The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on August 25, 1944 · Page 4
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 4

Clinton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, August 25, 1944
Page 4
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THIS MkV MVttIAV Ye$trdoy9 j TIE DAILY aJMWNIAH TH2 REST 07 MY U?E WITH VCU Hine$ Vtot Porol AM Ami.. itwrtw - itwi" ,a Mv ,da.vs' .v.iHii W.VIili iie,r wnnili. V,n. ir,mti il,t- '4 athar alqh diWle number, ,wJiat ,ei ItaM' iort aid udi Jihwilily. FoMUbed Pally nwl iiaturdAy iBunAa rVKW : . CW JMMvY ttniuyie Mil O. fc. f. iWaok, f iKiubtatw,n. iiufi.. ,( m mi was ilpw ahumuc -who ibid ,W ,Mw KlUwUW itWlise iiub. ite ,the MIC iblBhA'ay .liWHMNisMW ,itf Indianapolis, ye.itraday. jtwrgeJU Carer Kditor wad PuUisber jmiiif it 11 -'-'--- f -T r-" j ixut Omi Matter iHhat ,as ;ooil, W wph-,mer. Jtattjiew justed ihiniseK M lUning ;in rthe wiat s,pantmeot , .wwk-iiyf, ei( itue ovbr t .intervals. iHe as ut ilpnely. it .waw'tt lit ite did ipt ittwJt A(f llrene w oe ftp ss iber, ibt ihe ,was ibusy. jwue always .patients juA iny,ii- flM t'v We Hd W on ihip iback. put ibis iliauds HP p alueld ihis yei nd dopked t iliar tim ,itryir fwe (hey bAA $pe 4 me. Ulbe'' "'Jiip ... yoe, (tor mmm? fhf f eailizeil yoi At oru A ,wmaAUe dKHiv ibe aaid, f Asnit ao gor. WAbOHtl.ttilgtlMitu -wot ?'' ''idai'tiliew. livx't- ut ihe oioked ibar W. d W jArtiicular tlanoMi, ut btvr mW itbe fKHtL ffha fliBht aiWing a dinner ,viin And this juwtber, iaaititibaw undfii.neaUb mm- "7.00 .re .wr fatten MxfViMam Editorial molB oodilookinit .infant.''' ibe ohsei-vod,; ''wlip ..would oav mnouKni. m ,u,go t A Ai'igbt, yod .wm thani' 'Nev;ry'' 4iiiiurjd .(lupi ' Always iliad aVlt.i' J idaWlww ilauHhed- 'Wonder r MotiLiu- ,i.nd iLv.uii mix ibauk? -hlieiil tTuBtee V,i,teiiili iH(l',r ivas mi ii,miijmnii)Piis mi ilMius. ir,mif- Mil .iiawus AfiiMwswti ,V,f ffMW iT.W lllitWU1 itwtour ,i ,V,is VIii,r.v,tl iHlak Awrtw l(Uir(p ,,tiqli'S Vpiniit IMIitl ftl,is AlMW ,lii,tll(U:HUWt-. t iVUlkilMrtl. llnil. W.ibt tl.P K'Wl' ,f lIH'iii-,i WW 'i-i(liiy (nr ,a .,iii .Mili I.iss tMtwif iWiWik. ftl.ins fttfti'tie Mir.i;Up ilms ,i;c-sumt)(l itmr illlaw iiis iitwukk,m',uif at iMie idUnton iIwUiUhk HAwks. ADkUtli -iStiM'. if woaHiilf. .vim ihas ;bnn a .nsi .at itiHc itwme ,it' V,r. a(i M1- W- W. .WtKlMHnui. ,f ,Ht,i;il, ildijt iU()ia.i' fair lin iliMMie- f.cfi. Mart.iti frHp.kenb',r,r,v ,aiti .flanKlrtcr. ftliss iKva, a,u(l ,t,limr .gMfist. Miss ftlihtlil. (tf 'UicaKV. w,nt it? f iViW Maute. iW tinmit1 ltd .(tikj-. Mauattam pwiiMJtfMmm. probably oiue inonie wlWod 'j jioisop .ivy:' .iuditp aid .wnpulsuwy. ''Vn fr. itions. ,nd ,4iai and iU .w -wibbw ftp .talk p w itrfie 4ay worjt. itiill .ntawiied iply d -went tof toe ihie liioneynioon. Ithe Atflice .a6 atliBT alaqk, nd Matthew able1 itp ,(ii;iy ,np jipw And iWien (Cpr just ,niKbt anc ior Almofltyory .wtnikend . fie flayed eat, wai W ith Po4.' deftiatcd iiwiny 'ICteada'ay t iton-,is, (lay P ithe itet'ace W ibeside Abe jiquI an(i itoasted itiiwsqljt pleasant iltfow.n. i iuriitb ithoutsht, .watahing ihw! ne ,day.: Kbw .was ceaafHl fm-. (take. I (Cher .was Mat6hev ilyin: across AIM! jjohI itroni iiBr, ibis .dat ihead on 1 liiis ai.nis. aleepy ip tie sun, w a hot , Sunday an .the .lateaiteraioon. Ua .depantWHWit. ave aswanoe v,v ,the iUilnn(viM itoda.1' itSt itle .Maof A'.ould itX" llt lM' A W iBlWit (l,tllie. ,miiUii,P8 t iliUis ,wk. i.Kiuiini'.p 8UmM (CW iM W- mv itihif a tf. Jnsnmni as iT. E. wHt ,qf itilie ,fiwt wantofl itvi (tp w ,lt ,tiUe iViids bfliug , (lUif. itp 4S9 Abend. AlW, ( -,TOliHiii . I shame ithey an',t ibe narHJP t'll.bey? Kip? TibatA you itaik- ,inr abopt?1' .t-your wotibar A(i (UyjiP .Wo- flier'' al he ra?y jdeaF. ihe r-warked and meibfsted .that irenei ihad .puken of oi o itii. AW 4w' 1 Annoyed ibe oad iheen. found liiwisoilt wigatduitr Atwui itA an AxaajwcBted ur.ioaity. iLucky, ibe rthoHHb. itbat j utt of &mw ,t AOOKpUug (Lynn, ilUmig ibmi ibotitAr .than Any oWw Aian J aw ifcnew, or jt'4 itak A uoivh At- ibwv jw Aw dJut ,tibece aabp any ap oaae. iKnow.itig iy.nn, ikuowiuig (bis .otf.-at, he wouldn't' iWunk, aw ibriery of a Situation A'lt A f'j'1 s Sometbiiig ike oAmunoticp aticcci Aim fox a moment. ure, il .Uiid iudy, ure, ibe ikwwjtna- 6vii-itunar-wAefondof Maiy mvaiaa , you just ok -tJiat (Cw 4ynoc Su' .if be as dually deeply itov A" iei-? daltliew aas jokvw ithan Miinty- w (l.uditb ai .crossiy, "1Mb, op f? Aj), ttbewi! ite iW ioe wtw iotUi'imr side, lone sm Mary lbr iwPfr me. wp m 1 ihad .had thar swim and .Kane iar ! 'eaf'! .. Matthew' mouth as A trigUt out ,tp iDrfissttr. iv ,((liles utli of arerre Waute. ito .visit ,t,M .(naw: and A o'ootor. iHe iaw ,t ry .walk vitb fybn, alsp .there (tor rtbe weekend- bulimy Ifreadway ihad onie over (tor ilwooh, ibe and ((pditb ihad fluiuxekil. and ibe ibad 4ie. ittave you turgottep iwat. mt' ,(ias an .insane wie?.l .'No. Jbavco,t,,' Answered iudith- feotly jjosaiule for A Aan ri iiSt ttortunera Ae ito ibe M ilpy; f4 eltiotrio ,ulait Mm ,w.Wfll r-,l "iLarty iiti lyiRw Mmi tow mp , ilamef Wwes, A (WW iTiW-I wany iiaU-iot jeader, mill e e- leased iPawle JStpt. il2 (toni -'and neither ibae ibe. A.t ileast -that' -tlie ikind of man ihe ;is. iBut jt'f vids ,po-e,r ,Cr ,the Kleivtrml ilp-i for a woman of us mother ac. a ,t;l? iDeatli iHpusi'' 'is al&P ilr Juan iPiirhr ,is Me far as .that -went. fUe bad aeon r.y. Away mi A Aiiuor xuge, -tbrcaUwui.jf Clever .tp aee ber Again, ftlattliew mlled over and l united ,at tiie iblue bpinl of ne aiy- I Judi'.ti'f jatliu.g Auit .was white And she .was ibronze Against it as .tragic. auob good compap-.ious . , , And iif Aayone oesej-vas a break, your .tnoebe dons, nd Sfar. greod. ;lat fliKht. as ,W ftllr'1! yuimsr ilafl.v .ataicefl ,in .tjliis pjM' ! .Sing ii urison, Oaaming. . 6(1 itiQiive. iUi .Plant ,is ap ptnuces-j wrtwdniM, vU natures ipiwil fignvioUf m liWKW f onspirr sive place itp .visit. i AtwiJ1 &na jjuilkUis 'owkv ami ' ar nd .operating MUry A Mui'Liuiur op.r Alex pnes iB. (Harmi. , aRuation .that ibuilds to UonneoUon with itlie aO00,KK t'A (break?'' fie Atarod A iberl blankly- '''She ihaa Averything iin .oity outiUiiep : f. ,W. Robti. n(ye,ii ,VKli ,lg fUspeiise. NDuV ,hultz milicy aokot, (CHEAP AUK Aim ;SametJwig Pf idea. f4 poet-wr itravel iby air is .seen an ithe wouocewettt iby Pan-American ytforid AArwye (that jit ,wiU sponsor ilowTCoat, (high-speed Air ' (transportation f oute ibetween fttie JJAited ;States and katin Ajwewa. Appealing (to the "average man and to family (the program includes Joug-dis-itance passenger fates ae ilow as (three and rone-thaif en.ts a mile for space w recUning seats on prese" flights, .compared (to (the present Average of (eight And fthree-fourihs cents. 'The schedule would ut ithe present fare from fiew York (to ftio de Janeiro, Brazil, from $49,1 fto and fie jelapsed time from sixty-six hours to forty-six hours. t- remains 4n he seen whether these M. ifopr, .manager t .the . abash I f.Sftwit pti.n .'' p" .most e- iHinss iias eep wdeted flot .to n-Vitlley ompaiy, w the tMOP Ient .Westerp AhniLtu- .starj-ing ,tlie 8 ,(n plitiap- (fUfimw) the world, ibar Aiorlt, ibqr f?,mVf ood tinieB.'' ''And cotnoaniooahp? Aaked 4tb- -'V ti(l Around,;'' declared of .companies operating .plants ?"exas iKangers uo se-ill.;l ane .looked At iuin, An" coulfl nook Aufely (because ibar glasses jware lark green. 'All you eed i tip cupi" ibe suggested; '''take off .the 4isguise.v She said, 't ,dn' ant 4P inklesi'' .'Sp Jimmy wop' ilo you with .wrinkles ? What kind of jguy is be-? i Clever beard so mucli Jiorse talk in jny life as At lunch. Why did yon V- slugs a .group ,of iowr upuular ,conneotd .witi ,tbe pressar plaftt, -l ,0'Brie.p Mt and J. W. fierce, o "The rf'.Hptun- Bape )ti,e second ltea- classics in hr ilatest ii;uivrsal .tea lap. .went fifom iinvton .Judith aid Atar A jause, "OS course you ace. iliitt bow about Ahc companionsliipf a con tern pur ary Stie clasped oar bands around ibar; itnees. '',0f A apecial one, a man ahe Mr. and Mrs. jRalph (Campbell. and Wilbur ,C. (CanipbeU and ohil- ture itonignt at the palace (inea- feature, '-This ,i .the iLite.- y-tre. .eniiig Sunday at .the Wabaab The- htu.ui'day MmUiuihIi. j aU. jjue w-starred with iDon- KuiMlay and Monday I aia 4x:rantr and JJt;gg.v Kya. iPresenting a Jiaily entertailiing . '. up story of the American .tlieatie AHJLHiSiA and ;its people. "Show Business" U,- iitwday dreo. Martell.,u. Harriett and Mary, drov ,to (Coateville.' could .love and with .whom ahe copld grow old happily i" Ind., yesterday to yiait with Mrs. fie .interrupted. 'Jfc-n OOP1 brother, O0P A-' .tlian one of ithem u ihts ira:u-. ii.uiao Aununer, second biooo,m'j( and ihritiipng to ilone lie Aielloa' .warmt oi AUtHmP AUniigtit And ih damuig gku-f of -the AUtumnAlWeua. itle jtnew t. iBut ttliese ,JerA otnur women: not Jus motiier, .ismoWmr was .differont. Mia Atotber ,wai unique, And apart. She belpred to .the .memory .of ,his f atbtir And M bun, i. Atirxed, a vary iitsle, t ilooked 4olerAntly a ll W MvstiWH And 'tlwught: ff jt'f itue,, .wll, Aevil . .., r Judy, confound ibey. 4o!floip little idiot, 'f teadway .AA&pt soe enough for ibar, not '-;er .if yc j .considered ibis .undeniable ood ilook and ibis oba of muiicv. ii-o,afii.f was ali b'awp and AO ibraiit, iiaat borse. fientaur,'tbat'VAS'J,rtiiay. A gri of Judy a caliber would 't of Jum ,in A year. Mcmovat, -nb wasn'-t in .love wi huy. you co il tell that, aaid Matthew c jh'UM, .tinkling the .ice in Jis lass. 'Klood xoHc,'' b comnvented. 'ILord. f hate o so a& W 'tow. -Must iop " a-'Aed (W Atr.--. '(Up and A it b,giit And tuxtf tomorrow morning, At -the bospital, said Matthew. -''Tli&re are aome in-tereAtuig case on my aervwa jus now.'' lieutpandcd about -them and they listened, i-ynn itb haif bia mind And Mary -with interest And some .distaste, ilatthew Aaa AO graphic. "Matthew,' Ueoe bad aaid once, ."goes in for cotluig all a rt. which are lower than present steam- I ;?!n.plBl' 8 tne xumauuc lirbara Sianwi-ck plays .the rrw-r, r- i r-- - p. i 1.1IU1UII. that .introduces many ,old .song r0,e lrlab lilsai? wlM)i think, you juat taut, Judith aaid, after a moment, feel older -titan you, Vou won't face things, will you? i .don't care bow ulvvrHtu. laiiiiiiai .uuitoe. lp and ensembles in a story .cover- much ahe .loves you. Matthew, Abe ing ;two oecades of -theatre lue. Tlie brilliant cast .ir.oludes FIddie Cantor, fieorge Murphy. Joan a- vis. -Nancy Kelley and Constance aeeasmqre-r- 'ure, 4 know ibe's fond of iber ... And she of him. But, Judy,.take my word for it. iihe's the .type who loves one man . ., And Ariea .him-. And no other.1 ' ' j -"Pcrliaps." murmured Judith. ' ''Vou wouldn't know About that,'' Moore, who share .stellar honors A--ik nie .up anyway myoo aop another had A picnic on tlie -terrace. 1 4en't like your -boy frjeod A AeU AS t thought 4 would.'' "Just .because joy don' lay K)lo "i it on the aide Unas and wait jCor the fractures.-'' She said. "Well, maybe jiimmy so't intereated .in clinics.'' "Bat be -tiunks .it'a AO Alimony jaih" j Judith declared, 'Juat .because $rou dfti't even jide ' "J could,'' empliasized Matthew, And sat up, 'and 4 d be good too, I .used to, you Jtoow. But J. iiaven t jtime. Aiy girl, for social jgraces." He atood up, oove, awam actuss .the pool and climbed up, dripping, beside her. ."'m tired of ahouting At -you,'' be .complained And .lay ,4owu t-eside her. Judith moved away alightly, and Matthew asked indignantly, iVhat'a 'the matter, afraid of get--ting yout' suit wet or have .some Atead oiscase 2 -By the way, :thata falls in love with Joel McC.rea, a raili oud tiouble-sliooter in the .Cecil -B- i)e.Vlille motion picture "Uniou iPacitit',-' opening at Uie Columbia 3'heatre Friday. , T AJse (Old Mhut ilaiie J3ickies for liiidrcn' dresses and sweaters can be made from a man 'a old shirt tails. Tlie fine poplins and the iirelty .striped materials from .which nien .shirts are niade are eccbent fur Uiu puipe. tlie BK0 Radio picture. . WABAKH Mr. and Mrs. Doyle, of Brazil, and son. JDr. W. f. Doyle, Of Fondulac, Wis., returned to their homes Tuesday after a yi with Mrs. frank Michuli, of .Nortb Fourth street. Miss JLouise Davidson, of West Torre Haute, is spending -the week with Miss Evelyn F aulds, of J3H South Third street. Mr. and Mrs. William Cottrell of Dayton. .Ohio and Mr. and Mrs. George .Cottrell of Terre Haute, visited yesterday with Mrs. Elizabeth Kitcueson and family of Kim street, Mrs. W. . Wood and poimy Wood, of South Third sUeet. are visiting this week in Terre Haute with Mrs. Wood's aister, Mrs. John Speire. MuiMlay. Moiulay asserted Matthew. And 'J utMia.i Music-loving movie patrons ,w bo were captivated by the .voice .of be .took off bar glassea And looked at him. iter very blue AA blazed. 'Wopidnlt f ?" A .servant came tottering down tlie lawn. 'Cocktails,' 4educed Mattliew. young Susanna Foster in Universal Technicolor hit, "Phantom of the .Opera" the film that rocketed her to stardom, have yet another treat in atore.l ocragf fields .Carrots and beeti may yield 45 tons to the Acre; an acre of onions has been known to yield as much as 40 tons of tood as marveled; and an "Well, better wiui .firt; J drink ? u1 nrown. Ble rose And To be ontinued) rftill,SKldinCulb,ll:-,' ,Pfci.itll W aiijlwjbnUu,,(ltt6. ouijed Judilii to bar feet. &i paiitd,i For tlie lovely lyric-coloratura J acre of tomatoes. 25 tons or more. Mr. and Mrs. Steve Bertino. of SOV4EBOPV 8UIL0 A ficEt- iM com 0-- . TtPAKbcC 1 920 North Kighlh atreet, are the parents of a baby irl born Monday. It is tlieir second child and has beec named Vuna iouise. ICEBUR5B?5 AT f THEY AIN'T ' 7$. TWELVE 3CLO(X ?) ,ON A CHART ship fares, will attract -enough ibusmess m make them profitable. After all, ot many Americans have business jn iLatin Amer-,ica and there will be only a limited number able to pay several hundred dollars for a .round Arip ticket regardless of ;the cheapness of the trip per mile. SOVEJRSJ5AS (CHRISTMAS MAIL. The Postoffice department reminds Americans that Christmas packages for Army and Navy personnel overseas must be mailed between September 3.5th and .October 15th. Because of the importance of getting mail to our service men, we call attention to the reminder of postmaster-General Frank C. Walker, who urges that these rules be carefully followed: (1) Addresses of the sender and addressee should be written inside the package as well as on the outside, to assure delivery in case the outside wrapper is lost. (2 ) Containers made of metal, wood or fiberbdard are preferable. (3) Parcels must not exceed five pounds, nor be more than 15 inches long or 36 inches in length and girth combined. (4j "Christmas Parcel" should be marked plainly on the outside and package should be carefully packed, wrapped and aecurely tied. : (5.1 Perishable goods, intoxicants, inflammable materials and anything that may damage other mail must not be sent. ' London, England. Henry Morgen-thau, Jr., Secretary of the Treasury in a CBS broadcast to the United States: "Germany and Japan must be kept disarm J-POK ABOVE yVATLLMEiF JJ -I Igf thikit :aks AGO il'OIMy '4 luiuui J1S" Wiiw Out fur next i. of A. Meet f'lintou ets the next Atate meeting of the Daughters of America and the local members of the lodge are elated. Before the Clinton group atarted for tlie atate meeting, just held at Union .City. tbey bad ribbons printed, bearing the words. "Clinton 1816' Mar -lTXO0K5,THO0arT AS IF OUK WHOLE SaUAD'S TILUE the TOIlR ion was the main opponent a-niong the delegates for the bon-ors but Clinton won out by ten votes, on the final show down. There were about 500 delegates in attendance at Union City, and last year, at Madison, Ind., there were about 600. So Clinton people can see that the gathering in this city will make the populace sit up and take notice. Cliuion business men and others doubtless will decorate and otherwise rrvjouLO take our ysijoyu TytNS TO HELP HIM CORPORAU My FtelEfiD NrCHOLSA 50CD SCOUT. CAN'T SOMEBODY HELP HIM 3ET STRAIGHTENED THIS BUDMiCHOLS VJILL ii I cp) r lORlVE ME VMlLDjHHDOESfdT KNOW WHETHER H&'S OUT? 5 ICOMINtS OR ahow tbis a live convention city, when the time comes aext year for tlie state con reu lion. Co. 1). jtUlii lioys Keunion At liig Dinner Today Survivors of Co. D. 85th Regiment of Indiana Volunteers and their families are holding their eighth reunion to be held at tlie country home of Ren White, tbiee miles noi ih of le city, to "DAN DUNN T ' ' " "' " ed and let us not forget that eternal vigilance is the price of liberty." Washington Leo T. Crowley, Foreign Economic Administrator: "Lend-lease may be necessary to help Russia, England and France to end the Japanese war." Moscow Foreign Commissar V. M. Molotov: "The Soviet Union has no intention of acquiring any part of Romanian territory, or to change the existing social order in Romania, or to limit in any respect the independence of Romania." London King George VI in a mes 1 WtJs W fl SirJlW n LAST CHAWce J TSOfeftV 6EO-5LOWLV .HE WMi irf AHV VOb MN I lmi.6 I r C MU ' A -r s, , J . works "-r- 7- t -1 nw1 rm rTr 1 6iArnjlr? Jwr TS 5 day, and the ninth of their annual meetings. There are but eight or nine of the veterans of this company present, and so far as can be learned, there are but twelve living. One unusual feature of the sad. yet, pleasant e-vent. is the fact that one of Uie speeches of the canipfire was by W. H Cale, of Fairview Park, who was a conferedate soldier. IImmI Cutu'crt iirijigf. i 'lOM'd The last of the summer aerie of concerts by the Majestic con-j sage to General Dwight D. Eisenhower: "To you and all in the Allied Expeditionary Force I send my warmest congratulations on the glorious victories already gained in France." cent band was given last nigilt. and the farewell attendance was perhaps as great as at any entertainment given since the beginning. The program was a long one and the last number was at 10: 3D. and even with this crowding of tlie time, one or two of the numbers were omitted. ALBANY, N. Y. GOP Presidential nominee Gov. Thomas E. Dewey explains his purpose in non-partisan conferences on U. S. Peace policy: "My effort is to Autos and buggies crowded the HAIR BREADTH HARRY im ' hi KESO.PlvWQNG TO CERTAIN OEATtTlN 1 1 lPAKCV.TE STaJ 5TOHE lwLS I f "'"' "T- T 'fZi.-, ' V5 , i? , i yawv. bring into this all Shades Of Opinion SO ; streets, while the sidewalks from that this time we will have agreement and ! "jX" not mere compromise. iWis wi(n aiificuiiy ti,at OUe ' ' j could An from one street to an- i other. There were many in from Albanv GOV. Thomas E. Dewey, Re- 1 the country and surrounding n,,i,i;n D.o.lntiol h,imin' "Tn vipu : towns, and it looked like most of ; 1 " ; ,hem Xemai,ied as long as the mu- especially of the progress of the war in ; lluued TbP ,afSP CIWd iis. C1,.,,. T niv, nrnx?innaA that olfrV f tnrf . ti, unniliuK- ,nri i,.v1 Ihe i IUtV7C OH1 VVHTIMVWU - ' J .- - j to organise both temporarily and per-, uiusic. The program rendered as 4u.;t, looti.r'anbsuntially aa given in The . maneilliy 101 nic emauiuniiucia 01 """6 Clintonian of Alonday evening. eace should be accellerated." tmumUf

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