The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on August 28, 1944 · Page 1
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 1

Clinton, Indiana
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Monday, August 28, 1944
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THE DAILY CMMf OMAN The Home Newspaper Of VeriaiUica And Parke Couatioi THE WEATCZ3 Mailed In Conformity With P. O. D. Order No. 19687 Mostly cloudy today, followed by clearing tonight. Fair Tuesday. Cool tonight. Warmer Tueaday. Price Three Cental CLINTON, INDIANA, MONDAY, AUGUST 28, 1944. Volume 82 Number 165. fo): Jll MA MM Lid m u "? M A HOT? N 1 IB Brothers in U. SfNavy Yanks Take Meaux. Z Point Of World War 1 B ound East; Capture Nazi iraratrcops Soviets Across Border Of Hungary; Open New Finnish Drive: Nazis LONDON, England. The German DNB agency reported tonight that Soviet cavalry has crossed the Hungarian border. (In New York, the FFC quoted the Nazi agency as saying that the cavalry unit had been thrown back. ("All the northern passes of the Carpathians are firmly In German handB," the enemy agency alleged.) Russians Step Up Advance On Ploesti Fields Surging Ked Drive Moves On Rich Oil Land, Pass Galati Gap in Non-Stop Push; Gain In Estonia MOSCOW Roaring deep into the heart of capitulated Romania today, a flood of Soviet armor and In-fnntrv threatened hourly to wrest f Fresh Robot Attacks Strike England; New Launching Sites Used LONDON, England. A new shower of Nazi robot bombs exploded in the London -area and other regions r f A Patten's Third Army Races On Gercan Border i Historic Kiver Scene of " Tfew fcattlej JHussolini's ''r Besciiers Captured in KT Tip of Parisian Silnrfbi ' ! supreme headquarters; u lied Expeditionary Force. iOrack German parachute troops who mads history by their rescue of Benito Mussolini from Allied Internment te Italy were reported captured near Paris today while American foroes, nnunded eastward at breakneck: pace, capturing the Marne river city; of Meaux. Meaux, 28 miles east northeast of Paris, was the scene of the first and second battles of the Marne in -tn last war, and all signs indicated third trreat struggle in the bend of the famous river whose crossing jtta- ces the Allies well on me way w 'Ifc-aauui' First Clam George Ailmnrivlcli and Seaman First as Mele'Atfalnorirh, sons of Mr. and Mrs. JEU AdsOToWcb of Cromp-ton HfHUre both serving with tlie'lA , favy. S 1ctGeorfre 1m teen to the Navy since January 1943 and Is now stationed tn HgVptl'tTlc Mete entered Uie Navy one year ago March 20 and iH'noW operating a control tower tn Oregon. Bth Iwys tttMled 'Clinton Nigh School and received their I mm it training at Great liakes. III. AiitKher son, Pfc. Louie i, ocatore nas been reported missing In France since July !W. I ' . Senator Assails Secrecy in Security - - . a m Yank Columns Drive 90 Miles Past Marseilles f 'Sniash fo Banks Bf f&one ' KivfeVlnSwtft AfJnde; ?7;J30 CeriiiansciHtula f tnlftiulbii; MukitleV' : Vi; ' - ' 1 "I;'- 'ROME', Italy, -r.. American .forces have smashed their way to the biks ' of the Rhone river In the vicinjly of Montellmar, 90 milo. nQrtliwtsl of Marseille, inflicting heavy losses on the Germans in a series of bitter j battles which are still going on, Gen. Sir Henry Maitland Wilson's head- ' quarters announced today. ! On the eastern coastal flank, oth er American units have reached the Var river. Complete Port rapture Mopping up operations continue in the great port cities of Marseille and Toulon, with a total of more than 7,000 prisoners already taken at the two sea bases. In the past few days, the com-, munique said, the Nazis have been desperately fighting off the American threat to the Rhone river, an out-flanking maneuver, but they have been badly mauled by the Doughboys. , l-rlwiner Toll 80,000 All told, more than 30,000 Nazis have been taken prisoner since the invasion of southern France was launched Aug. 15. .An Allied naval announcement disclosed that the landings In southern France are proceeding "according to plan" aiid added that there is great mineaweeping activity eff the , (Continued On Page S) Serviceman's Baiiy Dies of Neglect, 4 Others Starving GRANITE CITY, III. Mrs. Wal ter Westbrook. wife of an Army pri- Alsace-Lorraine ana me unm "-der. 1 'Mop Up Parts Hut-orbs ' . the rich Ploesti oil fields from the, ,- grasp of the Nazis, after capturing i Galati land ' knorWn uoutS'TJ.8,000 i,"nre German truo ; ii':" -f'sf.1 jl, i -ht d.,V biVflitirig In Romania, the Russian high command aaldi 'fB0,O0O Germans hftve'een etcher killed or icaptured. I .In their -victorious sweep the Soviet forces seized the strategic, rail and "highway lunction of Tocsani and .the rrtal' rail city of Ramnleal-aarnt. wne S7 'miles from the fabulous oil' fields. ' (According to m -com- munique troops Joining the Allies struck at German tJ Ploesti and an "unusually '"' battle was being waged.) The latest Russian victories ere achieved with such dazzling speed tTlrSrScSr 'iSZ and prisoners were taken by the Kainii Ukrainian Armv in its drive through Focsani and Ramnlcul while an incomplete report from the Third Ukrainian Army seizure of Galati told of more than 10,000 Nazis captured in that area. Two Romanian divisions of 12,000 men, with all their equipment, surrendered and the tattered remnants of two other divisions also gave In. (The Bucharest radio said Romanian forces had captured the town of Targoviste and its airfield, west of Ploesti.) The Soviet midnight communique revealed that four German generals had been killed and another four '"captured--hi "fhc "fighting southwest 1 of liberated Chisinau as the Russians fought their way through Bessarabia. The fall of Galati came shortly after the announcement that the (Continued on page 31 Dewey Maintains Silence on Plans For World Security v. Y. Gov. Thomas E. Dewey, as a token of his desire to keep postwar International peace out of politics. Is deliberately withholding public announcement of his very definite and detailed ideas about hnw that RMMiritv can be achieved. . I I I LONDON, England. The Red army has launched another powerful "end-the-war" offensive against a Nazi satellite, tills time hitting heavily all along the Finish front, the DNB agency reported today. Already, the agency said, the fighting , "has spread beyond Lake Ladoga." STOCKHOLM, Sweden. Advices from Copenhagen today said railways north of Esjberg, Denmark, were bombed by a strong force of Allied aircraft. Leading Danish circles have appealed to the Danish people to "ob serve calm and order" tomorrow annvc of ,UBpenon by tne n.i.h ,ntitntlnn- government and thelr,.eizure of mM o( the countrv, tne . ,H, iH tn,i.v Bwedish radta said today ' 11 would attempt to provoke the Nazis. Hillman Cites PAC Campaign Expense. Secies New Iffobes , $408,069 Spent to August By Political Cttrrihiittee; Denounce Election 'Groups WASHINGTON. D. C. Sidney Mlllmnn M ennfi-reRH todav that his CIO political action committee spent a totar or Jtas,er-up to Aug. ia and In a , statement defending his odganizatlon he called for Immediate Investigation of" election year "agencies of reaction." The PAC chairman was the first 9 first witness before the special house commlttee investigating campaign expenditures. He said he welcomed the Inquiry, but asserted the CIO does not believe It should be made the "exclusive object" of governmental Investigation. IpnuHids Other Probes "We are within two months of the aWHnn " hp said "Vet I have heard of no investigation in progress or proposed of anyone of the many powerful and well financed organizations which are engaged in poll- til afttvltv in thifl election Tear." mi aiituunieiiivuiB livui " " aggrcgated 1371.086. This "trade 'nlon contributions account" was frozen as of July 23 and "will re-( Continues on Pacs 1) of southern England late today, end-l Ing a 30-hour respite from the Gorman terror weapon. i f Several bombs came in east of the ordinary areas, Reuter's reported. (Slave lasuor at Kites ; Meanwhile, the correspondent of the Standard In Paris reported that so many German mechanics haw been killed In working on the V-l, that foreign laborers now are compelled to do tlie job. One French engineer who was In vited by the Germans to visit the bomb sites was quoted as saying that ,.., nvtiinria hefnro I ; k I n j- off while other crash soon after leaving the ground. 10-Iay Life - Nazi mechanics figured the aver- age Ufe of man on the sites was 10 days, the correspondent concluded, -i-i, ra.anra r iko hnmha in new ' alr ,anes inMcatea to observers that they may be coming from different points either newly-constructed else held in reserve, - j Coiiiinn-(i au iMUCe'l ; Bulgars Reported Seeking Allied -Surrender Terms .Swcond Balkan Collapse Expected Hourly; End ; ' Of Romanian Pact Near LONDON, England. War-rJppei) Bulgaria, which already has notified Adof Hitler that any of his legion3 trodding on Its soil interned, today was reported ready to receive Allied surrender terms before inany fore'.inany , more hours have passed. t ,, ., The diplomatic correspondent of Reuter's news agency said -that th-) conditions formally will be banded a Riilpnrian renresentative "In a few - ,val of tne Green ana xugosiav gov- ernments to the terms, which were , arrf riln,iv hv the Kuronean advisory commission and then sub mitted to Washington and Moscow for approval, the correspondent said. !Th controlled Nazi agency, DNB, ... - . ' J,. . ,r., i ?' . Biade yiOK trip lk to I, lu w m w.v.r,.. Joachim von Itlbbentrop. He now has returned to Bulgaria "to dlseusf developments of the situation witlj tlie government" In .Sofia.. Wlllielinshnssee Kllenl DNB quoted an official Wllueni- strasse spokesman as asserting that no comment could be made on "the or V ' 1 j ' , , n A,lled territory ln the Mid. " t the 0ermans from slaughter-In probably Cairo." j f" 00o PoTsh men. women and k mh AfpTwval chfdren who nave been concentrated V Nat,onB are. 1eekinf ro- I " small town 15 miles .uthweM Gov. Dewey is said to teei mai other organizations wnicn nni-this is the most delicate stage in man specifically cited as "over ripe the task of arriving at an interna- j fOI. inquiry" were the American tional understanding on world se- . Democratic National Committee, the curity, nd tbat irreparable damage America First Party, "Mr. Frank might be done if a controversy over oannett's Committee for Constitu-details was precipitated at a time tional Oovernment Inc., the National when "ite ' representatives of the Economic Council, the United Moth: great 'Allind powers are trying to erg f America, the Anglo-Saxon buitd mstaaj. confidence fouada- Federation and the National Asso-tion for the later construction of 4tation of Manufacturers." woskable organisation. . i j Trade I'nion Fund Froaen TissiOoTfrnor, who will remain' at . jimman reported that union con-hlaBWiing J-atm until midweek to tributlons to the PAC fund totaled, oi -so-iii' September campaign -; $671,214 and that as of Aug. 15 to-. 1 nl.aa (wlav anMiltH nlftOB fcO . . ji.i , I f , . .1 Parley, Denounces WASHINGTON, D. C. Ben. Styles Bridges (R) N. H.. today charged President Roosevelt and Secretary of State Hull with "dou ble talk" on the Dumbarton oaks nnforonie in a senate speech be as sailed secrecy in devising plans .for a world organization. Bridges declared tnat sir,, noose- volt made a statement Indicating that the "Big Four" nations Bri tain, Russia, United States ana cni- na will run tne worm, wink ot;- retary Hull in a speech denied that thlB is planned. Want the Facta 'We don't want to be kidded. said Bridges. "We are determined to exit a spade spade d 1 enter this warning at the outset that. whatever plan is evolved, let us nave the facts about it in good plain Eng lish. Thn a mat-lean nenDle and the i " ' ' ... . . American . -"" " " " " need for the profound sesreey that has surrounded this and .past conferences." ' c - f Example of Doable Talk , An example of "double' talk," Bridges said, 1b the report that the council will have right to make war on any aggressor "but we are told It will not declare war but will ac-f Continued on Page 2) Butter to Continue At 16 Points For September Chart WASHINGTON. D. C. Butter will continue at-16 points per pound when 'pornrvklses for September become effective' west month. This 'was 'announced by the OPA i.i,h''4iri1tp'-that the point val ues -will 1nialn unchanged despite the' fact 'That 'ration charts to m nntnd In food stores next month will Ut Butter at to points per pound. Officials said that when the Charts went to the printer Indications were that Hie 20-polnt -value would have to be established, but later figures Indicated It was not necessary. John Cpllnger, Cayuga, light draft Bullion over three years. Dairy cattle: Dean Spencer, Indl-anola. 111., bull over one year and under two years; Kenneth Douty, het hull under one year and best cow over three years. Douty also had the grand champion in the dairy cattle class. Bill Jenner, Perrysville, fcest cow over two years and under three and Lionel Douty. best cow under one year. In the women's contest prizes went to outstanding baking, canning ana iiower exniuiu. BAKING Dora Cheeseman of cake; Mrs. L. N. Samuels, of King-1 ml mnlo wrtiilA VMRt hfPH 1 ' I Mrs. Max Foster of Cayuga, light rolls and baking powtier oiscuits . -Z. ,... oat jwnt '-"-'"" "--"-" . DoubleTalk New U. S. Attacks Hit Davao; Tokyo Reports B-29 Haid Philippine City Battered Again ; iSaps Says JJ. S. Superf orts Hit Kyushu NEW YORK. N. Y. .Tokyo propagandists were quoted by! BBC to-dav u rennrtine another attack by American long-ran oombers, pre sumably B-2- -BnpBrTortresses, on home Island of Kyushu. ,i CBS ' 'recorded ' t he broadcast, which pointed nut' that "there Is no confirmation no -far from the Americans." GEN. DOUGLAS ;MACARTHUR'S HEADQUARTERS, New Guinea. American heavy bombers unleashed . j,htttrln!? blow i at Davao, second largest city in -tne iPnlltp pines, on Saturday, and blasted en-crrminri installations and ship ping to the south, Gen. Douglas Mac- Arthur announced today. Celenes Area Hit Other American planeB struck at Jap shipping north on the Celebes in the Netherlands Indies, damaging Itinui vouat-1 c Fi-rhters attacked Miti airdrome (Continued On Pace ) Letters, Packages From Home Bring Hope to u-Japanese Prison Camp x , Hope shines brightly even ina Japanese prison camp according .o a letter received by Rev. and Mrs. D.Difnm'i ea South Fifth Street., from' her brother. Earl Row, who iB Japanese war prisoner in hnangiu. u Row 'was a government technician th Pearl Harbor before the Japanese captured Wake Island. He is the son of Mrs. Annetta Row, who is at present making her home with Rev. and Mrs. Crawl. Hopes for the future were expressed when he said "I have hopes and wish to be with you this year". Definite proof that the Japanese prisoners were receiving packages and more letters was shown when he said. "Several of the man have received personal packages from home. They sure are wonderful, and so useful. They had Klim milk. chocolate candy, tobacco, warm clothing. Nescafe coffee, vitamin pills and (censored). He also said. "I received your let ter of April 1st. 1943. This was the second letter I have from you. although several thousand letters have arrived in Shanghai for this camp. I feel sure I have several among them. "Time -is oassing very fast. lor ns. and you may be sure. If I am not thinking of food. I am with you folks and my friends at home. "We are still working at the park, but have the job almost finished. ifMr that we hone to be working in the camp garden. To date our garden hasn't produced much, but the future looks bright. "If there ver comes a time VOU lean send me casn or pacsages. auu i can send me cash or packages, don't worry about the expense. Just send hundred dollars immediately." nn n All Pari II me WSr rUDB cainrcrUJ mv Love to All Earl. Ti,ifl is tka uraiiil letter Mrs. since he was interned by the Jap- . i i -i ' malnutrltlon and neglect. The tragedy was uncovered yes - eldest of the couple's five children, summoned a neighbor to investigate. Tlie neighbor called police when she found the child's body lying on a bed n the two-room osw,.jive miles northeast of , Granite. Gttyu 8u, cai.ed police, who aaid Mr.. r! K 1, uaA laft tha 4-iiUrirAn Satlii;-. day .aight and did not return ntil 11 a. ni. Sunday morning, i Mour after, the police arrived, r . She told authorities she had, gone out "to collect 120-a woman owed me". Charges, . possibly, of man- slaughter, were .to be filed against tier. today. , At a Granite City hospital where the other four children were taken, all fere found to be suffering from malnutrition and scabies. The moth er told police she haa been receiving monthly government allotment of (140 for the four older children. ranging in age from three to seven years but had not applied for an allotment for the youngest. vate now oversea., ,e,ud the Granite City Jail for Madison County ""thorlties today after her tXl"K,nlhri' - ( .cute Headquarters of uen. jjwigm v. Eisenhower announced continuation of nioppingrtip operations in the northern suburbs of Paris. It was tin this area that the German sky troops .hr. niiir.ked Mussolini from .Allied 'hands soon after Italy's -surrender were reported to have been capturtjd, Ceo. Eisenhower announced .tablishment. of a new brldgehsad a-.cross the Seine due east of Louvlr , during the night. Allied armor also is across the Seine at the town of Vernon. i,,' (Continued on pare 1) . j an . r - TTC AiA 1 OleS SCeK JU3 A1U f-p ' - AAA - i 1 O Save lJUUtrt1 .m ci .,,-1,1.,-. fnmri ' III niaUgljier VmUXIJ -WASHINGTON, -D. C. Poland' eMe governnlent appealed to the .. , ... . A i n .n .Honinl t,i I'nitea auiies iuu r of Warsaw. Polish Ambassador Jan Cieeha-nowskl presented a formal note to the Slate Department, declaring that the 150.000 civilians were recently moved out of Warsaw and deported to a "wholesale slaughter amp" In . the suburbs -of Vracskaw.- " ' ' ' , "They are being starved, tortured, entirely deprived of food and isratsr and are-facing Inevitable death.'VthO" envoy's note said. ' ,: " "' i 'Untold scenes of horror In 'to I'rlueiHow camp are beyond desertsM ikon.' It s- obviously the alm"Of"Us tJermaS"to bring about the extes- mination of this population wtthla the next 'fw days. - The 'Polish government urgently I "Only the immediate intervention of the Vatican, of the Allied and neutral powers, of the International Red Cross supported by the weight of the Indignation of all free democratic public opinion may still stop the Germans from carrying out their heinious design of mass slaughter of defenseless snd innocent civilians." The Polish note said the extermination of these civilians of Warsaw appears to be a German attempt at retaliation for the fact that the Polish home army started an uprising in the capital on August 1. "The German authorities aim at the extermination of the entire civilian population of Warssw. All part of the city captured and held by the Germans were surrounded by strong military forces and the population of all these districts were deported to Pruszkow. a small Industrial town 15 miles southwest of Warsaw, where a wholesale slaughter camp was installed. The deportees were prohibited from taking any of their belongings with them. They were forcibly driven to Prusbkow as they stood without any food, clothing or medical supplies." Ambassador Ciechanowski told reporters that he felt tbe Allied governments should warn the Germans that all those who participate in th murder of the eltisens of Warsaw will be considered war criminals and brought to justice. Bulgarian problem" before "a . re- appeals to the government of the Alport on the discussion has been re- lied nations and to the entire eiviii ceived." lzed world to do all that is posslblo According to the Reuter's writer. , to prevent the perpetration of this armistice terms for Romania probab- final act of German barbarity, un-ly will be signed soon in Moscow, precedented in history. Record Crowds at Closing Night of Cayuga's Vermillion County Fair A jam-packed crowd of fair-goers saw the closing performance of the 18th annual Vermillion County Fair at Cayuga Friday night when the grandstand was filled to capacity for the WLS Radio Artists Show. Exhibits and prizes attracted more crowds than any previous night of the four-day fair which was Judged successful both through attendance and the number of entries. Final Judging in the open baking, canning and flower classes as well Lipstick Only Plentiful Item Left In Paris, Victorious Allies Find Dimvunn j visit New Haven for a talk with John Foster Dulles, bis bief advisor on lorviKU Kiiaii wuv mod jmov d from conferences with Secretary of State Hull. Wendell L. Willkie and members of the U. S. Senate. The Republican nominee has refrained carefully, so far, from outlining publicly more than a general statement that be favors: 1. Assignment to the big four Russia, China, Britain and the United States the task of keeping Germany and Japan demilitarized after their defeat. 2. Creation of an international organization, taking in the smaller countries, for the long-range handling of the problem of world security, with the understanding that the international organization would not interfere with the immediate problem of keeping the defeated Axis powers on their knees. Wire Short Causes Blaze Local firemen extinguished a fire on a light pole in Fairview Park. Saturday. Aug. 26, at 9 p. m.. It was reported today. Firemen stated that slight damages were made to the pole by the blaze which suited from a short in the wires. rVilIisinn Nssr fTintnri Two cars collided on V. S. high-1 way 41. eight miles south of Clinton, Saturday evening, Aug. 26, it was reported today. Hfii h r rn were rreatlv damaged and taken to Mike's Auto Body Shop for repairs. j j with Prince Stirbey, who first ap- nrnarhed the Allies on bis country's behalf, representing the Bucharest government. Black market food was the only thing available lu the entire city and that -only at terrifically high prices wtiit-li were completely out of range of the average person's purse. On the black market meat cost over 8 dollars per kilo and even that was considered a bargain. Sugar cost t doJiar per kilo if you could find it. A iarge number of children have rickets and tuberculosis in tbe city. Those diseases have made great inroads and it will be a long time if ever before tbe health of many children is salvaged. "We have waited most desperately for the Allies." tbe woman resistance leader said. Desperately they waited for us but happily and Joyfully tbey greeted us. Tbe reception of the American troops in Paris was a scene of made shouting that exceeded Times Square on New Years Eve. (UHiUaueo an paxe 11 as dairy cattle and draft horses were i nnfiniinoed The draft horses were Judged in front of the grandstand Friday morning with ribbons awarded to: Claude Chew, of Cayuga, heavy draft Stallion over three years, heavy draft stallion over 2 years and under three, heavy draft colt one year old, heavy draft colt suekling. light draft mare over 2 and under 3, light draft colt suckling, heavy draft champion stallion; John Kee-ney of Catlin, 111., heavy draft mare over 3 years, light draft champion mare, best mare and two of her produce; E. Chandler of George- towB- heavv draft gelding of any age, and for best sire ana inree oi bis produce; Victory Scott of Chris-man, III., heavy draft team In harness, light draft mare three years or over, light draft gelding any age light draft team in harness, best "'" " " " " IN THE STREETS OF PARIS. This Is Paris today. Starvation conditions exist with stark reality. Tbe Allies have found here in this great city the condition which they expected to find but did not in Normandy. Brittany and even further inland. But in the midst of want there is plenty or lipstick. Paris haa not had milk in even the smallest quan tity for a -week. People consider themselves tueky to get even one loaf of bread per week and this in volves endless queueing. There is Ko Meat "What about meat?" I asked a woman resistance leader. "Quite simple; there is no meat." she replied, almost with a laugh at the suggestion of such luxury. "And sugar?" I asked. Let's put it even more simply." she said. "There's been nothing for week exceplSnaad sometimes." Further Information on the acri- nv animals owneo ny one -uiu,iu, j i . . -m hfreheri- matched team bitched; rvHitlniMl (IB ran 3 I J Continued on ran 3 1 I anese. and best i dent could not be obtained.

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