The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on August 25, 1944 · Page 6
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 6

Clinton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, August 25, 1944
Page 6
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Friday, August 25, 1944. THE DAILY CLINTONIAN "V I'sgeSIs Helen Anderson of Perrysville; Loo Ex-Newport Marine 1 1 say&Brir &m BUSES ESS SERVICES Sees First White Girl In 10 Months in Show According to a letter received by Mr. and Mrs. C. D. Mitchell of Ridge-farm, III., former Newport residents, from their son. Marine Sergeant Bill Mitchell, there j an acute woman shortage on an island somewhere in the Sooth Pacific where he is stationed. In fact, the shortage was so acute that the loung Marine had not seen a girl in ten months until tbe Bob Hope show was presented on the island for the entertainment of the servicemen there. Selecting their seal for the show at noon, 8gt. Mitchell and two of his Marine baddies, alternated on a two j hour watch: over mem unui me show started late that evening. figt. Mitchell attended the elemen tary and fiirl year of hffrh school In Newport and fn June of 1943, grad-I Swell Features ' ONLY 9c -35c uated from Wiley High School in Terre Haute. He enlisted in the Marines early in June- and following his graduation on June 26 be was called for active duty, . . His father was at one time the Vermillion County. Superintendent of Schools. With the Compliment of SWIMMING POOL CLINTON There are 2 Free SWIM TICKETS Waiting at tbe Clintonian , Office for Jimmy Berto Watch This Space Daily v i I y a Vivacious Jane! Singinc DanHng, ltiKiiaitring Her Way to Her f(iegct Motion I'h-torr Hit! Here are New Hong. New Thrills, New Laugh fialore. All Blended Into Entertainment Perfection! Aabury, Newport; Joyce Thomas, Hillsdale. ' Second year, Virginia Conner, Dana; Frida Earies of Hillsdale; Mary Alice Smith of Fairview. Third year. Joan Porter of Dana. Fourth year, Mary Jenet Elder of Dana. Fifth year, Doris Prather of Perrysville; Phyllis Albright of Cayuga; Ruthellen Gouty of Perrysville and Bertha Botncr of St. Bcrnice. CANNING EXHIBIT First year, Mary Harrison of Newport. Second year, Frieda Earies of Hilhidaie. Third year, Annabelle Earies of Hillsdale. Fourth year, Ellen Conty of Perrysville. Robot Casualties, Damages Soar As Nazis Push Attacks (Continued from page 1) seen today in reports o( troop and supply moreements out of that area. I Uennans I.rarnate lx Havre f Tbe London Evening News quoted the Algiers radio as saying that the Germans bare begun to evacuate Lc Havre, near Ihe lower end of the rocket coast. This enemy move re-ortedly began after Allied airborne troops landed in the Seine estuary near the great port. Other sources speculated on fthe prospects of a large-scale withdrawal from Hie area following tbe sicbt-ing by Allied pilots of Nasi mechanized ecinbipment moling eastward in tbat region. Simultaneously, t tbe weather over France cleared, opening these movements to the .threat of bombing and strafing. , Notice Details ; - . Workers should notice every Retail of construction when removing old upholstery the finish used, the size of tacks and the method of sew- ; Ing and tying tne springs, it s wise also to make sure the wood in the frame is worth the time and money needed for the job. A HIGHEST For Your Used Care COLEMAN AUTO CO. 335 S. 3rd St. Phone 427 I Z- jane withers ' . ROY ROGERS TRIGGER King of the Cowboys The Smartest Horse in Movies cr rnr?Af f . i . i - Improve Stream On the theory that, .piore and better fishing holes mean better trout fishing, the New Jersey fish and game commission has asked New Jersey sportsmen to Join in an improvement of streams of that state through "snagging" and building sioall dams of rocks and logs. Approximately 3,500 such dams are said to have been constructed by game wardens in North Jersey during the past few years. Ba Leaning Towers In Bologna, Italy, there are two leaning fortress towers. Squat Gari-senda, 163 feet high, is 10 feet mt. of plumb. Taller Asineili, 320 feet above city traffic, is four feet off line. C0LUL1D1A FBIDAY and SATURDAY Admission 9c and 20c u::io;i pacific With - Barbara Stanwyck Joel McCrea "Lion and The Mouse" Terrytoon "No Mutton For Nuttin" Noveltoon SUNDAY and MONDAY Admission 9c and 25c FRISCO KID J, With Jame Cajpiey Margaret Lindsay "Behind The Big Top" Technicolor Short A Day In June" Fox Short KKO News Tuesday and Wednesday DOUBLE FEATURE Admission 9c and 20c r.:oo:i over cur.:.iA With Dorothy Lamour Bohert Preston Preston Foster PLUS swi;:s out THE CLUES With Bobllaymen Lynn Merrick THURSDAY Admission 9c and 20c PRINCESS OT.OLT.KE r; With Olivia de Ilaviland Robert Cummings "Youth In Crisis" March of Time "Screwball Sfjuirrel" B1GM Cartoon RELY ON... With BOB NOLAN and the SONS OF THE PIONEERS "" Clinton Township Rider Wins Top Honors in Show (Continued from para 1) port; Bob Patterson, Danville, III., F. S. Longfellow, Scottland. HI. Mareery Van Cider, Chrisman, III., l'alty Cook, Rockrille and Maxine Johnson. Greencastle. Other Blue Ribbon winners were F. S. Lonsfellow. roadster bitch; Patty Cook, won. eon' horsemanship. Gerald Hartman and Lester Bra-beck took honors In the fire-salted pair .With Hartman also winning third place in the five-gaited elass. Brubeck scored third in the genile-mens' horsemanship class. Draft horse judging was held at the grandstand today to complete the competition for the fair. Tonight's grandstand feature will be Ibe WLS Radio Artist Show fea-(nrittr tbe National Barn Dance and Graham's Western Riders. Four-H Judging was completed yesterday as well as county exhibit competition. in i-H TOcvtahle disnlavs the amount of entries was not limited as has been tbe role in tne past. First prize were won by: Green Bean Bill Barker of Newport. Sweet Potatoes Quentin Cole of Cayuga. Potatoes Maynard Hamand of Cayuga. Sweet Com Robert Richardson of Clinton. Carrots Jimmy Snoddy of Per-ryxville. Pumpkin Harold Canaday of Newport. Squash and Onions Qnentin Cole of Cayuga (son of Lee Cole). Tomatoes Joe Aublc of Cayuga. Caeumbcrs Arthur Brown of Caynga. Beets and Cabbage Robert 'i hardon of Clinton. Peppers Herbert Arrasmftb of Newport. Muskmcllons Melvin Black ol IHllMlale. The Judging was done by Walter Weber, vocational teacher at the Ot ter Creek High School. I'bilip Caritbers of Covington wor first prize in tbe anamology contest. Two club projects awarded prize to; Tomato Club project prize went tc Harold Canady of Newport while Ltonel Gouty of Perrysville won tbe Potato Club prize. Unlike past years, there were a number of blue ribbon awarded for clothing project in each year of 4-H girl's work. The Clothing award Inelude: First Tear, Delore Dare of Perrysville; Phyllis- Holllnssworth of Newport; Joan Carritbers of Perrys-vile; Mjdge Thomas of Hilltdale, and Jaanita Cler of Hillsdale. arnA ir ' Virzinfa Kaltsgaver of Perrynville; lit Verne Hanna of Perryrt-ille; Marilyn Kersey of Newport; Joan Sax'on of Dana; Agnes Albright of Cayuga; Mary Burroughs, Newport; Norma Carrigan of Perrysville. Third year. Joan Porter of Dana; Martha Wilson of Perrysville; Pat-tie Monroe of Perrysville. Fifth year, Martha Lawson of Perrysville; Beverly Pratber of Perrysville; Doris Knaner of Cayuga; Martha Morgan of Perrysville, and Ruthellen Gouty of Perrysville. BAKING EXHIBIT First year. WtUl The Of TBE DAILY CLINTONIAN, There Are Two Free Tickets To The W ABASH THEATRE Waiting At Our Office for MAKTHA LIBEI 403 S. Ninth St. last Come I And Ask For Tbem! Watch This ft pare Every Day TOCB HAMK MAT BE NEXT 6.00x16 " No Rationing Rates f cr Classified Ads . zzi Paid Kstices n m laufiim! Ce for eaeh fwadlag B (os column Mae, Ui MM Of UUH). Kest two day to Mom: the mum chart (you (t Uire ar a aosbl tlx coat o( tha first day). Kt thru day insertion; tb hum t (bare (yow t whole ek flv da;D at three time the oat of m tntrtta). Each group of three days tkara-Uvtr, tc a lis. Maekfae (like tMa) le to an MliA ana lncladlnf . m all Vt4a hm be said to adrasea except those byt regular caatomara wnoee bccobdi pre paid monthly or those from or-aaateatlou whoa Mil mast be 1-lowed before beta said, to the alter eaae the perns asking the ablleattoB of the notice will be held raeposelble for It saymcw. FOB SALE cMK MMAM. CAGB AND stand, child's bed. Monarch mailable range. 1. V. CarSfn residence, sit Kim Street. tM Kkl, CkLAM SF.l'AKATOR. VOX North Washington mreet, rair-im tSS uiv o uti fi i'mik. t JTIOAT. 1 docks and XQ pxllets. Merle New- birk. Knirfteate. " A riNE AoHTMENT OK USED the Gas Market. 115 N. Main Kirnwt after t. n. V,t VOH 'INE I'LAVOKKD CANNING peaches, bey tree-ripened peaches .,' Orchard. Lrford. Ind. Well be nicking Arae. 21. tS JIVE Bt'BNEK OIL STOVE, BUILT i ma. 2131 1'nltwn Street, J'air- FIVE BOOM MOl'SB, ONE ACHE r.j out buildings, out- tide lanndry room. I eisneni and well, soft water ana sins "i klfrkea. tSJ SCfiAK I'EAKS, 25 KOKTH Ninth St. t' THREE MILK COWS. ISQl'IKE Joka Umhmmikr. U. K. 1- One nftc anrth of Center eborcb. TWO ISO 1SICVCLKS, SIZE 2. Ne(r orerbaaled and paint Job. mtfmm tires, I1ne , St. Iwr-alce. Georee Bain. ' tSSs ! GBAOB KECAI' tires, Coleman Amo Co. tai CHIKrONIEK AN NEW SET OE bed spring. Sown iwwum Street. KITCHEN SINK. U SOUTH 7TH. tlti WACHrji EOK CANNING! NOW IK tb time. Tbfs I the place. tb and Elm Street Market, open un til I p. a, for your ewnreotene. We bare farored out trneks and saved oar sas to baol peaebe. If yoa doa't set tbem it won't be oar fault. Ton can sare your as. tire, and money here. MeCraefcen and Swas, 22 Sostk Mala and k and Elm Street. t4df fot:u htM house, ttt mat- tfcew Street, tit FIFTH VEIN COAU ALSO J5BA- ztl Block. CbarUa K. Eersniwm Ioac 12-W. t 7-17-lt f mUM. awy band yaw Aaso Wraektac rU Co. kVaf. 'aV WANTED KITCHEN CABINET, 2i VINE ST. (Six IlATCHKLOK WDM 1J NOUTH Llsktk Street. HATCH KUilt IH UVX 14 NOhTK Etlfbtb Street. WAXTEP TO EENT rive on six boom mooekn bom, with barn, chicken boose, located is or near Cliniun small . Iteply Box t2-f, eo Iwlly Clintznfaa. Cttniua, Ind., sfvtos location, deaert(i'i etc, in first letter. t KIVB OK SIX KOOM MOIEKN bwe- Cloa la, ltiwft li. till FOUKD KEVKN-MONTHa-OLlJi rOX Wdine Ixdjf, brown bead aad ear and brow oa (ide. Ketvra t 72 Viae Street. Iteaard- tSt FOB BENT kOOM WITH OB board. 25 Vine St. WITHOTT t5 MODKRN FTRNIrHED APART-, seat. Cbwe is. 41 Kovtb Third , fetreet. ttSff KOTKHS We close at noon on Saturdays. Clinton Lumber and Supply Co. t49 t.ifA.-IS7i VULCANIZING RE- liner. rrestone coming. Thermo Rnyal, set It here wwli it Plentiful. Oils 2 and t gal. fine container. Gas Market, IIS North Main HE. Horace Towell, Mgr. t5S 1'OR PLUMBING, HEATING, ELEO trfe wiring, and sheet metal see C. tc i. Kama rata. 21i North Ninth St. I"hone 20 and 1S2W. 17tf FOUND A LA ROE STOCK OP Coodyear Car, Track and Tractor Tires and Tubes. Valeanizing and Reeappinc neatly done and cnar- snteed. th and Bogart Mobilgas Station. Joe Giaeoletto, Clinton. IZtf DEAD A N I M'A L 8 BEMOVED. lanre or small, prompt semcev Call Crawford 201 or Crawford (210 Trr Haot or Dans 142. We pay all pboae ebanrea. Jobs Waehtel Co, Terre Haote. tl7 DEAD ASfMAUt BEMOVED FHEE of (hare by Dwicxin and Sosa, Hcensed dealer. Call as as sooa a thev die and reverse charKea, Daai Veed aeevlce. Baas, Pboae M. tSxf Guaranteed 24-Hr, HefrKseraUon Scrvtea. Commercial and Domestic, r, L Boaebrake, Fboae 1024-4 CUav loa or 1CS-J-2, Moa tetania. PAID NOTICES NOTMU! Boom and board in Terre Haute for a rfrl desirfna to so to Indiana wtafj in Tutr inr eomnaniooffbfp for If year old airl. Write Box L, 442, Clinton, Ind. tM XOTWE! TKIVKKIW! NO. MINK KIN. umt TiUt. MKKKXKti I! PKOfOKTIOSI. 1 MILK SOITH tW tif. Sl'NLITK COAL WMMJIV, Vt WANTED TO BUY WILL I'AV CASH EOR MODERN borne, close in. If prtee is r-aon- aMe. Write Box A, 442, Clinton, Ind. SECOND HAND LAWN MOWEB. A-l condition. Will pay reasonable price, I-bone 2S4-J. t52 LARGE SIZE GAS BURNER, SUIT-able for melting pot. Should be appnrafntately 1 inches In diameter. Type formerly used under still will be satisfactory. Call 22, Daily Cllntontan, Help Wanted Female GIRL EOK EXTRA WORK. RAD- er's Cafe. t MALE HELP WANTED SALESMAN WANTED BV WELL known oil company. Man orer thirty preferred. Eperienee not necessary. Immediate steady Income for man with car. Write I". T. Webster, S71 Standard Build-in. Cleveland 12. Ohio. tS4x BOYS TO CARRY I' A PER ROUTES. 1 years or orer. Aptly, Bill lilaekbars, Ciinumian. Fighting French, Maqiii Ffrcc, Lead Pari Drive (CswUsawd T-mt rW I) Ci,ly tbey contacted the Naii in ttrenrth. Itn Anillery Poand (German artillery, aeeordlne to a Renter dwpaicb, I ensconced in tb far si.- of the ErenB capital, lay- ins down beli and bianketlo the AlfKd adtaaeins colsrnn. (Burma of brafl snd htlng; nm were retried everywhere. (Gen. Charles If Gaulle spent the emir Biifbt near I'art listeniwr to radio reports from the frontline troofrtf. t Clinton Soldi-n. Meft In Brit'b West Afrin Camp i:rtn West Africa was the swse of tb meetinc of two Clintoa lrt aeon-dins to word received recently. Statf Seraeant Ettrene Bob-ewrf and I -mate Asib'y MeCon-aefl fcappened lo run acro eb M ewmlBK fr m a caap bw. Staff SerseanF firnori. ksotaad of Mrs. Marv Helen Robert tR-rorsl of InfttznMWtii, d "tt of Mr. and Mrs. S. Irl of 104 N. Eievenrn Hirwet. kas been fiatton- d overa for IS month. I'rva VkriUmu-U, bssbasd of Mr. Mar- tori MeCoaoell of 12 Sycamore, ba bees In Afrtea two months. ' Military Narsfaf Military cursing, as it is known today, had it rue a result of tt Crimean war. Throw Toar ftersp Into om Plcbtl . r 7 Xtl Thwe Tri-Tanic Fun SUN MON. k TUE. llUZf!r11 . dier! Grander Than "ThE PICTURES cr' CI-INTON'S COOLEST BPfyT r IT'S A TRi. OOMPH OFJOY! flU A af m idIM i - COMING SAT. 11 f ffffj ' . AUBRinOtl . P. M. - SUN. - MON. Musical "Sing Helen Sing" LATEST NEWS locrw ooaih...wm. tnof- gior- IibwI l4tnt IfaMAK VAII tafVUHUll L i'."; -vZ'SS k - v.; i FACTOHY-CCnTQCLLED LOUISE S?' PAT8IC KNOWIES EDDIE OUIUAN . Certificate Required. l(f FSANKJENICS BOBBY BROOKS QUARTETTE GUARANTEED SATISFACTION NEED A LOAN FOE JOHNNY'S TONSILS, CAR REPAIRS, SCHOOL NEEDS, A WINTER COAT, COAL? POLAND'S di SECURITY LOAN CO. H.1ESTONS-TEXACO SERVICE "SPOOK TOWN" "LADY IN THE DEATH HOUSE TONIGHT I BIG DOUBLE and SAT. , FEATURE Phone 2 221 Klaekotas St. CUBtoB, lad. 131 X. Mala m. CI.IXTOX. INDIA A j ... -tt

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