The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana on August 25, 1944 · Page 2
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The Daily Clintonian from Clinton, Indiana · Page 2

Clinton, Indiana
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Friday, August 25, 1944
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Friday, August 25, 1944. Page Two THE DAILY C I-INTO N IAN fighting bad broken out in northern Transylvania between Romanian and Hungarian forces. their Marianas positions and at the same time harassing the Japanese by air along the, entire front. iinhii Vi It? Balkan Legions Turn Against Former Ally Nazi Bombs Hit Capital (Continued trout page 11 I mn3 Early Liberation Of Nor way, Greece Takes Limelight (CobUbuM FroB tut 11 miaxA Soviet Grind Toward Ploesti Unchallenged (Continued from page 1) THK F11WT BAPTIST . I'HWH OK C1JNTON Comer of Walnut and Fifth Leaned Early High in world fame is a certain bell tower in northern Italy which would be little known If it were not for its very noticeable tilt. Galileo studied gravitation by dropping weights from the 179-foot top of the Leaning Tower of Pisa. Now 14 feet from the perpendicular, it started to lean even before its completion in the mid-14th century. aitis Sway Hungary ' LONDON. England. German Foreign Minister Joachim Von Rib-beutrop is said to be In Budapest negotiating With leading politicians of Hungary, a Keuter dispatch from Zurich reported today. . The Basle correspondent of the newspaper "La Suisse" was quoted as the source of the Reuter dispatch. He said tension between Romania and Hungary is reported ,tx be make Uie long-awaited plunge back to tb? commonwealth. IVMral Pacific Actios Further offensive action also is expected from the central Pacific, where force under Admiral Chester W. Nimitx have been consolidating that Romania had quit the Axis and Kay (Yawl, Minister tieortce (lieuliall. Minister of Music Mrs. Ted Morgan, Pianist Mrs. John Su'lckard, Bible Hciiuul guperintencletu would accept Soviet peace terms. Two special orders of the day southern wing of the eastern front. The Romanian divisions, wiiich only a few days ago fought magnificently at the side of their German Allies, have abandoned well-fortified front sectors together with their arms, regardless of their German brothers in arms." Bulgarian Kumetidcr Keen Meanwhile, Iu an Ankara dispatch. Reuters quoted diplomatic circles as predicting that Bulgaria will surren a: 40 a. m. Bible School, good CALVARY BAITIST CHlrM'H 237 lllax Iviiuui Street Dr. Prank 8. Kemer. MiniMM :3 a. m. Bible School. John Carnell, Supt. 10:45 a. in. Morning Worship. Sermon theme, "The Beauty and Joy of Godly Living." 6:30 p. m. Young Peoples Service. 7:30 p. m. Evening Service. Miss Prane Cross of Chicago will bring a brief message ou Missionary Devotion preceeding the evening message. The evening message will be "My Lord and I." 7:30 p. ni. Wednesday evening music, teachers and a welcome to from Premier Marshal Joseph Stalin signalized the triumphs of Marshal Hodlon Y. Malinovsky's and Gen. Fe-dor 1. Tolbukhin's second and third Ukrainian armies. you. There will be eight of the Bap tist State officers of Baptist Youth Fellowship with us. Come and learn The first order, addressed to both der in the next few days. Armistice commanders, disclosed the capture Sweet Raisins A handful or two of raisins carefully wrapped in a waxed paper packet is a welcome addition to a lunch box for child or adult. Raisins ere both sweet and chewy and afford a pleasant change in texture of most lunch box faro. to know them. 10:15 a. m. Morning Worship. of Chisinau, while the second, add negotiations were said to be in their final phases now. In outlining its stand on Roman Sermon subpect. "Youth s Place in the Church." ressed to Malinovsky, revealed Russian occupation of Roman, Barlad. Husi and Bacau. midweek prayer service. 7:30 p. m. Monday evening. 8:00 p. m. The Youth Fellow ia, the Moscow radio outlined these points as made by the Soviet foreign office: Roman, a Carpathian railroad cottage prayer meeting at the home of Mrs. Rachel Bozarth, 700 Kebe- ship officers will put on a very Interesting program. The public Is in If Romania ceases hostilities a- ker Street. junction center liee 36 miles southwest of Iais tJassy), Barlad is an important road and rail center 28 miles south of Valuf, which was tak- gainst the Red army and fights at 7:30 p. m. Thursday evening. the side of the Russians the Soviet Missionary Group meeting at the MONUMENTS S) A Complete JJne S) For Service IXrop I s A Card L W. Walsh Monument Co. 21 14 Wabash Ave. Terre Haute, Indiana Kerner, 158 len "'eauesaay uy soviet troops, hu Union will help Romania regain the Transylvanian territory taken from home of Dr. and Mrs North Fourth Street. STATE OFFICERS Of The Ki. BAPTIST YOUTH FELLOWSHIP OF INDIANA Present DR. 8. WIZER A Humorous Skit And RECREATION AND SONGS INFORMATION PLEASE PROGRAM HUDDLES i SPECIAL MUSIC BASKET SUPPER CONSECRATION SERVICE LIFE SERVICE PLEDGE FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH SATURDAY AND SUNDAY NIGHTS EVERYONE WELCOME vited. 7:15 p. ni. Evening Worship, will be in charge of the Baptist Youth Fellowship officers. The youth's program begins Saturday evening at 7:15 and you are invited. 7:30 p. m. Wednesday. Prayer meeting. si, la nines east or vasiui, repre- sen Is the key point in Russian ef-j Romania and given to Hungary by 3:15-4-15 p. m. Friday after forts to trap Nazis attempting to noon. Children's Hour at the Church. Adolf Hitler. Moscow reporU said that fierce A cordial welcome awaits you at Calvary Church. I'RKK HOU.NKKH MISSION li-JH X. Mtii Street. Hev. Julia Coleman, Pastor 7:30 p. m. Sunday night ser flee from the area about Chinsinau, while Bacau. 24 miles south of Roman, is an important communications center and the gateway to the Maine:!! oilfields. The smashing Russian drive into Romania has scooped up great masses of Nazi prisoners and equipment. A Soviet communique revealed tluit the first five days o the new offensive in Romania and Bessarabia had brought over 47,000 Germans into Russian hands. The bag of prisoners Included the commander of the Nazi ninOi infau- SHKI'ARIMiVIlXK KKW TKMTAMEXT CHl'RCH Rev. Joseph E. Huuierickliouse, Pastor 10:00 a. m. ' Sunday School. Mrs. Leal ha Ellis, Supt. 11:00 a. m. Evening Service. 7:30 p. m. Wednesday, prayer meeting. i vices. Mrs. Coleman, song leader. 7:30 p. m. Thursday, prayer service. Announcing The Opening of Jeanne's Dance Studio Rev. and Mrs. Catterson will be in charge Sunday night. Good preaching and music. The public is Coupty Budget Form No. 29 Form Prescribed By State Board of Accounts. invited. try division. Major " Gen. Werner- NOTICE TO TAXPAYERS OF TAX LEVIES Kever, who was taken Willi a larfie group of German troops surrounded west of the fallen stronghold of Ak-kcrman. The Soviet communique quoted KAIKVIKH' PARISH J. H. Godwin, Minister FairviPH1 9:45 a. ni. Sunday School. Andrew Simpson, Supt. 7:30 p. in. Worship. Sermon: Living Witnesses. the captured German general as saying: "In my opinion, the days of the In the matter of determining the tax rates for certain I Before the County Council and purposes by Vermillion County, Indiana. ( Board of County Commissioners Notice is hereby given the taxpayers of Vermillion County, Indiana, that the proper legal officers of said municipality at their regular meeting place, on the 5th day of September, 1944, will consider the following bUdget. M l'.' r, 'I' 1 T I , V IMkD Vtl'VTIIU German army have been counted." Center the north, German counter at tacks against Russian positions 10:00 a. m. Sunday School Ernest Myers, Supt. 11:00 a. ni. . Worship. Sermon: northeast of Warsaw, near Praga, CI.EBK OF CIRCUIT COURT HIM D 1' L C 1 A L 1 1 1 U JIN j Toe Tap Acrobatic Ballet. Modern Daneing Experienced In Teaching I Boys and Girls Of All Ages. I were repelled by Soviet forces. Oth- Current Charges 4"U."U Properties 635.00 COUNTY COURT HOUSE Germau attacks driven against Services Personal 6,220.00 All Other Op. Expense 1,115.00 Current Charges 2,000.00 Christian Fortitude, ttaleni 1 10:00 a. m. Sunday School. E. E. Randolph, Supt. Red army positions in Iitvla in an 285.09 effort to free the Nazi Baltic garrison trapped in Latvia and Estonia were also hurled hack. German arm 8.290.00 2.3B5.00 or and Infantry combined in counter blows against Russian positions in both Poland and Latvia. Properties COUNTY AUDITOR Services Personal $ AH Other Op. Expense Properties COUNTY TREASURER ' Services Personal $ All Other Op. Expense - COUNTY RECORDER Services Personal $ All Other Op. Expense COUNTY SHERIFF HKISTMX CHURCH 7tli and lilackman S1j'-(h Rolit. Itarbee, dir. of Board 9:30 a. m : Sunday School. Classes for ail ages. Come out with the family. 10:45 a. m. Communion services. 11:00 a. m. Church hour. Mr. ! WILL INTERVIEW STUDENTS 345.00 6,720.00 1,385.00 3,340.00 625.00 4.420.00 6,661.00 2,250.00 255.00 and Mrs. Wm. E, Gorman of Terre Haute will deliver the morning mes Services Personal $ All Other Op. Expense ' COUNTY SURVEYOR Services Personal $ sage. Attend some church. Services Personal J.swi.uu All Other Op. Expense 4,162.0" Current Charges 1,600.00 COUNTY JAIL All Other Op. Expense ? 1,660.00 Current Charges 1,000.00 Properties 2 " COUNTY INFIRMARY Services Personal I 3.017.00 All Other Op. Expense 11.216.0(1 Current Charges 1,800.00 Properties 900.00 COUNTY HOSPITAL Services Personal t 37,015.00 .All Other Op. Expense 23,825.00 Material 300.0" Current Charges 846.00 Properties 1,300.00 COUNTY COMMISSIONERS Services Personal I 6,295.00 All Other Op. Expense 6,343.00 Current Charges 14,890.00 Current Obligations 10.000.00 TOTAL GENERAL FUND 1132,232.14 COUNTY BRIDGE BpNDS Prin. To Be Paid 4,000.00 Int. To Be Paid ' 280.00 TOTAL COUNTY BRIDGE BONDS -t 4,280.00 COUNTY HIGHWAY MAINTENANCE AND REPAIR FUND Services Personal I 35,850.00 All Other Op. Expense 24.667.00 Material 36,650.00 All Other Od. Expense COUNTY AGRICULTURAL AGENT Services Personal 1,080.00 All Other Op. Expense 630.00 Properties 65.00 COUNTY SUPERINTENDENT OF SCHOOLS Services Personal i 3,175.00 All Other Op. Expense 545.00 Current Charges 25.00 COUNTY HEALTH OFFICER FIRST METHODIST CHURCH Clifford ('. Jordan. Minister John V. Reeder, ftuperijiU-ndcnt, C liuich School Mrs. J. W. Iteeder, Minister of Music ) Mrs. K. W. Powloi, Organist 9:30 a. m. . Morning Worship. Sermon subject: "Our Great Tradition." 10:45 a. m. Church School. 7:30 p. lu. Scouts meet with Mr. Timmerman. 6:30 p. m. Youth Fellowship. j J FROM 10 A. M. TO 5 P. M. "'' r- 1 AT CLINTON MOOSE HALL A moist a3aJceHIP few especial- J j n SATURDAY, AUG. 26 H01W1 ! 10 i TT ,.',;(.. l sA)tf utf SMM w. M SlAGGf ' 001 .1 ior ptflip vh.' .siof, ft J mjkJvt -.Sf Cts VI ''-" t 7 v I ViLl Good-mixers, these clever jicw jrv Vitality Shoes! Twice as smart to wear yy kX,.'-,- them now, for they go with every vljfc .'- outfit, dawn to dining out. Blessed 672.14 385.00 Services Personal f All Other On. Expense Current Charges 1,000.00 COUNTY CORONER ,430.00 230.00 1,120.00 177.00 Current Charges 1,575.00 Properties 6,600.00 TOTAL CO. H. M. R. $105,342.00 COUNTY WELFARE FUND Part I Current Charges J311.940.00 Part II Current Charges 17,135.00 (Other Than Part I) Miss Catherine Minett, leader. 7:00 p. m. Monday Scouts gym session. The church school is planning its annual picnic for September 10th. The first Wednesday night of Sep Services Personal I All Other Op. Expense COUNTY ASSESSOR Services Personal $ All Other Op. Expense TOWNSHIP ASSESSOR Clinton Township Services Personal I PROSECUTING ATTORNEY Services Personal f All Other Op. Expense CIRCUIT COURT Services Personal $ All Other Op. Expense 2,540.00 2,376.00 275.00 6,200.00 275.00 tember a varied church-night program will be inaugurated. ' Personal Services 16.560.00 All Other Op. 1,775.00 Properties ion. 0 TOTAL 1347,610.00 ESTIMATE ' COV STY Ft'NIM TO BE ItAliSKI) FUNDS REQUIRED FOR EXPENSES TO County Welfare General " CHRISTIAN SCIENCE SOCIETY. 18 1-8 lilackman St. (Pythian Hall) :30 a. m. Sunday School. 1 1 a. m. Church. DECEMBER 31st OF INCOMING YEAR: Bridge Bond Fund 4.280.00 2.170.00 1. Total Budget Estimate for Incoming Year V " with comfort and enduring quality. V ' .' V: - Trim-fitting and aukle-slimrnjiig. " k I J W '' Ma(e witn characteristic Vitality J .. ' En lid 1347,510.00 167,047.00 3. 3. Necessary Expenditures to be made from appropriations unexpended July 31st to present year Additional Approp. necessary to he marie Aug. lBt Fund ' S132.232.14 65.000.00 8. OOll. ill) 205,232.14 Testimonial meetings every 1st tad 3rd Wednesday of each month. 6.450.00 61 4,057.00 to Dec. 31st of present year S. Total Funds Required (Add Lines 1. 2. 3 and 4) FUNDS ON HAND AND TO HE RECEIVED FROM SOURCES OTHER THAN PROPOSED TAX LEVY: b. Actual Balance, July 31st of present year 4,188.77 1.945.00 .7. 88,240.05 46,600.00 29,965.00 SerVe Car r ' MIMI 'Sim-up to ,um(Una, f V ' w '' vW "' sjsy Mtr-twfos mIM S -t) J Tfr. Willi tliif fiflg )ie. Opart wWpms"" w ' X f ..... Vitostolit Mb. . j S y j" '- -f.y As It Appears to Us . . . Readers are Invited to contribute to this column, but earn letter must be limited to 250 words. No contribution will be published unless It la signed, although . the writer's name will not be printed ex cent by request. Opinions expressed are not neccSAasily those of The Clintonian. Taxes to Be Collected, present year (December Settlement) Miscellaneous Revenue to be received Aug. 1st of present year to Dec. 31st of Incoming year (schedule on file in office of County Auditor): A. gpecial Taxes (see schedule) B. Officers' Fees and all other revenue (see schedule) Totul Funds (Add Lines 6, 7. 8a and 8b) NET AMOUNT TO BE RAISED FOR EXPENSES TO DEC. 31ST OF INCOMING YEAR (Deduct Line 9 from Line 6) . Operating Balance (Not in excess of expense Jan. 1st to June 30, less misc. revenue for same period) AMOUNTS TO BE RAISED BY TAX LEVY 10.600.00 148,540.05 379.498. 01) (460,913.0(1 t 6,133.77 10. Il- 56,692.09 38,968.00 2.110.00 I 2.426.23 t 92.K12.ull (Add Lines 10 and 1 1 ) J106.592.09 I All County Welfare Fund Calculations as of July 1st, Instead of July 31st and Auf. 1st. "Pis mJ vioiiir o. t.. ih... i f I Aft i .M wn4 i f ', J PROPOSED LEVIES Net Taxable Property , 115,241.270.00 Number of Taxable Polls 2,496 COMPARATIVE STATEMENT OK TAXEH COLLECTED AXI) TO HE COLLECTED (Tabulate below amount to he collected in current year and amounts collected in each of thv previous three years) To 1JI TO THE PUBLIC OF VERMILLION COUNTY WAR PRICE & RATIONING BOARD 83-1: I want to thank all of you people for the way you have helped us in this job in the past 2 years. It has been a hard job, but with people like those living iu Vermillion County, ft has not been too difficult. Now us the war is progressing in our favor over there, it is not over by any means: so please bear with us as there will be a lot more to do as we cannot feed our boys and girls over there without feeding thousands of others. So let's save and save till It hurts so that we will be sure to have plenty. We have only been too glad to Levy on Funds Polls County Revenue fl.UO County Welfare Fund Bridge Bonds TOTAL J 1.00 Collected 1945 $106,592 09 92,612.00 2.426.23 $201,630.32 Collected 1944 19, 65(5.76 70,704.07 4.641.26 $184,802.09 Levy on Amount to Collided Collected Property Be Raised 1942 1943 .68 1106,692.09 f 98.643.01 $107,677.10 .61 92.612.00 73,526 62 65.638.84 ,02 2,426 23 6,623.61 3,607.36 $1.31 1201,630.32 1178.693.24 M76.723.30 TOWNSHIP POOH TAX LEVIES AND RATES SiSBB Blouse Beautiful. Coes la work with casual scarf sad tailored bell. Twice at smart .... for with sparkling jewelry, it doublet fur diancrl t. ,t p Estimated Poor Poor Relief Estimated Bonds " lu ' for Ensu- Balance Total and . County y ing Year December Poor Interest " For Poor Including 31st Relief Maturing Net Relief Bond Township Operating Present To Be in Ensuing Assessed Ensuing and List) Balance Year Levied Year Valuation Year Interest Highland $ 7,700.00 $ 4.184.00 $ 3.516.00 $ 679.24 $2,680,895,110 $ .13 $ .03 Eugene 24.200.00 25.908.00 None 2.621.99 1.788.355.00 None .18 Vermillion 12.970.00 1 1.474.00 1.496.00 656.48 .12 .06 Helt 33,195.00 25.904.00 7.291.00 1.516.11 4.269.945 00 .17 .05 Clinton 48,600.00 63.495.00 None 2,833.64 5,232.910.00 None .07 j Jg.Bsisss 9'ampw serve you people. W e may have made mistakes, hut to err is only human; still we tried to do our best. As for the clerks on the Board, we'll say they are paid help and told what to do by the Office of Price Administration; so when you find MUILATY'S i UNJa. zJ La something that doesn t suit you. just be patient that is their orders Taxpayers appearing shall have a right to be heard thereon. After the tax levies have been determined, and presented to the County Auditor not later than two days prior to the second Monday in September, and the levy fixed by the County Tax Adjustment Board, or on their failure so to do, by the County Auditor, ten or more taxpayers feeling themselves aggrieved by such levies, may appeal to the State Board of Tax Commissioners for further nnd final hearing thereon, by filing of petition with the County Auditor not later than October 15, and the Slate Bunrd will fi a dale fur hearing in this county. Complete detail of B nd get Estimate may be seen In office of County Auditor. Dated August 15th. 1941. IRA J. CHURCH, u Auditor, Vermillion County, Indiana, Our Store Closes At 8 :30 P. M. On Saturdays BUY MORE WAR BONDS from OPA. ' Thank ynu agula for your cooperation and please bear with us. Yours for Victory. GUY II. BRIGCS, Chairman, jib t

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