. IN OTHER RACES BOTH CANDIDATES ARE ENDORSED. 14 Mramal 12 11 aamai mit mm 0p i MKUI w si na 2 23 24 23 2d 27 21 2 jo amcmam nam tuwan laieomeioi oTalcroL) eoat rniiiiiimniaa nauc nanacnoa (aai itaat I I awa. I I laM. I itami l I MtatarCM tVtarOi (MtatarM IWltaW (VtarM fVW m OmI I MkM I (V- 0-1 (MtateM ItaCI I cot aKoaa awn. HAm MM KM ttmlmOmt (tm tar Ota) w1aiMa tM I IVaa tar O VW tai Onl I (V tar OMt (Via tar On) (Vwa fc Omt I (V OMl I IVM tar OMi I N i-A OMIT W. ISrtt 2-A EDWAJO ). Ovmay .0 12-A IW ,4-A la IM 2M 2a 2A A ,,-A JCttmW. JACK tAYMONOJ. JOHN CRHtT T. WIUIAM C. WIUIAM . WtUIAM R. DAVID L CI tOMtlC WIA THflMAl KOTTL Humphry PooAaush Moudry Jon fcjjfcy . McCjW Clark lajWy Wyn-r fendi 224 2M UHAN C XHUCK" 2)4 CUNION I. -ftr 24 Wsavaf 274 KKHT f. Culoaopw 24 HOtACI aWmlay JOHN I. I 104 114 IM IM ' 4 2I4 I tuna o. Jiwr paul t. wsstu. n f. a. "wm" oit v. fridaj Jr. Thorn. DeujUi Mdnjoah Cufri. fukt, M M M AUIO. JAMES C ft Regan AdVirM, It. JJJn Dunkl LOCAL OFFICERS PRESIDENT: Dr. Edwin W. Brown VICE-PRESIDENT: Dr. John Earman SECRETARY: Colonel I. B. Freer TREASURER: Harold C. Neilsen NATIONAL OFFICERS CHAIRMAN: Admiral Ben Moreell PRESIDENT: Major General Thomas A. fane VICE CHAIRMAN: Brigadier General Bonner Fellers TREASURER: The Honorable Charles Edison WE RESPECTFULLY SUGGEST THAT YOU SAVE THIS PARTIAL BALLOT FOR REFERENCE ON TUES., NOV. 5TH VOTE TUESDAY Pd. Pol. Adv.

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